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Mount Joy Baptist Cemetery Records
Bremen, Cullman County, Alabama

3561 County Road 8, Bremen, Alabama
Phone (256) 287-2978

Lat: 33° 57' 32"N, 86° 57' 03"W

Contributed by Etheleen Stricklin, Dec 18, 2004 [etheleen@hiwaay.net]. Total records = 376.

From Cullman go south on Highway I-65 to exit 299. Go South on Highway 69 to road 8, take a left go three miles, Mount Joy Baptist Church and Cemetery on left of CR 8.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Mount Joy Missionary Baptist Church, which started in 1886. The land for church and cemetery was donated by S.J. Tubbs sometime in the late 1800s.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery in 2004. This includes additional information in parenthesis, not found on headstones.

- Etheleen Stricklin

Aaron, child, no name, no dates, (unmarked grave c/o Etta (Key) Aaron, (This could be the same grave listed as Harlin, Infant s/o Benjamin E. and Etta (Key) Harlin, no dates, grave located beside Bernard Burnes)
Adams, Bessie, b. 1900, d. 1939
Addison, Ada, b. Nov 12, 1887, d. Jul 31, 1967, (w/o Morgan Walker Addison, d/o Isaac and Ira Cox
Addison, Beatrice, b. Jul 19, 1914, d. Sep 25, 1925, (d/o Morgan Walker and Ada C. (Cox) Addison)
Addison, Dovie (Nixon), b. Jun 21 1901, d. Apr 8, 1926, (w/o Ocie W Addison)
Addison, Martha Eveline, b. Feb 10, 1879, d. Jan 28, 1984, (w/o William B. Addison)
Addison, Morgan Walker, b. Nov 7, 1877, d. Jun 5, 1940, (h/o Ada (Cox)
Addison, William B., b. Jul 22, 1872, d. Oct 16, 1930, (h/o Martha Eveline
Allen, J. D., b. 1924, d. 1971
Anderson, Betty Jean, b. Dec 21, 1933, d. Nov 20, 1934, (d/o Clarence and Pearl (Stewart) Anderson)
Anderson, Clarence, b. Sep 3, 1900, d. Feb 24, 1935, (h/o Pearl (Stewart), s/o William E."Will" and Nettie A. (Hall) Anderson)
Anderson, Etta L. (Allred), b. Oct 4, 1885, d. Nov 7, 1933, (2nd w/o James B. "Jimroe" Anderson), d/o John Leonard and Bell (Gossett) Allred
Anderson, Etta, b. Feb 17, 1889, d. Nov 17, 1977, (never married, d/o James H. and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, Fannie A. "Sis", b. 1863, d. ?, (d/o James Houston. and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, Franklin, b. Feb 6, 1894, d. Apr 3, 1894, (s/o James H. and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, Infant, no dates, (d/o James B. Jimroe and Etta (Allred) Anderson)
Anderson, James A. "Jim", b. Apr 19, 1916, d. May 13, 1973, Cox, U.S. Navy, WWII, (s/o William E. "Will" and Nettie (Hall) Anderson)
Anderson, James B. Jimroe, b. Jul 28, 1886, d. Dec 14, 1964, (h/o 1st wife Bessie Ruth (McCarn), 2nd wife Etta L. (Allred), s/o James H. and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, James Houston, b. Mar 16, 1851, d. Nov 28, 1907, (h/o Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent), s/o John Harrison and Phoebe (Reid) Anderson)
Anderson, John W., b. Jul 1, 1891, d. Nov 10, 1971, (never married, s/o John Houston and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, Laymon, no dates, (s/o Mel (Anderson), and grands/o James Houston and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson
Anderson, Mel, b. 1875, d. ?, (d/o James Houston and Sarah Elizaabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, Nettie, b. May 13, 1881, d. Jul 23, 1964, (w/o William "Will Anderson, d/o John A. and Frances E. Hall)
Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth, b. Feb 2, 1857, d. Jun 7, 1946, (w/o James Houston Anderson, d/o Cooper B. and Sarah (Ware) Sargent)
Anderson, Sena, b. Jul 12, 1876, d. May 23, 1946, (d/o James Houston. and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, Susan, b. Mar 12, 1881, d. Mar 12, 1896, 15 years old, (d/o James Houston. and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Anderson, William E. "Will", b. Mar 14. 1878, d. Aug 30, 1961, (h/o Nettie (Hall), s/o James Houston and Sarah Elizabeth (Sargent) Anderson)
Angle, Infant, b. and d. Aug 1, 1935, (d/o Theodore R. and Vera (Campbell) Angle)
Angle, Jerry, b. Apr 10, 1941, d. Mar 5, 1942, (s/o Theodore R. and Vera (Campbell) Angle)
Angle, Linda, b. Apr 10, 1941, d. Mar 5, 1942, (d/o Theodore R. "Ted" and Vera (Campbell) Angle)
Angle, Lula, b. May 31, 1879, d. Nov 28, 1935, (mother of Theodore R. Angle)
Angle, Theodore R. "Ted", b. Feb 2 1908, d. Mar 4, 1971, (h/o Vera (Campbell), s/o Lula Angle)
Angle, Thomas W., b. Aug 31, 1906, d. May 28, 1950, (Brother of Theodore, s/o Lula Angle)
Bagwell, Appelonier "Appie", b. Jun 22, 1850, d. Aug 3, 1913, (w/o W.T. Bagwell, d/o Harper Harwell and Sarah (Byrd) Dollar
Bagwell, Isabell Nachee, b. Jan 15, 1863, d. Dec 27 1923
Bagwell, W. T., b. Jul 15, 1850, d. Sep 23, 1945, (h/o Appelonier "Appie (Dollar)
Bailey, Infant, no dates, d/o Dink and Annie Bailey, Unmarked grave
Baisinger, Charles, b. Mar 1, 1913, d. Mar 5, 1913, (s/o James and Theo Baisinger)
