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Temuka Cemetery
Temuka, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

GPS: -44.250147, 171.301206

2 Murray Street
Temuka 7920, New Zealand

Published: March 17, 2020
Total records: 4,767

Temuka Cemetery is owned by Timaru District Council.

Timaru District Council Records
Surnames G-M

Records linked below were acquired from Canterbury Maps, a collaborative data portal of the 10 District Councils of Canterbury. These records were aquired from March 14, 2020. Canterbury Maps compiled this data on February 27, 2020...

GABY, bur. 1927, Plot: TKCB_504
GABY, bur. 1939, Plot: TKB_760
GAFFANEY, bur. 1889, Plot: TKA_124
GAFFANEY, bur. 1911, Plot: TKA_125
GAFFANEY, bur. 1911, Plot: TKA_181
GAFFANEY, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_678
GAFFANEY, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_123
GAFFANEY, bur. 1952, Plot: TKA_122
GAFFANEY, bur. 1957, Plot: TKA_182
GAFFANEY, bur. 1965, Plot: TKA_193
GAFFANEY, bur. 1965, Plot: TKA_194
GAFFANEY, bur. 1993, Plot: TKAP3_1014
GAFFANEY, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_430
GAFFANEY, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_1208
GAFFANEY, bur. 2008, Plot: TKAP3_1015
GAFFANEY, bur. 2012, Plot: TKE_5124
GALBRAITH, bur. 1891, Plot: TKCB_16
GALBRAITH, bur. 1895, Plot: TKCB_14
GALBRAITH, bur. 1896, Plot: TKCB_15
GALBRAITH, bur. 1920, Plot: TKCB_470
GALBRAITH, bur. 1922, Plot: TKCB_468
GALBRAITH, bur. 1922, Plot: TKCB_469
GALBRAITH, bur. 1942, Plot: TKCB_482
GALBRAITH, bur. 1966, Plot: TKD_43
GALBRAITH, bur. 1972, Plot: TKA_1056
GALBRAITH, bur. 1985, Plot: TKE_243
GALBRAITH, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_390
GALBRAITH, bur. 2003, Plot: TKCH_43
GALBRAITH, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_114
GALBRAITH, bur. 2008, Plot: TKE_5027
GALE, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCA_655
GALE, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_35
GALLOP, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_159
GALLOP, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_698
GALPIN, bur. 1926, Plot: TKB_608
GAPPER, bur. 1946, Plot: TKB_807
GARDLER, bur. 1898, Plot: TKB_494
GARNER, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: TK703_49
GARRY, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_907
GASON, bur. 1936, Plot: TKA_395
GASON, bur. 1972, Plot: TKAP2_1013
GATLEY, bur. 2010, Plot: TKE_5084
GATTON, bur. 1951, Plot: TKB_804
GAWITH, bur. 1967, Plot: TKA_1041
GEANEY, bur. 1902, Plot: TKA_120
GEDDES, bur. 1925, Plot: TKB_331
GEDDES, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCA_787
GEDDES, bur. 1998, Plot: TKE_1150
GEDDIS, bur. 1988, Plot: TKCLAWN_65
GEDDIS, bur. 1991, Plot: TKE_883
GEDDIS, bur. 2015, Plot: TKE_5164
GELLING, bur. 1967, Plot: TKCA_97
GENET, bur. 1999, Plot: TKAP1_91
GENTLE, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_174
GENTLE, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_1231
GENTLEMAN, bur. 1912, Plot: TKA_407
GENTLEMAN, bur. 1929, Plot: TKA_405
GENTLEMUN, bur. 1912, Plot: TKA_408
GENTLEMUN, bur. 1929, Plot: TKA_406
GEORGE, bur. 1877, Plot: TKB_49
GEORGE, bur. 1955, Plot: TKA_574
GERRIE, bur. 1986, Plot: TKAP3_1022
GIBB, bur. 1946, Plot: TKCA_676
GIBB, bur. 1985, Plot: TKCA_678
GIBBS, bur. 1880, Plot: TKD_133
GIBBS, bur. 1902, Plot: TKD_131
GIBBS, bur. 1904, Plot: TKD_132
GIBBS, bur. 1969, Plot: TKA_1045
GIBSON, bur. 1879, Plot: TKCB_130
GIBSON, bur. 1921, Plot: TKCB_291
GIBSON, bur. 1924, Plot: TKCB_292
GIBSON, bur. 1978, Plot: TKA_843
GIBSON, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_256
GIBSON, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5147
GILKISON, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_163
GILLAM, bur. 1893, Plot: TKB_224
GILLAM, bur. 1893, Plot: TKB_225
GILLESPIE, bur. 1896, Plot: TKA_254
GILLESPIE, bur. 1909, Plot: TKA_253
GILLESPIE, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_50
GILLIES, bur. 1971, Plot: TKCB_588
GILLUM, bur. 1920, Plot: TKA_399
GILLUM, bur. 1937, Plot: TKA_555
GILLUM, bur. 1939, Plot: TKA_557
GILLUM, bur. 1943, Plot: TKA_381
GILLUM, bur. 1943, Plot: TKA_400
GILLUM, bur. 1952, Plot: TKA_668
GILLUM, bur. 1972, Plot: TKA_1053
GILLUM, bur. 1973, Plot: TKA_1058
GILLUM, bur. 1976, Plot: TKA_1066
GILLUM, bur. 1988, Plot: TKAP3_1032A
GILLUM, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_1136
GILLUM, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_150
GILMOUR, bur. 1884, Plot: TKCB_69
GLADSTONE, bur. 1915, Plot: TKB_126
GLADSTONE, bur. 1915, Plot: TKB_129
GLADSTONE, bur. 1915, Plot: TKB_130
GLANVILL, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCA_672
GLASS, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: TK703_33
GLEESON, bur. 1993, Plot: TKE_1054
GLEESON, bur. 1993, Plot: TKE_1097
GLENIE, bur. 1916, Plot: TKB_306
GLIDDON, bur. 1983, Plot: TKE_10
GLIDDON, bur. 1992, Plot: TKE_168
GODFREY, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: TK704_49
GOFF, bur. 1925, Plot: TKD_181
GOLDSMITH, bur. 1893, Plot: TKCB_159
GOODEVE, bur. 1905, Plot: TKB_410
GOODEVE, bur. 1918, Plot: TKB_397
GOODEVE, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_408
GOODEVE, bur. 1929, Plot: TKB_411
GOODEVE, bur. 1969, Plot: TKB_639
GOODEVE, bur. 1996, Plot: TKE_54
GOODGER, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1200
GOODING, bur. 1915, Plot: TKB_172
GOODMAN, bur. 1942, Plot: TKB_363
GOODMAN, bur. 1996, Plot: TKB_364
GOODSELL, bur. 1984, Plot: TKB_716B
GOODSON, bur. 1942, Plot: TKCA_638
GOODSON, bur. 1948, Plot: TKCA_639
GOODSON, bur. 1962, Plot: TKA_910
GOODSON, bur. 1977, Plot: TKE_1021
GOODSON, bur. 1996, Plot: TKE_869
GOODWIN, bur. 1900, Plot: TKCB_324
GOODWIN, bur. 1908, Plot: TKCB_139
GOODWIN, bur. 1930, Plot: TKA_256
GORDON, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_876
GORDON, Plot: TKCB_135
GORMAN, bur. 1927, Plot: TKD_153
GORMAN, bur. 1961, Plot: TKA_949
GOSLING, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_83
GOSLING, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_84
GOSLING, bur. 1909, Plot: TKA_338
GOSNEY, bur. 2012, Plot: TKE_5108
GOSNEY, bur. 2012, Plot: TKE_5110
GOULD, bur. 1922, Plot: TKB_114
GOULD, bur. 1926, Plot: TKB_552
GOULD, bur. 1936, Plot: TKB_115
GOULD, bur. 1957, Plot: TKB_912
GOULD, bur. 1962, Plot: TKB_553
GOULD, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_151
GOULD, bur. 1976, Plot: TKE_189
GOULD, bur. 1977, Plot: TKE_1022
GOULD, bur. 1984, Plot: TKB_888
GOULD, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_261
GOULD, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_64
GOULD, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_1086
GOULD, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_34
GOULDY, Plot: TKE_427
GOY, bur. 1921, Plot: TKD_218
GRAHAM, bur. 1902, Plot: TKCB_428
GRAHAM, bur. 1905, Plot: TKCB_429
GRAHAM, bur. 1978, Plot: TKCLAWN_53
GRAHAM, bur. 1998, Plot: TKAP1_53
GRAHAM, bur. 2008, Plot: TKE_5029
GRANGER, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_835
GRANT, bur. 1889, Plot: TKCB_228
GRANT, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_229
GRANT, bur. 1904, Plot: TKCB_41
GRANT, bur. 1913, Plot: TKCB_231
GRANT, bur. 1936, Plot: TKCB_343
GRANT, bur. 1940, Plot: TKCB_607
GRANT, bur. 1956, Plot: TKCB_230
GRANT, bur. 1979, Plot: TKCB_153
GRANT, bur. 1979, Plot: TKCB_352
GRANT, bur. 1979, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_3
GRANT, bur. 1993, Plot: TKE_1118
GRANT, bur. 2000, Plot: TKAP3_1006
GRANT, bur. 2003, Plot: TKCB_227
GRANT, bur. 2007, Plot: TKE_5019
GRAY, bur. 1879, Plot: TKCB_126
GRAY, bur. 1879, Plot: TKCB_127
GRAY, bur. 1879, Plot: TKCB_128
GRAY, bur. 1904, Plot: TKB_533
GRAY, bur. 1931, Plot: TKA_282
GRAY, bur. 1934, Plot: TKD_269
GRAY, bur. 1937, Plot: TKD_268
GRAY, bur. 1967, Plot: TKCLAWN_34
GRAY, bur. 1971, Plot: TKD_250
GRAY, bur. 1973, Plot: TKD_249
GRAY, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_297
GRAY, bur. 1986, Plot: TKE_867
GRAY, bur. 1989, Plot: TKE_839
GRAY, bur. 2000, Plot: TKE_410
GRAY, bur. 2004, Plot: TKCLAWN_57
GRAY, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_122
GRAY, bur. 2012, Plot: TKE_5141
GRAY, bur. 2015, Plot: TKE_868
GREAVES, bur. 1891, Plot: TKB_415
GREAVES, bur. 1940, Plot: TKB_768
GREAVES, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_16
GREAVES, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_92
GREELISH, bur. 1891, Plot: TKA_164
GREELISH, bur. 1925, Plot: TKD_51
GREELISH, bur. 1932, Plot: TKA_165
GREELISH, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_695
