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Derver Graveyard Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland
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Derver Graveyard
Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland

Contributed by Anna Ryan, May 12, 2005 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 38.

From Virginia take the Virginia to Kells road and at the crossroads for Mullagh-Oldcastle, take the left turn for Oldcastle. Take the next left turn and the graveyard is situated at the end of this narrow road. It is not signposted or named.

This is an old graveyard where most of the stones are worn and hard to read. It may have been the graveyard which was used before Meaghera was opened. It is in the Parish of Lurgan.

This is a list of all readable headstones, which I read on May 10, 2005.

- Anna Ryan

Baugh, (Family), no dates, Lisduff
Caffrey, Annie, d. 18 Apr 1909, age: 38yr, daughter of Thomas
Caffrey, Mary, d. Oct 1875, age: 2yr, daughter of Thomas
Caffrey, Thomas, d. 11 Nov 1897, age: 75yr
Duffy, Jack (Capt), d. 11 Oct 1910, age: 89yr, Irish Republican Brotherhood. Stone erected by his comrades & friends
Duffy, no name, d. 24 Mar 1982, age: 60yr, mother of Kate
Feagan, Catherine, d. 17 Jul 1740, age: 45yr
Fitzsimons, James, d. 6 ? 1909, erected by Peter Fitzsimons of 5 St. James Ave., Dublin
Fitzsimons, John, no date, grandfather of John
Fitzsimons, Michael, no dates, father of John, stone erected in 1802 by his son John, City of Dublin
Fitzsimons, Pat., no date, uncle of John
Gillick, Patrick, d. 27 Jan 1927, brother of Mary Kelly, Ryefield
Kane, John, d. Mar 1774, age: 72yr, husband of Bridget (Reilly) ?, stone erected by their son Charles
Kane, Margaret, d. Jul 1797, age: 24yr, daughter of Charles?
Kane?, Bridget (Reilly), d. 1776, age: 66yr, wife of John
Kelly, Mary, d. Mar 1925, sister of Patrick Gillick, Ryefield
Lynch, Michael, d. 1825, father of Laurence, stone erected by his son Laurence
Martin, Charles, d. 23 May 1787, age: 42yr, erected by his son Conner
McDermott, Mary, d. 26 Sep 1896, age: 70yr, erected by her son John, (Rathendisk? for family
McDermott, Nannie, d. 17 Apr 1908, age: 35yr
Mulvany, Catherine, d. 16 Feb 1806, age: 35yr, daughter of Edward
Mulvany, Catherine, d. 7 Feb 1767, age: 52yr, stone erected by her son Michael McCabe
Mulvany, Catherine, d. 8 Jun 1821, age: 79yr, wife of Edward
Mulvany, Edward, d. 3 May 1803, age: 72yr, husband of Catherine, Lisduff, stone erected by Thomas Creg, John & Luke Mulvany
Mulvany, Ellen, d. 16 Aug 1864, age: 78yr, wife of Henry
Mulvany, Henry, d. 3 Dec 1856, age: 72yr, grandfather of Dr.Mulvaney
Mulvany, Henry, no date, brother of Dr. Mulvany
Mulvany, Patrick, d. 4 Mar 1901, age: 82yr, husband of Rose, Erected by his son Dr. Mulvaney
Mulvany, Rose, d. 8 Jan 1881, age: 56yr, wife of Patrick
Murphy, Charles, d. 29 Jun 1927, age: 56yr, son of Michael
Murphy, John, d. 14 May 1914, son of Michael
Murphy, Mary, d. 18 Feb 1891, wife of Michael
Murphy, Michael, d. Mar 1904, husband of Mary, Lislea
Robinson, Mrs. Julia, d. 17 Jul 1938, age: 71yr, interred in McDermott grave
Tormey, Denis, d. 1876, age: 26yr, son of Farrell
Tormey, Farrell, d. 27 Oct 186 ?, Ballaghanea
Tormey, Matthew, d. 1812?, age: 26yr, son of Farrell
Tormey, Patrick, d. Sep 1819, age: 19yr, son of Farrell
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