Baisinger, James Albert, b. Jan 15, 1877, d. Aug 1, 1953, (h/o Theo
Baisinger, Johnny, b. Jul 14, 1909, d. Aug 16, 1910, (s/o James and Theo Baininger)
Baisinger, Theo, b. Oct 21, 1879, d. Oct 7, 1936, (w/o James Alber Baisinger)
Baker, Ardis H., b. Jan 7, 1920, d. Oct 19, 1991, (2ND h/o Sarah L. (Creel), s/o Leavy C. and Dicie (Key) Baker)
Baker, Dicie, b. Dec 10, 1899, d. Jan 7, 1964, (w/o Leavy C. Baker, d/o Charles Rice and Martha Jane (Chambers) Key
Baker, Dwight E. "Buddy", b. Dec 25, 1926, d. Jan 31. 1977, U.S. Navy, WWII, (s/o Leavy C. and Dicie (Key) Baker)
Baker, Leavy C., b. Jul 29, 1894, d. Dec 19, 1963, Alabama Pvt. U.S. Army, WWI., (h/o Dicie (Key), s/o Elisha E. and Emily C. (Forester) Baker)
Baker, Sarah L. (Creel), b. Jun 6, 1934, d. still living 2002, (w/o 2nd husband Artis H. Baker)
Baker, Vernie, b. May 31, 1921, d. Jun 21, 1923, (s/o Leavy C. and Dicie (Key) Baker)
Bicknell, Ellie B., b. 1896,
Bicknell, J. W. "Coy", b. 1906, d. 1976,
Black, J. M., b. 1851, d. 1936
Blalock, Dennis Claude, b. Jul 29, 1897, d. Oct 31, 1982, (h/o 1st wife Sarah (Cone), 2nd wife Martha (Gunter), 3rd wife Ethel (Wese), Forester, s/o Joe H. and Mary (Rice) Blalock)
Blalock, Joe H., b. Jan 7, 1862, d. Jul 10, 1946, (h/o Mary (Rice), s/o Jackson "General" and Athaniah (Forester) Blalock)
Blalock, Mary Mable, b. Oct 13, 1911, d. May 17, 1912, (d/o Oscar W.O. and Modinis Martha (Baisinger) Blalock)
Blalock, Sarah (Cone), b. Sep 9, 1886, d. Aug 1, 1922, (1st w/o Dennis Blalock, d/o Frank D. and Almedia (Purdy) Cone)
Bowling, Ares, b. Sep 19, 1891, d. Nov 10, 1910, (d/o Jim and Jennie (Dollar) Bowling)
Bowling, Febbie Ann, b. no date, d. Jun 1908, (w/o Dean Bowling, d/o Newton "Nute" and Cyunthia Ann (Jones) Forester)
Bowling, Infant, b. May 1916, d. May 1916, (s/o Deanie and Katie (Robertson) Bowling)
Bowling, Infant, b. 1917, d. 1917, (d/o Deanie and Katie (Robertson) Bowling)
Bowling, Infant, no dates, (child of Leonard and Bessie Bowling,). Located beside James and Lillie (Bowling) McLeroy), Unmarked grave
Bowling, James M. "Jim", b. Oct 22, 1856, d. Feb 18, 1953, (h/o Jennie (Dollar), and father of Lillie (Bowling) McLeroy)
Bowling, Jennie "Pinkey", b. Jun 15, 1856, d. Oct 5, 1909, (w/o James M. "Jim" Bowling, d/o Harper Harwell and Sarah (Boyd) Dollar)
Bowling, William, b. Nov 22,1893, d. Apr 27, 1933, (s/o James M." Jim " and Jennie (Dollar) Bowling)
Brewer, Franklin Onell, b. Feb 19, 1937, d. Feb 22, 1937, (s/o Joseph "Joe" and Gussie (Handley), Motes, Brewer)
Brewer, Gussie Motes, b. Jan 24, 1902, d. Jun 9, 2000, (w/o 1st husband George Motes, 2nd husband Joseph "Joe" Brewer, d/o Henry M. Edgar and Amanda M. "Mintee" (Graham) Handley)
Brewer, Joseph "Joe", b. Sep 1889, d. Oct 21, 1944, (2nd h/o Dancer Gussie (Handley), Motes), s/o David and Mattie (Brooks) Brewer)
Brooks, Edward, b. Jun 24, 1887, d. Jul 13, 1954, (s/o Mr and Earlien (Dollar) Brooks Doss)
Brown, H. L., b. 1886, d, 1912
Brown, Milo, b. Jul 20, 1888, d. Apr 23, 1921
Burns, Bernard, b. Apr 30, 1921, d. Nov 27, 1927, (s/o Dennis James Arthur and Retter V. (Fowler) Burns)
Bynum, Isabell (Blackmon), b. 1887, d. 1921
Campbell, Florence, b. Jun 7, 1916, d. Feb 21, 2002, (w/o James Ollie Campbell, d/o Ansel and Ludie (Dollar) Rhodes)
Campbell, Infant, b. Feb 14, 1938, d. Feb 14, 1938, (s/o James Ollie and Florence (Rhodes) Campbell)
Campbell, James Ollie, b. 1909, d. Dec 11, 2004, (h/o Florence (Rhodes) and s/o Charlie and Sarah (Sandlin) Campbell
Campbell, Larry, b. Sep 23, 1952, d. Still Living 2002, (h/o Sharon (Sivley), s/o Ollie and Florence (Rhodes) Campbell)
Campbell, Sharon, b. Oct 2, 1958, d. Dec 26, 1992, (1st w/o Larry Campbell), d/o Don and Kathleen Sivley
Campbell, Vera Angle, b. Dec 17, 1913, f. Nov 21, 2001, (w/o Theador "Ted" Angle, d/o Charlie and Sarah (Sandlin) Campbell)
Chambers, Lillie M., b. 1914, d. no date
Chambers, Paul, b. 1914, d. 1977
Chatham, G. A., b. Jun 5, 1882, d. Apr 20, 1901
Clingham, James T. "Jim", b. Jul 4, 1902, d. Jun 10, 1974, (h/o Sarah B. (Addison)
Clingham, Sarah B. (Addison), b. Jun 8, 1908, d. Nov 13, 1984, (w/o James Thomas Clingham)
Daniel, Darrel, b. Mar 18, 1938, d. Sep 2, 1938, (s/o Clell "Hop" and Eleanor (Mize) Dsniel
Daniel, Donie Jane, b. Jun 12, 1882, d. Feb 16, 1961, (w/o Walter Daniel, d/o Lonzo and Margorie (Patterson) York
Daniel, Ella, b. Nov 1874, d. 1946, (w/o John Daniel, d/o James Houston and Sarah E. (Sargent) Anderson). Located on right side of Benjamine "Ben" and Effie (Anderson) McLeroy), Unmarked grave
Daniel, Georgeann (Keister), b. Mar 14,1899, d. Mar 15, 1982, (w/o Jessie C. Daniel)
Daniel, Jessie C., b. Jun 16, 1876, d. Dec 19, 1944, (h/o Georgeann (Keister), and father of Rufus, Cecil, Clois, and Juanita Daniel)
Daniel, John T., b. Dec 31, 1842, d. Sep 14, 1908, (h/o Roxie Ann)
Daniel, John, b. Sep 1974, d. 1946, (h/o Ella (Anderson), Located on right side of Benjamine "Ben" and Effie (Anderson) McLeroy, Unmarked grave
