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Timaru Cemetery
Timaru, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

GPS: -44.41338, 171.25913

47 Domain Ave
Timaru 7910, New Zealand

Published: March 16, 2020
Total records: 17,207

Timaru Cemetery is owned by Timaru District Council.

Cemetery Records
Surnames K-L

Records listed below were acquired from Canterbury Maps, a collaborative data portal of the 10 District Councils of Canterbury. These records were aquired from March 14, 2020. Canterbury Maps compiled this data on February 27, 2020.

KAILL, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1225
KALKSMA, bur. 1988, Plot: RCLC-2_1695
KALKSMA, bur. 1994, Plot: RCLC-3_1492
KALKSMA, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_560
KANE, bur. 1878, Plot: B-1_19
KANE, bur. 1894, Plot: B-3_193
KANE, bur. 1903, Plot: C-4_271
KANE, bur. 1912, Plot: B-4_88
KANE, bur. 1913, Plot: B-1_317
KANE, bur. 1918, Plot: SE-2_527
KANE, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-4_26
KANE, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-4_27
KANE, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-4_28
KANE, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-4_29
KANE, bur. 1940, Plot: K2-3_263
KANE, bur. 1945, Plot: P-5_852
KANE, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-4_274A
KANE, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-1_179
KANE, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_903
KANE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_421
KANE, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-11_18
KANE, bur. 1971, Plot: K2-2_454
KANE, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_871
KANE, bur. 1972, Plot: K2-1_180
KANE, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1023
KANE, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1569
KANE, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_763
KANE, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1441
KANE, bur. 1994, Plot: RSA4-2_341
KANE, bur. 2002, Plot: RCLB-3_1379
KANE, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_553
KANNANE, bur. 1946, Plot: RSAB_14
KANNEMEYER, bur. 2016, Plot: CL_240
KAPPELY, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_210
KARAGEORGE, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_241
KARAGEORGE, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_243
KARTON, bur. 1883, Plot: C1-2_59
KARTON, bur. 1887, Plot: S-5_59
KARTON, bur. 1901, Plot: D-2_253
KARTON, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-4_197
KARTON, bur. 1931, Plot: P-2_612
KARTON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1113
KARTON, bur. 1964, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_5
KARTON, bur. 1971, Plot: RSA4-10_45
KASSEN, bur. 1912, Plot: B-3_112
KAVANAUGH, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_13
KAVANAUGH, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_655
KAVANNAGH, bur. 1917, Plot: H-1_354
KAVENEY, bur. 1952, Plot: K2-4_365
KAY, bur. 1885, Plot: D-5_7
KAYE, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-2_215
KAYE, bur. 1919, Plot: C2-3_302
KAYE, bur. 1969, Plot: C2-3_301
KAYE, bur. 1976, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_11
KAYE, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: MA_31
KAYLE, bur. 1920, Plot: S-3_381
KEAM, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_617
KEANE, bur. 1918, Plot: B-1_412
KEANE, bur. 1940, Plot: K2-3_250
KEANE, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLC-1_1779
KEARNEY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_935
KEARNEY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_937
KEARNS, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAL_5
KEARNS, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: MA_194
KEARNS, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-B_451
KEATES, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_2
KEATING, bur. 1908, Plot: B-1_308
KEATING, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-6_288
KEAY, Plot: C2-1_540
KEAY, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-4_262
KEAY, bur. 1913, Plot: C2-1_539
KEAY, bur. 1929, Plot: G-5_295
KEAY, bur. 1948, Plot: M-1_589
KEAY, bur. 1986, Plot: RSA4-4_236
KEDDIE, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_507
KEDDIE, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_508
KEE, bur. 1867, Plot: E_21
KEE, bur. 1876, Plot: E_40
KEE, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_152A
KEELEY, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_464
KEEN, bur. 1890, Plot: S-4_320
KEEN, bur. 1900, Plot: G-4_49
KEEN, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_55
KEEN, bur. 1919, Plot: SE-2_530
KEEN, bur. 1932, Plot: R-3_401
KEEN, bur. 1936, Plot: K2-1_154
KEEN, bur. 1944, Plot: R-3_402
KEEN, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_62
KEEN, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_50
KEEN, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_301
KEEN, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_288
KEEN, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1474
KEENAN, bur. 1939, Plot: E2-2_628
KEENAN, bur. 1942, Plot: E2-2_627
KEENAN, bur. 1943, Plot: M-4_330NULL
KEENAN, bur. 1958, Plot: L-4_974
KEENAN, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_818
KEENAN, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_467
KEENE, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_618
KEENE, bur. 1888, Plot: SE-4_296
KEENE, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_87
KEENE, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_46
KEENE, bur. 1947, Plot: C2-1_88
KEENE, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_787
KEENE, bur. 1959, Plot: D2-5_143
KEENE, bur. 1962, Plot: D2-4_225
KEENE, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_61
KEENE, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-6_177
KEENE, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_152
KEEPER, bur. 2009, Plot: RSA4-1A_449
KEEVEY, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_705
KEINAN, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_184
KEINAN, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-7_202
KEITH, bur. 1887, Plot: S-3_158
KEITH, bur. 1939, Plot: R-2_599
KEITH, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1388
KELCHER, bur. 1933, Plot: R-4_391
KELLAHAN, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-4_224A
KELLAHAN, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-5_43A
KELLAHAN, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-5_43B
KELLAHAN, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_55
KELLAHAN, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_247
KELLAHAN, bur. 1949, Plot: P-2_719
KELLAHAN, bur. 1961, Plot: E2-4_850
KELLAND, bur. 1869, Plot: F-2_70
KELLAND, bur. 1869, Plot: F-2_70A
KELLAND, bur. 1898, Plot: H-2_52
KELLAND, bur. 1900, Plot: H-2_53
KELLAND, bur. 1903, Plot: H-2_54
KELLAND, bur. 1903, Plot: H-2_76
KELLAND, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-1_570
KELLAND, bur. 1919, Plot: H-1_360
KELLAND, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_335
KELLAND, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_336
