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Finner Graveyard
Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland

Contributed by Lindel [lbuckle@ihug.co.nz]. Total records = 589. Visit her County Donegal website for more research information.

The following inscriptions from the Finner Graveyard is the result of a project undertaken by members of the Transition Year at Bundoran V.E.C. under the direction of Mr Joseph Fitzgerald and Mrs Jacqueline O'Reilly-Dillon. To find a specific surname, please use your browsers 'find' option.

Section 1

In loving memory of our parent Rose Dowdican, died 11th August 1934; their children Roger died aged 3 years, Rose died aged 8 years; their daughter Elizabeth Dowdican died 5th March 1995; also Daniel Dowdican died 20th June 1965; Margaret Dowdican, died 14th Oct. 1967; Mary Ann Dowdican died 4th April 1970; Susan wife of Daniel died 31st May 1982.

In loving memory of Rose Gorman who died 17th January, 1897, aged 58 years; Charles Gorman who died 29th June 1980 aged 73; John Francis Gorman who died 25th November 1908 aged 3 months; Hugh Gorman who died 13th June 1909 aged 27; Mary Ellen German who died 12th March 1941 aged 58 years.

Erected in memory of Anne Gorman who departed this life September 17th 1803, aged 30 years; also her son Thomas Gorman who departed October 24th 1801 aged 6 years; also the body of James Gorman who departed this life November the 5th, 1825, aged 76 years.

Here lyeth the body of Owen Granaghan who departed this life in 1786 aged 54 years; also the body of his wife Honour Gallagher who departed this life December 24th, 1787, aged 59 years.

Here lyeth the body of Philip McLone; also ye body of James McLone who dyed August the 28th 1771, aged 25 years.

Jospeh Roohan Sminver, died 6th February 1980 aged 76 years; also his parents Thomas and Anne; his wife Kate, died 22nd Feb. 1991 aged 75 years.

Bridget Doherty who died on 7th October 1933 and her husband John Doherty who died on 21st April 1936; their son James Doherty who died on 29th April 1953 aged 44 years R.I.P. Erected by her husband and family..

In memory of Francis Moohan who died on 3rd November 1937; also his wife Catherine who died on 17th January 1951 and her son Thomas who died 15th Sept. 1949; and her daughter Josephine who died on 27th August 1988. R.I.P.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of James O'Reilly R.D.P.S.I., Bundoran, died 6th August 1943; also his children Tony, Michael and Eileen; his wife Patricia who died 26th August 1965. R.I.P. Erected by his loving wife Patricia.

In loving memory of James Doherty, Golf View, Bundoran, died 28th March, 1947; his wife Annie Doherty, died 10th Sept. 1942; their daughter-in-law Kathleen J. Doherty died 3rd January 1958; their grandchild Aileen who died 3rd May 1962; their son James Joseph, Shell House, Bundoran, died 22nd Dec. 1968 R.I.P.

Pray for the soul of Walter Wilson who died 10th April 19? R.I.P.

Erected by Michael Kavanagh in memory of his sister Jane Kavanagh who departed this life 6th April 1891; Also his sister Ann Kavanagh who departed this life on 12th October 1917 aged 72 years; and the above Michael Kavanagh who departed this life 26th November, 1926, aged 82 yrs.

Here lies the precious dust of dear good Annie Carson, died July 20th, 1874.

Pray for the souls of Michael Melanophy; his wife Agnes and daughter Philomena; their son died in Blacklion 16th March, 1995. R.I.P.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Francis Aloysius Meehan who died on 16th July 1950, aged 48 yrs; also his wife Catherine who died 25th January 1952, aged 51 years. R.I.P.

In loving memory of James K. Doherty who died in Germany, Dec. 5th, 1989; also Maeve A. O'Doherty Stuhlmann who died in Grenada W.I., Jan. 11th, 1990; also her husband Richard who died 30th July 1994. 1928 -1994 R.I.P.

In loving memory of Bridget Agnes Gilvary, died 30-5-1969 R.I.P.

In loving memory of Patrick Granaghan who died 27th March 1952; his wife Matilda who died on 14th of March 1979. Erected by her loving son Joseph.

960642 Private B. Notley, Pioneer Corps, 7th August 1940 aged 19. Qui Bono?

In loving memory of Patrick Cleary who died February 2nd 1919, aged 73; also Catherine Cleary, who died 24th May, 1932; also Anne Cleary who died 18th Jan. 1899 and Elizabeth Cleary, 28th Jan. 1938.

