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All Saints Parish Churchyard
Attleborough, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 140.

Contributor's Index:

Baker, Arthur, d. 19 Jul 1884, age 48yr, bro/o Ann Neale, [TD]
Baker, Elizabeth, d. 26 Jun 1900, age 63yr, w/o John, [TD]
Baker, George, d. 7 Feb 1883, age 79yr, h/o Jane, [TD]
Baker, Hannah, d. 12 Feb 1895, age 68yr, w/o William, [TD]
Baker, Jane, d. 27 Jan 1877, age 71yr, w/o George, [TD]
Baker, John, d. 10 Mar 1879, age 39yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Baker, William, d. 20 Jul 1877, age 43yr, of Mill Farm, Arburyyr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Baldwin, Mary, d. 17 Jul 1881, age 34yr, w/o E. A. Baldwin, schoolmaster of this place, [TD]
Ball, Letitia, d. 30 Sep 1886, age 86yr, d/o Thomas, [TD]
Balston, Mary Ann, d. 11 Mar 1875, age 66yr, w/o William, [TD]
Balston, William, d. 6 Jul 1870, age 77yr, h/o Mary Ann, [TD]
Bolus, Dorcas, d. 7 Dec 1867, age 61yr, [TD]
Brindley, Jane, d. 7 Jan 1922, age 94yr, w/o John, [TD]
Brindley, John, d. 16 Apr 1889, age 66yr, h/o Jane, [TD]
Brown, Ebeneezer, d. 30 Apr 1905, age 76yr, [TD]
Brown, Frances Helen, d. in infancy, d/o Ebeneezer, [TD]
Brown, Lily, d. 8 Oct 1888, age 8mo, d/o Ebeneezer, [TD]
Cannon, Ann, d. 14 May 1879, age 76yr, [TD]
Croft, Benjamin, d. 23 Oct 1852, age 48yr, Died at Griggsville, N. Americayr, h/o Mary Ann. Tomb, [TD]
Croft, Edwin, d. 17 Jan 1865, age 27yr. s/o Benjamin and Mary Ann. Tomb, [TD]
Croft, Jane, d. 17 Nov 1859, age 19yr, d/o Benjamin and Mary Ann. Tomb, [TD]
Croft, Mary Ann, d. 11 Jun 1882, age 72yr, w/o Benjamin, Tomb, [TD]
Daniel, Fanny, d. 11 Feb 1860, age 5, d/o William and Mary Ann, [TD]
Daniel, William Henry, d. 24 Oct 1877, age 25yr. s/o William and Mary Ann, [TD]
Dorden, Elizabeth, d. 8 Apr 1847, age 4, d/o William and Jane, [TD]
Evarard, Elizabeth, d. 12 Sep 1852, age 56yr, w/o William of Quarry House, Attleborough, [TD]
Fletcher, Elizabeth, d. 15 Mar 1853, age 70yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Fletcher, Thomas, d. 11 Jan 1864, age 85yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Flowers, Helen Maria, d. 17 Sep 1891, age 59yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Flowers, Thomas, d. 21 Sep 1896, age 67yr, h/o Helen Maria, [TD]
Food, Sarah, d. 27 Dec 1857, age 63yr, Same grave as Moses Nixon, [TD]
Fortescue, Mary A. J., d. 1 Dec 1884, age 62yr, [TD]
Freer, Isaac, d. 19 Feb 1880, age 54yr, h/o Mary, died at his daughter's residence in Manchester, [TD]
Freer, Mary, d. 5 Jun 1878, age 55yr, w/o Isaac, [TD]
Garratt, Martha, d. 20 Feb 1860, age 85yr, [TD]
Garratt, Zephaniah, d. 17 Dec 1849, age 84yr, [TD]
Glenn, Frank John, b. 2 Jun 1875, d. 27 Aug 1875, [TD]
Glenn, Sarah, d. 23 Aug 1881, age 77yr, w/o William, [TD]
Glenn, William, d. 6 Nov 1867, age 66yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Green, Ann, d. 30 Mar 1881, age 37yr, d/o James and Catherine, [TD]
Green, Catherine, d. 27 Sep 1899, age 77yr, w/o James, [TD]
Green, James, d. 24 Sep 1877, age 58yr, h/o Catherine, [TD]
Gudgeon, Ann, b. 22 Jan 1821, d. 19 Jun 1905, [TD]
Gudgeon, Thomas, b. 5 May 1828, d. 21 Apr 1882, [TD]
Hackett, Joshua, d. 29 May 1891, age 63yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Hackett, Mary, d. 3 May 1908, age 80yr, w/o Joshua, [TD]
Hammond, Fanny, d. 4 Dec 1859, age 76yr, w/o William, [TD]
