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Sapp Cemetery Records
Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama

Lat: 33° 56' 41"N, Lon: 86° 52' 32"W, approx.
T13 R3W Sec 5

Contributed by Etheleen Stricklin, Sep 18, 2004 [etheleen@hiwaay.net]. Total records = 46.

From the city of Cullman take I-65 South to exit 292. Turn right and go toward Arkadelphia on Hwy 91 to back of parking lot of the Truck Stop at service station, turn left and go up the hill to cemetery.

The two acres on which the cemetery is situated is in the northeast quarter of northeast quarter of Sec 5 township 13 range 3 West. The said two acres being 140 yards long east and east along the north line of said Section 5 and 70 yards wide east and west, also a roadway from the Arkadelphia and Hanceville public road is replaced. It is now situated at the back of the truck stop. (Grading around truck stop has changed the original road description)

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the families who have relatives buried there.

Listings followed by an asterisk * have no headstone. Information on the unmarked Gamble graves is from the Bible record of Ann Scott.

I walked and read this cemetery in 2003. It contains all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Etheleen Stricklin

Baker, Fannie L., b. Dec 18, 1877, d. Sep 19, 1878, (d/o Elisha and Emile C. (Forester) Baker)
Baker, Minnie E., b. Jan 15, 1887, d. Mar 4, 1891, (d/o Elisha and Emile C. (Forester) Baker)
Bowling, Hollis G., b. Jan 5, 1890, d. Jul 12, 1892, (s/o Dean and Febbie Ann (Forester) Bowling)
Cannon, James W., b. Dec 13, 1842, d. Oct 25, 1869, (s/o Elijah and Emily (Bowers) Cannon)
Cannon, James, b. May 16, 1785, d. Jan 4, 1873, (h/o Mary Margaret (Powell) and s/o Russell, I and Jean"Jane" (Campbell) Cannon)
Cannon, Mary Margaret (Powell), b. Aug 23, 1789, d. Oct 25, 1869, (w/o James Cannon, and d/o James and Rebecca (Bynum) Powell)
Cannon, William Ashley, b. Jan 15, 1845, d. Nov 6, 1881, (s/o Elijah and Emily (Bowers) Cannon)
Dean, Bertha L. (Sapp), b. Oct 5, 1884, d. Jun 13, 1955, (w/o William "Will" Dean, and d/o John Beale "Tuttle" and Dorinda (Anderson) Sapp)
Dean, Infant son, b. and d. 1916, (s/o William "Will" and Bertha L. (Sapp) Dean)
Dean, James Arlin, b. Aug 25, 1923, d. May 11, 1951, (s/o William "Will" and Bertha L. (Sapp) Dean)
Dean, William Avery, b. 1907, d. 1911, (s/o Willilam "Will" and Bertha L. (Sapp) Dean)
Dean, William "Will", b. Jul 12, 1882, d. Feb 23, 1960, (h/o Bertha L (Sapp), and s/o Elias and Taylor Ann (Sapp) Dean)
Forester, Fountain M., b. Apr 15, 1810, d. Oct 14, 1896, (h/o 1st wife Phoebe (REID), and 2nd wife Nancy "Nan" (Funderburk). (Both wives are buried in Arkadelphia Cemetery, Cullman County AL)
Gamble, Annah Myrtle, b. Jun 8, 1883, d. no date, (d/o William Wallace and Frances E. (Sanders) Gamble) *
Gamble, Ethel, no dates, (d/o William Travis and Oma R. Gamble) *
Gamble, Gustave Turron Beaurgard, b. Nov 4, 1861, d. no date, (s/o William wallace and Frances E. (Sanders) Gamble) *
Gamble, Hollie Myrtle, b. Mar 11, 1893, d. no date, (d/o William Travis and Oma R. Gamble) *
Gamble, Louise Caroline (Sapp), b. May 22 1835, d. May 27, 1921, (w/o William Marion "Dap" Gamble, and d/o Hillard Benjamin and Margaret (Murphree) Sapp) *
Gamble, Melissa Ann, b. Sep 4, 1864, d. no date, (d/o William Wallace and Frances E. (Sanders) Gamble) *
Gamble, Paul, no dates, (s/o William Travis and Oma R. Gamble) *
Gamble, William Marion "Dap", b. Dec 25, 1825, d. Aug 9, 1900, (h/o Louise Caroline (Sapp), and s/o Patrick Kinchen and Frances "Fannie" (Truss) Gamble), h/o Louise Caroline Sapp) *
