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Holmpatrick Church of Ireland Cemetery
Skerries, County Dublin, Ireland

holmpatrick cemetery skerries
Holmpatrick Cemetery, Skerries

GPS: 53.573759, -6.105208

Miller's Ln
Skerries, Co. Dublin

Last edited: Feb 15, 2006
Total records: 372

Holmpatrick Church of Ireland sits on the grounds of a monastery that was built in 1220. Before that date, the monastery was located on "Church Island", what is today believed to be St. Patrick Island, just off the coast of Skerries. Slowly the town Skerries grew around the monastery.

During the Reformation Period of the 1500s, the monastery was dissolved and a Protestant church took its place. The tower you see in the photo is all that remains of the Protestant Church. The present-day Holmpatrick Church of Ireland building that now occupies this ground was built in 1867.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Austin, Catherine, d. 25 Feb. 1959, w/o Robert, [AR]
Austin, Joseph, d. Died young, infant s/o Robert and Catherine, [AR]
Austin, Robert, d. 26 May. 1930, h/o Catherine, [AR]
Barry, Catherine, d. 1957, age: 63, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Barry, Patrick, d. 1949, age: 49, h/o Catherine, [AR]
Butler, Margaret, d. 25 Jul. 1931, age: 86, [AR]
Butler, Maryanne, d. ?, [AR]
Caffrey, Christoper, d. 3 Jul.1986, age: 79, s/o James and Margaret, [AR]
Caffrey, James, d. 13 Nov. 1938, age: 74, h/o Margaret, [AR]
Caffrey, Lena, d. 15 Jun. 1918, age: 16, d/o James and Margaret, [AR]
Caffrey, Lizzie, d. 23 Dec. 1957, w/o Mike, [AR]
Caffrey, Margaret, d. 29 Oct. 1943, age: 70, w/o James, [AR]
Caffrey, Mike, d. 17 Oct. 1973, s/o James and Margaret, [AR]
Callaghan, Rosanne, d. 1 May. 1936, [AR]
Caughlan, Anne Jane, d. 25 Sep. 1960, age: 94yr, w/o John, [AR]
Caughlan, John, d. 25 Jul. 1909, age: 52yr, h/o Anne Jane, [AR]
Clerkin, Anne, d. 11 Feb. 1933, age: 24yr, d/o Teresa and P.J, [AR]
Clerkin, Teresa, d. 29 Jun. 1930, age: 75yr, w/o P.J, [AR]
Collins, Ann, d. 30 Mar. 1916, Daughter in law of Walter and Esther, [AR]
Collins, Esther, d. 16 Oct. 1800, w/o Walter, [AR]
Collins, James, d. 10 Nov.1945, age: 69yr, s/o Walter and Ann, [AR]
Collins, Thomas, d. 19 Mar. 1957, age: 93, [AR]
Collins, Walter, d. 1870, age: 64yr, h/o Esther, [AR]
Collins, Walter, d. 26 Oct. 1951, age: 92yr, h/o Ann, [AR]
Crehan, Edward, d. 28 Feb. 1959, h/o Emily, [AR]
Crehan, Emily, d. 11 Jun. 1976, w/o Edward, [AR]
Crehan, Patrick, d. 20 Sep. 1970, s/o Edward and Emily, [AR]
Daly, Julia, d. 16 May. 2001, d/o James and Alice, Skerries, [AR]
Daly, Laurence, d. 20 Jan. 1939, age: 78yr, h/o Mary Anne, [AR]
Daly, Mary Ann, d. 17 May. 1931, age: 68yr, w/o Laurence,,, Sherlock Terrace, [AR]
Daly, Thomas, d. 12 Sep. 1989, s/o Thomas and Mary Ann, [AR]
Delahoyde, Josephine, d. 21 Jan. 1950, age: 80yr, Sister of Patrick Edwards, [AR]
Derham, Ann, d. 21 jan. 1868, age: 66yr, w/o John, [AR]
Derham, Annie, d. 1 Aug. 1984, age: 85, d/o James T.and Frances M, [AR]
Derham, Eilzabeth Mary, d. 23 Nov. 1965, [AR]
Derham, Esther Mary, d. 28 Oct. 1962, d/o John and Margaret, Ballbriggan, [AR]
Derham, Esther, d. 20 Jun. 1866, age: 31yr, w/o Matthew, [AR]
