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Timaru Cemetery
Timaru, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

GPS: -44.41338, 171.25913

47 Domain Ave
Timaru 7910, New Zealand

Published: March 16, 2020
Total records: 17,207

Timaru Cemetery is owned by Timaru District Council.

Cemetery Records
Surnames E-G

Records listed below were acquired from Canterbury Maps, a collaborative data portal of the 10 District Councils of Canterbury. These records were aquired from March 14, 2020. Canterbury Maps compiled this data on February 27, 2020.

EADIE, bur. 1955, Plot: SE-3_573
EAGER, bur. 1935, Plot: P-1_641
EAGER, bur. 1946, Plot: P-1_642
EAGLESTONE, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_200
EAGLESTONE, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_653
EARL, bur. 1881, Plot: S-3_392
EARL, bur. 1884, Plot: S-1_466
EARL, bur. 1900, Plot: H-3_27
EARL, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-2_353
EARL, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-2_422
EARL, bur. 1934, Plot: P-1_646
EARL, bur. 1941, Plot: H-3_28
EARL, bur. 1941, Plot: H-3_29
EARL, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1022
EARL, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1221
EARL, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_816
EARL, bur. 1979, Plot: RCLB-2_1538
EARL, bur. 1981, Plot: RCLB-1_1665
EARL, bur. 1982, Plot: RCLB-1_1650
EARL, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1631
EARLY, bur. 1899, Plot: B-3_341
EASON, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1451
EASON, bur. 1998, Plot: LAWNC2-A_80
EAST, bur. 1954, Plot: RCL-4_1494
EAST, bur. 1959, Plot: CL_12
EAST, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_97
EAST, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_32
EATON, bur. 1875, Plot: D-6_70
EATON, bur. 1875, Plot: D-6_80
EATON, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_609
EATON, bur. 1940, Plot: P-4_383
EATON, bur. 1952, Plot: P-4_384
EATON, bur. 1968, Plot: K1-1_459
EATON, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-3_1326
EATON, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_204
ECCLES, bur. 1947, Plot: K1-4_277A
EDDINGTON, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-3_414
EDDINGTON, bur. 1957, Plot: P-5_425
EDDINGTON, bur. 1958, Plot: M-4_443
EDE, bur. 1930, Plot: R-2_72
EDE, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_508
EDE, bur. 1960, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_8
EDE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1000
EDEN, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1416
EDEN, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1116
EDER, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_125
EDGAR, bur. 1928, Plot: P-5_31
EDGAR, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1434
EDGE, bur. 1906, Plot: A-1_311
EDGELER, bur. 1945, Plot: M-2_258
EDGELER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_481
EDGELER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_483
EDGELER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_485
EDGINTON, bur. 1935, Plot: R-2_465
EDGINTON, bur. 1951, Plot: R-2_466
EDLIN, bur. 1928, Plot: C2-2_432
EDLIN, bur. 1947, Plot: R-3_613
EDLIN, bur. 1959, Plot: CL_21
EDMISTON, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_12
EDMISTON, bur. 1890, Plot: S-4_359
EDMUNDS, bur. 2005, Plot: LAWNC3_73
EDWARD, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_746
EDWARDS, Plot: C-2_152
EDWARDS, bur. 1869, Plot: F-2_41
EDWARDS, bur. 1892, Plot: S-5_293
EDWARDS, bur. 1917, Plot: B-4_460A
EDWARDS, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-4_171
EDWARDS, bur. 1940, Plot: K2-4_302
EDWARDS, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_148
EDWARDS, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_572
EDWARDS, bur. 1957, Plot: R-1_505
EDWARDS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1028
EDWARDS, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-9_18
EDWARDS, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_759
EDWARDS, bur. 1985, Plot: CL_183
EDWARDS, bur. 1986, Plot: RCLC-1_1743
EDWARDS, bur. 1987, Plot: CL_191
EDWARDS, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1659
EDWARDS, bur. 1999, Plot: RSA4-1_395
EDWARDS, bur. 2014, Plot: TC187_7
EDWARDS, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_62
EDYVEAN, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_1
EDYVEAN, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_2
EDYVEAN, bur. 1924, Plot: P-5_3
EDYVEAN, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_894
EDYVEAN, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_167
EGAN, bur. 1904, Plot: B-3_195
EGAN, bur. 1908, Plot: SE-1_476
EGAN, bur. 1918, Plot: B-3_196
EGAN, bur. 1932, Plot: K1-1_177
EGAN, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_129
EGAN, bur. 1939, Plot: K1-2_206
EGAN, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-1_184
EGAN, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-2_1662
EGAN, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_712
EGAN, bur. 1984, Plot: LAWNC-2_669
EGAN, bur. 1989, Plot: RCLC-2_1647B
EGAN, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_88
EGAN, bur. 2018, Plot: LAWNC-2_671
EGGELTON, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_698
EGGINTON, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1643
EGGLETON, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_599
EGGLETON, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1424
EIBY, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-4_253
EIBY, bur. 1945, Plot: D2-4_254
EICHBAUM, bur. 1935, Plot: C2-2_330
EICHBAUN, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-2_329
ELCOCK, bur. 1903, Plot: H-1_109
ELDER, bur. 1902, Plot: S-3_155
ELDER, bur. 1930, Plot: P-3_531
ELDER, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_126A
ELDER, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAP_15
ELDRIDGE, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1432
ELGIN, bur. 1939, Plot: P-4_495
ELKES, bur. 1950, Plot: R-4_385
ELLEM, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-4_169
ELLEM, bur. 1951, Plot: C2-3_207A
ELLEM, bur. 1960, Plot: C2-3_207B
ELLEN, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-3_237
ELLENS, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_611
ELLERY, bur. 1929, Plot: R-4_344
ELLERY, bur. 1946, Plot: R-4_345
ELLERY, bur. 1993, Plot: RSA4-2_358
ELLIFFE, bur. 1983, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_35
ELLIOT, bur. 1901, Plot: G-3_382
ELLIOT, bur. 1901, Plot: G-3_383
ELLIOT, bur. 1951, Plot: D2-1_538
ELLIOT, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1383
ELLIOT, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_795
ELLIOT, bur. 1987, Plot: RSA4-4_260
ELLIOTT, bur. 1904, Plot: SE-2_385
ELLIOTT, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_539
ELLIOTT, bur. 1960, Plot: RSAW_7
ELLIOTT, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAR_7
ELLIOTT, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_791
ELLIOTT, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_113
ELLIS, bur. 1874, Plot: A-2_101
ELLIS, bur. 1881, Plot: A-2_215
ELLIS, bur. 1887, Plot: AFD_100
ELLIS, bur. 1887, Plot: AFD_101
ELLIS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-3_157
ELLIS, bur. 1897, Plot: B-2_299
ELLIS, bur. 1898, Plot: G-5_11
ELLIS, bur. 1904, Plot: S-3_156
ELLIS, bur. 1906, Plot: D2-5_16
ELLIS, bur. 1916, Plot: H-1_116
ELLIS, bur. 1916, Plot: H-1_95
ELLIS, bur. 1918, Plot: H-1_346
ELLIS, bur. 1923, Plot: K1-2_96
ELLIS, bur. 1924, Plot: P-3_96
ELLIS, bur. 1928, Plot: AFD_100D
ELLIS, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_497
ELLIS, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_498
ELLIS, bur. 1939, Plot: H-2_336A
ELLIS, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-4_287
ELLIS, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-4_288
ELLIS, bur. 1939, Plot: R-2_606
ELLIS, bur. 1943, Plot: M-2_267
ELLIS, bur. 1945, Plot: M-1_564
ELLIS, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_157A
ELLIS, bur. 1948, Plot: E2-4_540
ELLIS, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_69
ELLIS, bur. 1951, Plot: R-1_107
ELLIS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1013
ELLIS, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_289
ELLIS, bur. 1971, Plot: D2-1_536
ELLIS, bur. 1977, Plot: LB-1_1063
ELLIS, bur. 1986, Cremation, Plot: CS_129
ELLIS, bur. 1991, Plot: RSA4-2_347
ELLIS, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CB1_19
ELLIS, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_319
ELLIS, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-B_143
ELLIS, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_13
ELLIS, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_58
ELMS, bur. 1907, Plot: C2-1_523
ELMS, bur. 1926, Plot: C2-1_524
ELSOM, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_707
ELSTON, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_151
ELSTON, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1135
ELSTON, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1137
ELSTON, bur. 1964, Plot: CL_66
ELSTON, bur. 2008, Plot: LAWNC3_108
ELWORTHY, bur. 1874, Plot: A-4_63
ELWORTHY, bur. 1874, Plot: A-4_64
ELWORTHY, bur. 1874, Plot: A-4_65
ELWORTHY, bur. 1899, Plot: A-4_347
ELWORTHY, bur. 1933, Plot: A-4_345
ELWORTHY, bur. 2004, Plot: A-4_343
EMERY, bur. 1925, Plot: K2-4_33
EMERY, bur. 1964, Plot: RCL-3_1643
EMMERSON, bur. 1902, Plot: G-5_22
EMMERSON, bur. 1931, Plot: G-5_23
EMMERSON, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_49
EMMERSON, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1349
EMSLIE, bur. 1927, Plot: P-5_412
EMSLIE, bur. 1928, Plot: P-5_412A
EMSLIE, bur. 1947, Plot: M-5_412
ENGLAND, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-1_514
ENGLAND, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_147
ENGLAND, bur. 1952, Plot: D2-5_146
ENGLEBRECHT, bur. 1929, Plot: R-3_295
ENGLISH, bur. 1899, Plot: G-2_514
ENNIS, bur. 1891, Plot: C-1_210
ENNIS, bur. 1905, Plot: H-3_133
ENNIS, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-3_601
ENNIS, bur. 1950, Plot: M-4_53
ENNIS, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1389
