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Kilmurry Ibrickane Cemetery Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland
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Kilmurry Ibrickane Cemetery
Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland

Contributed by Anna Ryan, May 18, 2003, last edited Sep 15, 2006 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 191.

This cemetery is situated about 6 miles south west from the Village of Quilty on the Kilkee to Miltown Malbay road.

Kilmurry Ibrickane is a very old cemetery which sits on both sides of an unlisted road. The cemetery is not signposted but can be seen from the main road.

I walked this cemetery in the first part of May 2003. This contains all existing legible headstones.

- Anna Ryan

Barry, Anne, d. 1 Jul 1906
Barry, Mary, no dates, Shandrum, erected by Edmond O'Dwyer, Kilmurry
Barry, Winifred, no dates
Callinan, Michael, d. 23 Jan 1985, age: 80yr, Cregganine
Carey, Paddy, d. 28 Nov 1994, age: 84yr
Casey, Francis, d 20 Jan 1861, age: 74yr
Casey, Jane, d. 28 Jun 1902, age: 66yr, Wife of John, Quilty
Casey, John, d. young, Grandson of John Casey, Son of Nicholas and Margaret
Casey, Margaret, no dates
Casey, Nicholas, no dates, Seaview House Quilty
Collins, Michael, d 18 Jun 1994, age: 87yr
Corry, Bridget, d. 22 Dec 1935, age: 72yr, Wife of Francis
Corry, Francis, d. 15 Aug 1929, age: 80yr, Husband of Bridget, Clonadrum, Mullagh
Corry, Francis, d. Mar 13, 1875, erected by his son Micheal, Carhunagry
Corry, James, d. 3 Dec 1944, Moloskey
Corry, Jane, d. 2 Jun 1950, Moloskey
Corry, John, d. 19 Feb 1949, Moloskey
Corry, Mary, d. 14 Jan 1952, Moloskey
Corry, Michael, d. 22 Jul 1942, Moloskey
Corry, Simon, d. 26 Nov 1954, age: 72yr, Son of Francis and Bridget
Curtin, Annie (O'Doherty), d. 7 Mar 1956, age: 68yr, Wife of Thomas
Curtin, Thomas, d. 27 Jul 1968, age: 78yr, Husband of Anne
Curtin, Thomas, d. 8 Mar 1885, age: 73yr, Rath
Daly, James F., d. 30 Jan 1945, age: 89yr, Son of Tom and Lucy
Daly, James, d 20 Sep 1975
Daly, Lucy (Killeen), d. 9 Mar 1892, Wife of Tom
Daly, Maria (Meade), d. 7 Apr 1946, age: 79yr, Wife of James F.
Daly, Michael, d. 26 Jul 1869, age: 17yr, Son of Tom and Lucy
Daly, Thomas K., d. 12 Mar 1935, age: 83yr, Son of Tom and Lucy
Daly, Tom, d. 16 Jul 1871, age: 47yr, Husband of Lucy (Killeen)
Donnellan, Catherine, d. 29 Dec 1955, Wife of William
Donnellan, Gerard, d. 2 Mar 1984
Donnellan, William, d. 12 May 1943, Husband of Catherine, Quilty
Donnellan, William, d. 25 Jul 1959, Son of William and Catherine
Downes, Annie, d. 10 Oct 1953, age: 48yr, Wife of John
Downes, John, d. 8 Oct 1960, age: 62yr, Husband of Annie, Seafield, Quilty
Egan, Ellen, d. 1 Dec 1943, age: 74yr
Egan, Frank, d 19 Jan 1991, age: 88yr, Husband of Kathleen
Egan, Kathleen, d. 28 Jan 1945, age: 44yr, Wife of Frank