Derham, James T, d. 20 Aug. 1965, age: 53, s/o James T. and Frances M, [AR]
Derham, James T, d. 21 Oct. 1954, age: 83, w/o Francis M, [AR]
Derham, John, d. 17 Jun. 1930, age: 77yr, s/o Matthew and Esther, [AR]
Derham, John, d. May 1869, h/o Ann, [AR]
Derham, Kathleen F, d. 4 Aug. 1957, d/o John and Margaret, Ballbriggan, [AR]
Derham, Margaret, d. 25 Sep. 1943, age: 77yr, w/o John, [AR]
Derham, Mary, d. 4 Jan. 1994, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Derham, Mary, d. 7 Aug. 1939, age: 32, d/o James T.and Frances M, [AR]
Derham, Matthew, d. Mar. 1908, age: 77yr, [AR]
Derham, Michael James, d. 20 Nov. 1923, age: 27yr, s/o John and Margaret, Ballbriggan, [AR]
Derham, Nicholas, d. 15 May. 1917, age: 14, s/o James T. and Frances M, [AR]
Derham, Patrick, d. 6 Feb. 1975, h/o Mary, [AR]
Devine, Elizabeth, d. 1 Jul. 1958, age: 71yr, w/o Michael, [AR]
Devine, John, d. young, s/o Elizabeth and Michael, [AR]
Devine, Joseph, d. young, s/o Elizabeth and Michael, [AR]
Devine, Michael, d. 23 Nov. 1965, h/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Devine, William, d. 15 Apr. 1971, s/o Elizabeth and Michael, [AR]
Devine, William, d. young, s/o Elizabeth and Michael, [AR]
Dillon, Jimmy, d. 10 Mar. 2001, Ballgriggan St.Skerries, h/o Anne, [AR]
Doherty, Florance, d. 14 Jan. 1966, age: 98yr, w/o Henry Edward, [AR]
Doherty, Harriet Florance, d. 8 Jan. 1932, age: 28yr, d/o Henry Edward and Florance, [AR]
Doherty, Henry Edward, d. 11 Dec. 1954, age: 82yr, h/o Florance, [AR]
Dowdall (Ward), Mary, d. 13 May. 1932, New York.America, age: 32, d/o Christopher and Mary, [AR]
Dowdall, Anna, d. 10 Dec. 1992, age: 84, d/o Catherine and Valentine, Piercetown, [AR]
Dowdall, Catherine, d. 15 Dec. 1935, age: 66, w/o Valentine, Piercetown, [AR]
Dowdall, Christopher, d. 11 Nov. 1911, age: 83, h/o Mary, Piercetown, [AR]
Dowdall, Christopher, d. 15 Jun. 1896, age: 19, s/o Christopher and Mary, Piercetown, [AR]
Dowdall, Mary, d. 31 Mar. 1916, age: 77, w/o Mary, Piercetown, [AR]
Dowdall, Patrick, d. 21 Mar. 1890, age: 17, s/o Christopher and Mary, Piercetown, [AR]
Dowdall, Valentine, d. 8 May. 1955, h/o Catherine, Piercetown, [AR]
Dowling, Elizabeth, d. 28 Jul. 1918, age: 79, w/o John, Skerries, [AR]
Dowling, James, d. 1 Jun. 1903, h/o Jane, Moorechurch, [AR]
Dowling, James, d. 20 Sep. 1949, age: 68, s/o Elizabeth and John, Skerries, [AR]
Dowling, Jane, d. 13 Mar. 1906, w/o James, Moorechurch, [AR]
Dowling, John, d. 6 Sep. 1922, age: 85, h/o Elizabeth, Skerries, [AR]
Dowling, Julia, d. 24 Feb. 1986, age: 96, w/o James, Skerries, [AR]
Doyle, Joe, d. 12 Jun. 1995, age: 67, h/o Patricia (Barry), [AR]
Doyle, Patricia (Barry), d. Oct. 1975, age: 38, d/o Patrick and Catherine, [AR]
Duff, Agnes, d. 31 Jan. 1931, age: 66yr, w/o Bernard, [AR]
Duff, Alice, d. 15 Jan. 1984, d/o Bernard and Agnes, [AR]
Duff, Alice, d. ?, Mother of Bernard, [AR]
Duff, Bernard, d. 28 Apr. 1930, age: 69yr, h/o Agnes, [AR]
Duff, Christopher, d. 11 Jul. 1901, age: 83, Uncle of Harry Duff, [AR]
Duff, Elizabeth (Woodroofe), d. 31 Dec. 1991, age: 83, w/o Kevin, [AR]
Duff, James, d. 13 Apr. 1944, [AR]
Duff, John, d. 15 Mar. 1942, age: 78, s/o Michawl, [AR]
Duff, Kevin, d. 29 Jun. 1985, age: 72, s/o John, [AR]
