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Kinney Grove Cemetery Records
Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama

Lat: 34° 01' 27"N, Lon: 86° 58' 13"W
T12S R4W Sec 4

Contributed by Etheleen Stricklin, Nov 27, 2004 [etheleen@hiwaay.net]. Total records = 48.

Kinney Grove cemetery is located a short distance off of road 109. From Cullman, go south on highway I-65 to exit 299. Go right toward Bremen. Travel app. 4 Miles to road 109. Go right and travel app. 4 miles to Kinney Grove Church sign.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by Kinney Grove Missionary Baptist Church. The cemetery is well cared for and situated northwest of the church.

In 2004 there were 48 marked graves and 24 unmarked graves. I walked and read all existing markers and stones in Nov 2004.

- Etheleen Stricklin

Albers, Henry P., b. Aug 4, 1913, d. Jan 2, 1975, (husband of Novella M. Albers. This couple moved into the Timberline Development from Birmingham, Alabama and made it their home)
Albers, Novella M., b. Apr 10, 1915, d. no date, (wife of Henry P. Albers)
Bookout, Glenn T., b. Mar 8, 1950, d. Aug 10, 2000, (husband of Mary Isabell (Harbison)
Graves, "Nannie" Edith (Dollar), b. Jan 17, 1898, d. Apr 3, 1973, (wife of Phanando Wesley Graves, and daughter of Franklin William and Edith Elizabeth (Forester) Dollar)
Graves, Auzie, b. 1908, d. 1909, (son of Dallas and Frances (Motes) Graves
Graves, Bennie C., b. May 24, 1915, d. Dec 12, 1992, (husband of Trilba E. (Swann) and son of Henry Steven and "Ritter" (Tucker) Swann)
Graves, Dallas, b. Aug 18, 1869, d. Nov 12, 1952, (husband of Frances (Motes) and son of Latham and Mary Jane (Kinney) Graves)
Graves, Elmore, b. Jan 1, 1885, d. Sep 2, 1885, (son of Latham and Mary Jane (Kinney)Graves)
Graves, Frances (Motes), b. Apr 5, 1889, d. Mar 23, 1976, (wife of Dallas William Graves, and daughter of James "Jim" and Polly Ann (Gunter) Motes)
Graves, Garlen, b. Oct 9, 1910, d. Dec 22, 1992, (husband of Bell (Hollis) and son of Henry Steven and Hannah Elizabeth "Ritter" (Tucker) Graves)
Graves, Infant, b. Apr 19, 1915, d. Apr 19, 1915, (Daughter of Dallas and Frances (Motes) Graves)
Graves, Infant, b. Dec 28, 1915, d. Dec 28, 1915, (Daughter of Phanando and Nannie (Dollar) Graves)
Graves, Infant, b. Mar 11, 1921, d. Mar 11, 1921, (Son of Phanando and Nannie (Dollar) Graves)
Graves, Mary Jane Kinney, b. 1847, d. 1935, (wife of Latham Graves, and daughter of Hance and Susan Kinney)
Graves, Phanando Wesley, b. Jan 14, 1893, d. Aug 6, 1974, (husband of " Nannie"Edith (Dollar), and son of Latham and Mary Jane Kinney Graves)
Graves, Trilbia E. (Swann), b. Aug 19, 1916, still living 2004, (wife of Bennie C. Graves, and daughter of Amos Walter and Palistine (Harbison) Swann)
Graves,. Latham, b. 1849, d. 1945, (husband of Mary Jane (Kinney), and Son of James and Lucinda (Allred) Graves)
Grimmett, Earl E., b. Sep 6, 1913, d. Aug 28, 1996, (husband of Vonda Lee (Graves) and son of Luther and Mattie (Powell) Grimmett)
Grimmett, Vonda Lee (Graves), b. Apr 24, 1917, still living 2001, (wife of Earl E Grimmett, and daughter of Phanando W. and Nannie Edith (Dollar) Graves)
Hancock, Verlia, b. Sep 26, 1903, d. May 31, 1914, (daughter of Robert F. and Callie (Graves) Hancock)
