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All Saints Parish Churchyard
Bedworth, Warwickshire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 250.

Contributor's Index:

Anderson, Elizabeth, d. 1 Oct 1859, age 74yr, w/o Joseph and Aunt of Elizabeth Drakeford, [TD]
Anderson, Joseph, d. 14 Dec 1858, age 72yr, h/o Elizabeth and Uncle of Elizabeth Drakeford, [TD]
Bates, Elizabeth, d. 23 Sep 1871, age 47, w/o Edward, [TD]
Bedder, Thomas, d. 18 Aug 1854, age 78yr, [TD]
Bend, John, d. 10 Jun 1815, age 3yr, s/o John and Sarah, [TD]
Bend, Sarah, d. 9 Dec 1815, age 5yr, the d/o John and Sarah, [TD]
Boncer, Hannah, d. 3 Apr 1831, age 68yr, w/o John, [TD]
Boncer, John, d. 28 Nov 1837, age 77yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Bonsor, William, d. 19 Jun 1845, age ?45yr, [TD]
Bradbury, Elizabeth, d. 31 Mar 1870, age 65yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Bradbury, Hannah, d. 6 Jun 1822, age 47yr, d/o William and Grace Dewis, and wife of Luke, [TD]
Bradbury, Thomas, d. 31 Jul , age 72yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Buckler, Mary, d. 20 Oct 1861, age 28yr, w/o William, [TD]
Buckler, William, d. 19 Feb 1897, age 70, husband of Mary, [TD]
Bunney, Ernest William, d. 26 Jul 1864, age 4yr, Son of Henry and Hannah, [TD]
Butler, William, d. 6 Dec 1853, age 57, [TD]
Clarke, Dan, d. 14 Oct 1823, age 84yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Clarke, Elizabeth, d. 20 Mar 1835, age 84yr, w/o Dan, [TD]
Clarke, John, d. 22 Nov 1800, age 62yr, h/o Margaret Pickering, [TD]
Cole, Elisha, d. 18 Oct 1861, age 29yr, h/o Eliza, [TD]
Cole, Martha, d. 28 Nov 1862, age 5yr, d/o Elisha and Eliza, [TD]
Colledge, Mary, d. 8 Aug 1839, age 27yr, d/o Luke and Hannah Bradbury, [TD]
Congreve, George Thomas, d. 22 Nov 1815, age 53yr, h/o Hester, [TD]
Congreve, George Thomas, d. 26 Apr 1861, age 69yr, [TD]
Congreve, Hester, d. 25 Jan 1822, age 64yr, w/o George Thomas, [TD]
Congreve, William Henry, d. 20 Nov 1853, age 17yr, s/o George Thomas and Charlotte, [TD]
Congreve, William, d. 25 Jul 1796, age 1yr, s/o George Thomas and Hester, [TD]
Cook, Mary, d. 10 Sep 1852, age 81yr, Late of Whitnash, [TD]
Coward, James, d. 12 Mar 1813, age 22yr, whilst on a visit, d. Bedworthyr, s/o John and Sarah of Chapmanslade, Wilts. Nephew of George Thomas and Hester Congreve, [TD]
Croft, Elizabeth, d. 21 Jul 1810, d/o William and Mary, age 10yr, Drowned in Smorral Brook by a wagon overturning. (See William Jee), [TD]
Crutchlow, John, d. 6 Aug 1837, age 69yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Crutchlow, Joseph, d. 30 Dec 1860, age 65yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Crutchlow, Mary, d. 11 Jul 1866, age 68yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Crutchlow, Sarah, d. 28 Jan 1850, age 78yr, w/o John, [TD]
Daft, Arthur, d. 20 Aug 1879, age 15yr, s/o Caroline Ann, [TD]
Daft, Caroline Ann, d. 20 Apr 1872, [TD]
Daft, Clara Ann, d. 6 Aug ?1829/79, age 28yr, [TD]
Darlison, John, d. 29 Sep 1857, age 67yr, h/o Letitia and Parish Clerk for 17 years, [TD]
Darlison, Letitia, d. 4 Feb 1848, age 66yr, w/o John, [TD]