KELLAND, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_210
KELLAND, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_211
KELLAND, bur. 1956, Plot: D2-1_571
KELLAND, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1312
KELLAND, bur. 1974, Plot: R-4_313
KELLAND, bur. 1974, Plot: R-4_314
KELLAND, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: CS_116
KELLAND, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_193
KELLEHER, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1359
KELLETT, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_133
KELLETT, bur. 1986, Plot: RSA4-4_257
KELLETT, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_139
KELLEY, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_879
KELLEY, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: CB1_10
KELLEY, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: CB1_9
KELLIGHER, bur. 1879, Plot: A-2_204
KELLIHER, bur. 1978, Plot: RCLB-2_1549
KELLY, Memorial, Plot: MA_25
KELLY, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_388
KELLY, bur. 1886, Plot: B-4_165
KELLY, bur. 1894, Plot: B-3_267
KELLY, bur. 1898, Plot: B-3_268
KELLY, bur. 1899, Plot: B-1_307
KELLY, bur. 1901, Plot: B-4_336
KELLY, bur. 1901, Plot: B-4_84
KELLY, bur. 1902, Plot: H-1_96
KELLY, bur. 1914, Plot: B-4_337
KELLY, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_59
KELLY, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-3_512
KELLY, bur. 1922, Plot: K1-1_112
KELLY, bur. 1922, Plot: K1-2_87
KELLY, bur. 1922, Plot: K1-2_88
KELLY, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_455
KELLY, bur. 1935, Plot: R-2_454
KELLY, bur. 1938, Plot: P-3_763
KELLY, bur. 1948, Plot: RSAF_2
KELLY, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_164
KELLY, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_165
KELLY, bur. 1958, Plot: RCL-4_1513
KELLY, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-3_1622
KELLY, bur. 1960, Plot: RCL-2_1694
KELLY, bur. 1961, Plot: K1-1_111
KELLY, bur. 1962, Plot: P-3_762
KELLY, bur. 1971, Plot: RCLB-3_1391
KELLY, bur. 1971, Plot: RCLB-3_1393
KELLY, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-3_1419
KELLY, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1018
KELLY, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_718
KELLY, bur. 1980, Plot: RCLB-2_1548
KELLY, bur. 1982, Plot: RCLB-1_1651
KELLY, bur. 1991, Plot: RSA4-2_346
KELLY, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_31
KELLY, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_229
KELLY, bur. 2002, Plot: CL_72A
KELLY, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_94
KELLY, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_38
KELMAN, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-1_705
KELMAN, bur. 1945, Plot: E2-1_704
KELMAN, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1130
KELMAN, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_560
KELMAN, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_412
KELYNACK, bur. 1944, Plot: N-4_296
KELYNACK, bur. 1944, Plot: N-4_297
KELYNACK, bur. 1958, Plot: R-4_375
KELYNACK, bur. 2015, Plot: TC70_75
KEMP, bur. 1917, Plot: E2-4_214
KEMP, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_528
KEMP, bur. 1977, Plot: RSA4-7_144
KEMPSON, bur. 1906, Plot: H-1_367
KEMPTHORN, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-2_372
KEMPTHORNE, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-2_362
KENDRICK, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_108
KENEALY, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-3_1645
KENNEDY, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_254
KENNEDY, bur. 1899, Plot: B-2_294
KENNEDY, bur. 1902, Plot: B-1_312
KENNEDY, bur. 1902, Plot: G-3_388
KENNEDY, bur. 1906, Plot: H-1_365
KENNEDY, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_337
KENNEDY, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_338
KENNEDY, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_421
KENNEDY, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_423
KENNEDY, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-2_70
KENNEDY, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_512
KENNEDY, bur. 1911, Plot: B-4_82
KENNEDY, bur. 1914, Plot: E2-5_3
KENNEDY, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-5_4
KENNEDY, bur. 1919, Plot: K1-4_9
KENNEDY, bur. 1920, Plot: B-2_295
KENNEDY, bur. 1920, Plot: S-1_465
KENNEDY, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-3_339
KENNEDY, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-3_275
KENNEDY, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_54
KENNEDY, bur. 1938, Plot: K2-4_283
KENNEDY, bur. 1938, Plot: K2-4_284
KENNEDY, bur. 1945, Plot: R-1_156A
KENNEDY, bur. 1947, Plot: E2-3_274
KENNEDY, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_160
KENNEDY, bur. 1950, Plot: RSAC_7
KENNEDY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_589
KENNEDY, bur. 1962, Plot: K1-1_119
KENNEDY, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_144
KENNEDY, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_460
KENNEDY, bur. 1967, Plot: K1-1_451
KENNEDY, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_605
KENNEDY, bur. 1969, Plot: RSA4-12_11
KENNEDY, bur. 1970, Plot: L-4_900
KENNEDY, bur. 1973, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_2
KENNEDY, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_21
KENNEDY, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_374
KENNEDY, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_160
KENNEDY, bur. 2003, Plot: CL_221
KENNEDY, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_54
KENNEDY, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_51
KENNERLEY, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_57
KENNERLEY, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_41
KENNETT, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_675
KENNISH, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_610
KENNY, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_721
KENNY, bur. 1909, Plot: B-3_272
KENNY, bur. 1927, Plot: P-5_441
KENNY, bur. 1946, Plot: P-5_442
KENNY, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_778
KENNY, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_780
KENT, bur. 1934, Plot: B-4_329
KENT, bur. 1938, Plot: K1-3_226
KENT, bur. 1948, Plot: K2-4_295
KENTON, bur. 1959, Plot: C-3_334
KENTON, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: MA_425
KENZELL, bur. 1901, Plot: H-2_47
KERINS, bur. 1881, Plot: B-3_50A
KERNICK, bur. 1891, Plot: C-2_155
KERNICK, bur. 1927, Plot: C-2_156
KERNOHAN, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: CS_37
KERNOHAN, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1482
KERNS, bur. 1879, Plot: B-4_97
KERR, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_387
KERR, bur. 1887, Plot: C-1_171
KERR, bur. 1888, Plot: S-4_111
KERR, bur. 1890, Plot: C-1_172
KERR, bur. 1903, Plot: C-1_161
KERR, bur. 1906, Plot: C-1_162
KERR, bur. 1925, Plot: P-5_433
KERR, bur. 1925, Plot: P-5_434
KERR, bur. 1928, Plot: P-1_139
KERR, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_247
KERR, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_248
