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All Saints Churchyard
Allesley, Warwickshire, England

Allesley Old Road, Coventry

There are many ancient sandstone headstones, which are indecipherable, due to Nature's natural erosion, and many burials with no signpost to their existence.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 263.

Contributor's Index:

??, E.B., d. Oct 02, 1780, age 20yr, [TD]
Amos, Mary Elizabeth, d. Feb 08, 1859, age 36yr, d/o Elizabeth and William Turner, [TD]
Arnold, Ann, d. Feb 21, 1889, age 86yr, w/o John, [TD]
Arnold, John, d. Sep 15, 1859, age 74yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Barrs, Ann, d. Apr 12, 1850, age 67yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Barrs, Joseph, d. Dec 15, 1847, age 68yr, s/w wife Ann, [TD]
Bedford, Fanny, d. Nov 29, 1888, age 75yr, w/o Revd Charles, [TD]
Bedford, Revd. Charles, d. 11 Apr 1878, age 61yr, h/o Fanny, [TD]
Beresford, Jane, d. May 14, 1880, age 65yr, [TD]
Blithe, Francis, d. 1734, s/o Francis and Jane, [TD]
Blithe, Francis, d. 1738, h/o Jane Younge, [TD]
Blithe, Jane Younge, d. 1743, w/o Francis, [TD]
Blithe, Mary, d. Aug 19, 1659, w/o Francis Blithe, Gent of this Parish, d/o Sir Thomas Hesilrig of Nosely, Leics, [TD]
Blithe, Samuel Gent, d. 1684, [TD]
Blithe, Younge, d. 1735, s/o Francis and Jane, [TD]
Boughton, Dorothy, d. 15 Apr 1688, w/o Humphry of Allesley, Gent, d/o John Lacon of W Coppice, [TD]
Boughton, Humphry, d. Apr 11, 1703, age: 46yr, h/o Dorothy, [TD]
Branston, George, d. Jul 22, 1875, age 65yr, [TD]
Bree, Elizabeth Mallory, d. 1826, w/o William, [TD]
Bree, Revd. Thomas, d. Jun 27, --, age 58yr, Rector of this Parish, [TD]
Bree, William, d. 1822, h/o Elizabeth Mallory, 3rd Bree Rector, [TD]
Bunney, Frances, d. Jan 14, 1839, age 74yr, sis/o Mary Elizabeth Wright, [TD]
Burger, Phoebe Killick, d. Jul 03, 1881, age 40yr, [TD]
Burton, James Burton, indecipherable, Burton tomb, [TD]
Burton, Mary, d. Mar 25, 1848, d/o William, Burton tomb, [TD]
Burton, Sarah, d. Aug 17, 1830, age: 97yr, relict of James Burton, Burton tomb, [TD]
Burton, Sarah, d. Jun 07, 1839, age 42yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Burton, Thomas, d. 18 Feb 1836, age 44yr, s/w Sarah, [TD]
Burton, William, d. May 12, 1857, age IXXI yr, s/o James, Burton tomb, [TD]
Cheslin, Edward, d. Aug 25, 1835, age 70yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Cheslin, Elizabeth, d. Sep 13, 1830, age 60yr, w/o Edward Cheslin, [TD]
Cheslin, John, 1773, [TD]
Cheswin, Ann Maria, d. Jul 24, 1815, age 14yr, d/o Edward and Elizabeth Cheswin, [TD]
Cheswin, Harriott, d. Jan 21, 1825, age 18yr, d/o Edward and Elizabeth Cheswin, [TD]
Clarke, Elizabeth, d. Nov 10, 1811, age 23yr, w/o William Clarke, [TD]
Cole, William Cole, d. 1716, age: 81yr, Doctor of Physick, [TD]
Collins, Catherine, d. 11 Feb 1827, Relict of the Late Rev Simon, [TD]
Collins, Catherine, d. 18 May 1841, d/o Catherine and Rev Simon, [TD]
Cotton, Elizabeth, d. 21 Oct 1813, d/o Elizabeth and William Cotton, [TD]
Cotton, Mary, d. Apr 08, 1833, age 61yr, s/w Elizabeth, w/o William Cotton, [TD]
Cotton, William, d. 17 Aug 1853, age 67yr, h/o & s/w Elizabeth, [TD]
