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Red Hill Cemetery Pinson, Jefferson County, Alabama
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Red Hill Cemetery Pinson, Jefferson County, Alabama
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Red Hill Cemetery Records
Pinson, Jefferson County, Alabama

Lat: 33° 42' 09"N, Lon: 86° 40' 17"W
T16S R1E Sec 29

Contributed by Carl W. Dykes, Feb 10, 2007 [cwdykes@charter.net]. Total records = 36.

Take Highway 75 north from Pinson and turn right onto Tappawingo Road, which is on the southern or right side of the school. Tappawingo Road is a short street which runs from Highway 75 about a half mile to Bud Holmes Road. Immediately after turning onto Tappawingo from Highway 75, the road will curve to the right. The cemetery is located on your immediate left.

This cemetery is located adjacent to the Pinson Valley High School grounds on Tappawingo Road. It is on private property and it is endangered. The property is prime real estate and one day will probably be developed.

The future of the cemetery is bleak. It has been vandalized and has not fared well from the elements. There are many stones marking unknown graves. Many upright stones are of sandstone. Any information they might have contained has long since disappeared from them.

This cemetery is about one mile from the Marvin's Chapel Cemetery. Many of those buried there are related to persons buried in this cemetery.

This transcription was conducted on Jan 24, 2006 and it is a complete transcription of all readable stones in the cemetery.

- Carl W. Dykes

Sec M = Main section
Sec A = section across private drive

Acton, Elvira Bailey, b. Aug 16, 1816, d. Sep 04, 1895, w/o Emberson, "First white child born in Shelby County, AL", Sec A
Acton, Rev. Emberson, b. Apr 29, 1816, d. Jan 08, 1897, Sec A
Anderson, George Washington, b. Jun 1840, d. Oct 02, 1840, Sec M
Anderson, James Harrison, b. 1838, d. 1883, military marker, "2nd Corpl, Co. C, 9 AL Infantry, CSA" (National Park Service Records do not support this, nor is this a Jefferson County Company, probably served in Co. C, 19 AL Infantry. There is a J. H. Anderson listed in that unit.*), Sec M
Anderson, James M., b. Jul 25, 1841, d. Aug 11, 1865, s/o Peter, "Rest brother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow over thee weep", (Co. C, 19 AL Infantry, CSA*), Sec M
Anderson, Manila (Hale), b. Jan 23, 1820, d. Jul 01, 1870, w/o Peter, married Jan 25, 1840, "She was a kind affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all", Sec M
Anderson, Margaret, b. Jun 22, 1866, d. Jun 27, 1842, aged 72 years, "Epetaph of the bearth & death of Margaret Anderson who was born Jun 22, 1766 & fell asleep in the arms of Jesus Jun 27, 1842, aged 72 years", (spelling verbatim), Sec M
Anderson, Milton Taylor, b. Oct 27, 1847, d. Jan 28, 1848, Sec M
Anderson, Nancy M., b. Sep 30, 1875, d. Jul 31, 1885, Sec M
Anderson, Peter, b. Jun 05, 1804, d. Nov 23, 1850, (Served as Sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama from 1835 to 1838 and from 1841 to 1850, leaving office just 3 months before his death. See note below ) , Sec M
Brewer, William B., b. Aug 22, 1901, d. May 27, 1902, Sec M
Chatham, Marcus L., b. Jul 23, 1855, d. Mar 09, 1905, Sec M
Hudson, Dora Acton, b. Feb 15, 1858, d. Sep 05, 1936, w/o John M. (Memorial Stone only, she is actually buried at Forest Hill Cemetery according to information on the stone itself.), Sec A
Hudson, John M., b. 1843, d. 1915, "Father", (Co. C, 19 AL Infantry, CSA*), Sec A
Hurst, Charles S., b. Nov 11, 1893, d. Nov 09, 1894, s/o K. L., Sec M
Hurst, Henryetta E., b. 1849, d. 1920, w/o Madley Napolian, "None knew thee but to love thee", Sec A
Hurst, M. (Madley) Napolian, b. 1860, d. 1922, Sec A
Hurst, Mary E., b. 1851, d. 1880, Sec A
Myers, Margaret J. (Anderson), b. Jan 18, 1845, d. Jun 30, 1865, w/o J. L., Sec M
Powell, E., (dates and other info unreadable), Sec M
Sanders, John, b. 1847, d. 1915, "Father", Sec M
Sanders, Lois, b. 1897, d. 1897, Sec M
Sanders, Luther, b.&, d. 1906, Sec M
Sanders, Martha, b. 1839, d. 1883, first w/o John, "Mother", "Here I am, my burden doeth change the cross into the crown", Sec M
Sanders, Mattie, b. 1893, d. 1907, Sec M
Sanders, Nancy, b. 1849, d. 1900, second w/o John, Sec M
Self, Edward, b. Mar 10, 1894, d. Sep 19, 1901, s/o J. T., Sec A
Self, Infant, b. Jan 11, 1885, d. Jan 11, 1885, s/o J. T., Sec A
Self, Infant, b. Oct 26, 1883, d. Oct 26, 1883, d/o J. T., Sec A
Self, J. T., b. Jan 01, 1862, d. Feb 24, 1906, (although this stone is broken with pieces missing the date is still intact. There is enough evidence that this is the grave of J. T. Self.), Sec A
Swafford, John Allen, b. 1887, d. 1933, Sec M
Swafford, Nancy Cresty Anderson, b. 1850, d. 1926, "At Rest", Sec M
Taylor, Jimmie, b. Jul 10, 1881, d. Dec. 15, 1881, s/o T. R., Sec M
Taylor, Robert, b. Apr 1879, d. Jun 03, 1879, s/o T. R., Sec M
Tyler, Louiza, (dates unreadable), Sec M
Williams, Little Bobbie, b. Oct 03, 1887, d. Nov 07, 1890, s/o W. T., Sec M

* Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System, National Park Service
Note: Information supplied for Peter Anderson is from a website entitled "The Anderson Sheriff's of Jefferson County, AL" by Carl O. And Martha S. Thomas, 2004. This information concerning early Sheriff's is based on "A list compiled in the Department of Southern History and Literature" on file in the Birmingham AL public library. Peter Anderson's son Thomas Alvin Anderson also served as Sheriff for Jefferson Co., AL. He is buried at Marvin's Chapel Cemetery, also located in Pinson.

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