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Saint Michael Churchyard
Stoke, Coventry, Warwickshire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 154.

Contributor's Index:

Adkins, Edward D., d. 17 Aug 1861, age 76yr, [TD]
Adkins, Edward, d. 18 Feb 1887, age 65yr, [TD]
Adkins, Edward, d. 6 Sep 1888, age 37yr, s/o Edward and Sarah., [TD]
Adkins, Sarah Jane, d. 31 Oct 1892, age 40yr, [TD]
Adkins, Sarah, d. 26 Jul 1897, age 76yr, w/o Edward., [TD]
Adkins, Sarah, d. 5 Feb 1842, age 53yr, w/o Edward., [TD]
Andrews, Isabella, b. 14 Nov 1809 Hinckley, d. 25 Dec 1892, w/o James W.M., [TD]
Andrews, James W.M, b. 11 Nov 1807 Dalkeith, d. 15 Sep 1885 Stoke, [TD]
Andrews, Margaret Helen, b. 2 Feb 1843, d. 25 Jan 1889., [TD]
Baly, Florence Jane, d. 24 Feb 1946, age 81yr, w/o Price P. Baly, nee Heath, [TD]
Boughton, Edmund, b. 25 Nov 1823, d. 27 Jan 1889., [TD]
Boughton, Mrs, b. 26 Nov 1811, d. 20 Dec 1882, w/o Edmund, [TD]
Bray, Ann, d. 13 Feb 1792, w/o Jonathan., [TD]
Bray, Ann, d. 14 Mar 1788, age 16yr, d/o Jonathan and Ann., [TD]
Bray, Charles, d. 4 Dec 1875, age 61yr, s/o John and Mary of Stoke., [TD]
Bray, Elizabeth, d. 16 Dec 1819, age 39yr, w/o Jonathan., [TD]
Bray, Elizabeth, d. 8 Nov 1850, age 64yr, w/o Jonathan., [TD]
Bray, Henry Walden, d. Apr ? ?, [TD]
Bray, Henry, d. 4 Jul 1829, s/o Jonathan and Elizabeth., [TD]
Bray, John, d. 12 Jun 1869, age 59yr, s/o John and Mary., [TD]
Bray, John, d. 14 Jun 1830, age 63yr, [TD]
Bray, John, d. 6 Nov 1859, age 76, h/o Mary., [TD]
Bray, Jonathan, d. 29 Aug 1788, age 49yr, [TD]
Bray, Mary, d. 13 Jan 1852, age 68yr, w/o John., [TD]
Bray, Mary, d. 8 Apr 1835, age 25yr, d/o Jonathan and Elizabeth., [TD]
Bray, William Henry, Could not read any more., [TD]
Bray, William, Junior, d. 22 Feb 1834, age 34yr, s/o William, Senior., [TD]
Bray, William, Senior, d. 20 Dec 1834, age 76yr, [TD]
Chapman, Eleanor, d. 27 Jan 1973, age 94yr, w/o Walter George., [TD]
Chapman, Walter George, d. 11 Oct 1946, age 69yr, [TD]
Clements, Alfred, d. 25 Feb 1919. age 75yr, Parish Clerk at Stoke for 31 years., [TD]
Clements, Betsy Helen, d. 4 Sep 1931, age 88yr, w/o Alfred., [TD]
Clements, Jane Elizabeth, d. 29 Oct 1885, age 8yr, [TD]
Clements, Jane, d. 13 Apr 1878, age 60yr, [TD]
Clements, Rosanne, d. 11 Oct 1856, age 16yr, d/o Jane and William., [TD]
Clements, William, d. 8 Feb 1888, age 71yr, For 36 years Clerk of this Parish., [TD]
Cole, Frederick Ernest, d. 31 Oct 1953, age 68yr, [TD]
Cole, Jessie Emily, d. 8 Apr 1946, age 60yr, [TD]
Cooper, Fanny Elizabeth, d. 18 Jan 1845, age 6mo, [TD]
Cooper, Louisa Elizabeth, d. 12 Nov 1853, age 7 years., [TD]
Cooper, Thomas, d. 3 May 1892, age 72yr, at Stoke St. Michael, [TD]
Crofts, Catherine, d. 9 Sep 1828, age 78yr, w/o Richard., [TD]
Crofts, Mary, d. 4 Jun 1810, age 21yr, d/o Richard and Catherine., [TD]
Crofts, Richard, d. 6 Jul 1809, age 56yr, of Coventry, [TD]
Crofts, Richard, d. 7 Dec 1857 Age ?, [TD]
Davis, Cyril, d. 17 Jan 1975, [TD]
Davis, Gertrude, d. 7 Nov 1959, w/o Cyril., [TD]
Davis, John William, d. 15 Mar 1981, age 73yr, [TD]
Eaton, Elizabeth, d. 8 Aug 1829, age 18yr, d/o William, [TD]