Cox, Joseph, d. Sep 17, 1836, age 66yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Cox, Mary, d. Oct 28, 1844, age 80yr, w/o Joseph Cox, [TD]
Deeming, Ann, d. 28 May 1844, age 78yr, wife of John Deeming, [TD]
Deeming, Elizabeth, d. 18 Dec 1845, age: 80yr, w/o John, [TD]
Deeming, John, d. 18 Dec 1845, age 80yr, late of Coundon, [TD]
Deeming, John, d. 26 Jan 1848, age 80yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Dickinson, Dorothy, d. Sep 20, 1855, age 74yr, w/o John Dickinson, of the Mount close to the church, [TD]
Dix, Mary, d. May 29, 1845, age 86yr, Late of Coventry, [TD]
Docker, Ann Docker, w/o Samuel, rest indecipherable, [TD]
Docker, Elizabeth, d. 29 Nov 1852, age 76yr, s/w William Smith, [TD]
Docker, Elizabeth, d. Jan 07, 1893, age 93yr, w/o William, [TD]
Docker, John, d. 23 Apr 1854, age 47yr, Docker tomb, [TD]
Docker, John, d. Mar 20, 1881, Docker tomb, [TD]
Docker, Mary Add, d. Dec ????, age: 5yr, sis/o John who d. 1881, Docker tomb, [TD]
Docker, Mary, d. 24 Feb 1875, age 61yr, w/o John, Docker tomb, [TD]
Docker, Samuel, d. Mar ?? ????, [TD]
Docker, William Smith, d. 09 Apr 1840, age: 61yr, s/w Elizabeth, [TD]
Docker, William, d. 1 Oct 1906, age 67yr, s/o John and Mary, Docker tomb, [TD]
Docker, William, d. Jan 27, 1860, age: 59yr, s/w Elizabeth his wife, [TD]
Dodwell, Ann Underhill, d. Feb 26, 1854, age 76yr, [TD]
Dodwell, Richard, d. 08 Dec 1834, age 79yr, s/w Ann Underhill, [TD]
Ebourn, Anne, d. Feb 06, 1699, age: 36yr, w/o William Ebourn, m/o 2 sons and 3, [TD]
Ebourn, Katherine, d. May 12, 1704, age: 11yr, d/o William and Anne, [TD]
Ebourn, Mrs. Katherine, d. May 11, 1702, age: 77yr, w/o Richard Ebourn of this Parish, [TD]
Ebourn, Richard, bur. 19 Jun 1680, age: 16yr, of this parish, buried by his uncle, [TD]
Ebourn, William Esq, d. Nov 11, 1699, age: 32yr, s/o Richard Ebourn, [TD]
Ebourne, Anne, d. Jul 06, 1695, age: 56yr, w/o William, [TD]
Eburne, Jane, d. Jun 08, 1880, age 26yr, w/o W.E. Eburne, [TD]
Falconbridge, Elizabeth, d. Feb 02, 1873, age 64yr, w/o John, [TD]
Falconbridge, John, d. Feb 14, 1878, age 82yr, with his wife Elizabeth, [TD]
Faulconbridge, Joseph, d. Aug 1851, age 56yr, [TD]
Faulconbridge, Mary, d. Jul 1868, age 74yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Flynt, Martha, d. Jul 01, 1708, age: 69yr, w/o Thomas Sr, [TD]
Flynt, Thomas Jr, b. 6da after Thomas Sr's death, d. 1691, age: 22yr, bur. by his father, [TD]
Flynt, Thomas Sr, d. 1670, age 57yr, Serjeant at Law, Lord of this Mannour, and patron of this church, h/o #1 Anne Thornton, no issue and #2 Martha Greswold, [TD]
Freeman, David, d. Dec 11 1850, age 20yr, [TD]
Garlick, Maria, d. Jan 03, 1881, age 85yr, w/o William, [TD]
Garlick, Mary Jeffcoat, d. Sep 15, 1825, age 56yr, d/o William and Maria Garlick, [TD]
Garlick, William, d. Apr 14, 1839, age 42yr, [TD]
Giashbourn, Charlotte, d. Mar 29, 1879, age 49yr, w/o John Giashbourn, of Pickford, [TD]
Gibson, Edward Frederick, d. Apr 11, 1852, age 5mo, s/o the Rev. Edward & ? Sabine Gibson, his wife, [TD]
Gibson, Mary Ann, d. May 23, 1843, age 35yr, w/o Rev. E. Gibson, [TD]