Daniel, Marie, no dates, (d/o Jess and Georgeann (Keister) Daniel), Unmarked grave
Daniel, Roxie Ann, b. Sep 22, 1854, d. Dec 15, 1914, (w/o John T. Daniel)
Daniel, Rufus, no dates, (h/o Bell (Addison), s/o Jess and Georgeann (Keister) Daniel). Location of grave 3rd grave down from right side of Ben and Effie (Anderson) McLeroy, Unmarked grave
Daniel, Sudie M., b. May 21, 1882, d. Oct 8, 1933, (d/o John T. and Roxie Ann Daniel)
Daniel, Thomas E., b. May 28, 1879, d. Nov 15, 1946, (s/o John T. and Roxie Ann Daniel)
Daniel, Walter R., b. Nov 15, 1879, d. Aug 12, 1954, (h/o Donie Jane (York), and brother of Emory Daniel)
Day, Bell Zora, b. Sep 4, 1905, d. Feb 16, 1979, (w/o Preston Day)
Day, Billy Jean, b. Nov 18, 1931, d. Dec 20, 1989, (w/o L. B. Day)
Day, Delmar J., b. Oct 23, 1933, d. Jul 5, 1991, (h/o Mary E., s/o Luther Basil and Oma (Freeman) Day)
Day, Edna (King), b. 1911, d. 1976, (w/o Manson V, Day)
Day, Enda, b. May 16, 1896, d. Apr 4, 1991, (w/o W.M. "Curtis" Day)
Day, Infant, no dates, s/o Donald and Bobby Jo (Mann) Day)
Day, Jerry E., b. Feb 14, 1939, d. Apr 8, 1985, (s/o W.M. Curtis and Endy Day)
Day, Jewel D., b. Oct 16, 1921, d. Apr 7, 1996, (h/o Wilma)
Day, L. B., b. Jan 12, 1925, d. Oct 11, 1979, (h/o Billy Jean)
Day, Lillie, b. Mar 12, 1892, d. Jan 1, 1982, (w/o Richard Lee Day)
Day, Luther Basil, b. Aug 1, 1911, d. Jan 28, 1971, (h/o Oma O (Freeman) Day)
Day, Manson V., b. 1900, d. 1971, (h/o Edna (King)
Day, Mary, b. Apr 18, 1938, d. no date, (w/o Delmar J. Day)
Day, Oma O., b. Jun 4, 1915, d. Aug 2, 2004, (w/o Luther Basil Day), d/o Charlie Frank and Dessie Owens (Freeman)
Day, Preston, b. Jul 25, 1902, d. Mar 14, 1949, h/o Bell Zora
Day, Richard, b. Dec 12, 1882, d. Aug 12, 1965, (h/o Lillie, and brother of Manson Day)
Day, Stacy, b. Oct 7, 1979, d. Feb 4, 1980, (d/o Donald and Bobby Jo (Mann) Day)
Day, W. M., "Curtis T", b. Mar 10, 1894, d. Sep 17, 1977, (h/o Enda)
Day, William Edward, b. Jul 29, 1964, d. Jul 4, 1997
Day, William R., b. Jan 12, 1918, d. Nov 22, 1996)
Day, William, b. and d. Sep 29, 1982, (s/o Donald and Bobby Jo (Mann) Day)
Day, Wilma, b. Jan 14, 1926, d. Sep 25, 1975, (w/o Jewel D. Day)
Dees, Eunice, b. Jan 16, 1918, d. Nov 23, 1995, (w/o Lloyd Dees, d/o Ansel Pleasant and Ludie Augusta (Dollar) Rhodes)
Dees, Infant, b. and d. Jun 11, 1944, (d/o Lloyd and Eunice (Rhodes) Dees)
Dees, Lloyd, b. May 1, 1909, d. Feb 24, 1981, (h/o Eunice (Rhodes)
Dollar Collie, b. Jun 9, 1904 (s/o J.E. and P.M. D. Dollar)
Dollar, Amanda (Langley), b. Jan 1, 1844, d. Jun 11, 1915, (w/o William Elisha Dollar)
Dollar, Edith Elizabeth, b. Dec 16, 1867, d. Nov 17, 1951, (w/o William Franklin Dollar, d/o Newton "Nute" and Cynthia (Jones) Forester)
Dollar, Lester, b. Oct 17, 1905, d. Aug 25, 1941, (s/o Washington "Wat" and Lee Emma (Rhodes) Dollar)
Dollar, Polly Grace, b. Jul 7, 1911, d. Apr 18, 1939, (w/o Ollie S. Dollar)
Dollar, Washington "Wat", b. May 16, 1874, d. Jan 25, 1930, (1st h/o Lee Emma (Rhodes) Dollar, Baxter, s/o William Elisha and Amanda (Langley) Dollar)
Dollar, Willliam Elisha, b. Oct 27, 1846, d. Aug 25, 1912, (h/o Amanda (Langley), and father of "Wat" Dollar, Mary Ann "Mollie (Dollar) Lee, and Ludie (Dollar) Rhodes)
Dollar. William Franklin., b. Jul 26, 1868, d. Jan 2, 1940, (h/o Edith Elizabeth (Forester), s/o William Elisha and Amanda (Langley) Dollar)
Doring, Betty Jean, b. 1937, d. 1938
Doring, Bobby Ray, b. 1937, d. 1938
Doring, Mary Lila, b. 1911, d. no date
Doring, Willie A., b. 1905, d. 1961
Doss, Earlene Brooks, b. Oct 7, 1873, d. Sep 14, 1942, (w/o 1st husband Brooks, 2nd husband Joe Doss, d/o William Elisha and Amanda (Langley) Dollar)
Dover, Perry, b. 1888, d. 1969
Dover, R. S., b. 1864, d. 1906
Dover, Vicie, b. 1864, d. 1939
Duke, Baby, b. Oct 23, 1959, d. Oct 23, 1959, (s/o Betty (Duke), grands/o Denton and Eunice (Ryder) Duke)
Duke, Denton W., b. Jan 11, 1914, d. Oct 15, 1976, (h/o Eunice (Ryder), s/o Relmon and Maybell (Williams) Duke
Duke, Eunice (Ryder), b. Jan 21, 1921, (w/o Denton W. Duke)
Duke, Granville, b. Aug 16, 1939, d. Aug 21, 1939, (s/o Fred and Ida (Tidwell) Duke)
Duke, Kathy, b. May 28, 1956, d. Jun 2, 1956, (d/o Fred and Ida (Tidwell) Duke)
Duke, Kirk F., b. Aug 30, 1902, d. Jan 14, 1957, (h/o Eula (Woods), s/o Relmon and Maybell (Williams) Duke
Duke, Maybell (Williams), b. Jun 23, 1873, d. Jun 8, 1942, (w/o Relman Duke)
Duke, Relmon C., b. Apr 8 1869, d. Dec 14, 1939, (h/o Maybell (Williams)
Dula, Eula (Woods), b. Feb 27, 1909, d. Dec 23, 1989, (w/o Kirk F. Duke)
Elliott, Bobby C., b. Apr 2, 1942, d. no date
Fairchild, Cory M., b. Oct 6, 1997, d. Jan 3, 1998, (grandd/o Donald and Bobby Jo (Mann) Day)
Farris, Harbin, Jr., b. 1939, d. Mar 17, 1941, (s/o Harbin and Flora (Blalock) Farris, and grands/o Dennis and 1st wife Sarah (Cone) Blalock)
Flynn, Frank, b. Apr 21, 1952, d. still living 2001, (h/o Nola S.)