Duff, Luke, d. ?, Father of Bernard, [AR]
Duff, Margaret, d. 18 Feb. 1882, age: 49, w/o Michael, Piercetown, [AR]
Duff, Margaret, d. young, d/o Bernard and Agnes, [AR]
Duff, Michael, d. 20 Feb. 1893, age: 67, h/o Margaret, Piercetown, [AR]
Duff, Noel E, d. 24 Apr. 1999, age: 49, [AR]
Duff, R.Emmett, d. 13 Jul. 1996, age: 57, s/o Elizabeth and Kevin, Interred in Cork, [AR]
Edwards, Capt. John, d. 21 Dec. 1949, age: 83yr, h/o Marion, [AR]
Edwards, Catherine, d. 10 Nov. 1897, age: 33yr, d/o Patrick and Jane, [AR]
Edwards, Jane, d. 27 Jul. 1891, age: 53yr, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Edwards, John Leo, d. 17 Oct. 1929, age: 26yr, Interred in Allk. Labrador, [AR]
Edwards, Marion, d. 8 Jan. 1945, w/o Capt. John, [AR]
Edwards, Patrick, d. 5 Feb. 1898, age: 65yr, h/o Jane, [AR]
Elliot, Mary Anne, d. 5 Nov. 1935, Grandmother of Moya, [AR]
Evans, Francis Evelyn, d. 28 Dec. 1967, [AR]
Evans, Louise Emily, d. 2 Aug. 1971, w/o William Edward, [AR]
Evans, Mary, d. 15 Jun. 1945, d/o Samuel, [AR]
Evans, William Edward, d. 25 Mar. 1939, s/o Catherine and Samuel, [AR]
Fanning, Elizabeth, d. 28 Apr. 1979, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Fanning, Thomas, d. 11 Apr. 1958, h/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Finnegan, (Twin), d. 28 May. 1945, s/o Maura and Thomas, Balbriggan Rd, [AR]
Finnegan, (Twin), d. 28 May. 1945, s/o Maura and Thomas, Balbriggan Rd, [AR]
Finnegan, Maura, d. 19 Jun. 1984, age: 66, w/o Thomas, Balbriggan Rd, [AR]
Finnegan, Thomas, d. 1 Nov. 1997, age: 82, h/o Maura, Balbriggan Rd, [AR]
Flanagan, Anna, d. young, d/o Michael and Maryanne, [AR]
Flanagan, Anne, d. 6 Nov. 1886, age: 44, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Flanagan, Clara, d. 18 Jan. 1965, age: 96yr, [AR]
Flanagan, Elizabeth, d. 28 Jun. 1967, age: 75yr, Sister of Thomas, [AR]
Flanagan, Jennie, d. 17 Sep. 1997, age: 72yr, w/o Tom, [AR]
Flanagan, John P, d. 24 Sep. 1927, age: 69, [AR]
Flanagan, John, d. 11 Aug. 1872, age: 79, h/o Maryanne, [AR]
Flanagan, Margaret Mary, d. 15 Jan. 1931, age: 30yr, Sister of Thomas, [AR]
Flanagan, Margaret, d. 25 Dec. 1901, age: 70, [AR]
Flanagan, Mary Anne, d. 1 Mar. 1886, age: 59, [AR]
Flanagan, Maryanne, d. 13 Nov. 1870, age: 72, w/o John, [AR]
Flanagan, Maryanne, d. 16 May. 1916, age: 80yr, w/o Michael, [AR]
Flanagan, Michael, d. 5 Jan. 1892, age: 60yr, h/o Maryanne, [AR]
Flanagan, Michael, d. young, s/o Michael and Maryanne, [AR]
Flanagan, Patrick, d. 15 Aug. 1868, age: 47, s/o John and Maryanne, [AR]
Flanagan, Patrick, d. 6 Aug. 1946, age: 72yr, s/o Michael and Maryanne, [AR]
Flanagan, Patrick, d. 9 Mar. 1912, age: 20, [AR]
Flanagan, Thomas, d. 16 Jul. 1937, age: 28yr, Brother of Margaret Mary, [AR]
Flanagan, Tommy, d. 10 Aug. 1994, age: 74yr, s/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Fox, "Annie E,", d. 25 Jan. 1982, age: 80, d/o John and Catherine Jane, [AR]
Fox, Annie, d. ?, Mother of John, [AR]
Fox, Jenny, d. 27 Jan. 1977, age: 70, d/o John and Catherine Jane, [AR]
Fox, John, d. 21 Oct. 1927, age: 86, h/o Catherine Jane, [AR]
Fox, Mary Donsilli, d. 143 Jan. 1960, age: 65, d/o John and Catherine Jane, [AR]
