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Timaru Cemetery
Timaru, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

GPS: -44.41338, 171.25913

47 Domain Ave
Timaru 7910, New Zealand

Published: March 16, 2020
Total records: 17,207

Timaru Cemetery is owned by Timaru District Council.

Cemetery Records
Surnames S-T

Records listed below were acquired from Canterbury Maps, a collaborative data portal of the 10 District Councils of Canterbury. These records were aquired from March 14, 2020. Canterbury Maps compiled this data on February 27, 2020.

SABISTON, bur. 1915, Plot: S-6_248
SADDLER, bur. 1882, Plot: A-4_182
SADLER, bur. 1904, Plot: C-3_340
SADLER, bur. 1910, Plot: C-3_339
SADLER, bur. 1930, Plot: C-3_338
SADLER, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_17
SAGAR, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_13
SAGAR, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_147
SALEK, bur. 1877, Plot: G-5_2
SALISBURY, bur. 1941, Plot: M-3_112
SALISBURY, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_102
SALISBURY, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_722
SALMOND, bur. 1930, Plot: R-1_184
SALMOND, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1031
SALOMEN, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-7_148
SALOMONSEN, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_6
SALTER, bur. 1868, Plot: E_78
SALTER, bur. 1868, Plot: E_79
SAMPSON, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_40
SAMPSON, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_798
SAMPSON, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_197
SAMUEL, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_748
SANDERS, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-3_393
SANDERS, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_444
SANDERS, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_63
SANDERSON, bur. 1887, Plot: C-2_110
SANDILANDS, bur. 1934, Plot: P-4_500
SANDREY, bur. 1915, Plot: H-1_361
SANDRI, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_405
SANDRI, bur. 1947, Plot: K2-2_442
SANDRI, bur. 1947, Plot: K2-2_443
SANDRI, bur. 2014, Plot: RSA4-1B_518
SANDS, bur. 2011, Plot: TC187_106
SANGSTER, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_713
SAPWELL, bur. 1917, Plot: E2-5_133
SAPWELL, bur. 1917, Plot: E2-5_53
SAPWELL, bur. 1942, Plot: E2-5_50
SAPWELL, bur. 1954, Plot: E2-5_51
SAPWELL, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1257
SAPWELL, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_66
SAPWELL, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_716
SAPWELL, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_538
SARGENT, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-1_692
SARGENT, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAY_7
SARGENT, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1330
SATHERLEY, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_46
SATTERTHWAITE, bur. 1898, Plot: G-5_9
SATTERTHWAITE, bur. 1910, Plot: G-5_10
SATTERTHWAITE, bur. 1931, Plot: H-3_272
SATTERTHWAITE, bur. 1931, Plot: H-3_273
SATTERTHWAITE, bur. 1931, Plot: H-3_274A
SATTERTHWAITE, bur. 1981, Plot: H-3_330A
SATTERTHWAITE, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_15
SAUER, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAK_11
SAUER, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1478
SAUER, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_367
SAUNDERS, bur. 1876, Plot: A-4_149
SAUNDERS, bur. 1881, Plot: A-4_198
SAUNDERS, bur. 1895, Plot: G-4_83
SAUNDERS, bur. 1903, Plot: H-1_230
SAUNDERS, bur. 1917, Plot: A-3_258
SAUNDERS, bur. 1917, Plot: A-4_150
SAUNDERS, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_419
SAUNDERS, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_420
SAUNDERS, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_503
SAUNDERS, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_567A
SAUNDERS, bur. 1933, Plot: D2-1_564
SAUNDERS, bur. 1933, Plot: D2-3_504
SAUNDERS, bur. 1939, Plot: E2-2_651
SAUNDERS, bur. 1946, Plot: M-2_555
SAUNDERS, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_18
SAUNDERS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_988
SAUNDERS, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_797
SAUNDERS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-2_1729
SAUNDERS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-2_1730
SAUNDERS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_492
SAUNDERS, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-8_76
SAUNDERS, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_1
SAVAGE, bur. 1932, Plot: R-4_340
SAVAGE, bur. 1946, Plot: R-2_469
SAVAGE, bur. 1950, Plot: R-2_470
SAVAGE, bur. 1977, Plot: LAWNC-1_810
SAVAGE, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_368
SAVAGE, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: CS_20G
SAVILLE, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-1_1725C
SAVILLE, bur. 1991, Plot: RSA4-3_289
SAWYER, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-4_566
SAXON, bur. 1941, Plot: M-1_169
SCALES, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_94
SCALES, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-5_93
SCALES, bur. 1934, Plot: D2-5_159
SCAMMELL, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_182
SCANNELL, Plot: TC187_13
SCANNELL, bur. 1879, Plot: B-3_41
SCANNELL, bur. 1916, Plot: SE-1_499
SCANNELL, bur. 1920, Plot: K1-3_32
SCANNELL, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-2_90
SCANNELL, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-2_91
SCANNELL, bur. 1933, Plot: K2-3_271
SCANNELL, bur. 1942, Plot: K2-3_270
SCANNELL, bur. 1944, Plot: K2-4_372
SCANNELL, bur. 1944, Plot: K2-4_373
SCANNELL, bur. 1944, Plot: K2-4_374
SCANNELL, bur. 1958, Plot: RCL-3_1608
SCANNELL, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-3_1416
SCANNELL, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-3_1414
SCANNELL, bur. 1981, Plot: RCLB-1_1697
SCANNELL, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1621
SCANNELL, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-B_446
SCARF, bur. 1873, Plot: E_99
SCARF, bur. 1873, Plot: E_99A
SCARF, bur. 1889, Plot: C-1_217
SCARF, bur. 1889, Plot: C-1_218
SCARF, bur. 1894, Plot: C-3_224
SCARF, bur. 1905, Plot: A-4_190A
SCARF, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-4_216
SCARF, bur. 1938, Plot: P-5_853
SCARF, bur. 1942, Plot: A-2_210A
SCARF, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_139
SCARF, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_415
SCARF, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_853
SCARLETT, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1313
SCARLETT, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1315
SCARLETT, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_12
SCHAAB, Cremation, Plot: MA_102
SCHAAB, bur. 1929, Plot: SE-1_482
SCHAAB, bur. 1933, Plot: SE-1_483
SCHAAB, bur. 1934, Plot: K2-3_269
SCHAAB, bur. 1943, Plot: K2-3_268
SCHAAB, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_902
SCHAAB, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_904
SCHAAB, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1234
SCHEDEL, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1334
SCHIEB, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1063
SCHLONBACH, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-1_411
SCHLONBACH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_212
SCHMELZ, bur. 1990, Plot: C2-4_162A
SCHMIDT, bur. 1885, Plot: C-2_57
SCHMIDT, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-3_788
SCHNACH, bur. 1943, Plot: M-3_288
SCHNACH, bur. 1943, Plot: M-3_289
SCHOFIELD, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_358
SCHOFIELD, bur. 2019, Cremation, Plot: MA_143
SCHOLLAR, bur. 1927, Plot: P-1_212
SCHRADER, bur. 1939, Plot: P-4_502
SCHRADER, bur. 1992, Plot: L-7_374A
SCHRADER, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_34
SCHRODER, bur. 1973, Plot: E2-3_619
SCHROEDER, bur. 1916, Plot: G-3_124
SCHROEDER, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_232
SCHROEDER, bur. 2001, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB10_5
SCOBIE, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_588
SCOBIE, bur. 1930, Plot: D2-1_589
SCOLES, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_9
SCOTT, Plot: B-4_462
SCOTT, bur. 1869, Plot: F-2_75
SCOTT, bur. 1869, Plot: F: 2_75C
SCOTT, bur. 1882, Plot: D-2_207
SCOTT, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_198
SCOTT, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_708
SCOTT, bur. 1891, Plot: S-5_304
SCOTT, bur. 1897, Plot: F-3_104
SCOTT, bur. 1900, Plot: G-5_175
SCOTT, bur. 1902, Plot: G-5_297
SCOTT, bur. 1914, Plot: B-4_459
SCOTT, bur. 1914, Plot: B-4_461
SCOTT, bur. 1915, Plot: S-2_199
SCOTT, bur. 1918, Plot: B-4_460
SCOTT, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_578
SCOTT, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_579
SCOTT, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_659
SCOTT, bur. 1919, Plot: G-2_283
SCOTT, bur. 1919, Plot: G-2_473J
SCOTT, bur. 1919, Plot: G-2_473K
SCOTT, bur. 1919, Plot: G-2_482
SCOTT, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-4_228
SCOTT, bur. 1920, Plot: K1-2_77
SCOTT, bur. 1920, Plot: SE-4_443
SCOTT, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-3_263
SCOTT, bur. 1921, Plot: G-4_206
SCOTT, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-1_663
SCOTT, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_415
SCOTT, bur. 1926, Plot: C2-2_446
SCOTT, bur. 1926, Plot: H-2_325
SCOTT, bur. 1927, Plot: G-4_208
SCOTT, bur. 1927, Plot: P-2_105
SCOTT, bur. 1928, Plot: E2-3_262
SCOTT, bur. 1928, Plot: P-2_106
SCOTT, bur. 1929, Plot: R-2_79
SCOTT, bur. 1929, Plot: R-2_80
SCOTT, bur. 1929, Plot: R-2_81
SCOTT, bur. 1929, Plot: R-2_82
SCOTT, bur. 1933, Plot: D2-5_153
SCOTT, bur. 1935, Plot: D2-5_154
SCOTT, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-2_414
SCOTT, bur. 1936, Plot: K1-2_214
SCOTT, bur. 1936, Plot: K1-2_215
SCOTT, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_735
SCOTT, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_736
SCOTT, bur. 1941, Plot: K1-1_158
SCOTT, bur. 1942, Plot: M-4_359
SCOTT, bur. 1942, Plot: M-4_360
SCOTT, bur. 1943, Plot: M-5_395
SCOTT, bur. 1945, Plot: D2-1_660
SCOTT, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_161
SCOTT, bur. 1949, Plot: E2-3_264
SCOTT, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_125
SCOTT, bur. 1954, Plot: E2-3_292
SCOTT, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1043
SCOTT, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1150
SCOTT, bur. 1958, Plot: RCL-4_1515
SCOTT, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_81
SCOTT, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_320
SCOTT, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_209
SCOTT, bur. 1964, Plot: P-2_120
SCOTT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_351
SCOTT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_171
SCOTT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_250
SCOTT, bur. 1967, Plot: E2-3_291
SCOTT, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1019
SCOTT, bur. 1976, Plot: K1-1_159
SCOTT, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1066
SCOTT, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1136
SCOTT, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-1_716
SCOTT, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1755
SCOTT, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_539
SCOTT, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_406
SCOTT, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1708
SCOTT, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB3_18
SCOTT, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_347
SCOTT, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_63
SCOTT, bur. 2000, Plot: RSA4-2_349
SCOTT, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_217
SCOTT, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_368
SCOTT, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_19
SCOTT, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: MA_331
SCOTT, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_58
SCOTT, bur. 2017, Plot: RSA4-1A_445
SCOULLAR, bur. 1919, Plot: K1-3_28
SCRIGGINS, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_28
SCRIMGEOUR, bur. 1895, Plot: SE-4_469
SCRIVENER, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_360
SCROINGE, bur. 1961, Plot: SE-3_564
SCULLEY, bur. 1936, Plot: K1-1_174
SCULLY, bur. 1940, Plot: K1-2_204
SCULLY, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1340
SCULLY, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-2_1473
SCULLY, bur. 1980, Plot: RCLB-1_1609
SCULLY, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1777
SCULLY, bur. 1986, Plot: RCLC-1_1740
SEAENS, bur. 1887, Plot: A-2_219
SEALEY, bur. 1931, Plot: D2-1_545
SEALY, bur. 1903, Plot: H-3_275
SEALY, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-2_72
SEALY, bur. 1913, Plot: H-3_279
SEAMAN, bur. 1927, Plot: K1-1_140
SEAMAN, bur. 1954, Plot: K1-1_139
SEAMAN, bur. 1999, Plot: RSA4-1_417
SEARLE, bur. 1904, Plot: G-2_292
SEARLE, bur. 1904, Plot: G-2_490
SEARLE, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-4_237
SEARLE, bur. 1953, Plot: GL-1_564
SEATON, Plot: TC187_71
SEATON, bur. 1928, Plot: R-3_43
SEATON, bur. 1928, Plot: R-3_44
SEATON, bur. 1928, Plot: R-3_45
SEATON, bur. 1944, Plot: M-1_194
SEATON, bur. 1944, Plot: M-1_195
SEATON, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_125
SEATON, bur. 2004, Plot: LB-5_590
SEATTER, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_235
SEATTER, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_695
SEAWARD, bur. 1935, Plot: C2-3_190
SEDERMAN, bur. 1902, Plot: G-3_242
SEELER, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_258
SEELER, bur. 2011, Plot: TC187_112
SEGAR, bur. 1915, Plot: H-1_338
SEGAR, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_437
SEGAR, bur. 1943, Plot: D2-3_481
SEGAR, bur. 1943, Plot: M-5_396
SEGAR, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_281
SEGAR, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_405
SEGAR, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-5_521
SEGAR, bur. 1991, Plot: H-2_319B
SEGAR, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-B_462
SEGER, bur. 1918, Plot: H-1_343
SEIFERT, bur. 1985, Memorial, Plot: MA_508
SEJOURNE, bur. 1881, Plot: D-1_224
SEJOURNE, bur. 1881, Plot: D-1_225
SELBIE, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_429
SELBIE, bur. 1925, Plot: P-5_13
SELBIE, bur. 1925, Plot: P-5_14
SELBIE, bur. 1926, Plot: D2-3_430
SELBIE, bur. 1933, Plot: P-3_539
SELBIE, bur. 1933, Plot: P-3_540
SELBIE, bur. 1933, Plot: P-3_541
SELBIE, bur. 1936, Plot: D2-3_431
SELBIE, bur. 1936, Plot: P-2_744
SELBIE, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_188
SELBIE, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1458
SELBIE, bur. 1958, Plot: RSAH_2
SELBIE, bur. 1990, Plot: S-5_317
SELBIE, bur. 1990, Plot: S-5_318
SELIUS, bur. 1952, Plot: C2-1_473
SELL, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAG_10
SELL, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-8_221
SELLARS, bur. 1888, Plot: SE-4_278