Flynn, Nola S., b. May 21, 1953, still living 2001, (w/o Frank Flynn)
Forester, Cynthia (Jones), b. Jul 20, 1837, d. Apr 4, 1926, (w/o Newton "Nute" Forester)
Forester, Ethel (Wise) Blalock, b. Mar 17, 1899, d. Apr 26, 1987, (w/o 1st husband Tommie Forester, 2nd husband Dennis Blalock, d/o Manuel and Dehlia (Trapp)Wise)
Forester, Jada Frences, b. May 15, 1933, d. Jun 16, 1934, (d/o Thomas "Tommie" L. and Ethel (Wise) Forester)
Forester, James A., b. Oct 7, 1862, d. Jan 9, 1927, (h/o Nettie (Dollar), s/o George W. and Sarah J. (Blalock) Forester)
Forester, James T., b. Mar 31, 1896, d. Sep 14, 1901, (s/o James A. and Nettie (Dollar) Forester)
Forester, Nettie, b. Nov 7, 1858, d. Jan 1, 1926, (w/o James A. Forester, d/o William Elisha and Amanda (Langley) Dollar)
Forester, Newton "Nute", b. Jul 28, 1937, d. Dec 21, 12918, (h/o Cynthia Ann (Jones), s/o Fountain and Phebie (Reid) Forester)
Forester, Thomas "Tommie" L., b. Aug 18, 1898, d. Aug 28, 1933, (1st h/o Ethel (Wise) and s/o James T. and Nettie (Dollar) Forester)
Graham, Euel, b. Feb 18, 1917, d. Feb 22, 1917, (s/o Walker Alford and Nancy Lula (Boston) Graham)
Greathouse, Marlin, b. Dec 31, 1916, d. Jun 12 1989, (h/o Myrtle (Rice)
Greathouse, Myrtle, b. Sep 10, 1923, d. May 30, 1991, (w/o Marlin Greathouse), d/o James Monroe and Victoria A. (Wiggins) Rice
Gunter, Mary, b. Mar 31, 1931, d. Apr 10, 1931, (d/o George and Hattie (Bowling) Gunter)
Gunter, Monrow, b. Jan 16, 1912, d. Augusst 25, 1927, (s/o George and Hattie (Bowling Gunter)
Hall, Earl, b. Oct 16, 1895, d. Jan 10, 1926, (1st h/o Victora "Vic" (Key) White), s/o John and Frances E. (Parsall) Hall)
Hall, Emma A., b. Jan 28, 1883, d. Nov 1, 1904, (w/o Jess W. Hall)
Hall, Frances E (Parsall), b. Mar 5, 1849, d. Aug 29, 1936, (2nd w/o John A. Hall)
Hall, Infants, no dates, (twins of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey B. Hall, and grandchildren of Richard and Jane (Brooks) Hall)
Hall, John A., b. Aug 18, 1855, d. Dec 5, 1945, (h/o 2nd wife Frances E. (Parsall)
Hall, Ottis, b. Oct 25, 1904, d. Jan 11, 1905, (s/o Jess W. and Emma A. Hall)
Hall, Stella Lee, b. Mar 31, 1908, d. May 14, 1908, (d/o Richard and Jane (Brooks) Hall)
Handley, Amanda "Mint" (Graham), b. Aug 1874, d. Aug 1, 1949, (w/o Henry M. "Edgar" Handley, and mother of Gussie (Handley) Motes, Brewer)
Harlan, Benjamin E., b. May 26, 1887, d. Dec 28, 1953, (h/o Etta (Key)
Harlan, Etta, b. Sep 1, 1891, d. Jul 23, 1956, (w/o Benjamin E, Harlan, d/o Charles Rice and 2nd wife Martha Jane (Chambers) Key
Harlan, Infant, no dates, (s/o Benjamin E. and Etta (Key) Harlan). (Probably the same grave listed as Aaron.) Unmarked grave (located beside Bernard Burns)
Hogland, Beatrice (Moon), b. Jun 18, 1925, still living 2002, (w/o J.O. Hogland, d/o Leanord and Lealer (Wilson) Moon)
Hogland, J. O., b. Nov 15, 1922, d. Jan 28, 1998, (h/o Beatrice (Moon) and s/o Oscar and Zula Hogland
Hollis, Vera (Day), b. 1919, d. May 23, 1939, (d/o W.M. Curtis and Endy Day
Jackson, Doris G., b. Jul 21, 1946, still living 2002, (w/o Houston Renia Jackson)
Jackson, Houston Renia, b. Apr 9, 1943, d. May 10, 1971, (h/o Doris G., s/o Marvin and Zelda M. (McLeroy) Jackson)
Jackson, John Chester, b. Jan 21, 1890, d. Oct 6, 1987, (h/o Sally (Moncrif), s/o William and Elizabeth (Myrick) Jackson)
Jackson, Marvin H., b. Feb 3, 1915, d. May 1, 1976, (h/o Zelda Marie (McLeroy), s/o John Chester and Sally (Moncrif) Jackson)
Jackson, Sally (Moncrif), b. Jul 25, 1892, d. Nov 1989, (w/o John Chester Jackson)
Jeans, Infant, no dates, child of the Jeans family, (first grave in cemetery, located on side of road at foot of Susan Anderson, Family was traveling across country when the baby became sick, died and was buried here. Information from Dorothy (Anderson) Grimmett, and Charles Jones), unmarked grave
Johnson, James Micheal, b. May 16, 1976, d. Aug 14, 1984, (twin s/o Donald and Barbara Joan (Campbell) Johnson)
Johnson, Mitchell Lee, b. May 16, 1976, d. May 31, 1976, (twin s/o Donald and Barbara Joan (Campbell) Johnson)
Joiner, Infant, b. 1918, d. 1918, (s/o Judson and Velma Joiner)
Jones, Audie, b. Feb 22, 1904, d. May 19, 1967, (w/o Herman C. Jones, d/o Charles R. and Martha Jane (Chambers) Key)
Jones, Herman C., b. Dec 29, 1900, d. Jul 15, 1973, (h/o Audie (Key)
Jones, Tommy, b. Aug 19, 1960, d. Aug 19, 1960, (s/o Kermit and Mary (Rice) Jones)
Key, Charles Rice, b. Feb 9 1859, d. Jun 19, 1933, (h/o 2nd wife Martha Jane (Chambers), s/o Charles R. and Dorcia (Cole) Key)
Key, Martha Jane (Chambers), b. Mar 2, 1868, d. Jan 1, 1929, (2nd w/o Charles Rice Key)
Key, Ola, b. Aug 27, 1891, d. May 8, 1970
Kilgo, Infant, b. Jun 20, 1930, d. Jun 20, 1930, (s/o Frank Ottis and Minnie (Phillips) Kilgo). (grave beside John A. Hall)
Lee, Mary Ann "Mollie", b. Apr 1, 1866, d. Jun 21, 1928, (w/o 1st husband John W. Abbott, Dr., 2nd husband James Goram. Lee, d/o William Elisha and Amanda (Langley) Dollar)
Martin, Frank, b. Nov 16, 1987, d. Nov 24, 1987
McClendon, Perry M., b. 1909, d. 1973
McClendon, Robert H., b. 1905, d. no date
McClendon, Son, no dates, (s/o Felix and Lois (Bowling) McClendon)
McClintock, Ethel, b. May 28, 1906, d. May 21, 1922, (d/o Jim and Modie (Blalock) McClintock)
McClintock, James L. "Jim", b. Jul 2, 1885, d. Jul 30, 1978, (h/o Modie (Blalock), f/o Ethel, Dessie, Jewell, Vernell and Clydie)
McClintock, Modie, b. Feb 8, 1888, d. Jan 14, 1980, (w/o Jim McClintock, d/o Joe and Mary (Rice) Blalock)
McClure, Daisy T., b. Mar 3, 1888, d. Dec 6, 1968, (w/o William O. McClure)
McClure, Henry B., b. Apr 27, 1879, d. Sep 5, 1907
McClure, I. V., no dates, h/o Polly Ann
McClure, Polly Ann, no dates, (w/o I.V. McClure)
McClure, William O., b. Aug 8, 1876, d. Nov 1, 1954, (h/o Daisy T.)
