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Sardis Cemetery Records
Sardis, Bullock County, Alabama

Lat: 32° 05' 18"N, Lon: 85° 45' 42"W
T13N R23E Sec 20

Contributed by John H. Adams, Jul 19, 2008, last edited Aug 02, 2008 [johms@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 353.

To reach cemetery from Union Springs, Alabama, starting at US Hwy 82 on the west side of town, turn south onto Sardis Road, Hwy 223 and continue for 4.7 miles. Turn left or east onto County Road 22 in the community of Sardis. The cemetery will be on the east of the church on the south side of Hwy 22.

This cemetery is owned by the Sardis Baptist Church and is kept in pretty good condition by neighbor volunteers and some descendants of those interred there. The church has been inactive for many years, although there is a committee which attempts to maintain the building.

The land for the church and cemetery was deeded to the Sardis Church Committee from John M. & Amy Jane Youngblood Dozier on Jun 12, 1841. The first burial is believed to be that of Isabella Crawley, who died Oct 12, 1841.

Information in parentheses was not on the headstone, and dates were calculated. The dates are in Month/Day/Year format.

Headstones located in the forested area, between the maintained cemetery and the church building, served as a section for the Black community use until the early 20th century. These are labeled Black Sec.

Nancy M. Adams and I visited and read this cemetery in Mar of 2001 and combined this survey with a 1893 plat.