SELLARS, bur. 1889, Plot: S-1_233
SELLARS, bur. 1898, Plot: SE-3_407
SELLARS, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-1_479B
SELLARS, bur. 1936, Plot: C2-1_479A
SELLWOOD, bur. 1933, Plot: R-2_93
SELLWOOD, bur. 1933, Plot: R-2_94
SELLWOOD, bur. 1942, Plot: N-2_205
SELLWOOD, bur. 1972, Plot: N-2_206
SELMAN, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_85
SELMAN, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_96
SEMORE, bur. 1882, Plot: A-2_278
SENELALE, bur. 1994, Plot: CL_210
SENIOR, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1047
SENIOR, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLB-1_1681
SENIOR, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_241
SERPELL, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_87
SERPELL, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_178
SERRA, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_6
SERVICE, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1200
SEUNNINGA, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-4_487
SEVERS, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_59
SEVINBOURNE, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-3_279
SEWELL, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-4_250
SEWELL, bur. 1931, Plot: R-1_182
SEWELL, bur. 1931, Plot: R-1_183
SEWELL, bur. 1936, Plot: R-3_654
SEWELL, bur. 1941, Plot: E2-1_746
SEWELL, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_60
SEWELL, bur. 1942, Plot: R-3_653
SEWELL, bur. 1962, Plot: L-6_602
SEWELL, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_933
SEWELL, bur. 1975, Plot: L-7_379
SEWELL, bur. 2005, Plot: RSA4-6_165
SEXTON, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAO_3
SEXTON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1422
SEXTON, bur. 2005, Plot: RSA4-1_374
SEYB, bur. 1904, Plot: G-3_252
SEYB, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-5_155
SEYB, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_179
SEYB, bur. 1932, Plot: G-3_251
SEYB, bur. 1939, Plot: P-4_795
SEYB, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_5
SEYB, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1379
SHACKELL, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_47
SHACKELL, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_102
SHACKELL, bur. 2014, Plot: TC187_37
SHADBOLT, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-3_265
SHADRACH, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_140
SHAILES, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-4_749
SHALLCRASS, Plot: C2-2_411A
SHALLCRASS, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-2_411B
SHANAHAN, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAX_8
SHAND, bur. 1932, Plot: R-3_252
SHAND, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-2_1680
SHAND, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_55
SHAND, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_40
SHANKS, bur. 1919, Plot: E2-4_224
SHANKS, bur. 1940, Plot: M-1_161
SHANKS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1473
SHANKS, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_805
SHANKS, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_279
SHANKS, bur. 2001, Plot: RSA4-3_292
SHANNON, bur. 1921, Plot: K1-3_51
SHANNON, bur. 1936, Plot: P-1_698
SHARKELL, bur. 1939, Plot: R-3_636
SHARP, bur. 1895, Plot: SE-4_437
SHARP, bur. 1930, Plot: R-3_289
SHARP, bur. 1930, Plot: R-3_290
SHARP, bur. 1939, Plot: RSAD_19
SHARP, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_601
SHARPE, bur. 1884, Plot: S-6_7
SHARPLES, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_863
SHARPLES, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_395
SHAVE, bur. 1907, Plot: C2-1_457
SHAVE, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_170
SHAW, bur. 1867, Plot: E_2
SHAW, bur. 1877, Plot: A-2_38
SHAW, bur. 1882, Plot: E_3
SHAW, bur. 1903, Plot: G-3_417
SHAW, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-1_494
SHAW, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_592
SHAW, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-2_49
SHAW, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-3_483C
SHAW, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_27
SHAW, bur. 1925, Plot: B-2_437
SHAW, bur. 1933, Plot: D2-3_483B
SHAW, bur. 1933, Plot: P-5_23
SHAW, bur. 1936, Plot: D2-1_593
SHAW, bur. 1937, Plot: K1-1_173
SHAW, bur. 1937, Plot: R-3_647
SHAW, bur. 1937, Plot: RSAD_7
SHAW, bur. 1938, Plot: P-4_803
SHAW, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_320
SHAW, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_364
SHAW, bur. 1946, Plot: K2-4_316
SHAW, bur. 1948, Plot: K2-4_317
SHAW, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1306
SHAW, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1186
SHAW, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_85
SHAW, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_845
SHAW, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_142
SHAW, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_106
SHAW, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_306
SHAW, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_423
SHAW, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_433
SHAW, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_369
SHAW, bur. 1967, Plot: K1-1_172
SHAW, bur. 1969, Plot: CL_97
SHAW, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_694
SHAW, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-5_632
SHAW, bur. 1976, Plot: CL_147
SHAW, bur. 1976, Plot: N-2_418
SHAW, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_749
SHAW, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_131
SHAW, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_569
SHAW, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC2-A_18
SHEA, Plot: K2-4_304
SHEA, bur. 1876, Plot: B-1_5
SHEA, bur. 1934, Plot: K1-3_22
SHEA, bur. 1937, Plot: K2-4_305
SHEA, bur. 1938, Plot: K2-4_279
SHEA, bur. 1938, Plot: K2-4_303
SHEA, bur. 1946, Plot: K2-1_176
SHEA, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-3_386
SHEA, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-2_1483
SHEA, bur. 1976, Plot: RSA4-7_123
SHEA, bur. 1980, Plot: RCLB-1_1616
SHEA, bur. 1986, Plot: K1-4_46
SHEA, bur. 1986, Plot: K2-4_278
SHEA, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-2_1654
SHEA, bur. 1995, Plot: RCLC-3_1526
SHEA, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_39
SHEAHAN, bur. 1877, Plot: B-4_94
SHEAHAN, bur. 1932, Plot: RSAA_6
SHEAHAN, bur. 1965, Plot: RCL-4_1537
SHEAKEY, bur. 1912, Plot: B-3_186
SHEARER, bur. 1909, Plot: C-3_234
SHEARER, bur. 1936, Plot: C-3_235
SHEARS, bur. 1899, Plot: D-6_86
SHEARS, bur. 1901, Plot: G-2_436
SHEARS, bur. 1904, Plot: G-4_368
SHEARS, bur. 1910, Plot: G-2_434
SHEARS, bur. 1919, Plot: G-2_437
SHEARS, bur. 1932, Plot: E2-1_366
SHEARS, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_133
SHEARS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1465
SHEARS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_982
SHEARS, bur. 1968, Plot: CL_104
SHEARS, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1072
SHEARS, bur. 1978, Plot: RSA4-6_163
SHEARS, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB1_17
SHEAT, Cremation, Plot: MA_510
SHEAT, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_32
SHEAT, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: MA_517
SHEED, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_103
SHEED, bur. 1943, Plot: E2-5_102
SHEED, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1002
SHEED, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_166
SHEED, bur. 1980, Plot: R-4_305
SHEEHAN, Plot: B-3_448
SHEEHAN, bur. 1874, Plot: B-2_39
SHEEHAN, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-4_19
SHEEHAN, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-4_20
SHEEHAN, bur. 1928, Plot: K2-4_21
SHEEHAN, bur. 1928, Plot: K2-4_22
SHEEHAN, bur. 1930, Plot: SE-1_509
SHEEHAN, bur. 1958, Plot: RCL-4_1511
SHEEHAN, bur. 1967, Plot: RCLB-4_1201
SHEEHAN, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1294
SHEEHAN, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-3_1591
SHEEHY, bur. 1893, Plot: B-3_275
SHEEHY, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1673A
SHEERS, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_726
SHELKE, bur. 1903, Plot: H-3_19
SHELKE, bur. 1909, Plot: H-3_18
SHELKER, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_661
SHELKER, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAG_17
SHELKER, bur. 1960, Plot: CL_31
SHELKER, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_151
SHELTON, Cremation, Plot: CB17_1
SHELTON, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_28
SHELTON, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_776
SHENNAN, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_420
SHEPARD, bur. 1963, Plot: L-4_897A
SHEPHARD, bur. 1881, Plot: D-2_212
SHEPHARD, bur. 1915, Plot: D-2_213
SHEPHERD, Plot: C2-3_263
SHEPHERD, bur. 1882, Plot: S-4_126
SHEPHERD, bur. 1902, Plot: G-4_365
SHEPHERD, bur. 1911, Plot: G-4_366
SHEPHERD, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-3_194
SHEPHERD, bur. 1913, Plot: C2-3_195
SHEPHERD, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-3_262
SHEPHERD, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_417
SHEPHERD, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_416
SHEPHERD, bur. 1933, Plot: P-5_450
SHEPHERD, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_654
SHEPHERD, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1041
SHEPHERD, bur. 1960, Plot: E2-2_655
SHEPHERD, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_806
SHEPHERD, bur. 1974, Plot: K1-2_405
SHEPHERD, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_937
SHEPHERD, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1567
SHEPHERD, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_30
SHEPPARD, bur. 1941, Plot: M-3_88
SHERBORNE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_473
SHERKEY, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_61
SHERLEY, bur. 1874, Plot: A-3_49
SHERLOCK, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_201
SHERP, bur. 1947, Plot: D2-3_426
SHERRATT, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_250
SHERRATT, bur. 1899, Plot: G-4_228
SHERRATT, bur. 1899, Plot: G-4_229
SHERRIS, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_27
SHERRY, bur. 1924, Plot: K1-1_127
SHERRY, bur. 1924, Plot: K1-1_128
SHERRY, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1216
SHERRY, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-2_1648
SHERWIN, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_239
SHERWIN, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_240
SHEWAN, bur. 1896, Plot: SE-3_413
SHEWAN, bur. 1902, Plot: G-3_409
SHEWAN, bur. 1903, Plot: G-3_410
SHEWAN, bur. 1903, Plot: G-5_30
SHEWAN, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_392
SHEWAN, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_393
SHEWAN, bur. 1908, Plot: G-5_29
SHEWAN, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_139
SHEWAN, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_90
SHEWAN, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_844
SHEWAN, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_168
SHEWAN, bur. 2006, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB14_15
SHIELDS, Plot: E2-1_328
SHIELDS, bur. 1879, Plot: C1-1_2
SHIELDS, bur. 1893, Plot: SE-1_148
SHIELDS, bur. 1927, Plot: P-4_363
SHIELDS, bur. 1943, Plot: M-1_237
SHIELDS, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_748
SHIELDS, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_295
SHIELDS, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_375
SHIELDS, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_39
SHIELDS, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-6_231
SHIELDS, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_255
SHIELDS, bur. 2007, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB14_16
SHIELDS, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_256
SHIERLAW, bur. 1945, Plot: C-4_350
SHIERLAW, bur. 1946, Plot: C-4_349
SHILLETO, bur. 1939, Plot: C2-3_185
SHILLETO, bur. 1951, Plot: C2-3_184
SHILLING, bur. 1888, Plot: C-1_125
SHILLING, bur. 1895, Plot: SE-4_440
SHILLITO, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_724
SHILLITO, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_90
SHINE, bur. 1945, Plot: K1-2_73
SHINE, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1074
SHINE, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1076
SHIPLEY, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_441
SHIPMAN, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAL_14
SHIPMAN, bur. 1961, Plot: L-9_128A
SHIPMAN, bur. 2008, Plot: RSA4-1_406
SHIRES, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_53
SHIRES, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_74
SHIRLEY, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_800
SHIRREFFS, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_293
SHIRTCLIFF, Plot: H-1_379
SHIRTCLIFF, Plot: H-1_380
SHIRTCLIFFE, bur. 1918, Plot: H-1_357
SHIVERS, bur. 1943, Plot: N-4_311
SHORE, bur. 1918, Plot: SE-2_541
SHORE, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-2_427
SHORE, bur. 1935, Plot: P-3_549
SHORE, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_294
SHORE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-2_1351
SHORE, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_317
SHORE, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-3_1409
SHORE, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_959
SHORE, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1164
SHORE, bur. 1976, Plot: CL_141
SHORE, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_202
SHORE, bur. 1983, Plot: RSA4-5_225
SHORE, bur. 1989, Plot: CL_197
SHORE, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-4_430
SHORTAL, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1355
SHORTLAND, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_873
SHORTUS, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_147
SHORTUS, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_148
SHORTUS, bur. 1957, Plot: RSAI_9
SHORTUS, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CB1_29
SHREDHERA, Plot: D-2_219
SHRIMPTON, bur. 1878, Plot: A-3_53
SHRIMPTON, bur. 1917, Plot: A-3_338
SHRIMPTON, bur. 1935, Plot: A-3_54
SHRIMPTON, bur. 1941, Plot: G-3_85A
SHRIMPTON, bur. 1941, Plot: G-3_85B
SHRIMPTON, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_291
SHRIMPTON, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1541
SHUKER, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-3_300
SHUTE, bur. 1906, Plot: H-1_345
SHUTE, bur. 1908, Plot: S-3_374
SHUTE, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAN_10
SHUTE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-2_1347
SIALE, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_44
SIBLEY, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_362
SIBLY, bur. 1882, Plot: D-3_190
SIBLY, bur. 1889, Plot: D-3_189
SIBLY, bur. 1909, Plot: D2-4_264
SIBLY, bur. 1920, Plot: E2-4_186
SIDAWAY, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_46
SIDAWAY, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC2-C_373
