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Timaru Cemetery
Timaru, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

GPS: -44.41338, 171.25913

47 Domain Ave
Timaru 7910, New Zealand

Published: March 16, 2020
Total records: 17,207

Timaru Cemetery is owned by Timaru District Council.

Cemetery Records
Surnames U-Z

Records listed below were acquired from Canterbury Maps, a collaborative data portal of the 10 District Councils of Canterbury. These records were aquired from March 14, 2020. Canterbury Maps compiled this data on February 27, 2020.

UDEN, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_705
UFTON, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_10
ULRICH, bur. 1956, Plot: RSAJ_4
ULRICH, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_624
ULRICH, bur. 1962, Plot: RSAU_14
UNDERDOWN, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_52
UNDERHILL, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-2_205
UNDERHILL, bur. 1904, Plot: G-5_311
UNDERHILL, bur. 1935, Plot: P-1_632
UNDERHILL, bur. 1939, Plot: P-3_773
UNDERHILL, bur. 1940, Plot: P-3_772
UNDERHILL, bur. 1944, Plot: P-1_633
UNDERHILL, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-11_21
UNDERHILL, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-5_652
UNDERHILL, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-1_1174
UNDERHILL, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_921
UNDERHILL, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1100
UNDERHILL, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-7_152
UNDERWOOD, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-3_1325
UNDERWOOD, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1438
UNWIN, bur. 1923, Plot: H-1_384
UNWIN, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_65
UNWIN, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_66
UNWIN, bur. 1933, Plot: H-1_385
UNWIN, bur. 1933, Plot: R-2_67
URE, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_667
URE, bur. 1998, Plot: RSA4-2_345
URQUHART, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-3_59
URQUHART, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_227
URQUHART, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_992
URQUHART, bur. 1963, Plot: K2-3_60
USMAR, bur. 1966, Plot: CL_80
VAATIUOLA, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_141
VAKALALA, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_49
VALENTINE, bur. 1944, Plot: M-3_300
VALENTINE, bur. 1946, Plot: M-3_513
VALENTINE, bur. 1946, Plot: N-2_227
VALENTINE, bur. 1958, Plot: L-3_1155
VALENTINE, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAR_14
VALENTINE, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1077
VALK, bur. 1914, Plot: SE-1_307
VALLANCE, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_236
VALLANCE, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_95
VALLANCE, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_506
VALLANCE, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_346
VALLANCE, bur. 2004, Plot: LB-8_235
VAN BERKEL, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_68
VAN DE WIEL, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-2_1620A
VAN DEN BROCKE, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_760
VAN GAALEN, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-4_1257
VAN GIELS, bur. 2018, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB10_4
VAN GOSLIGA, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_47
VAN ROOYEN, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-1_1726B
VAN TILBORG, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_88
VANCE, bur. 1904, Plot: G-4_192
VARKEVISSER, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_386
VAUGHAN, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_54
VEITCH, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_241
VEITCH, bur. 1951, Plot: P-2_240
VEITCH, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_713
VEITCH, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_827
VEITCH, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_255
VEITCH, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_262
VEITCH, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_395
VELDSTRA, bur. 1986, Plot: RCLC-1_1734
VELDSTRA, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: MA_210
VENNING, bur. 1924, Plot: K2-4_37
VENNING, bur. 1925, Plot: K2-4_38
VENNING, bur. 1950, Plot: K1-3_227
VENNING, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-4_36
VENNING, bur. 1960, Plot: CL_30
VENNING, bur. 1961, Plot: RSAW_17
VERDON, bur. 1885, Plot: C-2_46
VERDON, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_4
VERDON, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_5
VERDON, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_130
VERITY, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_268B
VERITY, bur. 1945, Plot: M-3_484
VERITY, bur. 1945, Plot: M-3_485
VERITY, bur. 1950, Plot: R-3_268A
VERITY, bur. 1959, Plot: CL_20
VERITY, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_71
VERNAL, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_143
VERNAL, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_144
VERNALL, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_34
VERSTAPPEN, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1571
VERTUE, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-4_217
VESCOE, bur. 1883, Plot: S-2_420
VESEY, bur. 1891, Plot: SE-1_173
VESTY, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-5_646
VETCHER, bur. 1940, Plot: RSAE_3
VIAL, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_447
VICKERS, bur. 1935, Plot: P-4_511
VICKERY, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_39
VIK, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-3_20
VINCENT, bur. 1880, Plot: A-2_264
VINCENT, bur. 1882, Plot: A-2_265
VINCENT, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-5_122
VINCENT, bur. 1919, Plot: G-4_225
VINCENT, bur. 1919, Plot: H-3_288
VINCENT, bur. 1925, Plot: P-4_33
VINCENT, bur. 1935, Plot: P-3_545
VINCENT, bur. 1935, Plot: P-3_546
VINCENT, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_501
VINCENT, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_502
VINCENT, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_100
VINCENT, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_403
VINCENT, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_800
VINCENT, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_441
VINCENT, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1219
VINCENT, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1039
VINCENT, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_682
VINCENT, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB2_7
VINCENT, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1A_424
VINCENT, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_36
VINCENT, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_71
VINE, bur. 1895, Plot: H-3_22
VINE, bur. 1934, Plot: R-4_364
VINE, bur. 1935, Plot: R-4_363
VINNELL, bur. 1938, Plot: R-2_601
VINNELL, bur. 1938, Plot: R-2_602
VIRTUE, bur. 1903, Plot: B-2_429
VIRTUE, bur. 1903, Plot: B-2_430
VIVIAN, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_767
VOGEL, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1104
VOGELER, bur. 1934, Plot: AFD_129
VOGELER, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1122
VOICE, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_241
VOICE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_469
VOICE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_475
VOICE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_476
VOICE, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_979
VOICE, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_36
VOIGHT, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1041
VOIGT, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_332A
VOIGT, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_332B
VOKES, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-1_564
VOSPER-HALE, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_105
VOSPER, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_82
VOYCE, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_235
VUCETICH, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_441
VUCETICH, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_33
VUCETICH, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_34
VUCETICH, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_35
VUCETICH, bur. 1944, Plot: M-5_380
VUINAC, bur. 1992, Plot: RSA4-2_361
VULETA, bur. 1967, Plot: CL_92
VULETA, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1297
VULETA, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: MA_523
VULETA, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_89
VULETTA, bur. 1949, Plot: CL_36
WADDELL, bur. 1902, Plot: G-5_323
WADDELL, bur. 1913, Plot: C2-2_337
WADDELL, bur. 1932, Plot: R-4_393
WADDELL, bur. 1933, Plot: R-4_392
WADDELL, bur. 1934, Plot: P-1_648
WADDELL, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_187
WADDELL, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAL_7
WADDELL, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1417
WADDINGTON, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_94
WADDINGTON, bur. 1937, Plot: R-3_619
WADDINGTON, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_491
WADDINGTON, bur. 2001, Plot: RSA4-1_410
WADE, bur. 1891, Plot: B-3_189
WADE, bur. 1897, Plot: B-3_190