Hammond, William, d. 20 Apr 1850, age 75yr, h/o Fanny, [TD]
Hancock, Hannah, d. 20 Sep 1860, age 17yr, d/o Mary, [TD]
Hancock, Mary, d. 7 May 1871, age 61yr, w/o William, [TD]
Hand, Annie, d. 1 Nov 1884, age 49yr, w/o William, [TD]
Hand, James, d. 12 Sep 1870, age 64, of White Stone Houseyr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Hand, Mary, d. 19 Apr 1875, age 70yr, died at Nuneaton, wife of James, [TD]
Hand, William James, d. 6 Jan 1871, age 36yr, of Burton Fieldsyr, h/o Annie, [TD]
Harris, Elizabeth, d. 19 Nov 1869, age 74yr, w/o William. Parish Clerk for 28 years, [TD]
Harris, John, d. 27 Aug 1901, age 80yr, h/o Martha, [TD]
Harris, Martha, d. 23 Jul 1886, age 64yr, w/o John, [TD]
Harris, William, d. 26 Oct 1870, age 76yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Haylor, Charles, d. 26 Dec 1871, age 53yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Haylor, Emma, d. 1 May 1875, age 23, d/o Charles and Sarah, [TD]
Haylor, Sarah, d. 3 Dec 1894, age 76yr, w/o Charles, [TD]
Heginbotham, Sarah Ann, d. 26 Nov 1880, age 34yr, h/o William, d/o John and Jane Brindley, [TD]
Jobson, Jane, d. 19 Mar 1885, age 43yr, w/o Robert, [TD]
Killingsworth, Samuel, d. 11 Nov 1864, age 44yr, [TD]
Kinder, Ann, d. 4 Jun 1882, age 42yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Kinder, Joseph, d. 12 Aug 1914, age 87yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Kinder, Samuel, d. 9 Jun 1886, age 84yr, [TD]
Knight, Catherine, b. 24 Jul 1864, d. 20 Jun 1916yr, w/o John, [TD]
Knight, Charles, d. 8 Nov 1848, age 29yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Knight, John, d. 2 Feb 1946, [TD]
Knight, Sarah, d. 28 Jul 1872, age 53yr, w/o Charles, [TD]
Knight, Walter George, son of John and Catherine, died in infancy, [TD]
Leake, Reginald John, b. 8 Dec 1889. Died 29 May 1892, s/o George and Elizabeth, [TD]
Leeson, Harriett Elizabeth, d. 13 Jul 1887, age 15yr, d/o Samuel and Mary Ann, [TD]
Lester, Jane, d. 19 Mar 1884, age 65yr, w/o Thomas, Auctioneer, [TD]
Lester, Thomas, d. 14 Dec 1893, age 79yr, h/o Jane, [TD]
Lester, Thomas, d. 24 Jan 1831 in infancy, [TD]
Lilley, Deborah, d. 4 Jul 1859, age 19, [TD]
Lovell, Hephzibah, d. 26 Dec 1872, age 59yr, w/o Thomas. Croft Tomb, [TD]
Lovell, Thomas, d. 23 Apr 1899, age 85yr, h/o Hephzibah. Croft Tomb, [TD]
Marley, Caroline, d. 30 May 1851, age 13. 3rd daughter of William Norris and Martha, [TD]
Marley, Deborah Sarah, d. 13 Aug 1851, age 17yr, d/o William Norris and Martha. Grand daughter of John White, Gent of Fillongley, [TD]
Marley, William Norris, d. 19 Mar 1857, age 46yr, h/o Martha, [TD]
Mason, Emma Rosannah, d. 1 Jan 1903, age 48yr, died at Grange over Sands. Same grave as Rosannah Nixon, [TD]
Neale, Ann, d. 13 Jan 1892, age 62yr, sister of Arthur Baker, [TD]
Nixon, Elizabeth Ann, d. 25 Dec 1863, d/o Joshua, [TD]
Nixon, John, d. 7 Sep 1859, age 2yr, [TD]
Nixon, Moses, d. 24 Feb 1864, age 21yr, died Colombo, Ceylon, H.M. 25th Regiment Foot K.O.B, [TD]
Nixon, Moses, d. 8 Oct 1858, age 45yr, Same grave as Sarah Food, [TD]
Nixon, Rosannah, b. 1 Dec 1818. Died 9 Jan 1890. Widow of Moses, [TD]
Nixon, Thomas, d. 9 Dec 1862, age 17yr, [TD]
Palmer, Ann, b. 11 Apr 1818. Died 18 Jul 1894, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Palmer, Frederick Joseph, b. 18 Feb 1841, d. 14 Mar 1874, [TD]
Palmer, John Scrivener, b. 20 Mar 1843, d. 23 Mar 1904yr. s/o Joseph and Ann, [TD]