GREELISH, bur. 1970, Plot: TKB_627
GREEN, bur. 1935, Plot: TKA_551
GREEN, bur. 1938, Plot: TKB_693
GREEN, bur. 1946, Plot: TKB_798
GREEN, bur. 1949, Plot: TKB_845
GREEN, bur. 1949, Plot: TKB_845A
GREEN, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_844
GREEN, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_844A
GREEN, bur. 1959, Plot: TKA_958
GREEN, bur. 1959, Plot: TKCLAWN_22
GREEN, bur. 1970, Plot: TKA_1048
GREEN, bur. 1976, Plot: TKE_210
GREEN, bur. 1983, Plot: TKB_717B
GREEN, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_1014
GREEN, bur. 1990, Plot: TKE_9
GREEN, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_40
GREEN, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_119
GREEN, Plot: TKB_846
GREENALL, bur. 1992, Plot: TKAP1_65
GREENALL, bur. 2010, Plot: TKE_5049
GREENE, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_313
GREENE, bur. 1907, Plot: TKCB_312
GREENE, bur. 1947, Plot: TKCA_673
GREENER, bur. 1882, Plot: TKB_73
GREENFIELD, bur. 1936, Plot: TKB_709
GREER, bur. 1979, Plot: TKCA_755
GREGORY, bur. 1898, Plot: TKB_287
GREIG, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_161
GRIFFIN, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_56
GRIFFIN, bur. 1943, Plot: TKB_677
GRIFFITHS, bur. 1922, Plot: TKCB_92
GROUNDWATER, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_171
GROVES, bur. 1975, Plot: TKCA_94
GUDEX, bur. 1932, Plot: TKCB_431
GUDEX, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCB_432
GUDSELL, bur. 1925, Plot: TKB_201
GUDSELL, bur. 1940, Plot: TKD_251
GUDSELL, bur. 1942, Plot: TKD_252
GUDSELL, bur. 1950, Plot: TKB_200
GUDSELL, bur. 1955, Plot: TKD_116
GUDSELL, bur. 1970, Plot: TKCA_757
GUDSELL, bur. 1985, Plot: TKD_405
GUDSELL, bur. 1997, Plot: TKE_247
GUDSELL, bur. 2001, Plot: TKD_255
GUILD, bur. 1914, Plot: TKCB_285
GUILD, bur. 1931, Plot: TKCB_283
GUILD, bur. 1933, Plot: TKCB_284
GUILD, bur. 1940, Plot: TKCB_592
GUILD, bur. 1968, Plot: TKCB_282
GUILD, bur. 1974, Plot: TKCB_286
GUILD, bur. 1995, Plot: TKCB_593
GUISE, bur. 1990, Plot: TKAP1_60
GUNN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKB_319
GUNN, bur. 1958, Plot: TKCLAWN_8
GUNN, bur. 1977, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_44
GUNNION, bur. 1933, Plot: TKB_307
GURDLER, bur. 1892, Plot: TKB_280
GURDLER, bur. 1904, Plot: TKB_496
GUTHRIE, bur. 1943, Plot: TKD_288
GUTHRIE, bur. 1943, Plot: TKD_293
GUTHRIE, bur. 1960, Plot: TKCA_69
GUY, bur. 1874, Plot: TKB_25
GUY, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_26
GUY, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_179
HAAR, bur. 1882, Plot: TKB_124
HAAR, bur. 1895, Plot: TKB_125
HAAR, bur. 1921, Plot: TKB_112
HAAR, bur. 1930, Plot: TKA_520
HAAR, bur. 1932, Plot: TKA_519
HAAR, bur. 1981, Plot: TKAP2_997
HAAR, bur. 2014, Plot: TKE_5154
HALEY, bur. 1990, Plot: TKA_1289
HALEY, bur. 1998, Plot: TKA_1070
HALL, bur. 1907, Plot: TKB_33
HALL, bur. 1938, Plot: TKB_694
HALL, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCB_613
HALL, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCH_13
HALL, bur. 1972, Plot: TKE_900
HALL, bur. 1977, Plot: TKA_1074
HALL, bur. 1990, Plot: TKE_1037
HALL, bur. 1990, Plot: TKE_225
HALL, bur. 1990, Plot: TKE_272
HALL, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_37
HALL, bur. 2003, Plot: TKAP3_1004
HALL, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_75
HALL, Plot: TKE_226
HALLEY, bur. 1918, Plot: TKA_300
HALLEY, bur. 1934, Plot: TKA_301
HALLIDAY, bur. 1932, Plot: TKAP1_3
HALLIDAY, bur. 1976, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_3
HALLIDAY, bur. 1986, Plot: TKCLAWN_60
HALLY, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_302
HALLY, bur. 1966, Plot: TKAP2_1026
HALSEMORE, bur. 1988, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_43
HAMILTON, bur. 1885, Plot: TKB_239
HAMILTON, bur. 1903, Plot: TKA_126
HAMILTON, bur. 1903, Plot: TKA_128
HAMILTON, bur. 1908, Plot: TKA_127
HAMILTON, bur. 1911, Plot: TKB_524
HAMILTON, bur. 1922, Plot: TKA_447
HAMILTON, bur. 1952, Plot: TKCA_776
HAMILTON, bur. 1958, Plot: TKA_962
HAMILTON, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_1011
HAMILTON, bur. 2010, Plot: TKE_5086
HAMMOND, bur. 1933, Plot: TKD_113
HAMMOND, bur. 1950, Plot: TKCA_761
HAMMOND, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_113
HAMMOND, bur. 1970, Plot: TKE_831
HAMMOND, bur. 1971, Plot: TKCA_624
HAMMOND, bur. 1974, Plot: TKE_193
HAMMOND, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCA_625
HAMMOND, bur. 1979, Plot: TKE_928
HAMMOND, bur. 2017, Plot: TKE_5182
HANCOX, bur. 1923, Plot: TKD_214
HANCOX, bur. 1968, Plot: TKD_215
HANCOX, bur. 1985, Plot: TKD_273
HANCOX, bur. 1994, Plot: TKD_212
HANCOX, bur. 1994, Plot: TKD_213
HANDERSON, bur. 1895, Plot: TKCB_68
HANIFIN, bur. 1913, Plot: TKA_239
HANIFIN, bur. 1932, Plot: TKA_372
HANIFIN, bur. 1935, Plot: TKA_238
HANIFIN, bur. 1952, Plot: TKA_587
HANIFIN, bur. 1953, Plot: TKA_586
HANIFIN, bur. 1964, Plot: TKAP2_1031
HANIFIN, bur. 1966, Plot: TKAP2_1024
HANIFIN, bur. 1973, Plot: TKB_619
HANIFIN, bur. 1974, Plot: TKAP2_1002
HANIFIN, bur. 1978, Plot: TKA_1076
HANIFIN, bur. 1997, Plot: TKA_948
HANIFIN, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5143
HANLEY, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_1
HANLEY, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_2
HANLEY, bur. 1957, Plot: TKA_966
HANNAGAN, bur. 1991, Plot: TKA_1189
HANNAGAN, bur. 1997, Plot: TKA_1052
HANSEN, bur. 1987, Plot: TKCLAWN_63
HANSEN, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_318
HANSEN, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_319
HANSEN, bur. 1988, Plot: TKAP1_36
HANSEN, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_22
HANSEN, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_37
HANSON, bur. 1981, Plot: TKB_721B
HANSON, bur. 1998, Plot: TKE_1143
HANSON, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_125
HANSON, bur. 2007, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_126
HANSON, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_62
HANSON, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_71
HARBOTT, bur. 1905, Plot: TKD_146
HARBROW, bur. 1980, Plot: TKAP3_994
HARDING, bur. 1956, Plot: TKCLAWN_1
HARDING, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_27
HARDY, bur. 1943, Plot: TKA_497
HARDY, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_61
HARFORD, bur. 1947, Plot: TKCH_30
HARKNESS, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCH_2
HARKNESS, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_393
HARNEISS, bur. 1921, Plot: TKD_247
HARNEY, bur. 1874, Plot: TKA_79
HARNEY, bur. 1882, Plot: TKA_78
HARPER, bur. 1879, Plot: TKD_21
HARPER, bur. 1879, Plot: TKD_40
HARRAS, bur. 1889, Plot: TKB_87
HARRINGTON, bur. 1972, Plot: TKE_172
HARRIS, bur. 1906, Plot: TKB_207
HARRIS, bur. 1949, Plot: TKB_918
HARRIS, bur. 1978, Plot: TKCA_748
HARRIS, bur. 1978, Plot: TKCA_749
HARRIS, bur. 2015, Plot: TKE_5087
HARRISON, bur. 1883, Plot: TKB_32
HARRISON, bur. 1893, Plot: TKA_249
HARRISON, bur. 1893, Plot: TKB_251
HARRISON, bur. 1893, Plot: TKB_252
HARRISON, bur. 1912, Plot: TKB_253
HARRISON, bur. 1916, Plot: TKB_101
HARRISON, bur. 1917, Plot: TKB_257
HARRISON, bur. 1924, Plot: TKB_107
HARRISON, bur. 1936, Plot: TKB_254
HARRISON, bur. 1947, Plot: TKB_102
HARRISON, bur. 1947, Plot: TKD_63
HARRISON, bur. 1964, Plot: TKA_979
HARRISON, bur. 1984, Plot: TKB_103
HARRISON, bur. 1986, Plot: TKB_255
HARRISON, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_146
HARRISON, bur. 1998, Plot: TKAP3_1019
HARRISON, bur. 2002, Plot: TKB_256
HARRISON, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_10
HART, bur. 1878, Plot: TKD_6
HART, bur. 1893, Plot: TKB_380
HART, bur. 1949, Plot: TKA_638
HART, bur. 1949, Plot: TKA_639
HART, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_1012
HART, bur. 2004, Plot: TKA_640
HART, bur. 2015, Plot: TKE_5156
HARTE, bur. 1907, Plot: TKB_542
HARTLEY, bur. 1943, Plot: TKB_717
HARTNETT, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_1215
HARVEY, bur. 1947, Plot: TKD_427
HARVEY, bur. 1948, Plot: TKCH_27
HARVEY, bur. 1965, Plot: TKE_40
HARVEY, bur. 1970, Plot: TKBRSA_711
HARVEY, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_822
HARVEY, bur. 1976, Plot: TKE_207
HARVEY, bur. 1978, Plot: TKCLAWN_54
HARVEY, bur. 1982, Plot: TKE_39
HARVEY, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_1134
HARVIE, bur. 1944, Plot: TKCA_650
HATTON, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_161
HATTON, bur. 1983, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_7