ENNIS, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_981
ENNIS, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_803
ENNIS, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_756
ENNIS, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_2
ENNIS, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1667
ENNIS, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB3_15
ENNIS, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_101
ENNIS, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: MA_47
ENSOR, bur. 1932, Plot: R-4_358
ENSOR, bur. 1951, Plot: E2-5_107
ENSOR, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1A_430
ENTING, bur. 1932, Plot: P-2_609
ENTWISTLE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_667
ERELEIGH, bur. 1867, Plot: E_60
ERICSON, bur. 1926, Plot: P-1_162
ERICSON, bur. 1932, Plot: P-1_161
ERNEST, bur. 1874, Plot: A-1_89
ERSKIN, bur. 1881, Plot: A-2_277
ERSKINE, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-1_97
ERSKINE, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_244
ERSKINE, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_768
ERSKINE, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_231
ERSKINE, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_59
ESKER, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-1_383
ESLER, bur. 1941, Plot: R-1_137
ESLER, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1203
ESLER, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1205
ESLER, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_675
ESLER, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_351
ESLER, bur. 1991, Plot: RSA4-2_364
ESLER, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_21
EUNSON, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-B_464
EVANS, bur. 1875, Plot: C-1_11
EVANS, bur. 1875, Plot: C-2_55
EVANS, bur. 1879, Plot: A-1_299
EVANS, bur. 1882, Plot: C-2_56
EVANS, bur. 1882, Plot: D-3_266
EVANS, bur. 1888, Plot: A-1_300
EVANS, bur. 1892, Plot: S-4_336
EVANS, bur. 1893, Plot: B-3_265
EVANS, bur. 1904, Plot: D-3_267
EVANS, bur. 1925, Plot: D2-4_212
EVANS, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-2_446
EVANS, bur. 1930, Plot: C2-1_110
EVANS, bur. 1930, Plot: C2-1_111
EVANS, bur. 1932, Plot: C2-1_95
EVANS, bur. 1935, Plot: B-3_264
EVANS, bur. 1945, Plot: N-4_359
EVANS, bur. 1946, Plot: RSAB_15
EVANS, bur. 1948, Plot: C2-1_94
EVANS, bur. 1949, Plot: E2-2_447
EVANS, bur. 1950, Plot: C2-1_112
EVANS, bur. 1952, Plot: C2-1_96
EVANS, bur. 1954, Plot: RSAM_9
EVANS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_674
EVANS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_328
EVANS, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_319
EVANS, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1110
EVANS, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_514
EVANS, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_486
EVANS, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-5_383
EVANS, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB3_7
EVANS, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-C_281
EVEREST, bur. 1967, Plot: CL_96
EVERISS, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_59
EWART, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_85
EWING, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1425
EWING, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1442
EWINGS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_671
EXLEY, bur. 1897, Plot: S-3_140
EXLEY, bur. 1910, Plot: S-3_141
EXLEY, bur. 1923, Plot: S-3_142
FAHEY, bur. 1897, Plot: B-1_226
FAHEY, bur. 1910, Plot: B-3_270
FAHEY, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-1_151
FAHEY, bur. 1955, Plot: K2-1_152
FAHEY, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-4_1522
FAHEY, bur. 1957, Plot: RSAI_4
FAHEY, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1633
FAHEY, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1370
FAHEY, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1376
FAHEY, bur. 1975, Plot: N-3_377
FAHEY, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1776
FAHEY, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_449
FAHEY, bur. 1990, Plot: RCLC-2_1641
FAIL, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1003
FAIRBRASS, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_264
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 1936, Plot: R-3_617
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 1939, Plot: R-3_620
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 1946, Plot: E2-1_721
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 1955, Plot: K2-1_121A
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_264
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_305
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_26
FAIRBROTHER, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_428
FAIRMAID, bur. 1935, Plot: P-3_550
FAITH, bur. 1944, Plot: M-5_379
FAITH, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_494
FAITH, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAP_17
FAITHFUL, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-2_650
FAITHFUL, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-5_638
FALCONER, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1409
FALCONER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_438
FALCONER, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1673
FALLOON, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_989
FALSHA, bur. 1942, Plot: K2-3_266
FALVEY, bur. 1956, Cremation, Plot: L-1_1480A
FALVEY, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_796
FALVEY, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_750
FALVEY, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_146
FALVEY, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_85
FALVEY, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_465
FANCOURT, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: MA_252
FANNING, bur. 1913, Plot: SE-1_315
FAOLUA, bur. 2014, Plot: TC187_26
FAOLUA, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_52
FARMER, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_380
FARMER, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1222
FARMER, bur. 1963, Plot: L-6_549A
FARMER, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC3_64
FARNIE, bur. 1930, Plot: P-5_482
FARQUHAR, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_624
FARQUHAR, bur. 1948, Plot: K1-4_285
FARQUHARSON, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-4_434
FARR, bur. 1941, Plot: M-1_164
FARR, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1579
FARRANT, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1472
FARRAR, bur. 1880, Plot: A-2_279
FARRELL, bur. 1950, Plot: K1-3_329
FARRELL, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAZ_13
FARRELL, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-2_1487
FARRELL, bur. 1998, Plot: RSA4-1_380
FARRELLY, bur. 1878, Plot: B-2_34
FARRIER, bur. 1900, Plot: D-1_239
FARRINGTON, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-2_113
FARRINGTON, bur. 1941, Plot: K2-1_171
FARRINGTON, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1652
FARRINGTON, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-3_1443
FARROW, bur. 1872, Plot: H-3_10
FARROW, bur. 1926, Plot: H-3_30
FARROW, bur. 1932, Plot: H-3_31
FARROW, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAG_14
FARTHING, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_67
FAULKS, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1765
FAULKS, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1767
FAWCETT, bur. 1947, Plot: M-1_590
FAWKE, bur. 1904, Plot: H-3_276
FAWKER, bur. 1907, Plot: C2-1_456
FAYEN, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC2-A_45
FEARN, bur. 1989, Plot: RSA4-2_367
FEARON, bur. 1917, Plot: B-4_70A
FEARY, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC-7_150
FEAVER, bur. 1997, Plot: RSAS_2
FEELEY, bur. 1935, Plot: B-4_162
FEELY, bur. 1908, Plot: SE-2_517
FEELY, bur. 1920, Plot: B-1_222
FEELY, bur. 1962, Plot: RCL-4_1560
FEELY, bur. 1967, Plot: RCLB-4_1225
FEELY, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-3_1436
FEELY, bur. 1976, Plot: RCL-4_1539
FEELY, bur. 1978, Plot: RCLB-2_1536
FEELY, bur. 1987, Plot: SE-2_518
FEENEY, bur. 1933, Plot: K2-3_236
FEENEY, bur. 1940, Plot: K2-3_235
FEENEY, bur. 1985, Plot: RSA4-4_242
FELL, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1401
FELTS, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_250
FENBY, bur. 1894, Plot: G-3_85
FENDALL, bur. 1882, Plot: D-2_216
FENN, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1574
FENNELL, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1237
FENNESSY, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-3_44
FENNESSY, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1248
FENNESSY, bur. 1988, Plot: RCLC-2_1697
FENNESY, bur. 1941, Plot: K1-1_157
FENTON, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1427
FENWICK, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-5_113
FENWICK, bur. 1913, Plot: C2-1_537
FENWICK, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-4_247
FENWICK, bur. 1924, Plot: C2-1_538
FENWICK, bur. 1931, Plot: R-3_398
FENWICK, bur. 1935, Plot: D2-5_114
FENWICK, bur. 1946, Plot: R-3_397
FENWICK, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_357
FENWICK, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_417
FENWICK, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1273
FENWICK, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_147
FENWICK, bur. 1986, Plot: RSA4-8_95
FERAN, bur. 1961, Plot: RSAW_14
FERGUSON, bur. 1904, Plot: G-4_79
FERGUSON, bur. 1906, Plot: G-3_262
FERGUSON, bur. 1922, Plot: G-4_80
FERGUSON, bur. 1927, Plot: P-5_401
FERGUSON, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-1_736
FERGUSON, bur. 1945, Plot: M-4_478
FERGUSON, bur. 1948, Plot: GL-2_236
FERGUSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1091
FERGUSON, bur. 1956, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_10
FERGUSON, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_231
FERGUSON, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_492
FERGUSON, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_504
FERGUSON, bur. 1984, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_43A
