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Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
Morgan Springs, Perry County, Alabama

antioch baptist church cemetery marion alabama
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Morgan Springs, AL

GPS: 32.822857, -87.458976

County Rd 191
Marion, AL 36756

Published: March 1, 2020
Total records: 21

Cemetery History

Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery is owned by Antioch Baptist Church. The church building was torn down and rebuilt in 2001-2002. The old building was sagging and badly needed fixing. Students from Auburn University redesigned and built the present structure using 75% of the previous building's materials.

Cemetery Records

Records below were originally published by Dr. Judy Travis on an old Geocities website. In 2009, Yahoo took her site, and all other Geocities sites offline. The records published by Dr. Travis can still be found in archived form on ooCities.com. We tried contacting her via e-mail, it bounced back to us, hence we've taken the liberty to republish her transcription here.

Note: It's worth noting that Dr. Travis was very concerned about her work being republished elsewhere, thus she included a "fake person" into each of her transcriptions to determine if other transcriptions were copied from hers.

"Located in the North-west corner of Perry County, this secluded little church with the crickets and tree frogs singing made a joyful noise."
- Dr. Judy Travis

?, Emmma, d. 17-Oct-1836, age 12y, daughter of Lewis and Paradine Johnson
CADDELL, Dennis, b. 12-Mar-1967, d. 31-Jan-1986
CADDELL, James Andrew, b. 07-Mar-1907, d. 29-Jun-1981
CADDELL, Julia M., b. 17-Jan-1928, d. 17-Dec-1988
CADDELL, Lee Wirt, b. 05-Jun-1906, d. 06-Jan-1986
CADDELL, Littie B., b. 11-Dec-1898, d. 15-Aug-1975
CADDLES, George L., b. 15-Aug-1915, d. 08-Sep-1976
COVINGTON, Michael, b. 02-Jan-1966, d. 01-Oct-1980
FOSTER, Jennifer Louise, b. 15-Aug-1888, d. 19-Jun-1957
HALL, Neal, b. 01-Mar-1905, d. 21-Jan-1985
HALL, Osie B., b. 27-Jan-1907, d. 13-Feb-1982
JOHNSON, Ben, d. 03-Dec-1829, age 63y
JOHNSON, Eva, b. 01-Aug-1888, d. 05-Nov-1958
JOHNSON, Lewis, b. 30-Aug-1849, d. 02-Sep-1919
JOHNSON, Lewis T., b. 12-Oct-1879, d. 12-Mar-1959
JOHNSON, Paralee
KNOX, Susie, b. 1882, d. 13-May-1905
RODGERS, Susie B., b. 14-Aug-1923, d. 28-Sep-1997
TAYLOR, Albert, b. 28-Aug-1930, d. 15-Aug-1964
WALKER, Jannie, b. 18-Apr-1881, d. 29-May-1957
WASHINGTON, Chester, b. 08-Nov-1900, d. 14-Oct-1984
WASHINTON, Willie S., b. 01-Dec-1928, d. 29-Nov-1984, PFC, US Army, Korea

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