- John H. Adams

Adams, E., Mrs, no dates
Allen, H. Kenneth, b. 3/4/1914, d. 5/10/1964, "Daddy"
Allen, H. M., b. 4/24/1883, d. 4/25/1946, "Papa"
Allen, Louise G., b. 10/1/1914, d. 2/6/1994, "Mama"
Allen, Minnie Kate, b. 3/15/1885, d. 2/10/1975, "Mama"
Beasley, Sarahan, b. 1869, d. 9/1/1912, Delvedge, Wife of C. E. Beasley, Black Sec
Best, ??, no dates, Child of Reddin
Best, ??, no dates, Child of Reddin
Bickerstaff, Fannie, no dates
Biggs, ??, no dates, Child of Wm
Bowling, Eliza, no dates
Bowling, John A., b. 1802, d. 11/28/1863
Boyd, Alma H., no dates, "our babes"
Boyd, Frances L., no dates, "our babes"
Boyd, James E., d. 4/21/1880, Son of James Y. and Frances C.
Boyd, Thomas E., no dates, "our babes"
Boyd,, no dates, Child of Dr.
Boyd,, no dates, Child of Dr.
Bradberry, Caroline H., b. 3/7/1841, d. 6/16/1905, Wife of T.B. Bradberry
Breland, Steven Daniel, b. 4/5/1983, d. No Date
Brooks, Jno, no dates
Brooks, John H., b. (6/24/1822), d. 11/11/1851, Age 29yr 4mo 17da
Brooks, William Q., b. (1821-22), d. Mar 1862, Aged 40yr
Cade , Vela Childs, b. 1881, d. 1962
Cade, John Childs, b. 1912, d. 1977, (birthday Mar 30)
Cade, W. I. (Nace), b. 1882, d. 1950
Casey, ??, no dates, Child of W.
Casey, Benjamin E., b. 12/6/1868, d. 10/3/1875
Childs, J. L., b. 7/4/1830, d. 8/9/1911, "Father"
Childs, Susanna Martin, b. 5/18/1844, d. 9/4/1915, "Mother"
Childs, Walter S., b. 7/9/1883, d. 9/13/1910
Cogburn, Amanda A., b. 7/11/1857, d. 6/26/1890, Amanda A. Case, Wife of W. H Cogburn
Corcroft, ??, no dates, Child of L. (possibly Cockcroft misspelled)
Crawley, Bess, no dates
Crawley, Chas, b. 8/6/1824, d. 9/9/1898
Crawley, Cynthia, b. 10/16/1827, d. 9/30/1881, Wife of Rev C. Crawley
Crawley, Finley A., b. 10/21/1867, d. 9/5/1871, Son of C. & C. Crawley
Crawley, Isabella, b. (12/21/1797), d. 10/12/1841, 43yr 10mo 22da, Wife of John H. Crawley
Crawley, Isabella, no dates
Crawley, J. F. , no dates
Crawley, James, b. (5/1/1845), d. 1/23/1860, Aged 14yr 8mo 23da Son of John & Lucinda
Crawley, Jno L., no dates
Crawley, John H., b. 1/16/1799, d. 1/31/1864
Crawley, John Q., b. (10/10/1841), d. 1/15/1842, Aged 3mo 5da, son of John H. & Isabella
Crawley, Lucinda E., b. 9/6/1860, d. 1/19/1863, Daughter of C. & C. Crawley
Crawley, Martha V., b. 8/26/1862, d. 10/14/1868, Daughter of C. & C. Crawley
Crawley, Robert, b. (6/17/1835), d. 11/30/1853, 18yr 5mo 13da, Son of John and Isabella
Creswell, John Hobson, b. 10/11/1899, d. 9/6/1970
Creswell, Willie Davis, b. 12/9/1900, d. 4/13/1970
Deal, Jason, no dates
Delbridge, C. T. , b. 10/30/1829, d. 7/12/1862
Delbridge, Emma, no dates, Mrs.
DeVore, ??, no dates, Child of J.
DeVore, ??, no dates, Child of J.
DeVore, E., no dates
DeVore, John W. , b. (11/28/1829), d. 6/1/1854, Age 24yr 7mo 3da
Dillehay, T., no dates
Dozier, Amy Jane Y., b. 1800, d. Aug 1876, Y = Youngblood (Marker installed 12, 2001)
Dozier, John M., b. 1790, d. 9/5/1870, Vet. War of 1812, (Marker installed 12, 2001)
Farrior, Eli, no dates
Farrior,, no dates, Child of Eli
Fielder, Eliza H., b., (1813), d. 12/23/1851, Age 38, Wife of James H Fielder
Foreman, Amelia, no dates
Foreman, John F., b. 1/30/1796, d. ?/21/1881, Death Month is Jan. or June
Foreman, Mary, b. 8/16/1802, d. 12/15/1889, Widow of John F. Foreman
Gholson,, no dates, Child of Tom
Gholston, Leonard Ripley, b. infant, d. 6/14/1870, Son of T. M. & H. B.
Goggans, B. M., b. No Date, d. No Date
Goggans, Daniel R., b. 10/10/1858, d. 8/16/1894
Goggans, Franklin A., b. 1/5/1891, d. 1/7/1891
Goggans, Hethie, no dates
Goggans, John W., b. 11/10/1888, d. 7/30/1889
Golson, Maggy, no dates
Graham, Pearl Shaw, b. 9/12/1885, d. 2/2/1920, (Mrs. Tom Graham)
Graham, T. E. , no dates
Head, ??, no dates, Child of D. J.
Hill, S. Ellen, b. -1857, d. 10/29/1883, Age 26, Daughter of W. M. & S. A. Hill
Hix, Annie, no dates, Aged 22 Years, Black Sec
Holman, Dr. C. B., b. (8/12/1830), d. 1/15/1882, Age 51yr 5mo 3 da
Hooks, Clara E., b. 12/9/1861, d. 1/29/1864, Age 2 Yr 9da
Hooks, Daniel, b. 3/24/1801, d. 1/11/1858 , 56yr 9mo 18da
Hooks, Flora, b. 2/1/1800, d. 10/11/1866, Age 66yr 8mo 10 da (nee Rankin)
Hooks, Jane E., no dates, (see Martin, Jane Elizabeth, below)