FERGUSON, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-B_128
FERGUSON, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_328
FERGUSON, bur. 2004, Plot: RSA4-1A_425
FERGUSON, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_362
FERGUSON, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_7
FERGUSSON, bur. 1899, Plot: G-3_241
FERGUSSON, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-3_474
FERGUSSON, bur. 1919, Plot: D2-3_475
FERGUSSON, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_110
FERGUSSON, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-9_22
FERGUSSON, bur. 1966, Plot: RSAP_5
FERGUSSON, bur. 1971, Plot: N-4_336
FERRIER, bur. 1907, Plot: G-5_325
FERRIER, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-3_418
FERRIS, bur. 1995, Plot: RCLC-3_1534
FIELD, Plot: S-1_450
FIELD, bur. 1922, Plot: SE-2_364
FIELD, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_24
FIELD, bur. 1940, Plot: R-2_477
FIELD, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: CS_21
FIELD, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: CS_22
FIELD, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_95
FIELDEN, bur. 1992, Plot: RSA4-4_251
FIELDHOUSE, bur. 1869, Plot: G-2_505
FIELDHOUSE, bur. 1869, Plot: G-2_506
FIELDING, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_336
FIELDMAN, bur. 1916, Plot: E2-4_206
FIFE, bur. 1867, Plot: E_54
FILLINGHAM, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1439
FILMER, bur. 1886, Plot: B-1_148
FINCH, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_607
FINCH, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-1_608
FINCH, bur. 1928, Plot: E2-1_379
FINCH, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-1_706
FINCH, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1120
FINCH, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_154
FINCHAM, bur. 1999, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB9_1
FINDLAY, bur. 1877, Plot: A-2_103
FINDLAY, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-3_442
FINDLAY, bur. 1941, Plot: N-4_28
FINDLAY, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_133A
FINDLAY, bur. 1952, Plot: L-5_755
FINDLAY, bur. 1989, Plot: E2-1_345
FINDLAY, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_8
FINIKIN, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-3_1505
FINLAY, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-1_462
FINLAY, bur. 1916, Plot: G-5_333
FINLAY, bur. 1924, Plot: D2-4_212A
FINLAY, bur. 1924, Plot: D2-4_296B
FINLAY, bur. 1927, Plot: C2-1_463
FINLAY, bur. 1927, Plot: P-1_146
FINLAY, bur. 1937, Plot: P-1_147
FINLAY, bur. 1939, Plot: RSAD_22
FINLAY, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_539
FINLAY, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_16
FINLAYSON, bur. 1906, Plot: G-3_389
FINLAYSON, bur. 1939, Plot: P-5_454
FINLAYSON, bur. 1939, Plot: P-5_455
FINLAYSON, bur. 1952, Plot: P-5_456
FINLAYSON, bur. 1952, Plot: P-5_457
FINN, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_389
FINN, bur. 1979, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_20
FINNIE, bur. 1901, Plot: G-5_318
FINNIE, bur. 1904, Plot: G-5_319
FINNIE, bur. 1919, Plot: H-3_285
FINNIE, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_32
FINNIE, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1062
FINNIE, bur. 1963, Plot: L-7_375A
FINNIE, bur. 2004, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB7_11
FIRKIN, bur. 1924, Plot: R-4_381
FIRKIN, bur. 1945, Plot: R-4_380
FIRTH, bur. 1872, Plot: A-2_107
FISHER, bur. 1876, Plot: D-4_150
FISHER, bur. 1876, Plot: E_23
FISHER, bur. 1884, Plot: S-3_617
FISHER, bur. 1888, Plot: SE-4_301
FISHER, bur. 1896, Plot: H-1_100
FISHER, bur. 1904, Plot: G-5_305
FISHER, bur. 1908, Plot: S-1_716
FISHER, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-4_218
FISHER, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_526
FISHER, bur. 1913, Plot: C-2_153
FISHER, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-4_18
FISHER, bur. 1939, Plot: H-1_353
FISHER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-2_1295
FISHER, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_148
FITCH, bur. 1868, Plot: E_76
FITT, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_555
FITZGERALD, Plot: B-1_403
FITZGERALD, bur. 1880, Plot: B-3_58
FITZGERALD, bur. 1885, Plot: S-4_119
FITZGERALD, bur. 1894, Plot: B-4_168
FITZGERALD, bur. 1901, Plot: B-2_371
FITZGERALD, bur. 1902, Plot: C-4_263
FITZGERALD, bur. 1904, Plot: A-3_328
FITZGERALD, bur. 1904, Plot: C-4_290
FITZGERALD, bur. 1905, Plot: C-4_289
FITZGERALD, bur. 1913, Plot: B-1_402
FITZGERALD, bur. 1914, Plot: B-1_401
FITZGERALD, bur. 1914, Plot: B-2_433
FITZGERALD, bur. 1915, Plot: B-2_380
FITZGERALD, bur. 1915, Plot: B-2_380A
FITZGERALD, bur. 1940, Plot: K2-1_178
FITZGERALD, bur. 1941, Plot: K1-3_243
FITZGERALD, bur. 1945, Plot: K2-1_177
FITZGERALD, bur. 1949, Plot: K2-2_495
FITZGERALD, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1500
FITZGERALD, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-1_1707
FITZGERALD, bur. 1959, Plot: RCL-1_1708
FITZGERALD, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-2_1669
FITZGERALD, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-2_1671
FITZGERALD, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-2_1678
FITZGERALD, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1646
FITZGERALD, bur. 1964, Plot: RCL-3_1658
FITZGERALD, bur. 1965, Plot: RCL-4_1533
FITZGERALD, bur. 1968, Plot: K1-3_231
FITZGERALD, bur. 1971, Plot: RSA4-9_70
FITZGERALD, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-3_1430
FITZGERALD, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1300
FITZGERALD, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1454
FITZGERALD, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1466
FITZGERALD, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-4_1307
FITZGERALD, bur. 1974, Plot: RSA4-8_113
FITZGERALD, bur. 1975, Plot: RSA4-8_111
FITZGERALD, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_204
FITZGERALD, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_698
FITZGERALD, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1678
FITZGERALD, bur. 1987, Plot: K1-3_228
FITZGERALD, bur. 1991, Plot: RSA4-3_291
FITZGERALD, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-2_1646B
FITZGERALD, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-3_1497
FITZGERALD, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-2_1622
FITZGERALD, bur. 1995, Plot: K2-1_508
FITZGERALD, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_466
FITZGERALD, bur. 2002, Plot: RCL-1_1728B
FITZGERALD, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_176
FITZGERALD, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: MA_562
FITZMAURICE, bur. 1927, Plot: K2-2_110
FITZMAURICE, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1249
FITZPATRICK, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_37
FITZPATRICK, bur. 1962, Plot: L-6_660
FITZSIMMONS, bur. 1881, Plot: S-2_429
FITZSIMMONS, bur. 1887, Plot: S-4_345
FITZSIMMONS, bur. 1898, Plot: G-2_282
FITZSIMMONS, bur. 1930, Plot: R-4_9
FITZSIMMONS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1316
FITZSIMMONS, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_16
FITZSIMONS, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_303
FITZSIMONS, bur. 1953, Plot: P-1_668
FIX, bur. 2017, Plot: TC69_61
FLAGAN, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_129
FLAHERTY, bur. 1881, Plot: B-4_90
FLAHERTY, bur. 1943, Plot: K1-2_393
FLAIT, bur. 2017, Plot: TC71_64
FLANAGAN, bur. 1913, Plot: B-1_404
FLANAGAN, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_90
FLANAGAN, bur. 1934, Plot: K1-4_263
FLANAGAN, bur. 1935, Plot: R-2_91
FLANAGAN, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-3_1324
FLANAGAN, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1348
FLANAGAN, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: CB5_6
FLANNAGAN, bur. 1915, Plot: B-3_442
FLANNAGAN, bur. 1916, Plot: B-3_443
FLANNELLY, bur. 1890, Plot: B-4_87
FLAY, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_536
FLECK, bur. 1932, Plot: E2-4_256
FLEET, bur. 1903, Plot: C-4_264
FLEETWOOD, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_511
FLEMING, Plot: K2-4_298
FLEMING, bur. 1907, Plot: C2-2_388
FLEMING, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-2_389
FLEMING, bur. 1917, Plot: C2-2_390
FLEMING, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-1_125
FLEMING, bur. 1930, Plot: B-2_376
FLEMING, bur. 1941, Plot: D2-4_298
FLEMING, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1079
FLEMING, bur. 1963, Plot: RCL-4_1552
FLEMING, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-7_154
FLEMING, bur. 1995, Plot: RCLC-3_1557
FLEMING, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_149
FLEMING, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_373
FLEMING, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_374
FLETCHER, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_575
FLETCHER, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_576
FLETT, bur. 1922, Plot: K1-1_108
FLETT, bur. 1927, Plot: P-3_312
FLETT, bur. 1941, Plot: K1-1_107
FLETT, bur. 1947, Plot: K2-3_378
FLETT, bur. 1947, Plot: K2-3_379
FLETT, bur. 1975, Plot: RSA4-8_105
FLETT, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_198
FLOCKTON, bur. 1870, Plot: F-2_73
FLOCKTON, bur. 1898, Plot: G-3_256
FLOOD, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_584
FLORIS, bur. 1923, Plot: SE-2_366
FLOWER, bur. 1896, Plot: G-4_74
FLYNN, bur. 1928, Plot: K2-3_58
FLYNN, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1491
FLYNN, bur. 1971, Plot: RSA4-10_49
FLYNN, bur. 1989, Plot: RCLC-2_1647
FLYNN, bur. 1990, Plot: RSA4-3_299
FLYNN, bur. 2006, Plot: RSA4-1A_436
FODEN, bur. 1872, Plot: A-1_3
FODEN, bur. 1877, Plot: D-6_40
FODEN, bur. 1901, Plot: D-6_39
FODEN, bur. 1908, Plot: C2-1_459
FODEN, bur. 1918, Plot: G-2_558
FODEN, bur. 1936, Plot: P-1_701
FODEN, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-4_137A
FODEN, bur. 1945, Plot: P-1_702
FODEN, bur. 1947, Plot: GL-2_254
FODEN, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_377
FODEN, bur. 1954, Plot: C2-4_136A
FODEN, bur. 1957, Plot: L-4_946