WADE, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-4_259
WADE, bur. 1945, Plot: C2-4_134A
WADE, bur. 1956, Plot: C2-4_135A
WADE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_854B
WADE, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_70
WADE, bur. 1974, Plot: RSAG_16
WADE, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_100
WADE, bur. 1994, Plot: RSA4-1A_473
WADE, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_78
WADSWORTH, bur. 1872, Plot: A-1_2
WAELEN, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_3
WAGSTAFF, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-3_296
WAH, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-4_571
WAIN, bur. 1947, Plot: N-2_409
WAIN, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_297
WAINWRIGHT, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_771
WAINWRIGHT, bur. 1994, Plot: RSA4-2_342
WAITE, bur. 1934, Plot: RSAA_15
WAITE, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_86
WAITT, bur. 1879, Plot: A-3_254
WAKE, bur. 1903, Plot: G-3_394
WAKEFIELD-PRITCHARD, bur. 2013, Plot: CL_247
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1877, Plot: A-4_146
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_639
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1897, Plot: H-1_93
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1898, Plot: G-3_107
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1907, Plot: H-1_94
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_394
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1926, Plot: P-5_393
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1937, Plot: H-1_92
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1418
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-3_1583
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_552
WAKEFIELD, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_620
WAKEFIELD, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: CB4_12
WAKEFIELD, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: MA_616
WAKELIN, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_566
WAKELIN, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: CS_115
WALCOTT, bur. 1878, Plot: A-1_164
WALDEN, bur. 1867, Plot: F-2_24
WALDEN, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_622
WALDEN, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_134
WALDERS, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1762
WALDIE, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-1_735
WALDIE, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_542
WALDIE, bur. 1986, Plot: RCLC-1_1745
WALDREN, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_701
WALDRON, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_82
WALES, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_226
WALESBY, bur. 2001, Plot: RSA4-1A_458
WALKER, bur. 1872, Plot: C-1_20
WALKER, bur. 1883, Plot: S-5_45
WALKER, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_695
WALKER, bur. 1901, Plot: B-2_365
WALKER, bur. 1902, Plot: H-2_206
WALKER, bur. 1903, Plot: H-2_207
WALKER, bur. 1905, Plot: H-2_186
WALKER, bur. 1905, Plot: H-2_187
WALKER, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-5_25
WALKER, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-5_46
WALKER, bur. 1919, Plot: C2-3_308
WALKER, bur. 1919, Plot: C2-3_309
WALKER, bur. 1921, Plot: H-2_299
WALKER, bur. 1921, Plot: H-3_142
WALKER, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-4_565
WALKER, bur. 1924, Plot: H-2_319
WALKER, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-2_776
WALKER, bur. 1935, Plot: K1-3_260
WALKER, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-1_714
WALKER, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_6
WALKER, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_745
WALKER, bur. 1953, Plot: N-1_457
WALKER, bur. 1959, Plot: L-6_620
WALKER, bur. 1962, Plot: CL_39
WALKER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_90
WALKER, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_322
WALKER, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_202
WALKER, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_234
WALKER, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_899
WALKER, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_781
WALKER, bur. 1974, Plot: RSAT_11
WALKER, bur. 1975, Plot: N-3_253
WALKER, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_551
WALKER, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1784
WALKER, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_405
WALKER, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_276
WALKER, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CB3_2
WALKER, bur. 2003, Plot: E2-5_45
WALKER, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: MA_223
WALKER, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: MA_552
WALKINSHAW, bur. 1999, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB8_18
WALL, bur. 1909, Plot: B-3_359
WALL, bur. 1915, Plot: B-2_370A
WALL, bur. 1919, Plot: H-1_369
WALL, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: MA_115
WALL, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_10
WALLACE, Plot: D-6_79
WALLACE, bur. 1871, Plot: D-6_68
WALLACE, bur. 1874, Plot: D-6_69
WALLACE, bur. 1880, Plot: F-3_136
WALLACE, bur. 1900, Plot: SE-3_577
WALLACE, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-4_167
WALLACE, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_648
WALLACE, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-4_166
WALLACE, bur. 1925, Plot: G-5_304
WALLACE, bur. 1928, Plot: P-1_208
WALLACE, bur. 1937, Plot: D2-1_648A
WALLACE, bur. 1940, Plot: P-3_761
WALLACE, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_260
WALLACE, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_20
WALLACE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_470
WALLACE, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-9_30
WALLACE, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAQ_11
WALLACE, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAZ_16
WALLACE, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-3_1323
WALLACE, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_614
WALLACE, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_817
WALLACE, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_820
WALLACE, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_1000
WALLACE, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1_389
WALLEN, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1A_465
WALLER, bur. 1875, Plot: C-4_126
WALLER, bur. 1928, Plot: P-3_291
WALLER, bur. 1941, Plot: M-3_105
WALLEY, bur. 1870, Plot: F-2_79A
WALLEY, bur. 1888, Plot: F-2_78A
WALLEY, bur. 1888, Plot: F-2_79
WALLIS, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_712
WALLIS, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_603
WALLIS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_480
WALLIS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_482
WALLIS, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1290
WALLIS, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC2-C_284
WALLIS, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_151
WALSH, bur. 1908, Plot: B-1_386
WALSH, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-2_424
WALSH, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-3_69
WALSH, bur. 1934, Plot: E2-4_162
WALSH, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-1_1714
WALSH, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_116
WALSH, bur. 1960, Plot: RCL-1_1727
WALSH, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_118
WALSH, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_150
WALSH, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-3_1405
WALSH, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-3_1494
WALTER, bur. 1934, Plot: E2-3_811
WALTER, bur. 1956, Plot: L-5_722
WALTER, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1429
WALTERS, bur. 1924, Plot: K1-1_104
WALTERS, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_777
WALTERS, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: MA_594
WALTERS, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: MA_427
WALTON-PIGOU, bur. 1986, Plot: CL_188
WALTON, bur. 1875, Plot: D-5_55
WALTON, bur. 1936, Plot: R-4_371
WALTON, bur. 1939, Plot: N-2_120
WALTON, bur. 1946, Plot: N-2_119
WALTON, bur. 2012, Plot: CL_249
WARBERS, bur. 1881, Plot: S-2_428
WARD, bur. 1902, Plot: B-3_354
WARD, bur. 1907, Plot: C2-2_320
WARD, bur. 1908, Plot: A-3_228
WARD, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_321
WARD, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-2_322
WARD, bur. 1913, Plot: A-3_227
WARD, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-4_191
WARD, bur. 1920, Plot: K1-2_75
WARD, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-4_539
WARD, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-1_346
WARD, bur. 1926, Plot: P-3_320
WARD, bur. 1928, Plot: E2-2_433
WARD, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_220
WARD, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-4_192
WARD, bur. 1932, Plot: E2-3_583
WARD, bur. 1932, Plot: P-3_317
WARD, bur. 1934, Plot: SE-2_549
WARD, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-3_611
WARD, bur. 1942, Plot: N-2_202
WARD, bur. 1943, Plot: M-1_209
WARD, bur. 1945, Plot: M-1_208
WARD, bur. 1946, Plot: M-4_473
WARD, bur. 1946, Plot: N-2_404
WARD, bur. 1947, Plot: RSAB_18
WARD, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_169