Philip McDermott died 12th July, 1928, aged 65 years; his wife Mary, died 24th May 1961 aged 101 years, and their son Philip Joseph McDermott, died 30th November 1967.

Patrick Langan, Bunduff Bridge, died 9th April 1958; his wife Bridget, died 7 July 1942, aged 71; their son Patrick died 1928, aged 16 years.

In memory of Bernard McColgan died 7th July 1886 aged 87; Teresa Agnes McColgan (nee O'Neill) died 23rd Jan. 1854; Mary McColgan (nee Cuningham), 17th March 1899; John Ward, died Feb. 1893.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on James McCormack died 10th April, 1936, aged 42 years. Erected by his loving wife Margaret.

James Cassidy, Ardfarna, died 23rd January 1917; also his wife Sarah died 26th June 1942. Erected by Mrs. Frank McMorrow N.Y.

Helena Cahill died 19th March, 1931.

Michael Travers, Bundoran, who died 30th July, 1959, aged 80; son William, died 13th April 1924, aged 7; also his wife Delia Stevenson Travers, died 17th Feb. 1966, aged 82 years; son Stephen died 22nd March 1969, aged 62.

Elizabeth Travers, died 7th May, 1984. Fondly remembered by Belshie and Mabel.

Daniel Mulhern, died 11th Jan., 1930; baby Mary; his wife Mary, died 6th Aug. 1954; their daughter Margaret, died 8th Jan. 1970; their sons, Daniel Joseph, died 9th June, 1971; Patrick, died 27th Jan. 1974; their daughters, Kate Mulhern, died 16th Dec. 1978; Bernadette Gallagher, died 3rd Nov. 1990; grandparents, Hugh Travers, died 9th Dec. 1908; his wife Mary, died 24 Nov. 1918; Michael Travers, died 25 May, 1923; Margaret Travers, died 4th Jan. 1924; grandsons, Edward Gerald, died 7 Dec. 1980; Daniel Joseph, died 26 Sept. 1995.

Anne Cassidy and her husband Michael Cassidy and son John Cassidy died 28th Jan. 1933. Erected by their son John, Bundrowes.

In loving memory Owen Munday, Ballyshannon, who died 18th March, 1905, aged 74; brother, Patrick Munday, 8 Aug. 1900, aged 74; Terence Munday, died 22 Dec. 1952; his wife Alice, died 18 May, 1941; their granchildren Isabell, died 18 May 1983; Terence Munday, died 24 December 1980.

Here lyeth the body of Gilbt Munday who departed this life 1795 aged 78 years; also his wife Nappy Gil who dep. this life June 1779 aged 44 yrs; also Gilbt. Munday jnr, who dep. this life on 4th March 1787, age 26.

John James Cassidy, 22 Mar. 1966.

James Feely, Wardhouse, Tullaghan, Co. Leitrim, who died 17 June 1981; Mary Feely, who died 24 Feb. 1992.

Mary Finley McShea, Boyney, died 20 April 1950; her sons Terence died 20 Dec. 1967; John died 19 Jan. 1972; Patrick died 31st Dec. 1976; Mary McShea died 17 Sept. 1986.

Patrick Lynch, Doobally, Tullaghan, Co. Leitrim, died 15 June 1993, aged 78; also his parents Laurence died 22nd May, 1945; Margaret Anne died 28 Oct. 1950.

Owen Doherty, Magheracar, who died 16th February 1901, aged 64 years; his daughter Ellen died 22nd March 1898, aged 24 yrs; also Bella died 17th Oct., 1909, aged 24 yrs.

Erected by James O'Carroll in memory of Patrick O'Carroll who died 5 Oct. 1892 and his mother Mary O'Carroll, who died 26th Sept. 1895.

Roger Brennan , died 3rd January, 1923; his son William J. Brennan, died 12th December 1927; his wife Ellen Brennan, died 15th February 1939; their sons, Patrick, died 18th February, 1971; Michael died 2 August 1975; their daughters, Mary E., died 22nd July 1953; Anne, died 30th August, 1975. Erected by Mary E. Brennan.

Section 2

Bernard Gallagher, Finner, died 22nd December, 1943; his wife Catherine, died 23rd February 1945; their son, Packie, died 25th April, 1973.

Willie Daly, Magheracar, 1st May, 1987, aged 82 years; his father William, died 23rd March, 1945, aged 73; his mother, Ellen, died 15th March, 1910, aged 29 years; his sister Ellen, died 26th March, 1929.