Fox, William, d. 27 Apr. 1950, age: 52, s/o John and Catherine Jane, [AR]
Fox, Willie, d. ?, Father of John, [AR]
Gibney, Jenny, d. 13 Mar. 1981, age: 82, w/o John, [AR]
Gibney, John, d. 22 Nov. 1966, h/o Jenny, [AR]
Gossan, Peter, d. 1 May. 1995, [AR]
Gosson, Marion, d. 18 Mar. 1997, d/o Peggy and Tommy, [AR]
Gosson, Peggy, d. 16 Jan. 1994, w/o Tommy, [AR]
Gosson, Tommy, d. 4 Oct. 1996, h/o Mary, [AR]
Gowan, Maureen, d. 26 Feb. 1999, [AR]
Gowan, Tom, d. 15 Feb. 1989, [AR]
Green, Margaret (Coleman), d. 6 Mar. 2001, Sherlock. Park. Skerries, w/o John, [AR]
Griffin, James Smith, d. 7 Apr. 1945, age: 81yr, s/o James and Marie, [AR]
Griffin, James, d. 26 Nov. 1887, age: 52yr, h/o Marie, [AR]
Griffin, Marie, d. 23 Mar. 1926, age: 96yr, w/o James, [AR]
Griffin, Mary, d. "18 Mar, 1789", age: 62, [AR]
Griffin, Philip, d. 2 Sep. 1796, age: 72, [AR]
Griffin, Philip, d. 21 May. 1875, age: 95, s/o Mary, [AR]
Griffin, Richard, d. 14 Aug. 1812, s/o Mary, [AR]
Grimes, Ann (Coleman), d. 27 Jan. 1727, age: 72, [AR]
Grimes, Christopher, d. 27 Apr. 1762, age: 67, [AR]
Grimes, James, d. 9 Aug. 1983, [AR]
Grimley, Christopher, d. 8 Nov. 1986, [AR]
Grimley, Jennie, d. 16 Sep. 1949, d/o Mary and John, [AR]
Grimley, John, d. 1910, Lost at sea,, h/o Mary, [AR]
Grimley, Mary, d. ?, Grandmother off Matthew, [AR]
Grimley, Mary, d. Feb. 1922, w/o John, [AR]
Grimley, Matthew, d. 25 Apr. 1981, Grands/o Mathew and Mary, [AR]
Grimley, Matthew, d. ?, Grandfather of Mathew, [AR]
Grimley, Thomas, d. 1971, In Australia, s/o Mary and John, [AR]
Halpin, Christina (McDermott), d. 11 Apr. 2001, age: 91, w/o Laurence, [AR]
Hand, Francis, d. 1 Oct. 1979, h/o Mary, [AR]
Hand, Mary, d. 9 Jul. 1976, w/o Francis, [AR]
Hogan, Bernard, d. 22 Jan. 1870, age: 72yr, h/o Jane, [AR]
Hogan, Jane, d. 11 Jan. 1877, age: 75yr, w/o Bernard, [AR]
Hogan, Rosanne, d. 28 Aug. 1850, age: 14yr, d/o Bernard and Jane, [AR]
Hughes, Brendan (Bunny), d. 21 Oct 2002, [AR]
Hughes, Brendan (Huey), d. 16 Oct 1985, [AR]
Hutchinson, Susan, d. 28 Nov. 1949, Sister of Nora Ownes, [AR]
Jones, Leo, d. 14 Jan. 2001, Blanchardstown Hospital, age: h/o Marie, Skerries, [AR]
Kavanagh, Dick, d. 28 Aug. 1960, age: 72, h/o Marcie, [AR]
Keane, Alice (Seaver), d. 22 Oct. 1998, age: 95, w/o John, [AR]
Keane, John, d. 24 Oct. 1976, h/o Alice (Seaver), [AR]
Keane, Veronica, d. Jan. 1936, d/o John and Alice (Seaver), [AR]
Keeling, Annie, d. 22 May. 2001, w/o Joseph, Skerries, [AR]
Keeling, Peter, d. 12 Jul. 1984, [AR]
Kelley, Catherine, d. 6 Jul. 1971, w/o William, [AR]
Kelley, Willian, d. 13 Jun. 1986, h/o Catherine, [AR]
Kelly, Annie, d. 13 Nov. 1930, d/o John and Margaret, [AR]
Kelly, Catherine, d. 8 Apr. 1922, age: 25, Daughter John and Margaret, [AR]
Kelly, Charles, d. 13 Apr. 1903, age: 18, s/o Charles and Mary Anne, [AR]
Kelly, Charles, d. 29 Aug. 1853, age: 44, h/o Mary Anne, [AR]
Kelly, John, d. 17 Sep. 1910, age: 60, s/o Charles and Mary Anne, [AR]
Kelly, Margaret, d. 21 Oct. 1939, age: 74, w/o John, [AR]
Kelly, Mary (Segrif), d. 14 Dec. 1889, age: 61, Sister of Thomas, [AR]
Kelly, Mary Anne, d. 20 Oct. 1900, age: 83, [AR]
Kelly, Nicholas, d. 1 Nov. 1924, s/o John and Margaret, [AR]
Kelly, Nicholas, d. 3 Mar. 1872, age: 22, s/o Charles, [AR]