KERR, bur. 1934, Plot: E2-4_225
KERR, bur. 1939, Plot: R-3_632
KERR, bur. 1939, Plot: R-3_633
KERR, bur. 1941, Plot: G-5_22A
KERR, bur. 1942, Plot: C2-4_161A
KERR, bur. 1954, Plot: C2-4_160A
KERR, bur. 1957, Plot: G-5_22B
KERR, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAX_12
KERR, bur. 1971, Plot: RSA4-10_52
KERR, bur. 1976, Plot: RSA4-7_125
KERR, bur. 1980, Plot: RCLB-1_1603
KERR, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_84
KERR, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: CB4_11
KERR, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC3_104
KERR, bur. 2006, Plot: L-3_1096
KERR, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_137
KERR, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_63
KERR, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_49
KERR, bur. 2019, Plot: TC69_32
KERSE, bur. 1947, Plot: M-1_571
KERSE, bur. 1947, Plot: M-1_572
KERSHAW, bur. 1870, Plot: G-2_515
KERSLAKE, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_466
KERSLAKE, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1453
KETTLE, bur. 1877, Plot: A-1_163
KEY, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1140
KIDD, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_468
KIDD, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_469
KIDD, bur. 1934, Plot: P-2_601
KIDD, bur. 1945, Plot: M-3_486
KIDD, bur. 1945, Plot: N-2_401
KIDD, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1362
KIDD, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1364
KIDD, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_426
KIDD, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_620
KIELY, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-3_1612
KIELY, bur. 1984, Plot: RCLB-1_1685
KIELY, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: MA_383
KIELY, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: MA_351
KIERNAN, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_768
KIFF, bur. 1984, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_42
KILCULLEN, Plot: L-1_1479
KILGOUR, bur. 1930, Plot: P-3_294
KILGOUR, bur. 1937, Plot: R-3_621
KILGOUR, bur. 1937, Plot: RSAD_10
KILGOUR, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1467
KILGOUR, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_561
KIM, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_299
KIMBER, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-4_614
KIMBER, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-4_615
KIMBER, bur. 1932, Plot: P-4_523
KIMBER, bur. 1938, Plot: R-4_678
KIMBER, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_543
KIMBER, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: CB2_4
KING, bur. 1864, Plot: E_1
KING, bur. 1879, Plot: D-2_257
KING, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_697
KING, bur. 1887, Plot: S-4_113
KING, bur. 1891, Plot: S-5_289
KING, bur. 1892, Plot: B-2_210
KING, bur. 1893, Plot: S-5_288
KING, bur. 1895, Plot: G-3_118
KING, bur. 1897, Plot: S-1_228
KING, bur. 1899, Plot: G-4_360
KING, bur. 1901, Plot: G-3_249
KING, bur. 1903, Plot: H-2_208
KING, bur. 1904, Plot: D-2_255
KING, bur. 1906, Plot: SE-1_327
KING, bur. 1909, Plot: D-2_256
KING, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_37
KING, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_38
KING, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_39
KING, bur. 1918, Plot: G-4_361
KING, bur. 1921, Plot: D-2_246
KING, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-3_267
KING, bur. 1928, Plot: P-4_349
KING, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_190
KING, bur. 1929, Plot: P-2_224
KING, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_192
KING, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_193
KING, bur. 1932, Plot: H-1_337
KING, bur. 1936, Plot: G-4_536
KING, bur. 1940, Plot: P-3_759
KING, bur. 1940, Plot: RSAE_2
KING, bur. 1942, Plot: P-4_350
KING, bur. 1946, Plot: M-4_471
KING, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-3_431
KING, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_363
KING, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_752
KING, bur. 1953, Plot: D2-4_209
KING, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAM_5
KING, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAN_3
KING, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1157
KING, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_957
KING, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_631
KING, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_105
KING, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_854A
KING, bur. 1961, Plot: R-1_535
KING, bur. 1962, Plot: L-6_662
KING, bur. 1963, Plot: L-4_871
KING, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_156
KING, bur. 1965, Plot: E2-3_268
KING, bur. 1965, Plot: E2-3_269
KING, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_649
KING, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_736
KING, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1381
KING, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_826
KING, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-4_742
KING, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1141
KING, bur. 1975, Plot: RSA4-8_112
KING, bur. 1977, Plot: E2-3_287
KING, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_730
KING, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_199
KING, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_84
KING, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_623
KING, bur. 1984, Plot: N-4_344
KING, bur. 1985, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_47
KING, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-2_665
KING, bur. 1985, Plot: RSA4-4_239
KING, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: CS_9
KING, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1655
KING, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_228
KING, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-7_158
KING, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1479
KING, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1447
KING, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_162
KING, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_94
KING, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_44
KING, bur. 2009, Plot: LAWNC3_144
KING, bur. 2011, Plot: LAWNC2-A_419
KING, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_100
KING, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_43
KINGAN, Memorial, Plot: TC301_11
KINGHAM, bur. 1940, Plot: R-3_438
KINGHAM, bur. 1940, Plot: R-3_439
KINGSLAND, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_21
KINGSTON, bur. 1902, Plot: G-4_348
KINGSTON, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_507
KINGSTON, bur. 1945, Plot: M-2_521
KINGSTON, bur. 1958, Plot: R-1_508
KINLOCH, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1260
KINNAIRD, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1631
KINNERNEY, bur. 1895, Plot: H-2_81
KINNERNEY, bur. 1927, Plot: H-2_80
KINNEY, bur. 1965, Plot: RCLB-4_1210
KINNEY, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1453
KINRAID, bur. 1959, Plot: L-6_614
KINROSS, bur. 1937, Plot: P-1_649