Patrick Melly, died February 27th, 1854, 65 years; James Melly, died February 27th, 1846, age 31 years; Mary Melly, died Nov. 1, 1850, aged 33 years. This tablet was brought from Boston, Massachusetts by an affectionate son and brother Teddy Melly. The relics of departed worth, lie shrouded here in gloom, And here with aching heart I mark, My own dear parents' tomb. Farewell to you all for a while.

Andrew Early, died 28 July 1939 aged 74 years; his wife Alice, died 21st September 1941, aged 84; also James, Bridget, Edward, Alice, Andrew and John Early, R.I.P.

William Cleary, died 1897, aged 82; also his wife Mary died 1894 aged 70 years; John Cleary, died 17th August, 1933.

John Cleary and son, James, William and John; wife Bridget Patrick, died 9th May, 1987.

Walker Brown, who died 13th April 1894.

Patrick Daly who died 14th March, 1895 aged 62; and his sister Catherine Daly, who died 1st Sept. 1905, aged 81 years.

John McNulty, who died on 10th March, 1939 aged 18 years.

Erected in memory of Jane Quinn, who died 1st Sept. 1899; her husband Patrick Quinn, died 6th May, 1900; and her son Michael, who died 27th May 1931; also her daughter Kathleen Bowe, died 21st April, 1945, aged 22 years; his son Patrick J. Quinn, died 25th March, 1951; and his wife Catherine Quinn, died 11th March, 1953. R.I.P. Erected by loving family.

Daniel Daly, Bundoran, who died 8th Sept. 1931; his wife Bridget who died 14th April 1949; their sons Peter, died 12th March, 1936; James, 18th June, 1940; Terence, 22nd March, 1964; John, 8th July, 1969; Daniel, 30th December, 1971; Owen, 7th October, 1938.

Willie Daly, Magheracar, died 1st May, 1987, aged 82 yrs.

Barbara Feely, died 20th Dec. 1987.

Michael Farmer, died 2nd September 1960; also his wife Mary, who died 9th April, 1970.

Patrick Murtagh, who died 8th August, 1981; and his sister, Minnie, who died 7th July, 1983.

Terence Quinn who died 9th June aged 87; and his wife Eta (nee Harren), Bundoran, who died 6th Dec. 1989, aged 73.

In loving memory of Patrick Daly, Bundoran, who died on 29th July, 1965; his wife Bridgit, who died 31st Nov. 1970; also their daughter Sarah, died April 1926; their son Patrick, died 10th Nov., 1945; his wife Jenny, who died 18th Dec., 1948; Bertie Daly, died 8th March.

Terence McShea, who died on 6th Nov. 1791.

John Browne, who died Feb. 4th, 1864, aged 73; also Catherine, his wife, who died Jan. 16th, 1864, aged 69.

(?) McShea, who died 13th July, 1976, aged 76.

John McNulty, died 24th March, 1930; his wife Margaret, who died 29th October, 1958; their sons Danny, died 2nd July, 1957; and Jim who died 4th April 1992.

Patrick Kerrigan, Boyney, who died 27th Jan. 1951; his wife Kate, who died 26th Nov. 1964; his brother, John who died 19th March, 1951.

Francis Kerrigan, died Jan. 1902; his wife Mary, died 21st Dec. 1898.

Patrick Kerrigan, Tullaghan, died 23rd March, 1984, aged 67 years.

Andy Kerrigan, Boyney, who died December 1918 and his wife Kate who died Sept. 1971?

James McNulty, Derryherk, who died 21st August, 1950; also his wife Mary, who died 18th August 1969; their son Dannie who died 24th Dec. 1982.

Cissie McNulty, who died 27th Feb. 1994.

Edward Kerrigan, Boyney, who died 7th October, 1950, aged 90 yrs; daughter in law Teresa Kerrigan, Kilieen, who died 22nd April 1986, aged 57 yrs.

Peter Kerrigan, of New York, died 21st Jan. 1976.

Hugh Kelly, Tawley, Co. Leitrim, who died March, 1881, aged 70 years and the souls of his parents and relatives who lay beneath, erected by Charles Kelly.

Erected in memory of Michael Melly, died 1826, aged 34.

This stone erected by Peter Melly in memory of his daughter, Brigid Melly, who departed this life the 7th April, 1822, aged 13 years.

McGonigle, John. 10 April, 1950.

Flynn, Patrick. Died 12th January 1958; his wife Mary Ann, died 6th June, 1929.