Knight, Anne, d. 7 Oct. 1897, age: 70, w/o Michael, [AR]
Knight, Michael, d. 27 Dec. 1916, age: 87, h/o Anne, [AR]
Knight, Thomas Joseph, d. ?, age: ?, Infant s/o Michael and Anne, [AR]
Landy, Doreen, d. 24 Apr. 2001, Skerries Co. Dublin, Sister of Vincent, [AR]
Lynch, Edward, d. 24 Apr. 1887, age: 81yr, h/o Margaret, [AR]
Lynch, Margaret, d. 9 Feb. 1926, age: 69yr, w/o Edward, [AR]
Lynch, Thomas, d. 15 Dec. 1835, age: 27, Cousin of Michael Duff, Emsworth, [AR]
Malone, Francis j, d. 8 Mar. 1934, age: 37, h/o (Mary (Molly), [AR]
Malone, Mary (Molly), d. 17 Sep. 1989, w/o Francis, [AR]
Matthews, Betty, d. May. 1979, Sister of Patrick ( junior), [AR]
Matthews, Mary, b. Sep. 1873, d. Sep. 1941, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Matthews, Michael, b. May 1826, d. Jun. 1889, h/o Rose, [AR]
Matthews, Patrick (Junior ), d. Apr. 1957, [AR]
Matthews, Patrick, b. May. 1863, d, s/o Michael and Rose, [AR]
Matthews, Rose, b. Oct. 1831, d. Dec. 1913, w/o Michael, [AR]
Mc Gee, Teresa (Curry), d. 19 Dec. 2000, Beaumont Hospital, [AR]
McGowan (Tyndall), Marcella, d. 31 Oct. 1910, Died in Brooklyn. New York. America, age: 29yr, d/o Thomas and Madge, [AR]
McGowan, Anne, d. 15 Aug. 1855, age: 49, [AR]
McGowan, Annie, d. 22 Mar. 1889, age: 20, d/o Matthew, [AR]
McGowan, Jack, d. young, Grandson of Thomas and Madge, [AR]
McGowan, Jane, d. 19 Jun. 1929, age: 55, w/o Vincent, [AR]
McGowan, Joan T, d. ?, d/o Joseph and Theresa, Drogheda St.Ballbriggan, [AR]
McGowan, John, d. 1 Jul. 1922, age: 21, s/o Vincent and Jane, [AR]
McGowan, John, d. 19 Mar.1887, age: 19, s/o Matthew, [AR]
McGowan, Joseph, d. 29 Jun. 1938, age: 61, h/o Teresa, Drogheda St.Ballbriggan, [AR]
McGowan, Kathleen, d. 18 Sep. 1923, age: 19, d/o Vincent and Jane, [AR]
McGowan, Mary Margaret, d. 30 Jul. 1956, w/o Joseph, Drogheda St.Ballbriggan, [AR]
McGowan, Mary, d. 12 Aug.1879, age: 36, w/o Matthew, [AR]
McGowan, Matthew, d. 15 Jul. 1923, age: 24, s/o Vincent and Jane, [AR]
McGowan, Matthew, d. 28 Feb. 1903, age: 31, s/o Matthew, [AR]
McGowan, Matthew, d. 29 Jun. 1879, age: 68, h/o Mary, [AR]
McGowan, Matthew, d. 29 Jun. 1897, age: 68, [AR]
McGowan, Maureen, d. 19 Oct. 1922, age: 15, d/o Vincent and Jane, [AR]
McGowan, Michael, d. 24 Jan. 1887, age: 25, s/o Matthew, [AR]
McGowan, Michael, d. 27 Dec. 1851, age: 49, [AR]
McGowan, Patrick, d. 21 Sep. 1968, s/o Joseph and Theresa, Drogheda St.Ballbriggan, [AR]
McGowan, Shelia, d. 6 Oct. 1969, w/o Patrick, Drogheda St.Ballbriggan, [AR]
McGowan, Theresa, d. 17 Mar. 1968, d/o Joseph and Theresa, Drogheda St.Ballbriggan, [AR]
McGowan, Vincent Charles, d. ?, s/o Joseph and Theresa, Drogheda St.Ballbriggan, [AR]
McGowan, Vincent, d. 19 Oct. 1936, age: 64, s/o Matthew and Mary, [AR]
McGreery, Benjamin Thomas, d. 25 Jul. 1920, age: 62yr, s/o James, [AR]
McGreery, Helena, d. 7 Dec. 1933, age: 77yr, w/o Benjamin, [AR]
McGuinness, Molly, d. 27 Oct. 1983, w/o William, [AR]
McGuinness, William, d. 4 Jan. 1984, h/o Molly, [AR]
McKibben, Alex, d. 13 Apr. 1915, Died in Canada, s/o Alex and Jane, [AR]
McKibben, Alex, d. 13 May. 1910, age: 69yr, s/o Alex and Ann, [AR]
McKibben, Alex, d. Apr. 1897, Father of Alex, [AR]
