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McKinley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery Records
Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama

Contributed by Shirley Whitfield, April 2000 [sandj31@juno.com]. Total records = 48.

McKinley Chapel Cemetery
Located in TT12 R5W S23
Six miles SE of Cold Springs
Near Lewis Dam

ALLEN, O. D., b.1893, d. 1964
ALLEN, Willie, b.1906
BLEVINS, Alton, b.1924, d. 1924
BLEVINS, Arm, b.1888, d. 1959
BLEVINS, Bobby D., b.1939, d. 1939
BLEVINS, Dill E., b.1884, d. 1963
BLEVINS, Fannie, b. 1882, d. 1959
BLEVINS, John R., b.1879, d. 1949
BLEVINS, Marie, b.1925, d. 1925
BLEVINS, Mary, 1890
BLEVINS, Minie E., 1899
FINES, Albert Filmore, b.1896, d. 1933
FINES, Odus, b.1920, d. 1922
FREEMAN, Esther, b.1898, d. 1918
FREEMAN, George A., b.1894, d. 1947
FREEMAN, Esther, b.1898, d. 1919
FREEMAN, Lou, 1894
FREEMAN, Ola, b.1901, d. 1945
GODFREY, Abe, b.1890, d. 1932
GODFREY, Ave, b.1931, d. 1946
GODFREY, Dave, b.1854, d. 1931
GODFREY, Dora, 1898
GODFREY, Jewel E., b.1923, d. 1938
GODFREY, John, b.1885, d. 1962
GODFREY, Lue, b.1888, d. 1961
GODFREY, Monroe J., b.1894, d. 1965
GODFREY, Telitha, b.1856, d. 1934
GODFREY, Son, b.1925, d. 1925
HEATHERLY, Eldridge, b.1907, d. 1964
HEATHERLY, Fannie, b.1918, d. 1935
HEATHERLY, John, b.1874, d. 1961
HEATHERLY, Sarah Jane, b.1877, d. 1948
HEATHERLY, Verla, 1911
LACKEY, James Monroe, b.1896, d. 1963
LAKE, James Franklin, b.1923, d. 1942
PARKER, Earney B., b.1934, d. 1964
ROLLO, Amos L., b.1902, d. 1965
ROLLO, John Jesse, b.1863, d. 1948
ROLLO, John E., b.1893
SMITH, Carrie P., b.1877, d. 1948
SOUTH, Elizabeth Lu., b.1912, d. 1961
SOUTH, John Ross, b.1905, d. 1966
SOUTH, John W., b.1875, d. 1959
STEWART, Samuel (Pat), b.1890, d. 1927
STEWART, Wm Jackson, b.????, d. 1946
SWANN, Du V., b.1914
SWANN, Hubert H., b.1913, d. 1961
TIDWELL, Isaac, b.1896, d. 1917

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