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Saint Mary Churchyard
Walsgrave, Nr Coventry, Warwickshire, England

Walsgrave Rd., Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Nr Coventry

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 166.

Contributor's Index:

Adcock, Elizabeth, d. 8 Feb 1897, age 87, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Adcock, Joseph, d. 30 Aug 1844, age 41yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Adcock, Sophia, b. 1 Nov 1832, d. 13 Jan 1905, age 72yr, d/o J and E Adcock, [TD]
Atkins, Ann, d. 23 Feb 1856, age ?67yr, w/o James, [TD]
Atkins, George, d. 29 Nov 1864, age 34yr, [TD]
Atkins, James, d. 1 Mar 1868, age 75yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Barnett, Charles, d. 12 Jan 1855, age 28yr, h/o Helen, [TD]
Barnett, Emma Lucy, d. 17 Apr 1872, age 40yr, w/o William, [TD]
Barnett, Hannah, d. 30 May 1879, age 81yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Barnett, Helen, d. 22 Jul 1909, age 78yr, w/o Charles, [TD]
Barnett, Henry Newbold, d. 26 Apr 1865, age 1yr 6mo, s/o William and Emma Lucy, [TD]
Barnett, Joseph, d. 28 Aug 1864, age 72yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Barnett, William, d. 20 Mar 1895, age 64yr, h/o Emma Lucy, [TD]
Barr, John, d. 30 Aug 1856, age 73yr, h/o Rebecca, [TD]
Barr, Rebecca, d. 28 Feb 1865, age 74yr, w/o John, [TD]
Barson, Hannah, d. 11 Nov 1875, age 69yr, w/o Henry, [TD]
Barson, Henry, d. 1 Jun 1875, age 55yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Bass, Elizabeth, d. 15 Jan 1864, age 71yr, w/o James, [TD]
Bass, James, d. 10 Dec 1881, age 88yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Bates, William, d. 23 May 1911, age 74yr, [TD]
Bicknell, Hannah, d. 9 Oct 1866, age 72yr, w/o William, [TD]
Bicknell, William, d. 13 Mar 1867, age 75yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Biggs, Elizabeth, d. 13 Sep 1832, age 65yr, w/o Jonathan, [TD]
Biggs, Jonathan, d. 9 Apr 1835, age 63yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Biggs, Mary, d. 4 Aug 1790, age 21yr, d/o Robert and Mary, [TD]
Biggs, Robert, d. 16 Apr 1814, age 16yr, s/o Jonathan and Elizabeth, [TD]
Biggs, Robert, d. 24 Dec 1784, age 41yr, [TD]
Bodington, John, d. 10 Jun 1788, age 41yr, [TD]
Bolton, Ann, d. 22 May 1855, age 65yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Bolton, Llewellyn Thomas, d. 25 Mar 1852, age 25yr, s/o Thomas and Ann, [TD]
Bolton, Thomas, d. 9 Aug 1840, age 50yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Brown, Ann, d. 3 Aug 1861, age 67yr, [TD]
Brown, Charlotte, d. 11 Nov 1863, age 78yr, See Lister, [TD]
Brown, Euseby, d. 3 Dec 1892, age 68yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Brown, Sarah, d. 5 Aug 1910, age 83yr, w/o Euseby, [TD]
Brown, William Wale, d. 01 Feb 1860, age 78yr, s/o William Brown, [TD]
Brown, William, d. 27 Feb 1825, age 79yr, [TD]
Bunney, Helen, d. 6 Feb 1822, age 32yr, w/o William, [TD]
Bunney, Sarah, d. 8 Dec 1868, age 73yr, 2nd w/o William, [TD]
