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First Baptist Cemetery Records
Semmes, Mobile County, Alabama

Lat: 30° 46' 02"N, Lon: 88° 15' 38"W
T3S R3W Sec 22

At intersection of Hwy 98 and Wulff Rd in Semmes, go south on Wulff Rd. At the 2nd red light cross over railroad tracks and just past old Semmes School and Semmes Vol. Fire Dept on the right you will see the entrance into the cemetery.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Semmes First Baptist Church. The first known interment was the child, Eugene V Wulff, d. 1896. There were about 225 graves in 1999, and it is still active.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Apr 28, 2007. Total records = 85.

Contributor's Index:

Allen, Charles A. Sr., b. 5/2/1911, d. 1/7/1986, s/w Nelrie V. Allen, [SB]
Allen, Nelrie V., b. 4/12/1912, d. no date, m. 3/7/1936 s/w Charles A. Allen, [SB]
Allen, Sandra A., b. 11/29/1945, d. 4/3/1970, w/o Charles A. Allen Jr., [SB]
Ashbee, John, b. 3/18/1845, d. 4/12/1916, s/w Minerva R. Ashbee, [SB]
Ashbee, Minerva R., b. 3/18/1847, d. 9/21/1923, [SB]
Blackburn, Ernestine V., b. 1918, d. 1963, [SB]
Botter, Daniel Issac, b. 4/18/1917, d. 8/9/1977, s/w Mildred Creighton Botter, [SB]
Botter, Mildred Creighton, b. 10/27/1917, [SB]
Brams, Andrew, d. 5/25/1965, [SB]
Brown, Bruce, d. 9/14/1937, Military H.S. Sgt US Army, [SB]
Creighton, Doris 'Toni', b. 1934, d. 1941, [SB]
Creighton, Epsie, b. 3/23/1912, d. 11/27/1991, m. 12/12/1931, [SB]
Creighton, Gertrude K., b. 12/30/1905, d. 12/14/1988, [SB]
Creighton, Gladys H., b. 1906, d. 1985, [SB]
Creighton, Harvey D., b. 3/22/1937, d. 3/27/1937, [SB]
Creighton, Hollis, b. 4/4/1907, d. 3/12/1976, s/w Epsie Creighton, [SB]
Creighton, infant, d. 1940 infant d/o VA & GK Creighton, [SB]
Creighton, Merle K., b. 9/25/1911, d. 6/24/1992, s/w Myrtle J. Creighton, [SB]
Creighton, Myrtle J., b. 11/25/1915, d. 10/23/1987, [SB]
Creighton, Thomas J., b. 4/13/1872, d. 3/2/1933, [SB]
Creighton, Tommy P., b. 1904, d. 1980, s/w Gladys H. Creighton, [SB]
Creighton, Vernon A., b. 8/19/1902, d. 9/23/1979, s/w Gertrude K. Creighton, [SB]
Davidson, Susie J., b. 10/2/1917, d. 6/6/1993, [SB]
Davidson, W. H., b. 2/2/1908, d. 12/4/1985, [SB]
Gash, Nelson D., b. 8/16/1877, d. 8/16/1966, s/w Carrie J. Gash, [SB]
Hanson, Addye Pearson, b. 5/14/1917, d. 12/20/1990, [SB]
Harroun, Howard B., b. 1882, d. 1901, [SB]
Harroun, John F., b. 1862, d. 1942, s/w Lovisa Stone Harroun, [SB]
Harroun, Lovisa Stone, b. 1862, d. 1952, [SB]
Hickson, Della H., b. 2/10/1887, d. 5/9/1965, Mother, [SB]
Hickson, William L., b. 10/8/1878, d. 5/15/1966, Daddy, [SB]
Howey, Elizabeth Brown, d. 4/19/1995, [SB]
Jarvis, Andrew Ware, b. 10/29/1913, d. 5/9/1977, s/w Betty A. Gash Jarvis, [SB]
Jarvis, Aquilla, b. 5/31/1882, d. 11/7/1938, [SB]
Jarvis, Betty A. Gash, b. 9/12/1919, d. 12/27/1997, m. 9/25/1937, s/w Andrew Ware Jarvis, [SB]
Jarvis, Ella Creighton, b. 7/19/1913, d. 2/11/2001, m. 12/3/1932, [SB]
Jarvis, Henry M., b. 5/29/1847, d. 12/30/1926, [SB]
Jarvis, James E., b. 2/11/1872, d. 3/24/1931, [SB]
Jarvis, Lloyd Nelson, b. 11/26/1933, [SB]