Section 3

In loving memory of Vincent McNulty, died 14th June, 1939; his sister Helen, died 21st Feb. 1972; brother Michael, died 6th June 1990.

Pray for Mary Anne Magill, died 2nd May, 1931, age 70; husband John Magill, died 31st Dec. 1932 aged 78; son Thomas Patrick Magill, 9th July, 1955, aged 66 yrs; William John McGill, died 28th Feb. 1959, aged 73; and their daughter Mary Alice Magill, died 1st April 1980, aged 98 years.

In loving memory of Mary Brennan, Bundoran, died 13th November, 1962; husband James, died 14th Dec. 1981; their grandchild Baby Nicholson.

In loving memory of Patrick O'Callaghan, died 14 Jan., 1894, age 78; also his wife Ellen, died 5th April, 1899, age 78; daughter Marianne Cusack, died 30th Aug., 1939, age 79; husband, Joseph Cusack, 3rd July, 1936, age 85; nephew Joseph Cusack, died Oct. 17th, 1946.

Keenaghan: In loving memory of John Keenaghan, 74 years; M. Keenaghan; J. & J. Keenaghan; J.Keenaghan.

Of your charity pray for the soul of Mary Meehan who died, July 28th, 1897, aged 26; Martha O'Reilly, Danville, Bundoran, died 19th August, 1953; her daughter Martha, died 14th February,1993.

In the most holy name of Jesus pray for the repose of the soul of Andrew Kenigan, who died at Ardfarna, Ascension Thursday, 1897, aged 60 years, R.I.P.; Peter O'Reilly, Danveille, Bundoran, died 14th December, 1952; Peter Joseph O'Reilly, died 20th December, 1995.

Michael Dolan, 17th March, 1908, aged 74; also his wife Bridget, died 13th March, 1929, aged 75.

Erected in memory of John Mooney, in memory of his mother, Rosana Mooney; allias Mulhern, 21 day of July, 1792, aged 74.

George Mooney, 14th January 1801, aged 21.

Hubert Mclntyre, died 25th March, 1956

John Sheerin, Tawley, died 20th Aug. 1972, aged 72; his wife Bridget K, died 5th Nov. 1952, aged 47; brother James, died 29th May, 1960, aged 57.

Daniel Dickson and Mary Dickson, his wife of Tawley, their children, John, James, Daniel, Thomas, Brigid, Catherine and Terence. Erected 1st Oct. 1913 by direction of Daniel Dickson.

Mary Clancy, 1792, 24 years; Nelly 10? years.

Pat Gallagher, Ardfarna, died 8 Sept. 1940; his wife Annie, died 10th June, 1940; daughter in law Margret, died 1 May, 1988; husband John Francis, died 30 June 1991.

McGowan, Edward, 13th December, 1984; wife Elizabeth, died 21st March, 1942; sons James and Patrick died in infancy.

Erected by James Gilfether, of Boston, U.S.A. in affectionate remembrance of his father Felix Gilfether, of Lahill who died Septemeber 1843, aged 52 years; and of his brother John who died March 1842, aged 18 years; also of his sister Hannah, who died March 1842, aged 16 years. In your charity pray for their souls.

Edward O'Loughlin, Magheracar, died 14th Feb. 1944; his wife Anne, died 3rd Aug. 1974; and their son Jack, died 18th Sep. 1974.

Teg Gilfeadher, 1754, aged 42 years.

John Dunleavy, Cardiver, died the 5th of August, 1888 aged 48 years; also Owen McCrory, Bundoran, died 30th April 1954; his wife Anne, died 5th April, 1944; their daughters Margaret, died 11th July, 1972; Anne died 24th Jan. 1944; also McGowan family.

Denis McIntyre, 9th Nov. 1793, 8 years; Anthony Mclntyre, 1795, aged 4 years.

Rosaleen McIntyre, died 17th Dec., 1989.

Hugh McIntire, Bunduff, died 20th Nov.1847.

Wife Bridget died 17th July, 1963. Nancy Higgins, died 14th Nov. 1974. Charles McIntyre, died 25th Feb., 1979.

Hugh McIntire, 15 day of Nov. 1799.

Erected by Margaret McGinnity, her husband James McGinnity, died May 12th, 1910, aged 73; her aunt Bridget Bannigan, died Dec. 1897, age 82.

John Cleary, died 15th September 1923; his wife Catherine, died 22nd Aug. 1925; and their daughter Mary Jane, died 23rd May, 1906; their son Jack Cleary, died 22nd July 1952; and his wife Katie, died 11th June, 1954.

