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Ballyhuskard Graveyard
Ballynastraw, County Wexford, Ireland

ballyhuskard graveyard County Wexford, Ireland

Ballynastraw, Ireland

Submitted by Brian Ó Cléirigh [brian.ocleirigh@gmail.com], on Nov 26, 2018, published Feb 20, 2019.
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Ballyhuskard Graveyard lies in the townland of Ballynastraw, parish of Oylegate-Glenbrien, Co. Wexford, Ireland. It once served as the parochial graveyard of the former mediaeval parish of Ballyhuskard. It contains some seventy headstones many of which are decorated with scripture-based designs specific to the artisans who made them.

A plaque on the external wall remembers those buried here who were killed at the Battle of Vinegar Hill on 21 June, 1798. Tradition says they were buried in a mass grave which was unmarked and is now unknown. One headstone records a father and son who died on that eventful day. Vinegar Hill is just five kilometres away from Ballyhuskard.

Today, Ballyhuskard Graveyard is land-locked and difficult of entry and access now.

Cemetery Records

BOYNE, Mary, d. 5 Jan 1814
BOYNE, Mary, d. 5 Jun 1811, age 35 yrs, Buried with George and Patrick Murphy
BRIEN, Catherine, d. 23 Nov 1801, age 47 yrs, "Also her two children"
BRIEN, Mary (Fortune), d. 6 Sept 1792, age 33 yrs
CARNEY, Elizabeth, d. 16 June 1804, age 56 yrs, Wife of Owen, mother of Patrick Carney
CARNEY, Henry, age 79 yrs, Brother of Patrick Carney
CARNEY, Johanna, Dau of Mary and Walter Carney
CARNEY, Mary, d. Dec 1819
CARNEY, Owen, d. 6 Feb 1788, age 64 yrs, Husband of Elizabeth, father of Patrick
CARNEY, Patrick, d. 1 Aug 1769, age 29 yrs, Son of Owen and Elizabeth, nephew of Walter
CARNEY, Walter, d. Jan 1801, Uncle of Patrick and Henry Carney
CODD, James, d. 1 Aug 1792, age 43 yrs
CODD, Margaret (Carty)
CODD, Patrick, d. 9 Apr 1793, age 70 yrs, Husband of Margaret Codd
CONNOR, Arthur, d. 2 May 1799, age 25 yrs, Son of Arhur Connor
CONNOR, Arthur, d. 26 Jul 1806, age 66 yrs, Father of Arthur, wife of Eleanor Connor
CONNOR, Eleanor, d. 18 May 1809, age 86 yrs, Wife of Arthur Connor
CONNOR, Eleanor, d. 5 May 1828, age 77 yrs, Mother of Miles Connor
CONNOR, Miles, d. 21 June 1798, age ??, Deathdate that of Battle of nearby Vinegar Hill
CONNOR, Patrick, d. 21 June 1798, age 58 yrs, Father of ???, brother of Miles Connor.
DONNELY, , d. 3 May 1840
DONNELY, Catherine (Johnson), d. 3 Oct 1806
DOYLE, Anastasia (Stafford), d. 24 Apr 1826, age 48 yrs
DOYLE, Bridget, d. 17 Jul 1793, age 17 yrs
DOYLE, James, d. 8 Mar 1800, age 56 yrs
DOYLE, Judith (Murphy), d. 25 Jun 1756, age 59 yrs, "J. Byrne", Signature of stonecutter.
DOYLE, Mary, d. 31 May 1823, age 14 yrs
DOYLE, Patrick, d. 15 Aug 1744, age 50 yrs