McCombs, Houston, b. Feb 14, 1884, d. Jan 5, 1966, (h/o Mary L.)
McCombs, Hubert, b. Apr 28, 1905, d. Jul 3, 1911, (s/o Houston and Mary L.McCombs)
McCombs, Lizzie, b. Jul 9, 1907, d. Jan 11, 1919, (d/o Houston and Mary L. McCombs)
McCombs, Mary L., b. Feb 13, 1882, d. Apr 15, 1957, (w/o Houston McCombs)
McCombs, Olus, b. Jul 9, 1918, d. Jul 23, 1918, (s/o Houston and Mary L. McCombs)
McLeroy Infant, no dates, (d/o Joe and Dora (Allred) McLeroy, unmarked grave
McLeroy Joseph E. "Joe", b. May 6, 1882, d. May 6, 1965, (h/o Dora (Allred), s/o James Edward and Martha Jane Susan Rebecca (Roberts) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Benjamin F., b. Sep 25, 1880, d. Aug 26, 1961, (h/o Effie (Anderson), s/o John Henry and Martha Elizabeth (McWaters) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Elbert, b. Nov 5, 1911, d. Jun 18, 1983, (h/o Myrtle (Rhodes), s/o John Tazzle and Elsie Myrtle (Dyer) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Elmer L., b. Jul 24, 1900, d. Aug 22, 1903, (s/o John Henry and Martha Elizabeth (McWaters) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Elsie (Dyer), b. Jan 27, 1892, d. Sep 30, 1971, (w/o John Tazzle McLeroy)
McLeroy, Felton, b. Feb 17, 1901, d. Oct 25, 1908, (s/o William Henry and Vesta Gertrude (Shipp) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Infant, no dates (d/o James E. and Lillie (Bowling) McLeroy, unmarked, located beside parents
McLeroy, James E., b. Apr 29, 1885, d. Feb 6, 1931, (h/o Lilly (Bowling) and s/o John Henry and Martha E. (McWaters) McLeroy)
McLeroy, James Edward., b. Jun 4, 1848, d. Aug 8, 1892, Co A 5 FLA Cav C.S.A., (h/o Martha Jane Susan Rebecca (Roberts), s/o Charles S. and Martha Ann T. (Wright) McLeroy.)
McLeroy, James Gilford, b. Oct 11, 1905, d. Mar 10 1982, (1st h/o Alma (Burns), s/o James E. and Lilly (Bowling) McLeroy)
McLeroy, John Henry, b. Aug 11, 1853, d. Oct 29, 1931, (h/o Martha Elizabeth (McWaters), s/o Charles S. and Mary Ann (Wright) McLeroy)
McLeroy, John Tazzle, b. Feb 22, 1885, d. May 6, 1967, (h/o Elsie Myrtle (Dyer), s/o James Edward and Martha Jane Susan Rebecca (Roberts) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Kenneth J., b. Dec 26, 1914, d. Aug 26, 1954, (h/o Exer (Motes), s/o James E. and Lilly (Bowling) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Lillie (Bowling), b. Aug 22, 1886, d. Aug 19, 1947, (w/o James E. McLeroy, d/o James M. "Jim" and Jennie (Dollar) Bowling)
McLeroy, Martha Jane Susan Rebecca (Roberts), b. Nov 22, 1858, d. Mar 8, 1950, (w/o James Edward McLeroy)
McLeroy, Mary Ann, b. 1880, d. 1887, (d/o James Edward and Martha Jane Susan Rebecca (Roberts) McLeroy
McLeroy, Myrtle, b. Aug 2, 1913, d. Dec 4, 1998, (w/o Elbert McLeroy, d/o Ansel and Ludie (Dollar) Rhodes)
McLeroy, Terrell P., b. May 9, 1918, d. Jan 28, 1946, (s/o John Tazzle and Elsie M, (Dyer) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Thomas Wright, b. Feb 11, 1883, d. Mar 9, 1955, (never married, s/o John Henry and Martha E. (McWaters) McLeroy)
McLeroy, Velma I., b. Sep 19, 1914, d. Jun 6, 1916
McMeans, P. H., b. Jun 12, 1858, d. Jan 10, 1933
McWaters, Mary Mead (Edleman), b. May 28, 1819, d. Aug 11, 1879, (w/o John T. McWaters, and grandmother of Benjamine " Ben" McLeroy)
Mitchell, Andrew, b. 1877, d. Nov 29, 1933
Mitchell, child, no dates, Child of John and Phoebe Evelyn " Lina " (Anderson) Mitchell),
Mitchell, Infant, no dates, (Child of John and Phoebe Evelyn " Lina "(Anderson) Mitchell)
Mitchell, Mary K., b. 1840, d. Aug 29, 1909, (w/o J.R. Mitchell)
Morgan, Mary (Daniel), b. 6 7 1910, d. 9 9 1997, (w/o Odis Morgan, d/o Walter and Donie Jane (York) Daniel)
Morgan, Mary, b. Jul 20, 1910, d. Sep 9, 1997, (w/o Odes Morgan, d/o Walter and Donie Daniel)
Morgan, Odes W., b. 9 15 1906, d. 12 17 1995, (h/o Mary V (Daniel) and s/o Isaac Marion and Lela (Baggett) Morgan
Morgan, Odes, b. Sep 15, 1906, d. Dec 17, 1995, (h/o Mary (Daniel), s/o Isaac and Leala (Baggett) Morgan)
Murphree, Calvin, b. Aug 2, 1888, d. Dec 26, 1917, WWI In Casual Co. I, 162nd Depot Briggade at Camp Pike, Arkansas, s/o Allen and Sarah Emiline "Dollie" (Motes) Murphree)
Murphree, Floyd, b. Jun 2, 1909, d. May 3, 1969, (s/o Allen and Sarah Emiline "Dollie " (Motes) Murphree)
Murphree, Marie, b. and d. Sep 11, 1920, (d/o Leanord and Eva (Bowling) Murphree)
Murphree, Sarah Emiline "Dollie", b. Aug 10, 1867, d. Nov 5, 1933, (w/o Allen Murphree, d/o James Cranford and Sarah (Smith) Motes)
Nelson, Infant, b. 1964, d. 1964
Nelson, Jamie Paulett, b. 1952, d. 1952
Nicholas, Infant, b. and d. Dec 19, 1919, (s/o Ed and Sarah Ann (Grimmett) Nicholas)