James Kearns, who died at Bundoran, Nov. 9th, 1910, aged 70 years. Also his wife Annie Kearns, who died April 27th, 1919, aged 68 years; and their son Michael Joseph Kearns, who died Aug. 9th, 1916 aged 22 years; Mary Ann Kearns, who died 17th June 1941.

Jim Gallagher, Boyne, died 30th Jan. 1993 aged 75; his parents, John, died 30th Jan. 1939; Kate, died 27th Aug. 1952

Danny Mulhern, Star of the Sea, Bundoran, died 30th September, 1966; parents, Michael died 25th Aug. 1950; Brigid died 15th September 1945.

Daniel Gilfeader, died November 1832 aged 83; wife Anne, 1917, aged 65 on Nov. 12th.

Peter Walsh, who departed this life in 1788 aged 57?; Margaret Gilfether.

Tedy Gilfether? who died 1771?, Feb. aged 48 years.

Walter O'Dickson, Stone Park, Tawley, 26th March, 1915, 74 yrs.; daughters, Susan, 31st Oct. 1888, 14 yrs; Fanny, died 2nd Aug. 1900, 23 yrs; wife Catherine, died 28th March, 1927, 77 yrs; Christopher Dickson, died 4-11 1959, age 85; Frederick W. Dickson, died 10-3-1982, aged 61.

Erected by William O'Kane, in memory of his two children (died in infancy) and Elizabeth Kennedy, 24th January, 1956.

Philip Mulcahy, died 19th September 1913, at 73 years.

The Flanagan Family.

Here lies the body of James J. Higgins, Drumshanbo, who died on 4th September 1939; also John Gilbride, who died on (?); Mary K. Kennedy, who died on 28th July, 1972, and Danny McNamara, who died on 15th Sept. 1971.

Pray for the Loughlin Family, Rathmore.

Frank O'Reilly, Drumacrin, who died on 18th Sept. 1986, aged 55 yrs.

In memory of Kathleen O'Reilly, Rathmore, 13th Feb. 1969, aged 69; Our dear father, Joe O'Reilly, who died on 26th Nov. 1976, aged 75 yrs.

The Melly family, Drumacrin; John Comeran, Bundoran, who died on 20th September 1963, and his wife Margaret, who died on 15th August, 1986.

James O'Reilly, Drumacrin, who died on 27th May, 1982, aged 84 yrs; Also his wife Ellen, who died on 5th July, 1984, aged 76 yrs.

Our dear mother Mary Maguire, Bundrowes, Tullaghan, who died on 7th November, 1974, aged 76 yrs; and her husband Hugh, who died on 7th October 1981, aged 86.

Hugh Corr, Rathmore, who died on 29th December 1916(?) aged 86.

In loving memory of Ernest McNulty, who died on 5th July, 1966.

Michael Kennedy, Ardfarna, who died on 4th May, 1939; and his wife Mary, who died on 1st February, 1956; Dennis Kennedy, Thomas Kennedy.

Terence McShea of Rathmore, who died in March 1912 and his wife who died in April 1912.

Here lies the body of Henny Kerrigan, who died 18th Feb. 1881, aged 79; also his wife Rose, who died on 16th June, 1863, aged 43; and their son John who died in 1868, aged 58.

Bridget Melly, who died on 6th Feb. 1992; and Michael Melly, who died 25th March, 1958; and Kathleen Melly, who died on 3rd July, 1931.

Margaret Mullen, St. Bridget's Tee., Bundoran, who died on 8th December, 1979, aged 77 and her husband, Peter, who died on 26th March, 1983, aged 82.

Mary Campbell, died 5th Sept., 1934, and her husband John, who died on 14th of Feb. 1945; also their daughter-in-law Anne who died on 25th September 1965; and her husband Joe, who died on 23rd of May, 1992 and their daughter, Marge Devanney, who died on 14th April, 1979.

Owen Melly, who died on 11th November, 1912, aged 73 and his infant daughter.

In memory of Francis Daly, Drumacrin, who died on 12th of Sept. 1948; his wife Mary and their son Jim, who died 21st Feb. 1994.