Eaton, William, d. 14 Dec 1825, age 44yr, [TD]
Elliot, Elizabeth, w/o Thomas, No more, [TD]
Elliot, Thomas, No more, [TD]
Flecknge, Rebecca, b. 26 May 1818, d. 30 Jul 1895, w/o Josiah., [TD]
Flecknge. Josiah, b. 12 Aug 1814, d. 10 Oct 1884, [TD]
Freeman, Charles, d. 12 Jan 1947, age 57yr, [TD]
Freeman, Eliza Maud, d. 1 Dec 1982, w/o Charles., [TD]
Garratt, Henry, d. 30 Jul 1756, age 82yr, [TD]
Garratt, Lucy, d. 26 Feb 1890, age 90yr, [TD]
Garratt, Lucy, d. 27 Dec 1870, age 36yr, [TD]
Garratt, Mrs, w/o Henry, No more, [TD]
George, Jessie Gladys, d. 7 Jan 1886, age 1yr, [TD]
George, Jessie Sophie, d. 10 Aug 1914, age 54yr, w/o Walter., [TD]
George, Walter, d. 9 May 1902, age 48yr, [TD]
Green, Elizabeth, d. 12 Aug 1943, age 88yr, w/o Frederick., [TD]
Green, Frederick, d. 15 Nov 1894, age 34yr, [TD]
Griffiths, Arthur L., d. 15 Oct 1918, died in action at Camray, France, (Grenadier Guards) Son of Grace., [TD]
Griffiths, Arthur, d. 11 Oct 1980, age 68yr, [TD]
Griffiths, Grace, d. 16 Feb 1949, age 56yr, [TD]
Haywood, Annie Lilian, d. 15 Dec 1981, age 81yr, w/o John Arthur., [TD]
Haywood, John Arthur, d. 2 Dec 1967, age 69yr, [TD]
Haywood, Kathleen, d. 13 Oct 1945, age 21yr, d/o John Arthur., [TD]
Hill, Alexander William, d. 11 Jun 1946, age 64yr, [TD]
Hill, May, d. 19 Nov 1963, age 83yr, h/o Alexander., [TD]
Hitchins, Harriet, d. 27 Jan 1882, age 81yr, w/o Samuel, [TD]
Hitchins, John, d. 5 Feb 1873, age 42yr, [TD]
Hitchins, Samuel, d. 23 Feb 1875, age 50yr, [TD]
Hitchins, Samuel, d. 8 May 1847, age 55yr, [TD]
Hitchins, Sarah, d. 24 Aug 1907, age 79yr, d/o Samuel and Harriet, Widow of James Morris., [TD]
Hitchins, William, d. London 22 Nov 1852, age 25. 2nd son of Sam., [TD]
Hobbs, John, d. 30 Nov 1812, age 28yr, [TD]
Jackson, Harold, d. 7 Jun 1917, killed at Battle of Messines, Captain R.F.C, [TD]
Jennings, Elizabeth, d. 24 Sep 1728, age 55yr, w/o Thomas., [TD]
Jones, Anne Robinson, d. 23 May 1921, age 74yr, w/o Vickers, eldest d/o Edmund Boughton., [TD]
Jones, Bernard Frederick, d. 14 Sep 1936, age 61yr, s/o Vickers and Anne., [TD]
Jones, Vickers Henry, d. 24 Jan 1923, age 78yr, [TD]
Jordon, Frances Mabel, b. 27 May 1904, d. 13 Aug 1948, [TD]
Lucas, Hannah, no dates, w/o William, [TD]
Lucas, William, d. 25 Sep 1815, age 57yr, [TD]
Mason, John Frone, d. 18 Jun 1893, age 80yr, [TD]
Mayo, Amos Percy, d. 25 Oct 1888, age 13mo, s/o Hannah and Thomas., [TD]
Mayo, Hannah, d. 5 Jun 1911, age 70yr, w/o Thomas Powel., [TD]
Mayo, Lizzie, d. 13 Jan 1902, age 27yr, d/o Hannah and Thomas., [TD]
Mayo, Thomas Powel, d. 31 Jan 1907, age 68yr, [TD]
Mayo, William Frank Pittaway, d. 20 Nov 1949, age 39yr, [TD]
Oliver, Eliza, b. 17 Jan 1809, d. 27 Mar 1897, w/o William., [TD]
Oliver, William, b. 8 Feb 1809, d. 24 Mar 1880., [TD]
Pickering, Ann, d. 20 Dec 1822, age 19yr, [TD]
Pickering, Ann, d. 7 May 1836, age 55yr, [TD]
Pickering, John, d. 2 Oct 1836, age 56yr, [TD]
Poole, Charles Henry, d. 13 May 1946, age 72yr, [TD]
Poole, Mary, d. 9 Jul 1962, age 85yr, w/o Charles Henry., [TD]
Robbins, Elizabeth, d. 6 Sep 1745, age 53yr, w/o Thomas., [TD]
Robbins, Thomas, No more, [TD]