Deeming, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jul 1863, age 58yr, w/o William, [TD]
Denison, Thomas Clifford, d. 12 Feb ----, h/o Letitia, [TD]
Dewis, Ann, d. 9 Oct 1873, age 1yr 11mo, Daughter of Jessie and Ann, [TD]
Dewis, Edward, d. 11 Jan 1859, age 56yr, h/o Jane, [TD]
Dewis, Grace, d. 26 Feb 1819, age 74. Relict of William, [TD]
Dewis, Hannah, d. 21 Nov 1849, age 16yr, d/o John and Susanna, [TD]
Dewis, Harry, d. 20 Dec 1869, age 1yr 2mo, Son of Jessie and Ann, [TD]
Dewis, Jane, d. 2 Feb 1871, age 86yr, w/o Edward, [TD]
Dewis, John, d. 23 Jan 1865, age 58yr, h/o Susanna, [TD]
Dewis, Joshua, d. 31 Oct 1872, age 21yr, d/o John and Susanna, [TD]
Dewis, Letitia, d. 7 Nov 1839, age 72yr, w/o Edward, [TD]
Dewis, Maria, d. 11 Feb 1846, age 8yr, d/o John and Susanna, [TD]
Dewis, Mary, d. 20 Dec 1869, age 70yr, w/o William, [TD]
Dewis, Susanna, d. 12 Dec 1882, age 75yr, w/o John, [TD]
Dewis, William, d. 19 May 1862, age 32yr, In the same grave as Joseph and Mary Randle, [TD]
Dewis, William, d. 27 Jan 1893, age 72yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Dewis, William, d. 7 Jun 1814, age 38yr, s/o William and Grace, [TD]
Dewis, William, d. 8 Aug 1818, age 79yr, h/o Grace, [TD]
Douglas, Thomas, d. 29 Mar 1812, age 49yr, [TD]
Drakeford, Elizabeth, d. 2 Jun 1870, age 32yr, Niece of Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson, [TD]
Duffield, William, d. 25 May 1832, age 3yr, s/o James and Mary, [TD]
Eabry, Ann, d. 28 Apr 1830, age 32yr, w/o Richard Jun., who died after giving birth, d. twin children, [TD]
Edmonds, Elizabeth, d. 27 Sep 1857, age 65yr, w/o John, [TD]
Edmonds, Hannah, d. 2 Sep 1866, age 70yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Edmonds, John, d. 10 Nov 1837, age 68yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Edmonds, Joseph, d. 2 Sep 1871, age 68yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Ford, Lydia, d. 16 Aug 1832, age 77yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Fox, Thomas, d. 8 Mar 1856 , [TD]
Gilbert, Mary, d. 17 Nov 1846, age 76yr, [TD]
Goode, Elizabeth, d. 18 Dec 1878, age 66yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Goode, Thomas, d. 19 Dec 1872, age 71yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Hadden, Caroline, b. 22 May 1842, d. 24 Sep 1842. Age 4mo, [TD]
Hadden, Charles, b. 28 Apr 1853, d. 10 Oct 1864. Age 11yr, [TD]
Hadden, Charles, d. 22 Apr 1870, age 63yr, h/o Lucy, [TD]
Hadden, Hannah, b. 01 Feb 1837, d. 01 Apr 1855. Age 18yr, [TD]
Hadden, Harriet, b. 3 Oct 1843., d. 17 May 1845, age 1�yr, [TD]
Hadden, John, d. 15 Nov 1870, [TD]
Hadden, Lucy, d. 1 Oct 1875, age 66yr, w/o Charles, [TD]
Hadden, Sarah, b. 25 Aug 1829, Died 13 Dec 1864, age 35yr, Married, d. Richard Jacques, d/o Charles and Lucy, [TD]
Hadden, William, b. 19 Apr 1846. Died 9 Dec 1875. Age 29yr, [TD]
Haddon, Hannah, d. 25 Mar 1859, age 78yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Haddon, Mary, d. 4 Mar 1853, age 70yr, w/o William, [TD]
Haddon, Thomas, d. 23 Jun 1867, age 88yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Haddon, William, d. 26 Apr 1847, age 65yr, h/o Mary , f/o Sarah Tallis, [TD]