Nixon, Delia, b. 1878, d. 1942, (w/o Isaac Nixon)
Nixon, Isaac, b. 1878, d. 1954, (h/o Delia)
Owens, Marie R., b. 1936, d. 1972
Parrish, Mary (Holly), b. 1876, d. 1951, (w/o Thomas Scott Parrish)
Parrish, Thomas Scott, b. 1874, d. 1937, (h/o Mary (Holly)
Posy, Mary R., b. 1929, d. 1930
Raney, Lee, b. Oct 3, 1886, d. Jan 26, 1933, (h/o Nexie)
Raney, Nexie, b. Feb 23,1888, d. Apr 30, 1935, (w/o Lee Raney)
Redden, Rhoda (Rice), b. Jan 14, 1864, d. Jan 11, 1946, (w/o T.B. Redden, d/o George R. and Seranday Jane (Murphree) Rice)
Redden, T. B., b. Apr 11, 1859, d. Dec 6, 1917, (h/o Rhoda (Rice)
Rhodes, Alexander, b. Aug 29, 1874, d. May 22, 1957, (s/o Miller Pleasant and Mary Ann (Fortner) Rhodes, brother of Ansel Rhodes)
Rhodes, Alice (Forester), b. Jun 18, 1891, d. Dec 5, 1915, (1st w/o Thomas "Tom" Rhodes, d/o James A. and Nettie (Dollar) Forester, also mother of Orval Rhodes and Eula (Rhodes) Moon)
Rhodes, Ansel Pleasant, b. Mar 4, 1877, d. Nov 13, 1953, (h/o Ludie Augusta (Dollar), s/o Miller Pleasant and Mary Ann (Fortner) Rhodes)
Rhodes, Chester Lee, b. Dec 18, 1902, d. Dec 20, 1903, (s/o Ansel and Ludie A. (Dollar) Rhodes)
Rhodes, Dillard, b. Aug 31, 1931, d. Sep 6, 1931, (s/o Curt and Fern (McLeroy) Rhodes)
Rhodes, Ethel Jewell (Aaron), b. Jan 20, 1915, still living 2002, (w/o Lovett "Jeff" Rhodes, d/o Samuel James "Jim" and Cynthis "Addie" (Harding) Aaron)
Rhodes, Ethel, b. Jul 4, 1909' d. Jul 8, 1909, (d/o Ansel and Ludie A.(Dollar) Rhodes)
Rhodes, Etheleen (Trapp), b. Jul 17, 1927, died Apr 18, 2002, (w/o Loyd "Hambone" Rhodes, d/o Samuel and Della (Wise) Trapp)
Rhodes, Ila V., b. Jun 23, 1911, d. Jan 4, 1912, (d/o Ansel and Ludie A.(Dollar) Rhodes)
Rhodes, James Dewayne, b. Oct 9, 1965, d. Mar 8, 1995, (h/o Jamie Lynn, s/o Loyd and Etheleen (Trapp) Rhodes)
Rhodes, Jamie Lynn, b. Sep 9, 1971, (w/o James Dewayne Rhodes)
Rhodes, Lovett Jefferson "Jeff", b. Nov 21, 1921, d. Dec 13, 1982, (h/o Ethel Jewell (Aaron), s/o Ansel and Ludie A.(Dollar) Rhodes)
Rhodes, Loyd "Hambone", b. Oct 20, 1925, died Apr 19, 2002, (h/o Ethelene (Trapp), s/o Ansel and Ludie (Dollar) Rhodes)
Rhodes, Mary Ann (Fortner), b. Jun 22, 1844, d. Jun 26, 1924, (w/o Pleasant Miller Rhodes and mother of Ansel Rhodes)
Rice, Clint, b. Nov 17, 1915, d. Mar 3, 1973, (h/o Hester (Greathouse), s/o James Monroe and Victoria A. (Wiggins) Rice)
Rice, Dallas T., b. Aug 10, 1880, d. Mar 18, 1911, (s/o Silas and Nancy Jane (Motes) Rice
Rice, Ellis Ray, b. Apr 2, 1945, d. Oct 19, 2004, (h/o Faye (Dean) Rice, s/o James Clint and Hester (Greathouse) Rice
Rice, George R., b. Sep 20, 1826, d. May 3, 1917, Co. R., 56 Ala. Partisan Rangers C. Sa., (h/o Serenday (Murphree), s/o James and Mahulda "Huldy" (Cannon) Rice
Rice, James Monroe, b. Apr 21, 1883, d. Nov 26, 1957, (h/o Victoria A (Wiggins), s/o James Wilburn "Jule" and Mary Ann "Mollie" (Dollar) Rice)
Rice, Marie, b. Feb 3, 1926, d. Jun 12, 1927, (d/o James Monroe and Victoria A. (Wiggins) Rice)
Rice, Nancy Jane, b. Feb 9, 1856, d. Apr 9, 1927, (w/o Silas Rice, d/o James Crawford and Sarah J. (Smith) Motes)
Rice, Silas, b. Aug 26, 1856, d. Apr 9, 1927, (h/o Nancy Jane (Motes), s/o George and Sarenday Jane (Murphree) Rice
Rice, Victoria C., b. Nov 14, 1898, d. Oct 12, 1992, (w/o James Monroe Rice, d/o David Franklin and Sarah E. (Dollar) Wiggins)
Rice, William Dovard, b. May 22, 1932, d. Jan 13, 1989, (h/o Revenna (Stanley), s/o James Monroe and Victoria A. (Wiggins) Rice
Roberts, Fred E., b. 1888, d. 1973
Roberts, Paul H., b. 1914, d. 1915
Roberts, Samuel J., b. 1849, d. 1935
Roberts, Victoria, b. 1861, d. 1958
Robertson, Bessie Irene, b. 1917, d. no date
Robertson, Herman C., b. 1914, d. 1958
Robins, James Marion, no dates (h/o Nancy Jane A. (Hardin), Unmarked Grave
Robins, Nancy Jane A. (Hardin), b. Jan 28, 1841, d. Aug 12, 1904, (w/o James Marion Robins)
Russell, Lena A., b. Jan 15, 1856, d. Jun 2, 1917, (w/o J. R. Russell)
Sandlin, Leonard, b. and d. 1907, (s/o John Asberry and Virginia C. (Whorton) Sandlin)
Scott, Edith, b. Sep 1, 1930, d. Jul 7, 1942, (d/o Odis and Lillian (Maddox) Scott)
Scott, Lillian, b. Apr 6, 1910, d. Jan 20, 1935, (w/o Odis Scott, d/o Jim and Caldonia (Bailey) Maddox)
Sheets, Hollis, b. Feb 28, 1929, d. Mar 15, 1929, (s/o William and Flora Sheets)
Shelton, Billy Ray, b. 1935, d. 1976
Shelton, Herman W., b. 1904, d. 1973
Shelton, Infant, no dates, (d/o Jim and Letcher (Waters) Shelton), Unmarked grave
Shelton, Ray T., b. and d. 1937
Smith, Betty (Rice), b. Jul 21, 1935, still living 2002, (w/o Robert Earl Smith, d/o James Monroe and Victoria A. (Wiggins) Rice)
Smith, Christine Jean, b. and d. Apr 1, 1974, (d/o Ricky and Sandra Smith)
