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Ladychapel Cemetery Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland
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Ladychapel Cemetery
Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland

From the Dublin Road turn left as you enter the Village of Celbridge. At the end of the town at the Grotto turn right. Keep on this bendy road until you reach a crossroads. On the right hand side there is a large church. Travel straight for 1 mile from the church until you reach a left hand turn. The cemetery is at the end of this small road. Although it is signposted the sign is damaged and hard to read. Restored in 1989.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 144.

Contributor's Index:

Archbold, James, d. 16 Jan 1803, age: 63yr, Father of Patrick, [AR]
Archbold, Mathew M, d. 1781, age: 17yr, Brother of Patrick, [AR]
Barry, John, d. 8 Dec. 1769, age: 52yr, Father of William, [AR]
Barry, Laurence, d. May. 23? 1766, age: 17yr, Brother of William, [AR]
Byrn, Elizabeth (Troy), d. 17 Jun. 1767, age: 23yr, d/o Patrick Troy, [AR]
Cafey, Infant, no dates, Child of Patrick, [AR]
Cafey, Patrick, no dates,s/o Richard, [AR]
Cafey, Richard, d. 10, Oct. 1778 , age: 74yr, Father of Patrick, Larabrien, [AR]
Coleman Warren, Eleanor, d. 3 Nov 1931, [AR]
Coleman, Ester, d. 3 May 1955, [AR]
Colgan, Annie, d. 14 Sep 1929, w/o Laurence, [AR]
Colgan, James, d. 20 Sep. 1770, age: 29yr, Brother of John, [AR]
Colgan, Laurence J., d. 20 Jan 1944,s/o Laurence & Annie, [AR]
Colgan, Laurence, d. 8 Mar 1922, h/o Annie, Ladychapel, [AR]
Colgan, Marian, d. 6 Apr 1904, [AR]
Colgan, Patrick, d. 23 Jan 1863, s/o Laurence & Annie, [AR]
Colgan, Walter, d. 20 Apr 1911,s/o Laurence & Annie, [AR]
Colman, Joseph, d. 6 Aug 1959, [AR]
Corbally, Anne, d. 10 Nov 1883, w/o Elias, [AR]
Corbally, Elias, d. 10 Mar 1893, h/o Annie, [AR]
Corrigan, Simon, d. 23 Oct 1910, age: 60yr, h/o Mary Teresa, [AR]
Dempsey, Christopher, no dates,s/o Elizabeth and Michael, [AR]
Dempsey, Elizabeth, no dates, Daughter of Michael and Elizabeth, [AR]
Dempsey, Elizabeth, no dates, w/o Michael, [AR]
Dempsey, John, no dates, [AR]
Dempsey, John, no dates, [AR]
Dempsey, Mary, no dates, [AR]
Dempsey, Michael, no dates, h/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Dempsey, Nicholas, no dates,s/o Elizabeth and Michael, [AR]
Doolin, Dennis, d. 1772, Celbridge, [AR]
Dunne, Bartholemew, d. 30 May 1885, age: 47yr, s/o William and Mary, Farnathum, [AR]
Dunne, Catherine, d. 11 Jun.1866, age: 11yr, Daughter of William and Mary, Farnathum, [AR]
Dunne, Loughlin , d. Apr 1933, Infant g,son of Mark & Rosanna, [AR]
Dunne, Martin, d. 30 May 1892, age: 56yr, s/o William and Mary, Farnathum, [AR]
Dunne, Mary, d. 1 Jun 1871, age: 64yr, w/o William, Farnathum, [AR]
Dunne, Richard, d. 7 Aug 1885, age: 46yr, s/o William and Mary, Farnathum, [AR]
Dunne, William, d. 13 Aug 1875, age: 70yr, h/o Mary, Farnathum, [AR]
Farrell, Anne, d. 6 Jun 1868, age: 67 ?.yr, w/o Garrett, [AR]
Farrell, Daniel, d. Mar 1818, age: 63yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
Farrell, Edward, d. 25 Oct 1822,s/o Daniel, [AR]
Farrell, Edward, d. Died young, Brother of Garrett, [AR]