FODEN, bur. 1964, Plot: RSAS_14
FODEN, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_217
FOGARTY, bur. 1981, Plot: RCLB-1_1689
FOGERTY, bur. 1904, Plot: SE-2_389
FOGERTY, bur. 1904, Plot: SE-2_390
FOGGO, bur. 1959, Plot: CL_16
FOLEY, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-1_370
FOLEY, bur. 1958, Plot: K1-2_210
FOLEY, bur. 1958, Plot: K1-2_211
FOLEY, bur. 1979, Plot: RCLB-2_1556
FONSECA, bur. 1872, Plot: E_9
FONSECA, bur. 1901, Plot: G-2_473C
FONSECA, bur. 1901, Plot: G-2_473D
FOOHEY, bur. 1954, Plot: RCLC-1_1712
FOOKS, bur. 1879, Plot: A-2_211
FOORD, bur. 1904, Plot: H-3_164
FOORD, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_101
FOOTE, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-5_80
FOOTE, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_16
FOOTE, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1160
FOOTE, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_331
FOOTE, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1338
FOOTE, bur. 2019, Plot: TC69_14
FORBES, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_166
FORBES, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-4_235
FORBES, bur. 1948, Plot: L-8_199
FORBES, bur. 1962, Plot: RSAT_5
FORBES, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_101
FORBES, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: MA_100
FORD, bur. 1905, Plot: S-7_712
FORD, bur. 1906, Plot: S-5_74
FORD, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-1_460
FORD, bur. 1932, Plot: S-7_713
FORD, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-2_652
FORD, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_53
FORD, bur. 1942, Plot: R-1_554
FORD, bur. 1943, Plot: R-3_276
FORD, bur. 1945, Plot: N-3_52
FORD, bur. 1949, Plot: L-8_219
FORD, bur. 1952, Plot: R-4_11
FORD, bur. 1959, Plot: P-5_417
FORD, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_294
FORD, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_25
FORD, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_530
FORD, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_862
FORD, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1124
FORD, bur. 1981, Plot: LAWNC-9_54
FORD, bur. 1982, Plot: RCLB-1_1686
FORD, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1427
FORD, bur. 2019, Cremation, Plot: MA_545
FORDE, bur. 1948, Plot: K2-4_319
FORDE, bur. 1978, Plot: RCLB-2_1575
FORDE, bur. 1992, Plot: RSA4-3_301
FORGAN, bur. 1876, Plot: D-4_132
FORGAN, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-5_120
FORREST, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_527
FORREST, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-1_382
FORREST, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-1_381
FORREST, bur. 1937, Plot: R-4_687
FORREST, bur. 1942, Plot: R-4_688
FORREST, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_896
FORREST, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAM_2
FORREST, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1450
FORREST, bur. 1959, Plot: L-6_600
FORREST, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_137
FORREST, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_335
FORREST, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_209
FORREST, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_372
FORREST, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_559
FORRESTER, bur. 1942, Plot: N-2_90
FORRESTER, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAT_17
FORRESTER, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_624
FORRESTER, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_779
FORRESTER, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_223
FORSTER, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_549
FORT, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1185
FORWARD, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_61
FOSTER, bur. 1889, Plot: C-1_173
FOSTER, bur. 1889, Plot: D-4_145
FOSTER, bur. 1895, Plot: H-1_105
FOSTER, bur. 1898, Plot: SE-3_391
FOSTER, bur. 1899, Plot: G-3_257
FOSTER, bur. 1899, Plot: SE-3_401
FOSTER, bur. 1900, Plot: A-3_50A
FOSTER, bur. 1903, Plot: H-3_129
FOSTER, bur. 1905, Plot: H-1_104
FOSTER, bur. 1930, Plot: R-3_247
FOSTER, bur. 1935, Plot: A-3_327
FOSTER, bur. 1941, Plot: C2-3_202
FOSTER, bur. 1941, Plot: D2-4_238
FOSTER, bur. 1943, Plot: R-4_327
FOSTER, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-1_174
FOSTER, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_520
FOSTER, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1331
FOSTER, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_807
FOSTER, bur. 1959, Plot: RSAH_15
FOSTER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_139
FOSTER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_152
FOSTER, bur. 1963, Plot: C2-2_367
FOSTER, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_120
FOSTER, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_383
FOSTER, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_208
FOSTER, bur. 1967, Plot: RCLB-4_1181
FOSTER, bur. 1967, Plot: RCLB-4_1183
FOSTER, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_767
FOSTER, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1011
FOSTER, bur. 1988, Plot: LAWNC-4_459
FOSTER, bur. 2000, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB10_2
FOSTER, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: MA_371
FOSTER, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_211
FOSTER, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_11
FOTOFILI, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_46
FOULER, bur. 1867, Plot: E_67
FOULKS, bur. 1905, Plot: H-2_303
FOUNTAINE, bur. 1920, Plot: K1-3_44
FOUNTAINE, bur. 1963, Plot: RCL-2_1685
FOUNTAINE, bur. 1966, Plot: RCLB-4_1274
FOUNTAINE, bur. 1977, Plot: CL_150
FOUNTAINE, bur. 2016, Plot: TC187_98
FOWLER, bur. 1890, Plot: C-1_170
FOWLER, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-4_287
FOWLER, bur. 1913, Plot: D-2_205
FOWLER, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-4_286
FOWLER, bur. 1922, Plot: D-4_150A
FOWLER, bur. 1923, Plot: D2-1_583
FOWLER, bur. 1943, Plot: N-2_210
FOWLER, bur. 1944, Plot: N-2_211
FOWLER, bur. 1949, Plot: E2-5_13
FOWLER, bur. 1951, Plot: D2-1_584
FOWLER, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1127
FOWLER, bur. 1962, Plot: L-6_658
FOWLER, bur. 1963, Plot: CL_25
FOWLER, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_277
FOWLER, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1154
FOWLER, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1527
FOWLER, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_119
FOX, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_674
FOX, bur. 1901, Plot: H-2_179
FOX, bur. 1915, Plot: H-2_178
FOX, bur. 1942, Plot: M-4_323
FOX, bur. 1945, Plot: K1-2_397
FOX, bur. 1945, Plot: K1-2_398
FOX, bur. 1949, Plot: RSAF_4
FOX, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1346
FOX, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1505
FOX, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1507
FOX, bur. 1961, Plot: RSAU_3
FOX, bur. 1980, Plot: RCLB-1_1608
FOX, bur. 1983, Plot: RCLB-1_1668
FOX, bur. 1985, Cremation, Plot: CS_122
FOX, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: CS_123
FOX, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_81
FOX, bur. 2013, Plot: TC187_69
FRAME, bur. 1927, Plot: P-4_336
FRAME, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1429
FRAME, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-3_1426
FRAME, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1121
FRAME, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: MA_381
FRAMPTON, bur. 1946, Plot: GL-1_586
FRAMPTON, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1009
FRAMPTON, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_334
FRANCE, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1575
FRANCIS, bur. 1880, Plot: D-2_211
FRANCIS, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_159
FRANCIS, bur. 1938, Plot: K1-2_209
FRANCIS, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_107
FRANKLIN, bur. 1964, Plot: CL_70
FRASER, Plot: E2-5_8
FRASER, bur. 1874, Plot: G-2_503
FRASER, bur. 1874, Plot: G-2_504
FRASER, bur. 1877, Plot: B-2_29
FRASER, bur. 1881, Plot: D-3_265
FRASER, bur. 1882, Plot: B-1_16
FRASER, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-2_202
FRASER, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-2_223
FRASER, bur. 1891, Plot: S-5_301
FRASER, bur. 1896, Plot: G-4_72
FRASER, bur. 1897, Plot: G-1_465
FRASER, bur. 1903, Plot: G-4_349
FRASER, bur. 1904, Plot: A-1_304
FRASER, bur. 1914, Plot: E2-5_9
FRASER, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-5_41
FRASER, bur. 1921, Plot: H-1_356
FRASER, bur. 1927, Plot: H-3_264
FRASER, bur. 1928, Plot: H-3_265
FRASER, bur. 1931, Plot: A-1_303
FRASER, bur. 1934, Plot: R-3_406
FRASER, bur. 1935, Plot: R-3_405
FRASER, bur. 1935, Plot: R-3_424
FRASER, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-4_301
FRASER, bur. 1940, Plot: P-5_834
FRASER, bur. 1940, Plot: P-5_835
FRASER, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_101
FRASER, bur. 1942, Plot: M-4_321
FRASER, bur. 1942, Plot: N-2_112
FRASER, bur. 1944, Plot: N-3_264
FRASER, bur. 1944, Plot: S-5_300
FRASER, bur. 1945, Plot: N-2_102
FRASER, bur. 1949, Plot: L-9_60
FRASER, bur. 1951, Plot: K2-4_368
FRASER, bur. 1952, Plot: D2-3_491
FRASER, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_882
FRASER, bur. 1953, Plot: R-3_400
FRASER, bur. 1954, Plot: D2-1_665
FRASER, bur. 1954, Plot: R-3_399
FRASER, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1153
FRASER, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1161
FRASER, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_440
FRASER, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_117
FRASER, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_672
FRASER, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1627
FRASER, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_188
FRASER, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_119
FRASER, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_479
FRASER, bur. 1967, Plot: N-3_363
FRASER, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAZ_8
FRASER, bur. 1968, Plot: L-2_1347A
FRASER, bur. 1979, Plot: RSA4-6_176