Gibson, Mary, d. 14 Jun 1845, age 13mo, d/o Mary Ann and Rev E, [TD]
Gibson, Matthew, d. 28 Jul 1846, age 89yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Gibson, Sarah, d. 06 Dec 1847, age 76yr, w/o Matthew, [TD]
Goode, Caroline, d. Aug 08, 1863, age 2yr, [TD]
Goode, Catherine Ann, d. December 19th, 1837, age 5yr, d/o George and Elizabeth, [TD]
Goode, Charles, d. Dec 15, 1845, age 7yr, s/o George and Elizabeth, [TD]
Goode, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. Oct 04, 1859, age 72yr, w/o Richard Holland Goode, [TD]
Goode, Elizabeth, d. May 20, 1850, age 51yr, w/o George Goode, [TD]
Goode, George, d. Feb 19, 1882, age 85yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Greswold, Anne, relict of Thomas, d/o Robert Chester, [TD]
Grimes, Maria, d. Jul 02, 1861, age 54yr, w/o Daniel Grimes, d/o Thomas and Marie, [TD]
Harber, Joseph, d. Apr 07, 1854, age 62yr, [TD]
Harber, Rebecca, d. Dec 03, 1845, age 12yr, [TD]
Harber, Sarah, d. Nov 18, 1851, age 26yr, [TD]
Harware, Mary, d. 1665, relict of Samuel of Stoke, Gent, [TD]
Haynes, Ellen Sarah Caroline, d. 9th Feb. 1858, age 13yr, grand-daughter of Sarah & John Haynes, [TD]
Haynes, John Benton, d. Oct 30, 1856, age 67yr, [TD]
Haynes, Sarah, d. Jul 17, 1886, age 92yr, w/o John Benton, [TD]
Hewitt, Ann, d. Jun 25, 1863, age 62yr, d/o Margaret and Jonathan, [TD]
Hewitt, Jonathan, d. Dec 25, 1824, age 63yr, h/o Margaret, [TD]
Hewitt, Margaret, d. Dec 11, 1853, age 98yr, w/o Jonathan, [TD]
Hewitt, William, d. 24 Dec 1821, age 29yr, [TD]
Hodgetts, B. Hodgetts, d. May 01, 1844, h/o Elizabeth, Hodgetts tomb, [TD]
Hodgetts, E. Hodgetts, d. May 6th, 1833, Hodgetts tomb, [TD]
Hodgetts, Elizabeth, d. Dec 03, 1869, age 71yr, d/o B and E, Hodgetts tomb, [TD]
Hodgetts, Mary, d. Oct 17, 1864, age 76yr, eldest d/o Booth and Elizabeth, Hodgetts tomb, [TD]
Hoilley?, John, d. Jun 14, 1820, age 75yr, [TD]
Hoilley?, Mrs John, d. Dec 27, 1816, age 79yr, [TD]
Hollick, Ann, d. Aug 18, 1901 at Eastern Green, age 88yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Hollick, John, d. Aug 18, 1857, age 3yr, s/o Joseph and Ann Hollick, [TD]
Hollick, Joseph, d. Apr 26, 1890 at Eastern Green, age 79yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Hollick, Joseph, d. Nov 18, 1846, age 3yr, d/o Joseph and Ann Hollick, [TD]
Hollick, Mary Ann, d. May 24, 1847, age 8yr, s/o Joseph and Ann Hollick, [TD]
Homer, Mary, d. Mar 03, 1859, age 90yr, d/o John Wakelin, w/o Joseph Homer, [TD]
Hughes, Andrew, d. Mar 26, 1844, age 76yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Hughes, Infant, no dates, child of Mary and Andrew died in infancy, [TD]
Hughes, Mary, d. Jun 25, 1830, age 62yr, w/o Andrew Hughes of Coventry, [TD]
Hyde, Thomas, d. Mar 28, 1834, age 47yr, [TD]
Jackman, William, d. Jun 12, 1889, age 30yr, [TD]
Jeffcoatt, William and Mary, rest is hidden beneath the soil, [TD]
Jenkins, Caroline, d. in their childhood, s/w Edward, [TD]
Jenkins, Edward, d. in their childhood, s/w Caroline, [TD]
Jordan, Edward, Apr 15, ?, unable to read more, ancient stone, [TD]
Jordan, Edward, d. Sep 10, 1833, age 54yr, [TD]