SIDES, bur. 1952, Plot: R-1_118
SIDES, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-5_553
SIDES, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_993
SIDEY, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_39
SIDEY, bur. 1974, Plot: RSA4-8_103
SIDLAUSKY, bur. 1934, Plot: RSAA_13
SIEVWRIGHT, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1572
SIEVWRIGHT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_222
SIGNAL, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_950
SIGNAL, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_123
SILCOCK, bur. 1944, Plot: M-3_301
SILLARS, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_495
SILVERLOCK, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1436
SILVERTON, bur. 1910, Plot: G-2_556
SILVERTON, bur. 1914, Plot: G-2_473A
SILVERTON, bur. 1954, Plot: G-2_555
SILVERTON, bur. 1961, Plot: G-2_498
SIM, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-1_389
SIM, bur. 1939, Plot: P-3_754
SIM, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAQ_5
SIM, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_965
SIM, bur. 2001, Plot: RSA4-1_412
SIMATTI, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_692
SIMMONDS, bur. 1867, Plot: E_69
SIMMONS, bur. 1884, Plot: S-4_122
SIMMONS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_725
SIMMONS, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_253
SIMMONS, bur. 1898, Plot: G-3_233
SIMMONS, bur. 1902, Plot: S-4_87
SIMMONS, bur. 1903, Plot: G-3_395
SIMMONS, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-4_215
SIMMONS, bur. 1928, Plot: P-5_409
SIMMONS, bur. 1934, Plot: C2-2_64
SIMMONS, bur. 1941, Plot: M-1_180
SIMMONS, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_23
SIMMONS, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-2_390
SIMMONS, bur. 1947, Plot: M-3_491
SIMMONS, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_134
SIMMONS, bur. 1948, Plot: M-1_179
SIMMONS, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_65
SIMMONS, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_517
SIMMONS, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_335
SIMMONS, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_803
SIMMONS, bur. 1959, Plot: L-6_606
SIMMONS, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1629
SIMMONS, bur. 1963, Plot: L-4_896A
SIMMONS, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_462
SIMMONS, bur. 1974, Plot: C2-2_63
SIMMONS, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_59
SIMMONS, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1715
SIMMONS, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_186
SIMMONS, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: CB14_7
SIMONS, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_123A
SIMPSON, Memorial, Plot: 27244
SIMPSON, Plot: A-2_40
SIMPSON, bur. 1872, Plot: FF_53
SIMPSON, bur. 1884, Plot: C-2_92
SIMPSON, bur. 1884, Plot: D-3_199
SIMPSON, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-3_234
SIMPSON, bur. 1905, Plot: D-3_200
SIMPSON, bur. 1908, Plot: C-3_226
SIMPSON, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-4_291
SIMPSON, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_296
SIMPSON, bur. 1927, Plot: P-3_326
SIMPSON, bur. 1931, Plot: R-2_228
SIMPSON, bur. 1932, Plot: R-4_359
SIMPSON, bur. 1937, Plot: P-1_667
SIMPSON, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_104
SIMPSON, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_248
SIMPSON, bur. 1943, Plot: C-3_225
SIMPSON, bur. 1943, Plot: N-3_249
SIMPSON, bur. 1944, Plot: N-1_196
SIMPSON, bur. 1946, Plot: N-1_174
SIMPSON, bur. 1946, Plot: N-1_175
SIMPSON, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_132
SIMPSON, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_463
SIMPSON, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_843
SIMPSON, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_338
SIMPSON, bur. 1972, Plot: RSA4-9_72
SIMPSON, bur. 1974, Plot: E2-2_297
SIMPSON, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_1008
SIMPSON, bur. 1978, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_18
SIMPSON, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB3_7
SIMPSON, bur. 2000, Plot: RSA4-1A_454
SIMPSON, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: MA_269
SIMPSON, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_62
SIMPSON, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_352
SIMS, bur. 1891, Plot: S-4_344
SIMS, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_493
SIMS, bur. 1935, Plot: P-3_548
SIMS, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_732
SIMS, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_172
SIMS, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_53
SIMS, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_448
SINCLAIR, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_634
SINCLAIR, bur. 1887, Plot: S-6_13
SINCLAIR, bur. 1898, Plot: G-2_146
SINCLAIR, bur. 1903, Plot: H-2_297
SINCLAIR, bur. 1910, Plot: G-2_147
SINCLAIR, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-2_377
SINCLAIR, bur. 1914, Plot: D2-1_531
SINCLAIR, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-3_220
SINCLAIR, bur. 1921, Plot: P-5_445
SINCLAIR, bur. 1922, Plot: D-4_154
SINCLAIR, bur. 1922, Plot: D-4_155
SINCLAIR, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-1_340
SINCLAIR, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_158
SINCLAIR, bur. 1932, Plot: P-2_109
SINCLAIR, bur. 1932, Plot: P-2_610
SINCLAIR, bur. 1932, Plot: P-2_611
SINCLAIR, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_191
SINCLAIR, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_347
SINCLAIR, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_730
SINCLAIR, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1266
SINCLAIR, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_997
SINCLAIR, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_999
SINCLAIR, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_502
SINCLAIR, bur. 1966, Plot: N-3_268
SINCLAIR, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_675
SINCLAIR, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_7
SINCLAIR, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_111
SINCLIAR, bur. 1938, Plot: RSAD_18
SKEATS, bur. 1933, Plot: P-5_451
SKELTON, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-3_596
SKELTON, bur. 2004, Plot: RSA4-6_181
SKELTON, bur. 2004, Plot: RSA4-6_182
SKINNER, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-1_727
SKINNER, bur. 1936, Plot: K1-1_144
SKINNER, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_983
SKINNER, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_802
SKINNER, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_311
SKINNER, bur. 2004, Plot: RSA4-1_399
SKIPPER, bur. 1938, Plot: P-1_151
SKUDDER, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_538
SKUDDER, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_416
SKUDDER, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_516
SKUDDER, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_27
SLATER, bur. 1884, Plot: C-2_94
SLATER, bur. 1891, Plot: SE-1_152
SLATER, bur. 1891, Plot: SE-1_172
SLATTERY, bur. 1888, Plot: B-4_89
SLATTERY, bur. 1942, Plot: K2-3_253
SLATTERY, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1530
SLAUGHTER, bur. 1927, Plot: C2-3_243
SLEE, bur. 1918, Plot: SE-2_547
SLEE, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_70
SLIGHT, bur. 1890, Plot: S-6_266
SLIGO, bur. 1977, Plot: RSA4-6_164
SLIGO, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_693
SLOACOMBE, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_256
SLOACOMBE, bur. 1932, Plot: R-3_257
SLOANE, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-11_36
SLOWERY, bur. 1925, Plot: K2-3_51
SLOWLY, bur. 1898, Plot: SE-3_406
SMAIL, bur. 1949, Plot: GL-2_543
SMAIL, bur. 1949, Plot: GL-2_544
SMAIL, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_631
SMAILL, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1028B
SMALE, bur. 1884, Plot: D-3_186
SMALE, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-4_260
SMALE, bur. 1978, Plot: RCLB-2_1572
SMALE, bur. 1981, Plot: RCLB-1_1695
SMALL, bur. 1898, Plot: D-5_59
SMALL, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1114
SMALL, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLB-1_1639
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1916, Plot: G-3_265
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1921, Plot: G-3_266
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_583
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1950, Plot: K1-3_253
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1960, Plot: C2-3_232
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAS_12
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1979, Plot: C2-3_231
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1991, Plot: RCLC-2_1679
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 1991, Plot: RCLC-2_1680
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: CS_29A
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_103
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_104
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_361
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_212
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_211
SMALLRIDGE, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_43
SMALLWOOD, bur. 1870, Plot: F-2_66
SMART, bur. 1949, Plot: C2-4_125A
SMART, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_673
SMEATON, bur. 1963, Plot: RCL-4_1554
SMEDLEY, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: MA_12
SMEDLEY, bur. 2015, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB15_9
SMILLIE, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_408
SMITH, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_24
SMITH, Memorial, Plot: TC301_9
SMITH, bur. 1868, Plot: E_82
SMITH, bur. 1868, Plot: E_83
SMITH, bur. 1868, Plot: E_86
SMITH, bur. 1875, Plot: A-4_188
SMITH, bur. 1878, Plot: A-3_138
SMITH, bur. 1879, Plot: A-2_218
SMITH, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_379
SMITH, bur. 1891, Plot: S-5_299
SMITH, bur. 1891, Plot: SE-2_188
SMITH, bur. 1891, Plot: SE-2_189
SMITH, bur. 1895, Plot: SE-4_436
SMITH, bur. 1897, Plot: D-2_215
SMITH, bur. 1897, Plot: G-2_130
SMITH, bur. 1898, Plot: SE-3_395
SMITH, bur. 1898, Plot: SE-3_428
SMITH, bur. 1899, Plot: G-4_53
SMITH, bur. 1899, Plot: H-3_11
SMITH, bur. 1901, Plot: SE-3_561
SMITH, bur. 1905, Plot: G-2_131
SMITH, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-1_340
SMITH, bur. 1906, Plot: H-3_136
SMITH, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-4_257
SMITH, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_394
SMITH, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-4_179
SMITH, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-4_258
SMITH, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_106
SMITH, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-2_54
SMITH, bur. 1909, Plot: D2-3_362
SMITH, bur. 1909, Plot: D2-4_282
SMITH, bur. 1910, Plot: A-3_140
SMITH, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_590
SMITH, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-4_285
SMITH, bur. 1914, Plot: D2-4_294
SMITH, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-2_381
SMITH, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-3_233
SMITH, bur. 1915, Plot: H-3_135
SMITH, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-2_351
SMITH, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-5_111
SMITH, bur. 1917, Plot: E2-5_134
SMITH, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-4_220
SMITH, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_143
SMITH, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_143A
SMITH, bur. 1921, Plot: C2-1_500
SMITH, bur. 1922, Plot: G-5_35
SMITH, bur. 1922, Plot: S-6_525
SMITH, bur. 1922, Plot: S-6_526
SMITH, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-2_450
SMITH, bur. 1925, Plot: P-2_270
SMITH, bur. 1926, Plot: P-3_274
SMITH, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_52
SMITH, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_53
SMITH, bur. 1927, Plot: A-3_260
SMITH, bur. 1928, Plot: P-1_205
SMITH, bur. 1928, Plot: P-2_255
SMITH, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-2_107
SMITH, bur. 1930, Plot: D2-1_649
SMITH, bur. 1930, Plot: K1-1_131
SMITH, bur. 1931, Plot: C2-2_55
SMITH, bur. 1931, Plot: P-2_254
SMITH, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_441
SMITH, bur. 1933, Plot: C2-4_150
SMITH, bur. 1933, Plot: C2-4_150A
SMITH, bur. 1933, Plot: E2-2_634
SMITH, bur. 1933, Plot: P-1_206
SMITH, bur. 1934, Plot: C-4_345
SMITH, bur. 1934, Plot: P-3_327
SMITH, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_480
SMITH, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_481
SMITH, bur. 1934, Plot: R-4_374
SMITH, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-3_279
SMITH, bur. 1936, Plot: P-2_598
SMITH, bur. 1936, Plot: R-2_609
SMITH, bur. 1936, Plot: S-7_717
SMITH, bur. 1937, Plot: R-4_10
SMITH, bur. 1938, Plot: E2-4_569
SMITH, bur. 1939, Plot: E2-1_672
SMITH, bur. 1941, Plot: C-4_346
SMITH, bur. 1941, Plot: E2-1_673
SMITH, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_93
SMITH, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_18
SMITH, bur. 1941, Plot: R-2_202
SMITH, bur. 1942, Plot: C2-4_159D
SMITH, bur. 1942, Plot: H-2_316A
SMITH, bur. 1942, Plot: N-2_240
SMITH, bur. 1943, Plot: M-4_350
SMITH, bur. 1944, Plot: N-4_303
SMITH, bur. 1944, Plot: N-4_8
SMITH, bur. 1944, Plot: N-4_9
SMITH, bur. 1945, Plot: GL-1_589
SMITH, bur. 1945, Plot: H-3_134
SMITH, bur. 1945, Plot: M-1_220
SMITH, bur. 1945, Plot: M-5_439
SMITH, bur. 1945, Plot: N-2_439
SMITH, bur. 1945, Plot: R-4_373
SMITH, bur. 1946, Plot: M-3_488
SMITH, bur. 1946, Plot: N-4_355
SMITH, bur. 1946, Plot: R-2_442
SMITH, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_452
SMITH, bur. 1948, Plot: K2-2_106
SMITH, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_175
SMITH, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_180
SMITH, bur. 1949, Plot: E2-4_221
SMITH, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_237
SMITH, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_242
SMITH, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_243
SMITH, bur. 1950, Plot: H-3_150
SMITH, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_15
SMITH, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_740
SMITH, bur. 1952, Plot: P-3_273
SMITH, bur. 1952, Plot: P-3_328
SMITH, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_874
SMITH, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_718
SMITH, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_726
SMITH, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_728
SMITH, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1403
SMITH, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1265
SMITH, bur. 1955, Plot: SE-2_375
SMITH, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1371
SMITH, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1142
SMITH, bur. 1958, Plot: L-2_1296
SMITH, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_784
SMITH, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_806