McKibben, Charles, d. 30 Oct. 1917, Killed in France, s/o Alex and Jane, [AR]
McKibben, Jane, d. Oct. 1883, w/o Alex, [AR]
McNally, Eithne, d. 18 Nov. 1989, age: 67yr, w/o Patrick, [AR]
McNally, Margaret, d. 20 Jan. 1961, w/o Peter, [AR]
McNally, Mary, d. Apr. 1938, d/o Mary and Pat, [AR]
McNally, Mary, d. Jun. 1918, w/o Pat, [AR]
McNally, Patrick, d. 31 Jul. 1977, age: 61yr, h/o Ethna, [AR]
McNally, Patrick, d. Feb. 1880, s/o Mary and Pat, [AR]
McNally, Patrick, d. Mar. 1921, h/o Mary, [AR]
McNally, Peter, d. Oct. 1946, h/o Margaret, [AR]
Mellows, James, d. 30 Jan. 2001, St.Ann's.Dromcollogher, age: h/o Julie, Skerries, [AR]
Meredith, Christina, d. 14 Mar. 1914, age: 63yr, [AR]
Milligan, Fannie, d. 25 Nov. 1892, age: 47yr, [AR]
Monks, Elizabeth, d. 4 Oct. 1930, age: 74, d/o Patrick and Mary, [AR]
Monks, John, d. 8 Jun. 1907, age: 51, s/o Patrick and Mary, [AR]
Monks, Kathleen, d. 5 Mar. 1921, age: 15, d/o Patrick and Mary, [AR]
Monks, Lena, d. 15 Apr. 1998, age: 93, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Monks, Mary, d. 1 Mar. 1935, age: 67, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Monks, Mary, d. 1898, age: 71, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Monks, Patrick, d. 18 Nov. 1932, age: 82, s/o Patrick and Mary, [AR]
Monks, Patrick, d. Nov. 1890, age: 73, h/o Mary, [AR]
Monks, Rosanna, d. Died young, d/o Patrick and Mary, [AR]
Monks, Rose, d. 27 Jan. 1930, Died in America, age: 60, d/o Patrick and Mary, [AR]
Monks, Thomas, d. 5 Mar.1984, age: 81, Son Patrick and Mary, [AR]
Morgan, ?, d. 21 Aug. 1854, Drowned, age: s/o Catherine, Skerries, [AR]
Morgan, Catherine, d. 17 Oct. 1832, age: 50, Mother of ?, Skerries, [AR]
Murphy, Theresa, d. 5 Jun. 1957, age: 77, Milverton, [AR]
Murray (Tighe), Rose, d. 13 Apr. 2001, age: 90yr, w/o Pat, Skerries, Co. Dubliln, [AR]
Murray, Annie, d. 31 Mar. 1968, d/o Peter and Jane, [AR]
Murray, Bridget, d. 1 Jul. 1900, age: 26yr, d/o Peter and Jane, [AR]
Murray, Bridget, d. 28 Aug. 1914, age: 43yr, d/o Peter and Jane, [AR]
Murray, Capt. Simon, d. 10 Nov. 1915, age: 60yr, Brother of Peter, London, [AR]
Murray, Catherine, d. 13 May. 1921, age: 76yr, w/o Peter, [AR]
Murray, Jane, d. 15 Dec. 1925, age: 86yr, w/o Peter, [AR]
Murray, Kate, d. 1 Jun. 1906, Grandaughter of Bernard and Jane Hogan, [AR]
Murray, Peter, d. 5 Apr. 1893, age: 56yr, h/o Jane, [AR]
Murray, Peter, d. 9 Dec. 1891, age: 45yr, h/o Catherine, [AR]
Murray, Richard, d. 8 May. 1885, age: 8yr, s/o of Peter and Jane, [AR]
Murtagh, Christopher, d. 5 Sep. 1931, age: 81yr, h/o Margaret, Seamount, [AR]
Murtagh, Margaret, d. 3 Oct. 1900, age: 64yr, w/o Christopher, Seamount, [AR]
O'Brien, Ann, d. 1 Feb. 1957, age: 82, d/o Patrick and Mary, Milverton, [AR]
O'Brien, Jane, d. 7 Jan.1922, age: 49, [AR]
O'Brien, John, d. 22 Jun. 1924, age: 56, [AR]
O'Brien, John, d. 22 Jun. 1925, age: 56, s/o Patrick and Mary, Milverton, [AR]
O'Brien, John, d. 30 Oct. 1981, [AR]
O'Brien, Mary, d. 6 Aug. 1922, age: 90, w/o Patrick, Milverton, [AR]
O'Brien, Patrick, d. 9 Oct. 1910, age: 79, h/o Mary, Milverton, [AR]
O'Brien, Peter, d. ?, New Jersey, age: s/o Patrick and Mary, Milverton, [AR]
O'Brien, Sean, d. 26 Sep. 1969, age: 22, [AR]