WARD, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_207
WARD, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_938
WARD, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_570
WARD, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_383
WARD, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_993
WARD, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_639
WARD, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAR_4
WARD, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_442
WARD, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_301
WARD, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_366
WARD, bur. 1968, Plot: K1-2_76
WARD, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_658
WARD, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_559
WARD, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_685
WARD, bur. 1977, Plot: LAWNC-1_814
WARD, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1074
WARD, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_769
WARD, bur. 1979, Plot: RCLB-2_1550
WARD, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-6_174
WARD, bur. 1983, Plot: N-2_116
WARD, bur. 1983, Plot: N-2_117
WARD, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_673
WARD, bur. 1989, Plot: N-2_201
WARD, bur. 1992, Plot: RSA4-2_355
WARD, bur. 1995, Plot: L-7_385
WARD, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_117
WARD, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_136
WARD, bur. 2016, Cremation, Plot: MA_471
WARDELL, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_429
WARDELL, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_550
WARDEN, bur. 1926, Plot: P-5_437
WARE, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-4_288
WAREING, bur. 1964, Plot: RCL-4_1531
WAREING, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1375
WARNE, bur. 1921, Plot: SE-3_236
WARNE, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_4
WARNER, bur. 1915, Plot: H-2_69
WARNER, bur. 1936, Plot: K2-3_267
WARNER, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_37
WARNER, bur. 1951, Plot: H-2_68
WARNER, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_11
WARNOCK, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_595
WARNOCK, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_597
WARNOCK, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-1_596
WARREN, bur. 1887, Plot: C-2_112
WARREN, bur. 1908, Plot: H-3_140
WARREN, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1666
WARREN, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_466
WARREN, bur. 1995, Plot: RSA4-1A_469
WARREN, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_109
WARREN, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_58
WARRING, bur. 1906, Plot: H-2_329
WARRING, bur. 1908, Plot: H-2_330
WARRINGTON, bur. 1948, Plot: R-1_121
WARSAW, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-1_728
WARSAW, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1482
WARTERS, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_614
WARWOOD, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_276
WARWOOD, bur. 2011, Plot: RSA4-1B_513
WASHBOURN, bur. 1940, Plot: N-2_82
WASHBOURN, bur. 1951, Plot: N-2_81
WASHER, bur. 1921, Plot: C2-2_452
WASHINGTON, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_89
WATCHARAYOTHIN, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CS_20J
WATENE, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1477
WATERHOUSE, bur. 1871, Plot: G-2_566
WATERHOUSE, bur. 1892, Plot: G-2_564
WATERHOUSE, bur. 1892, Plot: G-2_565
WATERHOUSE, bur. 1913, Plot: G-4_367
WATERHOUSE, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_193
WATERLOW, bur. 1907, Plot: H-1_110
WATERPIPE, Cremation, Plot: CS_10A
WATERPIPE, Cremation, Plot: CS_9A
WATERS, Cremation, Plot: MA_292
WATERS, bur. 1895, Plot: H-1_91
WATERS, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-2_350
WATERS, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-4_563
WATERS, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-4_564
WATERS, bur. 1946, Plot: M-3_512
WATERS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1292
WATERS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1156
WATERS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_680
WATERS, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_426
WATERS, bur. 1976, Plot: RSA4-7_126
WATERS, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB3_4
WATERS, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_345
WATERS, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC2-C_371
WATERUS, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_244
WATKINS, bur. 1874, Plot: A-4_141
WATKINS, bur. 1874, Plot: A-4_142
WATKINS, bur. 1881, Plot: A-4_79
WATKINS, bur. 1883, Plot: C1-2_57
WATKINS, bur. 1909, Plot: A-4_151
WATKINS, bur. 1909, Plot: A-4_152
WATKINS, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-1_485
WATKINS, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_613
WATKINS, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-1_744
WATKINS, bur. 1940, Plot: M-1_198
WATKINS, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_521
WATKINS, bur. 1953, Plot: E2-1_743
WATKINS, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_276
WATKINS, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_118
WATKINS, bur. 1975, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_7
WATKINSON, Plot: C2-1_577
WATKINSON, bur. 1921, Plot: C2-1_508
WATKINSON, bur. 1938, Plot: C2-1_509
WATSON, bur. 1890, Plot: S-3_143
WATSON, bur. 1899, Plot: G-5_189
WATSON, bur. 1906, Plot: C-4_382
WATSON, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_563
WATSON, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_35
WATSON, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_576
WATSON, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_577
WATSON, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-5_124
WATSON, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-5_36
WATSON, bur. 1921, Plot: SE-4_598
WATSON, bur. 1924, Plot: K1-2_89
WATSON, bur. 1925, Plot: P-4_44
WATSON, bur. 1932, Plot: R-1_157A
WATSON, bur. 1932, Plot: R-1_157B
WATSON, bur. 1935, Plot: R-2_459
WATSON, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-1_669
WATSON, bur. 1940, Plot: P-4_810
WATSON, bur. 1943, Plot: GL-1_201
WATSON, bur. 1943, Plot: GL-1_202
WATSON, bur. 1944, Plot: RSAE_6
WATSON, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_362
WATSON, bur. 1950, Plot: RSAC_14
WATSON, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_930
WATSON, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_761
WATSON, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_412
WATSON, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_708
WATSON, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_709
WATSON, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_720
WATSON, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAM_6
WATSON, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAN_6
WATSON, bur. 1954, Plot: E2-5_34
WATSON, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1314
WATSON, bur. 1963, Plot: M-5_2
WATSON, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_409
WATSON, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_51
WATSON, bur. 1988, Plot: RSA4-3_281
WATSON, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1419
WATSON, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1440
WATSON, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_131
WATSON, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_106
WATSON, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_71
WATSON, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_522
WATSON, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_367
WATSON, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_519
WATSON, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_76
WATSON, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_11
WATSON, bur. 2017, Plot: TC69_69
WATT, Plot: S-6_276
WATT, bur. 1877, Plot: S-6_275
WATT, bur. 1900, Plot: A-2_316
WATT, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-4_536
WATT, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_191
WATT, bur. 1936, Plot: K2-4_309
WATT, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-4_537
WATT, bur. 1944, Plot: K1-4_49
WATT, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1221
WATT, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_149
WATT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-9_34
WATT, bur. 1966, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_3
WATT, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-5_523
WATT, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-6_500
WATT, bur. 1987, Plot: P-1_171
WATT, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_16
WATT, bur. 2007, Plot: CL_233
WATTS, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-2_219
WATTS, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-4_195
WATTS, bur. 1918, Plot: H-1_108
WATTS, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-4_224B
WATTS, bur. 1937, Plot: P-4_787
WATTS, bur. 1951, Plot: M-3_507
WATTS, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1214
WATTS, bur. 1989, Plot: CL_198
WAUD, bur. 1903, Plot: F-3_153
WAUD, bur. 1933, Plot: E2-5_123
WAUD, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-3_793
WAUGH, bur. 1868, Plot: E_85
WAUGH, bur. 1869, Plot: E_94
WAUGH, bur. 1893, Plot: D-5_106
WAUGH, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_74
WAUGH, bur. 1948, Plot: SE-2_536
