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Chafin Cemetery Records
Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama

Contributed by Etheleen Stricklin, Sep 18, 2004 [etheleen@hiwaay.net]. Total records = 37.

From the City of Cullman go south on I-65 to exit 299, take a left onto Hwy 69 South to County Road 122, take a left, go to old Cullman County land fill, turn left and go to area of Willis Harbison old home place.

There are 44 unmarked graves, two of the unmarked graves are infants of Gertis and Lillie Hollis.

I walked and read this cemetery in Nov 2003. It contains all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Etheleen Stricklin

Aycock,, unmarked grave beside William E. Blalock, Oldest or first grave put into the cemetery.
Baker, Athenar/Athaline (Murphree), b. Dec 15, 1855, d. Dec 19, 1906, (wife of Elijah "Litley" Baker, and daughter of James N. and Anna C. (Reid) Murphree).
Baker, Daniel Walker, b. Sep 23, 1873, d. Jun 30, 1919, (husband of Ida M (Brindge), and son of George Dallas and Martha J. (Murphree) Baker).
Baker, Dovie T. (Thomas), b. Jan 29, 1895, d. Nov 22, 1989, (wife of William Alter Baker).
Baker, George Dallas, b. Jan 10, 1846, d. Aug 3, 1887, (husband of Martha J.(Murphree), and son of Henry and Sara Ann (Pardon) Baker).,
Baker, Henry E., b. Mar 8, 1903, d. Oct 14, 1904. (son of Thomas M. and Rosie An (Keith) Baker).
Baker, Martha J. (Murphree), b. Aug 29, 1842, d. Jul 10, 1929, (wife of George Dallas Baker, and daughter of James N. and Anna C. (Reid) Murphree).
Baker, Rosie An (Keith), b. Oct 18, 1872, d. Jun 15, 1918, (wife of Thomas M. Baker, and daughter of C.H. and Mary Ann Keith) .
Baker, Thomas M., b. Nov 15, 1873, d. May 27, 1941, (husband of Rosie An (Keith), and son of Elijah "Litley" and Athaline J. (Murphree0 Baker).
Baker, William Alter, b. Jul 29, 1887, d. Sep 1, 1974, Pvt US Army, WWI, (husband of Dovie (Thomas), and son of George Dallas and Martha J. (Murphree) Baker ).
Blalock, Frances "Fannie", b. 1795, d. 1878, (wife of William E. Blalock).
Blalock, William E. "Buckey", b. Sep 1, 1789 in Granville Co., GA, d. Feb 14, 1869 in Bremen, Cullman Co., AL). (husband of Frances "Fannie", and son of Jeremiah, III and Lucy (BRADFORD) Blalock).
Chafin, Blufore B., b. Oct 8, 1814, d. Mar 18, 1893. (husband of Fannie (Boston).
Chafin, Elizabeth Nancy, (Harbison), b. 1867, d. Apr 16, 1901, (wife of James Hill Chafin, and daughter of Charles Hill and Mary Ann (Kenny) Harbison).
Chafin, Fannie (Boston), b. Jan 8, 1838, d. Dec 16, 1887, (wife of Bluford Chafin).
Chafin, James Hill, b. Sep 30, 1858, d. Dec 1, 1906, (husband of Elizabeth Nancy (Harbison), and son of Bluford B. and Fannie (Boston) Chafin).
Chafin, Marlin E., b. Dec 30, 1900, d. Jun 27, 1901, (daughter of James Hill and Elizabeth (Harbison) Chafin).
Hammond, Infant, b. and d. 1902. (infant of Bill and Elsie (Turner) Hammond. A family who lived and worked in the old underground mines in the area in the early 1900s)
Hays, Asa H., b. Oct 8, 1899, d. Aug 31, 1917, (Husband of Martha E. "Mattie" (Baker) and son of Joseph H. "Joe" and Georgean (Hollis) Hays).
Hays, Georgean (Hollis), b. Feb 10, 1881, d. Jun 22, 1901, wife of Joseph H. "Joe" Hays, and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Nancy (Chafin) Hollis).
Hays, Joseph H. "Joe", b. Nov 19, 1875, d. Aug 2, 1908, (husband of Georgean Hollis).
Hollis, Infant Daughter, b. 12, 7, 1896, d. Jan 15, 1897, (daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Chafin) Hollis).
Hollis, Infant Son, b. May 13, 1889, d. Oct 25, 1889, (son of Thomas and Nancy (Chafin) Hollis).
Hollis, Infant, no dates, child of Gertis and Lillie (Callahan) Hollis), unmarked grave
Hollis, Sarah Nancy (Chafin), b. Aug 9, 1863, d. Dec 1, 1951, (wife of Thomas Hollis, and daughter of Bluford and Fannie (Boston) Chafin), (Name on monument is spelled Surry).
Hollis, Thomas, b. Jun 22, 1856, d. Jun 29, 1941, (husband of Sarah Nancy (Chafin) Hollis, and son of George Washington Hollis).
Murphree, Joe V., b. Jan 6, 1883, d. Jan 12m 1896, (son of Houston William and Missouri Ann (Jones) MurphreeJ).
Murphree, Missouri Ann (Jones) Brewer, b. Oct 13, 1862, d. Jun 24, 1939, (wife of 1st husband Houston William Murphree, wife of 2nd husband Frank Brewer, and daughter of Jeremiah and Amanda F. (Speegle) Jones).
Murphree, Olles H ., b. May 4, 1900, d. Jul 14, 1901, (son of Houston W. and Missouri Ann (Jones) Murphree).
Murphree, William Houston, b. Mar 5, 1853, d. Oct 14, 1901, (son of James N. and Anna C. (Reid) Murphree, and 1st husband of Missouri Ann (Jones)
Trussell, Cordelia, b. May 23, 1890, d. Oct 10, 1899, (daughter of W. E. and S. Trussell).
Trussell, Orzilllie, b. Oct 2, 1899, d. Nov 2, 1900, (daughter of W.E. and S.R. Trussell)
Whaley, Infant, no dates, Daughter of Charles Albert and Fannie (Boston) Whaley
Whaley, Infant, no dates, Son of Charles Albert and Fannie (Boston) Whaley
Williams, Annie (Coggins), b. Dec 2, 1895, d. Feb 4, 1967, (2nd wife of John H. Williams).
Williams, John H., b. Jan 24, 1879, d. Nov 8, 1966, (Husband of 1st wife Sarah A . Baker and 2nd wife Annie Coggins)
Williams, Sarah A. (Baker), b. Mar 4, 1884, d. Apr 7, 1920, (1st wife of John H. William, and daughter of Elijah "Litley" Baker).

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