FITZPATRICK, Elizabeth (Bolger), d. 14 Mar 1818, age 55 yrs
FITZPATRICK, Mary, d. 11 Jan 1786, age 30 yrs
FITZPATRICK, Mary, d. 11 May 1820, age ?? Yrs
FITZPATRICK, Onnor, d. 20 Mar 1799, age 60 yrs
FOLEY, Judith, d. 26 Jul 1790, age 52 yrs
FURLONG, Thomas, d. 17 Mar 1787
FURLONG, Thomas, d. 24 Jun 1765, age 60 yrs
HAYES, Patrick, d. 27 Jun 1827, "Life is ever on the wing, Death is ever nigh"
KAVANAGH, Anthony, d. ?? May 1780, Same grave as Ann O'Connor
KEARNEY, Patrick, d. 8 ?? 1837
KEARNEY, Thomas, d. 20 Mar 1826, Kilcotty, age 70 yrs
KEHOE, Anistis (Asastasia?), d. 2 April 1771, age 57 yrs
KEHOE, George, d. 12 Mar 1773, age 61 yrs
KELLY, Elen (Murry), d. 11 Jul 1822, Mother of Michael Kelly
KELLY, John, d. 1 Oct 1822, Father of Michael Kelly
KENNY, Mary, d. 10 Aug 1860, age 84 yrs, Daughter of James and Catharin Synnott
LAFFIN, James, d. 14 Jun 1806, age 83 yrs
LAFFIN, John, d. 20 Jun 1798, age 34 yrs
MAGUIRE, Catherine (Connor), d. 1773, age 89 yrs, Mother of John Maguire
MAGUIRE, Elizabeth (Goodall), d. 9 Jul 1830, age 62 yrs, Mother of William Maguire
MAGUIRE, John, d. 1773, age 28 yrs, Son of John and Catherine (Connor) Maguire.
MAGUIRE, John, d. 1775, age 108 yrs, Husband of Catherine, father of John
MAGUIRE, Mary, d. 1782, Daughter of John above who died aged 28
MAGUIRE, Mary, d. 21 nov 1778, age 55 yrs, In same grave as Phelim
MAGUIRE, Phelim, d. 12 Mar 1773, age 55 yrs
MAGUIRE, William, d. 13 Aug 1808, age 7 yrs
MAGUIRE, William, d. 18 Mar 1803, age 62 yrs
MARTIN, Mary, d. 12 Aug 1786, age 22 yrs
MERNA, Patrick, d. 22 Jan 1898, Clonmore, Had a son John
MULLET, Moses, d. 17 Nov 1702, age ??
MURPHY, Annie, d. 27-May-1902, Killisk, age 27 yrs, Daughter of Martin and Margaret
MURPHY, Arthur, d. 19 Mar 1795, age 38 yrs, Husband of Mary Murphy
MURPHY, Catherine, d. 26 Jan 1817, Finchouge, age 83 yrs, Mother of Richard Murphy
MURPHY, Catherine, d. 26 Jan 1817
MURPHY, Charles, d. 1 Jul 1815, Ballymotey, age 66 yrs
MURPHY, Charles, d. 26 Aug 1740, Some names may be submerged in the clay
MURPHY, Charles, d. 28 Feb 1891, Killisk, age 52 yrs, Husband of Margaret Murphy
MURPHY, Edward, d. 28-Mar-1903, Killisk, age 25 yrs, Son of Martin and Margaret
MURPHY, George, d. 16 Oct 1787, age 24 yrs
MURPHY, Laurence, d. 1884, Husband of Lucey Murphy
MURPHY, Lucey, d. ??, Wife of Laurence, mother of
MURPHY, Margaret
MURPHY, Martin, d. 3-Jun-1901, KIllisk, age 20 yrs, Son of Martin and Margaret
MURPHY, Mary (Doyle), d. 4 Nov 1789, age 52 yrs, Headstone erected by her son James Murphy
MURPHY, Mary, Wife of Arthur Murphy
MURPHY, Patrick, d. 9 Mar 1790, age 50 yrs
MURPHY, Richard, d. 29 Mar 1816, Finchouge, age 47 yrs
MURPHY, William, d. 1-May-1944, In same grave as Charles Murphy who died 1815
O'BRIEN, Judith, d. 10 Nov 1778, age 52 yrs