Egan, Patrick, d 20 Apr 1942, age: 85yr, Tromorde East
Falsy, John, d. 24 Oct 1979, Husband of Kitty
Falsy, Kitty, d 1957, Wife of John, Seafield, Quilty
Glenny, John, d. 23 Apr 1993, husband of Nan
Glenny, Nan Moloney, d. 4 Jun 1992, daughter of Ellen & John
Green, James, d. 4 Jun 1983, age: 74yr, Craggane
Griffin, Ellie, d. 31 May 1926, age: 40yr, Daughter of Margaret Griffin (Corry)
Guithrie, Michael, d. 21 Oct 1846, age: 52yr, Brother of Thomas
Haran, Bridget, d. 9 Jun 1957
Haran, James, d. 24 Jan 1969
Haran, Patrick, d. 02 Apr 1930, Ballymakea
Haran, Patrick, d. 6 Oct 1954
Haran, Wilhemina, d. 03 Nov 1944, nee Stackpoole
Hurley, Mary, d. 26 Feb 1958, age: 81yr, Kildimo
John, Moloney, d. 14 Apr 1965, husband of Ellen
Kelleher, Michael, d. 25 Nov 1937, age: 91yr, Father of Michael, Mutton Island
Kelly, Anne (Butler), d. 13 May 1834, age: 74yr, Wife of John
Kelly, Cissie, d 1910, age: 19yr, Finure
Kelly, James, d. Feb 1925, age: 78yr
Kelly, Jane (O'Donnell), d. 14 Apr 1895, age: 35yr, Wife of James, Fenore
Kelly, John, d. 11 Aug 1916, Husband of Mary, Clonaninchy
Kelly, John, d. Apr 1978, age: 87yr
Kelly, Josephine, d. Jul 1947, age: 21yr
Kelly, Margaret (Shalloo), d. Dec 1953, age: 63yr
Kelly, Mary (Mongovan), no dates, age: 88yr, Mother of Mary Ryan (Kelly)
Kelly, Patrick, d 1864, Got his family, Fortivew
Killeen, George, b., 1885, d. 1933, Son of Patrick and Susan
Killeen, John, b., 1893, d. 1972, Son of Patrick and Susan
Killeen, Mary, b., 1928, d. 1987, Daughter of Patrick and Susan
Killeen, Patrick, b., 1888, d. 1934, Son of Patrick and Susan
Killeen, Patrick, d. 1915, Husband of Susan (Blackall), Moloskey
Killeen, Timothy, b., 1897, d. 1937, Son of Patrick and Susan
King, Anne, d. 11 Nov 1918, age: 74yr, Wife of Patrick, Quilty
King, Catherine, d. 27 Jul 1946, age: 70yr, Wife of Patrick, Rhinehoe, Quilty, Erected by Bridie & Mary,
King, Michael, d. 30 Jan 1978, age: 66yr, Son of Catherine and Patrick
King, Patrick, d. 14 Apr 1961, age: 80yr, Husband of Catherine
Kinnane, Ellen, d. 24 Sep 1939, age: 80yr, Wife of John
Kinnane, John, d. 1 Jun 1929, age: 79yr, Husband of Ellen, Craggane
Kinnane, Nora, d 19 Aug 1940, Wife of Paddy
Kinnane, Paddy, d. 29 Dec 1959, Son of John and Ellen
Lillis, Eileen J. (McCarthy), d. 1 Dec 1994
Lillis, Jimo, d. 12 Nov 1963, age: 54yr, Husband of Maura, Meanus & Shandrum
Lillis, John, d. 11 Feb 1994, age: 83yr, nephew of Mary Hurley
Lillis, Maura, d. 18 Nov 1961, age: 45yr, Wife of Jimo
Lynch, Ellen (Morrissy), d. 13 Jan 1924, age: 82yr, Wife of John, Erected by their son Thomas, Cloonadrum
Lynch, John, d. 2 Feb 1924, age: 87yr, Husband of Ellen
Lynch, Mary Ann, d 19 Jun 1943
Lynch, Michael, d. 12 Mar 1992
Lynch, Thomas, d. 15 Dec 1961
McCarthy, Charles John, d. 25 Jan 1947, Kilclohane
McCarthy, Dannie, d. 7 Mar 1954, Son of Martin and Margaret
McCarthy, Gerard James, d. 19 Nov 1961