WAUGH, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_621
WAUGH, bur. 2017, Plot: TC69_42
WAY, bur. 1967, Plot: SE-4_597
WAYMOUTH, bur. 1943, Plot: M-3_291
WEALLEANS, bur. 1979, Plot: RSAO_9
WEALLEANS, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-2_697
WEANER, bur. 1877, Plot: D-4_133
WEARNE, bur. 1940, Plot: N-3_42
WEASTELL, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_96
WEAVER, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_556
WEAVERS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-9_129C
WEAVERS, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAS_8
WEBB, bur. 1885, Plot: C-2_58
WEBB, bur. 1896, Plot: H-1_99
WEBB, bur. 1906, Plot: G-5_27
WEBB, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-5_108
WEBB, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-5_109
WEBB, bur. 1918, Plot: D2-1_644
WEBB, bur. 1918, Plot: SE-2_537
WEBB, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_169
WEBB, bur. 1934, Plot: K1-4_14
WEBB, bur. 1945, Plot: D2-1_643
WEBB, bur. 1945, Plot: GL-1_592
WEBB, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1232
WEBB, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1449
WEBB, bur. 1974, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_4
WEBB, bur. 1979, Plot: A-2_114
WEBB, bur. 1979, Plot: G-4_347
WEBB, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_765
WEBB, bur. 1984, Plot: CL_175
WEBBER, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_479
WEBBER, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_728
WEBBER, bur. 1943, Plot: M-1_234
WEBLEY, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_277
WEBSTER, bur. 1903, Plot: F-2_44D
WEBSTER, bur. 1903, Plot: F-2_45
WEBSTER, bur. 1903, Plot: F: 2_42C
WEBSTER, bur. 1906, Plot: A-1_10A
WEBSTER, bur. 1907, Plot: E_68
WEBSTER, bur. 1921, Plot: C2-1_511
WEBSTER, bur. 1928, Plot: RSAA_1
WEBSTER, bur. 2013, Plot: RSA4-1B_517
WEDDERELL, bur. 1898, Plot: H-2_58
WEDDERELL, bur. 1908, Plot: H-2_59
WEDDERELL, bur. 1908, Plot: H-2_78
WEDEKIND, bur. 1963, Plot: CL_51
WEDERELL, bur. 1922, Plot: H-2_56
WEDERELL, bur. 1922, Plot: H-2_57
WEDERELL, bur. 1922, Plot: H-2_77
WEDERELL, bur. 1927, Plot: P-3_93
WEDERELL, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1462
WEDERELL, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_828
WEDERELL, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: CB2_12
WEDLAKE, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: MA_208
WEEBER, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_583
WEEBER, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_25
WEEKS, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_329
WEEKS, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_34
WEIR, Memorial, Plot: MA_157
WEIR, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_130
WEIR, bur. 1931, Plot: P-4_490
WEIR, bur. 1958, Plot: P-4_491
WEIR, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAT_14
WEIR, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_176
WEIR, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_90
WEIR, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_15
WEITH, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-5_377
WEKE, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_319
WELCH, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_168
WELCH, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_397
WELCH, bur. 1972, Plot: CL_126
WELCH, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_130
WELFORD, bur. 1932, Plot: P-3_67
WELFORD, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_805
WELFORD, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-2_702
WELFORD, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC-2_700
WELFORD, bur. 2005, Plot: RSA4-1A_457
WELLER, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_112
WELLS, bur. 1891, Plot: C-2_146
WELLS, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-2_421
WELLS, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-3_287
WELLS, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-3_288
WELLS, bur. 1924, Plot: H-2_180
WELLS, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_210
WELLS, bur. 1983, Plot: CL_170
WELLS, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_261
WELLSTEAD, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1132
WELSH, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_222
WELSH, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_894
WELSH, bur. 1994, Plot: RCLC-3_1509
WELSH, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_119
WELSH, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_220
WELTON, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_852
WENLOCK, bur. 1941, Plot: P-1_694
WENLOCK, bur. 1947, Plot: N-2_430
WENLOCK, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_533
WERKMEISTER, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1675
WERKMEISTER, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-3_1584
WERRY, bur. 1929, Plot: C2-3_217
WEST, Plot: C-2_144
WEST, bur. 1879, Plot: A-2_207
WEST, bur. 1891, Plot: C-2_143
WEST, bur. 1907, Plot: C-2_142
WEST, bur. 1962, Plot: RSAU_9
WEST, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB3_19
WEST, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC3_95
WEST, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_130
WEST, bur. 2012, Plot: CL_230
WESTAWAY, bur. 2002, Plot: CL_73A
WESTAWAY, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_77
WESTERBY, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1633
WESTERBY, bur. 2012, Plot: CL_229
WESTERMAN, bur. 1876, Plot: A-4_78
WESTERMAN, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_241
WESTGARTH, Plot: L-3_1199
WESTGARTH, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_19
WESTGARTH, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_20
WESTGARTH, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_83
WESTGARTH, bur. 1971, Plot: N-4_22
WESTMACOTT, bur. 1926, Plot: P-2_217
WESTMACOTT, bur. 1926, Plot: P-2_218
WESTMAN, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-1_557
WESTNEAT, bur. 1962, Plot: L-5_826
WESTOBY, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-1_534
WESTOBY, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-1_535
WESTOBY, bur. 1928, Plot: P-2_226
WESTOBY, bur. 1928, Plot: P-2_227
WESTOBY, bur. 1942, Plot: R-2_83
WESTOBY, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_791
WESTON, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_680
WESTON, bur. 1934, Plot: E2-3_289
WESTON, bur. 1948, Plot: GL-2_240
WESTON, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_660
WESTON, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_206
WESTON, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_241
WETHERY, bur. 1882, Plot: A-4_195
WHAM, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_222
WHAM, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1397
WHAM, bur. 1958, Plot: L-3_1116
WHATARAU, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_525
WHEELER, bur. 1868, Plot: E_75
WHEELER, bur. 1889, Plot: B-3_59
WHEELER, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-3_588
WHEELER, bur. 1893, Plot: SE-1_153
WHEELER, bur. 1922, Plot: S-4_357
WHEELER, bur. 1931, Plot: P-1_196
WHEELER, bur. 1936, Plot: D-4_149
WHEELER, bur. 1946, Plot: N-4_356
WHEELER, bur. 1948, Plot: P-4_513
WHEELER, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_135
WHELAN, bur. 1883, Plot: B-3_120
WHELAN, bur. 1897, Plot: B-3_119
WHELAN, bur. 1959, Plot: SE-4_450
WHELAN, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1240
WHELAN, bur. 1988, Plot: RCLC-2_1690
WHELAN, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_20
WHIBLEY, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_246
WHITAKER, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_17
WHITBY, bur. 1943, Plot: M-2_272
WHITCOMBE, bur. 1886, Plot: C-2_97
WHITE, bur. 1882, Plot: A-1_295
WHITE, bur. 1887, Plot: SE-4_284
WHITE, bur. 1894, Plot: S-3_138
WHITE, bur. 1895, Plot: G-3_253
WHITE, bur. 1895, Plot: H-2_67
WHITE, bur. 1902, Plot: H-3_155
WHITE, bur. 1906, Plot: G-2_288A
WHITE, bur. 1907, Plot: B-2_369
WHITE, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-4_180
WHITE, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-2_413
WHITE, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-4_181
WHITE, bur. 1912, Plot: G-2_513
WHITE, bur. 1916, Plot: G-2_512
WHITE, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_63B
WHITE, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-5_65
WHITE, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_452
WHITE, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_453
WHITE, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_474
WHITE, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_475
WHITE, bur. 1935, Plot: R-2_460
WHITE, bur. 1938, Plot: R-4_674
WHITE, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_656
WHITE, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_5
WHITE, bur. 1941, Plot: RSAE_16
WHITE, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_151
WHITE, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_183
WHITE, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_349
WHITE, bur. 1951, Plot: R-4_675
WHITE, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1223
WHITE, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_947
WHITE, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_789
WHITE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-6_610
WHITE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_430