Gamble, William Travis, b. Jan 15, 1890, d. Mar18, 1959, (h/o Ojmar R., s/o William Wallace and Frances E. (Sanders) Gamble *
Jones, Samuel C., b. Nov 25, 1864, d. Sep 19, 1866, (s/o Samuel H. and Martha Minerva (Ward) Jones)
Jones, Samuel H., b. Feb 6, 1830, d. Sep 29, 1895, (h/o Martha Minerva Ward, and s/o Samuel C. and ?, (Arnett) Jones. (Martha Minerva Ward is the grandd/o Editha Murphree and Reuben Reid)
Murphree, Daniel, b. Apr 12, 1860, d. Apr 6, 1883, (s/o Hiram Marion and Margaret (Cannon) Murphree), grave by Margaret (Cannon) Murphree *
Murphree, Freddie, b. Nov 8, 1897, d. Feb 13, 1898, (s/o Milton "Milt" and Rachel Leewell (Nobel) Murphree), grave on left side of Margaret (Cannon) Murphree) *
Murphree, Margaret (Cannon), b. Jun 22, 1830, d. about 1890, (w/o Hiram Marion Murphree, and d/o Russell, II, and M. (Price) Cannon)
Murphree, Milton "Milt", b. Dec 30, 1856, d. Nov 1933, (h/o Rachel Leewell (Noble) and s/o Hiram Marion and Margaret (Cannon) Murphree). (Information on Milton "Milt" Murphree, his wife Rachel Leewell Noble and son Freddie came from Milton's grand-daughter, Imolee (Bowers) Grimmett), (near Margaret Cannon Murphree) *
Murphree, Rachel Leewell (Noble), b. Sep 26, 1862, d. Feb 17, 1898, (w/o Milton "Milt" Murphree, and d/o Marcus "Mark" and Rachel G. (Stencir) Bain Noble (when Milton and Rachel's little boy, Freddie died, Rachel grieved herself to death. She died four days after he died), (near Margaret Cannon Murphree) *
Redman, Florence, b. Aug 12, 1880, d. May 18, 1887, (d/o R. J. and Mary Rebecca Redman)
Redman, Infant Daughter, b. Mar 10, 1878, d. Apr 10, 1878, (d/o R. J. and Mary Rebecca Redman)
Redman, Mary Rebecca, b. 1857, d. 1936, (w/o R.J. Redman)
Redman, Oliver W., b. 1894, d. 1936
Redman, R. J., b. 1844, d. 1930, (h/o Mary Rebecca)
Sapp, Adolphus L., b. Dec 31, 1882, d. Mar 14, 1956, (h/o 1st wife Maude (Morris), 2nd wife Sarah (Auston), and s/o John "Tuttle" and 1st wife Dorinda (Anderson) Sapp)
Sapp, Benjamin F., b. Mar 23, 1876, d. Feb 10, 1878, (s/o Richard F. "Titus" and Emily Frances (Griffith) Sapp)
Sapp, Dorinda (Anderson), b. Jun 16, 1862, d. Jan 21, 1919, (w/o John Beal "Tuttle" Sapp)
Sapp, Fannie, b. May 8, 1886, d. Jul 16, 1947, (w/o Robert L. Sapp)
Sapp, Hillard, b. 1811, d. 1854, (h/o Margaret (Murphree) and s/o John and Elizabeth (Sanders) Sapp), (Hillard is one of the Blount County, Alabama unsolved murder cases. One morning as he returned from taking Caroline to school at Blount Springs, he stopped at the river to water his horse and was robbed and killed. From Early Families of Blount County, p. 98 *
Sapp, John A., b. Feb 15, 1830, d. Jul 15, 1907, (h/o Martha W. (Aycock), and s/o Hillard and Margaret (Murphree) Sapp)
Sapp, John Beale "Tuttle", b. Jan 4, 1859, d. Aug 21, 1919, (h/o 1st wife Dorinda M. (Anderson, 2nd wife Amanda (Sawyer) 3rd wife Maggie (McDuffie), and adopted s/o John A. and Martha A. (Aycock) Sapp)
Sapp, Margaret (Murphree), b. 1913, d. after 1866, (w/o Hillard Sapp, and d/o Allen and Rhoda (Dunn) Murphree) *
Sapp, Martha (Aycock), b. Oct 17, 1833, d. Dec 15, 1909, (w/o John A. Sapp, and d/o Joel D. and Lucy (Nance) Aycock)
Sapp, Mary M., b. Nov 28, 1878, d. May 10, 1880, (d/o Richard F. "Titus" and Emily Frances (Griffith) Sapp)
Sapp, Robert L., b. May 10, 1886, d. Feb 14, 1951, (h/o Fannie S., s/o John Beale "Tuttle", 1st wife Dorinda M. (Anderson) Sapp)
Sapp, William Reese, b. Apr 8, 1896, d. Jan 2, 1947, Alabama Landsman, USNRF, WWI, (s/o John Beale "Tuttle" and 1st wife Dorinda (Anderson) Sapp)

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