Robinson, Ann, d. 11 Mar 1842, age 97yr, w/o John., [TD]
Robinson, Ann, d. 12 Apr 1832, age 68. 2nd wife of William., [TD]
Robinson, Elizabeth, d. 17 Feb 1798, age 29yr, w/o William., [TD]
Robinson, Elizabeth, d. 5 Mar 1849, age 77., [TD]
Robinson, Emma, d/o John and Elizabeth., [TD]
Robinson, John, d. 1 May 1863, age 91., [TD]
Robinson, John, d. 20 Jul 1751, age 60., [TD]
Robinson, John, d. 20 Nov 1816, age 73yr, of Coventry, [TD]
Robinson, Lilian, d. 3 Mar 1946, age 65., [TD]
Robinson, Martha, d/o John and Elizabeth., [TD]
Robinson, Mary, d. 5 Feb 1753, age 77., [TD]
Robinson, Thomas, d. 12 May 1799, age 4yr, s/o Thomas., [TD]
Robinson, Walter Charles, d. 2 Nov 1964, age 82, h/o Lilian., [TD]
Robinson, William, d. 1 Sep 1843, age 75., [TD]
Russell, Ann, d. 31 Mar 1816, age 41yr, [TD]
Russell, George James, infant of Thomas and Ann., [TD]
Russell, Thomas, d. 16 Apr 1824, age 47yr, h/o Ann., [TD]
Shakespeare, Alice, d. 16 Mar 1953, age 78yr, w/o Arthur., [TD]
Shakespeare, Arthur, d. 2 Mar 1947, age 71, h/o Alice., [TD]
Tickner, Ann, b. 24 Jun 1821, d. 31 Jan 1907, [TD]
Tickner, Thomas Francis, b. 15 Sep 1864, d. 4 Apr 1924, h/o Frances Mabelyr, s/o Thomas and Ann., [TD]
Tickner, Thomas Francis, d. 22 May 1879, h/o Ann, interred at St Paul's, Foleshill., [TD]
Tilt, Alice, d. 15 Feb 1876, age 66yr, d/o John and Jane Walton, Widow of Richard Walker Tilt., [TD]
Tilt, Katherine Ann, d. 4 Jun 1896, age 61yr, w/o Richard., [TD]
Tilt, Mary Ann, d. 17 Jan 1884, age ?5yr, [TD]
Tilt, Richard, d. 18 Feb 1906, age 73yr, [TD]
Tilt, William Walton, d. 26 Mar 1895, at the Pheasant's Nest, Bedworth, age 30yr, [TD]
Townsend, Ann, d. 24 Oct 1842, age 87. Mother of William., [TD]
Townsend, William, d. 1 May 1840, age 46yr, s/o Ann., [TD]
Underwood, Elizabeth, b. 1830, d. 1909, w/o Thomas of Stoke Hill., [TD]
Underwood, Esther, d. 2 Oct 1819, age 40yr, w/o John, late of Binley., [TD]
Underwood, John, b. 1802, d. 1879, [TD]
Underwood, John, d. 13 Nov 1921, [TD]
Underwood, Mary, b. 1803, d. illegible, w/o John, [TD]
Underwood, Thomas, b. 1832, d. 1888., [TD]
Voile, Elizabeth, no dates, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Voile, Thomas, d. 22 Mar 1815, age 71yr, See name at Anstey, [TD]
Voile, Thomas, d. 8 Aug 1831, age 81yr, [TD]
Wallace, Mary, d. 8 Feb 1957, age 80yr, d/o Vickers and Anne Jones, [TD]
Walton, Jane, d. 10 Aug 1867, Relict of John Walton., [TD]
Walton, William, d. 8 Oct 1904, age 82yr, Late of the Pheasant's Nest, Bedworth, [TD]
Warden, Ann, d. 6 Jan 1903, age 74yr, w/o James, [TD]
Warden, Emma, d. 18 Jul 1859, age 18yr, d/o John., [TD]
Warden, Hannah, d. 24 Jul 1908, age 79yr, [TD]
Warden, James, d. 26 Nov 1905, age 83yr, [TD]
Warden, John, d. 24 Jan 1874, age 58yr, [TD]
Warden, John, d. 26 Mar 1894, age 76yr, [TD]
Warden, Thomas, b. 16 Mar 1829, d. 13 Dec 1910, [TD]
Wheatley, Ann, d. 12 Sep 1886, age 70yr, w/o John Mason, [TD]
Worcester, Mary Esther, b. 11 Feb 1845, d. 13 May 1888, nee Oliver, Widow of J.B. Worcester., [TD]
Worcester, Mary, d. 10 Sep 1865, age 28yr, [TD]

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