FRASER, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-9_4
FRASER, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_123
FRASER, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_584
FRASER, bur. 1993, Plot: LAWNC-6_252
FRASER, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1410
FRASER, bur. 1998, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB8_8
FRASER, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_130
FRASER, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_109
FREDRICKSON, bur. 1923, Plot: C-4_363
FREEMAN, Cremation, Plot: MA_580
FREEMAN, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-3_272
FREEMAN, bur. 1932, Plot: K2-2_104
FREEMAN, bur. 1945, Plot: M-2_260
FREEMAN, bur. 1950, Plot: M-5_4
FREEMAN, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_365
FREEMAN, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1176
FREEMAN, bur. 1961, Plot: L-9_124
FREEMAN, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_254
FREEMAN, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_391
FREEMAN, bur. 1979, Plot: RCLB-1_1606
FREEME, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-5_36
FREEME, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-5_64
FREEME, bur. 1955, Plot: D2-5_127B
FREME, bur. 1921, Plot: D-6_67
FRENCH, bur. 1883, Plot: D-2_217
FRETWELL, bur. 1937, Plot: E2-1_717
FREW, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_175
FREW, bur. 1971, Plot: D2-1_535
FREWEN, bur. 1973, Plot: RCLB-4_1296
FREWEN, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_126
FRICKER, bur. 1936, Plot: R-3_263
FRIDD, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-1_540
FRIDD, bur. 1930, Plot: D2-1_541
FRIDD, bur. 1966, Plot: RSAY_13
FRIDD, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_61
FRIDD, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1533
FRIDD, bur. 1991, Plot: LAWNC-6_235
FRIELANDER, bur. 1882, Plot: S-6_503
FRIELANDER, bur. 1885, Plot: S-6_505
FRIEND, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_200
FRIEND, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_98
FRIERS, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-5_161
FRIERS, bur. 1948, Plot: RSAF_15
FRIERS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-9_155
FRIERS, bur. 1996, Plot: RSA4-1_393
FRISBY, bur. 1903, Plot: G-3_86
FRISBY, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_118
FRISKEN, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_42
FRITH, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-3_579
FRIZZELL, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-2_338
FROST, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_279
FROST, bur. 1983, Plot: RSA4-6_186
FRUDE, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_242
FRUDE, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_243
FRUDE, bur. 2010, Plot: RSA4-1B_506
FULLAN, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_637
FULLARTON, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_206
FULTON, bur. 1907, Plot: D-4_143
FULTON, bur. 1945, Plot: M-2_524
FUNDY, bur. 1891, Plot: SE-2_192
FUNNELL, bur. 1941, Plot: N-2_83
FURBY, bur. 1884, Plot: S-6_2
FURBY, bur. 1942, Plot: N-4_34
FURBY, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_307
FURIE, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_332
FURIE, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC3_91
FURSDON, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_510
FURSDON, bur. 1989, Plot: LAWNC-5_322
FURSE, bur. 1919, Plot: E2-4_559
FUSSELL, bur. 1919, Plot: H-3_291
FUSSELL, bur. 1919, Plot: H-3_292
FUSSELL, bur. 1919, Plot: H-3_293
FUSSELL, bur. 1919, Plot: H-3_294
FYFE, Plot: F-3_23B
FYFE, Plot: F-3_23C
FYFE, bur. 1863, Plot: G-2_450B
FYFE, bur. 1880, Plot: F-3_14
FYFE, bur. 1880, Plot: F-3_23D
FYFE, bur. 1921, Plot: G-2_450A
FYFE, bur. 1922, Plot: F-3_12
FYFE, bur. 1926, Plot: G-2_450C
FYFE, bur. 1945, Plot: C2-2_398
FYFE, bur. 1945, Plot: G-2_450
FYFE, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_490
G, bur. 1898, Plot: S-6_259
GAASBEEK, bur. 1943, Plot: SE-1_475
GABITES, bur. 1880, Plot: D-5_1
GABITES, bur. 1910, Plot: D-5_2
GABITES, bur. 1913, Plot: H-2_171
GABITES, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-3_817
GABITES, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-3_818
GABITES, bur. 1947, Plot: L-9_68
GABITES, bur. 1954, Plot: E2-3_819
GABITES, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_850
GABITES, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_501
GABITES, bur. 1988, Plot: H-2_170
GABITES, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_444
GAFFANEY, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1215
GAFFENEY, bur. 1868, Plot: A-4_18A
GAGLIARDI, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1020
GAHAN, bur. 1903, Plot: C-4_284
GAIGER, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-1_495
GAIGER, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-5_15
GAIGER, bur. 1944, Plot: M-2_255
GAINBY, bur. 1875, Plot: A-4_71
GAINSFORD, bur. 1946, Plot: K2-1_168
GAINSFORD, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1438
GAINSFORD, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_808
GAINSFORD, bur. 1997, Plot: LAWNC2-A_26
GAIR, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_837
GAIR, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-4_745
GALBRAITH, bur. 1944, Plot: M-5_381
GALBRAITH, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_194
GALBRAITH, bur. 1987, Plot: RCLC-1_1709
GALBRAITH, bur. 1988, Plot: CL_193
GALBRAITH, bur. 1994, Plot: RSA4-1A_472
GALE, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-5_17
GALL, bur. 1897, Plot: SE-3_420
GALLACHER, bur. 1941, Plot: M-2_127
GALLACHER, bur. 1960, Plot: M-2_126
GALLAGHER, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_870
GALLAGHER, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-3_1411
GALLAGHER, bur. 1975, Plot: RCL-4_1562
GALLAGHER, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1490
GALLAGHER, bur. 2018, Plot: LAWNC3_18
GALLEN, bur. 1995, Plot: RCLC-3_1562
GALLETLY, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_552
GALLIE, bur. 1877, Plot: D-4_163
GALLIE, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_683
GALLIE, bur. 1886, Plot: S-2_684
GALLOP, bur. 1966, Plot: SE-4_453
GALWEY, bur. 1939, Plot: R-2_595
GALWEY, bur. 1939, Plot: R-2_596
GALYER, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_378
GAMBLE, bur. 1971, Plot: RCLB-3_1390
GAMIE, bur. 1913, Plot: D2-4_200
GAMMER, bur. 1866, Plot: F-3_107
GAMMER, bur. 1866, Plot: F-3_108
GAMMER, bur. 1866, Plot: F-3_109
GANDER, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_302
GARDEN, bur. 1925, Plot: P-5_17
GARDINER, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_123
GARDNER, bur. 1877, Plot: B-4_92
GARDNER, bur. 1889, Plot: S-6_249
GARDNER, bur. 1893, Plot: S-6_250
GARDNER, bur. 1900, Plot: G-5_176
GARDNER, bur. 1902, Plot: C-2_150
GARDNER, bur. 1902, Plot: H-1_220
GARDNER, bur. 1908, Plot: B-4_93
GARDNER, bur. 1910, Plot: D-6_35
GARDNER, bur. 1922, Plot: D-6_36
GARDNER, bur. 1935, Plot: E2-2_638
GARDNER, bur. 1947, Plot: RSAF_21
GARDNER, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_525
GARDNER, bur. 1984, Plot: RSA4-4_245
GARDNER, bur. 1992, Plot: K1-1_142
GARDNER, bur. 1996, Plot: RCLC-3_1542
GARDNER, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_134
GARDYNE, bur. 1941, Plot: OccupiedNULL
GARLAND, bur. 1925, Plot: P-5_390
GARLAND, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_142
GARLAND, bur. 2007, Plot: RSA4-1A_440
GARR, bur. 1951, Plot: K2-2_449
GARR, bur. 1990, Plot: K2-2_450
GARR, bur. 1999, Plot: RSA4-1A_462
GARRETT, bur. 1875, Plot: A-2_27
GARRETT, bur. 1875, Plot: A-2_28
GARRICK, bur. 1941, Plot: C1-1_12A
GARRICK, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: CB12_3
GARRIGAN, bur. 1939, Plot: K2-1_183
GARROD, bur. 1953, Plot: N-1_456
GARROW, bur. 1872, Plot: A-1_5
GARRY, bur. 1985, Plot: RCLC-1_1756
GARTY, bur. 1963, Plot: RCL-3_1639
GARVEN, bur. 1900, Plot: SE-3_583
GARVEN, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_125
GARVEN, bur. 1931, Plot: P-2_576
GARVEN, bur. 1931, Plot: R-2_188
GARVEN, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_187
GARVEN, bur. 1952, Plot: E2-5_126
GARVEN, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-8_155
GARVEN, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: CB5_10
GARVEN, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: MA_271
GARVEN, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: MA_499
GARVIN, bur. 1944, Plot: M-5_389
GARVIN, bur. 1960, Plot: RSAW_10
GARVIN, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_256
GARVIN, bur. 2014, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB12_12
GARVIN, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_287
GASCOIGNE, bur. 1874, Plot: A-3_50
GASSON, bur. 1925, Plot: E2-1_363
GATCHELL, bur. 1944, Plot: M-3_308
GATCHELL, bur. 1944, Plot: M-3_309
GATCHELL, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1412
GATEHILL, bur. 1895, Plot: G-5_26
GAUDIN, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_84
GAUL, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-3_1642
GAUL, bur. 1999, Plot: RSA4-1A_431
GAVIGAN, bur. 1971, Plot: RCLB-3_1384
GAVIGAN, bur. 1972, Plot: RCLB-4_1284
GAVIGAN, bur. 2002, Plot: LAWNC2-C_237
GAVIN, bur. 1939, Plot: K1-4_271
GAVIN, bur. 1952, Plot: L-7_387
GAVIN, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1345
GAVIN, bur. 1978, Plot: RCLB-2_1574
GAY, bur. 2015, Plot: TC71_45
GAZZARD, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: MA_15
GEANEY, bur. 1881, Plot: C1-2_17
GEANEY, bur. 1891, Plot: B-4_250
GEANEY, bur. 1894, Plot: G-2_442
GEANEY, bur. 1894, Plot: G-2_443
GEANEY, bur. 1919, Plot: B-1_388
GEANEY, bur. 1931, Plot: B-3_269
GEANEY, bur. 1932, Plot: K1-2_218
GEANEY, bur. 1971, Plot: K1-2_217
GEANEY, bur. 1972, Plot: G-2_129
GEANEY, bur. 1991, Plot: B-4_249
GEARING, bur. 1901, Plot: C-4_285
GEARY, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_349
GEARY, bur. 1981, Plot: RCLB-1_1638
GEDDES, bur. 1920, Plot: E2-5_157
GEDDES, bur. 1920, Plot: E2-5_158
GEDDES, bur. 1940, Plot: G-2_127A
GEDDES, bur. 1942, Plot: G-2_127B
GEDDES, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1287