O'CONNOR, Ann (??), Same grave as Anthony Kavanagh
O'CONNOR, Ann, d. 31 Jul 1855, age 64 yrs, "Ballymoty", Wife of John, mother of Thomas O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Catherine (Moore), d. 30 Mar 1819
O'CONNOR, Catherine, d. 15 Mar 1852, age 48 yrs, "Littermore", Mother of Catherine
O'CONNOR, John, d. 18 Aug 1867, age 74 yrs, "Ballymoty", Husband of Ann O'Connor, mother of Thomas
O'CONNOR, Thomas, d. 17 Aug 1879, age 39 yrs, "Kingstown", Son of Ann and Thoas O'Connor, Ballymoty
O'REILLY, Bridget, d. ??, Daughter of Laurence and Lucey Murphy
QUINALN, Johana, d. 24 Feb 1835, age 24 yrs, Daughter of David Quinlan, Coolamain
QUINLAN, Catherine, Wife of Cornelius, mother of David
QUINLAN, Cornelius, "Coolamain", Father of David Quinlan, Coolamain
QUIRKE, Ann (Aylward), d. 23 Dec 1773, age 58 yrs, Buried with Miles
QUIRKE, Miles, d. 23 Dec 1771, age 66 yrs
RASHFORD, Laurence, d. 10 Feb 1810, age 73 yrs, Father of Patrick
RASHFORD, Patrick, d. 17 Aug 1817, age 22 yrs, Son of Laurence
REDMOND, Anastatia, d. 13 Jul 1816, age 24 yrs, Daughter in Law of Philip and Margaret Redmond
REDMOND, Catherine (Murphy), d. Nov, Headstone in clay.
REDMOND, Margaret (Sinnott), d. 19 Jan 1819, Headstone in clay.
REDMOND, Margaret, d. 18 Mar 1786, age 40 yrs, Wife of Philip, Mother in Law of Anastatia
REDMOND, Margaret, d. 1817, Child of Anastatia Redmond
REDMOND, Mary, d. ?? Aug 1833, Killisk, age 37 yrs, Memorial slab erected by her brother Mathew
REDMOND, Patrick, d. 19 Jan 1819
REDMOND, Philip, d. 8 Jan 1792, age 66 yrs, Husband of Margaret, Father in Law of Anastatia
RITCHARD, Elizabeth (Synnot), d. ? Mar 1784, age 69 yrs
RITCHARD, I., d. 4 June 1781, age 7? Yrs
ROCHE, James, d. 20 Oct 1796, age 26 yrs
ROCHE, John, d. 21 Jun 1798, age 66 yrs, Deathdate that of battle of nearby Vinegar Hill
ROCHE, Judy, d. ? Nov 1807, age 73 yrs, Wife of John Roche.
SINNOTT, Joana (Ryan), d. 11 Dec 1792, age 76 yrs, Wife of William Sinnott
SINNOTT, John, d. 15 Apr 1809
SINNOTT, Miles, d. 29 Sep 1789, age 90 yrs
SINNOTT, William, d. 12 Jun 1784, age 84 yrs, Husband of Joana
SYNNOT, Mary, d. 6 Aug 1782, age 25 yrs
SYNNOTT, Catharin, d. 25 Sep 1810, age 60 yrs
SYNNOTT, Catherine, d. 22 Oct 1887, age 91 yrs, Wife of Peter Synnott
SYNNOTT, James, d. 21 May 1813, age 46 yrs
SYNNOTT, Nicholas, age 98 yrs, Brother of Thomas and PP of Oulart in 1798
SYNNOTT, Peter, d. 20 Jun 1875, age 76 yrs, Husband of Catherine
SYNNOTT, Thomas, d. ?? Mar 1806, age 68 yrs, A Rebel Commander 1798. Brother of Nicholas
WALSH, James, age 68 yrs, Erected by his grandson John Walsh
WALSH, Margaret, "Died young", Sister of John Walsh
WALSH, Mary, d. 30 May 1831, age 5 yrs, Daughter of John Walsh
WHITTY, Moses, d. 16 Jul 1798, age 29 yrs

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