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Massey Pioneer Cemetery Trussville, Jefferson County, Alabama
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Massey Pioneer Cemetery Trussville, Jefferson County, Alabama
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Massey Pioneer Cemetery Records
Trussville, Jefferson County, Alabama

Lat: 33° 40' 18"N, Lon: 86° 33' 06"W
T16S R7W Section 4

Contributed by Carl W Dykes, Mar 28, 2007, last edited Mar 30, 2007 [cwdykes@charter.net]. Total records = 17.

To reach this cemetery from downtown Trussville, take U. S. Highway 11E north about 4.5 miles to the intersection of Camp Mary Monger Road which exits to the left. Take Camp Mary Monger Road to the intersection of Happy Hollow Road and Advent Circle. Follow Advent Circle to the right across Interstate I-59 for about 3 tenths of a mile and make an immediate right onto a small dirt road which will take you about 30 feet to a closed gate. This road runs about 3 tenths of a mile alongside the southbound lanes of I-59 to the cemetery.

It is an easy walk from the gate. It is in a heavily wooded area. It can also be accessed from exit 143 of I-59 via Deerfoot Parkway and Happy Hollow Road, the latter of which parallels the northbound lanes of I-59 to Advent Circle.

The cemetery is fenced and well kept. There are perhaps 30 graves marked only by stones. Some may not be marked at all. Some graves may be those of slaves. Many of the stones are made of sandstone which have deteriorated over the years.

The cemetery is marked by signs indicating that it is the Massey Pioneer Cemetery and the Massey Historical Cemetery.

I completed transcribing this cemetery on Mar 27, 2007. It is a complete listing of all existing and legible stones in the cemetery.

- Carl W. Dykes

Bishop, Henry Clinton, b. Apr 24, 1855 d. Mar 03, 1887, s/o John
Bishop, Maggie E. Massey, b. Dec 20, 1855 d. Oct 03, 1879, w/o Henry Clinton, married Nov 18, 1875, d/o William Duke Massey, "She was a consistent member of the Cahaba Baptist Church. She leaves a husband and two children and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss. As a mother affectionate, as a wife kind and true.", "Yet again we hope to meet thee. When the day of life has fled. Then in heaven with joy to greet thee. Where no farewell tear is shed."
Garner, Eliza A., b. Mar 27, 1820 d. Sep 08, 1857
Glenn, Alfred B., b. Sep 06, 1872 d. May 20, 1880, s/o James Alfred
Glenn, James Alfred, b. Jan 01, 1836 d. Jan 25, 1881, 45y, 24d, s/o Joseph L., (Co. D, 18 AL Infantry, CSA*)
Glenn, Jane Keith, b. Nov 01, 1810 d. May 25, 1881, 76y, 6m, 24d
Glenn, Joseph L., b. Dec 14, 1811 d. Oct 05, 1842, aged 32 years
Glenn, Noble J. L., b. Nov 27, 1858 d. Jul 26, 1862, 3y, 7m, 29d, s/o James Alfred
Glenn, William J. H., b. Jan 22, 1865 d. Oct 18, 1868, 8y, 8m, 21d, s/o James Alfred
Hewitt, Ellen Marie, b.& d. Apr 23, 1933, d/o William G., "In God's care."
Keith, Mary Elmira Glenn, b. May 08, 1835 d. Jun 20, 1856, w/o Simeon L., married Dec 27, 1855, Jefferson County, AL., d/o Joseph L. Glenn
Mackie, John H., b. Sep 20, 1839 d. Aug 17, 1850
Mackie, Marian, b. Oct 01, 1837 d. Jul 31, 1850
Mackie, Rufus G., b. Nov 25, 1843 d. Aug 10, 1850
Massey, B. F., b. Jan 11, 1860 d. Jan 14, 1860
Massey, Clara Bell, b. Aug 25, 1903 d. Dec 02, 1903
Massey, Fronie, b. Mar 07, 1904 d. Dec 29, 1909, d/o W. P., "Gone so soon."
Massey, George W., b. Jan 27, 1862 d. Aug 16, 1911, s/o William Duke
Massey, Infant, (2 graves), d/o George W.
Massey, Ira Urissis, b. Dec 13, 1896 d. Feb 28, 1897
Massey, James Robert, b. Sep 28, 1848 d. Feb 11, 1933, (Co. H., 38 AL Infantry, CSA*)
Massey, John Reed, b. Oct 16, 1844 d. Oct 09, 1913, "Confederate States Seal.", (Co. C., 38 AL Infantry, CSA*)
Massey, Leon, b.& d. Feb 10, 1901, s/o W. P.
Massey, Lula Bethena Melton, b. Sep 30, 1870 d. Jan 20, 1899, first w/o George W., married Jan 20, 1887, St. Clair County, AL
Massey, Martha J. Reed, b. Apr 01, 1847 d. Feb 26, 1887, w/o John Reed
Massey, Martha, (no information)
Massey, Mary Elizabeth Underwood, b. Mar 24, 1851 d. Feb 11, 1879, w/o James Robert, married Sep 15, 1868
Massey, Mary J., b. Jul 08, 1839 d. Dec 24, 1841, d/o William Duke
Massey, Nancy Jane Vann, b. Oct 28, 1859 d. Jul 26, 1919, second w/o George W., married Jan 12, 1899, Jefferson County, AL
Massey, Nathaniel I., b. Jan 13, 1851 d. Jun 20, 1853
Massey, Pernecie "Neat.", (no other information)
Massey, Rame, b. Jul 21, 1911 d. Jul 22, 1911, s/o W. P., "Gone so soon."
Massey, Raymond E., b. Feb 25, 1976 d. Jun 29, 1976, "Littliest One."
Massey, Ruth M. Reed, b. Oct 28, 1817 d. Dec 27, 1872, w/o William Duke, married Oct 10, 1838, Jefferson County, AL
Massey, Samuel, b. Jan 1793 d. May 1829, military marker, Cannon's Company SC Militia, War of 1812
Massey, Sarah Glenn, b. Jan 19, 1795 d. Feb 18, 1885, w/o Samuel
Massey, William Duke, b. Jul 02, 1815 d. Jul 09, 1895, military marker, Pvt., Alabama State Troops, CSA
Underwood, George Robert, b. Feb 15, 1880 d. Sep 11, 1881, s/o G. W.

*Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System, National Park Service.
Note: The preparer of this document has utilized The Birmingham News obituaries, Alabama death records and the Social Security Death Data Base to supplement or to verify some entries.

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