Bunney, William, d. 16 Dec 1853, age 31yr, s/o William and Sarah, [TD]
Bunney, William, d. 16 May 1867, age 75yr, h/o Helen, [TD]
Campton, Elizabeth, d. 23 Jan 1874, age 42yr, bur. Highgate Cemetary, d/o Robert and Frances. Married Edmund Henry Jones, [TD]
Campton, Ffrances, d. 20 Nov 1872, age 74yr, w/o Robert, [TD]
Campton, Francis, d. 12 Apr 1907, age 82yr, [TD]
Campton, Mary, d. 1 Dec 1867, age 32yr, d/o Robert and Frances, [TD]
Campton, Richard, d. 1 Jun 1869, age 40yr, s/o Robert and Frances, [TD]
Campton, Robert, d. 18 Jan 1849, age 64yr, h/o Frances, [TD]
Cater, Ann, d. 18 Dec 1843, age 77yr, w/o John, [TD]
Cater, John, d. 22 Feb 1844, age 93yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Cater, John, d. 6 Nov 1807, age 15yr, s/o John and Ann, [TD]
Cater, Sarah, d. at Ansty 10 Apr 1868, age 67yr, d/o John and Ann, [TD]
Cater, Thomas, d. 9 Dec 1842, age 17yr, s/o John and Ann, [TD]
Cave, Thomas, d. 16 Mar 1840, age 60, [TD]
Chambers, Emmanuel, d. 15 Mar 1872, age 64yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Clarke, Henry, d. 23 Jul 1863, age 43yr, [TD]
Clements, Ann, d. 15 Mar 1841, age 7yr, only child of John and Elizabeth, Grand daughter of Thomas Cave, [TD]
Duckett, Mary Ann, d. 2 Nov 1864, age 30yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Duckett, Thomas, d. 7 Dec 1863, age 11mo,yr, s/o Thomas and Mary Ann, [TD]
Eadon, Harriet, d. 3 May 1869, age 17yr, [TD]
Eaton, Edward, d. 10 Jan 1839, age 54yr, h/o Eliza, [TD]
Eaton, Thomas, d. 22 Dec 1886, age 63yr, [TD]
Ebbern, Rebecca, d. 3 Jan 1865, age 42yr, w/o George, [TD]
Eborall, Mary, d. 3 Jul 1867, age 70yr, w/o William, [TD]
Eborall, William, d. 6 Nov 1886, age 92yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Fennell, James, d. 5 Sep 1863 Birmingham, age 71yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Fennell, Mary, d. 15 Oct 1862, age 71yr, w/o James of Wyken Colliery, [TD]
George, Euseby, d. 1 Feb 1893, age 87yr, h/o Rebecca, [TD]
George, Jane, d. 1 Oct 1838, age 67yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
George, Joseph, d. 4 Sep 1836, age 58yr, h/o Jane. Late of Radford, [TD]
George, Rebecca, d. 20 Nov 1893, age 82yr, w/o Euseby, [TD]
Goddard, Elizabeth, d. 27 Feb 1823, age 63yr, [TD]
Goddard, William, d. 16 Jan 1827, age 70yr, [TD]
Groom, Emma, d. 2 May 1890, age 30yr, w/o James (originally of Melton Mowbray), [TD]
Harrod, Joseph, d. 3 Mar 1883, for more than 26 years, faithful servant to Rev. R. Arrowsmith, Vicar of this Parish, [TD]
Hayes, Mary, d. 8 Sep 1871, age 48yr, w/o Manasseh, [TD]
Hewat, Louisa Caroline, d. 2 Sep 1846, age 19yr, d/o Richard and Anne, [TD]
Hewat, Mary, d. 11 Mar 1889, age 76yr, w/o William, [TD]
Hewat, Thomas, d. 28 Aug 1856, age 24yr, s/o Mary and William, [TD]
Hewatt, Ann, d. 29 Nov 1866, age 77yr, w/o Richard, [TD]
Hewatt, John Angus, d. 29 Oct 1871, age 48yr, s/o Richard and Ann, [TD]