WHITE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_441
WHITE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_283
WHITE, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_252
WHITE, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_436
WHITE, bur. 1967, Plot: E2-2_657
WHITE, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_520
WHITE, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_796
WHITE, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_876
WHITE, bur. 1973, Plot: CL_135
WHITE, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_787
WHITE, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_654
WHITE, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_527
WHITE, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: CS_126
WHITE, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_481
WHITE, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1684
WHITE, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-5_373
WHITE, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-5_375
WHITE, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: CB4_2
WHITE, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_24
WHITE, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: CB16_1
WHITE, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_46
WHITEFIELD, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_659
WHITEFIELD, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_679
WHITEHEAD, bur. 1919, Plot: C2-4_178
WHITEHEAD, bur. 1926, Plot: C2-4_177
WHITEHEAD, bur. 1932, Plot: K2-4_314
WHITEHEAD, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_23
WHITELEY, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_115
WHITELEY, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_87
WHITEMAN, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_202
WHITING, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_689
WHITING, bur. 1900, Plot: G-3_234
WHITLEY, bur. 1900, Plot: G-4_45
WHITLEY, bur. 1901, Plot: G-4_46
WHITLEY, bur. 1912, Plot: G-4_44
WHITLEY, bur. 1912, Plot: G-4_44
WHITLEY, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-4_203
WHITLEY, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_69
WHITLEY, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-5_68
WHITLEY, bur. 1936, Plot: 9226
WHITLEY, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-3_798
WHITLEY, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_705
WHITLEY, bur. 1939, Plot: P-4_501
WHITLEY, bur. 1943, Plot: M-5_369
WHITLEY, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1249
WHITLEY, bur. 1955, Plot: P-2_704
WHITLEY, bur. 1968, Plot: RSAZ_12
WHITLEY, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_37
WHITMARSH, bur. 1883, Plot: F-2_42
WHITMARSH, bur. 1889, Plot: F-2_73A
WHITRIDGE, bur. 1875, Plot: D-5_54
WHITTAKER, bur. 1879, Plot: F-3_160
WHITTAKER, bur. 1885, Plot: F-3_161
WHITTAKER, bur. 1905, Plot: H-2_323
WHITTAKER, bur. 1907, Plot: H-2_322
WHITTICASE, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_119
WHITTICASE, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: CB8_5
WHITTLESTON, bur. 1942, Plot: K1-4_44
WHITTLESTON, bur. 1978, Plot: K1-4_43
WHITTON, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-4_531
WHYTE, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-3_513
WHYTE, bur. 1933, Plot: R-4_326
WHYTE, bur. 1944, Plot: N-1_192
WHYTE, bur. 1969, Plot: CL_111
WHYTE, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1361
WHYTE, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_847
WHYTE, bur. 2001, Plot: RSA4-4_244
WHYTOCK, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-1_353
WHYTOCK, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-1_354
WHYTOCK, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_260
WIBERG, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_117
WICKSTEED, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_668
WIERUM, bur. 2014, Plot: LAWNC-7_172
WIGGINS, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_156
WIGGINS, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_161
WIGHTMAN, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_129
WIGHTMAN, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_130
WIGHTMAN, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_21
WIGLEY, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-3_227A
WIGLEY, bur. 1934, Plot: C2-3_227B
WIGLEY, bur. 1936, Plot: C2-3_295B
WIGLEY, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_169
WIGLEY, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_132
WIGLEY, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_133
WIIG, bur. 1982, Plot: CL_168
WIKITOA, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_9
WILCOCK, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_142
WILCOX, bur. 1961, Plot: CL_7
WILD, bur. 1944, Plot: M-1_217
WILD, bur. 1948, Plot: RSAF_16
WILD, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAN_5
WILD, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_768
WILD, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_475
WILDERMOTH, bur. 1884, Plot: B-2_21
WILDERMOTH, bur. 1884, Plot: B-2_22
WILDEY, bur. 1979, Plot: RCLB-2_1540
WILDIE, bur. 1867, Plot: E_72
WILDING, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_16
WILDING, bur. 1903, Plot: G-2_425
WILDS, bur. 1939, Plot: G-3_104
WILES, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: CB4_1
WILKES, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-1_90
WILKES, bur. 1933, Plot: C2-1_93
WILKES, bur. 1945, Plot: RSAE_4
WILKES, bur. 1946, Plot: N-1_164
WILKES, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_594
WILKES, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-5_533
WILKES, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC1_1486
WILKIE, bur. 1917, Plot: C-3_323
WILKIE, bur. 1972, Plot: P-4_356B
WILKIE, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_108
WILKINS, bur. 1937, Plot: C2-3_218
WILKINS, bur. 1940, Plot: C2-4_148A
WILKINS, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_122
WILKINS, bur. 1984, Plot: RSA4-4_247
WILKINSON, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_105
WILKINSON, bur. 1934, Plot: P-3_284
WILKINSON, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_107
WILKINSON, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_108
WILKINSON, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_184
WILKINSON, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: CS_60
WILKINSON, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_19
WILKINSON, bur. 2017, Plot: L-6_634
WILKS, bur. 1964, Plot: RCL-4_1555
WILLCOCKS, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: MA_626
WILLCOX, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1387
WILLETTS, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1625
WILLETTS, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1651
WILLETTS, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_148
WILLEY, bur. 1905, Plot: H-3_278
WILLIAMS, bur. 1866, Plot: E_20
WILLIAMS, bur. 1872, Plot: C-1_19
WILLIAMS, bur. 1883, Plot: F-1_10
WILLIAMS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_694
WILLIAMS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_700
WILLIAMS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_706
WILLIAMS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-2_672
WILLIAMS, bur. 1888, Plot: SE-4_271
WILLIAMS, bur. 1888, Plot: SE-4_291
WILLIAMS, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-4_290
WILLIAMS, bur. 1895, Plot: G-5_19
WILLIAMS, bur. 1900, Plot: G-4_202
WILLIAMS, bur. 1902, Plot: H-3_159
WILLIAMS, bur. 1907, Plot: B-2_215
WILLIAMS, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_391
WILLIAMS, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-3_264
WILLIAMS, bur. 1913, Plot: C2-2_401
WILLIAMS, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-3_201
WILLIAMS, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-3_271
WILLIAMS, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-3_273
WILLIAMS, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_110
WILLIAMS, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-3_382
WILLIAMS, bur. 1921, Plot: C-1_126
WILLIAMS, bur. 1923, Plot: H-1_349
WILLIAMS, bur. 1923, Plot: SE-4_445
WILLIAMS, bur. 1924, Plot: C2-1_496
WILLIAMS, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-4_535
WILLIAMS, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-2_320
WILLIAMS, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-3_510
WILLIAMS, bur. 1925, Plot: K1-2_64
WILLIAMS, bur. 1927, Plot: G-4_201
WILLIAMS, bur. 1927, Plot: P-2_223
WILLIAMS, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_246
WILLIAMS, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_182
WILLIAMS, bur. 1932, Plot: E2-2_455
WILLIAMS, bur. 1933, Plot: C2-1_468
WILLIAMS, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_485
WILLIAMS, bur. 1934, Plot: C2-1_467
WILLIAMS, bur. 1934, Plot: R-1_167
WILLIAMS, bur. 1937, Plot: K1-1_148
WILLIAMS, bur. 1937, Plot: P-4_519
WILLIAMS, bur. 1937, Plot: R-1_486
WILLIAMS, bur. 1938, Plot: R-4_658
WILLIAMS, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-2_206
WILLIAMS, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-4_138A
WILLIAMS, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-4_139A
WILLIAMS, bur. 1941, Plot: K2-1_568
WILLIAMS, bur. 1941, Plot: M-2_128
WILLIAMS, bur. 1942, Plot: E2-2_757
WILLIAMS, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_171
WILLIAMS, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_231