SMITH, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_426
SMITH, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAX_2
SMITH, bur. 1960, Plot: CL_32
SMITH, bur. 1960, Plot: RCL-2_1692
SMITH, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_837
SMITH, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_138
SMITH, bur. 1963, Plot: RCL-2_1679
SMITH, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAT_6
SMITH, bur. 1964, Plot: CL_68
SMITH, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_114
SMITH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_387
SMITH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_240
SMITH, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_432
SMITH, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_471
SMITH, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_388
SMITH, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-5_549
SMITH, bur. 1968, Plot: RSAY_3
SMITH, bur. 1969, Plot: CL_107
SMITH, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_690
SMITH, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_715
SMITH, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_617
SMITH, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1363
SMITH, bur. 1970, Plot: CL_117
SMITH, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_829
SMITH, bur. 1970, Plot: N-1_195
SMITH, bur. 1971, Plot: C2-4_159C
SMITH, bur. 1971, Plot: CL_123
SMITH, bur. 1971, Plot: RSA4-10_38
SMITH, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_759
SMITH, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_766
SMITH, bur. 1972, Plot: RSA4-9_63
SMITH, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-1_1175
SMITH, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1005
SMITH, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1293
SMITH, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-8_99
SMITH, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_77
SMITH, bur. 1974, Plot: E2-4_568
SMITH, bur. 1975, Plot: D2-3_386
SMITH, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_956
SMITH, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1081
SMITH, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1097
SMITH, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1107
SMITH, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1115
SMITH, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1499
SMITH, bur. 1977, Plot: D2-4_178
SMITH, bur. 1978, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_19
SMITH, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_794
SMITH, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_799
SMITH, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_726
SMITH, bur. 1980, Plot: RSAE_8
SMITH, bur. 1981, Plot: CL_162
SMITH, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_107
SMITH, bur. 1983, Plot: CL_165
SMITH, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_618
SMITH, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_670
SMITH, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLC-1_1792
SMITH, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_565
SMITH, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_445
SMITH, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1711
SMITH, bur. 1987, Plot: RSA4-4_262
SMITH, bur. 1988, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_66
SMITH, bur. 1988, Plot: RCLC-2_1600
SMITH, bur. 1989, Plot: CL_205
SMITH, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_350
SMITH, bur. 1989, Plot: RSA4-3_312
SMITH, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: CS_81
SMITH, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_249
SMITH, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_66
SMITH, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_37
SMITH, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: CB1_23
SMITH, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_70
SMITH, bur. 1998, Plot: RSA4-1A_463
SMITH, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-B_226
SMITH, bur. 2000, Plot: CL_64A
SMITH, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_218
SMITH, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_380
SMITH, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_286
SMITH, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_249
SMITH, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_637
SMITH, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_110
SMITH, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_544
SMITH, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_55
SMITH, bur. 2014, Plot: CL_245
SMITH, bur. 2016, Cremation, Plot: MA_467
SMITH, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: MA_554
SMITH, bur. 2018, Plot: TC70_77
SMITHSON, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-4_214
SMITHSON, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-1_548
SMITHSON, bur. 1926, Plot: P-5_427
SMYTH, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_17
SMYTH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_327
SMYTHE, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1135
SMYTHIES, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-1_91
SMYTHIES, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-1_92
SNADON, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_69
SNELL, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: CB5_18
SNOOK, bur. 2006, Plot: RSA4-1B_540
SNOW, bur. 1947, Plot: GL-2_550
SNUSHALL, bur. 1906, Plot: F-3_132A
SNUSHALL, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAS_13
SNUSHALL, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-11_29
SNUSHELL, bur. 1902, Plot: G-3_392
SOFIELD, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_114
SOFIELD, bur. 1938, Plot: R-1_113
SOLE, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_932
SOLOMON, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-1_400
SOLOMON, bur. 1932, Plot: P-3_565
SOLOMON, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_178
SOLOMON, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_415
SOLOMON, bur. 1968, Plot: E2-1_399
SOLOMON, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_793
SOLOMON, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1050
SOMASUNDARAM, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_285
SOMERVILLE, bur. 1927, Plot: P-5_418
SOMERVILLE, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_3
SOMERVILLE, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1462
SOMERVILLE, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1464
SOMMERVILLE, bur. 1891, Plot: C-2_154
SOPER, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_108
SORENSEN, bur. 1917, Plot: B-3_461
SORENSEN, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_212
SORENSON, Plot: C2-2_409
SORENSON, bur. 1947, Plot: C2-2_408
SORENSON, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_307
SOUTER, bur. 1900, Plot: H-1_245
SOUTER, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-5_115
SOUTER, bur. 1946, Plot: M-1_595
SOUTER, bur. 1947, Plot: M-1_594
SOUTER, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: MA_452
SOUTH, Plot: C-3_309
SOUTH, bur. 1881, Plot: D-2_248
SOUTH, bur. 1890, Plot: D-2_249
SOUTH, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1136
SOUTH, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1138
SOUTH, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: CS_107
SOUTH, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: TC187_146
SOUTHBY, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_203
SOUTHGATE, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_47
SOUTHGATE, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_463
SOUTHGATE, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_464
SOUTHGATE, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_14
SOUTHGATE, bur. 2019, Cremation, Plot: MA_565
SOUTHWARD, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: CB2_10
SOUTHWOOD, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_155
SOWERBY, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-3_593
SOWERBY, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_200
SOWERBY, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_200A
SOWERBY, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_120
SOWERBY, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_48
SPARK, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_38
SPARKS, bur. 1932, Plot: K1-3_222
SPARKS, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_32
SPARKS, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_32A
SPARKS, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1236
SPARKS, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_330
SPAVIN, bur. 1966, Plot: H-2_317B
SPAVIN, bur. 1996, Plot: RSA4-1A_468
SPEARS, bur. 1952, Plot: M-4_468
SPEARS, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAK_7
SPEECHLEY, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-4_139
SPEECHLEY, bur. 1956, Plot: C2-4_139E
SPEEDEN, bur. 1928, Plot: P-3_299
SPEERS, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-4_220
SPENCE, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-4_283
SPENCE, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-4_284
SPENCE, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-1_394
SPENCE, bur. 1940, Plot: P-1_690
SPENCE, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_127
SPENCE, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_370
SPENCE, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_372
SPENCE, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1033
SPENCE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1234
SPENCE, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_782
SPENCE, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_71
SPENCE, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_129
SPENCE, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_131
SPENCER, bur. 1909, Plot: C-3_70
SPENCER, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_35
SPENCER, bur. 1964, Plot: CL_65
SPIERS, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1520
SPILLANE, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1471
SPINDELER, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_227
SPINDELER, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_228
SPOONER, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-3_231
SPOONER, bur. 1896, Plot: G-4_52
SPOWART, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_424
SPOWART, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_57
SPRAGUE, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_6
SPRAGUE, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_41
SPRATT, bur. 1934, Plot: R-3_266
SPRATT, bur. 1934, Plot: R-3_267
SPRATT, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_21
SPRATT, bur. 1972, Plot: RSA4-9_67
SPRATT, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_758
SPRIGGS, bur. 2017, Plot: TC69_71
SPRING, bur. 1954, Plot: RCL-4_1502
SPRING, bur. 1954, Plot: RCL-4_1504
SPRING, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1224
SPRING, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1549
SPRING, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: MA_480
SPRINGTHORPE, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: CB12_5
SPRUYT, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_107
SPURDEN, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_134
SPURDEN, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1469
SPURDEN, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_543
SPURDON, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_135
SQUIRE, bur. 1893, Plot: C-2_185
SQUIRE, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-3_455
SQUIRE, bur. 1918, Plot: D2-3_456
SQUIRE, bur. 1928, Plot: P-4_351
SQUIRE, bur. 1931, Plot: P-3_569
SQUIRE, bur. 1940, Plot: P-4_352
SQUIRE, bur. 1947, Plot: P-3_568
SQUIRE, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_319
SQUIRE, bur. 1976, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_13
SQUIRE, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_646
SQUIRE, bur. 1994, Plot: RSAY_5
SQUIRE, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1437
SQUIRES, bur. 1896, Plot: C-2_186
ST ERCH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_352
STACK, bur. 1912, Plot: B-3_350A
STACK, bur. 1928, Plot: K1-3_25
STACK, bur. 1933, Plot: K1-3_26
STACK, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_173A
STACK, bur. 1948, Plot: K1-3_27
STACK, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_406
STACK, bur. 1960, Plot: RCL-3_1623
STACK, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1450
STACK, bur. 1976, Plot: RSA4-7_128
STACK, bur. 1989, Plot: RSA4-3_302
STACPOOLE, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_57
STAFFORD, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_264
STAGG, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_40
STAITE, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_819
STAITE, bur. 1986, Cremation, Plot: CS_5
STAMP, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_698
STAMP, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_39
STANDEN, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_575
STANDEN, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-1_574
STANLEY, bur. 1928, Plot: P-5_421
STANLEY, bur. 1928, Plot: P-5_422
STANLEY, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_336
STANLEY, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_52
STANSELL, bur. 1879, Plot: D-5_47
STANSELL, bur. 1882, Plot: D-5_48
STANTON, bur. 1899, Plot: H-1_113
STANWAY, bur. 1942, Plot: RCL-2_1697
STAPLES, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-4_290
STAPLES, bur. 1961, Plot: RSAV_4
STAPLETON, bur. 1885, Plot: C-2_88
STAPLETON, bur. 1938, Plot: B-1_311
STAPLETON, bur. 1943, Plot: K1-2_187
STAPLETON, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_16
STAPLETON, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1227
STAPLETON, bur. 1971, Plot: RCLB-3_1385
STAPLETON, bur. 1983, Plot: CL_172
STAPLETON, bur. 1994, Plot: B-1_239
STAPLETON, bur. 1994, Plot: B-1_240
STAPLETON, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_21
STARCK, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_427
STARE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_300
STARFORD, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-5_33
STARK, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-1_515
STARSMEARE, bur. 1918, Plot: C-4_358
STARSMEARE, bur. 1918, Plot: C-4_359
STARSMEARE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1071
STEAD, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_258
STEAD, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_259
STEAD, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_976
STEAD, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_138
STEADMAN, bur. 1893, Plot: C-1_178
STEANS, Plot: TC186_2
STEANS, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_8
STEANS, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1691
STECHMAN, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-3_311
STECHMAN, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-3_312
STECHMAN, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-2_431B
STECHMAN, bur. 1960, Plot: L-4_1021
STECHMAN, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_287
