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Clara Churchyard Cemetery County Kilkenny, Ireland
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Clara Churchyard Cemetery
Clara, County Kilkenny, Ireland

This cemetery is on the Dublin, Kilkenny Road about 4 miles from Kilkenny City. It is signposted from the main rd.

Clara Church was build in 1870. The cemetery developed shortily after that. These are all of the readable stones in Clara Cemetery. There are many without information buried here.

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Aug 10, 2001 [annaryan001@hotmail.com].
Total records = 101.

Bambrick, Christina, d. 9 Jan 1981, age: 75yr, Wife of James, Purcells Inch
Bambrick, James, d. 22 Jan 1997, age: 82yr, Husband of Christina, Purcells Inch
Bambrick, Rom, b. Dunbell, d. 16 Feb 1988, age: 74yr, London, England
Beresford, James, d. 31 Mar. 1974, Husband of Katie, Dunbell
Bersford, Katie, d. 4 Aug 1959, Wife of James, Dunbell
Brett, Elizabeth (Kelly), d. 18 May 1952, age: 60yr, Daughter of Michael and Margaret, Inch Mills
Brett, Patrick J, d. 28 Jun 1994, age: 73yr, Ferrybank. Waterford
Brett, William, d. 15 Mar. 1961, age: 69yr, Husband of Elizabeth, Inch Mills
Byrne, John, d. 26 Mar. 1963, age: 10yr, Grandson of Mary Ellen, Freestone Hill
Byrne, Margaret, d. 24 Feb 1989, age: 75yr, Wife of Patrick, Freestone Hill
Byrne, Mary Ellen, d. 18 Jan 1949, age: 69yr, Grandmother of John, Freestone Hill
Byrne, Patrick, d. 16 Apr. 2001, age: 43yr, Son of Patrick and Margaret, Freestone Hill
Byrne, Patrick, d. 28 Jan 1967, age: 67yr, Son of Mary Ellen, Freestone Hill
Coogan, Margaret, d. 26 May 1925, age: 43yr, Wife of Peter, Clifden
Coogan, Peter, d. 19 Feb 1959, age: 82yr, Husband of Margaret, Clifden
Coogan, Teresa, d. 15 Nov. 1935, age: 29yr, Wife of Peter, Clifden
Dempsey, Hannah, d. 11 Jun 1959, Sister of Patrick, Ballinamona
Dempsey, John, d. 11 Jul. 2000, age: 77yr, Son of Patrick and Margaret, Ballinamona
Dempsey, Margaret, d. 28 May 1964, Wife of Patrick, Ballinamona
Dempsey, Michael, d. 19 Aug 1932, age: 55yr, Brother of Patrick, Ballinamona
Dempsey, Patrick, d. 22 Jun 1946, age: 76yr, Brother of Michael, Ballinamona
Donovan, Judith, d. 4 May 1995, age: 86yr, Wife of Tim, Kilkenny
Donovan, Tim, d. 7 Aug 1980, age: 70yr, Husband of Judith, St. Teresas Terrace. Kilkenny
Dowling, Joseph, d. 8 May 1960, Husband of Mary, Foughfield
Dowling, Mary, d. 24 Aug 1948, Wife of Joseph, Foughfield
Dwyer, John, d. 8 Dec. 1974, Brother of Bridget, Cour Leigh
Foley, Christina Mary, d. 18 May 1922, age: 30yr, Daughter of Thomas and Julia, Clara
Foley, James, d. 31 Dec. 1997, age: 82yr, Son of John W. and Kate, Leggetstown
Foley, James, d. Died young, Son of Thomas and Julia, Clara
Foley, John W, d. 15 Sep. 1948, age: 63yr, Husband of Kate, Leggetstown
Foley, Julia, d. 18 May 1948, age: 84yr, Mother of Patrick
Foley, Kate, d. 3 Mar. 1954, age: 72yr, Wife of John, Leggetstown
Foley, Mary, d. 31 Mar.1994, age: 95yr, Wife of Patrick
Foley, Patrick, d. 30 Mar.1985, age: 92yr, Son of Julia
Foley, Rev. Laurence, d. 26 Jan 1961, age: 43yr, Son of John W. and Kate, Leggetstown, Chaplin to St. Lukes Hospital
Foley, Thomas, d. 31 Oct.1900 , age: 50yr, Husband of Julia, Clara
Kelly, Margaret, d. 8 Dec. 1931, age: 72yr, Wife of Michael, Lavistown
Kelly, Michael, d. 15 Oct. 1929, age: 82yr, Husband of Margaret, Lavistown
Langton, Bridget, d. 24 Nov. 1993, age: 69yr, Daughter of Laurence and Catherine, Lavistown
Langton, Catherine, d. 28 Apr. 1963, age: 83yr, Wife of Laurence, Lavistown
Langton, Joseph, d. 29 Apr. 1960, age: 77yr, Brother of Laurence, Lavistown
Langton, Laurence, d. 1 Jul. 1951, age: 66yr, Husband of Catherine, Lavistown
Logue, Edward, b. Freestone Hill.Clifden, d. 6 Aug 1997, age: 60yr, Glascow
Maher, Catherine, b. 18 Apr. 1924, d. 1924, age: 77yr, Wife of Thomas, Rathcash
Maher, James, d. 28 Feb 1925, age: 75yr, Husband of Johanna, Regent St. Bagnelstown
Maher, Johanna, d. 22 Aug.1926, age: 73yr, Wife of James, Ballinamona