Smith, Cora, b. Feb 7, 1907, d. Feb 9, 1907, (d/o C. L. and O. B. Smith)
Smith, Robert Earl, b. Mar 13, 1931, d. Jul 1996, (h/o Betty (Rice)
Stewart, Elvie (Dollar) Motes, b. Jun 24, 1903, d. Apr 14, 1970, (w/o 1st husband William Motes, 2nd husband James W. "Jim" Stewart, d/o Franklin William and Edith Elizabeth (Forester) Dollar)
Stewart, James W. "Jim", b. Sep 10, 1875, d. Oct 26, 1968, (h/o 1st wife Eugenia (Ragsdale), 2nd wife Elvie (Dollar) Motes)
Stricklin, Flossie, b. Aug 23, 1906, d. Feb 4, 1994, (w/o Clarence Willie Stricklin, d/o William H. and Sudie (Key)Wise)
Stricklin, Melba Ola, b. May 29, 1923, d. Mar 8, 1998, (w/o Richard Belvin Stricklin, d/o Samuel James "Jim" and Cynthia "Addie" (Harding) Aaron)
Stricklin, Richard Belvin, b. Apr 16, 1919, d. Jan 26, 1989, (h/o Melba Ola (Aaron), s/o Daniel C. "Sephis" and Sara Lorenda (Gunter) Stricklin)
Teal, Margaret Brenda, b. 1948, d. 1949
Teal, Mary Effie, b. 1908, d. 1969
Timberman, Doria, b. 1900, d. 1925
Trapp, Infant Daughter, b. and d. Dec 19, 1941, (d/o Sam and Della (Wise) Trapp)
Tubbs, Angel, b. Dec 6, 1934, d. Dec 8, 1934, (d/o William Canie. and Zadie (Beltcher) Tubbs)
Tubbs, Crystal, b. and d. May 15, 1953, (d/o William Canie and Zadie (Beltcher) Tubbs)
Tubbs, Elisha, Hubert, b. Mar 8, 1884, d. Jul 17, 1930, (h/o Fannie Victoria (Rhodes), s/o Stonewall Jackson and Sarah Elizabeth (Ausborne) Tubbs)
Tubbs, Fannie Victoria (Rhodes), b. Sep 29, 1889, d. Mar 9, 1955, (w/o Elisha Hubert Tubbs)
Tubbs, Gerldine, b. Aug 23, 1935, d. Jul 10, 1938, (d/o Orvil L. and Ruby (Campbell) Tubbs)
Tubbs, Infant, b. Jul 1, 1907, d. Jul 1, 1907, (d/o Stonewall Jackson "S.J.", 2nd wife Allie (Greathouse) Tubbs)
Tubbs, James Alvin, b. Apr 21, 1908, d. Jan 18, 1983, (h/o Lillie Odessia (McLeroy), s/o Tone N. and Josie (Key) Tubbs)
Tubbs, John R., b. Jul 22, 1830, d. Aug 2, 1900, (s/o S. J. and 1st wife Sarah E. Tubbs)
Tubbs, Johnny P., b. Jul 22, 1892, d. Aug 2, 1901, (s/o S. J. and 1st wife Sarah E. Tubbs)
Tubbs, Lillie Odessa, b. Feb 2, 1909, d. Nov 25, 1999, (w/o James Orvil Tubbs, d/o Joseph "Joe" and Dora J (Allred) McLeroy)
Tubbs, Robert J., b. May 12, 1923, d. Nov 21, 1942
Tubbs, Sarah Elizabeth (Ausborne), b. Feb 1, 1862, d. Nov 22, 1904, (1st w/o Stonewall Jackson. Tubbs)
Tubbs, Stonewall Jackson., b. Aug 13, 1862, d. Jul 8, 1920, (h/o 1st wife Sarah Elizabeth (Ausborne), 2nd wife Allie (Greathouse)
Tubbs, Tone N., b. Sep 16, 1886, d. Jul 15, 1962, (h/o Josie (Key), s/o Stonewall Jackson . and 1st wife Sarah Elizabeth (Ausborne) Tubbs)
Tubbs, Velma E., b. Sep 15, 1899, d. Jun 23, 1902, (d/o Stonewall Jackson and 1st wife Sarah Elizabeth (Ausborne) Tubbs)
Tubbs, William Canie, b. Jun 24, 1909, d. Nov 4, 1935, (h/o 2nd wife Zadie L.(Beltcher), s/o Stonewall Jackson and 2nd wife Alllie (Greathouse) Tubbs
Tubbs, Zadie L. (Beltcher), b. May 15, 1918, d. Jul 2, 1989, (2nd w/o William Canie Tubbs)
Vinson, Mary Ruth, b. 1932, d. 1932
Vinson, Ray D., b. 1923, d. 1972
Walker, Clarence W., b. 1913
Walker, Eda B., b. 1906, d. 1954
Walker, Edith M., b. Feb 21, 1910, d. 1970
Walker, Elbert C., b. 1876, d. 1959
Washbury, Zome Jane, b. 1895, d. 1923
Waters, Athie, b. Nov 27, 1897, d. Jul 11, 1918, (w/o Rufus Waters)
Waters, Infant Daughter, b. and d. Jul 14, 1916, (d/o Rufus and Athie Waters)
Waters, Infant Son, b. and d. Jul 4, 1915, (s/o Rufus and Athie Waters)
Watson, Alma (York), b. Sep 7, 1900, d. Oct 7, 1979, (w/o Alvin Watson)
Watson, Alvin, b. Oct 13, 1900, d. Mar 6, 1965, (h/o Alma (York), s/o Bob Watson
Watson, Phillip, b. May 4, 1949, d. Mar 19, 1975, (s/o Glenn and Vivalene (Livingston) Watson, grands/o Alvin and Alma (York) Watson)
Whaley, Donie (Lindley), b. Jan 20, 1902, d. Apr 3, 1938, (w/o Grady Whaley, who is bur. at New Prospect Baptist Cemetery)
Whaley, William Cudelus, b. 1845, d. Jan 11, 1921, (Co. C. 29, Ala. Inf., U.S.A.) (h/o Martha (Holt), s/o John Whaley, father of Charles A. "Charlie" Whaley. Grady Whaley and Albert Whaley are Grandsons. Cudelus's wife, Martha (Holt) is buried in Bangor Cemetery, Blount County, Alabama)
Wiggins, Amanda E., b. Jan 10, 1901, d. Oct 17, 1901, (Infant d/o David Franklin and 1st wife Sarah E. (Dollar) Wiggins)
Wiggins, Audie V., b. Jan 10, 1917, d. Mar 5, 1917, (Infant d/o David Franklin and 2ns wife Maggie (Rhodes) Wiggins)
Wiggins, David Franklin, b. Jan 14, 1875, d. Sep 9, 1935, (h/o 1st wife Sarah E. (Dollar), 2nd wife Margie (Rhodes)
Wiggins, Sarah E. (Dollar), b. Nov 4, 1878, d. Aug 11, 1903, (1st w/o David Franklin Wiggins, d/o William Elisha and Amanda (Langley) Dollar)
Williams, Alex, b. 1842, d. 1930, (h/o Missouri C.)