WILLIAMS, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-1_446
WILLIAMS, bur. 1946, Plot: M-1_568
WILLIAMS, bur. 1946, Plot: N-3_393
WILLIAMS, bur. 1947, Plot: RSAB_21
WILLIAMS, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_172
WILLIAMS, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_170
WILLIAMS, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_171
WILLIAMS, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_569
WILLIAMS, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1051
WILLIAMS, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1057
WILLIAMS, bur. 1954, Plot: RCL-4_1492
WILLIAMS, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-4_1518
WILLIAMS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1344
WILLIAMS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1255
WILLIAMS, bur. 1957, Plot: RCL-3_1593
WILLIAMS, bur. 1958, Plot: L-4_958
WILLIAMS, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_450
WILLIAMS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_130
WILLIAMS, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_31
WILLIAMS, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_77
WILLIAMS, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_439
WILLIAMS, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_475
WILLIAMS, bur. 1969, Plot: RSA4-12_13
WILLIAMS, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_740
WILLIAMS, bur. 1971, Plot: N-3_385
WILLIAMS, bur. 1973, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_3A
WILLIAMS, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1139
WILLIAMS, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_783
WILLIAMS, bur. 1978, Plot: RCLB-1_1577A
WILLIAMS, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_616
WILLIAMS, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1672
WILLIAMS, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: CS_118
WILLIAMS, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_477
WILLIAMS, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_372
WILLIAMS, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_65
WILLIAMS, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_79
WILLIAMS, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_67
WILLIAMS, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_153
WILLIAMS, bur. 2001, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB10_3
WILLIAMS, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_102
WILLIAMS, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_86
WILLIAMS, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_183
WILLIAMS, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_378
WILLIAMS, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_115
WILLIAMS, bur. 2008, Plot: TC186_115
WILLIAMS, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_57
WILLIAMS, bur. 2012, Plot: LAWNC-7_174
WILLIAMS, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_127
WILLIAMS, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_85
WILLIAMS, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_94
WILLIAMS, bur. 2014, Plot: TC70_71
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1919, Plot: E2-4_232
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_377
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1928, Plot: P-3_308
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1931, Plot: K2-2_102
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1941, Plot: M-1_197
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1961, Plot: RSAV_16
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1033
WILLIAMSON, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-8_70
WILLIAMSON, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_14
WILLIAMSON, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_398
WILLIS-GEELS, bur. 1995, Plot: CL_209
WILLMOTT, bur. 1962, Plot: L-6_652
WILLOUGHBY, bur. 1930, Plot: K2-1_134
WILLOUGHBY, bur. 1930, Plot: K2-1_135
WILLOUGHBY, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAL_3
WILLS, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_247
WILLS, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-3_500
WILLS, bur. 1924, Plot: K1-2_74
WILLS, bur. 1925, Plot: D2-3_499
WILLS, bur. 1925, Plot: P-3_72
WILLS, bur. 1941, Plot: P-3_73
WILLS, bur. 1947, Plot: GL-2_551
WILLS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1330
WILLS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-3_1087
WILLS, bur. 1966, Plot: S-4_600
WILLS, bur. 1975, Plot: N-1_125
WILLS, bur. 1976, Plot: CL_146
WILLS, bur. 1983, Plot: L-4_996
WILLS, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_532
WILLS, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-6_286
WILMHURST, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_701
WILSON, bur. 1878, Plot: A-4_156
WILSON, bur. 1881, Plot: D-3_274
WILSON, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_612
WILSON, bur. 1884, Plot: S-6_35
WILSON, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_149
WILSON, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_151
WILSON, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_170
WILSON, bur. 1895, Plot: G-4_43
WILSON, bur. 1904, Plot: G-5_309
WILSON, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-2_351
WILSON, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-2_534
WILSON, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-2_535
WILSON, bur. 1910, Plot: S-6_34
WILSON, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_616
WILSON, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-3_216
WILSON, bur. 1917, Plot: C-3_331
WILSON, bur. 1920, Plot: B-4_175
WILSON, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_494
WILSON, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_466
WILSON, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_467
WILSON, bur. 1925, Plot: P-4_380
WILSON, bur. 1928, Plot: H-3_268
WILSON, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_324A
WILSON, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_248
WILSON, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_249
WILSON, bur. 1933, Plot: P-2_606
WILSON, bur. 1935, Plot: P-4_507
WILSON, bur. 1938, Plot: P-1_672
WILSON, bur. 1938, Plot: R-4_683
WILSON, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_658
WILSON, bur. 1941, Plot: M-3_83
WILSON, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_75
WILSON, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_33
WILSON, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_188
WILSON, bur. 1943, Plot: M-2_273
WILSON, bur. 1943, Plot: M-4_327
WILSON, bur. 1944, Plot: M-4_343
WILSON, bur. 1945, Plot: M-4_444
WILSON, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_470
WILSON, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_473
WILSON, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_196
WILSON, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_13
WILSON, bur. 1948, Plot: R-3_411
WILSON, bur. 1949, Plot: R-4_684
WILSON, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_23
WILSON, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_25
WILSON, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_339
WILSON, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_591
WILSON, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_398
WILSON, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_901
WILSON, bur. 1953, Plot: R-4_324B
WILSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1355
WILSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1356
WILSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1358
WILSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1360
WILSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-7_378
WILSON, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1372
WILSON, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1243
WILSON, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1253
WILSON, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1131
WILSON, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_998
WILSON, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_649
WILSON, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1192
WILSON, bur. 1961, Plot: L-2_1347B
WILSON, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_133
WILSON, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_158
WILSON, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_291
WILSON, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_298
WILSON, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_365
WILSON, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_392
WILSON, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_628
WILSON, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-4_743
WILSON, bur. 1972, Plot: H-3_267
WILSON, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_882
WILSON, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_884
WILSON, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_770
WILSON, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1149
WILSON, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1151
WILSON, bur. 1975, Plot: P-3_279
WILSON, bur. 1975, Plot: P-3_280
WILSON, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-2_1475
WILSON, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1120
WILSON, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1513
WILSON, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_734
WILSON, bur. 1981, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_23
WILSON, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_668
