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Tong Cemetery
Bradford, Yorkshire County, England

Toftshaw Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD46RB England

Directions to get there Leave M62 At Junction 28 Take the A650 Wakefield Road towards Bradford for approx 4 miles Toftshaw lane is on the left and the entrance to the cemetery is on the Corner of Toftshaw Lane and Wakefield Road the A650.

This is a lovely little cemetery in Tong Bradford West Yorkshire. The first burial took place in 1860. Its in very good condition for its age. Some of the stones are worn and a few broken, but in general its not too bad. Its owned and maintained by Bradford Metroplitan District Council tel 01274 432111

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Feb 06, 2008. Total records = 142.

Contributor's Index:

Ackroyd, Clara, bur. 2 Jun 1925, of Halifax, [DO]
Ackroyd, David Mitchell, bur. 25 Jul 1951, age: 62y, [DO]
Ackroyd, Douglas, bur. 22 May 1925, age: 14 Months, [DO]
Ackroyd, George Harold Fred, bur. 3 Apr 1923, age: 53y, [DO]
Ackroyd, Mary, bur. 27 mar 1962, age: 72y, [DO]
Baildon, Jane, bur. 15 Dec 1908, age: 35y, [DO]
Bates, Lawrence, bur. 12 Sep 1921, age: 6 days, [DO]
Battle, Ruth Sarah, bur. 27 Jul 1921, age: 43y, [DO]
Beanland, Eliza, bur. 9 Apr 1921, age: 64y, [DO]
Belt, George Albert, bur. 17 Feb 1921, age: 5 Weeks, [DO]
Blakey, Squire, bur. 20 Sep 1921, age: 70y, [DO]
Boddy, Amy, bur. 8 Oct 1947, age: 83y, [DO]
Boddy, Fred Lee, bur. 24 Jul 1901, age: 7 Weeks, [DO]
Briggs, Arthur, bur. 15 Mar 1941, age: 67y, [DO]
Broadbent, John, bur. 27 Jan 1921, age: 15y, [DO]
Brook, Alice Ann, bur. 5 Feb 1902, age: 30y, [DO]
Brook, Francis Stanley, bur. 4 Jul 1905, age: 3 Weeks, [DO]
Brook, Jane, bur. 4 Nov 1905, age: 72y, [DO]
Brook, John, bur. 11 Feb 1899, age: 72y, [DO]
Brook, Selina, bur. 26 Nov 1935, age: 82y, [DO]
Bryan, Eliza, bur. 14 Feb 1921, age: 80y, [DO]
Bull, Silsby, bur. 26 May 1941, age: 69y, [DO]
Bywater, Irvine, bur. 8 Mar 1941, age: 62y, [DO]
Carr, John, bur. 7 Jun 1921, age: 70y, [DO]
Clarkson, Richard, bur. 2 Jun 1921, age: 76y, [DO]
Clough, Isaac, bur. 11 Jun 1921, age: 47y, [DO]
Davy, Barbara, bur. 13 May 1941, age: 12y, [DO]
Dean, Ernest, bur. 1 Apr 1921, age: 3 Months, [DO]
Dickinson, Arthur, bur. 6 Mar 1941, age: 43y, [DO]
Douglas, Sarah Jane, bur. 12 Sep 1921, age: 68y, [DO]
Dryden, Annis, bur. 18 Apr 1931, age: 39y, [DO]
Ellis, Norrison Scarth, bur. 28 May 1921, age: 24y, [DO]
Elsworth, Thompson, bur. 16 May 1921, age: 38y, [DO]
Fearnley, Alfred, bur. 27 Dec 1957, age: 74y, H/of Frances, Section A, 428, [DO]
Fearnley, Annie, bur. 26 Oct 1926, age: 58y, [DO]
Fearnley, Frances, bur. 21 Dec 1954, age: 69y, W/of Alfred & D/of Richard & Eliza Holden, [DO]
Fearnley, George Thomas, bur. 14 Feb 1942, age: 67y, [DO]
Fearnley, Hannah, bur. 13 Sep 1899, age: 66y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Fearnley, Hannah, bur. 26 Mar 1947, age: 77y, [DO]
Fearnley, J. W. H., bur. 8 Feb 1899, age: 11months, [DO]
Fearnley, John, bur. 5 May 1916, age: 60y, [DO]
