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Kilteevogue Cemetery
Glenfin, County Donegal, Ireland

This tranquil burial ground, is situated on the banks of the River Finn, and it dates back to 1709. It has had periods of controversy, down through the years, concerning the topic of both protestant and catholic burials in the same cemetery. Today it still remains a beautiful and very well maintained resting place for any in the area who wish to be buried here.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 29, 2008. Total records = 48.

Contributor's Index:

Bonar, Catherine, no dates, sec 04, [JK]
Breslin, Francis, d. 17 Jan 1992, sec 2D, [JK]
Breslin, Margaret (Harron), no dates, w/o Francis, sec 2D, [JK]
Browne, Biidgid, d. 31 May 1957 Letterhillive, age: 77yr, mother, w/o James, sec 1B, [JK]
Browne, Charlie, d. 10 Jun 1909, age: 1 yr, brother, sec 1B, [JK]
Browne, James, d. 12 Mar 1956 Letterhillive, age: 100yr, father, sec 1B, [JK]
Browne, James, d. 4 Jan 1995 Letterhillive, age: 84yr, brother, b/o James, sec 1B, [JK]
Browne, Maggie, d. 6 Feb 1945 Letterhillive, age: 42yr, sister, s/o James, sec 1B, [JK]
Doherty, Mary, no dates, w/o Peter, sec 05, [JK]
Doherty, Peter, no dates, sec 06, [JK]
Gallagher, Grace, no dates, sec 2C, [JK]
Harron, Anne, d. 29 Dec 2000, d/o Patrick, [JK]
Harron, Bridget, d. 1978 Garvan, Cloghan, d/o Patrick, sec 2D, [JK]
Harron, Catherine, d. 15 May 1920, age: 18yr, d/o Parrick, Garvan/Cloghan, sec 2D, [JK]
Harron, Ellen (Doherty), b. 1872, d. 3 Aug 1963 Garvan, Cloghan, w/o Patrick, sec 2D, [JK]
Harron, John, d. 1921, age: 6yr, s/o Patrick, Garvan/Cloghan, sec 2D, [JK]
Harron, Joseph Anthony, no dates, age: infant, s/o Patrick, Garvan/Cloghan, sec 2D, [JK]
Harron, Patrick, b. 1863, d. 13 Feb 1923, h/o Ellen, sec 2D, [JK]
Harron, Peter, d. 29 Dec 1995 Garvan, Cloghan, s/o Patrick, sec 2D, [JK]
Herron, Charles, d. 19 Jan 1984, age: 65yr, sec 06, [JK]
Herron, Donel, d. 8 Jul 1983, age: 63yr, sec 06, [JK]
Houston, John, d. 23 Jul 1991, sec 2B, [JK]
Houston, Mary, d. 22 Sep 1991, w/o John, sec 2B, [JK]
McDevitt, John, d. 29 Apr 1991 Classsacsig, age: 62yr, sec 1B, [JK]
McGinty, Bridget, d. 1 Feb 1980 Ballybee, w/o Peter, w/o Peter, sec 2C, [JK]
McGinty, Grace, d. 26 Jun 1999, w/o Patrick, sec 2B, [JK]
McGinty, Grace, no dates, w/o Patrick, sec 2C, [JK]
McGinty, Margaret Bridget, no dates, baby dauter/ Patrick, sec 2B, [JK]
McGinty, Mary, no dates, w/o Peter, sec 2C, [JK]
McGinty, Patrick, d. 26 Jun 1983, sec 2B, [JK]
McGinty, Patrick, no dates, sec 2C, [JK]
McGinty, Peter, no dates, b/o James, sec 2C, [JK]
McGinty, Peter, no dates, Ballybee, sec 2C, [JK]
McGinty, William, no dates, sec 2C, [JK]
McGlynn, Margaret, d. 8 May 1991 Abbat, Clohan, sec 1B, [JK]
McGlynn, Margaret, no dates, Aabay, Cloghan, sec 2C, [JK]
McLaughlin, Francis, d. 20 Mar 1992, sec 05, [JK]
McLaughlin, Margaret, d. 14 Apr 1986, w/o Francis, sec 05, [JK]
McMenamin, Agnes, d. 10 May 1992 Corraine, age: 69yr, sec 1B, [JK]
McNamee, Edward, d. 27 Feb 1969, age: 80yr, sec 05, [JK]
McNamee, John, d. 30 Jun 2002, sec 2C, [JK]
McNamee, Margaret, d. 10 Mar 1923, age: 39yr, sec 05, [JK]
McNamee, Owen, d. 12 Oct 1987 Ardlaghan Cloghan, age: 61yr, sec 07, [JK]
McNamee, Patrick, d. 19 Feb 1986, age: 68yr, sec 05, [JK]
O'Donnell, Patrick, d. no dates, sec 07, [JK]
Quinn, Peter, d. 3 May 1989 Boltifree, 65yr, sec 04, [JK]
Sharpe, James, d. no dates, Callavie, sec 1B, [JK]
Sharpe, Jean, d. no dates, Callavie, age: 36yr, w/o James, sec 1B, [JK]
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