Harrison, Benjamin, d. 30 May 1854, age 61yr, h/o Martha, [TD]
Harrison, Martha, d. 12 Jan 1842, age 86yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Harrison, Martha, d. 2 Nov 1847, age 57yr, w/o Benjamin, [TD]
Harrison, Sarah, d. 25 Sep 1859, age 26yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Harrison, Thomas, d. 16 Sep 1845, age 76yr, h/o Martha, [TD]
Hartopp, Abijah, d. 16 Jul 1873, age 46yr, [TD]
Hartopp, Sophia, d. 28 Oct 1855, age 28yr, [TD]
Hartopp, Thomas, d. 26 Nov 1859, age 69yr, [TD]
Jackson, Ann, d. 25 Jan 1780, age 46yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Jackson, Jessie, d. 25 Aug 1859, age 11yr, [TD]
Jackson, Joseph, d. 17 Jan 1853, age 1mo, s/o Oliver and Mary, [TD]
Jackson, Mary, d. 17 Jan 1853, age 67yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Jackson, Oliver, d. 3 May 1861, age 58yr, [TD]
Jackson, Thomas, d. 1 May 1846, age 46yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Jackson, Thomas, d. 11 May 1858, age 11yr, [TD]
Jackson, Thomas, d. 31 Jul 1775, Infant s/o Thomas and Ann, [TD]
Jackson, Thomas, d. 8 May 1809, age 66yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Jacques, Sarah Hadden, b. 25 Aug 1829, d. 13 Dec 1864, age 35yr, d/o Charles and Lucy Hadden, [TD]
Jee, William, d. 21 Jul 1810, age 6yr, s/o Richard and Mary of Exhall, Drowned in Smorral Brook, by Wagon overturning. (See Elizabeth Croft.), [TD]
Jephcott, Ann, d. 5 May 1811, age 46yr, w/o Joseph Jephcott, Joseph, d. 3 Mar 1809, age 59yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Jinkins, Elizabeth, d. 5 Nov 1825, age 64yr, w/o William, [TD]
Jinkins, William, d. 26 Dec 1853, age 92yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Johnson, Catherine, d. 5 Feb 1853, age 40yr, w/o Samuel, [TD]
Johnson, Hannah, d. 17 Feb 1874, age 62yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Johnson, James, d. 11 Dec 1849, age 14yr, s/o Joseph and Hannah, [TD]
Johnson, John, d. 23 Jul 1834, age 53yr, [TD]
Johnson, Joseph, d. 18 May 1867, age 54yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Johnson, Susannah, d. 27 Feb 1859, age 70yr, w/o William, [TD]
Johnson, Thomas, d. 24 Dec 1834, age 73, [TD]
Johnson, William, d. 3 Jun 1874, age 82yr, h/o Susannah, [TD]
Jones, James, d. 24 Jul 1839, age 37yr, [TD]
Kelley, Catherine Farr, d. 4 Jun 1810, age 12, [TD]
Kelley, Eliza, d. 2 May 1874, On her 21st Birthday, [TD]
Kelley, Elizabeth, d. 8 Jan 1835, age 62yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Kelley, Henry, d. 27 Mar 1849, age 71yr, h/o Jane, [TD]
Kelley, Jane, d. 25 Jul 1852, age 78yr, w/o Henry, [TD]
Kelley, John Farr, d. 29 Aug 1814, age 12yr, [TD]
Kelley, Luke, d. 28 Oct 1812, age 20, [TD]
Kelley, Thomas, d. 9 Dec 1821, age 59yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Kelley, William, d. 5 Jan 1814, age 62, [TD]
Lakin, Sarah Ann, d. 5 Mar 1874, age 9yr, d/o William and Dorcas, [TD]
Lane, William, d. 22 Jun 1858, age 60yr, [TD]
Lee, Benjamin, d. 10 Feb 1837, age 71yr, Nephew of Joseph Lee, [TD]
Lee, Betty, d. 23 Sep 1815, age 71yr, w/o John, [TD]