GEDDES, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_22
GEDDES, bur. 1994, Plot: RCLC-3_1517
GEDDES, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-A_59
GEDDIS, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-3_580
GEDDIS, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_558
GEDYE, Plot: C-2_24
GEDYE, Plot: C-2_26
GEDYE, bur. 1883, Plot: C-2_25
GEDYE, bur. 1936, Plot: R-1_524
GEE, bur. 1934, Plot: R-1_490
GEE, bur. 1937, Plot: R-4_661
GEE, bur. 1937, Plot: R-4_662
GEE, bur. 1956, Plot: GL-2_260
GEELS, bur. 1998, Plot: CL_217
GEER, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_224
GEEVES, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_997
GELTON, bur. 1934, Plot: P-1_640
GENT, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_288
GEORGE, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAZ_6
GEORGE, bur. 1994, Plot: RSAZ_5
GERBICH, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_339
GERITY, bur. 1867, Plot: E_34
GERITY, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_559
GERITY, bur. 1929, Plot: B-4_244
GERRARD, bur. 1976, Plot: RSA4-7_127
GIBB, bur. 1893, Plot: SE-2_187
GIBB, bur. 1902, Plot: G-5_326
GIBB, bur. 1918, Plot: G-5_327
GIBB, bur. 1928, Plot: E2-3_822
GIBB, bur. 1939, Plot: D2-1_664
GIBB, bur. 1939, Plot: E2-5_154
GIBB, bur. 1943, Plot: M-2_252
GIBB, bur. 1957, Plot: E2-3_823
GIBB, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_348
GIBB, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_133
GIBB, bur. 2013, Plot: RSA4-1B_516
GIBBONS, bur. 1924, Plot: K2-4_7
GIBBS, bur. 1875, Plot: D-6_77
GIBBS, bur. 1923, Plot: C2-1_584
GIBBS, bur. 1950, Plot: N-1_454
GIBBS, bur. 2009, Plot: CL_234
GIBBS, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_30
GIBSON, bur. 1875, Plot: AFD_102
GIBSON, bur. 1875, Plot: AFD_102A
GIBSON, bur. 1893, Plot: C-2_187
GIBSON, bur. 1895, Plot: F-3_27
GIBSON, bur. 1898, Plot: F-3_27A
GIBSON, bur. 1899, Plot: C-2_103
GIBSON, bur. 1899, Plot: F-3_139
GIBSON, bur. 1902, Plot: G-5_16
GIBSON, bur. 1905, Plot: D-5_112
GIBSON, bur. 1907, Plot: F-3_140
GIBSON, bur. 1907, Plot: G-5_18
GIBSON, bur. 1910, Plot: F-3_141
GIBSON, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-4_221
GIBSON, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_139
GIBSON, bur. 1919, Plot: C-4_379
GIBSON, bur. 1920, Plot: E2-4_527
GIBSON, bur. 1931, Plot: R-4_396
GIBSON, bur. 1937, Plot: R-2_605
GIBSON, bur. 1942, Plot: E2-4_526
GIBSON, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_277
GIBSON, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_278
GIBSON, bur. 1943, Plot: K1-2_394
GIBSON, bur. 1945, Plot: N-4_300
GIBSON, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_166A
GIBSON, bur. 1946, Plot: N-3_366
GIBSON, bur. 1949, Plot: M-4_61
GIBSON, bur. 1950, Plot: C2-4_167A
GIBSON, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_120
GIBSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1082
GIBSON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-9_148
GIBSON, bur. 1960, Plot: RSAW_1
GIBSON, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_400
GIBSON, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_493
GIBSON, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAP_4
GIBSON, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_554
GIBSON, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1239
GIBSON, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_691
GIBSON, bur. 1970, Plot: CL_105
GIBSON, bur. 1970, Plot: RSA4-11_35
GIBSON, bur. 1975, Plot: D2-5_73
GIBSON, bur. 1988, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_65
GIBSON, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: CS_83
GIBSON, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: CS_90
GIBSON, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_3
GIBSON, bur. 2010, Plot: TC186_143
GIBSON, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_28
GIDDINGS, bur. 1946, Plot: N-1_130
GIFFORD, bur. 1960, Plot: RCL-2_1705
GIFKINS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-7_499
GILBERT, Memorial, Plot: TC301_13
GILBERT, Memorial, Plot: TC301_14
GILBERT, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-3_251
GILBERT, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_192
GILBERT, bur. 1939, Plot: C2-4_114A
GILBERT, bur. 1939, Plot: RSAE_1
GILBERT, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1267
GILBERT, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB3_12
GILBERT, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: CB3_1
GILCHRIST, bur. 1875, Plot: D-6_63
GILCHRIST, bur. 1906, Plot: G-3_418
GILCHRIST, bur. 1927, Plot: G-3_539
GILCHRIST, bur. 1954, Plot: G-3_541
GILCHRIST, bur. 1964, Plot: RCL-3_1647
GILCHRIST, bur. 1966, Plot: G-3_546
GILCHRIST, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: MA_516
GILES, bur. 1905, Plot: D-3_270A
GILES, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_445
GILES, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_304
GILES, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_194
GILES, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_670
GILES, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-4_672
GILES, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_612
GILES, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_568
GILES, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: CS_42
GILES, bur. 1993, Plot: RCLC-2_1620B
GILES, bur. 2004, Plot: RSA4-1A_434
GILES, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: MA_42
GILES, bur. 2017, Plot: TC70_54
GILKISON, bur. 1915, Plot: E2-4_172
GILKISON, bur. 1972, Plot: LB-4_772
GILL, bur. 1906, Plot: D2-5_100
GILL, bur. 1942, Plot: C-4_347
GILL, bur. 1943, Plot: C-4_348
GILL, bur. 1944, Plot: M-5_385
GILL, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1310
GILL, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_428
GILL, bur. 1962, Plot: CL_41
GILLAM, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_91
GILLAN, bur. 2015, Plot: TC70_28
GILLATT, bur. 1944, Plot: N-3_256
GILLCHRIST, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_38
GILLESPIE, bur. 1878, Plot: D-4_172
GILLESPIE, bur. 1915, Plot: G-2_445
GILLESPIE, bur. 1915, Plot: G-2_446
GILLESPIE, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-1_371
GILLESPIE, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-1_372
GILLESPIE, bur. 1951, Plot: G-3_544
GILLESPIE, bur. 1951, Plot: N-4_13
GILLESPIE, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_453
GILLESPIE, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_242
GILLESPIE, bur. 1965, Plot: RCLB-4_1214
GILLESPIE, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1362
GILLESPIE, bur. 1970, Plot: RCLB-3_1374
GILLESPIE, bur. 1991, Plot: G-3_545
GILLESPIE, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_245
GILLESPIE, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC1_1400
GILLETT, Plot: P-1_636
GILLETT, bur. 1944, Plot: M-1_214
GILLIATT, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_388
GILLIES, bur. 1886, Plot: S-6_4
GILLIES, bur. 1890, Plot: S-6_3
GILLIES, bur. 1894, Plot: S-6_5
GILLIES, bur. 1922, Plot: S-6_6
GILLIES, bur. 1925, Plot: P-5_10
GILLIES, bur. 1925, Plot: S-5_56
GILLIES, bur. 1925, Plot: S-5_72
GILLIES, bur. 1954, Plot: H-3_1A
GILLIGAN, bur. 1926, Plot: K2-2_112
GILLINGHAM, bur. 1961, Plot: L-6_655
GILLMAN, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-4_127
GILLMORE, bur. 1935, Plot: SE-1_313
GILLON, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1437
GILLON, bur. 2001, Plot: RSA4-1A_426
GILLUM, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_41
GILLUM, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1571
GILMORE, bur. 1906, Plot: G-2_473G
GILMORE, bur. 1939, Plot: E2-2_663
GILMORE, bur. 1944, Plot: K2-3_437
GILMORE, bur. 1944, Plot: K2-3_438
GILMORE, bur. 1949, Plot: E2-2_755
GILMORE, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1272
GILMORE, bur. 1960, Plot: RCL-2_1690
GILMORE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-4_1028A
GILMORE, bur. 1964, Plot: RCL-3_1656
GILMORE, bur. 1965, Plot: E2-2_754
GILMORE, bur. 1968, Plot: RCLB-4_1253
GILMORE, bur. 1972, Plot: E2-3_470
GILMOUR, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC1_1402
GILSENAN, bur. 1957, Plot: RCL-4_1517
GILSON, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_258
GILSON, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_224
GILSON, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_76
GLADWIN, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-3_19
GLADWIN, bur. 1950, Plot: N-2_427
GLANCEFIELD, bur. 1946, Plot: N-4_325
GLANVILLE, bur. 1906, Plot: D2-5_1
GLANVILLE, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_2
GLANVILLE, bur. 1932, Plot: D2-5_3
GLANVILLE, bur. 1941, Plot: N-3_43
GLANVILLE, bur. 1983, Plot: LAWNC-2_674
GLASIER, bur. 1999, Plot: LAWNC2-B_190
GLASS, bur. 1906, Plot: SE-2_372
GLASS, bur. 1926, Plot: P-2_219
GLASS, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1171
GLASS, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_570
GLASS, bur. 1986, Plot: CL_187
GLASS, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_53
GLASSON, bur. 1873, Plot: A-2_23
GLASSON, bur. 1899, Plot: A-1_305
GLEDHILL, bur. 1927, Plot: E2-1_350
GLEDHILL, bur. 1945, Plot: RSAB_7
GLEDHILL, bur. 1949, Plot: P-4_59
GLEDHILL, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_530
GLEDHILL, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_588
GLEDHILL, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_682
GLEDHILL, bur. 1970, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_20
GLENNIE, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_33
GLENNIE, bur. 1968, Plot: RSA4-12_2
GLENNY, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC-7_190
GLIDDON, bur. 1918, Plot: E2-5_71
GLIDDON, bur. 1928, Plot: P-1_140
GLIDDON, bur. 1928, Plot: P-1_141
GLIDDON, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_71
GLIDDON, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_544
GLIDDON, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_41
GLIDDON, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: LAWNC-CB_32
GLOVER, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-3_199
GLOVER, bur. 1932, Plot: C2-3_200
GLUE, bur. 1892, Plot: S-5_294
GLUE, bur. 1925, Plot: S-5_295
