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Killegland Cemetery
Ashbourne, County Meath, Ireland

Take a left turn a few hundred yards beyond the main church in Ashbourne.

This it is an old cemetery and no longer in use.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 84.

Contributor's Index:

Armstrong, Elizabeth, d. 1 Aug 1919, [FC]
Armstrong, Francis, d. 28 Nov 1920, s/o Elizabeth, [FC]
Bishop, Teresa Lee, d. 12 Oct 1997, [FC]
Brunton, Bernadette, d. 9 Feb 1936, d/o Catherine, [FC]
Brunton, Catherine (Katie), d. 26 Feb 1988, age: 85 yr, w/o John (Johnny), [FC]
Brunton, John (Johnny), d. 10 Jun 1992, age: 88 yr, h/o Catherine, [FC]
Byrne, James, d. 13 Feb 1942, b/o Thomas, [FC]
Byrne, Mary, d. 10 Oct 1967, m/o Thomas, [FC]
Byrne, Michael, d. 10 Feb 1984, b/o Thomas, [FC]
Byrne, Michael, d. 22 Mar 1984, f/o Thomas, [FC]
Byrne, Thomas, d. 7 Mar 1932, Raystown, [FC]
Byrne, William, d. 12 Apr 1940, b/o Thomas, [FC]
Carty, Steven, d. 17 Jan 1963, [FC]
Clusker, Elizabeth, d. 7 Oct 1995, age: 73 yr, [FC]
Clusker, Sean, d. 13 Dec 2003, age: 84 yr, [FC]
Condon, Ado, d. 23 Jan 1934, s/o Thomas and Margaret, [FC]
Condon, Bernadette, d. 6 Sep 1968, d/o Thomas and Margaret, [FC]
Condon, Finn, d. 22 May 1920, s/o Thomas and Margaret, [FC]
Condon, Margaret, d. 10 Apr 1975, d/o Thomas and Margaret, [FC]
Condon, Margaret, d. 22 Mar 1972, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Condon, Thomas, d. 12 Sep 1963, h/o Margaret, Ashbourne, [FC]
Flanagan, Christopher, d. 21 Sep 1956, Ashbourne, [FC]
Fortune, Dora, d. 1 Oct 1962, [FC]
Fortune, John, d. 30 Sep 1957, Ashbourne, [FC]
Fortune, Joseph, d. April 1930, b/o Dora, [FC]
Geraghty, Florence, no dates, d/o Patrick and Mary, [FC]
Geraghty, Johanna, no dates, d/o Patrick and Mary, [FC]
Geraghty, Mary, d. 13 Aug 1952, age: 81 yr, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Geraghty, Matthew, no dates, s/o Patrick and Mary, [FC]
Geraghty, Patrick, d. 22 Feb 1937, age: 69 yr, h/o Mary, Ashbourne, [FC]
Gibney, Mary, d. 12 Sep 1999, age: 85 yr, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Gibney, Patrick, d. 3 Jan 1961, age: 74 yr, h/o Mary, Ashbourne, [FC]
Glynn, Elizabeth, d. 17 Dec 1956, age: 70 yr, w/o John, [FC]
Glynn, John, d. 10 Jan 1953, age: 68 yr, h/o Elizabeth, [FC]
Kavanagh, Cabrini, d. 5 May 2000, age: 53 yr, w/o Nicholas, [FC]
Kavanagh, Nicholas, d. 20 Dec 1986, age: 47 yr, h/o Cabrini, Milltown, [FC]
Lawless, Christopher, s/o of Thomas and Mary, [FC]
Lawless, Mary Jane, d/o Thomas and Mary, [FC]
Lawless, Mary, d. 14 Jan 1964, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Lawless, Mary, no dates, d/o Thomas and Mary, [FC]