McCarthy, Margaret, d. 7 Dec 1953, Wife of Martin
McCarthy, Marian, d. 20 Oct 1930, Clonadrum
McCarthy, Martin, d. 19 Oct 1953, Husband of Margaret, Clonaninchy
McCarthy, Teresa Veronica, d. 15 Mar 1958
McMahon, Mary (Finucane), d. 1 Apr 1872, age: 80yr
McNamara, Andrew, d. 16 Mar 1826, age: 30yr
McNamara, Patrick, d. 11 July 1953, Husband of Ellen, Freyhane
McNamara, Patrick, d. 3 Jan 1832, age: 20yr, Son of John, Clonadrom
Meade, Joseph, d. 14 Nov 1915, age: 82yr, Husband of Susan, Mullagh
Meade, Michael, d. 20 Jun 1955, Son of Joseph and Susan
Meade, Nora, d. 5 Jan 1944, Wife of Michale
Meade, Susan, d. 6 Feb 1920, Wife of Joseph
Molohan, Bridget, d. 1869
Molohan, Cornelius, d. 1850
Molohan, Thomas, d. 12 May 1881, age: 57yr, Tramore, Quilty
Moloney, Bridget, d. 16 Feb 1951, Wife of Michael, Tramore, Quilty
Moloney, Ellen, d. 28 Oct 1965, wife of John
Moloney, John Joe, d. 9 Oct 1972, son of Ellen & John
Moloney, John, d. 16 May 1990, age: 75yr, Son of John and Catherine
Moloney, John, d. 4 Apr 1962, Husband of Catherine
Moloney, Michael, d. 1 Dec 1963, husband of Bridget
Mongovan, James, d. 7 Apr 1992, age: 83yr, Son of Michael and Bridget
Mongovan, Michael, d. 17 Sep 1937, age: 71yr, Husband of Bridget, Emelagh, erected by his nephew Michael
Montgomery, Daniel, d. 17 Jun 1970
Montgomery, Martin John, d 1944
Montgomery, Mary, d. 2 Mar 1952
Montgomery, Michael Desmond, d 1941
Montgomery, Patrick, d. 28 Oct 1913, age: 27yr, Son of Dan, Clonaninchy
Montgomery, Thomas, d. 9 Feb 1926, age: 26yr, Son of Dan
Mooney, Bridget, d. 4 Aug 1900, age: 84yr, Wife of Owen
Mooney, John, d. 3 Sep 1863, age: 65yr, Ballymakea
Morrissey, Catherine, d. 11 Aug 1991, age: 91yr, sister of Francis
Morrissey, Delia, d. 6 Jul 1973
Morrissey, Francis, d. 13 Apr 1946, age: 37yr, Brother of Catherine, Ballymakea
Morrissey, Nora, d. 8 Jan 1971
Morrissy, Bridget N.T., d. 17 May 1954, age: 83yr, wife of Dan
Morrissy, Dan N.T., d. 12 Feb 1953, age: 86yr, husband of Bridget, Quilty
Morrissy, Dr. D., d. 4 Apr 1950, age: 39yr, died in Liverpool
Morrissy, James, d. 26 Feb 1925, age: 82yr, Ballymakea
Morrissy, John L., d. 12 Sep 1971, age: 71yr
Morrissy, Joseph P, d. 26 Oct 1984, age: 82yr
Morrissy, Maureen (Considine), d. 26 Oct 1960, Wife of Michael
Morrissy, Michael, d. 25 Feb 2002, age: 76yr, Husband of Maureen
Morrissy, Patrick, d. 27 Feb 1948, age: 25yr, Son of Timothy, Ballynakea
Morrissy, Timothy, d. 5 Dec 1959, father of Patrick
Morrisy, Timothy, d. 5 Dec 1959, Father of Patrick
Murphy, Mary (Killeen), d. 16 Oct 1889, age: 82yr, wife of Michael
Murphy, Michael, d. 4 Apr 1893, husband of Mary (Killeen), Quilty, erected by his son Patrick Murphy N.T
Neylon, Catherine (Downes), d. 14 Apr 1940, Wife of Timothy
Neylon, Catherine (Morrissy), d. 11 Feb 1925, age: 87yr, Wife of John
Neylon, John, d. 15 Dec 1914, age: 75yr, husband of Catherine Morrissy, Ballymakea