Harbison, Ellen K. (Carns), b. Apr 7, 1915, d. May 29, 2001, (2nd wife of James W. Harbison, and daughter of Thomas and Isabell (Strachan) Carns)
Jackson, Doris Vivolene (Graves), b. Dec 5. 1925. d. Jan 19, 2000, (1st wife of Doyal D. Jackson, and daughter of Phanando W. and "Nannie" Edith (Dollar) Graves)
Kinney, Elizabeth, b. Aug 21, 1912, d. Feb 4 1884, (wife of Hance Kinney)
Kinney, Hance, b. Mar 7 1805, d. Sep 12, 1878, (P. H. Kinney, Hance's son was the first postmaster at Hanceville. The town was named Gilmer, but when it came time to apply for a post office there, another town in Alabama already had the name "Glmer", so P.H. called the community Hanceville in honor of his father, Hance Kinney was a pioneer settler in Cullman County, receiving his first land patent from the U.S. government in ___
Kinney, John W., b. Aug 13, 1832, d. Feb 15, 1905, (husband of 1st wife Miley, 2nd wife Elizabeth J. (Cannon), and son of son of Hance and Elizabeth Kinney)
Kinney, Josie (Vance), b. Mar 23,1851, d. Jul 25, 1938, (wife of William H. Kinney)
Kinney, Miley, b. Nov 10 1842, d. Oct 15, 1872, (1st wife of John W. Kinney)
Kinney, Murrie Louise, b. Feb 1, 1879, d. June 20 1966, (daughter of William H. and Josie (Vance) Kinney)
Kinney, Susan, b. Mar 17, 1873, d. Mar 7 1884, (daughter of Willliam H. and Josie (Vance) Kinney)
Kinney, Susan, b. Nov 11,1808, d. Aug 4, 1853, (wife of Hance Kinney)
Kinney, William H., b. Mar 20, 1841, d. June 9, 1886, (Husband of Josie (Vance)
Manning, Callie D.(Graves), b. Jul 30, 1881, d. Nov 26, 1967, (wife of Lawson Kindrell Manning, and daughter of Latham and Mary Jane (Kinney) Graves)
Owens, Lewis W., b. 1848, d. Sep 25, 1923, (husband of Mary Elezabeth "Lizzie" (Calvert)
Owens, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"(Calvert), b. 1848, d. 1915, (wife of Lewis F. Owens, and daughter of Jonathan and Manils Jane (Cannon) Calvert)
Powell Martha J., b. Jan 18, 1842, d. Mar 4, 1904, (wife of Tilman Powell)
Powell, Emily J., b. Dec 6, 1874, d. Oct 5, 1875, (daughter of Tilman and Martha J. Powell)
Powell, Emma, b. May 15, 1903, d. Dec 18, 1911, (daughter of Benjamin and Hester R. (Grant) Powell)
Powell, Etta (Grant), b. Dec 24, 1892, d. Oct 21, 1921, (wife of Mode Powell, and daughter of John W. and Mary Grant)
Powell, Infant, b. and d. 1926, (infant of William Bernard Powell
Powell, Joseph W., b. Dec 17, 1870, d. Oct 18, 1874, (son of Tillman and Martha J. Powell)
Powell, Mode W., b. Jan 21, 1893, d. Dec 5 1967, (husband of Etta (Grant), and son of Benjamin L. and Anna L.( Murphree) Powell)
Powell, Reber, b. Oct 13, 1913, d. Oct 8, 1914, (daughter of Mode W. and Etta (Grant) Powell)
Powell, Theodore, b. Dec 19, 1919, d. Jul 19, 1943, (Pvt. U.S. Army, W W II, Son of Mode W. and Etta (Grant) Powell)
Powell, Tilman, b. Mar 8, 1836, d. Jul 4, 1908, (Husband of Martha J.)
Reybolds, Athalee (Manning), b. Aug 27,1918, d. May 14, 1994, (wife of Eldridge J. Reynolds, and daughter of Lawson Kindrell and Callie (Graves) Manning)
Reynolds, Eldridge J., b. Dec 14, 1910, d. May 22, 1978, (Husband of Athalee (Manning)
Reynolds, James Dwight, b. Oct 14, 1946, d. Mar 26, 1959, (son of Eldridge J. and Athalee (Manning) Reynolds)
Williamson, Infant, b. Feb 3, 1939, d. Feb 6, 1939, (Son of Jack and Allie (Graves), Daniels, Williamson)

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