Jordon, Bessey, d. Jul 06, 1834, age 68yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Jordon, Charles Jordon, d. Apr 12, 1890, age 81yr, [TD]
Jordon, Edward Jordon, d. Jun 09, 1819, age 51yr, [TD]
Jordon, Elizabeth, d. Oct 19, 1805, age 10yr, with Joseph and Bessey, [TD]
Jordon, Joseph, d. May 21, 1858, age 91yr, s/w Bessey his wife, [TD]
Jordon, Sarah, d. May 27, 1806, age 13yr, with Joseph and Bessey, [TD]
Jordon, Thomas, d. Dec 24, 1811, age 8yr, with Joseph and Bessey, [TD]
Kemp, Mary, d. Apr 16, 1895, age 78yr, w/o Thomas Kemp of Oak Tree Cottage, Allesley, [TD]
Kemp, Thomas, d. Jan 17, 1915, age 93yr, [TD]
Laband, Dorothy, d. Jul 16, 1817, age 29yr, d/o William and Dorothy Laband, [TD]
Laband, Dorothy, d. Apr 15, 1832, age 84yr, w/o William, [TD]
Laband, William, d. Jun 04, 1828, age 86yr, s/w Dorothy his wife, [TD]
Lancaster, Euphemia Margaret Lindsay, d. Jun 05, 1922 Broadstone, Dorset, w/o & tomb with Robert Lancaster, [TD]
Lancaster, Maud, d. Jul 25, 1920, d/o Euphemia and Robert, tomb with parents, [TD]
Lancaster, Robert, b. Apr 21, 1843, d. Feb 01, 1882, Capt 4th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, s/o John Lancaster Esq. of Bilton Grange and Allesley Park, tomb with Euphemia his wife, [TD]
Lant, Ann, d. Nov 18, 1789, age 79yr, bur. by Joshua, her husb., [TD]
Lant, Joseph, d. Mar 28, 1808, age 58yr, s/w Mary, [TD]
Lant, Joshua, d. Dec 08, 1834/5 in London, age: 62yr, [TD]
Lant, Joshua, d. Oct 30, 1853, age: 45yr, bur. by his wife Ann, [TD]
Lant, Mary Lant, d. Aug 20, 1812, age 70yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Lant, Mary, d. Nov 04, 1848, relict of Thomas, [TD]
Lant, Thomas Jr, d. Oct 14, 1894, age 21yr, [TD]
Lant, Thomas, d. Nov 30, 1808, age 70yr, tomb with Mary, [TD]
Lees, Charles Denston, d. Jul 05, 1889, age 50yr, [TD]
Lees, Harry, d. Nov 16, 1878, age 44yr, h/o Mary Ann, [TD]
Lees, Mary Ann, d. Aug 16, 1890, age 59yr, w/o Harry, [TD]
Lewis, Hellen, d. Feb 17, 1845, 6mo, d/o William and Eleanor Lewis, [TD]
Lewis, William, d. 10 Mar 1842, age 33yr, [TD]
Liggins, Deborah, d. Nov 25, 1817, age 62yr, [TD]
Liggins, William, d. Aug 13, 1818, age 66yr, [TD]
Lloyd, Ann, d. Jan 06, 1861, age 71yr, [TD]
Lowe, Nathaniel, d. Mar 11, 1834, age 59yr, [TD]
Lowe, Susanna, d. 20 May 1868, age 81yr, relict of Nathaniel, [TD]
Mattock, John, d. 1669, s/w his wife Judith, [TD]
Mattock, Judith, d. 1665, w/o John, [TD]
Millis, Joseph, d. May 30, 1819, age 74yr, h/o Sarah Millis, [TD]
Millis, Sarah, d. Dec 25, 1839, age 58yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Minnie Kirby, b. 25 Oct 1843, d. 18 Jan 1880., [TD]
Morris, Hannah, no dates, illegible ancient weathered sand headstone, [TD]
Morris, Mary, d. May 07, 1864, age 88yr, w/o William Morris., [TD]
Morris, William, d. Apr 04, 1845, age 67yr, h/o Mary Morris, [TD]
Mullis, Mary, d. Apr 02, 1844, age 74yr, [TD]
Neale, Ann Maria, d, Sep 03, 1695, d/o Henry Esq & Anna Maria Neale, s/by Mary, [TD]
Neale, Mary, d. Dec 19 1695, d/o Henry Esq & Anna Maria Neale, s/by Ann Maria, [TD]
North, Ann, d. 26 Feb 1826, age 71yr, w/o William, [TD]
North, William, d. Oct 13, 1825, age 71yr, [TD]
Oakley, Ann, d. 15 Aug 1854, age 21yr, d/o George Oakley, [TD]