Fearnley, Julia, bur. 11 Aug 1906, age: 45y, w/of Squire, [DO]
Fearnley, Margaret, bur. 11 Mar 1952, age: 7y, [DO]
Fearnley, Martha, bur. 3 Nov 1944, age: 66y Widow, [DO]
Fearnley, Matilda, bur. 17 Apr 1906, age: 51y, w/of William, [DO]
Fearnley, Reuben, bur. 21 Sep 1908, age: 53y, h/of Mary Jane, [DO]
Fearnley, Reuben, bur. 5 Mar 1966, age: 49y, [DO]
Fearnley, Robert, bur. 6 Apr 1910, age: 51y, [DO]
Fearnley, Sandra, bur. 14 Feb 1948, age: 1 day, [DO]
Fearnley, Sarah Ann, bur. 2 Aug 1902, age: 42y, [DO]
Fearnley, Squire, bur. 15 Jun 1915, age: 56y, h/of Julia, [DO]
Fearnley, Squire, bur. 19 Sep 1931, age: 41y, s/of Reuben & Mary Jane, [DO]
Fearnley, Susan, bur. 7 May 1929, age: 73y, [DO]
Fearnley, Wilfred, no dates, age: 68y of Thornbury, [DO]
Field, Anthony Robinson, d. 13 Sep 1940, age: 21y, s/og George Arthur & Ada Field, [DO]
Firth, Clara, bur. 25 Mar 1921, age: 48y, [DO]
Firth, Lister, bur. 26 Feb 1921, age: 70y, [DO]
Foulger, Edith, bur. 4 Jul 1958 Widow, age: 81y, [DO]
Foulger, Harry, bur. 16 Aug 1951, age: 71y, [DO]
Foulger, Sarah Ann, bur. 16 Oct 1913, age: 69y, Of Halifax, [DO]
Gallaway, Bertha, bur. 12 Apr 1921, age: 32y, [DO]
Gray, Samuel Hammond, d. 14 Aug 1945, age: 33y, s/o Samuel Hammond Gray & Anne, H/of Nellie, [DO]
Greed, A, d. 5 Jun 1917, 13th Btn Northumberland Fusiliers, [DO]
Gutteridge, Sheila, bur. 21 Jan 1921, age: 6 Weeks, [DO]
Hardy, Clara, bur. 10 Oct 1921, age: 47y, [DO]
Hardy, Ellen, bur. 7 Sep 1921, age: 47y, [DO]
Harrison, William, d. 4 Feb 1945, age: 44y, s/of Joseph & Mary E Harrison, h/of Lilian Harrison, [DO]
Hayley, Arthur, bur. 24 Mar 1921, age: 24 Hours, [DO]
Hepworth, Fanny, bur. 9 Mar 1921, age: 61y, [DO]
Holden, Eliza, b. 28 Mar 1858, d 10 Apr 1915, bur 14 Apr 1915, age: 57y, w/of Richard Holden & d/of James & Hannah Fisk, [DO]
Holden, Hannah Elizabeth, bur. 1 Jul 1934, age: 69y, [DO]
Holdham, Mary Jane, bur. 27 Feb 1901, age: 12 months, [DO]
Holdsworth, George, bur. 3 Mar 1941, age: 85y, [DO]
Holdsworth, Timothy, bur. 14 May 1921, age: 59y, [DO]
Hornby, Edwin, d. 7 Sep 1918 HMS Vivid, age: 21yrs Able Seaman Royal Navy, s/of Mrs Isabella Hornby, [DO]
Horner, Fanny, bur. 7 Apr 1941, age: 80y, [DO]
Hudson, A, d. 25 Nov 1918, 16th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment Prince Of Wales Own , [DO]
Ingham, Jemima, bur. 12 Jun 1941, age: 83y, [DO]
Jackson, Andrew, bur. 6 Mar 1915, age: 75y, [DO]
Jackson, John, bur. 24 Feb 1923, age: 12y, [DO]
Jackson, Martha Ann, bur. 5 Jul 1954, of uxfield Sussex, [DO]
Jackson, Rachel, bur. 23 Nov 1908, age: 54y, [DO]
Jackson, Thomas Henry, bur. 8 Feb 1936, age: 48y, [DO]
Jefferson, Leonard, d. 25 Sep 1942, 1st lothians and border horse Royal Armourmed Corps, [DO]
Kershaw, Harold, d. 4 Feb 1917, age: 34y, Royal Army Medical Corps, s/of Late Lionel & Elizabeth Kershaw, [DO]
Lawley, Ronald, bur. 13 Jul 1921, age: 3 Months, [DO]
Lee, Martha, bur. 10 Mar 1941, age: 66y, [DO]
Leggett, Betsy, bur. 19 Jan 1939, age: 87y, [DO]
Leggett, Lottie May, bur. 3 Jul 1953, age: 67y, [DO]