WILSON, bur. 1984, Plot: RSA4-4_246
WILSON, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1700
WILSON, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1716
WILSON, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1718
WILSON, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_324
WILSON, bur. 1990, Plot: RSA4-3_286
WILSON, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_287
WILSON, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_18
WILSON, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_283
WILSON, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-2_1634
WILSON, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB3_16
WILSON, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CB3_18
WILSON, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1_388
WILSON, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_11
WILSON, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_51
WILSON, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_152
WILSON, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_84
WILSON, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_195
WILSON, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_46
WILSON, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_62
WILSON, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-B_442
WILSON, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: CB14_8
WILSON, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_77
WILSON, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: MA_348
WILSON, bur. 2011, Plot: TC187_115
WILSON, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_505
WILSON, bur. 2014, Plot: TC187_41
WILSON, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: MA_567
WILSON, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_61
WILSON, bur. 2017, Plot: TC69_78
WILTON, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_706
WILTSHIRE, bur. 1876, Plot: A-1_95
WIN, bur. 1917, Plot: B-2_425
WIN, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1064
WIN, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLC-1_1791
WIN, bur. 1998, Plot: RSA4-1_400
WINCHCOMBE, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_62
WINCHESTER, bur. 1895, Plot: H-2_66
WINCHESTER, bur. 1944, Plot: N-2_224
WINDLE, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1298
WINDLE, bur. 2019, Plot: TC69_40
WINDLEBORN, bur. 1935, Plot: P-3_547
WINDSOR, bur. 1991, Plot: RCLC-2_1685
WINGHAM, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-4_143
WINKLER, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1470
WINMILL, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_547
WINNING, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_151
WINNINGTON, bur. 1946, Plot: M-1_567
WINSLADE, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_333A
WINTER, Plot: S-2_183
WINTER, Plot: S-2_195
WINTER, Plot: S-2_196
WINTER, bur. 1890, Plot: S-4_321
WINTER, bur. 1918, Plot: H-2_314
WINTER, bur. 1926, Plot: H-2_315
WINTER, bur. 1933, Plot: E2-3_504
WINTER, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-1_684
WINTER, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_223
WINTER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-5_828
WINTER, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_808
WINTER, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_51
WINTERBOURN, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_100
WINTERBOURN, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_101
WINTERBOURN, bur. 1947, Plot: M-5_433
WINTERBURD, bur. 1878, Plot: D-4_169
WINTON, bur. 1955, Plot: R-1_553
WINTON, bur. 1986, Plot: CL_185
WISELY, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_607
WISELY, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_610
WISEMAN, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-4_118
WISEMAN, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1195
WISEMAN, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1197
WISEMAN, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_61
WISHART, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_100
WISHART, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-B_177
WISKER, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_308
WISKER, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_309
WITHELL, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-3_314
WITHELL, bur. 1944, Plot: C2-3_313
WITHELL, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_368
WITHELL, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_312
WITHELL, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_935
WITHERDEN, bur. 1873, Plot: D-6_61
WITHERS, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1271
WITT, bur. 1881, Plot: A-2_214
WIX, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_238
WIX, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_1016
WIXON, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-4_175
WOLF, bur. 1902, Plot: H-3_160
WOLFF, bur. 1937, Plot: R-4_665
WOLFF, bur. 1938, Plot: R-4_666
WOLFF, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1099
WONG, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_121A
WONNACOTT, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_238
WOOD, Plot: A-2_269
WOOD, bur. 1882, Plot: A-4_197
WOOD, bur. 1891, Plot: A-2_268
WOOD, bur. 1896, Plot: A-2_270
WOOD, bur. 1898, Plot: G-3_258
WOOD, bur. 1902, Plot: G-3_411
WOOD, bur. 1916, Plot: D2-1_551
WOOD, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-2_357
WOOD, bur. 1919, Plot: S-3_163
WOOD, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_581
WOOD, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_582
WOOD, bur. 1926, Plot: P-5_388
WOOD, bur. 1929, Plot: E2-2_645
WOOD, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_95
WOOD, bur. 1932, Plot: R-4_319
WOOD, bur. 1933, Plot: R-2_96
WOOD, bur. 1934, Plot: D2-4_207
WOOD, bur. 1939, Plot: P-5_829
WOOD, bur. 1939, Plot: P-5_830
WOOD, bur. 1944, Plot: M-2_274
WOOD, bur. 1944, Plot: M-4_334
WOOD, bur. 1946, Plot: M-3_120
WOOD, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_138
WOOD, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_513
WOOD, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_593
WOOD, bur. 1958, Plot: L-4_954
WOOD, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_625
WOOD, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_640
WOOD, bur. 1963, Plot: CL_56
WOOD, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_336
WOOD, bur. 1966, Plot: SE-4_599
WOOD, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1342
WOOD, bur. 1970, Plot: D2-4_171
WOOD, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1372
WOOD, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_919
WOOD, bur. 1975, Plot: SE-4_465
WOOD, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_587
WOOD, bur. 1998, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB8_14
WOOD, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_124
WOOD, bur. 2007, Plot: RSA4-1A_441
WOOD, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_22
WOODALL, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1509
WOODALL, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: MA_442
WOODCOCK, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-5_127
WOODFEILD, bur. 1943, Plot: E2-3_795
WOODFIELD, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-3_796
WOODHAM, bur. 1926, Plot: P-5_397
WOODHAM, bur. 1943, Plot: M-1_207
WOODHOUSE, bur. 1930, Plot: K2-2_97
WOODHURST, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_681
WOODHURST, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_108
WOODLEY, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_418
WOODLEY, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_420
WOODLEY, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_317
WOODNORTH, bur. 2010, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB14_17
WOODS, bur. 1906, Plot: B-1_304
WOODS, bur. 1931, Plot: K2-1_136
WOODS, bur. 1931, Plot: K2-1_137
WOODS, bur. 1931, Plot: K2-1_138
WOODS, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_515
WOODS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1445
WOODS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1139
WOODS, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1198
WOODS, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_89
WOODS, bur. 1967, Plot: RCLB-4_1205
WOODS, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_512
WOODS, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_240
WOODWARD, bur. 1936, Plot: RSAA_21
WOODWARD, bur. 1937, Plot: P-4_811
WOODWARD, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_59
WOODWARD, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_347
WOODYATT, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_136
WOOFFINDIN, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-2_418
WOOFFINDIN, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_540
WOOLCOMBE, bur. 1950, Plot: C2-4_131A
WOOLDRIDGE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1252
WOOLF, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1774
WOOLF, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: MA_30
WOOLF, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC2-A_408
WOOLF, bur. 2014, Plot: TC186_65
WOOLFORD, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB3_10
WOOLLCOMBE, bur. 1914, Plot: C-1_205
WOOLLCOMBE, bur. 1991, Plot: C-1_206
WOOLTORTON, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_498
WORDLEY, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_680