GLUE, bur. 1964, Plot: C2-1_475
GLUYAS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-7_507
GLUYAS, bur. 1961, Plot: L-7_507A
GLYNN, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-4_187
GOBBE, bur. 1875, Plot: A-1_7
GODDARD, bur. 1941, Plot: M-1_189
GODDARD, bur. 1950, Plot: C-3_310
GODDARD, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-1_122
GODDARD, bur. 1974, Plot: RCLB-2_1452
GODDARD, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-1_1579
GODDARD, bur. 1996, Plot: RCLC-3_1531
GODDIN, bur. 1915, Plot: SE-1_309
GODFREY, bur. 1947, Plot: N-3_371
GODFREY, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_437
GODKIN, bur. 2014, Cremation, Plot: MA_166
GODLY, bur. 1909, Plot: D2-3_360
GODWIN, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_37
GODWIN, bur. 1957, Plot: L-2_1300
GOFFIN, bur. 1976, Plot: RSA4-7_119
GOING, bur. 1955, Plot: RSAK_16
GOLDEN, bur. 1897, Plot: SE-3_425
GOLDEN, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_145
GOLDIE, bur. 1888, Plot: S-6_239
GOLDIE, bur. 1936, Plot: R-4_694
GOLDIE, bur. 1958, Plot: R-4_693
GOLDING, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_195
GOLDING, bur. 1986, Plot: LAWNC-3_545
GOLDSMAN, bur. 1929, Plot: E2-2_437
GOLDSMAN, bur. 1943, Plot: E2-2_436
GOLDSMAN, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_309
GOLDSMAN, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_311
GOLDSMITH, bur. 1908, Plot: G-5_28
GOLLAN, bur. 1986, Plot: RCLC-1_1749
GOOCH, bur. 1898, Plot: H-2_196
GOOD, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-4_562
GOOD, bur. 1941, Plot: E2-1_711
GOOD, bur. 1969, Plot: RSA4-12_14
GOODALL, Plot: C-2_49
GOODALL, bur. 1929, Plot: P-1_173
GOODALL, bur. 1938, Plot: P-3_764
GOODALL, bur. 1951, Plot: R-3_419
GOODALL, bur. 1956, Plot: L-1_1479A
GOODBRAND, bur. 1883, Plot: C1-2_23
GOODEVE, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-4_593
GOODIE, bur. 1886, Plot: S-1_698
GOODMAN, bur. 1884, Plot: S-4_93
GOODMAN, bur. 1896, Plot: H-2_60
GOODMAN, bur. 1901, Plot: G-5_149
GOODMAN, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-1_123
GOODMAN, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-1_124
GOODMAN, bur. 1938, Plot: E2-1_679
GOODMAN, bur. 1953, Plot: L-4_895
GOODMAN, bur. 1954, Plot: L-1_1396
GOODMAN, bur. 1958, Plot: L-4_966
GOODMAN, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_304
GOODMAN, bur. 1966, Plot: CL_84
GOODMAN, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_481
GOODMAN, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-4_717
GOODMAN, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_335
GOODMAN, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_12
GOODSIR, bur. 2014, Plot: TC71_34
GOODWIN, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAZ_15
GOODWIN, bur. 2011, Plot: TC186_74
GORDON, bur. 1877, Plot: A-2_112
GORDON, bur. 1887, Plot: S-4_112
GORDON, bur. 1908, Plot: SE-3_399
GORDON, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-2_312
GORDON, bur. 1944, Plot: N-1_198
GORDON, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_172
GORDON, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_318
GORDON, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_958
GORDON, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-4_1312
GORDON, bur. 1978, Plot: LAWNC-1_791
GORDON, bur. 1994, Plot: RCLC-3_1521
GORDON, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC2-A_4
GORDON, bur. 2014, Plot: TC187_44
GORMAN, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-1_511
GORMAN, bur. 1994, Plot: RCLC-3_1502
GORMAN, bur. 1998, Plot: RCLC-3_1581
GORMLEY, bur. 1955, Plot: K2-1_554
GORRY, bur. 1925, Plot: K2-4_11
GOSLING, bur. 1879, Plot: A-3_249
GOSLING, bur. 1890, Plot: A-3_248
GOSLING, bur. 1900, Plot: A-3_250
GOSLING, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-1_513
GOSLING, bur. 2000, Plot: LAWNC2-B_154
GOSNEY, bur. 1892, Plot: SE-1_162
GOSNEY, bur. 1899, Plot: G-3_261
GOSNEY, bur. 1933, Plot: P-1_650
GOSNEY, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_278
GOSNEY, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_279
GOSNEY, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-6_502
GOSNEY, bur. 1981, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_24
GOULD, bur. 1867, Plot: E_66
GOULD, bur. 1894, Plot: G-5_24
GOULD, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-2_368
GOULD, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-2_370
GOULD, bur. 1910, Plot: C2-3_188
GOULD, bur. 1950, Plot: GL-2_128
GOULD, bur. 1958, Plot: L-6_597
GOULD, bur. 1960, Plot: L-3_1175
GOULD, bur. 1960, Plot: L-8_284
GOULD, bur. 1965, Plot: CL_77
GOULD, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-2_917
GOULD, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CB1_18
GOULD, bur. 1996, Plot: RSA4-1A_467
GOULDING, bur. 1939, Plot: P-5_468
GOULDING, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_27
GOVIER, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-2_635
GOW, bur. 1887, Plot: S-2_203
GOW, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_198
GOW, bur. 1932, Plot: R-2_199
GOW, bur. 1954, Plot: L-2_1282
GOW, bur. 1962, Plot: R-2_213B
GOWAN, bur. 1942, Plot: E2-4_185
GOWAN, bur. 1953, Plot: RSAN_12
GRACE, bur. 1875, Plot: A-4_76
GRAHAM, bur. 1877, Plot: A-1_168
GRAHAM, bur. 1889, Plot: S-6_262
GRAHAM, bur. 1897, Plot: A-3_256
GRAHAM, bur. 1916, Plot: G-5_14
GRAHAM, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-3_383
GRAHAM, bur. 1917, Plot: D2-3_384
GRAHAM, bur. 1920, Plot: C2-2_434
GRAHAM, bur. 1923, Plot: A-3_257
GRAHAM, bur. 1923, Plot: E2-2_299
GRAHAM, bur. 1931, Plot: K2-1_143
GRAHAM, bur. 1938, Plot: C2-2_433
GRAHAM, bur. 1938, Plot: P-1_681
GRAHAM, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_179
GRAHAM, bur. 1947, Plot: N-1_180
GRAHAM, bur. 1951, Plot: RSAO_15
GRAHAM, bur. 1953, Plot: K2-4_327
GRAHAM, bur. 1957, Plot: K2-1_144
GRAHAM, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_801
GRAHAM, bur. 1958, Plot: RSAH_8
GRAHAM, bur. 1963, Plot: CL_59
GRAHAM, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-7_320
GRAHAM, bur. 1967, Memorial, Plot: MA_27
GRAHAM, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-1_1179
GRAHAM, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1038
GRAHAM, bur. 1990, Plot: LAWNC-5_364
GRAHAM, bur. 1992, Plot: RCLC-2_1660
GRAHAM, bur. 2011, Memorial, Plot: MA_26
GRAIG, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_626
GRAINGER, bur. 1885, Plot: S-3_629
GRANDI, bur. 1913, Plot: C-1_77
GRANDI, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_519
GRANDI, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_520
GRANDI, bur. 1935, Plot: R-1_521
GRANDI, bur. 1936, Plot: R-1_531
GRANDI, bur. 1936, Plot: R-1_532
GRANDI, bur. 1948, Plot: H-3_328A
GRANDI, bur. 1959, Plot: L-8_247
GRANDI, bur. 1965, Plot: RSAR_15
GRANGER, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_435
GRANGER, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-3_436
GRANGER, bur. 1922, Plot: E2-3_286
GRANGER, bur. 1938, Plot: E2-4_844
GRANGER, bur. 1938, Plot: P-2_238
GRANGER, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAT_12
GRANGER, bur. 1971, Plot: LB-3_842
GRANGER, bur. 1980, Plot: RSA4-5_198
GRANT-USSHER, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: CB5_7
GRANT, Plot: G-4_220
GRANT, Plot: P-1_149
GRANT, bur. 1888, Plot: D2-3_438
GRANT, bur. 1899, Plot: G-4_221
GRANT, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-3_354
GRANT, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-3_355
GRANT, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-3_437
GRANT, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-3_439
GRANT, bur. 1908, Plot: D2-5_116
GRANT, bur. 1910, Plot: D2-4_297
GRANT, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-4_271
GRANT, bur. 1916, Plot: G-4_231
GRANT, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-4_320
GRANT, bur. 1921, Plot: SE-4_456
GRANT, bur. 1921, Plot: SE-4_457
GRANT, bur. 1929, Plot: K2-1_129
GRANT, bur. 1941, Plot: G-4_230
GRANT, bur. 1942, Plot: P-1_148
GRANT, bur. 1943, Plot: R-1_133
GRANT, bur. 1945, Plot: M-5_436
GRANT, bur. 1945, Plot: M-5_437
GRANT, bur. 1949, Plot: D2-4_321
GRANT, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_352
GRANT, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_578
GRANT, bur. 1953, Plot: E2-2_750
GRANT, bur. 1953, Plot: L-3_1066
GRANT, bur. 1960, Plot: L-9_109
GRANT, bur. 1961, Plot: L-5_835
GRANT, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_281
GRANT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_299
GRANT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_340
GRANT, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-7_342
GRANT, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-2_1013
GRANT, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-1_725
GRANT, bur. 1983, Plot: D2-3_353
GRANT, bur. 1991, Plot: D2-5_117
GRANT, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: CS_3A
GRANT, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_114
GRAVES, bur. 1930, Plot: E2-1_374
GRAY, bur. 1902, Plot: G-2_424
GRAY, bur. 1902, Plot: G-2_497
GRAY, bur. 1918, Plot: D2-1_553
GRAY, bur. 1933, Plot: R-1_141
GRAY, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-1_678
GRAY, bur. 1938, Plot: RSAD_15
GRAY, bur. 1940, Plot: R-1_166
GRAY, bur. 1943, Plot: N-3_251
GRAY, bur. 1949, Plot: K1-3_343
GRAY, bur. 1953, Plot: L-5_724
GRAY, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1391
GRAY, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-4_1582A
GRAY, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1345
GRAY, bur. 1959, Plot: L-7_472
GRAY, bur. 1960, Plot: SE-1_325
GRAY, bur. 1962, Plot: M-4_466
GRAY, bur. 1963, Plot: RSAS_6
GRAY, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_241
GRAY, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-8_243
GRAY, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-8_223
GRAY, bur. 1967, Plot: CL_93
GRAY, bur. 1969, Plot: CL_106
GRAY, bur. 1969, Plot: CL_109
GRAY, bur. 1972, Cremation, Plot: RSAF1_21
GRAY, bur. 1977, Plot: RCLB-2_1521
GRAY, bur. 1979, Plot: LAWNC-1_739
GRAY, bur. 1980, Plot: LAWNC-8_73
GRAY, bur. 1986, Cremation, Plot: CS_121
GRAY, bur. 1989, Plot: CL_199
GRAY, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-5_384
