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Kinlough Graveyard
Kinlough, County Leitrim, Ireland

kinlough graveyard
Kinlough Graveyard

GPS: 54.442608, -8.291202

These records refer to the present day Kinlough Cemetery, located along R280 (Darty View) just outside (south west) of town.

The original Kinlough Graveyard was located behind the Kinlough Chapel in the center of town. Local Catholics were apalled at the sight of protestants walking their carts across the Chapel grounds on their way to a lime kiln. They contacted Daniel O'Connell, a member of Parliament, and lawyer, who had been helping Catholics throughout County Leitrim. He came up with the idea of establishing a cemetery to discourage protestants from trampling over the chapel grounds. The cemetery was opened in 1840.

In the 1932, parish priest Rev. M Dolan P.P.V.J. came to Kinlough and seeing the disgraceful condition the graveyard, proclaimed it was not fit for continued use. Dolan purchased an acre of land from Patrick Devaney at a sum of 60 pounds. In July 1937, the new Kinlough Graveyard was blessed by Dolan. A huge procession followed the priest out to the cemetery with children carrying lighted candles. The new graveyard's first burial was a woman named, "Mrs. Sheerin" from the town of Moneen.

Sometime in the late 1600's there had been a cemetery in Kinlough known as, "Oakfield".

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 48.

Contributor's Index:

Mary Connolly Aughavohl (possible name of house instead of a door number, or name of local town), d. 10 Aug 1995, aged 66 yrs, first grave inside gate, [KC]

Carmel Connolly Monien, d. 04 Sep 1995 aged 61 yrs, [KC]

Thomas Connolly d. 10 Apr 1941, his wife Bridget d. 15 Aug 1932, daughter Annie d. 27 Oct 1964, son Terrance d. 25 Jun 1969, grandchild Desmond, aged 8 mo, son Roger d. 20 Oct 1977, [KC]

Rose Ann Connolly 04 Mar 1996, [KC]

Patrick Connolly Gurteendaragh, d. 19 Mar 1958, his wife Celia d. 02 Jan 1977, their son Frank d. 10 May 1992, [KC]

Catherine Mc Sharry Gurteendaragh, d. 01 Jul 1949, age 97 yrs, her son in law James Connolly d. 14 Feb 1963 age 87 yrs., her daughter Mary Connolly nee Mc Sharry. d. 21 Jan 1965 age 86 yrs, [LC]

William Connolly Aughdonvane, d. 13 Nov 1957, wife Bridget d. 30 Jul 1966, Mary Connolly d. 19 Jan 1942, [KC]

Mary Connolly b. May 1951, predeceased her sister Margaret Connolly, [KC]

Patrick Connolly Parke Kinlough, d. 10 Nov 1990, age 72 yrs, [KC]

Owen and Laurence Connolly, Gubacreaney (no details), [KC]

Marion Connolly Gubacreaney, Kinlough, d. 23 Jun 1995, age 41 yr, [KC]

Sam Tarrant grave, wife Maureen Connolly (no details), [KC]

Edward Connolly Tullyhan & Carrick, d. 24 Apr 1961, wife Catherine d. 6 Nov 1965, his brother Frank d. 6 Jul 1964, his sister Annie d. 29 Feb 1972, [KC]

The Connolly Family, Tawley ( dont understand this one that is all it said), [KC]

Clancy Grave, James Clancy, Gortnasillagh, d. 21st July 1943, his sister Margaret, d. 14th Feb 1933, also Patrick J Connolly, died in infancy, Joseph Connolly, d. 21 Jan 1988, Nora Connolly, d. 04 Nov 1996, [KC]

James Connolly Derryduff, d. 03 Jan 1969, wife Alice d. 30 Jun 1981, his brother John d. 10 Aug 1985, [KC]

Bernard B Connolly Aughavohill, Kinlough, d. 18 Jul 1970, age 92 yr, his wife Isabella, d. 3rd Mar 1994, age 95 yr, [KC]

Patrick Connolly Unshenagh, d. 15 Dec 1992, age 77yr, his wife Penelope (cissie), d. 03 Aug 1999, age 91 yrs, [KC]

Danile Connolly Buckade, d. 19 Jan 1939, son Matthew d. Oct 1943, [KC]

John Connolly Carrick, d. 20 Aug 1946, wife Mary d. 28 Dec 1930, daughter Mary d. 24 Aug 1972, John Connolly d. 05 Apr 1980, [KC]

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