KINROSS, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_764
KINROSS, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1280
KINROSS, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_5
KINZETT, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_598
KIPPENBERGER, bur. 1875, Plot: A-1_161
KIPPENBERGER, bur. 1875, Plot: A-1_162
KIPPENBERGER, bur. 1937, Plot: R-2_185
KIRBY, bur. 1887, Plot: C-2_52
KIRBY, bur. 1903, Plot: C-4_267
KIRBY, bur. 1904, Plot: H-2_298
KIRBY, bur. 1934, Plot: C-4_268
KIRBY, bur. 1945, Plot: N-4_358
KIRBY, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_614
KIRBY, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_85
KIRCHER, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_53
KIRK, bur. 1893, Plot: SE-4_596
KIRK, bur. 1904, Plot: SE-2_386
KIRK, bur. 1908, Plot: G-1_459A
KIRK, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-3_247
KIRK, bur. 1943, Plot: P-2_99
KIRK, bur. 1947, Plot: GL-2_552
KIRK, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_60+
KIRK, bur. 1952, Plot: K2-1_511
KIRK, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-4_1558
KIRK, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAY_8
KIRK, bur. 2009, Plot: LAWNC3_149
KIRKMAN, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1569
KIRKPATRICK, bur. 1907, Plot: B-1_385
KIRKPATRICK, bur. 1933, Plot: R-2_223
KIRKWOOD, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1048
KIRKWOOD, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_42
KITCHEN, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_643
KITCHEN, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAQ_15
KITCHING, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_193
KITTO, bur. 1940, Plot: P-5_831
KITTO, bur. 1940, Plot: P-5_832
KITTO, bur. 1981, Plot: CL_15
KITTO, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB3_8
KITTO, bur. 2009, Plot: LAWNC3_145
KITTS, bur. 1951, Plot: K1-2_188
KLEEMAN, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_136
KLIEM, bur. 1934, Plot: P-2_222
KLIEM, bur. 1978, Plot: RSA4-7_150
KNIFE, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_841
KNIGHT, bur. 1910, Plot: K1-4_54A
KNIGHT, bur. 1914, Plot: K1-4_55A
KNIGHT, bur. 1918, Plot: K1-4_53A
KNIGHT, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_70
KNIGHT, bur. 1945, Plot: K1-4_13A
KNIGHT, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_647
KNIGHT, bur. 1965, Plot: K1-4_15A
KNIGHT, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: CB5_16
KNOCH, bur. 1915, Plot: C2-2_346
KNOTT, bur. 1883, Plot: C-1_220
KNOTT, bur. 1915, Plot: SE-4_463
KNOTT, bur. 1916, Plot: C-1_219
KNOTT, bur. 1949, Plot: R-2_200
KNOTT, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_390
KNOWLES, bur. 1909, Plot: D2-3_343
KNOWLES, bur. 1909, Plot: D2-3_344
KNOWLES, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_509
KNOWLES, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_510
KNOWLES, bur. 1916, Plot: G-4_193
KNOWLES, bur. 1918, Plot: H-1_358
KNOWLES, bur. 1919, Plot: H-1_359
KNOWLES, bur. 1930, Plot: D2-1_511
KNOWLES, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-2_780
KNOWLES, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-2_781
KNOWLES, bur. 1948, Plot: GL-2_238
KNOWLES, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_186
KNOWLES, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1415
KNOWLES, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_98
KNOWLES, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_266
KNOWLES, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAQ_2
KNOWLES, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_232
KNOWLES, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1073
KNOWLES, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_7
KNOWLES, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_48
KNOWLES, bur. 1993, Plot: RSA4-1A_451
KNOWLES, bur. 2010, Plot: LAWNC3_150
KNOX, bur. 1904, Plot: SE-3_557
KNOX, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-3_261
KNOX, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_995
KNUBLEY, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-4_134
KNUBLEY, bur. 1925, Plot: C2-4_140
KNUBLEY, bur. 1962, Plot: C2-4_135
KNUBLEY, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_863
KNUCKEY, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_285
KOENS, bur. 1949, Plot: K1-2_189
KOENS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1317
KOENS, bur. 1965, Plot: CL_79
KOLLER, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-3_189
KOTHE, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1717
KOTUA, bur. 1979, Plot: CL_156
KOTUA, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_679
KOTUA, bur. 1989, Plot: CL_200
KOUDYS, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_586
KRAUSE, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_187
KROON, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_1
KUNNEN, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1665
KUNNEN, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_72
KYDD, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-1_1159
KYLE, bur. 1887, Plot: B-1_150
KYLE, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-3_341
KYLE, bur. 1926, Plot: C2-2_53
KYLE, bur. 1928, Plot: K1-2_100
KYLE, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAK_2
KYLE, bur. 1969, Plot: K1-2_181
KYLE, bur. 1975, Plot: B-4_71
KYLE, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-3_1439
KYLE, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-2_678
KYNASTON, Cremation, Plot: MA_349
L'HOMME, bur. 1992, Plot: RSA4-1_420
LACK, bur. 1907, Plot: S-6_264
LADBROOK, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_446
LAHORE, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-2_415
LAIDLAW, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_163
LAIGHT, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-4_528
LAING, bur. 1936, Plot: R-4_318
LAING, bur. 1972, Plot: RSA4-10_59
LAING, bur. 1997, Plot: LB-3_786
LAIRD, bur. 1918, Plot: SE-3_571
LAIRD, bur. 1927, Plot: P-3_288
LAIRD, bur. 1947, Plot: P-3_287
LAIRD, bur. 1991, Plot: RCLC-2_1668
LAKE, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-4_208
LAKIE, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_131
LAM, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: CS_5A
LAMB, bur. 1889, Plot: A-3_127
LAMB, bur. 1925, Plot: P-4_47
LAMB, bur. 1925, Plot: P-4_49
LAMB, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_247
LAMB, bur. 1966, Plot: P-4_48
LAMB, bur. 1968, Plot: RSAZ_9
LAMB, bur. 1980, Plot: RCLB-1_1613
LAMB, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1782
LAMB, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1721
LAMB, bur. 1990, Plot: P-4_50
LAMB, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: CB5_3
LAMBERT, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1160
LAMBERT, bur. 1985, Plot: C2-4_172A
LAMBERT, bur. 1991, Plot: RCLC-2_1670
LAMBERT, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_292
LAMBOURN, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_140
LAMING, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAR_1
LAMMAS, bur. 1976, Plot: SE-4_442
LAMMAS, bur. 1976, Plot: SE-4_466