WORKMAN, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-5_44
WORKMAN, bur. 1948, Plot: M-2_533
WORKMAN, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_696
WORKMAN, bur. 2017, Plot: TC69_73
WORSLEY, bur. 1932, Plot: P-4_493
WORSLEY, bur. 1937, Plot: P-4_494
WORSLEY, bur. 1956, Plot: RSAJ_3
WORTH, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_717
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-3_443
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_435
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1044
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1965, Plot: CL_74
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_438
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-5_648
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1983, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_37
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-2_1696
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1987, Plot: RSA4-3_279
WORTHINGTON, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_7
WOTTON, bur. 1945, Plot: C2-3_197
WRAIGHT, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_407
WRAIGHT, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_60
WRAY, bur. 1888, Plot: C-2_114
WREFORD, bur. 1943, Plot: M-3_286
WREFORD, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_593
WREFORD, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-3_504
WREFORD, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_267
WREN, bur. 1896, Plot: B-1_236
WREN, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_52
WRIGG, bur. 1879, Plot: A-2_115
WRIGHT, bur. 1872, Plot: C1-1_6
WRIGHT, bur. 1873, Plot: D-6_34
WRIGHT, bur. 1888, Plot: C-1_122
WRIGHT, bur. 1890, Plot: C-1_135
WRIGHT, bur. 1890, Plot: C-1_136
WRIGHT, bur. 1913, Plot: C-1_131A
WRIGHT, bur. 1913, Plot: C-1_80A
WRIGHT, bur. 1918, Plot: D2-1_650
WRIGHT, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_652
WRIGHT, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-1_580
WRIGHT, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-5_160
WRIGHT, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-1_344
WRIGHT, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-2_435
WRIGHT, bur. 1932, Plot: P-1_623
WRIGHT, bur. 1933, Plot: E2-1_393
WRIGHT, bur. 1941, Plot: E2-1_745
WRIGHT, bur. 1943, Plot: M-5_390
WRIGHT, bur. 1945, Plot: M-2_560
WRIGHT, bur. 1946, Plot: H-3_325B
WRIGHT, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_146
WRIGHT, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1097
WRIGHT, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-4_1578D
WRIGHT, bur. 1956, Plot: M-4_454
WRIGHT, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1147
WRIGHT, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_333B
WRIGHT, bur. 1963, Plot: E2-1_392
WRIGHT, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_135
WRIGHT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_228
WRIGHT, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1260
WRIGHT, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_615
WRIGHT, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_728
WRIGHT, bur. 1978, Plot: RCLB-2_1545
WRIGHT, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-2_624
WRIGHT, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1783
WRIGHT, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-7_162
WRIGHT, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_39
WROBLENSKI, bur. 1974, Plot: RSA4-8_89
WROBLEWSKI, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_20
WU, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_282
WULFF, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-6_233
WURM, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-4_1526
WURTERS, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_36
WURTERS, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_373
WYATT, bur. 1904, Plot: SE-2_357
WYATT, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-4_152
WYATT, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_70
WYATT, bur. 1920, Plot: D-4_130
WYATT, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-4_25
WYATT, bur. 1934, Plot: R-1_145
WYATT, bur. 1937, Plot: C2-4_153
WYATT, bur. 1943, Plot: N-3_271
WYATT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_346
WYATT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_350
WYATT, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_87
WYLIE, bur. 1978, Plot: RSA4-6_162
WYLIE, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_736
WYLLIE, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_333
WYLLIE, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_87
WYMAN, bur. 1920, Plot: SE-4_448
WYNEN, bur. 1996, Plot: RCLC-3_1493
WYNEN, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: MA_203
WYNEN, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_207
WYNESS, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-3_222
WYNN, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1204
WYNYARD, bur. 1941, Plot: K1-3_235
XIE, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC2-C_368
YARDLEY, bur. 1902, Plot: G-4_346
YARDLEY, bur. 1938, Plot: R-4_681
YARR, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_344
YATES, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_365
YATES, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_369
YAXLEY, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-2_1693
YEATMAN, bur. 1896, Plot: H-3_1
YEATMAN, bur. 1896, Plot: H-3_1B
YEATMAN, bur. 1915, Plot: H-3_2
YEATMAN, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_734
YEE, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_676
YEE, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_678
YELDON, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_594
YELLAND, bur. 1924, Plot: D2-5_127A
YELLAND, bur. 1942, Plot: D-2_204
YELLAND, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_229
YENTES, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_259
YENTES, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_260
YENTES, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_261
YEOMAN, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_381
YOUDALE, Plot: D2-4_211
YOUDALE, bur. 1906, Plot: G-5_180
YOUDALE, bur. 1938, Plot: R-2_585
YOUDALE, bur. 1938, Plot: R-2_586
YOUDALE, bur. 1945, Plot: M-5_438
YOUDALE, bur. 1962, Plot: CL_40
YOUDALE, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_86
YOUNG, Plot: A-3_136
YOUNG, bur. 1877, Plot: D-5_115
YOUNG, bur. 1879, Plot: A-3_137
YOUNG, bur. 1893, Plot: S-4_340
YOUNG, bur. 1894, Plot: S-4_341
YOUNG, bur. 1896, Plot: S-4_337
YOUNG, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-1_99
YOUNG, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-5_30
YOUNG, bur. 1916, Plot: C-4_362
YOUNG, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-5_47
YOUNG, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_461
YOUNG, bur. 1926, Plot: P-1_163
YOUNG, bur. 1927, Plot: P-4_46
YOUNG, bur. 1927, Plot: R-3_49
YOUNG, bur. 1928, Plot: P-2_261
YOUNG, bur. 1931, Plot: G-2_492
YOUNG, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_243
YOUNG, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_244
YOUNG, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_245
YOUNG, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_246
YOUNG, bur. 1935, Plot: R-3_50
YOUNG, bur. 1937, Plot: P-4_828
YOUNG, bur. 1941, Plot: RSAE_19
YOUNG, bur. 1942, Plot: H-3_22A
YOUNG, bur. 1943, Plot: RSAE_10
YOUNG, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_31
YOUNG, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_697
YOUNG, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1112
YOUNG, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-1_1719
YOUNG, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1308
YOUNG, bur. 1961, Plot: CL_35
YOUNG, bur. 1962, Plot: H-3_22B
YOUNG, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-4_1521
YOUNG, bur. 1963, Plot: L-3_1071A
YOUNG, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_54
YOUNG, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_163
YOUNG, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_192
YOUNG, bur. 1971, Plot: L-2_1341
YOUNG, bur. 1972, Plot: K2-4_363
YOUNG, bur. 1978, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_21
YOUNG, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_482
YOUNG, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: CS_64
YOUNG, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_30
YOUNG, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_54
YOUNG, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_268
YOUNG, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_272
YOUNG, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: CB4_10
YOUNG, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: MA_296
YOUNG, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_82
YOUNGER, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: CB14_11
ZAKHARY, bur. 2014, Plot: TC187_36
ZANDBERGEN, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-3_1628
ZEELIE, bur. 2012, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB15_11
ZIESLER, bur. 1892, Plot: C-1_167
ZIESLER, bur. 1930, Plot: C-1_177
ZIESLER, bur. 1945, Plot: C-1_168
ZIJLSTRA, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_1022

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What makes us Different?

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Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.