Hooks, Polly, Jr.", no dates
Hooks, Press., no dates
Hooks, William D., b. 12/5/1828, d. 5/19/1899, (Husband of Jane E. Martin)
Horn, ~paper torn, no dates
Horne, Elizabeth A., b. (10/31/1829), d. 1/9/1858, Aged 28yr 2mo 9 da
Hough, Hattie Childs, b. 8/21/1879, d. 8/10/1902, Wife John C. Hough
Hough, John C., b. 6/10/1871, d. 5/25/1956
Hubbard, Dora W., b. 1/20/1879, d. 3/22/1944
Hubbard, Elizabeth H., b. 4/16/1840, d. 2/5/1908
Hubbard, John Frank, b. 10/5/1872, d. 11/6/1961
Hubbard, Little Willis, b. 2/2/1903, d. 9/19/1903, Son of J. F. & D. G.
Hubbard, Minnie Irene, b. 9/23/1863, d. 3/24/1906
Hubbard, Thomas M., b. 1/7/1879, d. 3/22/1945
Hubbard, Viola F., b. 8/26/1876, d. 8/24/1940
Hubbard, W. T., b. 4/26/1834, d. 2/9/1906
Hubbard, William C., b. 4/18/1866, d. 12/26/1927
Ikner, John, b. 12/20/1878, d. 3/14/1914, Black Sec
Ivey, E. J. , no dates
Ivey, Elias, b. 4/15/1856, d. 4/17/1917, Black Sec
Ivey, J. M., no dates
Ivey, T. G., no dates
Ivy, Emma James, b. 1/30/1845, d. 7/11/1859, Daughter of Thos. J. & Martha E.
Ivy, James M., b. 5/17/1817, d. 11/30/1868
Jernigan, John Lester, b. 2/14/1883, d. 5/18/1939, Father of Earnest Lee
Johnson, Joe, no dates, Child
Jones,, no dates, Child of Jim
Jones,, no dates, Child of Jim
Jones,, no dates, Child of Jim
Keener, L. J. , no dates
Kelly, Joel Rex, b. 2/15/1943, d. 5/13/1969
Kennon, Richard W. H., b. 10/10/1888, d. 9/22/1888, Son of C. B. & F. E. Kennon
Knight, James T., b. 3/20/1864, d. 3/28/1945
Laslie, Bollin, no dates
Laslie, John A., b. 6/17/1832, d. 11/22/1886
Laslie, John, no dates
Laslie, Maggie M., b. 10/7/1860, d. 8/29/1869, Daughter of J. A. & S. J. Laslie
Laslie, Robert C., b. 12/22/1865, d. 8/13/1892
Laslie, Sarah Jane, b. 5/19/1834, d. 8/14/1909
Linton, Hattie E., b. 7/30/1890, d. 11/12/1902
Linton, John, no dates
Loveless, H. A., no dates
Loveless, J. J. ( ?), no dates
Loveless, William, no dates
Loveless,, no dates, Child of J. J.
Loveless,, no dates, Child of J. J.
Loveless,, no dates, Child of J. J.
Luckie, Eliza Imogine, b. (12/6/1839), d. 3/15/1860, (Mrs) Aged 20yr 4mo 9da
Martin , Wm Andrew, b. 12/26/1914, d. 1/21/1964, (Son of James M.)
Martin, Amy Hooks, b. 1874, d. 1952, (Birthday 8/14/1874, death date 9/8/1952)
Martin, Charlie E., b. 1/7/1873, d. 1/24/1883, Son of O. W. & O. A. Martin
Martin, Eliza J., b. 7/31/1831, d. 2/1/1908, (nee Lovelace)
Martin, Ida J., b. 9/24/1854, d. 9/9/1892, (Daughter of J. F. & Eliza J.)
Martin, infant, b. 1912, d. 1912, (Dec'd @ birth, Son of J. M. & Amy Martin)
Martin, infant, d. 11/15/1877, child of O.W. & O.A. Martin
Martin, Infant, no dates, Infant of J. B. , S.
Martin, J. M., b. 7/20/1858, d. 7/8/1938, (James Mose)
Martin, James Fears, b. 10/25/1829, d. 11/25/1915, (Son of John F.)
Martin, Jane Elizabeth, b. 4/4/1831, d. Jul 1878, Wife of Wm. D. Hooks
Martin, Mary E., d. (1/1/1856), Dau of W.A. & N. aged 2yr 3 Mos
Martin, Moses E., b. 1/8/1835, d. 5/18/1848, (Son of John F Martin)
Martin, Nancy, b. 8/28/1826, d. 8/8/1863, (nee Strom)
Martin, Nannie, d. (8/8/1863), Dau of W. A. & N. Martin age 8mo
Martin, Narcissa A., b. 10/25/1837, d. 9/1/1868, Wife of O.W . Martin
Martin, Preston D., no dates, Son of J. F. & E. J. Martin, Age 1yr 3 Mos 12da
Martin, Sarah Jane, d. 1/30/ 1851, Dau W.A. &. N. Martin aged 5 years
Martin, Thomas D., b. 5/14/1836, d. 6/7/1861, (Son of John F)
Martin, William Sumpter, b. 11/23/1857, d. 2/8/1875, (Son of James F.)
Martin, Wm A., b. 5/19/1828, d. 11/27/1909, (Son of John F.)
McCall, Infant, no dates, Child of George
McCall, Infant, no dates, Child of George
McCall, Solly Claran, b. 12/26/1875, d. 3/26/1880
McGinty,, no dates, Child of Bob
McLaney, Johnnie E., b. 8/26/1882, d. 2/8/1904
McLaney, Little Willis H., b. 2/12/1880, d. 8/30/1883, Son of John & Emma
McLendon, Sarah Williams, b. 5/10/1816, d. 4/29/1863, Wife of Wm T.
McLendon, William T., b. 5/14/1813, d. 4/4/1860
McSwain, Preston, b. 10/5/1895, d. 9/29/1918, Black Sec
McSween, infant, no dates, Child of W.
Mims, H., no dates
Moorfield, John, no dates
Murray, Richard Allen, b. 9/30/1922, d. 7/7/2003, [burial after survey completed]