In ever loving memory of William McVitty, died 27th May, 1920, aged 82; Elizabeth J. McVitty, died 13th January, 1908, aged 60; Margaret McVitty, died 14th Sept. 1893, aged 14 years; Alexander McVitty, 19th Sept., 1883 aged 7; Elizabeth McVitty, died 5th Sept., 1880, aged 90 yrs.; Mary McVitty, died 10th April, 1869, aged 20; Margaret who died in infancy; Ann J. McVitty, died 19th June, 1924, aged 5 months; Liana FG. Blair, died 19th July, 1903, aged 5 months; Mary Kavanagh, died 8th April, 1906, aged 66 years.

Felix Campbell, Drumacrin, who died on 26th Sept. 1926; his wife Ellen who died 19th April, 1940; their son Patrick who died 1st May 1942; also Felix J. Campbell, who died 31st Jan. 1989, and Bridgit M. Campbell, 12/11/1989.

Erected by Owen Melly, in memory of his son William Melly, who died on 12th Aug. 1809, aged 13 yrs; Dan Melly, who died on 12th August, 1802, aged 25.

Dolly Rush, 1924-1941.

Thomas R. Rodgers, who died on 24th August, 1972; his wife Ethel (nee Sharp) who died on 11th Feb. aged 88, and Gerald (Orr) Rodgers who died on 28th February, 1988, aged 67 yrs.

James Ward, who died on 13th March, 1878, aged 63.

Jim Melly, Finner, who died on 20th Nov. 1962, aged 46, and his son Gerald, who died on 28th April, 1982, aged 23 yrs. Also his son Dennis, who died 24th Sept. 1975, and Thomas who died 25th Sept. 1978. Erected by their family.

Edward Gallagher, Finner, died 12th Aug. 1940; wife Bridget, died 10 June 1943; son Hugh, died 25th April, 1964; daughter Lena, died 7th April 1973.

Robert Pye, Red Brae, 4th Dec. 1940, 68 yrs; Mary Kate, died 21st July, 1959; son Patrick Gerard, died 5th April 1978, age 59 yrs.

In memory of Arthur Keen, who died 22nd April, 1882; and daughter in law Catherine, who died 23rd Oct. 1892; also his wife Ellen Keen, 11/Apr. 1894, aged 65; and his son John Keen, who died 18 May, 1933; Francis Keen, 22nd Nov. 1949; Arthur Keen, 2nd July, 1971.

Section 4

Mary Josephine McBride, died 13th March, 1962; Sydney McBride, died 10th March, 1969.

Erected by his work mates in memory of Patrick He(p)er, died January 17th, 1910, age not known.

48257 worker - S. Dunne, Q.M. Army Corps, 10th November 1918.

In memory of Private Patrick McLaughlin, F. Coy 31 A & S Highlanders, who died at Finner Camp, 28th June, 1900. Erected by the officers NCO and men of his company.

In loving memory of Mary Finley, Derry Herk, died 23rd April, 1931; her husband Edward, died 20th October, 1939; Margaret Ann Finley, Ardfarna, died 19th May, 1963; Bridget Finley, Derryherk, died 5th November, 1965; Tommy Finley, Ardfarna, died 2nd November 1986; Ellen Horgan, died 25th February, 1988.

Sacred to the memory of John Connaughton, late D.I.R.I.C. who died at Bundoran 9th January 1918 aged 79 years; also his wife Hannagh, who died at Bundoran 26th March, 1920 aged 74 years. Erected by their sons Hugh, John and Edward.

In loving memory of Mary McGloin, Wardhouse, who departed this life 8th December 1908 aged 72 years; also James and Winifred Gallagher and family and Hughie Doherty. Erected by husband and family.

In loving memory of Daniel McCrossan, accidentally killed 19th August 1940 aged 38 years, and his baby daughter Kathleen who died 18th May, 1934; also his wife Mary Margaret, died 13th April, 1959.

In loving memory of John Feely, Wardhouse, Tullaghan, his wife Mary, their son Patrick, daughter Bridget and Margaret Feely; Mary Mulreany; Ellen Mulreany; Kate Feely; Annie Stacy.

Mamie Dowdican, Gubacreeny, Kinlough, died 10th January, 1996.

In Loving Memory of Joseph Trainer; wife Mary Anne; sons Jim and Joe; daughters Kathleen Mahon; Mary Mooney; grandaughter Rita Trainer; also James and Catherine Heenan.

Pray for Michael Mulhern, Ardfarna, died 1st May 1923 aged 83 years; wife Catherine Mulhern, died 4th November 1916 aged 85 years. R.I.P.

Pray for the Murray family, Drumacrin; grandson Craig Peter Moone, died 22nd October 1979 aged 33 years.