HATTON, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_21
HATTON, bur. 2015, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_57
HAUGHEY, bur. 1963, Plot: TKA_987
HAUGHEY, bur. 1967, Plot: TKCLAWN_33
HAUGHEY, bur. 1995, Plot: TKE_376
HAUGHEY, Plot: TKE_5000
HAWKE, bur. 1914, Plot: TKB_261
HAWKE, bur. 1915, Plot: TKB_258
HAWKE, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_259
HAWKE, bur. 1931, Plot: TKCA_576
HAWKE, bur. 1946, Plot: TKB_799
HAWKE, bur. 1952, Plot: TKCA_708
HAWKE, bur. 1985, Plot: TKE_985
HAWKINS, bur. 1974, Plot: TKB_781
HAWKINS, bur. 1980, Plot: TKB_780
HAWKINS, bur. 1991, Plot: TKAP1_57
HAWKINS, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_24
HAY, bur. 1879, Plot: TKB_148
HAY, bur. 1891, Plot: TKCB_271
HAY, bur. 1911, Plot: TKCB_272
HAY, bur. 1911, Plot: TKCB_273
HAY, bur. 1929, Plot: TKCB_362
HAY, bur. 1929, Plot: TKCB_363
HAY, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_155
HAYES, bur. 1929, Plot: TKA_332
HAYES, bur. 1969, Plot: TKB_640
HAYES, bur. 1987, Plot: TKA_805
HAYES, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_1209
HAYES, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_163
HAYHURST, bur. 1900, Plot: TKA_471
HAYHURST, bur. 1914, Plot: TKA_479
HAYHURST, bur. 1929, Plot: TKA_481
HAYHURST, bur. 1937, Plot: TKA_475
HAYHURST, bur. 1937, Plot: TKA_480
HAYHURST, bur. 1960, Plot: TKA_470
HAYHURST, bur. 1960, Plot: TKA_476
HAYHURST, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_895
HAYWARD, bur. 1957, Plot: TKB_654
HAYWARD, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_1224
HAYWOOD, bur. 1891, Plot: TKCA_13
HAYWOOD, bur. 1956, Plot: TKCA_14
HAYWOOD, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCB_13
HAZE, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCB_33
HEAD, bur. 1904, Plot: TKD_227
HEALEY, bur. 1924, Plot: TKA_160
HEALEY, bur. 1944, Plot: TKA_158
HEALY, bur. 1947, Plot: TKA_630
HEALY, bur. 1947, Plot: TKA_631
HEALY, bur. 2000, Plot: TKE_1142
HEAP, bur. 1888, Plot: TKB_177
HEAP, bur. 1888, Plot: TKB_178
HEAP, bur. 1968, Plot: TKAP2_1016
HEAP, bur. 1974, Plot: TKB_705
HEAP, bur. 1976, Plot: TKE_206
HEARN, bur. 1888, Plot: TKA_83
HEARN, bur. 1913, Plot: TKB_191
HEARN, bur. 1913, Plot: TKB_193
HEARN, bur. 1918, Plot: TKA_55
HEARN, bur. 1932, Plot: TKB_203
HEARN, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_644
HEARN, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_204
HEARN, bur. 1960, Plot: TKB_908
HEARN, bur. 1977, Plot: TKB_205
HEARN, bur. 1982, Plot: TKAP3_1002
HEARN, bur. 1985, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_13
HEARN, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_86
HEEFORD, bur. 1945, Plot: TKB_819
HEER, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCH_8
HEER, bur. 1953, Plot: TKA_572
HELM, bur. 2009, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_174
HENDERSON, bur. 1903, Plot: TKCB_102
HENDERSON, bur. 1920, Plot: TKCB_440
HENDERSON, bur. 1923, Plot: TKCB_473
HENDERSON, bur. 1944, Plot: TKCB_474
HENDERSON, bur. 1947, Plot: TKA_700
HENDERSON, bur. 1956, Plot: TKA_972
HENDERSON, bur. 1961, Plot: TKCB_441
HENDERSON, bur. 1975, Plot: TKCLAWN_49
HENDERSON, bur. 1976, Plot: TKE_212
HENDERSON, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_1006
HENDERSON, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_50
HENDERSON, bur. 1995, Plot: TKAP1_72
HENDERSON, bur. 1996, Plot: TKB_40
HENDERSON, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_1005
HENDERSON, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_120
HENDERSON, bur. 2007, Plot: TKE_5022
HENDERSON, bur. 2009, Plot: TKE_5031
HENDRY, bur. 1975, Plot: TKE_852
HENDRY, bur. 1988, Plot: TKE_181
HENDRY, bur. 1998, Plot: TKE_340
HENRY, bur. 1875, Plot: TKA_80
HENRY, bur. 1875, Plot: TKA_89
HENRY, bur. 1879, Plot: TKCB_120
HENRY, bur. 1901, Plot: TKCB_314
HENRY, bur. 1909, Plot: TKA_121
HENRY, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCB_121
HENRY, bur. 1958, Plot: TKBCT_22
HENRY, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_1008
HENRY, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_157
HENRY, bur. 1993, Plot: TKA_1034
HERBERT, bur. 1967, Plot: TKE_57
HERBERT, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_162
HERDMAN, bur. 1942, Plot: TKD_274
HERDMAN, bur. 1942, Plot: TKD_275
HERON, bur. 1897, Plot: TKB_412
HERON, bur. 1902, Plot: TKB_414
HERON, bur. 1904, Plot: TKA_296
HERON, bur. 1905, Plot: TKB_413
HERON, bur. 1926, Plot: TKB_689
HERON, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_60
HERTNON, bur. 1995, Plot: TKAP3_1025
HEWIT, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_626
HEWITT, bur. 1987, Plot: TKB_706
HEWSON, bur. 1913, Plot: TKCB_186
HEWSON, bur. 1919, Plot: TKCB_187
HEWSON, bur. 1941, Plot: TKB_675
HEWSON, bur. 1942, Plot: TKD_160
HEWSON, bur. 1942, Plot: TKD_414
HEWSON, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_139
HEWSON, bur. 1999, Plot: TKCH_32
HICKEY, bur. 1950, Plot: TKA_609
HICKEY, bur. 1981, Plot: TKAP3_996
HICKEY, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_423
HIDE, bur. 1964, Plot: TKE_23
HIDE, bur. 1974, Plot: TKE_170
HIDE, bur. 1992, Plot: TKE_22
HIGGINS, bur. 2008, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_130
HIGGS, bur. 1954, Plot: TKB_860
HIGGS, bur. 1970, Plot: TKE_841
HIGHET, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCA_2
HIGHET, bur. 1956, Plot: TKCA_3
HIGHET, bur. 1975, Plot: TKE_198
HIGINBOTTOM, bur. 1928, Plot: TKB_154
HIGINBOTTOM, bur. 1978, Plot: TKD_296
HIGINBOTTOM, bur. 1980, Plot: TKCA_670
HILL, bur. 1913, Plot: TKB_109
HILL, bur. 1954, Plot: TKB_903
HILL, bur. 1962, Plot: TKB_661
HILLIKER, bur. 1962, Plot: TKCLAWN_14
HILLIKER, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: TK703_6
HILLSDON, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_1
HINCK, bur. 1940, Plot: TKB_759
HIND, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_14
HINES, bur. 1992, Plot: TKE_134
HISCOCK, bur. 1986, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_15
HISCOCK, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_65
HISLOP, bur. 1957, Plot: TKB_657
HISTEN, bur. 1987, Plot: TKA_809
HISTEN, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_1213
HISTEN, bur. 2006, Plot: TKE_5013
HOARE, bur. 1898, Plot: TKA_227
HOARE, bur. 1899, Plot: TKB_289
HOARE, bur. 1904, Plot: TKA_231
HOARE, bur. 1905, Plot: TKA_226
HOARE, bur. 1912, Plot: TKA_230
HOARE, bur. 1918, Plot: TKB_118
HOARE, bur. 1927, Plot: TKA_225
HOARE, bur. 1934, Plot: TKA_136
HOARE, bur. 1934, Plot: TKA_150
HOARE, bur. 1934, Plot: TKA_539
HOBBS, bur. 1918, Plot: TKB_492
HOBBS, bur. 1921, Plot: TKB_581
HOBBS, bur. 1935, Plot: TKB_692
HOBBS, bur. 1943, Plot: TKB_784
HOBBS, bur. 1947, Plot: TKBRSA_707
HOBBS, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_922B
HOBBS, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_929
HOBBS, bur. 1959, Plot: TKBCT_7
HOBSON, bur. 1907, Plot: TKB_481
HOBSON, bur. 1951, Plot: TKB_779
HOBSON, bur. 1982, Plot: TKB_778
HOGG, bur. 1929, Plot: TKCA_560
HOGG, bur. 1929, Plot: TKCA_580
HOGG, bur. 1937, Plot: TKCB_338
HOGG, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCB_339
HOGG, bur. 1956, Plot: TKCH_18
HOGG, bur. 1977, Plot: TKA_1071
HOGG, bur. 1983, Plot: TKCLAWN_58
HOGG, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_394
HOGUE, bur. 1990, Plot: TKCA_780
HOLDEN, bur. 1903, Plot: TKB_349
HOLE, bur. 1972, Plot: TKE_874
HOLE, bur. 1992, Plot: TKE_1099
HOLLAND, bur. 1987, Plot: TKCA_524
HOLLAND, bur. 1988, Plot: TKE_323
HOLLAND, bur. 2010, Plot: TKCA_530
HOLLEY, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_352
HOLLIDAY, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_82
HOLLIGAN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKA_99
HOLLOWAY, bur. 1891, Plot: TKA_156
HOLMES, bur. 1975, Plot: TKE_837
HOLMES, bur. 1991, Plot: TKA_1284
HOLMES, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_305
HOLWELL, bur. 1890, Plot: TKD_106
HOLWELL, bur. 1902, Plot: TKD_105
HOLWELL, bur. 1911, Plot: TKD_103
HOLWELL, bur. 1911, Plot: TKD_104
HOLWELL, bur. 1922, Plot: TKD_107
HOLWELL, bur. 1991, Plot: TKCA_778
HOME, bur. 1967, Plot: TKE_60
HOME, bur. 1981, Plot: TKE_986
HOOK, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_1061
HOOPER, bur. 1898, Plot: TKD_52
HOOPER, bur. 1901, Plot: TKB_288
HOOPER, bur. 1901, Plot: TKD_47
HOOPER, bur. 1902, Plot: TKD_46
HOOPER, bur. 1905, Plot: TKB_519
HOOPER, bur. 1914, Plot: TKB_518
HOOPER, bur. 1917, Plot: TKD_67
HOOPER, bur. 1921, Plot: TKD_53
HOOPER, bur. 1934, Plot: TKB_318