Paulk, Bonnie Brown, b. 7/8/1893, d. 5/19/1980, (Mrs. Livingston Paulk)
Paulk, Livingston, b. 8/6/1892, d. 4/17/1963
Payne, H. G., b. 9/6/1866, d. 12/7/1886
Payne, R. E., b. 6/24/1869, d. 7/26/1883
Payne, Sarah E., b. 12/24/1846, d. 7/1/1884
Pierce, James T., b. (8/2/1849), d. 9/4/1856, Son G. J. & S.A Pierce, aged 7yr 1mo 2da
Pierce, John J., b. 11/16/1855, d. 6/20/1857, Son G. J. & S. A. Pierce Age 1yr 7 Mo
Pitts, Joe, no dates
Pitts, Whitfield, b. 1856, d. 1927, Son of Joseph & Emeline Sessions Pitts
Pitts,, no dates, Child of J.
Pitts,, no dates, Child of J.
Prather, T. I. , no dates
Raborn, Jno L., b. 12/28/1821, d. 12/2/1863
Raborn, Susan, no dates, Mrs.
Raborn,, no dates, Child of Ben
Reaves, John , no dates
Reese, Elizabeth, b. 9/21/1831, d. 10/21/1905
Reese, Freeman W., b. 9/7/1821, d. 1/23/1903
Scott, Lee, no dates, (could be "Len")
Sessions, Angeline, b. 1/27/1827, d. 5/28/1853, Wife of Dr. Lewe Sessions
Sessions, Charles Lewe, b. 1/9/1856, d. 8/27/1864, Son of Dr. Lewe & Carrie
Shaw, Alene V., b. 10/1/1917, d. 7/27/1976
Shaw, Dave, b. 1854, d. 1911
Shaw, Debra Ruth, b. 7/18/1956, d. 7/21/1956, Infant Daughter of James M. & Wylene
Shaw, H. (Han), b. 6/3/1852, d. 2/10/1942
Shaw, Harvey Tom , b. 3/16/1896, d. 6/1/1983, "Tommy" "Daddy"
Shaw, J. W. (Jim), b. 12/18/1886, d. 12/7/1955
Shaw, James Martin, b. 2/18/1914, d. 5/14/1999
Shaw, Jimmie F., b. 11/26/1898, d. 11/2/1977, "Mama"
Shaw, Lois Wylene, b. 10/9/1921, d. 1/8/1992, Lois Wylene Golden
Shaw, Ruth Lovelace, b. 6/18/1884, d. 6/8/1951, Wife of J. W.
Shaw, Sara E., b. 12/22/1862, d. 10/17/1927, "Jimmie", (Mrs H. Shaw)
Shaw, W. Mose, b. 2/14/1894, d. 9/11/1934, (Son of Han Shaw)
Shaw, William A., Sr. ", b. 10/26/1915, d. 8/28/1997, "Bootsie"
Sledge, Infant, no dates, Infant of E.A. & D. C. Sledge
Sledge,, no dates, Child of E. A.
Smith, Steve, no dates, Child
Snipes, Flora A., b. 11/26/1842, d. 5/19/1891, (Flora Anne Hooks)
Stuart, Wm. L. , b. 6/24/1838, d. 4/4/1862, Son of G. W. H. & L. E.
Stubblefield, J., no dates
Summerhill, Steven G., b. 10/2/1914, d. 11/12/1980
Tillman, Nancy, b. -1799, d. 10/26/1879, Mother of Wyatt Casey, age 80 Years
Tucker, L., no dates, Mrs.
Valk, Elizabeth, no dates
Vaughn, Gillum, b. 12/3/1836, d. 11/15/1908, Middle name:Nicholson
Vaughn, Henry, no dates
Vaughn, John W., b. 11/24/1833, d. 11/6/1853, Son of Henry & Narcissa
Walton, Paymie, b. (1801/2), d. 2/20/1890, age: 88yr, Black Sec
Warnock, Lula Ivy, b. 8/17/1860, d. 8/21/1861
Watkins, Jane, no dates
Watkins, Saml, no dates, Jr.
Watkins, Saml, no dates, Sr.
Watkins, W. R., no dates
Watkins,, no dates, Child of S.
Webb, Wm, no dates
Wells, J. C., no dates
Wells, Katie, no dates
Williams, A. M., no dates, Miss
Williams, Annie Frances, b. 9/17/1891, d. 4/11/1984, (Wife of R. L.)
Williams, Evelyn Frances, b. 1/4/1918, d. 5/30/1937
Williams, R. L., b. 3/25/1885, d. 10/26/1918
Wilson, John, no dates
Wilson,, no dates, Child of
Wood,, no dates, Child of J. R.
Wood,, no dates, Child of J. R.
Wood,, no dates, Child of J. R.
Wood,, no dates, Child of J. R.
Worthington, C. Mrs, no dates
Worthington, J. M., b. (1835), d. 1/6/1909, Aged 73 years
Worthington, M. J. Johnson, b. 3/15/1838, d. 2/3/1913, Wife of J. M. Worthington
Worthington, Sallie, no dates
Worthington, T., no dates
Worthington,, no dates, Child of, J.
Youngblood, Anna Hooks, b. 11/23/1854, d. 4/1/1935, (Mrs. Oliver Pitts Youngblood)
Youngblood, Anna Novell, b. Jan 1887, d. Aug 1887
Youngblood, child, no dates, Child of P. H.
Youngblood, child, no dates, Child of P. H.
Youngblood, Eliza Pitts, d. 6/25/1877, (Mrs. Joseph Thomas Youngblood, Sr.)
Youngblood, Emma Hooks, b. 10/3/1852, d. 5/31/1942, (Mrs. Joe T. Youngblood)
Youngblood, Joe T., b. 5/7/1849, d. 3/11/1912
Youngblood, Joseph Thos.Sr, b. (6/19/1813), d. 1/22/1876
Youngblood, Kathryn Marie,,Allen,, b. 2/22/1944, d. 3/6/1993
Youngblood, Lee, no dates
Youngblood, Lila Jean, b. 11/24/1896, d. 2/17/1979
Youngblood, Lucille, b. 3/23/1881, d. 6/15/1910
Youngblood, M. E. , no dates
Youngblood, Oliver Pitts, b. 4/5/1855, d. 4/18/1900
Youngblood, Robert Lee, b. Nov. 1883, d. Dec. 1883
Youngblood, William T., b. 8/29/1894, d. 9/1/1979, "Pvt USA WWI"