Farrell, Garrett, d. 25. Dec 1869, age: 74yr, h/o Anne, [AR]
Farrell, Mary, d. 25. Dec 1810, age: 30yr, w/o Daniel, [AR]
Fields, Catherine, d. 27 Dec 1882, age: 70yr, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Fields, Francis, d. 8 Aug 1893, [AR]
Fields, John, d. 1 Mar 1916, [AR]
Fields, Patrick, d. 1 Aug 1917, [AR]
Fields, Patrick, d. 14 Jun 1860, age: 60yr, h/o Catherine, Kilcock, [AR]
Fields, Peter, d. 26 May 1879, age: 26yr, s/o Catherine , [AR]
Fields, Tom, d. 1 Jan 1927, [AR]
Flinn, Laughlin, no dates, Brother of John, [AR]
Flinn, Mary, d. 9 Oct 1824, Sister of John, [AR]
Flinn, Nicholas , no dates, Brother of John, [AR]
Flinn, Peter, d. 7 Nov 1806, age: 61yr, Father of John , [AR]
Gill, Patrick Joseph, d. who died young,s/o Anne, [AR]
Gill, Patrick, d. 25 Dec 1871, age: 25yr, h/o Anne (of Kilross, Co. Tipperary ), [AR]
Gore, Kate C., d. 26 Jan 1889, age: 27yr, Daughter of Jane & Thomas, [AR]
Gore, Thomas, d. 14 Apr 1862, age: 45yr, h/o Jane, Kilcock, [AR]
Hanway, Dr. William, d. 2 Sep 1923,s/o William and Jane M, [AR]
Hanway, Jane M., d. 26 Jan 193 ?, [AR]
Hanway, Margaret Mary., d. 25 Dec 195 ?, d/o William and Jane M, [AR]
Hanway, Mary Jane, d. 22 Feb 1925, Daughter of William and Jane M, [AR]
Hanway, Patrick Joseph, d. 29 Nov 194?,s/o William and Jane M, [AR]
Hanway, William, d. 24 Dec 1985, h/o Jane M, [AR]
Kelly, Catherine, d. 15 Oct 1858 ?, age: 31yr, Daughter of Patrick, Ladies Chapel, Co. Kildare, [AR]
Kelly, Mary, d. 16 Jul 1847, age: 28yr, [AR]
McGrath, Bridget, d. 8 Aug 1845, age: 74yr, w/o Richard, [AR]
McGrath, Ellen, d. 5 Jan 1868, age: 61yr, w/o Patrick, Celbridge, [AR]
McGrath, Richard, d. 6 May 1821, age: 55yr, Father of Patrick, [AR]
Megan, Bryan, no dates, Father of Patrick, [AR]
Megan, Elenor, no dates, Mother of Patrick, [AR]
Megan, Mary (Malone), d. 8 Jul. 1754, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Meghan, Patrick, no dates, h/o Mary (Malone), [AR]
Monks, Catherine, d. 7 Mar 1807, age: 18 ?yr, Sister of John, [AR]
Monks, Mary, d. 17 Mar 1807, age: 55yr, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Monks, Thomas, d. 11 Mar. 1793, age: 60yr, h/o Mary, Erected by son John Monks, [AR]
Mooney, Judith, no dates, Sister of Paul, [AR]
Mooney, Margaret, d. 25 Mar 1836, w/o Nicholas, [AR]
Mooney, Nicholas, d. 6 Jul 1848, h/o Margaret, Erected by their son Paul, [AR]
Mooney, Patrick, no dates, Brother of Paul, [AR]
Mooney, Paul, d. 29 Jul 1887, age: 86yr, s/o Nicholas & Margaret, [AR]
Moran, Mary, d. 9 Jan 1809, age: 34 ?yr, w/o William, South Great George's St. Dublin, [AR]
Murray, Denis, d. 21 Feb 1936, age: 73yr, [AR]
Murray, Elizabeth, d. 14 Jul 1927, age: 69yr, [AR]
Murray, Mary, d. 1922 ?, [AR]
O'Brian, Mark, d. 10 Dec 1817, age: 20yr, s/o Robert, Baltreacy, [AR]
O'Toole, Richard, d. 6 Oct 1807, age: 57yr, Uncle of John Monks, [AR]
Quin, Elizabeth, d. 16 Jul. 1780, w/o Jam, [AR]
Quin, Mary, d. Apr 1780, age: 67yr, h/o Richard, [AR]
Quin, Richard, d. 1 Feb. 1781, age: 68yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
Ratigan, Mary Anne, d. 23 Oct 1923, age: 60yr, w/o Richard, [AR]
Ratigan, Richard, d. 3 Nov 1914, age: 63yr, h/o Mary Anne, Baltracy, [AR]
Reilly, Anne, d. 18 Jun 1882, age: 53yr, w/o Bernard, [AR]