Hewatt, Richard, d. 9 Jul 1848, age 55yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Hewitt, William, d. 15 Jan 1837, age 85, [TD]
Hirons, John, d. 21 Jun 1891, age 66yr, h/o Martha, [TD]
Hirons, Martha, d. 12 Apr 1885, age 65yr, w/o John, [TD]
Holland, Joseph, d. 17 Nov 1861, age 49yr, [TD]
Jackson, John, d. 23 Jul 1842, age 48, [TD]
Jennings, Elizabeth, d. 30 Jun 1848, age 13yr, d/o Josiah, [TD]
Jennings, Josiah, d. 14 Jun 1848, age 40yr, [TD]
Jones, Edmund Henry, d. 23 Jun 1887 at Walsgrave, age 66yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Jones, Elizabeth, d. 23 Jan 1874, age 42yr, d/o Robert and Frances Campton, bur in Highgate Cemetary, [TD]
Liggins, Ann, d. 28 Mar 1865yr, w/o John, [TD]
Liggins, John, d. 26 Oct 1865, age 69yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Liggins, William, d. at Anstey 25 Apr 1883, age 60, [TD]
Lister, Emily Elizabeth Izon, d. 20 Mar 1929, age 90yr, w/o James Brown Lister, and widow of Edward Robinson, Vicar of Yaverland, I.O.W, [TD]
Lister, James Brown, d. 29 Oct 1871, age 31yr, of Dunsa Bank, Yorkshire, see Charlotte Brown, [TD]
Lockington, Elizabeth, d. 10 Mar 1861, m/o John, [TD]
Lockington, John, d. Engine 26 Mar 1861, killed by Railway , [TD]
Newbold, Elizabeth, d. 22 Nov 1837, age 5yr, d/o Francis, [TD]
Newbold, Francis, d. 15 Feb 1836, age 35yr, [TD]
Newbold, Hannah, d. 13 Aug 1851, age 22yr, d/o francis, [TD]
Newbold, Sarah, d. 12 Nov 1837, age 3yr, d/o Francis, [TD]
Orton, Anne, d. 3 Apr 1888, age 24yr, d/o William and Hannah, [TD]
Orton, Hannah, d. 4 Jan 1894, Relict of William, [TD]
Orton, William Orme, d. 27 Sep 1882, age 52yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Parsons, Charles Henry, d. 13 Nov 1878, age 77yr, M.R.C.S. of Shilton, h/o Jane, [TD]
Parsons, Jane, d. 7 Aug 1906, age 83yr, w/o Charles Henry, [TD]
Patchett, Joseph Smith, d. 29 Nov 1884, age 76yr, h/o Sarah Elizabeth, [TD]
Patchett, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 28 Oct 1884, age 72yr, w/o Joseph Smith Patchett, [TD]
Payne, Alfred Joseph, d. 2 Apr 1852, age 33yr, [TD]
Payne, Elizabeth, d. 28 Nov 1854, age 67yr, m/o Alfred Joseph, [TD]
Phipps, Elizabeth, d. 5 Dec 1854, age 57yr, [TD]
Phipps, John, d. 26 Aug 1851, age 50yr, [TD]
Pickard, Elizabeth, d. 20 Feb 1850, age 38yr, w/o William, [TD]
Pickard, Job, d. 14 Nov 1873, age 73yr, h/o Susannah, [TD]
Pickard, Susannah, d. 6 Sep 1870, age 84yr, w/o Job, [TD]
Pickard, William, d. 15 Nov 1856, age 52yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Pickard, William, d. 31 Dec 1852, age 72, [TD]
Smith, Clara, d. 9 Aug 1885, age 20yr, d/o George and Harriet, [TD]
Smith, Elizabeth Adcock, d. 23 Dec 1848, age 20yr, d/o Thomas and Mary, [TD]
Smith, Elizabeth, d. 6 Jan 1841, 2nd w/o Thomas, [TD]
Smith, Ellen, d. 6 Oct 1886, age 19yr, d/o George and Harriet, [TD]
Smith, George, d. 13 Jan 1879, age 45yr, h/o Harriet, [TD]
Smith, Giles, d. 3 Jan 1854, age 37yr, h/o Tamar, [TD]
Smith, Harriet, d. 9 Nov 1912, age 75yr, w/o George, [TD]
Smith, Harry, d. 3 Oct 1884, age 14yr, s/o George and Harriet, [TD]