LAMOND, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_6
LAMONT, bur. 1942, Plot: H-1_388
LAMONT, bur. 1993, Plot: CL_211
LANCASTER, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-4_158
LANCASTER, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-4_159
LANDALL, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_7
LANDREBE, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_105
LANE, Plot: B-3_118
LANE, bur. 1878, Plot: A-1_165
LANE, bur. 1897, Plot: SE-3_423
LANE, bur. 1908, Plot: B-3_117
LANE, bur. 1923, Plot: K2-2_84
LANE, bur. 1924, Plot: H-1_387
LANE, bur. 1929, Plot: H-1_386
LANE, bur. 1932, Plot: A-3_237
LANE, bur. 1939, Plot: R-4_673
LANE, bur. 1940, Plot: A-1_170A
LANE, bur. 1946, Plot: M-5_408
LANE, bur. 1957, Plot: K2-2_83
LANE, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_444
LANE, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: MA_5
LANERS, bur. 1879, Plot: A-3_229
LANG, bur. 1880, Plot: D-2_220
LANG, bur. 1966, Plot: K1-4_271A
LANG, bur. 1986, Plot: RCLC-1_1730
LANG, bur. 1987, Plot: RSA4-3_317
LANGDALE, bur. 1945, Plot: M-1_226
LANGDALE, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_203
LANGDON, bur. 1890, Plot: C-2_151
LANGDON, bur. 1896, Plot: A-3_57
LANGDON, bur. 1907, Plot: C2-4_113
LANGDON, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-3_196
LANGDON, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-3_459
LANGDON, bur. 1916, Plot: D2-3_460
LANGE, bur. 1924, Plot: SE-1_318
LANGE, bur. 1931, Plot: P-1_658
LANGE, bur. 1944, Plot: M-4_339
LANGE, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_22
LANGFORD, bur. 1994, Plot: RSA4-6_180
LANGI, bur. 2019, Plot: TC71_4
LANGLEY, bur. 1865, Plot: C-1_47
LANGLEY, bur. 1868, Plot: C-1_49
LANGRELL, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_497
LANGRELL, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_67
LANGRIDGE, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-1_501
LANGRIDGE, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-1_502
LANGRISH, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-5_163
LANGRISH, bur. 1926, Plot: D2-4_326
LANGRISH, bur. 1936, Plot: RSAD_4
LANGRISH, bur. 1937, Plot: RSAD_14
LANGRISH, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_723
LANGRISH, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_113
LANGWORTH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_355
LANNER, bur. 1901, Plot: A-1_312
LANSBOROUGH, Plot: D-1_291
LANSBOROUGH, bur. 1880, Plot: D-1_281
LANSBOROUGH, bur. 1880, Plot: D-1_282
LANSBOROUGH, bur. 1880, Plot: D-1_283
LANSBOROUGH, bur. 1888, Plot: D-1_292
LAPLANCHE, bur. 1947, Plot: M-2_531
LAPLANCHE, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_143
LAPLANCHE, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_480
LAPLANCHE, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_327
LAPTHORN, bur. 1947, Plot: M-2_528
LAPTHORNE, bur. 1891, Plot: SE-2_196
LAPTHORNE, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_92
LAREDO, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_76
LAREDO, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_111
LARKIN, bur. 1911, Plot: B-3_360
LARKIN, bur. 1936, Plot: B-3_360A
LARSON, bur. 1955, Plot: L-9_2B
LASCAR, bur. 1953, Plot: D2-4_213
LAST, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_412
LATIMER, bur. 1919, Plot: H-1_115
LATIMER, bur. 1923, Plot: H-3_261
LATIMER, bur. 1923, Plot: H-3_262
LATIMER, bur. 1929, Plot: H-3_270
LATIMER, bur. 1929, Plot: H-3_271
LATIMER, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_515
LATIMER, bur. 1940, Plot: R-1_516
LATIMER, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_881
LATIMER, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1256
LATIMER, bur. 1958, Plot: CL_9
LATIMER, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAG_12
LATIMER, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_68
LATIMER, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_671
LATIMER, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_807
LATIMER, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_772
LATTA, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-2_645
LATTA, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_647
LATTER, bur. 1937, Plot: P-3_786
LATTIMORE, bur. 1931, Plot: R-2_88
LATTIMORE, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_89
LAUNDRY, bur. 1879, Plot: B-4_96
LAURENSON, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-4_227
LAURENSON, bur. 1948, Plot: R-1_100
LAURIE, bur. 1896, Plot: S-4_338
LAURIE, bur. 1974, Plot: RSA4-8_93
LAVERTY, bur. 1930, Plot: R-3_41
LAVERTY, bur. 1952, Plot: R-3_42
LAVERY, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_97
LAVERY, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_45
LAW, bur. 1949, Plot: GL-2_245
LAW, bur. 1983, Plot: CL_171
LAW, bur. 1985, Cremation, Plot: CS_1
LAWFIELD, bur. 1944, Plot: R-4_347
LAWFIELD, bur. 1963, Plot: R-4_348
LAWLOR, bur. 1946, Plot: K1-4_281
LAWN, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_449
LAWRENCE, bur. 1883, Plot: S-6_41
LAWRENCE, bur. 1914, Plot: B-2_134
LAWRENCE, bur. 1936, Plot: P-4_521
LAWRENCE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_448
LAWRENCE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_449
LAWRENCE, bur. 1949, Plot: RSAF_12
LAWRENCE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1090
LAWRENCE, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_667
LAWRENCE, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_340
LAWRENSON, bur. 1902, Plot: S-3_167
LAWRENSON, bur. 1934, Plot: S-3_168
LAWREY, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1254
LAWRIE, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-4_549
LAWRIE, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_111
LAWRY, bur. 1874, Plot: C-1_10
LAWRY, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_370
LAWRY, bur. 1927, Plot: P-4_368
LAWRY, bur. 1927, Plot: P-4_369
LAWS, bur. 1952, Plot: K2-4_324
LAWS, bur. 1952, Plot: K2-4_325
LAWS, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-3_1438
LAWS, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1299
LAWS, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1719
LAWS, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-2_1642
LAWS, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC2-A_415
LAWS, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_173
LAWSON, bur. 1904, Plot: A-2_206
LAWSON, bur. 1918, Plot: A-3_129
LAWSON, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_63
LAWSON, bur. 1931, Plot: P-5_480
LAWSON, bur. 1939, Plot: P-3_777
LAWSON, bur. 1943, Plot: D2-3_352
LAWSON, bur. 1960, Plot: L-4_1023
LAWSON, bur. 1966, Plot: R-3_639
LAWSON, bur. 1985, Plot: D2-3_351
LAWSON, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_379
LAYBURN, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-2_111
LE COMTE, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_41
LE COMTE, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_600
LE CREN, bur. 1895, Plot: H-2_83
LE CREN, bur. 1902, Plot: C-1_215
LE CREN, bur. 1916, Plot: C-1_214
LE CREN, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-3_821
LE CREN, bur. 1936, Plot: C2-4_159B
LE CREN, bur. 1947, Plot: E2-4_849