HOOPER, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_121
HOOPER, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_95
HOPE, bur. 1928, Plot: TKD_99
HOPE, bur. 1941, Plot: TKD_173
HOPE, bur. 1941, Plot: TKD_412
HOPE, bur. 1959, Plot: TKA_938
HOPE, bur. 1988, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_20
HOPE, bur. 1989, Plot: TKCA_20
HOPE, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_36
HOPE, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_963
HOPE, bur. 2010, Plot: TKE_5078
HOPESY, bur. 1929, Plot: TKA_503
HOPKINS, bur. 1918, Plot: TKCB_241
HOPKINS, bur. 1967, Plot: TKB_631
HOPKINSON, bur. 1899, Plot: TKB_497
HOPKINSON, bur. 1926, Plot: TKCB_124
HOPKINSON, bur. 1926, Plot: TKCB_66
HOPKINSON, bur. 1946, Plot: TKCA_658
HOPKINSON, bur. 1956, Plot: TKBCT_30
HOPKINSON, bur. 1962, Plot: TKD_76
HOPKINSON, bur. 1972, Plot: TKE_8
HOPKINSON, bur. 1982, Plot: TKAP3_999
HOPKINSON, bur. 1982, Plot: TKE_978
HOPKINSON, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_317
HOPKINSON, bur. 1989, Plot: TKE_950
HOPKINSON, bur. 1993, Plot: TKAP1_68
HOPKINSON, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TK703_40
HOPKINSON, bur. 1997, Plot: TKAP1_69
HORGAN, bur. 1936, Plot: TKA_289
HORGAN, bur. 1936, Plot: TKA_291
HORGAN, bur. 1944, Plot: TKA_494
HORGAN, bur. 1957, Plot: TKAP1_10
HORGAN, bur. 1959, Plot: TKA_935
HORGAN, bur. 1961, Plot: TKA_952
HORGAN, bur. 1962, Plot: TKA_404
HORGAN, bur. 1971, Plot: TKAP2_1010
HORGAN, bur. 1984, Plot: TKA_820
HORGAN, bur. 1988, Plot: TKE_431
HORGAN, bur. 2005, Plot: TKA_495
HORGAN, bur. 2012, Plot: TKE_5105
HORNBROOK, bur. 1874, Plot: TKB_27
HORNBROOK, bur. 1895, Plot: TKB_47
HORNBROOK, bur. 1902, Plot: TKB_54
HORNBROOK, bur. 1921, Plot: TKB_53
HORNBROOK, bur. 1928, Plot: TKB_55
HORNBROOK, bur. 1945, Plot: TKB_797
HORSMAN, bur. 1894, Plot: TKB_392
HOUGHTON, bur. 1926, Plot: TKB_584
HOULIHAN, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1166
HOWDEN, bur. 1920, Plot: TKB_312
HOWDEN, bur. 1935, Plot: TKB_377
HOWIE, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_1029
HOWIE, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_1123
HUBAND, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_46
HUBAND, bur. 1883, Plot: TKB_45
HUGHES, bur. 1900, Plot: TKA_217
HUGHES, bur. 1939, Plot: TKB_757
HUGHES, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_693
HULLEMAN, bur. 1959, Plot: TKCLAWN_11
HULLEMAN, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_54
HULLEN, bur. 1884, Plot: TKB_229
HULLEN, bur. 1889, Plot: TKB_230
HULLEN, bur. 1915, Plot: TKB_219
HULLEN, bur. 1915, Plot: TKB_220
HUMM, bur. 1941, Plot: TKCB_597
HUNT, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCA_1
HUNT, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_48
HUNTER, bur. 1910, Plot: TKA_26
HUNTER, bur. 1947, Plot: TKCA_688
HURRING, bur. 1983, Plot: TKE_958
HUSBAND, bur. 1929, Plot: TKD_97
HUSBAND, bur. 1969, Plot: TKE_32
HUSBAND, bur. 1982, Plot: TKE_966
HUTCHESON, bur. 1935, Plot: TKB_610
HUTCHESON, bur. 2001, Plot: TKAP1_102
HUTCHISON, bur. 1924, Plot: TKB_3
HUTCHISON, bur. 1986, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_16
HUTCHISON, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_129
HUTT, bur. 1906, Plot: TKB_478
HUTT, bur. 1906, Plot: TKB_490
HUTT, bur. 1946, Plot: TKB_790
HYLAND, bur. 1963, Plot: TKA_397
IGGO, bur. 1989, Plot: TKCA_110
ILES, bur. 1978, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_6
INESON, bur. 1988, Plot: TKCB_617
INESON, bur. 1988, Plot: TKCB_719
IRELAND, bur. 2008, Plot: TKE_360
IRVINE, bur. 1948, Plot: TKD_426
IRWIN, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_7
ISAAC, bur. 1972, Plot: TKE_879
IVES, bur. 1949, Plot: TKB_851
IVES, bur. 1950, Plot: TKB_853
IVES, bur. 1982, Plot: TKE_113
IVES, bur. 2003, Plot: TKAP3_1012
IVES, bur. 2007, Plot: TKAP1_118
IVES, bur. 2007, Plot: TKE_5063
JACK, bur. 1890, Plot: TKB_221
JACK, bur. 1890, Plot: TKD_13
JACKS, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5090
JACKSON, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_70
JACKSON, bur. 1883, Plot: TKA_59
JACKSON, bur. 1923, Plot: TKB_702
JACKSON, bur. 1958, Plot: TKCLAWN_9
JACKSON, bur. 1960, Plot: TKA_942
JACKSON, bur. 1969, Plot: TKE_891
JACKSON, bur. 1986, Plot: TKE_858
JACKSON, bur. 1990, Plot: TKD_295
JACKSON, bur. 1996, Plot: TKE_285
JACKSON, bur. 1999, Plot: TKAP1_88
JACKSON, bur. 2009, Plot: TKE_5057
JACKSON, bur. 2017, Plot: TKE_5171
JACQUES, bur. 1948, Plot: TKCA_691
JAMIESON, bur. 1957, Plot: TKB_809
JAMIESON, bur. 1988, Plot: TKCLAWN_64
JARDINE, bur. 1882, Plot: TKCB_49
JARVIE, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_177
JARVIS, bur. 1966, Plot: TKB_630
JENKINSON, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_23
JENNINGS, bur. 1916, Plot: TKB_202
JENNINGS, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_62
JEPPS, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_993
JESSETT, bur. 1975, Plot: TKCLAWN_48
JEWELL, bur. 1983, Plot: TKE_959
JOHANSEN, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCA_653
JOHN, bur. 1962, Plot: TKD_413
JOHN, bur. 1982, Plot: TKB_720B
JOHNS, bur. 1895, Plot: TKCB_220
JOHNSON, bur. 1889, Plot: TKB_226
JOHNSON, bur. 1912, Plot: TKB_231
JOHNSON, bur. 1918, Plot: TKB_222
JOHNSON, bur. 1918, Plot: TKB_223
JOHNSON, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_234
JOHNSON, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_243
JOHNSON, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCB_279
JOHNSON, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCB_608
JOHNSON, bur. 1949, Plot: TKA_244
JOHNSON, bur. 1953, Plot: TKCA_660
JOHNSON, bur. 1970, Plot: TKCA_695
JOHNSON, bur. 1979, Plot: TKBRSA_716
JOHNSON, bur. 1983, Plot: TKA_823
JOHNSON, bur. 1983, Plot: TKAP3_1005
JOHNSON, bur. 1983, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_20
JOHNSON, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_1
JOHNSON, bur. 1997, Plot: TKE_65
JOHNSON, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_36
JOHNSON, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1161
JOHNSON, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_1172
JOHNSON, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_128
JOHNSON, bur. 2017, Plot: TKE_5175
JOHNSTON, bur. 1876, Plot: TKCB_20
JOHNSTON, bur. 1922, Plot: TKCB_93
JOHNSTON, bur. 1942, Plot: TKCB_96
JOHNSTON, bur. 1974, Plot: TKE_76
JOHNSTON, bur. 1981, Plot: TKCA_619
JOHNSTON, bur. 1983, Plot: TKE_288
JOHNSTON, bur. 1999, Plot: TKA_913
JOHNSTON, bur. 1999, Plot: TKBCT_34
JOHNSTON, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_289
JOHNSTON, bur. 2000, Plot: TKE_75
JOHNSTONE, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_287
JONES, bur. 1929, Plot: TKB_351
JONES, bur. 1942, Plot: TKCB_478
JONES, bur. 1959, Plot: TKCA_85
JONES, bur. 1960, Plot: TKA_953
JONES, bur. 1970, Plot: TKB_628
JONES, bur. 1974, Plot: TKAP2_1000
JONES, bur. 1975, Plot: TKA_1065
JONES, bur. 1980, Plot: TKCB_477
JONES, bur. 1980, Plot: TKCH_0
JONES, bur. 1982, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_5
JONES, bur. 1992, Plot: TKA_1191
JONES, bur. 1992, Plot: TKA_1193
JONES, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_38
JONES, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_396
JONES, bur. 2000, Plot: TKE_411
JONES, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_923
JONES, bur. 2009, Plot: TKE_5045
JOSLING, bur. 1914, Plot: TKB_244
JOYCE, bur. 2016, Cremation, Plot: TK704_40
JOYNT, bur. 1959, Plot: TKB_910
JUDSON, bur. 1946, Plot: TKD_129
JULIUS, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_51
JUNGE, bur. 1963, Plot: TKA_985
JUST, bur. 1949, Plot: TKB_672
JUST, bur. 1977, Plot: TKAP2_994
KAGEI, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5099
KAGEI, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5101
KANE, bur. 1996, Plot: TKE_356
KARA, bur. 1967, Plot: TKE_908
KATSCHUK, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: TK704_26
KAY, bur. 1898, Plot: TKB_390
KAY, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_391
KEANE, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_691
KEANE, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_694
KEDDIE, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_89
KEEFE, bur. 1882, Plot: TKA_68
KEEFE, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_361
KEELEY, bur. 1967, Plot: TKB_561
KEELEY, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_70
KEELY, bur. 1916, Plot: TKB_562
KEEN, bur. 1956, Plot: TKBCT_40
KEEN, bur. 1985, Plot: TKAP3_1013