STECHMAN, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_102
STECHMAN, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_243
STECHMAN, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_268
STEEL, bur. 1877, Plot: D-4_162
STEEL, bur. 1929, Plot: P-3_297
STEEL, bur. 1930, Plot: P-3_298
STEEL, bur. 1949, Plot: GL-1_565
STEEL, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAQ_4
STEEL, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-5_531
STEEL, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-1_1593
STEELE, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_213
STEELE, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_786
STEERE, bur. 1940, Plot: R-2_593
STENHOUSE, bur. 1945, Plot: M-2_121
STENHOUSE, bur. 1966, Plot: SE-4_452
STENHOUSE, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_135
STEPHEN, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-4_268
STEPHEN, bur. 1930, Plot: E2-2_637
STEPHEN, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_27
STEPHEN, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_973
STEPHEN, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAS_4
STEPHEN, bur. 1963, Plot: SE-3_578
STEPHEN, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_49
STEPHEN, bur. 2012, Plot: TC186_142
STEPHENS, Plot: G-4_339
STEPHENS, bur. 1900, Plot: G-4_337
STEPHENS, bur. 1910, Plot: G-4_338
STEPHENS, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_286
STEPHENS, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_106
STEPHENS, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAQ_16
STEPHENS, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_795
STEPHENS, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_291
STEPHENS, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_379
STEPHENSON, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_562
STEPHENSON, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-3_609
STERICKER, bur. 1884, Plot: C-2_84
STERICKER, bur. 1887, Plot: C-2_83
STERICKER, bur. 1914, Plot: C-2_81
STERICKER, bur. 1928, Plot: C-2_82
STERLING, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-2_214
STERLING, bur. 1899, Plot: S-6_261
STEVEN, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-3_379B
STEVEN, bur. 1927, Plot: P-2_117
STEVEN, bur. 1934, Plot: D2-3_379A
STEVEN, bur. 1941, Plot: M-1_192
STEVEN, bur. 1941, Plot: M-1_193
STEVEN, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_581
STEVEN, bur. 1958, Plot: RSAH_7
STEVEN, bur. 1961, Plot: D2-4_226
STEVEN, bur. 1989, Plot: CL_202
STEVEN, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_344
STEVENS, Plot: C2-2_358
STEVENS, bur. 1881, Plot: C1-2_7
STEVENS, bur. 1884, Plot: S-2_421
STEVENS, bur. 1885, Plot: S-2_649
STEVENS, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_130
STEVENS, bur. 1926, Plot: G-4_59
STEVENS, bur. 1930, Plot: C2-3_26
STEVENS, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-3_25
STEVENS, bur. 1950, Plot: E2-4_189
STEVENS, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1410
STEVENS, bur. 1959, Plot: E2-4_190
STEVENS, bur. 1962, Plot: G-4_58
STEVENS, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_272
STEVENS, bur. 1965, Plot: RCLB-4_1218
STEVENS, bur. 1966, Plot: CL_81
STEVENS, bur. 1967, Plot: CL_90
STEVENS, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_835
STEVENS, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_627
STEVENS, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLC-1_1790
STEVENS, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_526
STEVENS, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-4_428
STEVENS, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_233
STEVENS, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_82
STEVENSON, bur. 1883, Plot: S-5_46
STEVENSON, bur. 1883, Plot: S-5_82
STEVENSON, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_134
STEVENSON, bur. 1895, Plot: G-3_88
STEVENSON, bur. 1902, Plot: G-5_336
STEVENSON, bur. 1903, Plot: D-5_107
STEVENSON, bur. 1903, Plot: G-2_429
STEVENSON, bur. 1909, Plot: D-5_108
STEVENSON, bur. 1911, Plot: D-6_89
STEVENSON, bur. 1917, Plot: D-4_128
STEVENSON, bur. 1918, Plot: C-3_320
STEVENSON, bur. 1919, Plot: G-5_335
STEVENSON, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-3_511
STEVENSON, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-1_351
STEVENSON, bur. 1925, Plot: G-2_439
STEVENSON, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_291
STEVENSON, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_504
STEVENSON, bur. 1935, Plot: R-3_292
STEVENSON, bur. 1938, Plot: P-1_670
STEVENSON, bur. 1938, Plot: P-3_760
STEVENSON, bur. 1941, Plot: G-5_336A
STEVENSON, bur. 1943, Plot: GL-1_197
STEVENSON, bur. 1946, Plot: R-3_622
STEVENSON, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_446
STEVENSON, bur. 1949, Plot: M-5_429
STEVENSON, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-2_447
STEVENSON, bur. 1951, Plot: RSAO_13
STEVENSON, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_689
STEVENSON, bur. 1954, Plot: RCL-4_1490
STEVENSON, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1213
STEVENSON, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-4_1538
STEVENSON, bur. 1966, Plot: E2-1_352
STEVENSON, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-4_1279
STEVENSON, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1446
STEVENSON, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_207
STEVENSON, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_83
STEVENSON, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-9_24
STEVENSON, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1690
STEVENSON, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-5_388
STEVENSON, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1533
STEVENSON, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1563
STEVENSON, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_21
STEVENSON, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_317
STEVENSON, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_36
STEVENSON, bur. 2015, Plot: RSA4-1B_521
STEVENSON, bur. 2015, Plot: TC70_1
STEVENSON, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_11
STEWARD, bur. 1884, Plot: S-4_120
STEWARD, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_38
STEWART, bur. 1880, Plot: B-3_48
STEWART, bur. 1883, Plot: S-5_83
STEWART, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_718
STEWART, bur. 1888, Plot: SE-4_286
STEWART, bur. 1906, Plot: C-4_384
STEWART, bur. 1914, Plot: G-1_468
STEWART, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_73
STEWART, bur. 1920, Plot: E2-4_237
STEWART, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-5_153
STEWART, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-1_330
STEWART, bur. 1928, Plot: P-3_290
STEWART, bur. 1930, Plot: E2-2_647
STEWART, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-1_329
STEWART, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-2_307
STEWART, bur. 1932, Plot: G-1_467
STEWART, bur. 1932, Plot: P-3_564
STEWART, bur. 1933, Plot: E2-4_236
STEWART, bur. 1933, Plot: P-1_626
STEWART, bur. 1933, Plot: P-1_627
STEWART, bur. 1934, Plot: E2-2_306
STEWART, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_503
STEWART, bur. 1936, Plot: R-4_379
STEWART, bur. 1938, Plot: P-3_563
STEWART, bur. 1939, Plot: P-3_289
STEWART, bur. 1944, Plot: M-4_342
STEWART, bur. 1945, Plot: M-2_556
STEWART, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_361
STEWART, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-3_46
STEWART, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_765
STEWART, bur. 1954, Plot: E2-5_72
STEWART, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAM_12
STEWART, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1370
STEWART, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1123
STEWART, bur. 1958, Plot: RSAH_5
STEWART, bur. 1961, Plot: CL_38
STEWART, bur. 1962, Plot: D2-4_266
STEWART, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_48
STEWART, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAS_15
STEWART, bur. 1966, Plot: CL_85
STEWART, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_518
STEWART, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_621
STEWART, bur. 1969, Plot: RSA4-12_12
STEWART, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-11_32
STEWART, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-5_634
STEWART, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_996
STEWART, bur. 1975, Plot: E2-4_851
STEWART, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1166
STEWART, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_529
STEWART, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_531
STEWART, bur. 1987, Plot: CL_192
STEWART, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_50
STEWART, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC1_1466
STEWART, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_95
STEWART, bur. 1998, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB10_16
STEWART, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_87
STEWART, bur. 2002, Plot: RSA4-1_413
STEWART, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_120
STEWART, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-B_456
STEWART, bur. 2008, Plot: RSA4-1A_443
STEWART, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: MA_404
STEWART, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_102
STEWART, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_18
STICKINGS, bur. 1923, Plot: K2-3_79
STICKINGS, bur. 1923, Plot: K2-3_80
STICKINGS, bur. 1925, Plot: K2-2_85
STICKINGS, bur. 1947, Plot: K2-3_249
STICKINGS, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1229
STICKLE, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_224
STIDOLPH, bur. 1954, Plot: RCL-4_1506
STILWELL, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_67
STINSON, bur. 1938, Plot: R-2_603
STINSON, bur. 1941, Plot: R-2_604
STIRLING, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_57
STIRLING, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1150
STIRLING, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_36
STOCK, bur. 1908, Plot: G-2_286
STOCKDILL, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_184
STOCKER, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_103
STOCKER, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-1_567B
STOCKER, bur. 1930, Plot: C2-1_543
STOCKER, bur. 1935, Plot: P-2_597
STOCKER, bur. 1938, Plot: R-3_625
STOCKER, bur. 1949, Plot: N-1_171
STOCKER, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_72
STOCKER, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_344
STOCKER, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_734
STOCKER, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1068
STOCKER, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_736
STOCKER, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1106
STOCKER, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_469
STOCKER, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_664
STOCKER, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_666
STOCKER, bur. 1974, Plot: C2-1_104
STOCKER, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_918
STOCKER, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_121
STOCKER, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_358
STOCKER, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_265
STOCKWELL, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_379
STODDART, bur. 1933, Plot: K1-3_223
STODDART, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-2_760
STODDART, bur. 1943, Plot: M-4_325
STODDART, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_179
STODDART, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_181
STODDART, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1351
STODDART, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-4_456
STOKES, bur. 1883, Plot: C1-2_31
STOKES, bur. 1897, Plot: SE-3_245
STOKES, bur. 1897, Plot: SE-3_246
STOKES, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_132
STOKES, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-3_48
STOKES, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_369
STOKES, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_60
STONE, bur. 1876, Plot: A-1_14
STONE, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-2_429
STONE, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-3_603
STONE, bur. 1937, Plot: RSAD_8
STONESTREET, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_446
STONYER, bur. 1894, Plot: C-1_138
STONYER, bur. 1915, Plot: C-1_137
STONYER, bur. 1934, Plot: C2-3_207
STONYER, bur. 1956, Plot: C2-3_206
STOREY, bur. 1935, Plot: P-2_592
STORRIER, bur. 1883, Plot: S-5_80
STORRIER, bur. 1890, Plot: S-5_51
STORRIER, bur. 1942, Plot: N-2_88
STORY, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAS_5
STOTT, bur. 1906, Plot: B-4_330
STOTT, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-2_407
STOTT, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: CB2_11
STOUT, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_361
STOUT, bur. 1980, Plot: E2-4_178
STOWELL, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-3_260
STOWELL, bur. 1925, Plot: C2-4_140A
STOWELL, bur. 1926, Plot: P-3_318
STOWELL, bur. 1935, Plot: P-1_631
STOWELL, bur. 1937, Plot: C2-3_261
STOWELL, bur. 1940, Plot: C2-4_141A
STOWELL, bur. 1943, Plot: M-5_397
STOWELL, bur. 1944, Plot: N-4_38
STOWELL, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_72
STOWELL, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_129
STOWELL, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_488
STOWELL, bur. 1978, Plot: SE-4_610
STOWELL, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_508
STOWELL, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_468
STOWELL, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: MA_109
STRACHAN, Plot: L-1_1428
STRACHAN, bur. 1917, Plot: S-4_108
STRACHAN, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_318
STRACHAN, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-1_397
STRACHAN, bur. 1930, Plot: E2-2_317
STRACHAN, bur. 1933, Plot: P-4_517
STRACHAN, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_113
STRACHAN, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_523
STRACHAN, bur. 1960, Plot: RCL-2_1700
STRACHAN, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_91
STRACHAN, bur. 1996, Plot: RCLC-3_1544
STRACHAN, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_79
STRACHAN, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: CB5_1
STRACHAN, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_96
STRANG, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_109
STRANG, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-5_212
STRANG, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-6_190
STRANG, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_46
STRANGE, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1670
STRANKS, bur. 1870, Plot: A-3_335
STRANKS, bur. 1901, Plot: A-3_336
STRATFORD, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_780
STRATHERN, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_56
STRATHERN, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAL_12
STRATHERN, bur. 1962, Plot: RSAV_14
STRAVER, bur. 2016, Cremation, Plot: CB14_6