LE CREN, bur. 1949, Plot: E2-3_820
LE SEUER, bur. 1936, Plot: P-2_102
LEAH, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_625
LEAH, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_201
LEAPER, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_47
LEARY, bur. 1867, Plot: E_64
LEARY, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1324
LEARY, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-1_1728A
LEARY, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_126
LEARY, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_127
LEARY, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1461
LEARY, bur. 1983, Plot: RSA4-5_220
LEATHAM, bur. 1890, Plot: S-4_319
LEATHLEY, bur. 1963, Plot: RCL-2_1677
LECKIE, bur. 1958, Plot: RCL-3_1592
LECKIE, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-1_1712
LECKIE, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_101
LECKIE, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: CB1_15
LEE, bur. 1867, Plot: E_52
LEE, bur. 1874, Plot: D-5_8
LEE, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-4_838
LEE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_154
LEE, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_155
LEE, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_135
LEE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1426
LEE, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1380
LEE, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_818
LEE, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1266
LEE, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_571
LEE, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_737
LEE, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_746
LEE, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_423
LEE, bur. 1991, Plot: RSA4-2_351
LEECH, bur. 1918, Plot: G-5_33
LEEMING, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_65
LEGGETT, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_380
LEGGOTT, bur. 1875, Plot: A-1_18
LEGGOTT, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_17
LEGGOTT, bur. 1915, Plot: D2-5_18
LEGGOTT, bur. 1943, Plot: M-3_311
LEGGOTT, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1194
LEGGOTT, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_727
LEIGH, bur. 1892, Plot: C-2_181
LEIGH, bur. 1948, Plot: K2-2_445
LEIGH, bur. 1965, Plot: RCLB-4_1188
LEIGH, bur. 1993, Plot: B-2_281
LEIGH, bur. 1993, Plot: B-2_282
LEIGHTON, bur. 1941, Plot: M-2_123
LEISHMAN, bur. 1948, Plot: M-4_451
LEITCH, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_185
LEITZ, bur. 1918, Plot: D2-3_470
LELSZ, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_777
LEMON, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_140
LENNANE, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_154
LENNON, bur. 1920, Plot: G-4_370
LENNON, bur. 1964, Plot: SE-4_605
LENNON, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-3_1315
LENNOX, bur. 1943, Plot: P-2_243
LEONARD, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-3_502
LEONARD, bur. 1942, Plot: P-5_833
LEONARD, bur. 1961, Plot: K2-2_487
LEONARD, bur. 1964, Plot: CL_63
LEONARD, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1654
LEONARD, bur. 1995, Plot: RCLC-1_1781
LEONG, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_71
LEOPOLD, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_160
LEOPOLD, bur. 1894, Plot: C-3_250
LEOPOLD, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-3_467
LEOPOLD, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_373
LEOPOLD, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_374
LEOPOLD, bur. 1931, Plot: D2-3_468
LESLIE, bur. 1899, Plot: G-3_243
LESLIE, bur. 1899, Plot: G-3_244
LESLIE, bur. 1918, Plot: H-2_308
LESLIE, bur. 1924, Plot: SE-1_174
LESLIE, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_102
LESLIE, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_103
LESLIE, bur. 1936, Plot: H-2_309
LESLIE, bur. 1978, Plot: C2-3_275B
LESLIE, bur. 1988, Cremation, Plot: CS_19
LESTER, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-3_244
LESTER, bur. 1959, Plot: CL_19
LESTER, bur. 2017, Plot: RSA4-1B_557
LEVERSEDGE, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-3_229
LEVEY, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-3_615
LEVEY, bur. 1957, Plot: E2-3_614
LEVIEN, bur. 1897, Plot: S-6_491
LEVY, bur. 1947, Plot: S-6_514
LEWIS, bur. 1887, Plot: A-3_223
LEWIS, bur. 1895, Plot: SE-4_439
LEWIS, bur. 1902, Plot: G-4_371
LEWIS, bur. 1904, Plot: A-3_331
LEWIS, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_323
LEWIS, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-1_615
LEWIS, bur. 1923, Plot: H-2_390
LEWIS, bur. 1928, Plot: H-2_389
LEWIS, bur. 1938, Plot: H-1_351
LEWIS, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_283
LEWIS, bur. 1949, Plot: K1-1_458
LEWIS, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1471
LEWIS, bur. 1957, Plot: H-3_321
LEWIS, bur. 1959, Plot: L-3_1143
LEWIS, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1054
LEWIS, bur. 1980, Plot: H-3_322
LEWIS, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_79
LEWIS, bur. 2013, Cremation
LEWIS, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_38
LEYDEN, bur. 1952, Plot: RSAO_12
LICKIS, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-1_551
LICKIS, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-1_556
LIDDELL, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_1006
LIDDLE, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_864
LIDDY, bur. 1900, Plot: G-5_171
LIDDY, bur. 1928, Plot: G-5_172
LIDDY, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-3_382
LIDDY, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-3_383
LIDDY, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-3_384
LIDDY, bur. 1950, Plot: K2-3_385
LIDDY, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_537
LIDDY, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_13
LIDDY, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_52
LIDSTONE, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_183
LIDSTONE, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_184
LIDSTONE, bur. 1975, Plot: RSA4-8_108
LIGGETT, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1_384
LIGGINS, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-2_456
LIGGINS, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_1012
LIGHT, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_136
LILLEY, bur. 1878, Plot: A-3_225
LILLEY, bur. 2012, Plot: TC186_50
LILLICO, bur. 1897, Plot: G-3_99
LILLICO, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-4_248
LILLICO, bur. 1991, Plot: E2-4_246
LILLICO, bur. 1997, Plot: G-3_100
LIMBRICK, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_576
LIN, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_116
LINCOLN, bur. 1904, Plot: C-1_176
LINCOLN, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_651
LINDMAN, bur. 1878, Plot: B-4_68
LINDSAY, bur. 1904, Plot: C-1_179
LINDSAY, bur. 1924, Plot: C-1_180
LINDSAY, bur. 1938, Plot: P-3_757
LINDSAY, bur. 1939, Plot: P-4_793
LINDSAY, bur. 1939, Plot: P-4_794
LINDSAY, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_660