KEEN, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_333
KEENAN, bur. 1874, Plot: TKB_12
KEENAN, bur. 1997, Plot: TKB_11
KEITH, bur. 1944, Plot: TKCA_648
KELLAND, bur. 1948, Plot: TKB_837
KELLAND, bur. 1948, Plot: TKB_837B
KELLAND, bur. 2003, Plot: TKAP1_46
KELLEY, bur. 1981, Plot: TKE_165
KELLY, bur. 1906, Plot: TKB_479
KELLY, bur. 1985, Plot: TKE_166
KELMAN, bur. 1981, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_12
KELMAN, bur. 1992, Plot: TKE_1050
KELMAN, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_94
KENDALL, bur. 1980, Plot: TKD_54
KENDRICK, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_1232
KENNEDY, bur. 1879, Plot: TKB_179
KENNEDY, bur. 1879, Plot: TKB_180
KENNEDY, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_332
KENNEDY, bur. 1903, Plot: TKCB_333
KENNEDY, bur. 1917, Plot: TKCB_303
KENNEDY, bur. 1930, Plot: TKA_426
KENNEDY, bur. 1930, Plot: TKA_427
KENNEDY, bur. 1935, Plot: TKCA_568
KENNEDY, bur. 1937, Plot: TKA_507
KENNEDY, bur. 1950, Plot: TKB_857
KENNEDY, bur. 1957, Plot: TKB_858
KENNEDY, bur. 1967, Plot: TKA_943
KENNEDY, bur. 1969, Plot: TKE_101
KENNEDY, bur. 1987, Plot: TKA_834
KENNEDY, bur. 1988, Plot: TKAP1_47
KENNEDY, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_999
KENNY, bur. 1999, Plot: TKAP1_89
KENNY, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_428
KENT, bur. 1982, Plot: TKD_64
KENT, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_32
KERNOHAN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKCB_455
KERNOHAN, bur. 1990, Plot: TKCB_454
KERR, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_84
KERR, bur. 2002, Plot: TKAP1_59
KERRIDGE, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_29
KERSLAKE, bur. 2002, Plot: TKAP1_103
KERYL, bur. 1907, Plot: TKB_448
KEYS, bur. 1938, Plot: TKB_739
KEYS, bur. 1946, Plot: TKB_740
KILGOUR, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCA_98
KILLOH, bur. 1911, Plot: TKCB_409
KILLOH, bur. 1985, Plot: TKCA_620
KIMBER, bur. 1944, Plot: TKB_795
KIMBER, bur. 1947, Plot: TKB_832
KING, bur. 1900, Plot: TKB_498
KING, bur. 1902, Plot: TKD_90
KING, bur. 1906, Plot: TKB_487
KING, bur. 1911, Plot: TKB_499
KING, bur. 1924, Plot: TKB_473
KING, bur. 1933, Plot: TKB_355
KING, bur. 1936, Plot: TKB_555
KING, bur. 1939, Plot: TKB_763
KING, bur. 1940, Plot: TKCB_601
KING, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_666
KING, bur. 1952, Plot: TKCH_44
KING, bur. 1953, Plot: TKD_44
KING, bur. 1957, Plot: TKB_655
KING, bur. 1957, Plot: TKBCT_24
KING, bur. 1961, Plot: TKCLAWN_18
KING, bur. 1962, Plot: TKCLAWN_13
KING, bur. 1977, Plot: TKAP2_991
KING, bur. 1977, Plot: TKE_114
KING, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_20
KING, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_11
KING, bur. 2003, Plot: TKA_947
KING, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_1207
KING, bur. 2004, Plot: TKAP1_58
KING, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_1195
KINGSTON, bur. 1939, Plot: TKCB_119
KINGSTON, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCB_600
KINGSTON, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCB_728
KIRKCALDIE, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5144
KIRKPATRICK, bur. 1907, Plot: TKCB_414
KIRKPATRICK, bur. 1920, Plot: TKCB_97
KITTO, bur. 1969, Plot: TKCLAWN_37
KLEE, bur. 1897, Plot: TKB_260
KNIGHT, bur. 1894, Plot: TKB_446
KNIGHT, bur. 1898, Plot: TKB_445
KNIGHT, bur. 1912, Plot: TKB_508
KNIGHT, bur. 1938, Plot: TKB_765
KONIOR, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5148
KRAUSE, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_66
KYNE, bur. 1910, Plot: TKA_170
KYNE, bur. 1931, Plot: TKA_464
KYNE, bur. 1943, Plot: TKA_144
KYNE, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_699
KYNE, bur. 1952, Plot: TKA_468
KYNE, bur. 1984, Plot: TKA_702
LAKE, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_59
LAMB, bur. 1907, Plot: TKB_503
LAMB, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_802
LAMONT, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_48
LAMPMANN, bur. 1895, Plot: TKB_122
LANCASTER, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_298
LANE, bur. 1900, Plot: TKCB_396
LANE, bur. 1917, Plot: TKCB_304
LANE, bur. 1918, Plot: TKCB_305
LANE, bur. 1960, Plot: TKA_944
LANE, bur. 1998, Plot: TKA_1190
LANE, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_61
LANE, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_160
LANGFORD, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_381
LANGRELL, bur. 1941, Plot: TKB_776
LANGRELL, bur. 1943, Plot: TKB_777
LANGRELL, bur. 1993, Plot: TKE_1092
LANGRELL, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_383
LANGRIDGE, bur. 1909, Plot: TKB_263
LANGSTON, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_1193
LANGSTON, bur. 2005, Plot: TKAP2_1028
LARCOMBE, bur. 1932, Plot: TKB_270
LARCOMBE, bur. 1932, Plot: TKB_728
LARCOMBE, bur. 1955, Plot: TKB_725
LARCOMBE, bur. 1979, Plot: TKBRSA_714
LARCOME, bur. 1902, Plot: TKB_325
LARSEN, bur. 1913, Plot: TKD_195
LARSEN, bur. 1950, Plot: TKB_356
LASHIE, bur. 1940, Plot: TKCB_591
LATIMER, bur. 1891, Plot: TKB_438
LATIMER, bur. 1926, Plot: TKB_437
LAURENSON, bur. 1988, Plot: TKCB_433
LAURENSON, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_86
LAURENSON, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_1154
LAURENSON, bur. 2010, Plot: TKE_5083
LAW, bur. 1940, Plot: TKB_769
LAWLOR, bur. 1902, Plot: TKA_285
LAWLOR, bur. 1947, Plot: TKA_286
LAWLOR, bur. 1947, Plot: TKA_287
LAWRENCE, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_1087
LAWRENCE, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5159
LAWRIE, bur. 1883, Plot: TKCB_78
LAWRIE, bur. 1933, Plot: TKCA_565
LAWRY, bur. 1883, Plot: TKA_21
LAWSON, bur. 1885, Plot: TKCB_37
LAWSON, bur. 1904, Plot: TKCB_141
LAWSON, bur. 1904, Plot: TKCB_142
LAWSON, bur. 1904, Plot: TKCB_143
LEACH, bur. 1882, Plot: TKD_20
LEAF, bur. 2012, Plot: TKE_5125
LEARY, bur. 1938, Plot: TKA_482
LEARY, bur. 1938, Plot: TKA_483
LEARY, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_696
LEARY, bur. 1953, Plot: TKA_914
LEARY, bur. 2004, Plot: TKAP2_1025
LEARY, bur. 2005, Plot: TKAP3_1129
LEATHEM, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_628A
LEATHEM, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_674
LEATHER, bur. 1934, Plot: TKA_394
LEE, bur. 1879, Plot: TKB_151
LEE, bur. 1889, Plot: TKB_149
LEE, bur. 1891, Plot: TKB_417
LEE, bur. 1906, Plot: TKB_418
LEE, bur. 1906, Plot: TKB_419
LEE, bur. 1930, Plot: TKB_704
LEE, bur. 1946, Plot: TKCA_669
LEE, bur. 1995, Plot: TKE_373
LEE, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_15
LEE, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5145
LEE, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: TK704_33
LEFEBER, bur. 1979, Plot: TKE_164
LEFEBER, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_329
LEIGH, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_45
LEMON, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_69
LEONARD, bur. 1938, Plot: TKA_388
LEONARD, bur. 1948, Plot: TKA_386
LEONARD, bur. 1951, Plot: TKA_387
LEONARD, bur. 1955, Plot: TKA_385
LEONARD, bur. 1957, Plot: TKA_141
LEONARD, bur. 1958, Plot: TKA_389
LEONARD, bur. 1959, Plot: TKA_955
LEONARD, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_1230
LEONARD, bur. 2008, Plot: TKA_390
LEPPINGWELL, bur. 2011, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_71
LEVENS, bur. 1935, Plot: TKD_152
LEVENS, bur. 1968, Plot: TKB_635
LEVENS, bur. 1976, Plot: TKE_129
LEVENS, bur. 1983, Plot: TKD_74
LEVIES, bur. 1918, Plot: TKD_125
LEWIS, bur. 1903, Plot: TKD_124
LEWIS, bur. 1908, Plot: TKD_122
LEWIS, bur. 1937, Plot: TKD_176
LEWIS, bur. 1983, Plot: TKE_964
LINDSAY, bur. 1950, Plot: TKB_862
LINDSAY, bur. 1966, Plot: TKB_863
LINDSAY, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_306
LISTER, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_271
LITHGOW, bur. 1997, Plot: TKE_4
LIVESEY, bur. 1959, Plot: TKBCT_8
LLOYD, bur. 1882, Plot: TKB_167
LLOYD, bur. 1921, Plot: TKB_166
LLOYD, bur. 1995, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_90
LOADER, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCH_15
LOFTHOUSE, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_47
LOGAN, bur. 1895, Plot: TKCB_19
LONG, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: TK703_21
LONGSON, bur. 1938, Plot: TKD_155
LONGSON, bur. 1975, Plot: TKCA_106
LOOKER, bur. 1918, Plot: TKD_241
LOOKER, bur. 1918, Plot: TKD_407
LOOKER, bur. 1939, Plot: TKD_242
LOOKER, bur. 1957, Plot: TKD_297