STRAW, bur. 1939, Plot: R-1_567
STRAY, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_578
STRAY, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_580
STRAY, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_369
STREET, bur. 1944, Plot: K1-4_9A
STREET, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAS_17
STREET, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: MA_57
STREETEN, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB1_31
STREETER, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-2_641
STREETER, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-2_640
STRINGER, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_173
STRINGER, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_855
STRINGER, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_219
STROMDAHL, bur. 1924, Plot: D2-4_312
STRONACH, bur. 1920, Plot: H-2_310
STRONG, bur. 1947, Plot: M-5_410
STRUTHERS, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_918
STRUTHERS, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_114
STRUTHERS, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_326
STRUTHERS, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_714
STRUTHERS, bur. 1983, Plot: RSA4-4_271
STRUTHERS, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_284
STRUTHERS, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_46
STRUTHERS, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_270
STUART, bur. 1885, Plot: F-3_142
STUART, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-4_192
STUART, bur. 1947, Plot: GL-2_252
STUART, bur. 1964, Plot: C2-2_324
STUART, bur. 1964, Plot: D2-4_193
STUART, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_775
STUART, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-2_609
STUART, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-2_611
STUART, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_607
STUART, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-B_167
STUBBS, bur. 1987, Plot: RSA4-3_319
STUCK, bur. 1968, Plot: L-7_397
STUMBLES, bur. 1881, Plot: D-2_247
STUMBLES, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-3_265
STUMBLES, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_332
STURMEY, bur. 1910, Plot: H-3_4
STURROCK, bur. 1889, Plot: S-5_310
STUTHRIDGE, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-4_270
STYLES, bur. 1898, Plot: S-5_73
STYLES, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-1_499B
STYLES, bur. 1925, Plot: C2-1_499A
STYLES, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_199
STYLES, bur. 1932, Plot: P-4_51
STYLES, bur. 1939, Plot: E2-3_577
STYLES, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_10
STYLES, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_11
STYLES, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_12
STYLES, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_697
STYLES, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_811
SUCKLING, bur. 1881, Plot: D-3_271
SUCKLING, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1061
SUCKLING, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_53
SUCKLING, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_66
SUDDENS, Cremation, Plot: MA_376
SUGRUE, bur. 1921, Plot: G-5_36
SUGRUE, bur. 1941, Plot: K1-4_278
SUGRUE, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-1_448
SUGRUE, bur. 1966, Plot: SE-3_414
SUGRUE, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1245
SUGRUE, bur. 1969, Plot: K1-1_447
SUGRUE, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1460
SUGRUE, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1764
SUGRUE, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: CS_10
SUGRUE, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB3_14
SUHOMSKI, bur. 1947, Plot: K2-3_380
SULLIVAN, Plot: TC187_17
SULLIVAN, bur. 1872, Plot: B-1_1
SULLIVAN, bur. 1872, Plot: B-1_2
SULLIVAN, bur. 1879, Plot: B-2_27
SULLIVAN, bur. 1881, Plot: B-4_99
SULLIVAN, bur. 1883, Plot: C1-2_32
SULLIVAN, bur. 1896, Plot: SE-3_415
SULLIVAN, bur. 1905, Plot: B-4_252
SULLIVAN, bur. 1908, Plot: B-1_396
SULLIVAN, bur. 1916, Plot: B-3_49
SULLIVAN, bur. 1917, Plot: B-3_60A
SULLIVAN, bur. 1919, Plot: B-1_314
SULLIVAN, bur. 1923, Plot: B-1_415
SULLIVAN, bur. 1931, Plot: K2-3_62
SULLIVAN, bur. 1940, Plot: K1-2_195
SULLIVAN, bur. 1941, Plot: K2-3_245
SULLIVAN, bur. 1943, Plot: K1-4_261A
SULLIVAN, bur. 1944, Plot: K2-2_225
SULLIVAN, bur. 1945, Plot: K1-2_395
SULLIVAN, bur. 1945, Plot: K2-2_228
SULLIVAN, bur. 1945, Plot: K2-2_440
SULLIVAN, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-4_263A
SULLIVAN, bur. 1946, Plot: K2-4_318
SULLIVAN, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_36
SULLIVAN, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-3_61
SULLIVAN, bur. 1951, Plot: RSAO_16
SULLIVAN, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_568
SULLIVAN, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-1_1727A
SULLIVAN, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_809
SULLIVAN, bur. 1958, Plot: RCLC-1_1761
SULLIVAN, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_7
SULLIVAN, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1258
SULLIVAN, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-4_1289
SULLIVAN, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_945
SULLIVAN, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1482
SULLIVAN, bur. 1980, Plot: K1-2_391
SULLIVAN, bur. 1980, Plot: RCLB-1_1601
SULLIVAN, bur. 1995, Plot: RSA4-3_308
SULLIVAN, bur. 1998, Plot: B-2_296
SULLIVAN, bur. 1998, Plot: B-2_297
SULLIVAN, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_343
SULLIVAN, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_113
SUMMERFIELD, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_970
SUMMERFIELD, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1088
SUMMERFIELD, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-7_198
SUMMERS, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-1_512
SUMMERS, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_561
SUMMERTON, bur. 1920, Plot: K1-3_48
SUMPER, bur. 1881, Plot: SE-3_392
SUMPTER, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_187
SUNAWAY, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1386
SUNAWAY, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_156
SUNBORN, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_56
SUNNAWAY, bur. 1893, Plot: C-2_108
SUNNAWAY, bur. 1898, Plot: C-2_109
SURRIDGE, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1667
SUTER, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1075
SUTER, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_275
SUTHERLAND, Plot: D2-3_363
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_385
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1898, Plot: A-2_321
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1898, Plot: D-6_98
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1904, Plot: D-6_97
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1927, Plot: P-5_431
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1937, Plot: F-2_77B
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_91
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_92
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_156A
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_704
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1954, Plot: LB-2_930
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_500
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-2_1047
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1978, Cremation, Plot: MA_218
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_683
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1985, Plot: C-4_351
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1992, Plot: RSAZ_10
SUTHERLAND, bur. 1998, Plot: A-2_320
SUTHERLAND, bur. 2007, Plot: F-2_76
SUTTER, bur. 1888, Plot: C-3_260
SUTTIE, bur. 1951, Plot: RSAO_14
SUTTIE, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_385
SUTTON, bur. 1896, Plot: H-2_71
SUTTON, bur. 1904, Plot: H-3_130
SUTTON, bur. 1931, Plot: H-2_70
SUTTON, bur. 1951, Plot: E2-5_106
SUTTON, bur. 1951, Plot: H-3_131
SUTTON, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_424
SUTTON, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_89
SVARNAS, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-B_234
SWAIN, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-4_529
SWAIN, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_9
SWAIN, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_88
SWAN, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-2_427
SWAN, bur. 1948, Plot: L-9_25
SWAN, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_557
SWAN, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_955
SWANN, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-6_155
SWANSON, bur. 1936, Plot: R-2_458
SWEENEY, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-3_1441
SWETE, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-B_173
SWITALLA, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_160
SWITALLA, bur. 1975, Plot: N-3_383
SWITALLA, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-5_390
SWITALLA, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_83
SYDER, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_262
SYKES, bur. 1996, Plot: RCLC-3_1522
SYKES, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_6
SYMES, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-1_638
SYMES, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-1_637
SYMONS, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_261
SZABO, bur. 1961, Plot: GL-2_540
TACKNEY, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-2_1646A
TACON, bur. 1881, Plot: S-1_468
TACON, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-3_291
TACON, bur. 1934, Plot: C2-3_292
TACON, bur. 1940, Plot: N-4_1
TAIAPA, bur. 1900, Plot: SE-3_580
TAIAROA, bur. 1995, Plot: RCLC-3_1501
TAIT, bur. 1899, Plot: G-3_247
TAIT, bur. 1928, Plot: D2-5_24
TAIT, bur. 1935, Plot: R-2_468
TAIT, bur. 1936, Plot: R-2_467
TAIT, bur. 1946, Plot: M-1_218
TAIT, bur. 1946, Plot: RSAB_13
TAIT, bur. 1977, Plot: G-5_188
TAIT, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_169
TAKUIRA-MITA, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1435
TALBOT, Plot: M-3_282
TALBOT, bur. 1907, Plot: C2-2_319
TALBOT, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_317
TALBOT, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-2_385
TALBOT, bur. 1921, Plot: C2-2_318
TALBOT, bur. 1936, Plot: C2-2_386
TALBOT, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_281
TALBOT, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1227
TALBOT, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_645
TALBOT, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_144
TALBOT, bur. 1979, Plot: C2-2_387
TALBOYS, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_325
TALENI, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-3_1495
TALLETT, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_370
TANGNEY, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-3_66
TANGNEY, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-3_67
TANGNEY, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAY_17
TANGNEY, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1352
TANK, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_321
TAPLIN, bur. 1898, Plot: H-1_121
TAPLIN, bur. 1907, Plot: H-1_122
TAPP, bur. 1880, Plot: A-2_280
TAPP, bur. 1900, Plot: D-1_240
TAPP, bur. 1911, Plot: D-1_263
TAPP, bur. 1919, Plot: E2-5_143B
TAPP, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_516
TAPP, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_511
TAPP, bur. 1963, Plot: C2-1_517
TAPP, bur. 1981, Plot: RCLB-1_1640
TAPP, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_642
TAPP, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: CB5_5
TAPPER, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAK_4
TAPPER, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_61
TAPSON, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_498
TARGUS, bur. 1899, Plot: G-4_198
TARGUSE, bur. 1883, Plot: D-4_178
TARRANT, bur. 1893, Plot: C-1_175
TARRANT, bur. 1926, Plot: K1-3_57
TASKER, bur. 1889, Plot: S-6_244
TASKER, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_105
TASKER, bur. 1941, Plot: A-2_220A
TATAM, bur. 1917, Plot: C-4_372
TATE, bur. 1871, Plot: A-1_6
TATE, bur. 1882, Plot: A-1_298
TATE, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_109
TATE, bur. 1958, Plot: L-4_970
TATE, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_978
TATTERSAL, bur. 1905, Plot: A-2_30A
TAUHORE, bur. 1985, Plot: RSA4-4_234
TAUTUA, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_86
TAVENDALE, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_81
TAVENDALE, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC-7_168
TAVENDALE, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_3
TAVENER, bur. 1892, Plot: C-2_159
TAVENER, bur. 1928, Plot: C-2_158
TAVENER, bur. 1928, Plot: P-3_529
TAVENER, bur. 1931, Plot: R-4_353
TAVENER, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_943
TAWHARA, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_21
TAWHARA, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: MA_497
TAYLER, bur. 1931, Plot: P-1_619
TAYLER, bur. 1947, Plot: N-2_411
TAYLOR-MOSS, bur. 2001, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB9_5
TAYLOR, Plot: H-2_193
TAYLOR, bur. 1874, Plot: D-6_37
TAYLOR, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_22
TAYLOR, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_623
TAYLOR, bur. 1885, Plot: D-6_38
TAYLOR, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_667
TAYLOR, bur. 1887, Plot: A-2_203
TAYLOR, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_265
TAYLOR, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_266
TAYLOR, bur. 1892, Plot: C-3_221
TAYLOR, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_161
TAYLOR, bur. 1901, Plot: G-4_204
TAYLOR, bur. 1901, Plot: SE-3_563
TAYLOR, bur. 1902, Plot: F-3_23F
TAYLOR, bur. 1902, Plot: F-3_28
TAYLOR, bur. 1903, Plot: H-2_194
TAYLOR, bur. 1906, Plot: B-2_207
TAYLOR, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_78
TAYLOR, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-3_44
TAYLOR, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_612
TAYLOR, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-2_410
TAYLOR, bur. 1919, Plot: C2-2_365
TAYLOR, bur. 1919, Plot: C2-2_366
TAYLOR, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-1_611
TAYLOR, bur. 1922, Plot: K1-1_117
TAYLOR, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-1_629
TAYLOR, bur. 1923, Plot: K1-1_124
TAYLOR, bur. 1924, Plot: C-3_222
TAYLOR, bur. 1924, Plot: R-1_159
TAYLOR, bur. 1926, Plot: G-2_276
TAYLOR, bur. 1926, Plot: G-2_277
TAYLOR, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-2_108
TAYLOR, bur. 1927, Plot: P-1_143
TAYLOR, bur. 1929, Plot: G-4_205
TAYLOR, bur. 1930, Plot: K1-1_125
TAYLOR, bur. 1930, Plot: SE-3_400
TAYLOR, bur. 1931, Plot: P-5_447
TAYLOR, bur. 1932, Plot: E2-3_585
TAYLOR, bur. 1932, Plot: P-4_520
TAYLOR, bur. 1934, Plot: K1-3_224
TAYLOR, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-1_334
TAYLOR, bur. 1937, Plot: P-5_844