Jarvis, Nonie Dean, b. 11/5/1933, d. 9/30/2003, m. 6/1/1957 s/w Lloyd Nelson Jarvis, [SB]
Jarvis, Samuel Milton, b. 3/28/1912, d. 5/5/1981, s/w Ella Creighton Jarvis, [SB]
Johnson, Delorean Roberts, b. 1/19/1926, d. 8/7/1991, [SB]
Lawley, Ida Faye, b. 1914, d. 1952, in Vickers plot, [SB]
Lee, Claude, b. 2/7/1916, d. 5/8/1988, s/w Lucile Thompson Lee, [SB]
Lee, Lucille Thompson, b. 11/1/1914, d. 5/1/1991, [SB]
McCrary, Margaret Quein, b. 1888, d. 1958, [SB]
McKinney, Mary Diane Poole, b. 3/3/1910, d. 3/6/2002, [SB]
McKinney, Thomas Aubrey, b. 8/16/1904, d. 12/7/1889, s/w Mary Diane Poole McKinney, [SB]
McPherson, Taylor Renee, b. 8/18/2001, d. 8/25/2001, [SB]
McPherson, Thomas 'Mac' Clinton, b. 11/4/1932, d. 7/28/1999, 2 stones, Sgt US Army, [SB]
Pearson, Clea K., b. 5/7/1894, d. 12/20/1953, [SB]
Pearson, Cylmer L., b. 11/23/1918, d. 12/8/1983, [SB]
Pearson, Lavetta Roberts, b. 4/9/1893, d. 1/28/1975, [SB]
Poole, Harry Felton, b. 4/14/1900, d. 2/6/1985, [SB]
Quein, Sophie R., b. 1848, d. 1923, [SB]
Quein, William B., b. 1858, d. 1930, s/w Sophie R. Quein, [SB]
Roberts, Bonnerrae Hastings, b. 5/7/1913, d. 10/11/1998, m. 4/24/1940, [SB]
Roberts, Drury O., b. 4/30/1896, d. 8/24/1969, s/w Martll B. Roberts, [SB]
Roberts, Hazel S., b. 2/22/1908, d. 3/4/1988, m. 5/8/1926, [SB]
Roberts, Lois Evans, b. 4/4/1917, d. 8/9/1995, s/w Bonnerrae Hastings Roberts, [SB]
Roberts, Marshall E., b. 9/17/1898, d. 3/23/1971, s/w Hazel S. Roberts, [SB]
Roberts, Martll B., b. 9/7/1900, d. 6/1/1991, [SB]
Robinson, Theodore F., b. 11/7/1921, d. no date, s/w Beatrice Wulff, [SB]
Stike, John Thomas, b. 12/21/1870, d. 11/14/1944, [SB]
Turner, George Mathias Dallas, b. 3/3/1848, d. 4/27/1916, [SB]
Turner, Mary Withrow Stike, b. 5/30/1858, d. 12/26/1944, s/w George Mathias Dallas Turner, [SB]
Vickers, Charles E., b. 10/1/1921, d. 10/9/1944, Ala Tec 4 1SP SV WWII, [SB]
Vickers, Connie Faye, b. 7/12/1952, d. 8/19/2000, [SB]
Vickers, Ina R., b. 1886, d. 1966, s/w Owen V. Vickers, [SB]
Vickers, Jennie E., b. 2/6/1921, d. no date, s/w Jesse Owen Vickers, [SB]
Vickers, Jesse Owen, b. 8/11/1912, d. 3/14/1995, s/w Jennie E. Vickers, [SB]
Vickers, Olivette, b. 1916, d. 1917, [SB]
Vickers, Owen V., b. 1889, d. 1955, [SB]
Williams, Maude Turner Poole, b. 12/3/1882, d. 10/31/1974, [SB]
Wulff, Beatrice, b. 3/29/1925, d. 1/2/1999, [SB]
Wulff, Carrie J., b. 4/15/1880, d. 9/19/1972, s/w Nelson D. Gash, [SB]
Wulff, Earl K., b. 5/25/1907, d. 3/11/1991, s/w Voncile A. Wulff, [SB]
Wulff, Emma W., b. 3/12/1874, d. 7/31/1942, s/w James A. Wulff, [SB]
Wulff, Eugene V., b. 9/3/1894, d. 9/29/1896, s/o A & E Wulff, [SB]
Wulff, Gertrude M., b. 1889, d. 1975, [SB]
Wulff, James A., b. 10/21/1864, d. 1/2/1933, [SB]
Wulff, Leland O., b. 1897, d. 1963, s/w Gertrude M. Wulff, [SB]
Wulff, Louise G., b. 5/14/1914, d. no date, s/w Russell C. Wulff, [SB]
Wulff, Margaret A., b. 11/7/1827, d. 3/12/1903, [SB]
Wulff, Phelan B., b. 7/2/1900, d. 12/5/1954, 'Our brother Billy', [SB]
Wulff, Russell C., b. 8/1/1910, d. 9/4/1974, s/w Louise G. Wulff, [SB]
Wulff, Voncile A., b. 3/19/1918, d. 4/10/1992, [SB]

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