(...?)ican, Pa(..?), b. Mrs.
(...?)lain, no dates
(...?)ten, no dates
(..?)bridge , George, no dates
(?), no dates, Child of
(….?)man, Cath(…?), no dates
(…?)wley , Sarah, no dates
(……..?)ton, Harriet, no dates
Brazil, no dates, Miss
Butler, b. no dates, d. , Mr.
Butler, b. no dates, d. , Mrs
C., A., no dates, (Possible footstone), Black Sec
Cra…….., , no dates
Crawley, Child, no dates
Crawley, Child, no dates
Deal, , no dates
Deal, , no dates
Denson, , no dates, Child of
DeVore, no dates, Mrs.
F, N, no dates, (Small stone found near Jernigan obelisk)
Farrior, no dates, Mrs.
Fielder, paper torn, no dates
Gorman, Mrs, no dates
Hamitt(?), no dates, Child
Hamitt(?), no dates, Child
Haynes, paper torn, no dates
Head, , no dates
Ivey, no dates, Mrs.
Ivey, no dates
Lawrence, paper torn, no dates
Lee, no dates, Mrs.
McLendon, paper torn, no dates
L .A. J., near Jernigan obelisk
V. M. J., near Jernigan obelisk
M. J., near Jernigan obelisk
P. E. J., near Jernigan obelisk
Raborn, Chin(?), no dates
Reynolds, no dates, Mrs.
S(chyler?), , no dates
S(chyler?), , no dates
Smith, (?)is, no dates
Smith, no dates, Mrs.
Stubblefield, , no dates
Stubblefield, no dates, Mrs.
Tolbert, paper torn, no dates
Tolbert, no dates, torn 'of '
Tolbert, no dates, Child of Mrs.
Tolbert, no dates, Mrs.
Tucker, no dates, Miss
Vaughn, ( ?), no dates, ( ?)
Vaughn, ( ?), no dates, ( ?)
Vaughn, ( ?), no dates, ( ?)
Vaughn, ( ?), no dates, ( ?)
Williams, no dates, Child of
Williams, no dates
Worthington, Mrs., no dates
Wright, Mrs., no dates

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