TAYLOR, bur. 1937, Plot: RSAD_13
TAYLOR, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_724
TAYLOR, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-3_618
TAYLOR, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_6
TAYLOR, bur. 1944, Plot: N-1_190
TAYLOR, bur. 1944, Plot: N-1_191
TAYLOR, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_397
TAYLOR, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_398
TAYLOR, bur. 1945, Plot: R-1_158
TAYLOR, bur. 1946, Plot: M-3_515
TAYLOR, bur. 1946, Plot: N-2_407
TAYLOR, bur. 1946, Plot: N-3_368
TAYLOR, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_181
TAYLOR, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_186
TAYLOR, bur. 1949, Plot: K1-2_400
TAYLOR, bur. 1949, Plot: K2-4_370
TAYLOR, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_58
TAYLOR, bur. 1951, Plot: K2-4_369
TAYLOR, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_940
TAYLOR, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1072
TAYLOR, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1242
TAYLOR, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAL_9
TAYLOR, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAM_16
TAYLOR, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1277
TAYLOR, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1297
TAYLOR, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1145
TAYLOR, bur. 1958, Plot: P-1_142
TAYLOR, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_468
TAYLOR, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAH_11
TAYLOR, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1010
TAYLOR, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-2_1695
TAYLOR, bur. 1963, Plot: K1-1_461
TAYLOR, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_269
TAYLOR, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_169
TAYLOR, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-9_24
TAYLOR, bur. 1966, Plot: K1-1_118
TAYLOR, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_428
TAYLOR, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_680
TAYLOR, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_692
TAYLOR, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_887
TAYLOR, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-1_1172
TAYLOR, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_1020
TAYLOR, bur. 1975, Plot: P-1_137
TAYLOR, bur. 1975, Plot: RSA4-7_133
TAYLOR, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1093
TAYLOR, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1095
TAYLOR, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_773
TAYLOR, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_792
TAYLOR, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_798
TAYLOR, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_751
TAYLOR, bur. 1979, Plot: RCLB-2_1544
TAYLOR, bur. 1982, Plot: SE-3_431
TAYLOR, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1658
TAYLOR, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_640
TAYLOR, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLC-1_1793
TAYLOR, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_455
TAYLOR, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1701
TAYLOR, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_78
TAYLOR, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB3_6
TAYLOR, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_316
TAYLOR, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_321
TAYLOR, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_317
TAYLOR, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_234
TAYLOR, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-2_1650
TAYLOR, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC2-A_14
TAYLOR, bur. 1996, Plot: RCLC-3_1546
TAYLOR, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_58
TAYLOR, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_23
TAYLOR, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_25
TAYLOR, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_63
TAYLOR, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-B_163
TAYLOR, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-B_179
TAYLOR, bur. 2004, Plot: RSA4-3_304
TAYLOR, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_40
TAYLOR, bur. 2010, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB9_6
TAYLOR, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_148
TAYLOR, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_55
TAYLOR, bur. 2017, Plot: TC69_75
TAYLOR, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_6
TE PUKE, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_149
TE RAKI, bur. 2009, Plot: CL_225
TEAHEN, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: CB1_41
TEAPE, bur. 1938, Plot: RSAD_17
TEE, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-2_360
TEE, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1128
TEGELAARS, bur. 2014, Plot: TC187_45
TEGG, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_372
TEGG, bur. 1914, Plot: SE-3_398
TEKOW, bur. 1870, Plot: E_98
TELFORD, bur. 1961, Plot: RSAV_5
TEMPERLEY, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-5_365
TEMPERTON, bur. 1884, Plot: C-2_45
TEMPLAR, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-4_162
TEMPLE, bur. 1917, Plot: H-2_336
TEMPLE, bur. 1920, Plot: H-2_335
TEMPLE, bur. 1972, Plot: RSAB_9
TENNANT, bur. 1900, Plot: H-2_175
TENNANT, bur. 1928, Plot: D2-1_609
TENNANT, bur. 1935, Plot: D2-1_610
TERITO, bur. 2003, Plot: RSA4-1_409
TERPSTRA, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_37
TERRIS, bur. 1948, Plot: F-1_7
TESCHEMAKER, bur. 1878, Plot: A-1_173
TESCHEMAKER, bur. 1919, Plot: A-1_175
TEW, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_99
TEW, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_503
TEYWOOD, bur. 1954, Plot: SE-3_568
THEW, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_23
THEW, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-5_22
THEW, bur. 1935, Plot: P-4_512
THEYERS, bur. 1998, Plot: RSA4-1A_466
THICKETT, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-5_67
THICKETT, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-5_68
THIELE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_425
THIN, bur. 1934, Plot: D2-5_93
THIN, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_691
THIN, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_292
THIN, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-9_52
THIN, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC2-A_414
THIN, bur. 2018, Plot: RSA4-1B_555
THIRKETTLE, bur. 2003, Plot: RSA4-1A_433
THOM, bur. 1953, Plot: N-2_424
THOM, bur. 1975, Plot: RSA4-8_115
THOMAS, bur. 1872, Plot: C1-1_5
THOMAS, bur. 1874, Plot: D-5_14
THOMAS, bur. 1874, Plot: D-5_15
THOMAS, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_164
THOMAS, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-3_465
THOMAS, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-3_294
THOMAS, bur. 1919, Plot: H-1_227
THOMAS, bur. 1922, Plot: G-2_139
THOMAS, bur. 1922, Plot: G-2_140
THOMAS, bur. 1922, Plot: G-2_450D
THOMAS, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-3_380
THOMAS, bur. 1928, Plot: C2-3_270
THOMAS, bur. 1929, Plot: P-3_304
THOMAS, bur. 1932, Plot: D2-3_466
THOMAS, bur. 1933, Plot: P-1_628
THOMAS, bur. 1938, Plot: P-3_767
THOMAS, bur. 1939, Plot: P-3_766
THOMAS, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_65
THOMAS, bur. 1945, Plot: GL-1_557
THOMAS, bur. 1945, Plot: GL-1_558
THOMAS, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1578
THOMAS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1016
THOMAS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1018
THOMAS, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-9_6
THOMAS, bur. 1986, Plot: RSA4-4_258
THOMAS, bur. 1988, Cremation, Plot: CS_117
THOMAS, bur. 1990, Plot: RSA4-2_368
THOMAS, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: MA_623
THOMAS, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_132
THOMAS, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1_386
THOMAS, bur. 2016, Plot: TC71_63
THOMPSON, Plot: F-3_61
THOMPSON, Plot: F-3_81
THOMPSON, Plot: F-3_82
THOMPSON, bur. 1871, Plot: B-4_76
THOMPSON, bur. 1877, Plot: A-4_154
THOMPSON, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_238
THOMPSON, bur. 1890, Plot: S-5_305
THOMPSON, bur. 1895, Plot: SE-4_441
THOMPSON, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_65
THOMPSON, bur. 1915, Plot: D2-5_40
THOMPSON, bur. 1915, Plot: D2-5_41
THOMPSON, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-2_428
THOMPSON, bur. 1930, Plot: E2-1_691
THOMPSON, bur. 1937, Plot: S-7_731
THOMPSON, bur. 1939, Plot: F-1_1
THOMPSON, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_659
THOMPSON, bur. 1943, Plot: N-4_288
THOMPSON, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-4_275A
THOMPSON, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_141
THOMPSON, bur. 1960, Plot: K1-4_276A
THOMPSON, bur. 1961, Plot: L-7_503
THOMPSON, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_141
THOMPSON, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_158A
THOMPSON, bur. 1966, Plot: F-1_1A
THOMPSON, bur. 1966, Plot: F-1_2
THOMPSON, bur. 1969, Plot: C2-4_163A
THOMPSON, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1131
THOMPSON, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_789
THOMPSON, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_49
THOMPSON, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: CS_4
THOMPSON, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: CS_29
THOMPSON, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1430
THOMPSON, bur. 2009, Plot: LAWNC3_139
THOMPSON, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_66
THOMPSON, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_344
THOMPSON, bur. 2015, Plot: TC186_100
THOMPSON, bur. 2015, Plot: TC70_10
THOMPSON, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: TC187_142
THOMSON, bur. 1887, Plot: S-2_205
THOMSON, bur. 1887, Plot: S-4_114
THOMSON, bur. 1893, Plot: SE-4_594
THOMSON, bur. 1897, Plot: G-2_138
THOMSON, bur. 1901, Plot: G-3_119
THOMSON, bur. 1906, Plot: G-5_524
THOMSON, bur. 1906, Plot: G-5_525
THOMSON, bur. 1917, Plot: B-3_115
THOMSON, bur. 1918, Plot: B-3_198
THOMSON, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-3_225
THOMSON, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-4_542
THOMSON, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_586
THOMSON, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_308
THOMSON, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_309
THOMSON, bur. 1925, Plot: C2-2_50
THOMSON, bur. 1928, Plot: P-3_311
THOMSON, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_156
THOMSON, bur. 1934, Plot: B-1_14
THOMSON, bur. 1934, Plot: C2-2_67
THOMSON, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-2_51
THOMSON, bur. 1941, Plot: M-2_155
THOMSON, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_182
THOMSON, bur. 1943, Plot: GL-1_204
THOMSON, bur. 1945, Plot: P-1_157
THOMSON, bur. 1949, Plot: P-3_310
THOMSON, bur. 1950, Plot: RSAC_10
THOMSON, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_710
THOMSON, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_259
THOMSON, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_282
THOMSON, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-4_741
THOMSON, bur. 1975, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_10
THOMSON, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_35
THOMSON, bur. 1984, Plot: RSA4-4_252
THOMSON, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_420
THOMSON, bur. 1989, Plot: RSA4-3_303
THOMSON, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_35
THOMSON, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1473
THOMSON, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_81
THOMSON, bur. 2000, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB9_9
THOMSON, bur. 2001, Plot: C2-2_66
THOMSON, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_176
THOMSON, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_275
THOMSON, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_34
THOMSON, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_97
THOREAU, bur. 1906, Plot: H-1_378
THOREAU, bur. 1923, Plot: H-1_376
THOREAU, bur. 1933, Plot: H-1_377
THOREAU, bur. 1937, Plot: H-1_378A
THOREAU, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1288
THORN, bur. 1940, Plot: P-5_866
THORN, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_201
THORN, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_453
THORNHILL, bur. 1943, Plot: GL-1_205
THORNLEY, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1408
THORNLEY, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_52
THORNLEY, bur. 1999, Plot: CL_216
THORNLEY, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_321
THORNTON, bur. 1873, Plot: A-1_8
THORNTON, bur. 1896, Plot: G-3_90
THORNTON, bur. 1945, Plot: M-3_483NULL
THORNTON, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_172
THORNTON, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_959
THORNTON, bur. 1973, Plot: CL_131
THORP, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_109
THORPE, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-4_156
THORPE, bur. 1939, Plot: P-2_727
THURGOOD, bur. 1995, Plot: RSA4-6_157
THURLBY, bur. 1958, Plot: M-5_37
THURLOW, bur. 1937, Plot: R-3_649
THWAITES, bur. 1939, Plot: E2-2_629
THWAITES, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-7_192
THYNE, bur. 1916, Plot: D2-3_361
THYNE, bur. 1921, Plot: D-4_146
THYNE, bur. 1938, Plot: R-4_672
THYNE, bur. 1945, Plot: N-2_221
THYNE, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-3_1440
THYNE, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1506
THYNE, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_17
TIELON, bur. 1961, Plot: C-3_330
TIERNEY, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_90
TIFFEN, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAX_1
TIFFEN, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_506
TIFFEN, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_725
TIFFEN, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_293
TIM, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_699
TIM, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_701
TIMBLICK, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_451
TIMEWELL, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-5_43B
TIMEWELL, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-5_43A
TIMEWELL, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_225
TIMEWELL, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_689
TIMEWELL, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_16
TIMMINGS, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_376
TIMMINGS, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_144
TIMMS, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_65
TIMN, bur. 1942, Plot: E2-2_630
TIMPANY, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_499
TIMPANY, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_500
TIMPANY, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_883
TINDALL, bur. 1932, Plot: E2-3_584
TINDALL, bur. 1966, Plot: RSAM_8
TINDALL, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_526