Smith, Joseph, d. 28 Sep 1814, age 65yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Smith, Mary, d. 17 Jul 1831. Age 33yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Smith, Sarah, d. 8 Feb 1797, age 49yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Smith, Tamar, d. 13 Apr 1851, age 36yr, w/o Giles, [TD]
Steane, Alice, d. 25 Mar 1833, age 66yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Steane, Joseph, d. 11 Jun 1854, age 84, of Sowe Waste, h/o Alice, [TD]
Thacker, Ann, d. 12 Sep 1878, age 68yr, w/o William, [TD]
Thacker, William, d. 7 Dec 1872, age 71yr, For upwards of 30 years leader of the choir, and 15 years Clerk to this Parish, [TD]
Townsend, Ann, d. 30 Aug 1856, age 74yr, w/o John Diamond of Swansea, see Lister, [TD]
Tuckey, Eliza, d. 23 Apr 1840, age 8yr 11mo, d/of Christopher and Sarah, [TD]
Tuckey, George, d. 27 Dec 1857 India, age 25yr, s/o Christopher and Sarah, died from wounds received at the Siege of Delhi, [TD]
Tuckey, Joseph, d. 24 Jul 1841, age 55yr, h/o Sophie, [TD]
Tuckey, Mary Ann, d. 2 Oct 1843, age 3, [TD]
Tuckey, Sarah Sophia, d. 13 Mar 1841, age 6yr 8mo,, [TD]
Tuckey, Sarah, d. 12 May 1851, age 53yr, w/o Christopher, [TD]
Tuckey, Sophia, d. 23 Sep 1880, age 58yr, d/o Joseph and Sophie, [TD]
Tuckey, Sophie, d. 15 Apr 1859, age 75yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Walden, John, d. 26 Sep 1861, age 27yr, [TD]
Wale, Sarah, d. 13 Jun 1886, age 85yr, w/o William, [TD]
Wale, William, d. 31 Mar 1865, age 71yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Walker, Clara, d. 7 Mar 1882, age 21yr, d/o Thomas and Eliza, s/w William and Elizabeth Pickard, [TD]
Walker, Edna, d. in infancy, d/o Luke, [TD]
Walker, Elizabeth, d. in infancy, d/o Luke, [TD]
Walker, Hannah, d. 28 Jan 1912, age 90yr, w/o Luke, [TD]
Walker, Luke, d. 13 Jun 1857, age 59, [TD]
Walker, Luke, d. 27 Feb 186?, age ?34yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Walker, Sarah Ann, no dates, age 25yr, d/o Luke, [TD]
Walker, Thomas, d. 30 Apr 1865, age 80yr, Of Woodway Lane, Sowe, [TD]
Watson, Emma, d. 20 Dec 1909, age 76yr, w/o William, [TD]
Watson, John, d. 23 Jun 1856, age 72yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Watson, Mary, d. 12 Jan 1859, age 57yr, w/o John, [TD]
Watson, William, d. 13 Mar 1912, age 83yr, h/o Emma, [TD]
Watts, Harry, d. 25 Jan 1813, age 28yr, [TD]
Watts, Harry, d. 26 Jul 1836, age 23yr, s/o Harry, [TD]
Whillem, Albert, b. 16 Jul 1832, d. 3 Mar 1871, bro/o Anne and Christopher, [TD]
Whillem, Anne, b. 19 Nov 1858, d. 26 Jul ?1880. , [TD]
Whillem, Christopher, b. 27 Mar 1837, d. 8 Oct 1884, bro/o Anne and Albert, [TD]
Woottin, Mary, d. 10 Oct ?1870, w/o William, [TD]
Woottin, William, d. 13 Apr 1777, age ?32yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Worrall, Eliza, d. 15 Dec 1902, age 68yr, w/o Richard, [TD]
Worrall, Richard, d. 21 Jan 1886, age 52yr, h/o Eliza, [TD]

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