Lee, John, d. 27 Mar 1873, age 66yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Lee, Joseph, d. 19 Jun 1828, age 81yr, [TD]
Lee, Rufus, d. 24 Aug 1842, age 4mo, s/o Robert and Mary, [TD]
Lenton, Sarah, d. 26 Feb 1833, age 50yr, w/o William, [TD]
Lenton, William, d. 23 Apr 1895, age 91yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Linney, William, d. 26 Aug 1820, age 80yr, [TD]
Marks, Sarah, d. 2 Dec 1851, age 78yr, w/o William of Cirencester, [TD]
Martin, Ann, d. 21 Dec 1810, age 77yr, w/o John, [TD]
Martin, John, d. 2 Feb 1849, age 34yr, s/o Joseph and Mary, [TD]
Moore, John, d. 8 Mar 1870, age 47yr, h/o Martha, [TD]
Moore, Martha, b. 7 Apr 1835. Died 28 May 1910yr, w/o John, [TD]
Neale, Joseph, d. 6 Jun 1867, age 57yr, [TD]
Neale, Luke, d. Jun 1842, age 68yr, [TD]
Neale, Richard, d. 05 Oct 1849, age 79yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Neale, Sarah, d. 25 Aug 1831, age 56yr, w/o Richard, [TD]
Neale, William, d. 16 Aug 1834, age 55yr, [TD]
Nobles, Joseph, d. 11 Dec 1820, age 76yr, [TD]
Page, Joseph, d. 01 Dec 1833, age ?66yr, h/o Rebecca, [TD]
Page, Rebecca, d. Dec ??, 53yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Perrins, Catherine, d. 13 Apr 1803, age 50yr, w/o William, [TD]
Perrins, William, d. 15 Oct 1823, age 63yr, h/o Catherine, [TD]
Perry, Thomas, d. 3 May 1873, age 24yr, s/o Edward and Harriet, [TD]
Pickard, Emily, d. 9 Oct 1856, infant child of Wm & Hannah, [TD]
Pickard, Harriet Levin, d. 11 Oct 1843, infant child of Wm & Hannah, [TD]
Pickard, Martha Susannah, d. 12 Feb 1862, infant child of Wm & Hannah , [TD]
Pickard, Mary Ann, d. 9 Oct 1848, infant child of Wm & Hannah, [TD]
Pickard, Mary Naomi, d. 3 Nov 1859, infant child of Wm & Hannah, [TD]
Pickard, Mary, d. 14 Sep 1841, infant child of Wm & Hannah, [TD]
Pickard, Norah, d. 8 May 1865, age 18yr, [TD]
Pickard, Rebecca Susannah, d. 10 Jan 1845, infant child of Wm & Hannah, [TD]
Pickard, Selina, d. 21 Feb 1853, infant child of Wm & Hannah, [TD]
Pickering, Margaret, d. 1 Mar 1825, age 84yr, Relict of John Clarke, [TD]
Piercy, Richard, d. 09 Sep 1850, age 59yr, [TD]
Poole, William, d. 08 Jul 1796, age 25yr, [TD]
Priest, Hannah, d. 16 May 1862, age 14yr, 2nd d/o Joseph and Hannah, [TD]
Priest, Jane, d. 31 Dec 1841, age 11mo, d/o Joseph and June, [TD]
Priest, Joseph, d. 11 Sep 1852, age 47yr, h/o June, [TD]
Priest, June, d. 14 Jan 1843, age 29yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Priest, Mary Ann, d. 26 Oct 1835, age 2yr, d/o William and Mary, [TD]
Priest, Sarah, d. 30 Sep 1834, age 82yr, w/o John, [TD]
Ralley, Elizabeth, d. 8 Nov 1862, age 52yr, w/o Richard, [TD]
Ralley, Hannah, d. 4 Sep 1846, age 51yr, [TD]
Ralley, Joseph, d. 26 Feb 1831, age 35yr, [TD]
Ralley, Mary, d. 02 Sep 1832, age 15yr, d/o John and Hannah, [TD]
Ralley, Rebecca, d. in infancy, d/o Joseph, [TD]
Randle, John Jun., d. 27 Oct 1878, age 34yr, [TD]
Randle, John Thomas, d. 11 Aug 1853, age 4yr, [TD]
Randle, Joseph, d. 16 Jul 1903, age 65yr, Same grave as William Dewis, [TD]
Randle, Mary, d. 28 Dec 1909, age ?68yr, Same grave as William Dewis, [TD]
Randle, Richard, d. 08 Aug 1848, age 42yr, [TD]
Randle, Sarah, d. 06 Mar 1877, age 56yr, w/o William, [TD]