O'Brien, William, d. 17 Feb. 1973, [AR]
O'Callaghan, Bernard, d. 23 Aug. 1987, s/o William and Cecilia, [AR]
O'Callaghan, Cecilia, d. 5 May. 1954, age: 82yr, w/o William, [AR]
O'Callaghan, William, d. 31 May. 1907, age: 39yr, h/o Cecilia, [AR]
O'Donohoe, Moya, d. 29 Mar. 1998, age: 75, Grand/o Mary Anne, [AR]
O'Farrell, Bridget, d. 17 Jul. 1965, age: 73yr, w/o John Joseph, [AR]
O'Farrell, John Joseph, d. 19 Dec. 1942, age: 68yr, s/o John and Mary, [AR]
O'Farrell, John Joseph, d. 9 Aug. 1930, Grandson of John and Mary, [AR]
O'Farrell, John, d. 10 Jan. 1892, age: 60yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
O'Farrell, Mary, d. 7 Jan. 1918, age: 75yr, w/o John, [AR]
O'Farrell, Sadie, d. 5 Mar. 1946, Grandaughter of John and Mary, [AR]
O'Farrell, Tom, d. 17 Sep. 1995, age: 68yr, s/o John Joseph and Bridget, [AR]
O'Reilly, Anne Catherine, d. 10 Apr. 1970, d/o Bridget and Hugh, [AR]
O'Reilly, Bridget, d. 5 May. 1949, age: 76yr, w/o Hugh, [AR]
O'Reilly, Joseph, d. 25 Sep. 1954, s/o Bridget and Hugh, [AR]
O'Reilly, Patrick, d. 2 May. 1927, age: 24yr, s/o Bridget and Hugh, [AR]
O'Riordan, Eilish, d. 2 Mar. 1936, age: 4, d/o Michael and Elizabeth, [AR]
Ott (Tyndall), Elizabeth, d. 9 Nov. 1919, Died in New York. America, age: 35yr, d/o Thomas and Madge, [AR]
Ownes (Savage), Catherine Stella, d. 10 Aug. 1979, Niece of Capt. John Edwards, [AR]
Ownes, Nora, d. 22 Dec. 1943, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Ownes, Patrick, b. Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone, d. 11 Apr. 1938, Skerries Co.Dublin,, h/o Nora, [AR]
Power, Thomas Joseph, d. 23 Apr. 2001, Father of Tom, Neptune Terrace.Skerries, [AR]
Pullman, Annie, d. 25 Mar. 1868, age: 15, d/o Samuel, Skerries, [AR]
Pullman, Francis, d. Died young, s/o Samuel, Skerries, [AR]
Pullman, Maria, d. 6 Nov. 1837, age: 10, d/o Samuel, Skerries, [AR]
Quinn, Catherine, d. Mar. 1900, w/o Christopher, [AR]
Quinn, Christopher, d. Aug. 1929, [AR]
Reid, Bridget, d. 13 Jan. 1937, age: 96yr, w/o Joseph, [AR]
Reid, Joseph, d. 1894, age: 67yr, h/o Bridget, [AR]
Reid, Joseph, d. 31 May. 1909, age: 20yr, s/o Joseph and Bridget, [AR]
Reville, Jane Caroline, b. Ballymoney Co. Wicklow, d. 29 May. 1931, age: 82yr, d/o William and Georgina, [AR]
Rice (Edwards), Marion, d. 12 Feb. 1952, age: 86yr, d/o Patrick Edwards, [AR]
Robinson, Agnes (Fox), d. 21 Sep. 1912, Sister of John Fox, [AR]
Rogan, John, d. 11 Apr. 2001, Mater Hospital, age: h/o Rita, Skerries, [AR]
Russell, Bridget, d. 12 Apr. 1860, age: 24yr, d/o Richard and Mary, [AR]
Russell, Catherine, d. 7 Jul. 1866, age: 46yr, d/o Matthew, [AR]
Russell, James, d. 2 Nov. 1901, age: 74yr, s/o Richard and Mary, [AR]
Russell, John, d. 19 May. 1888, age: 64yr, s/o Richard and Mary, [AR]
Russell, Mary, d. 13 Jan. 1883, age: 84yr, w/o Richard, [AR]
Russell, Matthew, d. 28 Mar. 1901, age: 81yr, s/o Richard and Mary, [AR]
Russell, Richard, d. 19 Oct. 1869, age: 81yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
Savage, Jane E, d. 28 Apr. 1913, age: 19yr, Granddaughter of Patrick and Jane Edwards, [AR]
Savage, Rena, d. 20 Dec. 1983, Sister of Catherine Ownes, [AR]
Seaver (Grimley), Margaret, d. 14 Feb. 1985, w/o Nicholas, [AR]