LOOKER, bur. 1964, Plot: TKA_614
LOOKER, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_160
LOOMES, bur. 1967, Plot: TKA_1042
LORIMER, bur. 1969, Plot: TKE_834
LOUDEN, bur. 1910, Plot: TKB_576
LOUDEN, bur. 1953, Plot: TKB_884
LOUDEN, bur. 1971, Plot: TKE_845
LOUDEN, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_159
LOUIS, bur. 1880, Plot: TKA_61
LOUIS, bur. 1880, Plot: TKA_62
LOUIS, bur. 1883, Plot: TKA_56
LOUISSON, bur. 1994, Plot: TKB_361
LOVATT, bur. 1957, Plot: TKCLAWN_4
LOVATT, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_828
LOVATT, bur. 1980, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_2
LOVE, bur. 1928, Plot: TKCB_497
LOVE, bur. 1948, Plot: TKCA_690
LOVE, bur. 1985, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_28
LOVE, bur. 2019, Plot: TKE_5187
LOW, bur. 1906, Plot: TKCB_205
LOWE, bur. 1936, Plot: TKD_202
LOWE, bur. 1936, Plot: TKD_402
LOWNIE, bur. 1916, Plot: TKCB_400
LUCAS, bur. 1907, Plot: TKB_529
LUCAS, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_387
LUCTGATE, bur. 1874, Plot: TKB_99
LUCY, bur. 1939, Plot: TKB_762
LUDEMANN, bur. 1974, Plot: TKE_17
LUGGANS, bur. 1918, Plot: TKD_186
LUSH, bur. 1993, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_50
LYALL, bur. 1975, Plot: TKCA_35
LYALL, bur. 1979, Plot: TKE_934
LYNCH, bur. 1882, Plot: TKD_49
LYNCH, bur. 1902, Plot: TKA_25
LYNCH, bur. 1920, Plot: TKA_524
LYNCH, bur. 1927, Plot: TKA_523
LYNCH, bur. 1944, Plot: TKA_146
LYNCH, bur. 1952, Plot: TKA_588
LYNCH, bur. 1952, Plot: TKA_589
LYNCH, bur. 1959, Plot: TKA_957
LYNCH, bur. 1997, Plot: TKA_544
LYNCH, Plot: TKA_679B
LYNCH, Plot: TKA_680B
LYNE, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_83
LYNN, bur. 1903, Plot: TKCB_376
LYON, bur. 1877, Plot: TKA_63
LYON, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_7
LYON, bur. 1909, Plot: TKCB_6
LYON, bur. 1910, Plot: TKCB_17
LYON, bur. 1916, Plot: TKCB_10
LYON, bur. 1939, Plot: TKCH_3
LYON, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCA_668
LYON, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_751
LYON, bur. 1957, Plot: TKBCT_28
LYON, bur. 1960, Plot: TKCA_511
LYON, bur. 1963, Plot: TKCA_510
LYON, bur. 1991, Plot: TKE_1039
LYON, bur. 1994, Plot: TKCA_76
LYON, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_400
LYON, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_1228
LYON, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_209
LYONS, bur. 1876, Plot: TKCB_5
LYONS, bur. 1984, Plot: TKA_822
LYSAGHT, bur. 1970, Plot: TKA_1047
MABEN, bur. 1896, Plot: TKCB_221
MABEN, bur. 1896, Plot: TKCB_222
MABEN, bur. 1896, Plot: TKCB_223
MACALE, bur. 1962, Plot: TKCA_160
MACAULAY, bur. 1893, Plot: TKCB_147
MACAULAY, bur. 1952, Plot: TKCA_701
MACAULAY, bur. 1985, Plot: TKCA_702
MACAULAY, bur. 1990, Plot: TKE_257
MACAULAY, bur. 1994, Plot: TKCB_148
MACAULAY, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1090
MACDONALD, bur. 1972, Plot: TKE_872
MACDONALD, bur. 1989, Plot: TKE_27
MACDONALD, bur. 1999, Plot: TKAP1_86
MACDONELL, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_5
MACDONELL, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_6
MACKENNON, bur. 1976, Plot: TKCB_88
MACKENZIE, bur. 1898, Plot: TKCB_133
MACKIE, bur. 1950, Plot: TKCA_753
MACKIE, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCA_788
MACKIE, bur. 2012, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_144
MACKINNON, bur. 1942, Plot: TKCA_629
MACKINNON, bur. 1998, Plot: TKE_842
MACKLE, bur. 1940, Plot: TKA_500
MACKLE, bur. 1981, Plot: TKAP3_998
MACKLE, bur. 2010, Plot: TKE_5081
MACLACHLAN, bur. 1937, Plot: TKCA_543
MACLACHLAN, bur. 1974, Plot: TKCA_542
MACLEOD, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCA_9
MACLEOD, bur. 1996, Plot: TKE_336
MACLEOD, bur. 1998, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_68
MACLEOD, bur. 2001, Plot: TKE_1098
MACPHERSON, bur. 1947, Plot: TKCH_19
MACUISH, bur. 1912, Plot: TKCB_190
MADDEN, bur. 1922, Plot: TKA_28
MADDEN, bur. 1922, Plot: TKA_33
MADDISON, bur. 1947, Plot: TKCH_31
MADDREN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKD_220
MAGEE, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_299
MAHAN, bur. 1979, Plot: TKE_31
MAHAN, bur. 1988, Plot: TKE_838
MAHONEY, bur. 1904, Plot: TKA_294
MAHONEY, bur. 1965, Plot: TKA_415
MAISTER, bur. 1996, Plot: TKB_800
MAITLAND, bur. 2018, Cremation, Plot: TK704_5
MALCOMSON, bur. 1906, Plot: TKCB_212
MALLETT, bur. 1953, Plot: TKCA_710
MALLETT, bur. 1982, Plot: TKE_982
MALLETT, bur. 2007, Plot: TKE_5058
MANGAN, bur. 1953, Plot: TKA_331
MANNING, bur. 1873, Plot: TKCB_74
MANSON, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_30
MANSON, bur. 1957, Plot: TKCLAWN_5
MANSON, bur. 1996, Plot: TKA_844
MANSON, Plot: TKE_5132
MARSHALL, bur. 1904, Plot: TKCB_381
MARSHALL, bur. 1915, Plot: TKCB_185
MARSHALL, bur. 1931, Plot: TKCA_540
MARSHALL, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCA_570
MARSHALL, bur. 1964, Plot: TKE_21
MARSHALL, bur. 1966, Plot: TKCA_782
MARSHALL, bur. 1975, Plot: TKE_132
MARSHALL, bur. 1989, Plot: TKE_889
MARSHALL, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_1063
MARSHALL, bur. 2003, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_50
MARTIN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKA_412
MARTIN, bur. 1924, Plot: TKB_398
MARTIN, bur. 1947, Plot: TKB_838
MARTIN, bur. 1962, Plot: TKE_2
MARTIN, bur. 1970, Plot: TKCLAWN_38
MARTIN, bur. 1973, Plot: TKD_308
MARTIN, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_175
MARTIN, bur. 1974, Plot: TKCB_488
MARTIN, bur. 1978, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_10
MARTIN, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_951
MARTIN, bur. 1989, Plot: TKCLAWN_66
MARTIN, bur. 1989, Plot: TKE_996
MARTIN, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_113
MARTIN, bur. 2010, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_170
MARWICK, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1203
MASON, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_183
MASON, bur. 1888, Plot: TKB_268
MASON, bur. 1952, Plot: TKCA_563
MASON, bur. 1987, Plot: TKCA_564
MASON, bur. 1989, Plot: TKE_995
MASON, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_30
MASSEY, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_82
MATER, bur. 1891, Plot: TKA_155
MATHEON, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_341
MATHEWS, bur. 1918, Plot: TKCB_298
MATHEWS, bur. 1929, Plot: TKCB_299
MATHEWS, bur. 1953, Plot: TKCB_297
MATHEWS, bur. 1969, Plot: TKCA_665
MATHIESON, bur. 1915, Plot: TKCB_242
MATHIESON, bur. 1934, Plot: TKD_270
MATHIESON, bur. 1985, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_26
MATHIESON, bur. 1985, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_27
MATSON, bur. 2006, Plot: TKE_5065
MATTINGLY, bur. 1996, Cremation, Plot: TK703_3
MAWHINNEY, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_320
MAWHINNEY, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_37
MAWHINNEY, bur. 2019, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_38
MAXWELL, bur. 1926, Plot: TKD_165
MAXWELL, bur. 1961, Plot: TKD_166
MAXWELL, bur. 1968, Plot: TKCA_78
MAXWELL, bur. 1977, Plot: TKE_197
MAXWELL, bur. 2018, Plot: TKE_1070
MAYNE, bur. 1916, Plot: TKB_194
MAZE, bur. 1946, Plot: TKB_680
MAZE, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_643
MAZE, bur. 1972, Plot: TKB_623
MCALISTER, bur. 1922, Plot: TKCB_450
MCARTHUR, bur. 1995, Plot: TKAP1_79
MCARTHUR, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_1175
MCARTHUR, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5137
MCATEER, bur. 1915, Plot: TKA_207
MCATEER, bur. 1933, Plot: TKA_517
MCATEER, bur. 1950, Plot: TKAP1_7
MCATEER, bur. 1958, Plot: TKA_963
MCATEER, bur. 1959, Plot: TKA_208
MCAULEY, bur. 1931, Plot: TKA_570
MCAULEY, bur. 2003, Plot: TKAP3_1007
MCAULIFFE, bur. 1884, Plot: TKA_12
MCAULIFFE, bur. 1909, Plot: TKA_340
MCAULIFFE, bur. 1914, Plot: TKA_11
MCAULIFFE, bur. 1950, Plot: TKA_469
MCAULIFFE, bur. 1956, Plot: TKA_915
MCBEATNEY, bur. 1923, Plot: TKB_465
MCBRATNEY, bur. 1882, Plot: TKCB_115
MCBRATNEY, bur. 1914, Plot: TKB_468
MCBRATNEY, bur. 1917, Plot: TKB_469
MCBRATNEY, bur. 1928, Plot: TKB_690
MCBRATNEY, bur. 1934, Plot: TKCB_255
MCBRATNEY, bur. 1935, Plot: TKB_700
MCBRIDE, bur. 1935, Plot: TKCA_533
MCBRIDE, bur. 1941, Plot: TKCB_330
MCBRIDE, bur. 1957, Plot: TKCLAWN_2
MCBRIDE, bur. 1975, Plot: TKE_818
MCBRIDE, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCB_331
MCBRIDE, bur. 1986, Plot: TKE_917
MCBRIDE, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_918