Pray for Bernard J. Harte, Drumacrin, 31st October 1977.

Edward Carty, East End, Bundoran, died 15 Dec. 1946, aged 69 yrs; his wife Mary, died 13th Aug. 1986, aged 95 yrs; their son Hugh, died 17th Dec. 1983 aged 65 yrs; their daughter Annie died 7th Sept. 1995, aged 79 yrs.

John and Brigid Murphy, Bundorn; their sons Joseph, Hugh, Sean, James.

Pray for the repose of the soul of James Campbell, who died St. Patrick's Day, 1957; his wife Mary Ann, died 21st Feb. 1972; daughter Christina died 17th Sept., 1982.

Charles Gallagher, Bundoran, 22nd July, 1969, aged 33.

P.J. Gallagher, East End, Bundoran and Finner, died 11th Feb. 1956; Mary Gallagher, 3rd March, 1974.

Names Boyle, Ardfarna, Bundoran, died 19th August, 1966; wife Mary Anne, died 7th Oct. 1914.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on Rose Harte, Bundoran House No. 2, died 3rd Feb. 1946; husband Bernard Joseph Harte, died 26th Sept. 1912; Mary Agnes Harte, died 1st Jan. 1940; husband James Harte, 13th Oct. 1956.

Agnes Connolly, Drumacrin, Bundoran, 13th Sept. 1946, aged 34; Joseph Connolly, 15th March 1980, age 95.

In loving memory of Margaret Ferguson, died 25th Jan. 1945.

The McHugh Family, Bundoran.

James Teyhan, 1 Colm Terrace, died 18th Nov. 1984.

Bridget Wilson, Laureen, 26th Sept. 1953; husband John died 7th March, 1966.

John McGloin, Derrydruff, 16th Feb. 1928; wife Bridget, 16 July, 1945; daughter Bee, 9th April, 1970; son James, 18th Nov., 1978.

Terry Rodgers, Duncarberry, 1st Dec. 1959, aged 77 years; wife Mary Ellen, 9th July, 1967, aged 80; son Michael 25th April, 1944, aged 27.

In loving memory, my father, John Rodgers, 27th Dec. 1903; my mother, Bridget Rodgers, 20th Jan. 1917; my sister Mary Rodgers, 11th Oct. 1907; Bridget Mary Rodgers, 2nd Aug. 1926; my uncle and aunt, Patrick Rodgers, 11th Oct. 1911; wife Catherine Rogers, 11th Nov. 1922. R.I.P. Erected by Mrs. Margaret Morris.

Bridget Martin, Rock, Bundoran, died 12th Nov. 1976; her husband Patrick Joseph, died 5th June 1989.

James Doherty, died at Bundoran, April 2nd, 1888 age 17. His father Bryan Doherty, died July 31st, 1897, age 90; her sister Kate, died August 18th, 1897, age 24.

Maria Connolly, Drumacrin, died 6 Dec. 1967, age 87.

Ellen Spratt, died 12th Feb. 1955; husband Thomas Spratt, died 20th Jan. 1962.

Joe Eames, died 11th Nov. 1911, age 31; wife Rose, died 11th Dec. 1933, aged 55.

Mary Barry, died 9th April, aged 24; also James A. Norton, died 4th April, 1953. Erected by John A. Barry.

Owen Feely, died 1st March, 1947; wife Kate, died 27th Sept. 1976.

Michael Carroll, died 31st July, 1925, agd 64; daughter Eileen, died 29th April, 1935, aged 27; son Robert, died 3rd Feb. 1949, age 43; Also died May 26th, aged 69; wife Mary, died Jan. 6th, aged 81; Lilly, wife of Also, died July 3rd, 1992, age 88.

Margaret McCoy, died 10th Jan. age 6 months; Betty McCoy, died 22nd April, 1940. Erected by their mother Margaret McCoy, Bundoran.

Marie Mulhern, died 20th Jan. 1947; Michael Mulhern, died 29th Feb. 1952; also their infant children; also their niece, Annie McElroy, died 20th May 1939; Robbie Mulhern, died 26th March, 1975; Kathleen Mulhern, died 3rd August, 1977.

Edward Quinn, Main St., Bundoran, died 21st December, 1981.

Margaret Doherty, died 17 Aug. 1949; Edward Doherty, died 4th Aug. 1965; also his wife Mary, died 26th Aug. 1974.

Michael McHugh, White House, Bundoran and wife Ann.

John Mullan, died 1st May, 1957, age 78.

