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Bush Cemetery Irondale, Jefferson County, Alabama
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Bush Cemetery Irondale, Jefferson County, Alabama
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Bush Cemetery Records
Irondale, Jefferson County, Alabama

Lat: 33° 31' 58"N, Lon: 86° 42' 52"W
T17S R2W Section 23

Contributed by Carl W. Dykes, Apr 03, 2007 [cwdykes@charter.net]. Total records = 38.

This cemetery is bordered on the south by the I-20 off ramp to Montevallo Road, on the west by Montevallo Road, on the north by a private residence and on the east by Monticello Circle.

From Crestwood Boulevard in Irondale, turn north on Montevallo Road and go under I-20 for about a block and turn right on Monticello Road. Travel about 30 feet and then turn right on Monticello Circle. The cemetery is located at the end of the Monticello Circle cul-de-sac. Westbound on I-20 take the Montevallo Road exit and turn right following the above directions

Traveling eastbound on I-20 take the Oporto Madrid Exit to the right about one block to Crestwood Boulevard. Travel east on Crestwood about three blocks to Montevallo Road and then turn left. The cemetery is visible on your immediate right.

This is a private cemetery. The ownership is unknown. It appears to be well maintained but has suffered some vandalism and damage from the elements. There could be as many as 30 graves marked by stone or unmarked altogether. The earliest burial appears to be that of Solomon H. Bush in 1882 but there may have been previous burials.

This transcription was conducted on Apr 03, 2007, and it is a complete transcription of all readable stones in the cemetery.

- Carl W. Dykes

Bush, Elizabeth, b. 1854 d. Jan 03, 1938, w/o William Henry T.
Bush, Mary A., b. Aug 26, 1816 d. Apr 07, 1890, w/o Solomon H.
Bush, Solomon H., d. Nov 05, 1882, aged 70 years
Bush, William H., b. Sep 30, 1886 d. Sep 21, 1950, "Gone but not forgotten."
Bush, William Henry T., b. Aug 03, 1850 d. Apr 06, 1925
Carlisle, Willard "Billie.", b. Jan 24, 1917 d. Jul 27, 1942, "Whoso walketh uprightly shall be saved. A loving son and faithful friend."
Chambless, Sarah R., b. Sep 07, 1851 d. Nov 10, 1907, "Mother."
Crawford, Sarah Ellen, b. Oct 22, 1932 d. Jan 25, 1936, d/o F. M.
Elliott, James F. Sr., b. Aug 06, 1871 d. Dec 01, 1948
Elliott, Sarah Jane, b. Mar 31, 1885 d. Nov 03, 1966, w/o James F., "At Rest."
Farmer, Obert L., b. Nov 13, 1867 d. Oct 23, 1887
Graham, Agnes V. Higgins, b. 1876 d. 1926, w/o Harlan Thomas, "At Rest."
Graham, Harlan Thomas, b. Jul 29, 1876 d. Dec 19, 1937, s/o Thomas M.
Graham, John B., b. Sep 17, 1867 d. Aug 17, 1885, s/o Thomas M.
Graham, Maude Elizabeth, b. Oct 23, 1909 d. Aug 24, 1993, "Mother."
Graham, Thomas M., b. Mar 29, 1842 d. Feb 20, 1907, "UCV, 18 AL, TMG.", (Did not serve in 18 AL., served in Co. D, 17 AL Infantry, CSA* and Co. E, 47 AL Infantry, CSA*), (Both of these regiments organized in Coosa County where Graham was residing before and immediately after the Civil War.) (Note: Graham married Sarah Ellen Bush on Jul 22, 1865 in Coosa County but I was unable to locate her grave in this cemetery.)
Grissom, James M., b. Mar 01, 1870 d. Jun 16, 1939
Grissom, Lonnie M., b. Sep 21, 1891 d. Nov 25, 1932
Henry, Sarah Ann Watts, b. Apr 28, 1849 d. Mar 21, 1927, "The Lord is my Shepherd."
Jones, W. V., b. Aug 06, 1890 d. Aug 15, 1927
Justice, Jasper A. "Buster.", b. Jun 21, 1919 d. Jun 25, 1940, "Although he sleeps, his memory doeth live and cheering comfort to his mourners give."
Lamar, E. N., b. Aug 06, 1867 d. Nov 11, 1920, "Father."
Lamar, Maggie, b. Apr 16, 1865 d. Sep 29, 1929, w/o E. N.
Lamar, Mirabeau B., b. 1843 d. Jul 16, 1904, "Grandfather.", (Co. B, 10 GA Infantry, CSA*)
Lamar, Rose A., b. Aug 12, 1846 d. Mar 26, 1908, w/o Mirabeau B., "Grandmother."
Moore, J. A., b. May 07, 1878 d. Jul 31, 1903, s/o J. M., "Hope for the future."
Owens, S. Alice, b. Jul 13, 1885 d. Dec 11, 1918, "Mother."
Robinson, Marjorie Mae Graham, b. Mar 13, 1921 d. Oct 16, 1965, w/o Willie Clyde, d/o Harlan Thomas Graham
Sasnett, W. H., b. Jul 28, 1857 d. Jul 29, 1885
Scott, Atlas Elizabeth, b. Oct 29, 1862 d. Jul 06, 1937, w/o J. N., "Faithful to her trust even unto death."
Scott, Billy, b. Oct 17, 1923 d. Jan 24, 1929, s/o Emmett Clarence
Scott, Christine Brown, b. Sep 11, 1898 d. Oct 08, 1959, w/o Emmett Clarence
Scott, Emmett Clarence, b. Sep 16, 1893 d. Nov 05, 1943
Scott, J. N., b. Dec 23, 1858 d. Jul 04, 1909, aged 50y, 6m, 11d
Scott, Mary P., b. May 11, 1859 d. Jan 12, 1922, w/o William A. H.
Scott, William A. H., b. Jun 25, 1855 d. Jul 25, 1925
Stone, Robert Lee, (no dates), infant s/o Ollie
Walker, J. Raymond, b. Jan 12, 1903 d. May 19, 1956, "At Rest."

*Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System, National Park Service
Note: The preparer of this document has utilized The Birmingham News obituaries, Alabama death records and the Social Security Death Data Base to supplement or to verify some entries.

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