Reilly, Anne, d. 7 May 1923, age: 64yr, Daughter of Bernard & Anne, [AR]
Reilly, Bernard Joseph, d. 3 May 1857 ?, age: 7yr, Grandson of Bernard & Anne, Blyth Ave.Church Rd. Dublin, [AR]
Reilly, Bernard, d. 23 Nov 1871, age: 64 ?yr, h/o Anne, Pagestown, Meath, [AR]
Reilly, James, d. 8. Dec 1878, age: 23yr, s/o Bernard & Anne, [AR]
Reilly, Thomas, d. 16 Apr 1910, age: 51yr, [AR]
Reily, John, d. 16 Oct. 1797, age: 58yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
Ryan, Brigid, d. 4 Aug 1998, [AR]
Ryan, Catherine, d. 26 Sep 1849, age: 27yr, [AR]
Ryan, Daniel, d. 28 May 1928, age: 65yr, h/o Katherine, [AR]
Ryan, Katherine, d. 5 Feb 1975, age: 85yr, w/o Daniel, [AR]
Ryan, Oliver, d. 2 Apr 1986, age: 64yr, s/o Daniel & Katherine, Laragh, [AR]
Ryan, Patrick, d. 20 Nov 1996, [AR]
Souhan, Bride Mary, d. 19 Feb 1909, age: 55yr, Daughter of Christopher, [AR]
Souhan, Bridget, d. 5 Sep 1884, age: 74yr, Sister of Christopher, [AR]
Souhan, Catherine, d. 4 Jun 1826, age: 38yr, Mother of Christopher, Ballycahan, [AR]
Souhan, Christopher, d. 1Sep 1880, age: 72yr, h/o Rose, Farnathum, [AR]
Souhan, James, d. 19 Jan 1828, age: 52yr, h/o Catherine, [AR]
Souhan, Julia, d. 10 Nov 1873, age: 24yr, Daughter of Christopher, [AR]
Souhan, Mary, d. Sep 1828, age: 13yr, Sister of Christopher, [AR]
Souhan, Patrick, d. 6 Apr 1894, age: 54yr, s/o Christopher, [AR]
Souhan, Rose, d. 21 Jan 1873, age: 55yr, w/o Christopher, Ballycahan, [AR]
Swords, Thomas, d. 1 Aug 1826, age: 77yr, Maynooth, [AR]
Travers, Alice, d. 1989, w/o Joseph, [AR]
Travers, Edward, d. 1946, [AR]
Travers, Elizabeth, d. 1914, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Travers, Ellen, d. 1927, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Travers, Henry, d. 1891, [AR]
Travers, Ita, d. 1938, [AR]
Travers, James, d. 1938, [AR]
Travers, Jane, d. 29 Jul 1922, age: 83yr, [AR]
Travers, Joseph, d. 1942, [AR]
Travers, Joseph, d. 27 Apr 1982, h/o Josephine, [AR]
Travers, Josephine, d. 11 Jul 1961, age: 62yr, w/o Joseph, [AR]
Travers, Margaret, no dates, w/o Nicholas, [AR]
Travers, Marie, d. 15 Jan 1936, age: 8yr, [AR]
Travers, Mark, d. 15 Jun 1950, age: 71yr, [AR]
Travers, Mark, d. 4 Nov 1922, age: 70yr, [AR]
Travers, Nicholas, d. 1882, h/o Margaret, Johninstown, [AR]
Travers, Nicholas, d. 1909,s/o Nicholas and Margaret, [AR]
Travers, Patrick, d. 1899,s/o Nicholas and Margaret, [AR]
Travers, Patrick, d. 1777, [AR]
Travers, Patrick, d. 1961, [AR]
Travers, Richard, d. 1914,s/o Nicholas and Margaret, [AR]
Travers, Rosana, d. 1 Oct 1940, age: 84yr, [AR]
Travers, Thomas, d. 1912,s/o Nicholas and Margaret, [AR]
Treacy, Mary, d. 5 Dec 1901, age: 46yr, w/o Michael, Rooske, [AR]
Treacy, Michael, d. 20 Aug 1905, age: 70yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
Turner, John, d. Mar. 1788, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, age: 90yr, Father of Patrick, Loughtown , [AR]
Turner, Patrick, d. 20 Feb 1818 Straffan, age: 92yr, Father of Peter, Kilmurray, [AR]
Turner, Peter, d. 22 Apr 1875, age: 96yr, s/o Patrick, Straffan, [AR]
Turner, Richard, d. 1798, Killed in the Irish Army at the Battle of Ovidstown in 1798 Aged 23, [AR]

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