Leggett, Mary Elizabeth, bur. 2 Jul 1964, of Birkenshaw, [DO]
Leggott, Charles, bur. 7 Dec 1901, age: 47y , [DO]
Locke, Annis, bur. 10 Sep 1954, age: 75y, w/of Charles, Of Newark Nottinghamshire, [DO]
Longbottom, Harry, bur. 21 Aug 1897, age: 7 Months, [DO]
Longfellow, Thomas, bur. 8 Mar 1941, age: 53y, [DO]
Markey, Lucy, bur. 29 Mar 1941, age: 55y, [DO]
Mitchell, Olivia, bur. 20 May 1941, age: 64y, [DO]
Mortimer, Martha, bur. 5 Mar 1921, age: 71y, [DO]
Muff, George, d. 12 Nov 1917, age: 43y, 6th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment, H/of Maria Muff, [DO]
Myers, Charles, bur. 16 Mar 1921, age: 55y, [DO]
Myers, John, bur. 23 May 1941, age: 78y, [DO]
Ormandroyd, Hannah, bur. 15 Aug 1921, age: 49y, [DO]
Pearson, Joseph, bur. 12 Jan 1921, age: 34y, [DO]
Pickles, Albert, bur. 25 Jan 1921, age: 21y, [DO]
Pickles, Ellen, bur. 30 May 1941, age: 80y, [DO]
Pickles, Harry, bur. 20 Mar 1941, age: 42y, [DO]
Pinder, Zilpha, bur. 16 May 1921, age: 74y, [DO]
Priestley, Joseph, bur. 3 Jun 1941, age: 66y, [DO]
Redmayne, Elizabeth, bur. 9 Mar 1866, age: 68y, [DO]
Redmayne, Foster, bur. 6 Sep 1901, age: 4 Months, [DO]
Redmayne, John Edward, bur. 18 Sep 1899, age: 12 months, [DO]
Redmayne, John, bur. 5 Sep 1897, age: 77y, [DO]
Redmayne, Mary, bur. 3 Apr 1899, age: 69y, [DO]
Rhodes, Ephraim, bur. 13 May 1860, age: 4y, [DO]
Sefton, Walter, bur. 5 Apr 1921, age: 42y, [DO]
Sharp, Olivia, bur. 20 Jan 1921, age: 46y, [DO]
Siddle, Ada, bur. 21 Apr 1941, age: 69y, [DO]
Stead, J, d. 20 May 1917, age: 18y, Highland Light Infantry, s/of John & Hannah Stead, [DO]
Taylor, Albert, bur. 2 Dec 1948, age: 70y, [DO]
Taylor, Robinson, bur. 17 Jan 1921, age: 43y, h/of Annis, [DO]
Teesdale, James Robinson, bur. 28 Feb 1921, age: 68y, [DO]
Tempest, Fred, bur. 23 Jul 1921, age: 27y, [DO]
Thompson, Elizabeth, bur. 19 Sep 1921, age: 67y , [DO]
Uttley, W P, d. 23 Oct 1918, Private Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment, [DO]
Walker, James, bur. 26 Feb 1933, age: 80y, [DO]
Walker, Lawrence Evelyn, bur. 7 May 1921, age: 39y, [DO]
Wardman, Emma, bur. 17 Mar 1941, age: 77y, [DO]
Watson, Edgar, bur. 8 Apr 1941, age: 51y, [DO]
Wells, William Henry, bur. 25 May 1921, age: 76y, [DO]
Wiley, J E, d. 7 Oct 1918, age: 18y, Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy, s/of John Bristley Wiley & Elizabeth, [DO]
Wilkinson, George, bur. 31 May 1941, age: 71y, [DO]
Wilkinson, Percy, bur. 5 Feb 1921, age: 28y, [DO]
Wilkinson, Willie, bur. 6 Mar 1941, age: 43y, [DO]
Wilson, Elizabeth, bur. 13 Apr 1921, age: 55y, [DO]
Wilson, John Frederick, bur. 28 Apr 1941, age: 68y, [DO]
Wilson, Squire, bur. 5 Jun 1941, age: 60y, [DO]
Yewdall, Clara, bur. 17 Apr 1888, age: 19y, [DO]
Yewdall, Doris, bur. 20 Jan 1902, age: 2y, [DO]
Yewdall, Eliza, bur. 1 Jan 1913, age: 84y, [DO]
Yewdall, Fred, bur. 11 Aug 1898, age: 12y, [DO]
Yewdall, Herbert, bur. 28 Apr 1952, age: 87y, [DO]
Yewdall, Martha, bur. 26 Feb 1898, age: 46y, [DO]
Yewdall, Mary Elizabeth, bur. 13 Aug 1938, age: 73y, [DO]

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