Oakley, Charles, d. 09 Oct 1841, age 43yr, [TD]
Oakley, Emma Elizabeth, d. 05 May 1843, age 18yr, [TD]
Oakley, Frederick William, d. 24 Mar 1870, age 55yr, son of late Charles Oakley, [TD]
Oakley, Harriet, d. 06 Jun 1843, age 14yr, d/o Charles, [TD]
Oakley, Thomas, d. 28 Mar 1844, age 12yr, s/o Emma Elizabeth, [TD]
Ossop, Sarah, d. 1701, relict of Thomas Ossop, late Rector of Hathern, Leicester, /o Samuel Harware, [TD]
Oxwicke, Joyce, d. 1701, relict of William Oxwicke of Cassagethal Merioneth, d/o Samuel Harware, [TD]
Pagget, Mary, d. Apr 20, 18--, age 24yr, [TD]
Parker, John, d. Aug 28, 1792, age 69yr, h/o Lucy, [TD]
Parker, Lucy, d. Apr 29, 1826, age 99yr, w/o John Park, [TD]
Parker, Mary Ann, d. May 17, 1820, age 4yr, d/o Samuel Parker, [TD]
Parker, William, d. 27 Dec 1829, age 30yr, s/o Samuel and Mary Parker, [TD]
Petty, Harriet Elizabeth, d. Jul 12, 1915, age 80yr, s/w William, [TD]
Petty, William, d. Jun 25, 1893, age 59yr, s/w wife Harriet Elizabeth, [TD]
Poole, Sarah, d. 22 Mar 1850, age 59yr, w/o William, [TD]
Poole, William, d. 21 Oct 1852, age 59yr, [TD]
Powers, Charles, d. Jun 27, 1853, age 3yr, s/o George and Elizabeth Powers, [TD]
Powers, Elizabeth, d. Oct 15, 1893, age 68yr, w/o & s/w George, [TD]
Powers, George, d. Aug 19, 1887, age 75yr, s/w Elizabeth, [TD]
Powers, Hannah, d. Jan 23, 1882, age 66yr, [TD]
Powers, Saint John, d. Feb 20, 1886, age 79yr, [TD]
Powers, Thomas, d. Aug 12, 1863, age 1yr 9mo, s/o George and Elizabeth Powers, [TD]
Powers, William, d. Aug 11, 1875, age 18yr, s/o George and Elizabeth, [TD]
Price, Sarah, d. Jun 10, 1864, age 60yr, s/w & w/o William, [TD]
Price, William, d. Jun 11, 1883, age 81yr, s/w Sarah his wife, [TD]
Proctor, Caroline, d. Mar 12, 1812, age: 24yr, d/o John Proctor, Surgeon of Lichfield, [TD]
Reynolds, Elizabeth, d. 22 May 1831, age 18yr, d/o Thomas and Marie, [TD]
Reynolds, Marie, d. May 25, 1864, age 89yr, [TD]
Reynolds, Thomas, d. Oct 28, 1855, age 81yr, [TD]
Rosine?, Samuel and Mary, cannot read the rest on the tomb, [TD]
Sale, Lucy, d. 12 Dec 1834, age 47yr, w/o Thomas Sale, [TD]
Sale, Thomas, d. 24 Oct 1851, age 75yr, h/o Lucy, [TD]
Sale, Thomas, d. in infancy, s/o Thomas & Lucy, [TD]
Sampson, Jane, d. 03 Aug 1845, age 43yr, Relict of the Late James Sampson, of Kennington, Surrey, 2nd d/o Mary Willerton, of Coventry, [TD]
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Mar 09, 1865, w/o Alfred Goode, [TD]
Satchwell, Elizabeth, d. May 19, 1810, age 25yr, w/o Thomas Satchwell, d/o Joseph and Sarah ?, [TD]
Seal, Ann, d. Aug 02, 1850, age 83yr, w/o William Seal, of Foleshill Heath, tomb, [TD]
Seal, William, d. May 15, 1848, age 79yr, of Foleshill Heath, tomb with Ann, [TD]
Seymour, John, d. Apr 06, 1822, age 58yr, [TD]
Smith, Edward, d. Dec 18, 1891, age 17yr, late of Whitley Mills, near Coventry, [TD]
Sparks, Sarah, d. Mar 20, 1833, age 18yr, [TD]
Spragg, Samuel, d. Feb 15, 1811, age 9yr, [TD]
Stoughton, Margaret, d. Aug 27, 1703, age: 67yr, w/o Timothy, relict of Basil Fielding of Barnacle Esq., [TD]
Stoughton, Timothy, d. Oct 07, 1705, age: 72yr, h/o Margaret, s/o Anthony of St John, Warwick Esq., [TD]