Maher, Margaret, b. Hacketstown, d. 3 Jan 1955, age: 84yr, Wife of Nicholas, Regent St. Bagnelstown
Maher, Nicholas, d. 10 Jan 1932, age: 73yr, Brother of James, Regent St. Bagnelstown
Maher, Stephen, d. 1922,,Died in America,", age: 39yr
Maher, Thomas, b. 1838, Royal Oak, d. 1927, age: 89yr, Husband of Catherine, Rathcash
McGrath, Bridget (Dwyer), d. 4 May 1975, Parliament St
McGrath, John, d. 7 Jun 1929, age: 72yr, Husband of Mary, John's St. Kilkenny
McGrath, Mary, d. 23 Jul. 1934, Wife of John, John's St. Kilkenny
McGrath, Mary, d. 9 Apr. 1971, Daughter of John and Mary, John's St. Kilkenny
McGrath, Michael, d. 15 Jun 1944, Parliament St
Moore, Catherine (Hoyne), d. 12 Dec. 1953, age: 75yr, Wife of William, Higginstown
Moore, Elizabeth (Purcell), d. 28 Apr. 1998, age: 90yr, Wife of Patrick, Higginstown
Moore, Patrick, d. 5 Oct. 1987, age: 76yr, Husband of Elizabeth, Higginstown
Moore, William, d. 7 Apr. 1947, age: 80yr, Husband of Catherine, Higginstown
Mulrooney, Edward J, b. 1863, d. 1930, Husband of Margaret, Prospect House. Dunbell
Mulrooney, Edward, b. 1887, d. 1985, Husband of Margaret, Dunbell
Mulrooney, Margaret (Bryan), b. 1909, d. 1993, Wife of Edward, Dunbell
Mulrooney, Margaret (Walsh), b. 1855, d. 1934, Wife of Edward J, Dunbell
Murphy, James, d. 3 Jun 1949, age: 77yr, Husband of Margaret, Grove
Murphy, John, d. 10 Jul. 1985, age: 64yr, Son of Kate and Patrick, Smithstown
Murphy, Kate, d. 3 Jan 1928, age: 44yr, Wife of Patrick, Smithstown
Murphy, Margaret (O'Neill), d. 26 Jun 1972, age: 84yr, Wife of James, Grove
Murphy, Patrick, d. 3 Jan 1940, age: 82yr, Husband of Kate, Smithstown
Murphy, Philip, d. 11 Jul. 1943, age: 23yr, Son of Kate and Patrick, Smithstown
Murphy, Teresa, d. 17 Oct. 1985, age: 54yr, Daughter in law of Kate and Patrick, Smithstown
Nolan, Catherine, d. 15 Jan 1972, age: 72yr, Wife of John, Dunbell
Nolan, John, d. 11 Jan 1999, age: 59yr, Son of Catherine and John, Dunbell
Nolan, John, d. 4 Mar. 1973, age: 72yr, Husband of Catherine, Dunbell
Nolan, John, d. 8 Jan 1930, Husband of Mary, Carhan
Nolan, Kate, d. 1 Aug 1964, age: 80yr, Wife of Richard, Clara
Nolan, Kathleen, d. 29 Jun 1999, age: 66yr, Daughter of Catherine and John, Dunbell
Nolan, Mary, d. 23 Feb 1955, Wife of John, Carhan
Nolan, Richard, d. 11 May 1945, age: 65yr, Husband of Kate, Clara
O'Donnell, John, d. 14 Apr. 1936, age: 73yr, Brother of Julia Foley, Clara
O'Dwyer, Angela, d. 24 Aug 1990, age: 90yr, Wife of George, Castlecomer
O'Dwyer, Dr. James Patrick, d. 4 Mar. 1962, age: 38yr, Son of George and Angela, Castlecomer
O'Dwyer, George, d. 9 Jan 1948, age: 62yr, Husband of Angela, Castlecomer, Q.C. Kilkenny Brigade I.R.A. 1917--1921
O'Dwyer, Michael E, d. 21 Oct. 1987, age: 61yr, Castlecomer
O'Rourke, Ernie, b. 23 Oct. 1909, d. 25 Jan 1986, Husband of Lily, Hillcrest Sion Rd
O'Rourke, Kevin, d. 2 Oct. 1984, age: 44yr, Waterloo. Liverpool. England
O'Rourke, Lily, b. 27 Oct. 1915, d. 4 Apr. 1995, Wife of Ernie
Phelan, Catherine, d. 22 Apr. 1993, Niece of Joseph and Mary Dowling
Phelan, Mary, d. 4 Nov. 1987, Niece of Joseph and Mary Dowling
Prendergast, Anna Marie (Reilly), d. 31 Dec. 1998, age: 76yr, Wife of John
Prendergast, Bridget, d. 21 Feb 1960, age: 40yr, Wife of John
Prendergast, John, d. 16 May 1982, age: 62yr, Husband of Bridget, Clara
Quinlan, John, d. 26 Jan 1924, Husband of Mary B, John St. Kilkenny
Quinlan, Mary B, d. 23 May 1957, Husband of John, John St. Kilkenny
Ryan, Thomas, b. Blanchvilla Dunbell, d. 30 Dec. 1976, Accidentally in London England
Walsh, Ellen, d. 3 Jul. 1985, age: 96yr, Wife of Thomas, Dunbell
Walsh, Ellie, d. 4 Apr. 1979, age: 92yr, Sister of Thomas, Dunbell
Walsh, Mary, d. 18 Mar. 1966, Grangehill
Walsh, Thomas, d. 18 Sep.1968, age: 88yr, Husband of Ellen, Dunbell
Walsh, William, d. 28 Oct. 1972, age: 86yr, Son of Laurence and Statia, Grangehill
Walton, John, d. 25 Nov. 1975, age: 84yr, Husband of Margaret, Higginstown
Walton, Margaret, d. 8 Dec. 1994, age: 94yr, Wife of John

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