LINDSAY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_929
LINDSAY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_931
LINDSAY, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_460
LINDSAY, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_219
LINDSAY, bur. 1991, Plot: RCLC-2_1691
LINDSAY, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: CB1_1
LINDSAY, bur. 2002, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB9_3
LINTON, bur. 1943, Plot: N-3_242
LINTON, bur. 1946, Plot: R-4_395
LINTON, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_734
LINTON, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_754
LINTON, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_425
LINTON, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_89
LINTON, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_17
LISSING, bur. 1927, Plot: SE-2_360
LIST, bur. 1926, Plot: P-4_341
LIST, bur. 1941, Plot: P-4_342
LIST, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_3
LIST, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_774
LIST, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_947
LIST, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_72
LISTER, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_38
LISTER, bur. 1877, Plot: D-4_139
LISTER, bur. 1915, Plot: D-4_138
LISTER, bur. 1919, Plot: C2-4_173
LISTER, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_173
LISTER, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_574
LISTER, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_364
LISTER, bur. 1966, Plot: R-3_420
LISTER, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_494
LISTER, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-2_1608
LISTON, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-1_127
LISTON, bur. 1958, Plot: K2-1_128
LISTON, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-2_1478
LITHGOW, bur. 1899, Plot: G-4_219
LITHGOW, bur. 1907, Plot: G-4_218
LITHGOW, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_203
LITHGOW, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_204
LITHGOW, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_289
LITHGOW, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_622
LITHGOW, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CB1_27
LITHGOW, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_243
LITTLE, bur. 1937, Plot: P-4_788
LITTLE, bur. 1940, Plot: R-4_685
LITTLE, bur. 1942, Plot: R-2_204
LITTLE, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_152
LITTLE, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_65
LITTLE, bur. 1965, Plot: R-2_205
LITTLE, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-10_48
LITTLE, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_833
LITTLE, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_875
LITTLEJOHN, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-4_274
LITTLEJOHN, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-4_275
LITTLEJOHN, bur. 1940, Plot: R-4_378
LITTLER, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_34A
LITTLETON, bur. 1943, Plot: M-3_310
LITTLETON, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_133
LIVINGSTON, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAM_4
LIVINGSTON, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_824
LIVINGSTONE, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_115
LIVINGSTONE, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_116
LIVINGSTONE, bur. 1923, Plot: S-6_269
LIVINGSTONE, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC3_93
LLOYD, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-3_606
LLOYD, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_906
LLOYD, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_785
LLOYD, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_239
LOACH, bur. 1935, Plot: P-1_634
LOACH, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-3_1621
LOACH, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-4_446
LOACH, bur. 1997, Plot: LB-1_1096
LOACH, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_136
LOADER, bur. 1916, Plot: D-4_180
LOADER, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-1_405
LOBB, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-1_703
LOBB, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: CB1_4
LOCHHEAD, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_857
LOCHHEAD, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1753
LOCHHEAD, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_140
LOCHORE, bur. 1887, Plot: C-1_78
LOCHORE, bur. 1914, Plot: B-2_422
LOCHORE, bur. 1949, Plot: SE-2_548
LOCKE, bur. 1902, Plot: SE-3_569
LOCKINGTON, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_135
LOCKWOOD, bur. 1910, Plot: B-3_453
LODGE, bur. 2001, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB8_17
LOE, bur. 1882, Plot: A-1_286
LOFFHAGEN, bur. 2010, Plot: CL_241
LOGAN, bur. 1880, Plot: S-1_460
LOGAN, bur. 1886, Plot: S-3_160
LOGAN, bur. 1896, Plot: B-1_233
LOGAN, bur. 1927, Plot: P-2_104
LOGAN, bur. 1927, Plot: S-3_159
LOGAN, bur. 1939, Plot: P-4_800
LOGAN, bur. 1953, Plot: P-4_799
LOGAN, bur. 1961, Plot: L-7_506B
LOMAS, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1402
LONEY, bur. 1886, Plot: A-4_193
LONG, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_29
LONG, bur. 1918, Plot: SE-2_531
LONG, bur. 1918, Plot: SE-2_532
LONG, bur. 1943, Plot: M-4_357
LONG, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_792
LONGLEY, bur. 1880, Plot: B-3_44
LONGLEY, bur. 1899, Plot: G-3_248
LONGMAN, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_87
LONGMAN, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_115
LONGSTER, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_199
LOOKER, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-1_553
LOOKER, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_468
LOOMES, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-3_276
LOOMES, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_59
LOOMES, bur. 1935, Plot: P-3_555
LOOMES, bur. 1938, Plot: RSAD_16
LOOMES, bur. 1940, Plot: P-3_750
LOOMES, bur. 1944, Plot: M-1_223
LOOMES, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_751
LOOMES, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_796
LOOMES, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_203
LOOMES, bur. 1967, Plot: E2-1_707
LOOMES, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_912
LOOMES, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-3_914
LOOMES, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_1
LOOMES, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1442
LOOMES, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_291
LOOMES, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_6
LOPER, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_625
LOPER, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_326
LOPEZ, bur. 1950, Plot: M-3_493
LORD, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_70
LORIMER, bur. 1907, Plot: SE-3_565
LORIMER, bur. 1938, Plot: R-3_640
LORIMER, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_702
LORIMER, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAR_13
LORIMER, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_15