Tomkinson, Mary, d. 22 Feb MDCCX---, age 14mo, [TD]
Trippas, Sarah, d. Sep 08, 1877, age 63yr, wife of William, [TD]
Tristram, Anne, d. 1701, twin to Daniel, [TD]
Tristram, Daniel, d. 1698, twin to Anne, child of Thomas & Dorothy, [TD]
Tristram, Dorothy Ward, d. 1726, w/o Thomas Rector of Allesley, [TD]
Tristram, Thomas, d. 1725, Rector, h/o Dorothy, Rector of Allesley, [TD]
Tristram, Thomas, d. 1739, Rector of Hampton in Arden, son of Thomas Tristram, Rector of Allesley, [TD]
Turner, Edward, d. Apr 12, 1836, age 6yr, [TD]
Turner, Elizabeth, d. Aug 04, 1845, age 55yr, w/o William, [TD]
Turner, Francis, d. Jan 03, 1825, age 67yr, [TD]
Turner, Sarah, d. Jan 25, 1836, age 75yr, w/o Francis, [TD]
Turner, William, d. Sep 12, 1873, age 85yr, [TD]
Wakelin, John, d. Jan 04, 1820, age 92yr, [TD]
Wakelin, John, d. Sep 25, 1798, h/o Mary, [TD]
Wakelin, Mary, d. Aug 07, 1798, age 52yr, w/o John Wakelin, [TD]
Walker, Benjamin Gosley, d. Jul 02, 1845, age 16yr, son of John and Elizabeth Walker,formerly of Nuneaton, [TD]
Wall, James Bernard, d. 26th April, 1838, age 43yr, h/o Mary, Late Lieutenant of Warwick Militia, [TD]
Wall, James, d. 17 Oct 1842, age 70yr, Late chartermaster of Warwick Militia, [TD]
Wall, Mary, d. 17 Oct 1836, age 66yr, w/o James Wall, [TD]
Wall, Mary, d. Apr 17, 1857, age 69yr, w/o James Bernard Wall, [TD]
Webb, Thomas, b. Mar 27, 1812, d. 13 Sep 1875., [TD]
West, Job, d. 23 Aug 1835, age: 79yr, s/w Mary his wife, [TD]
West, Mary West, d. 21 Jan 1855, age: 85yr, w/o Job, [TD]
Wharton, Constance, b. May 09, 1863, d. Jun 19, 1942, [TD]
Wilks, Mary, d. Aug 10, 1857, age 78yr, Relict of Jonas Wilks of Ely, m/o Mrs. Chettle, [TD]
Wills, Elizabeth, d. Aug 13, 1849, age 49yr, w/o John Wills, [TD]
Wills, John, d. Nov 17, 1860, age 63yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Wills, Thomas, d. 19 May 1810, age 42yr, [TD]
Wright, Ann, d. 1807, s/w Thomas, [TD]
Wright, Caroline, d. Feb 10, 1838, age 14da, d/o Thomas and Catherine, [TD]
Wright, Catherine, d. Dec 04 1868, age 71yr, w/o Thomas Wright, [TD]
Wright, Elizabeth, d. 03 Jul 1845, age 40yr, w/o William, tomb/w Wm & children, [TD]
Wright, Elizabeth, d. Jul 05, 1822, age 36yr, w/o Thomas Wright, [TD]
Wright, Elizabeth, d. Jul 23, 1890, age 72yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Wright, George, d. in youth, s/o William and Elizabeth, tomb/w Mary Anne & parents, [TD]
Wright, Infants, no dates, children of Thomas & Elizabeth, [TD]
Wright, John Edwin, d. 21 Jun 1839, age: 7wk, s/o Thomas and Catherine, [TD]
Wright, John, d. Nov 27, 1857, age 78yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Wright, Mary Anne, d. in youth, d/o William and Elizabeth, tomb/w Geo and parents, [TD]
Wright, Mary Elizabeth, d. Oct 28th, 1859, age 92yr, [TD]
Wright, Mary, d. Sep 04, 1848, age 53yr, w/o John, [TD]
Wright, Thomas, d. --- 28, 1804, worn sandstone, [TD]
Wright, Thomas, d. Aug 02, 1897, age 83yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Wright, Thomas, d. Jan 21, 1853, age 74yr, [TD]
Wright, William, d. 03 Nov 1845, age 40yr, late of Coventry, tomb/w & h/o Elizabeth, [TD]

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