TINDALL, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_731
TINDALL, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: MA_372
TINETTI, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1052
TINKLER, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_476
TINKLER, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: CB2_17
TIPPING, bur. 1897, Plot: H-3_6
TIPPINS, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_65
TITTERTON, bur. 1987, Plot: RSA4-3_320
TIZARD, bur. 1924, Plot: P-4_36
TIZARD, bur. 1935, Plot: P-4_37
TIZZARD, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_633
TOBIN, bur. 1904, Plot: C-4_287
TOBIN, bur. 1938, Plot: C-4_286
TOBIN, bur. 1939, Plot: K1-3_233
TOBIN, bur. 1957, Plot: RSAI_11
TOBIN, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-3_1413
TODD, Plot: K2-1_149
TODD, bur. 1900, Plot: G-5_156
TODD, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-2_414
TODD, bur. 1912, Plot: G-5_157
TODD, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-1_150
TODD, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_98
TODD, bur. 1935, Plot: K1-4_264
TODD, bur. 1937, Plot: R-3_241
TODD, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_71
TODD, bur. 1953, Plot: E2-2_424
TODD, bur. 1963, Plot: N-2_416
TODD, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAT_9
TODD, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_50
TODD, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_98
TOGHER, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_279
TOLLAN, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1264
TOLLAN, bur. 1957, Plot: RCL-3_1599
TOLMIE, bur. 1916, Plot: D2-3_377
TOMLIN, bur. 1917, Plot: H-2_44
TOMLINSON, bur. 1902, Plot: G-5_328
TOMLINSON, bur. 1921, Plot: G-5_329
TOMLINSON, bur. 1928, Plot: K1-2_98
TOMLINSON, bur. 1936, Plot: H-3_294A
TOMLINSON, bur. 1945, Plot: M-5_404
TOMLINSON, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_110
TOMLINSON, bur. 1980, Plot: CL_159
TOMS, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-3_284
TOMS, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-1_1169
TOMS, bur. 1988, Plot: RSAX_11
TOMS, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_539
TONDRA, bur. 1913, Plot: C-4_262
TONER, bur. 1890, Plot: B-2_32
TONER, bur. 1890, Plot: B-2_33
TONER, bur. 1930, Plot: B-2_292
TONER, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-1_559
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1930, Plot: D2-3_395
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1936, Plot: R-2_571
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1936, Plot: R-2_572
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1939, Plot: D2-3_396
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_174
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-9_120
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_308
TONEYCLIFFE, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_76
TONGA, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_75
TONGUE, bur. 1964, Plot: SE-3_581
TONKIN, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-4_231A
TONKIN, bur. 1932, Plot: D2-4_231B
TONKIN, bur. 1933, Plot: D2-1_568
TONKIN, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_147A
TONKIN, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_260
TONKIN, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_24
TONNEYCLIFFE, bur. 1910, Plot: S-5_76
TOOHEY, bur. 1950, Plot: K1-4_289
TOOHEY, bur. 1950, Plot: K1-4_290
TOOHEY, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC3_1
TOOLE, Memorial, Plot: TC301_12
TOOLEY, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_906
TOOLEY, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_29
TOOMER, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-4_121
TOOMEY, bur. 1906, Plot: C-3_308
TOOMEY, bur. 1928, Plot: K2-1_126
TOOTH, bur. 1934, Plot: R-3_421
TOOTH, bur. 1944, Plot: M-4_347
TOOTH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-9_20
TOPP, bur. 1941, Plot: K2-2_207
TORLESSE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1274
TORRANCE, bur. 1872, Plot: D-6_27
TORRANCE, bur. 1873, Plot: D-6_26
TORRANCE, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_358
TORRANCE, bur. 1940, Plot: P-4_817
TOSSWILL, bur. 1884, Plot: C-1_43
TOTHILL, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_107
TOTHILL, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_541
TOURELL, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_623
TOVEY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_563
TOVEY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_565
TOWLER, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_439
TOWNROW, bur. 1892, Plot: S-6_254
TOWNSEND, bur. 1876, Plot: D-5_110
TOWNSEND, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-1_567
TOWNSEND, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-1_413
TOWNSEND, bur. 1937, Plot: D2-4_289
TOWNSEND, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_134
TOWNSEND, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1278
TOWNSEND, bur. 1957, Plot: L-6_518
TOWNSHEND, bur. 1988, Plot: RCLC-2_1699
TOWNSON, bur. 1878, Plot: A-1_166
TOYNBEE, bur. 1943, Plot: N-3_250
TOZER, Plot: K2-2_82
TOZER, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-2_352
TOZER, bur. 1921, Plot: C2-1_514
TOZER, bur. 1923, Plot: K2-2_81
TOZER, bur. 1939, Plot: P-5_464
TOZER, bur. 1941, Plot: E2-1_748
TOZER, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_229
TOZER, bur. 1944, Plot: GL-1_230
TOZER, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAM_11
TOZER, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_566
TOZER, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1084
TOZER, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_339
TOZER, bur. 1992, Plot: P-5_463
TOZER, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_168
TRACEY, bur. 1921, Plot: K1-2_84
TRACEY, bur. 1930, Plot: C-2_40A
TRAVES, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-4_545
TRAVES, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_114
TRAVES, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_185
TRAVES, bur. 1968, Plot: E2-4_546
TRAVES, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_880
TRAVES, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1168
TRAVES, bur. 1985, Plot: M-3_113
TRAVES, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_303
TRAVIS, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-4_251
TREACY, bur. 1964, Plot: RCL-4_1559
TREACY, bur. 2006, Plot: RCL-4_1557
TREEBY, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-3_576
TREGENZA, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-4_119
TREGENZA, bur. 1924, Plot: C2-4_120
TREGENZA, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_359
TREGENZA, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_562
TREGENZA, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_354
TREGENZA, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: CS_36
TREGENZA, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC2-A_12
TREGONING, bur. 1865, Plot: G-2_493
TREMAIN, bur. 1894, Plot: SE-1_114
TREMBATH, bur. 1889, Plot: S-5_313
TREMBATH, bur. 1889, Plot: S-5_314
TREMBATH, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-1_390
TREMBATH, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-1_391
TREMBATH, bur. 1946, Plot: N-2_435
TRENGROVE, bur. 1925, Plot: P-4_58
TRENGROVE, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_176
TRENT, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_435
TRENWICK, Plot: E_11
TRESSEDER, bur. 1895, Plot: G-3_232
TRESSIDER, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-1_573
TRETHEWAY, bur. 1905, Plot: D-2_210A
TRETHEWAY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_567
TRETT, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-5_210
TRETT, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_28
TREVITHICK, bur. 1890, Plot: C-2_141
TREVORNOW, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-3_280
TREZISE, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_75
TRIGGS, bur. 1892, Plot: S-4_342
TRIGGS, bur. 1892, Plot: S-4_343
TRIGGS, bur. 1895, Plot: SE-4_468
TRIGGS, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-4_231
TRIGGS, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-4_839
TRIGGS, bur. 1943, Plot: RSAE_11
TRIGGS, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_13
TRIGGS, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_144
TRILFORD, bur. 1897, Plot: H-1_214
TRILFORD, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_63
TRILFORD, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_64
TRILFORD, bur. 1942, Plot: H-1_215
TRILFORD, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1381
TRILLO, bur. 1986, Plot: RSA4-4_256
TRIMNELL, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_15
TRIPLE, bur. 1869, Plot: E_90
TRIPP, bur. 1940, Plot: G-1_451A
TRIPP, bur. 1956, Plot: G-1_451B
TRIPP, bur. 1988, Plot: E2-2_767
TROON, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_1002
TROTT, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_439
TROTT, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_440
TROTT, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-2_315
TROTT, bur. 1933, Plot: R-2_483
TROTT, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-3_806
TROTT, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-3_807
TROTT, bur. 1937, Plot: R-2_482
TROTT, bur. 1961, Plot: RSAV_2
TROTT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_302
TROULAND, bur. 1941, Plot: K2-1_504
TRUEMAN, bur. 1887, Plot: C-1_5
TRUEMAN, bur. 1973, Plot: C-1_6
TRUEMAN, bur. 1973, Plot: CL_125
TRUEMAN, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: MA_80
TRUEMAN, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_64
TRUESDALE, bur. 1986, Plot: RCLC-1_1736
TRUONG, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_268
TRUSLER, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_39
TUBB, bur. 1891, Plot: S-4_329
TUBB, bur. 1931, Plot: D2-3_451
TUBB, bur. 1933, Plot: D2-3_452
TUBB, bur. 1936, Plot: R-2_608
TUBB, bur. 1943, Plot: M-2_268
TUBB, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_272
TUBB, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_926
TUBB, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1057
TUBB, bur. 1985, Plot: RSA4-4_241
TUBB, bur. 1988, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_69
TUBB, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_63
TUBB, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_190
TUCKER, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_484
TUCKER, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_72
TUHIMATA, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_43
TUITE, bur. 1879, Plot: B-1_13
TUITE, bur. 1967, Plot: CL_100
TUITE, bur. 1967, Plot: RCLB-4_1217
TUITE, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLC-1_1802
TUITE, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_331
TUITE, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_74
TULETT, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_495
TULL, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_28
TULLEY, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_73
TUNNELL, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-2_1646
TURK, bur. 1890, Plot: S-2_180
TURKINGTON, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_271
TURNBULL, bur. 1900, Plot: D-6_80A
TURNBULL, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-1_635
TURNBULL, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_280
TURNBULL, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_281
TURNBULL, bur. 1936, Plot: R-3_279
TURNBULL, bur. 1947, Plot: M-5_430
TURNBULL, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_452
TURNBULL, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_546
TURNBULL, bur. 1956, Plot: H-2_334
TURNBULL, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_368
TURNBULL, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_505
TURNBULL, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-3_1328
TURNBULL, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1369
TURNBULL, bur. 1978, Plot: RSA4-6_159
TURNBULL, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_652
TURNBULL, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CB3_3
TURNBULL, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: MA_482
TURNBULL, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_123
TURNBULL, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_589
TURNER, bur. 1882, Plot: D-2_243
TURNER, bur. 1882, Plot: D-2_244
TURNER, bur. 1895, Plot: H-1_124
TURNER, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-1_478
TURNER, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-1_367
TURNER, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-1_398
TURNER, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-3_602
TURNER, bur. 1927, Plot: P-3_282
TURNER, bur. 1927, Plot: P-3_283
TURNER, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_301
TURNER, bur. 1934, Plot: E2-3_833
TURNER, bur. 1941, Plot: K2-3_257
TURNER, bur. 1948, Plot: M-1_588
TURNER, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_204
TURNER, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_59
TURNER, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-11_28
TURNER, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1021
TURNER, bur. 1979, Plot: RCLB-2_1546
TURNER, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_429
TURNER, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_28
TURNER, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: CB1_35
TURNER, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC1_1464
TURNER, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_302
TURPIE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-4_332
TURPIE, bur. 1948, Plot: N-4_334
TURVEY, bur. 1938, Plot: P-1_695
TUTTON, bur. 1887, Plot: S-4_115
TUTTON, bur. 1902, Plot: H-3_149
TUTTON, bur. 1918, Plot: D2-3_428
TUTTON, bur. 1950, Plot: N-3_375
TUTTON, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_257
TUTTY, bur. 1946, Plot: N-1_140
TUTTY, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_75
TUTTY, bur. 1962, Plot: M-1_575
TUTTY, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1515
TUTTY, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: CB5_8
TWADDELL, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-3_1322
TWADDELL, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLB-1_1655
TWADDELL, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_45
TWEEDALE, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAK_17
TWEEDDALE, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-4_242
TWEEDIE, bur. 1913, Plot: C2-3_47
TWINING, bur. 1945, Plot: N-4_323
TWOMEY, bur. 1963, Plot: RCL-2_1683
TYREE, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLB-3_1313
TYREE, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-3_1500
TYRRELL, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-3_589
TYRRELL, bur. 1894, Plot: A-3_334
TYSON, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-3_209
TYSON, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_146
TYSON, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-1_1173
TYSON, bur. 1991, Plot: RCLC-3_1592

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