GRAY, bur. 1992, Plot: R-4_691
GRAY, bur. 1994, Plot: LAWNC1_1449
GRAY, bur. 1996, Plot: LAWNC2-A_3
GRAY, bur. 1996, Plot: RCLC-3_1585
GRAY, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: MA_406
GRAY, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_150
GRAY, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: MA_8
GRAY, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_36
GRAYBURN, bur. 1947, Plot: N-2_431
GRAYBURN, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_80
GRAYBURN, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: RSA4CB4_78
GRAYE, bur. 1977, Plot: RSA4-6_168
GRAYE, bur. 1995, Plot: M-3_496
GREATHEAD, bur. 1979, Plot: P-3_296
GREAVES, bur. 1888, Plot: SE-4_300
GREAVES, bur. 1889, Plot: SE-3_251
GREAVES, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-1_1165
GREAVES, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_257
GREEN, bur. 1875, Plot: D-5_57
GREEN, bur. 1881, Plot: A-1_290
GREEN, bur. 1881, Plot: S-3_368
GREEN, bur. 1890, Plot: SE-2_207
GREEN, bur. 1905, Plot: A-1_289
GREEN, bur. 1911, Plot: C2-3_39
GREEN, bur. 1914, Plot: C2-3_40
GREEN, bur. 1917, Plot: H-2_307
GREEN, bur. 1922, Plot: C2-1_580
GREEN, bur. 1922, Plot: D2-5_142
GREEN, bur. 1926, Plot: E2-2_643
GREEN, bur. 1930, Plot: R-2_233
GREEN, bur. 1930, Plot: R-2_234
GREEN, bur. 1936, Plot: E2-2_642
GREEN, bur. 1937, Plot: R-4_692
GREEN, bur. 1943, Plot: M-1_210
GREEN, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_168A
GREEN, bur. 1946, Plot: C2-4_169A
GREEN, bur. 1949, Plot: M-3_509
GREEN, bur. 1955, Plot: RCL-4_1520
GREEN, bur. 1956, Plot: RCL-4_1577
GREEN, bur. 1957, Plot: RSAI_10
GREEN, bur. 1960, Plot: RSAW_11
GREEN, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-7_273
GREEN, bur. 1963, Plot: LB-9_27
GREEN, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-3_822
GREEN, bur. 1973, Plot: E2-1_674
GREEN, bur. 1973, Plot: RSA4-9_85
GREEN, bur. 1986, Plot: RSA4-10_40
GREEN, bur. 1992, Plot: LAWNC-6_251
GREEN, bur. 1997, Plot: RCLC-3_1545
GREEN, bur. 1997, Plot: RSA4-1_415
GREEN, bur. 2006, Plot: LAWNC2-C_346
GREEN, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: MA_312
GREEN, bur. 2010, Plot: RSA4-1B_505
GREEN, bur. 2013, Cremation Crossover, Plot: CB11_11
GREENALL, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-2_430
GREENALL, bur. 1940, Plot: E2-3_612
GREENALL, bur. 1984, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_52
GREENAWAY, bur. 1967, Plot: RSAZ_14
GREENE, bur. 1931, Plot: E2-2_648
GREENFIELD, bur. 1912, Plot: D2-1_532
GREENFIELD, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-2_431
GREENFIELD, bur. 1916, Plot: C2-2_431A
GREENFIELD, bur. 1942, Plot: N-3_244
GREENHALGH, bur. 1976, Plot: LB-1_1126
GREENHOUSE, bur. 1905, Plot: SE-2_350
GREENHOUSE, bur. 1961, Plot: L-9_129D
GREENHOW, bur. 1931, Plot: K1-3_35
GREENLOW, bur. 1952, Plot: L-4_921
GREENSLADE, bur. 1964, Plot: LB-9_104
GREENWOOD, bur. 1923, Plot: SE-1_176
GREENWOOD, bur. 1923, Plot: SE-1_177
GREENWOOD, bur. 1962, Plot: M-2_132
GREENWOOD, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_566
GREENWOOD, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: MA_145
GREER, bur. 1932, Plot: K2-3_274
GREER, bur. 1936, Plot: R-2_573
GREER, bur. 1953, Plot: R-4_25
GREER, bur. 1968, Plot: K2-3_272
GREER, bur. 1986, Plot: K2-3_273
GREER, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_323
GREER, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_101
GREER, bur. 2012, Plot: TC187_50
GREGAN, bur. 1951, Plot: K1-1_442
GREGAN, bur. 1966, Plot: K1-1_443
GREGAN, bur. 1994, Plot: G-2_444
GREGG, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_21
GREGGE, bur. 1934, Plot: C-2_100A
GREGORY, bur. 1936, Plot: RSAD_6
GREGORY, bur. 1937, Plot: R-1_564
GREGORY, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-2_974
GREGORY, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_569
GREGSON, bur. 1867, Plot: E_50
GREIG, bur. 1875, Plot: D-6_74
GREIG, bur. 1879, Plot: D-4_125
GREIG, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-2_335
GREIG, bur. 1934, Plot: R-3_408
GREIG, bur. 1949, Plot: R-3_409
GREIG, bur. 1950, Plot: R-4_696
GREIG, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_585
GREIG, bur. 2018, Plot: TC69_21
GREIGG, bur. 1916, Plot: F-1_10D
GREIRSON, bur. 1875, Plot: A-1_172
GRESHAM, bur. 1945, Plot: K1-4_262A
GRESSON, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_110
GREY, bur. 1875, Plot: D-6_75
GREY, bur. 1951, Plot: L-7_341
GREY, bur. 1955, Plot: L-2_1279
GREY, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_559
GRIBBEN, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1114
GRIDGEMAN, bur. 2001, Plot: LAWNC2-B_201
GRIEBEL, bur. 1937, Plot: P-1_145
GRIEBEL, bur. 1952, Plot: L-6_558
GRIESBERG, bur. 1931, Plot: R-2_232
GRIEVE, bur. 1956, Plot: P-1_691
GRIEVE, bur. 1962, Plot: M-5_39
GRIFFEN, bur. 1877, Plot: B-1_6
GRIFFEN, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_53
GRIFFEN, bur. 1883, Plot: F-2_42A
GRIFFEN, bur. 1883, Plot: S-2_426
GRIFFEN, bur. 1899, Plot: B-1_231
GRIFFEN, bur. 1923, Plot: SE-2_519
GRIFFEN, bur. 1957, Plot: K2-2_489
GRIFFEN, bur. 1999, Plot: B-1_232
GRIFFIN, bur. 1885, Plot: D-5_3
GRIFFIN, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1108
GRIFFIN, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1414
GRIFFIN, bur. 1975, Plot: RCLB-2_1517
GRIFFIN, bur. 1976, Plot: RCLB-2_1519
GRIFFIN, bur. 1976, Plot: RSA4-7_131
GRIFFIN, bur. 1981, Plot: RCLB-1_1688
GRIFFIS, bur. 1930, Plot: D-3_263
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1876, Plot: D-4_131
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1909, Plot: G-4_65
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1917, Plot: G-4_64
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1920, Plot: SE-4_449
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1920, Plot: SE-4_458
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1920, Plot: SE-4_459
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1937, Plot: A-1_356
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1937, Plot: A-1_357
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1951, Plot: L-6_535
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1962, Plot: L-8_323
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1966, Plot: LB-6_461
GRIFFITHS, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_356
GRIGOR, bur. 1992, Plot: CL_207
GRIGOR, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: RSA5_35
GRIMSTRAW, bur. 1911, Plot: D2-4_217
GRINDLAY, bur. 1920, Plot: D2-3_409
GRINDLEY, bur. 1887, Plot: S-1_714
GROEN, bur. 1961, Plot: RCL-2_1688
GROGAN, bur. 1995, Plot: RCLC-3_1496
GROSE, bur. 1912, Plot: C2-1_82
GROUNDS, bur. 1954, Plot: L-3_1094
GROUNDWATER, bur. 1951, Plot: GL-2_145
GROUT, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1397
GROVES, bur. 1919, Plot: A-3_242
GROVES, bur. 1928, Plot: A-3_241
GROVES, bur. 1937, Plot: R-1_119
GROVES, bur. 1969, Plot: RCLB-3_1343
GRUHN, bur. 1887, Plot: S-7_711
GRUHN, bur. 1904, Plot: S-7_710
GRUNDY, bur. 1963, Plot: CL_58
GUALTER, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_792
GUALTER, bur. 1985, Plot: LAWNC-3_591
GUDEX, bur. 1880, Plot: D-3_275
GUDEX, bur. 1933, Plot: P-1_180
GUDEX, bur. 1944, Plot: N-2_214
GUDEX, bur. 1944, Plot: N-2_215
GUDSELL, bur. 1942, Plot: M-2_143
GUDSELL, bur. 1967, Plot: LB-6_394
GUDSELL, bur. 1975, Plot: LB-1_1162
GUDSELL, bur. 1995, Plot: LAWNC1_1417
GUDSELL, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: CB8_6
GUILBERT, bur. 1898, Plot: A-2_313
GUILBERT, bur. 1903, Plot: A-2_314
GUILBERT, bur. 1942, Plot: E2-1_333
GUILBERT, bur. 1962, Plot: E2-1_332
GUILFORD, bur. 1943, Plot: M-5_367
GUILFORD, bur. 1945, Plot: M-5_440
GUINAN, bur. 1951, Plot: RSAC_18
GUINAN, bur. 2003, Plot: LAWNC2-C_296
GUINAN, bur. 2016, Plot: TC70_31
GUINNESS, bur. 1930, Plot: E2-4_854
GUINNESS, bur. 1988, Plot: E2-4_853
GUINNESSY, bur. 1970, Plot: LB-4_723
GULLEN, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: CB2_13
GUNDERSEN, bur. 2009, Plot: TC186_122
GUNDERSON, bur. 1918, Plot: C2-4_172
GUNDERSON, bur. 1941, Plot: K2-4_300
GUNN, bur. 1879, Plot: A-1_178
GUNN, bur. 1903, Plot: G-3_416
GUNN, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-3_367
GUNN, bur. 1921, Plot: E2-3_519
GUNN, bur. 1933, Plot: R-3_36
GUNN, bur. 1943, Plot: E2-4_179
GUNN, bur. 1955, Plot: R-3_37
GUNN, bur. 1957, Plot: L-3_1163
GUNN, bur. 1961, Plot: L-2_1354
GUNNING, bur. 1948, Plot: RSAF_17
GURNEY, bur. 1899, Plot: H-1_233
GURNEY, bur. 1899, Plot: H-1_234
GURNEY, bur. 1899, Plot: H-1_235
GUSH, bur. 1955, Plot: L-1_1361
GUTHRIE, Plot: M-2_130
GUTHRIE, bur. 1884, Plot: B-3_45
GUTHRIE, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_6
GUTHRIE, bur. 1907, Plot: D2-5_7
GUTHRIE, bur. 1909, Plot: C2-1_89
GUTHRIE, bur. 1917, Plot: E2-5_138
GUTHRIE, bur. 1918, Plot: D2-1_561
GUTHRIE, bur. 1920, Plot: E2-4_233
GUTHRIE, bur. 1932, Plot: P-3_562
GUTHRIE, bur. 1941, Plot: M-2_129
GUTHRIE, bur. 1942, Plot: M-1_175
GUTHRIE, bur. 1947, Plot: GL-2_243
GUTHRIE, bur. 1951, Plot: P-3_561
GUTHRIE, bur. 1956, Plot: L-2_1339
GUTHRIE, bur. 1959, Plot: E2-4_843
GUTHRIE, bur. 1965, Plot: LB-9_14
GUTHRIE, bur. 1968, Plot: LB-5_546
GUTHRIE, bur. 1969, Plot: LB-5_620
GUTHRIE, bur. 1970, Plot: E2-3_827
GUTHRIE, bur. 1973, Plot: E2-4_234
GUTHRIE, bur. 1973, Plot: E2-4_842
GUTHRIE, bur. 1973, Plot: LB-1_1161
GUTHRIE, bur. 1974, Plot: LB-2_931
GUTHRIE, bur. 1987, Plot: LAWNC-4_461
GUTHRIE, bur. 2004, Plot: LAWNC3_2
GUTHRIE, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: MA_449
GUTHRIE, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: MA_60
GUTSCHLAG, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: RSA4-CB2_27
GUTZEWITZ, bur. 1982, Plot: LAWNC-8_99
GUY, bur. 1924, Plot: E2-4_835
GUY, bur. 1936, Plot: R-3_38
GUY, bur. 1959, Plot: E2-3_832
GYNES, bur. 1947, Plot: M-3_490
GYNES, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_819
GYNES, bur. 1958, Plot: L-5_821

cemetery records

A free online library of cemetery records from thousands of cemeteries across the world, for historical and genealogy research.

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What makes us Different?

Single-sourced, not crowd-sourced

Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.