Seaver, Adelaide Maud, d. 22 Jun. 1973, age: 75yr, w/o James, [AR]
Seaver, Eileen, d. 6 Aug. 1992, age: 86yr, d/o Richard and Mary Ann, [AR]
Seaver, James, d. 12 Sep. 1952, age: 55yr, s/o Mary Ann and Richard, [AR]
Seaver, Mary Ann, d. 18 May. 1947, age: 80yr, w/o Richard, [AR]
Seaver, Nicholas, d. 7 Jul. 1973, Son in law of Mary and John Grimley, [AR]
Seaver, Richard, d. 19 Jul. 1964, age: 99yr, h/o Mary Ann, [AR]
Segrif, Margaret, d. 15 Sep. 1848, age: 48, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Segrif, Thomas, d. 6 Apr. 1875, age: 79, h/o Margaret, [AR]
Segrif, Thomas, d. Died young, s/o Margaret and Thomas, [AR]
Sherwin, Angela, d. 21 Oct. 1987, age: 86yr, [AR]
Sherwin, Ann, d. young, d/o Thomas and Mary, [AR]
Sherwin, John Joseph, d. 4 Jun. 1941, age: 46,, s/o Thomas and Mary, [AR]
Sherwin, Joseph, b. 1 Jan. 1994, d. 6 Apr. 1994, [AR]
Sherwin, Kenneth, d. 6 Oct. 1985, age: 62yr, [AR]
Sherwin, Margaret, d. 1 Feb. 1935, age: 42,, d/o Thomas and Mary, [AR]
Sherwin, Mary, d. 1 Aug. 1933, age: 76,, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Sherwin, Thomas, d. 21 Feb. 1921, age: 69,, h/o Mary, [AR]
Sherwin, Thomas, d. young, s/o Thomas and Mary, [AR]
Shields, Christopher, d. 11 Jan. 1961, s/o William and Jane, [AR]
Shields, Jane, d. 9 Dec. 1923, age: 47, w/o William, [AR]
Shields, Minnie, d. 9 Nov. 1972, d/o William and Jane, [AR]
Shields, William, d. 30 Mar. 1931, age: 74, h/o Jane, [AR]
Shields, William, d. 4 Feb. 1956, s/o William and Jane, [AR]
Smith, Edwin E. G, d. 20 Feb. 1871, age: 9Yrs 6Mths, [AR]
Smith, Thomasina Marie, d. 10 Apr. 1922, Skerries Co. Dublin, d/o Thomas, [AR]
Tattan, Joseph, d. 22 Nov. 1946, age: 37yr, Father of Mary Philomena, [AR]
Tattan, Mary Philomena, d. 14 Mar. 1944, age: 13 Mths, d/o Joseph, [AR]
Tattan, Mary, d. 7 Apr. 1939, age: 55yr, w/o Peter Jasper, [AR]
Tattan, Peter Jasper, b. Midleton, Co. Cork, d. 27 Jun. 1929, age: 59yr, Father of Joseph and William Christopher, [AR]
Tattan, Peter, d. 9 Jan. 1991, age: 74yr, s/o Peter Jasper and Mary, [AR]
Tattan, William Christopher, d. 17 Feb. 1934, age: 15yr, s/o Peter Jasper and Mary, [AR]
Thornton, Gerard, d. 25 Jun. 1973, age: 62, s/o Margaret and John, Balcunnin, [AR]
Thornton, John, d. 3 Jan. 1942, age: 80, h/o Margaret, Balcunnin, [AR]
Thornton, Margaret, d. 24 Sep. 1960, age: 74, w/o John, Balcunnin, [AR]
Thornton, Michael, d. 11 Sep. 1926, age: 18, s/o Margaret and John, Balcunnin, [AR]
Thornton, Pierce, d. 5 Jan. 1994, age: 76, s/o Margaret and John, Balcunnin, [AR]
Thornton, Sean, d. 28 Aug. 1942, age: 32, s/o Margaret and John, Balcunnin, [AR]
Tyndall, Catherine, d. 6 Feb. 1945, age: 63yr, d/o Thomas and Madge, [AR]
Tyndall, Felix, d. Aug. 1942, Lost at sea, age: 55yr, s/o Thomas and Madge, [AR]
Tyndall, Madge, d. 6 Nov. 1917, age: 71yr, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Tyndall, Thomas, d. 19 Apr. 1918, age: 75yr, h/o Madge, [AR]
Tyndall, Thomas, d. 20 Jul. 1942, Died in Liverpool .England, age: 66yr, s/o Thomas and Madge, [AR]
Walsh, Annie, d. 5 Sep. 1988, w/o Edward, [AR]
Walsh, Edward, d. 31 Jan. 1972, h/o Annie, [AR]

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