Neylon, John, d. 4 May 1997
Neylon, Michael, d. 9 Dec 1980
Neylon, Timothy, d. 2 Oct 1972, Husband of Catherine
O'Boyle, Bridget, b., 1908, d. 1978
O'Boyle, Catherine, d. 1 Feb 1970
O'Boyle, Johanna, d. 18 Jan 1959, Wife of John
O'Boyle, John, d. 15 Oct 1972, Husband of Johanna, Rathmullagh
O'Boyle, John, d. no dates, Son of Peter and Catherine, Seafield
O'Boyle, Mary, d. 8 May 1960, Daughter of Peter and Catherine
O'Boyle, Vincent, d. 23 Mar 1983, Son of Johanna and John
O'Brien, Bridget, d. 25 Jul 1980, Wife of Thomas
O'Brien, Honor, d. Aug 1922, Wife of Peter
O'Brien, John, d. 17 Jan 1997, Son of Thomas and Bridget
O'Brien, Mary, d. 6 Jun 1978, Doonmore
O'Brien, Patrick, d. 10 May 1991, Son of Thomas and Bridget
O'Brien, Peter, d. 30 Apr 1941, Son of Thomas and Bridget
O'Brien, Peter, d. Sep 1935, Husband of Honor, Shandrum
O'Brien, Thomas, d. 2 Sep 1962, Nephew of Peter and Honor
O'Connor, Mary Kate, d. no date, age: 5yr, Grandchild of Patrick and Mary
O'Connor, Mary, d. 13 Jul 1965, Wife of Patrick
O'Connor, Patrick, d. 23 Dec 1956, Husband of Mary
O'Connor, Paul, d. 31 May 1982, Son of Patrick and Mary
O'Donoghue, Rodger, d. 6 Jan.1931, age: 70yr, Creggaknock, erected by his wife and children
O'Gorman, John, d. 2 Apr 1984, Husband of Mai
O'Gorman, Mai, d. 21 Jun 1963, Wife of John
O'Gorman, Mary Kate, d. 19 Jun 1949, age: 81yr, Wife of Michael
O'Gorman, Michael, d. 4 Jan 1943, age: 92yr, Husband of Mary Kate, Craggane
O'Gorman, Michael, d. 7 Jun 1922, age: 34yr, husband of honor O'Gorman (Burke)
O'Leary, Daniel, d. 10 Oct 1945, age: 55yr, Clondrum, erected by his wife and daughters
O'Looney, Bridget, d. 19 Nov 1961, Wife of Michael
O'Looney, James, d. 24 Jul 1997, age: 76yr, Moloskey
O'Looney, James, d. 9 Nov 1900, age: 48yr, Husband of Eliza, Moloskey
O'Looney, Michael, d. 19 Mar 1952, husband of Bridget
O'Looney, Susan, d. 30 Jun 1991, age: 71yr
O'Looney, Teresa, d. 19 Jan 1953, Daughter of Michael and Bridget
O'Sullivan, Connie, d. no date, Son of Cornelius and Mary
O'Sullivan, Cornelius, d. 9 Dec 1953, age: 78yr, Husband of Mary, Shandra
O'Sullivan, Danies, d. no date, Son of Cornelius and Mary
O'Sullivan, Mary, d. 12 Mar 1967, Wife of Cornelius
O'Sullivan, Thomas, d. 10 Feb 1950, age: 53yr, Son of Cornelius and Mary
Ryan, Annie (Kelly), no dates, age: 68yr, Mother of John Ryan
Ryan, John, no dates, age: 42yr, Son of Annie Ryan (Kelly), Tramore, Quilty
Ryan, Nora, d. no dates, Wife of Jack, Quilty
Shanahan, Andrew, d. 19 Dec 1989, age: 79yr, Tramore, Quilty, Erected by his daughter Maureen
Shanahan, Patrick, d. 27 Sep 1872, Husband of Bridget, Ocean View
Sullivan, Ita, d. 17 Aug 1972
Vaughan, Mary, d. 5 Apr 1961, Wife of Patrick
Vaughan, Patrick, d. 16 Jan 1951, age: 74yr, Husband of Mary, Craggane
Vaughan, Patrick, d. 24 Jan 1977

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