LORNS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_720
LORRIMER, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-4_292
LOTT, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1580
LOUDEN, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_72
LOUDEN, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_280
LOUFFIN, bur. 1881, Plot: B-4_98
LOUGH, Plot: H-1_252
LOUGH, bur. 1900, Plot: H-1_251
LOUGH, bur. 1909, Plot: G-2_559
LOUGH, bur. 1934, Plot: H-1_381
LOUGH, bur. 1943, Plot: N-3_273
LOUGH, bur. 1953, Plot: H-1_382
LOUGH, bur. 1992, Plot: RSA4-1_369
LOUNEY, bur. 1895, Plot: B-2_290
LOUNEY, bur. 1942, Plot: K1-4_45
LOVEDAY, bur. 1966, Plot: RSAP_14
LOVEDAY, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_298
LOVEGROVE, bur. 1893, Plot: C-2_189
LOVEGROVE, bur. 1894, Plot: C-2_188
LOVEGROVE, bur. 1903, Plot: C-2_150A
LOVEGROVE, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-4_179A
LOVEGROVE, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-4_180A
LOVEGROVE, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_721
LOVELOCK, bur. 1929, Plot: P-3_305
LOVELOCK, bur. 1929, Plot: P-3_306
LOW, bur. 1903, Plot: G-3_415
LOW, bur. 1919, Plot: E2-5_155
LOW, bur. 1919, Plot: E2-5_156
LOW, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-4_554
LOW, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-4_555
LOW, bur. 1934, Plot: R-2_476
LOW, bur. 1944, Plot: M-3_284
LOW, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_408
LOW, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1132
LOW, bur. 1985, Plot: CL_184
LOW, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-4_462
LOWDEN, bur. 1937, Plot: P-1_624
LOWE-HEADLEY, bur. 1970, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_19
LOWE, bur. 1879, Plot: D-3_193
LOWE, bur. 1881, Plot: A-4_196
LOWE, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_687
LOWE, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_118
LOWE, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_182
LOWER, bur. 1949, Plot: N-1_467
LOWER, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1649
LOWRIE, bur. 2014, Plot: TC186_22
LOWRY, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-3_808
LOWRY, bur. 1948, Plot: P-5_435
LOWRY, bur. 1953, Plot: E2-4_243
LOWRY, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1451
LUCAS, bur. 1879, Plot: C-1_8
LUCAS, bur. 1899, Plot: H-3_23
LUCAS, bur. 1944, Plot: M-2_247
LUCAS, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-8_92
LUCK, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-3_523
LUCK, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-3_524
LUCY, bur. 1900, Plot: A-2_315
LUFF, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_621
LUFF, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_638
LUKE, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_147A
LUKE, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_147B
LUKE, bur. 1938, Plot: R-3_637
LUKE, bur. 1939, Plot: R-3_638
LUKE, bur. 1948, Plot: RSAF_20
LUKE, bur. 1962, Plot: R-1_108
LUKEY, Plot: C-2_31
LUKEY, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_799
LUKEYON, Plot: E_24
LUM, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-4_132
LUMSDEN, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_999
LUND, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_278
LUND, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_280
LUNDIE, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1454
LUNDY, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_226
LUNHAM, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_661
LUPTON, bur. 1905, Plot: H-1_244
LURAJUD, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_264
LURAJUD, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_4
LURAJUD, bur. 2013, Memorial, Plot: MA_460
LUSCOMBE, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_238
LUSCOMBE, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_240
LUSCOMBE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1042
LUSCOMBE, bur. 1962, Plot: N-1_146
LUSCOMBE, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_848
LUSCOMBE, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-9_63
LUSTY, bur. 1974, Plot: CL_139
LUSTY, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_63
LUTTON, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_265
LUXMOORE, bur. 1882, Plot: D-1_238
LUXMOORE, bur. 1903, Plot: D-1_236
LUXMOORE, bur. 1903, Plot: D-1_237
LUXTON, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_558
LUXTON, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_469
LYALL, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-9_10
LYDIATE, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_590
LYFORD, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_249
LYFORD, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1464
LYNCH, bur. 1878, Plot: B-2_28
LYNCH, bur. 1921, Plot: K1-3_49
LYNCH, bur. 1925, Plot: K2-2_116
LYNCH, bur. 1925, Plot: K2-2_117
LYNCH, bur. 1945, Plot: M-5_403
LYNCH, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_404
LYNCH, bur. 1952, Plot: K2-2_115
LYNCH, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-3_1632
LYNCH, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1383
LYNCH, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_78
LYNCH, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-5_209
LYNCH, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_110
LYNCH, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_112
LYNCH, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_61
LYNE, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-2_57
LYNE, bur. 1943, Plot: M-4_355
LYNE, bur. 1943, Plot: M-4_356
LYNE, bur. 1956, Plot: C2-2_58
LYNE, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-2_632
LYNE, bur. 1992, Plot: P-1_187
LYNG, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_73
LYNN, bur. 1945, Plot: N-4_324
LYNN, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1037
LYNSKEY, bur. 1941, Plot: K1-1_164
LYON, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-3_219
LYON, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_83
LYON, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: CS_26
LYONS, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-1_515
LYONS, bur. 1942, Plot: M-3_118
LYONS, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_239
LYONS, bur. 1977, Plot: RSA4-6_172
LYONS, bur. 1989, Plot: RCLC-2_1621
LYONS, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_86
LYSAGHT, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-4_275
LYSAGHT, bur. 1946, Plot: K2-4_276
LYSAGHT, bur. 1954, Plot: K2-1_562
LYSAGHT, bur. 1954, Plot: K2-1_563
LYSAGHT, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1334
LYSAGHT, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_6
LYTHGOE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-6_608
LYTTLE, bur. 1938, Plot: P-4_815

cemetery records

A free online library of cemetery records from thousands of cemeteries across the world, for historical and genealogy research.

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What makes us Different?

Single-sourced, not crowd-sourced

Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.