MCBRIDE, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_919
MCBRIDE, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_19
MCCABE, bur. 1893, Plot: TKA_268
MCCABE, bur. 1916, Plot: TKA_259
MCCABE, bur. 1944, Plot: TKA_269
MCCABE, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_270
MCCABE, bur. 1958, Plot: TKA_960
MCCABE, bur. 1960, Plot: TKA_258
MCCABE, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_40
MCCALL, bur. 1891, Plot: TKA_16
MCCALLUM, bur. 1898, Plot: TKCB_40
MCCALLUM, bur. 1899, Plot: TKD_14
MCCALLUM, bur. 1914, Plot: TKB_206
MCCALLUM, bur. 1914, Plot: TKB_217
MCCALLUM, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCA_538
MCCALLUM, bur. 1943, Plot: TKCA_642
MCCALLUM, bur. 1946, Plot: TKCA_671
MCCALLUM, bur. 1953, Plot: TKCA_539
MCCALLUM, bur. 1957, Plot: TKCB_86
MCCALLUM, bur. 1996, Plot: TKA_195
MCCARROLL, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_881
MCCARTHY, bur. 1950, Plot: TKA_594
MCCARTHY, bur. 1952, Plot: TKA_431
MCCASKILL, bur. 1902, Plot: TKCB_194
MCCASKILL, bur. 1902, Plot: TKCB_195
MCCASKILL, bur. 1936, Plot: TKCB_191
MCCASKILL, bur. 1936, Plot: TKCB_192
MCCASKILL, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCB_196
MCCAUGHAN, bur. 1958, Plot: TKB_659
MCCAUGHAN, bur. 1958, Plot: TKBCT_14
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1909, Plot: TKCB_423
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1913, Plot: TKCB_425
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1918, Plot: TKCB_95
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCB_89
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1931, Plot: TKCB_424
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1946, Plot: TKB_681
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1959, Plot: TKBCT_10
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1963, Plot: TKE_14
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1977, Plot: TKE_100
MCCLELLAND, bur. 1987, Plot: TKAP1_30
MCCLELLAND, bur. 2004, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_173
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1874, Plot: TKCB_75
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1904, Plot: TKCB_105
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1916, Plot: TKCB_155
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1919, Plot: TKCB_156
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1920, Plot: TKCB_106
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1931, Plot: TKA_582
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1936, Plot: TKCB_582
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1960, Plot: TKCB_112
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1971, Plot: TKCB_659
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1990, Plot: TKE_51
MCCLINTOCK, bur. 1997, Plot: TKE_342
MCCLURE, bur. 1888, Plot: TKB_291
MCCONACHY, bur. 1995, Plot: TKE_1105
MCCORMICK, bur. 1932, Plot: TKB_600
MCCORMICK, bur. 1992, Plot: TKCB_603
MCCOURT, bur. 1980, Plot: TKBRSA_713
MCCREA, bur. 1935, Plot: TKD_91
MCCULLOCH, bur. 1992, Plot: TKA_1038
MCCULLOUGH, bur. 1879, Plot: TKCB_23
MCCULLOUGH, bur. 1928, Plot: TKCB_24
MCCULLOUGH, bur. 1948, Plot: TKCB_25
MCCULLOUGH, bur. 1956, Plot: TKBCT_41
MCCULLOUGH, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1201
MCCULLOUGH, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1202
MCCULLY, bur. 1898, Plot: TKCB_251
MCCULLY, bur. 1906, Plot: TKCB_404
MCCULLY, bur. 1908, Plot: TKCB_250
MCCULLY, bur. 1915, Plot: TKCB_405
MCCULLY, bur. 1920, Plot: TKCB_466
MCCULLY, bur. 1928, Plot: TKCB_495
MCCULLY, bur. 1928, Plot: TKCB_496
MCCULLY, bur. 1931, Plot: TKCB_467
MCCULLY, bur. 1941, Plot: TKCB_595
MCCULLY, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCB_598
MCCULLY, bur. 1973, Plot: TKCB_724
MCCULLY, bur. 1973, Plot: TKCB_725
MCCULLY, bur. 1973, Plot: TKE_148
MCCULLY, bur. 1992, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_74
MCCULLY, bur. 1995, Plot: TKE_957
MCCULLY, bur. 1997, Plot: TKCB_594
MCCULLY, bur. 2005, Plot: TKCB_720
MCCULLY, bur. 2005, Plot: TKCB_721
MCCULLY, bur. 2017, Cremation, Plot: TK703_18
MCCUTCHEON, bur. 1985, Plot: TKE_248
MCDONALD, bur. 1893, Plot: TKCB_202
MCDONALD, bur. 1907, Plot: TKCB_276
MCDONALD, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCA_561
MCDONALD, bur. 1936, Plot: TKD_263
MCDONALD, bur. 1953, Plot: TKD_264
MCDONALD, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_220
MCDONALD, bur. 1985, Plot: TKA_819
MCDONALD, bur. 1997, Plot: TKE_977
MCDONALD, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_1168
MCDONELL, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_750
MCDONELL, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_776A
MCDONNALL, bur. 1913, Plot: TKD_177
MCELROY, bur. 1931, Plot: TKA_505
MCFARLAND, bur. 1917, Plot: TKCB_189
MCFARLANE, bur. 1918, Plot: TKD_142
MCFARLANE, bur. 1928, Plot: TKCB_507
MCFARLANE, bur. 1947, Plot: TKCB_508
MCFARLANE, bur. 1995, Plot: TKE_375
MCFELIN, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_255
MCFELIN, bur. 1956, Plot: TKA_975
MCGEE, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5096
MCGILL, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_682
MCGILLEN, bur. 1943, Plot: TKA_320
MCGILLEN, bur. 1945, Plot: TKA_676
MCGILLEN, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_692
MCGILLEN, bur. 1961, Plot: TKAP1_14
MCGILLEN, bur. 1975, Plot: TKA_1064
MCGILLEN, bur. 1980, Plot: TKAP3_991
MCGILLEN, bur. 1986, Plot: TKA_814B
MCGILLEN, bur. 1986, Plot: TKAP3_1021
MCGILLEN, bur. 1986, Plot: TKAP3_1023
MCGILLEN, bur. 2003, Plot: TKAP1_106
MCGILLEN, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5131
MCGILLEN, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5133
MCGIMPSEY, bur. 1893, Plot: TKCB_48
MCGOUN, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_42
MCGRATH, bur. 1987, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_39
MCGREGOR, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_915
MCGREGOR, bur. 1999, Plot: TKE_251
MCGUINN, bur. 1896, Plot: TKB_404
MCGUINN, bur. 1899, Plot: TKA_119
MCILRAITH, bur. 1969, Plot: TKE_71
MCILWRICK, bur. 2012, Plot: TKE_5129
MCINNES, bur. 1910, Plot: TKD_148
MCINNES, bur. 1919, Plot: TKCB_445
MCINNES, bur. 1923, Plot: TKCB_446
MCINNES, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCB_587
MCINNES, bur. 1977, Plot: TKCB_587A
MCINTOSH, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5149
MCINTYRE, bur. 1874, Plot: TKB_7
MCINTYRE, bur. 1888, Plot: TKB_28
MCINTYRE, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_210
MCINTYRE, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_211
MCINTYRE, bur. 1920, Plot: TKCB_236
MCINTYRE, bur. 1997, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_44
MCIVER, bur. 1940, Plot: TKB_758
MCIVROY, bur. 1963, Plot: TKB_642
MCKAY, bur. 1881, Plot: TKCB_62
MCKAY, bur. 1897, Plot: TKCB_162
MCKAY, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_318
MCKAY, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_84
MCKAY, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_88
MCKAY, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_397
MCKAY, bur. 2006, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_117
MCKEATNEY, bur. 1892, Plot: TKCB_1
MCKENNA, bur. 1932, Plot: TKA_163
MCKENNA, bur. 1941, Plot: TKA_498
MCKENNA, bur. 1955, Plot: TKA_921
MCKENNA, bur. 1955, Plot: TKA_922
MCKENNA, bur. 1974, Plot: TKA_1061
MCKENZIE, bur. 1927, Plot: TKCB_361
MCKENZIE, bur. 1968, Plot: TKCA_31
MCKENZIE, bur. 1990, Plot: TKAP1_38
MCKENZIE, bur. 1993, Plot: TKE_118
MCKENZIE, bur. 2007, Plot: TKE_5024
MCKEOWN, bur. 1969, Plot: TKE_89
MCKIBBIN, bur. 2016, Plot: TKE_5160
MCKILLOP, bur. 2007, Plot: TKE_5064
MCKINNON, bur. 1881, Plot: TKCB_64
MCKINNON, bur. 1882, Plot: TKCB_63
MCKINNON, bur. 1903, Plot: TKCB_394
MCKINNON, bur. 1971, Plot: TKAP2_1005
MCKINNON, bur. 1971, Plot: TKE_843
MCKINNON, bur. 1973, Plot: TKAP2_1006
MCKINNON, bur. 1979, Plot: TKCA_574
MCLACHLAN, bur. 1933, Plot: TKCA_516
MCLAREN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKA_366
MCLAREN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKCB_367
MCLAREN, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCB_366
MCLAREN, bur. 1975, Plot: TKCLAWN_50
MCLAREN, bur. 1982, Plot: TKAP3_1003
MCLAUGHLAN, bur. 1976, Plot: TKA_1067
MCLAUGHLIN, bur. 1993, Plot: TKA_841
MCLEAN, bur. 1883, Plot: TKCB_18
MCLEAY, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5100
MCLEAY, bur. 2018, Plot: TKE_5102
MCLELLAND, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_218
MCLENNAN, bur. 2004, Plot: TKE_112