McDonnell family, Bundoran.

Anne McShany, 9th Oct. 1974, age 80; Also John and Charles German.

Theresa O'Gorman, died 1918; husband Charles, died 14th May, 1949; daughter Theresa, died 2nd May, 1972; grandson Hugh, died 23rd July, 1970; son Hugh, died 9th April, 1949; wife Mary, died 20th Dec. 1990.

No. 2818. Private Thomas McAtamney, who accidentally drowned at Bundoran, 10th June, 1910. Erected by the officers, N.C.O.s and men of the 3rd Tyrone Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

In Loving Memory of Agnes O'Gorman, dearly beloved wife; James O'Gorman, died 30th April 1915, age 28. The above James O' German died 22nd Dec. 1947 aged 79.

Queenie O'Doherty, beloved wife of Hugh O'Doherty, Kinlough, who died on 23rd Jan. 1935, age 34 and her father Thody Connolly, died 14th Jan. 1941, aged 81.

Mary McBride, died 22nd Oct. 1918, aged 50.

Section 5.

Pray for Patrick McCaffrey, Bundoran, died 16th Feb. 1913; wife Mary, died 26th June, 1895, age 47 yrs; daughter Mary Margaret, died 21st May, 1895, aged 19 yrs; Theresa died 7th Nov. 1895, aged 16 yrs.

01907 Private W. H. Pearse, Duke of Cornwall S.L.I. 12th Feb. 1920, age 19.

41 C Sergt. Major W. Mitchel, Army Gymnastic Staff, 13th April, 1917.

In memory of Private W. Prickett, drowned in River Erne when on Bathing Parade, 11th July, 1907. Erected by the Company the Signallers, 4th Battallion Royal Fusiliers.

16866 Private T. Clarke, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 13th Jan. 1815.

In memory of Corporal Parfett, 1st The Connaught Rangers, died Finner Camp 4th July, 1903, born Cashan, Aug. 8th, 1864. Age 36 years. Erected by his comrades.

75521 Private T. Earnshaw, West Yorkshire Regiment, 15th Aug. 1918.

0865 Private G.F. Roberts, 12th Feb. 1920,aged 18.

0997 Private J. Laverty, Royal Inniskilling Fusilier, 30th April 1916.

W.I. Surrid Seryed, 02290 Prince Charles Com. Duke of Cornwall, S.LI. 21st July, 1920.

Private F. M. Mooncrieff, 1st Battalion A&S Highers, drowned 19th July, 1900, aged 19.

Mrs. M. Tierry, 8 Feb. 1949, aged 34.

Gilvarry Family, No. Magheracar.

Thomas Murphy, Bundoran, Dec. 13th, 1953; wife Margaret, died Sept. 19th, 1955; grandson, baby dolan, Aug. 1958.

John Burns, Cornaglach, died 1921; wife Anne (nee Ward), died 1930, erected by ?Dolan.

Owen Dolan, died 27th Nov. 1865, aged 70.

James Dolan, Sep. 29th, 1763, aged 36.

Isabella Granagahn, died 14th March, 1973, aged 63; John Joe Granaghan, died 12th June 1980, aged 68.

Owen Rogan, 16th June, 1790, aged 27.

Edward Dowdican, Wardhouse; his wife Mary; also their daughter Sadie, died 8 Aug. 1980; their son John, died 23 June, 1992.

Michael Moohan, Drumacrin, Bundoran, died 4th Feb, 1907, aged 78; his sons, Patrick and Noel, who died in infancy; Mary Anne, died 13th June, 1975.

Patrick Gallagher, Summer Hill, died 1st Jan. 1977; Mary Gallagher, died 26th Sept. 1971, and deceased members of the family.

John Scallon, died 12th August 1965; Bridgit (sister) 29th 12 1961; Patrick, brother, 10th March, 1956. James and Ellen (cousins).

Erected in memory of Daly family, Bundoran and Mary Rose Daly, 25 July, 1949.

Elizabeth Campbell, 15th September 1946; Thomas (husband) 8th July, 1988, 91 years.

Lavelle family, Eileen Lavelle, 18 June 1991; Willie (brother) 21 March, 1982.

James Johnston, died 25 December 1955; his wife Bridgit 5 April, 1958; their daughter Anne, 24 January 1945.

Thomas Gordon, died 23 May, 1923, aged 63 years; Anne Gordon, died 18 July, 1941.

James O'Carroll, died 23 February, 1923; his wife Bridgit, died 4 July, 1958.

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