Palmer, Joseph, d. 3 Jul 1813. Died 2 Dec 1895, h/o Ann, [TD]
Paul, Ann, d. 13 May 1866, age 44yr, w/o Ezra, [TD]
Paul, Bathsheba, d. 4 Nov 1915, age 96yr. s/o Ezra and Ann, [TD]
Paul, Dorcas, d. 23 May 1866, age 89yr, w/o Hosea, [TD]
Paul, Ezra, d. 6 Apr 1904, age 86yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Paul, Hosea, d. 12 Dec 1845, age 67yr, h/o Dorcas, [TD]
Paul, Naomi, d. 20 Jul 1853, age 47yr, d/o Hosea and Dorcas, [TD]
Quirk, Maria, d. 21 Mar 1874, age 55yr, w/o Rev. James R. Rector of Blandford Forum, Dorset. 12 years incumbent of this Parish, [TD]
Randle, Thomas, d. 16 Dec 1872, age 33yr, s/o John and Hannah, [TD]
Redhead, Mary Ann, d. 23 Jul 1888, age 68yr, Widow of the Late Thomas, of Sheepy Magna, [TD]
Robottom, Joseph, d. 14 Jun 1871, age 66yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Robottom, Sarah, d. 23 May 1858, age 22yr, d/o Benjamin and Hannah, [TD]
Robottom, William Henry, d. 11 Oct 1857, age 18yr. s/o Joseph and Elizabeth, [TD]
Rose, Mary Rosina, d. 27 Aug 1883, age 22yr, [TD]
Rose, Mary, b. 27 Sep 1826, d. 13 Mar 1911, [TD]
Rowley, Elizabeth, d. 14 Feb 1910, age 85yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Rowley, Thomas, d. 24 May 1875, age 50yr, of Attleboroughyr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Shaw, Ann, d. 20 Apr 1818, age 46yr, w/o Josiah. Croft Tomb, [TD]
Shaw, Elizabeth, d. 25 Nov 1849, age 76yr, 2nd wife of Josiah. Croft Tomb, [TD]
Shaw, Josiah Gent, d. 8 Jan 1857, age 87yr, Croft Tomb, [TD]
Skinner, John, d. 8 Feb 1872, age 72yr, h/o Maria, [TD]
Skinner, Maria, d. 8 Apr 1891, age 84yr, w/o John, [TD]
Skinner, Mary, d. 29 May 1848, age 72, of Navenby, Lincs, [TD]
Smart, Hannah, d. 19 Jun 1866, age 69yr, w/o Nathaniel, [TD]
Smart, Nathaniel, d. 1 Sep 1860, age 69yr, h/o Hannah, of Attleborough Quarry, [TD]
Smith, Mary, d. 4 Apr 1902, age 79yr, [TD]
Smith, Thomas, d. 15 Mar 1889, age 64yr, [TD]
Summers, Mary Jane, d. 2 Nov 1888, age 61yr, w/o Timothy, [TD]
Summers, Timothy, d. 2 Sep 1900, age 70yr, h/o Mary Jane, [TD]
Taylor, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jun 1858, age 35yr, w/o William, [TD]
Thomas, Ann, d. 12 Jul 1891, age 57yr, Same grave as Ann Wilson, [TD]
Thomas, Mary Ann Strangward, d. 21 Feb 1921, age 86yr, w/o Rev. John, [TD]
Thomas, Rev. John M.A., d. 16 Jan 1888, age 65yr, 24 years Vicar of this Parishyr, h/o Mary Ann Strangward, [TD]
Thompson, Amy Sarah, d. 25 Feb 1857, age 2yr, Eldest daughter of Joseph and Maria, [TD]
Thompson, Ann, d. 2 Dec 1910, age 70yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Thompson, John, d. 30 Mar 1870, age 6yr, Only son of John and Mary Swain, [TD]
Thompson, Joseph Dixon, d. 23 Sep 1869, age 9yr, s/o Joseph and Maria, [TD]
Thompson, Joseph, d. 30 Jun 1896, age 67yr, [TD]
Thompson, Maria, d. 13 May 1864, age 35yr, w/o Joseph, Farmer of this place, [TD]
Vernon, Fanny, d. 14 Aug 1877, age 13yr, d/o John and Mary, [TD]
Wagstaff, William, d. 1 Apr 1882, age 63yr, s/o William and Maria, [TD]
Wagstaffe, Alice Marriott, d. 18 May 1881, age 11yr, [TD]
Wagstaffe, Maria Marlow, d. 31 Jul 1861, age 76yr, w/o William, [TD]
Wagstaffe, William, d. 2 Jun 1856, age 71yr, h/o Maria, [TD]
Ward, Ann, d. 31 Jan 1850, age 49yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Wilson, Ann, d. 26 Mar 1917, age 56yr, Same grave as Ann Thomas, [TD]

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