Lawless, Thomas, d. 14 Jul 1944, f/o Margaret, [FC]
Lawless, Thomas, d. 14 Jul 1944, h/o Mary, Ashbourne, [FC]
Lawless, Thomas, d. 21 Jan 1942, s/o Thomas and Mary, [FC]
Ledwith, Edward, d. 6 Apr 1943, h/o Mary, [FC]
Ledwith, Mary, d. 5 Apr 1934, w/o Edward, [FC]
Lee, Annie, d. 8 Jan 1962, w/o Michael, [FC]
Lee, Anthony, d. 6 Mar 1967, age: 13 Months, Gs/o Thomas and Mary, [FC]
Lee, James, d. 19 Jul 1992, s/o Michael and Annie, [FC]
Lee, John, d. 15 Jul 1982, s/o Michael and Annie, [FC]
Lee, Joseph, d. 17 Jun 1987, age: 55 yr, h/o Margaret, Ballyboughal, [FC]
Lee, Kathleen, d. 18 Oct 1975, w/o James, [FC]
Lee, Margaret, d. 19 Oct 1997, age: 59 yr, w/o Joseph, [FC]
Lee, Mary, d. 6 Jul 2003, w/o Michael, [FC]
Lee, Michael, d. 12 Apr 1958, h/o Annie, [FC]
Lee, Michael, d. 6 Jan 2004, h/o Mary Lee, [FC]
Lee, William, d. 3 Jan 1985, s/o Michael and Annie, [FC]
McCormack, Andy, no dates, [FC]
Murphy, Margaret, d. 2 Apr 1961, age: 55 yr, Baltrasna, [FC]
Murphy, Patrick (Paddy), d. 27 Dec 1989, age: 55 yr, Deanstown Green, Finglas, [FC]
Murphy, Patrick, d. 19 Aug 1957, [FC]
Murphy, Thomas, d. 25 Apr 1993, age: 55 yr, [FC]
Murphy, Victor, d. 9 Jul 2003, s/o Patrick (Paddy), [FC]
Nulty, Bridget, d. 10 Mar 1962, m/o Patrick J, [FC]
Nulty, Edward (Ned), d. 27 may 1998, age: 78 yr, b/o Patrick J, [FC]
Nulty, Patrick J, d. 4 Aug 1956, age: 40 yr, [FC]
Nulty, Patrick, d. 26 Jan 1959, age: 75 yr, f/o Patrick J, [FC]
O'Connor, Kevin, d. 6 Nov 1942, Gs /o Thomas and Mary, [FC]
O'Regan, Lelia, d. 11 Jul 1984, age: 50 yr, d/o William and Mary, [FC]
O'Regan, Mary, d. 13 Sep 1984, age: 74 yr, w/o William, [FC]
O'Regan, Paud, d. 12 Nov 1974, age: 42 yr, s/o William and Mary, [FC]
O'Regan, Tim, d. 1 Apr 1939, age: 1 yr, s/o William and Mary, [FC]
O'Regan, William, d. 2 Jan 1948, age: 42 yr, h/o Mary, [FC]
O'Sullivan, Eileen, d. 30 Apr 1993, age: 79 yr, w/o Patrick, [FC]
O'Sullivan, Patrick, d. 7 Oct 1981, age: 72 yr, h/o Eileen, Cornstown, [FC]
O'Sullivan, Sean, d. 10 Dec 1973, age: 29 yr, n/o Patrick J, [FC]
O'Sullivan, Sean, d. 10 Dec 1973, age: 29 yr, s/o Patrick and Eileen, [FC]
Quigley, baby, d. 28 Jan 1958, d/o James (Ronnie) and Betty, [FC]
Quigley, Betty, d. 26 Sep 2000, w/o James (Ronnie), [FC]
Quigley, James (Ronnie), d. 21 Jul 1991, s/o Jane, [FC]
Quigley, Jane, d. 18 Jan 1950, Ashbourne, [FC]
Reilly, Eileen, d. 29 Apr 1998, age: 76 yr, d/o John and Elizabeth, [FC]
Seagrave, Annie, d. 20 Feb 1996, [FC]
Seagrave, Joseph, d. 8 Nov 1960, [FC]
Whelan, James, d. 22 Mar 1935, [FC]

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