Williams, Missouri C., b. 1866, d. 1933, (w/o Alex Williams)
Wilson, Emmer Susann (McClure), b. Oct 25, 1867, d. Jan 7, 1935, (w/o Perry A. Wilson and d/o I.V. and Polly Ann McClure
Wilson, Infant Son, b. Feb 7, 1895, d. Feb 14, 1895, (s/o Perry A. and Emmer Susann .(McClure) Wilson)
Wilson, Lily Mae, b. Apr 24, 1919, d. Apr 27, 1919, (d/o Vanberan "Van" and Martha E. (Baker) Hayes, Wilson)
Wilson, Lindy Ann, b. Jun 7, 1897, d. Sep 8, 1995, (d/o Perry A. and Emma S. (McClure) Wilson)
Wilson, Margie, b. Dec 4, 1874, d. Jan 14, 1942, (w/o William R. Wilson, d/o Henry Harrison and Penelope Elizabeth (Goode) Graham)
Wilson, Martha E. "Mattie" Hayes, b. 1878, d. Apr 20 1926, (1st w/o Vanburen "Van" Wilson, d/o William C. and Cynthis F. (Key) Baker
Wilson, Mathalee, b. Jun 20, 1915, d. Jan 25, 1998, (d/o Vanburen "Van" and Martha E. (Baker) Hayes, Wilson)
Wilson, Perry A., b. Jul 27, 1864, d. Jan 29, 1945, (h/o Emma Susann (McClure) ., s/o Elija V. and Margaret Wilson
Wilson, Vanburen "Van", b. Aug 18, 1888, d. Oct 11, 1954, (h/o 1st wife Martha E. "Mattie" (Baker) 2nd wife Minnie (Graves) Pearson, s/o Perry A. and Emma Susann (McClure) Wilson)
Wilson, William R., b. Aug 23, 1970, d. Aug 10, 1030, (h/o Margie (Graham), s/o Elija V. and Margaret, Wilson
Wingo, Edward C., b. 1895, d. 1977, (h/o Nellie E. (Duke), s/o James Alvin and Victoria Wingo
Wingo, Kenneth L., b. 1934, d., (s/o Edward C. and Nellie (Duke) Wingo)
Wingo, Nellie E., b. 1900, d. 1942, (w/o Edward C.Wingo), d/o Relmon and Maybell (Williams) Duke)
Wise, Annie Mae (McLeroy), b. Jul 4, 1922, d. Nov 5, 1999, (w/o Raymond C.Wise, d/o Joe and Elsie (Dyer) McLeroy)
Wise, Arthur, b. and d. Jan 28, 1918, (Infant s/o Joe Wheeler and Cora (Dollar)Wise)
Wise, Barbara Jo, b. Feb 1, 1941, d. Sep 1941, (d/o Raymond C. and Annie Mae (McLeroy)Wise)
Wise, Ella, b. Jun 26, 1908, d. Jul 19, 1908, (infant d/o William H. and Sudie (Key) Wise)
Wise, Infant Daughter, b. Jun 23, ?, d. Jul 13, 1908, (Infant d/o William H . and Sudie (Key) Wise)
Wise, Infant, no dates, (Infant s/o Ottis and Juanita (Daniel)Wise)
Wise, Luther Allen, b. Feb 27, 1925, d. Jan 8, 1927, (s/o Luther Thomas and Genie (Shelton) Wise)
Wise, Norma Gene, b. Apr 4, 1932, d. Oct 5, 1936, (d/o 1st husband Willie Wise and Jewel (McClintock) Wise, Rice)
Wise, Raymond Carl, b. Nov 19, 1918, d. Sep 25, 1989, (h/o Annie Mae (McLeroy), s/o William H. and Sudie (Key)Wise)
Wise, Sudie, b. Apr 10, 1887, d. Dec 6, 1972, (w/o William Harrison "Henry" Wise, d/o Charles Rice and Martha J. (Chambers) Key)
Wise, William Harrison, b. Jun 3, 1881, d. Nov 14, 1940, (h/o Sudie (Key), s/o Levi Johnson and Eliza Jane (Gunter)Wise)
Wooten, Delorise, b. 1959, d. no date
Wooten, Michael E., b. 1851, d. 1953

Caldwell, no name, no dates, grave in care of Caldwell family, Unmarked grave
Caldwell, no name, no dates, grave in care of Caldwell family, Unmarked grave
Duncan, , no dates, (grave in charge of Evie (Moncrief), Unmarked grave
Duncan, no name, no dates, (grave in charge of Evie (Moncrief), Unmarked grave
Unmarked baby grave, no dates, (beside Barbara Jo Wise)
Unmarked Baby Grave, no dates, (beside Elmer L. McLeroy)
Unmarked grave (located 2nd grave from Lamon Anderson)
Unmarked grave (located beside James E. and Lillie (Bowling) McLeroy)
Unmarked grave (located beside Laymon Anderson)
Unmarked grave (located on right side of James Edward McLeroy)
Unmarked grave on right side of James Edward. McLeroy
Unmarked grave, (beside Henry B. McClure)
Unmarked grave, (beside William H. Wise)
Unmarked grave, beside Cory Fairchild
Unmarked grave, no dates (located beside James E. and Lillie (Bowling) McLeroy
Unmarked Grave, no name, no date (beside Baby Duke)
Unmarked Grave, no name, no date (beside Eunice Duke)
Unmarked, located left side of James Edward McLeroy

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