MCLEOD, bur. 1891, Plot: TKCB_216
MCLEOD, bur. 1904, Plot: TKCB_382
MCLEOD, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCB_486A
MCLEOD, bur. 1936, Plot: TKCB_215
MCLEOD, bur. 1941, Plot: TKA_664
MCLEOD, bur. 1951, Plot: TKCB_383
MCLEOD, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCA_786
MCLEOD, bur. 1960, Plot: TKCA_75
MCLEOD, bur. 1979, Plot: TKBRSA_715
MCLEOD, bur. 1981, Plot: TKBRSA_712
MCLEOD, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_313
MCLEOD, bur. 1991, Plot: TKCB_584
MCLEOD, bur. 1991, Plot: TKCB_585
MCMEEKIN, bur. 1939, Plot: TKCB_604
MCMILLAN, bur. 1899, Plot: TKCB_224
MCMILLAN, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_747
MCMILLAN, bur. 1981, Plot: TKCLAWN_56
MCMILLAN, bur. 1994, Plot: TKAP1_71
MCNAB, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_1007
MCNAB, bur. 1987, Plot: TKA_1124
MCNAB, bur. 1987, Plot: TKAP3_1130
MCNAB, bur. 2008, Plot: TKE_5053
MCNAIR, bur. 1976, Plot: TKCB_144
MCNAIR, bur. 1976, Plot: TKCB_145
MCNAUGHT, bur. 1923, Plot: TKCB_456
MCNEILL, bur. 1994, Plot: TKE_208
MCNIVEN, bur. 1890, Plot: TKCB_61
MCNIVEN, bur. 1890, Plot: TKCB_80
MCNULTY, bur. 1998, Plot: TKB_591
MCPHELLAMY, bur. 1890, Plot: TKA_901
MCPHERSON, bur. 1978, Plot: TKE_152
MCPHERSON, bur. 1986, Plot: TKE_231
MCPHERSON, bur. 2003, Plot: TKE_1103
MCQUARRIE, bur. 1907, Plot: TKCB_384
MCQUEEN, bur. 1951, Plot: TKCH_33
MCSTAY, bur. 2002, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_59
MCSWEENEY, bur. 1939, Plot: TKB_761
MCSWEENEY, bur. 1941, Plot: TKAP1_5
MEETEN, bur. 2003, Plot: TKAP1_98
MEHLHOPT, bur. 2004, Plot: TKAP1_109
MEHRTENS, bur. 1931, Plot: TKB_602
MEHRTENS, bur. 1934, Plot: TKB_601
MEID, bur. 1874, Plot: TKB_66
MELVILLE, bur. 1917, Plot: TKA_354
MELVILLE, bur. 1920, Plot: TKA_348
MELVILLE, bur. 1920, Plot: TKA_353
MELVILLE, bur. 1957, Plot: TKA_967
MENDELSON, bur. 1882, Plot: TKCB_365
MEREDITH, bur. 1985, Plot: TKE_80
MERRIN, bur. 1990, Plot: TKCA_4
MERRITT, bur. 1894, Plot: TKB_401
METSON, bur. 1880, Plot: TKD_144
MEYER, bur. 2006, Plot: TKE_5066
MIDDLEMISS, bur. 1900, Plot: TKB_495
MIDDLETON, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCA_654
MILES, bur. 1885, Plot: TKD_118
MILES, bur. 1914, Plot: TKD_117
MILES, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_1185
MILLAR, bur. 1913, Plot: TKCB_94
MILLAR, bur. 1961, Plot: TKCA_99
MILLAR, bur. 1963, Plot: TKCA_100
MILLAR, bur. 1966, Plot: TKE_811
MILLAR, bur. 1976, Plot: TKCLAWN_52
MILLAR, bur. 1980, Plot: TKE_1000
MILLAR, bur. 1985, Plot: TKE_812
MILLAR, bur. 1994, Plot: TKCA_745
MILLAR, bur. 1999, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_77
MILLAR, bur. 2009, Plot: TKE_5069
MILLARD, bur. 1928, Plot: TKCB_506
MILLER, bur. 1904, Plot: TKB_300
MILLER, bur. 1904, Plot: TKB_301
MILLER, bur. 1924, Plot: TKB_240
MILLER, bur. 1934, Plot: TKB_192
MILLER, bur. 1937, Plot: TKCB_364
MILLER, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCH_14
MILLER, bur. 1952, Plot: TKB_764
MILLER, bur. 1952, Plot: TKCA_739
MILLER, bur. 1953, Plot: TKB_907
MILLER, bur. 1966, Cremation, Plot: TKCB_364
MILLER, bur. 1989, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_53
MILLER, bur. 1991, Plot: TKE_1046
MILLER, bur. 2013, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_63
MILLIKEN, bur. 1923, Plot: TKCB_252
MILLIKEN, bur. 1930, Plot: TKCB_499
MILLIKEN, bur. 1939, Plot: TKCB_615
MILLIKEN, bur. 1960, Plot: TKCB_614
MILLIKEN, bur. 1963, Plot: TKCB_498
MILLIKEN, bur. 1988, Plot: TKE_859
MILLIKEN, bur. 2005, Plot: TKE_310
MILLION, bur. 1896, Plot: TKCB_225
MILLION, bur. 1896, Plot: TKCB_226
MILLS, bur. 1894, Plot: TKB_450
MILLS, bur. 1908, Plot: TKCB_458
MILLS, bur. 1920, Plot: TKCB_453
MILLS, bur. 1923, Plot: TKCB_452
MILLS, bur. 1924, Plot: TKD_254
MILLS, bur. 1927, Plot: TKD_253
MILLS, bur. 1932, Plot: TKCB_462
MILLS, bur. 1934, Plot: TKCB_101
MILLS, bur. 1934, Plot: TKCB_118
MILLS, bur. 1969, Plot: TKCB_451
MILLS, bur. 1976, Plot: TKE_49
MILLS, bur. 1984, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_19
MILLS, bur. 1985, Plot: TKE_817
MILNE, bur. 1912, Plot: TKCB_81
MILNE, bur. 1933, Plot: TKCA_528
MILNE, bur. 1981, Plot: TKB_722B
MILNE, bur. 1989, Plot: TKE_235
MILNE, bur. 1991, Plot: TKE_1110
MILNE, bur. 1991, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_26
MILNE, bur. 1995, Plot: TKE_377
MILNE, bur. 1995, Plot: TKE_95
MINNEY, bur. 1982, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_8
MITCHELL, bur. 1898, Plot: TKB_393
MITCHELL, bur. 1941, Plot: TKCA_622
MITCHELL, bur. 1969, Plot: TKE_894
MITCHELL, bur. 1987, Plot: TKE_229
MITCHELL, bur. 1994, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_48
MITTEN, bur. 1946, Plot: TKA_518
MOFFAT, bur. 1904, Plot: TKB_16
MOFFAT, bur. 1949, Plot: TKA_593
MOFFATT, bur. 1933, Plot: TKD_219
MOFFATT, bur. 1984, Plot: TKE_840
MOFFITT, bur. 1955, Plot: TKBCT_44
MOLONEY, bur. 2000, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_43
MOLTON, bur. 1883, Plot: TKB_48
MONAHAN, bur. 1919, Plot: TKCB_82
MONSON, bur. 1939, Plot: TKA_501
MOORE, bur. 1879, Plot: TKA_52
MOORE, bur. 1881, Plot: TKCB_129
MOORE, bur. 1889, Plot: TKA_135
MOORE, bur. 1890, Plot: TKA_192
MOORE, bur. 1916, Plot: TKA_191
MOORE, bur. 1924, Plot: TKCB_463
MOORE, bur. 1929, Plot: TKCB_201
MOORE, bur. 1929, Plot: TKCB_460
MOORE, bur. 1931, Plot: TKB_198
MOORE, bur. 1931, Plot: TKB_707
MOORE, bur. 1944, Plot: TKB_708
MOORE, bur. 1951, Plot: TKA_622
MOORE, bur. 1955, Plot: TKCH_39
MOORE, bur. 1956, Plot: TKA_391
MOORE, bur. 1956, Plot: TKCA_781
MOORE, bur. 1958, Plot: TKBCT_15
MOORE, bur. 1959, Plot: TKBRSA_709
MOORE, bur. 1980, Plot: TKA_392
MOORE, bur. 1990, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_55
MOORE, bur. 1994, Plot: TKA_812
MOORE, bur. 2005, Plot: TKAP2_1021
MOORE, Plot: TKA_190
MORAN, bur. 1875, Plot: TKA_60
MORAN, bur. 1941, Plot: TKA_51
MORGAN, bur. 1924, Plot: TKA_318
MORGAN, bur. 1998, Plot: TKE_1102
MORLAND, bur. 1941, Plot: TKB_775
MORLAND, bur. 1955, Plot: TKA_576
MORLAND, bur. 1986, Plot: TKAP3_1026
MORLAND, bur. 1992, Plot: TKA_575
MORLEY, bur. 1886, Plot: TKB_262
MORLEY, bur. 1897, Plot: TKA_271
MORRIS, bur. 1874, Plot: TKB_38
MORRIS, bur. 1897, Plot: TKB_350
MORRIS, bur. 1924, Plot: TKCB_437
MORRIS, bur. 1927, Plot: TKB_573
MORRIS, bur. 1939, Plot: TKBRSA_695B
MORRIS, bur. 1947, Plot: TKB_572
MORRIS, bur. 1996, Plot: TKB_43
MORRISON, bur. 1897, Plot: TKD_161
MORRISON, bur. 1897, Plot: TKD_162
MORRISON, bur. 1897, Plot: TKD_163
MORRISON, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCH_7
MORTEN, bur. 1969, Plot: TKD_192
MOSS, bur. 1900, Plot: TKB_336
MOSS, bur. 1943, Plot: TKB_803
MOSS, bur. 2001, Cremation, Plot: TKFENCE_79
MOULTON, bur. 1941, Plot: TKB_771
MOULTON, bur. 1972, Plot: TKB_772
MOULTON, bur. 1991, Plot: TKE_260
MOULTON, bur. 1992, Plot: TKE_1031
MOULTON, bur. 2005, Plot: TKAP2_992
MOULTON, bur. 2013, Plot: TKE_5162
MOYERS, bur. 1875, Plot: TKB_63
MOYLE, bur. 2007, Plot: TKE_5012
MOYNIHAN, bur. 1929, Plot: TKA_396
MUIR, bur. 1938, Plot: TKCB_610
MUIR, bur. 1941, Plot: TKCA_628
MUIR, bur. 1945, Plot: TKCH_16
MUIR, bur. 1949, Plot: TKCA_635
MUIR, bur. 2000, Plot: TKE_933
MULHOLLAND, bur. 1942, Plot: TKCA_641
MULLIGAN, bur. 1979, Cremation, Plot: TKRSA_41
MULLIGAN, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5109
MULVEY, bur. 1963, Plot: TKA_986
MULVEY, bur. 2003, Plot: TKAP3_1028
MUNRO, bur. 1898, Plot: TKCB_67
MUNRO, bur. 1996, Plot: TKE_357
MUNRO, bur. 2011, Plot: TKE_5123
MURPHY, bur. 1873, Plot: TKA_20
MURPHY, bur. 1876, Plot: TKA_18
MURPHY, bur. 1878, Plot: TKA_58
MURPHY, bur. 1889, Plot: TKA_64
MURPHY, bur. 1911, Plot: TKA_376
MURPHY, bur. 1917, Plot: TKA_374
MURPHY, bur. 1918, Plot: TKAP1_1
MURPHY, bur. 1936, Plot: TKA_553
MURPHY, bur. 1937, Plot: TKA_375
MURPHY, bur. 1941, Plot: TKCA_621
MURPHY, bur. 1959, Plot: TKCA_50
MURPHY, bur. 1979, Plot: TKA_835
MURPHY, bur. 1992, Plot: TKAP2_1030
MURPHY, bur. 1999, Plot: TKA_836
MURRAY, bur. 1919, Plot: TKCB_315
MURRAY, bur. 1942, Plot: TKCA_632
MURRAY, bur. 1963, Plot: TKCLAWN_25
MURRAY, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_402
MURRAY, bur. 2002, Plot: TKE_403
MURRAY, bur. 2005, Cremation, Plot: TKASHES_115
MUSGROVE, bur. 1930, Plot: TKA_145
MYERS, bur. 1904, Plot: TKB_269

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A free online library of cemetery records from thousands of cemeteries across the world, for historical and genealogy research.

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What makes us Different?

Single-sourced, not crowd-sourced

Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.