Randle, William, d. 27 Feb 1874, age 49yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Rayson, John, d. 21 Nov 1875, age 52yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Richards, Esther Elizabeth, d. 9 Dec 1872, age 12yr, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth, [TD]
Richards, John R., d. 19 Feb 1844, age 13mo, grandson of Hannah Ralley, [TD]
Robotham, Daniel Esq., d. 1 Nov 1857, age 53yr, of Bedworth Mills, [TD]
Robotham, Emma, d. 15 Jan 1846, age 14yr, d/o Daniel and Harriet, [TD]
Robotham, Harriet, d. 12 Dec 1847, age 45yr, w/o Daniel Robotham of Bedworth Mills, 3rd d/o Major Lees of Stockport, [TD]
Showell, Elizabeth, d. 1825, [TD]
Siddown, John, d. 10 Jan 1840, age 77yr, [TD]
Siddown, Richard, d. 10 Oct 1823, age 63yr, [TD]
Smart, Eliza, d. 16 May 1850, age 29yr, [TD]
Smart, Mary, d. 23 Apr 1857, age 57yr, Youngest d/o Daniel and Elizabeth Thomas, [TD]
Smith, Ann, d. 10 Mar 1874, age 61yr, w/o James, [TD]
Smith, Ann, d. 28 Apr 1807, age 49yr, Second wife of John, [TD]
Smith, Catherine, d. 22 Dec 1787, age 31yr, w/o John, [TD]
Smith, Eliza, d. 13 Aug 1872, age 52yr, w/o William Cowdell Smith, d/o the Late John Peake, [TD]
Smith, James, d. 19 Apr 1868, age 54yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Smith, James, d. 19 May 1835, age 56yr, s/o John and Catherine, [TD]
Smith, John, d. 23 Dec 1802, age 52yr, h/o Catherine and Ann, [TD]
Smith, Martha, d. 6 Dec 1811, age 11mo, d/o Thomas and Sarah , [TD]
Smith, Sarah, d. 19 Nov 1821, age 66yr, [TD]
Smith, Sarah, d. 23 Jun 1872, age 39yr, d/o Thomas and Sarah, [TD]
Smith, Selina, d. 31 Jul 1848, age 7yr, d/o Dyer and Sarah Smith, [TD]
Smith, Thomas Peake, d. 12 Jul 1875, age 21yr, s/o William Cowdell and Eliza Smith, [TD]
Smith, William Cowdell, d. 22 Aug 1867, age 44yr, h/o Eliza, [TD]
Smith, William, d. 10 Mar 1874, age 65yr, [TD]
Sommers John, d. 01 Mar 1850, age 60yr, h/o Sarah, and Surgeon, d. the Parish, [TD]
Sommers, Catherine Amelia, d. 20 Dec 1841, age 2yr, d/o John and Sarah, [TD]
Sommers, George Frederick, d. 26 Jan 1846, age 22mo, [TD]
Sommers, Sally Maria, d. 4 Aug 1846, age 10yr, [TD]
Sparrow, Sarah, d. 28 Jan 1856, age 68yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Sparrow, Thomas, d. 29 Mar 1830, age 62yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Sprigg, Matilda, d. 07 Jun 1855, age 42yr, w/o Allen Brown Sprigg, [TD]
Sprigg, Thomas Stephenson, d. 10 Jul 1849, age 3yr 2mo, s/o Allen Brown and Matilda Sprigg. Sprigg, Thomas William, d. 12 Aug 1851, age 1yr 4mo, [TD]
Staley, Joseph,, d. 12 Feb 1855, age 70yr, [TD]
Starkey, Rose Ann, d. 26 Mar 1853, age 44yr, w/o George, [TD]
Sutcliffe, Betsy Vipond, d. 27 Mar 1812, age 5yr, d/o John and Jane, [TD]
Swinnerton, Thomas, d. 02 Jul 1842, age 27yr, [TD]
Tallis, Sarah, d. 18 Jan 1853, age 42yr, d/o Mary and William Haddon, [TD]
Thomas, Daniel, d. 17 Jan 1841, age 80yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Thomas, Elizabeth, d. 21 Jun 1833, age 75yr, w/o Daniel, [TD]
Thurman, James, d. 11 Feb 1874, age 38yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Thurman, Sarah, d. 17 Jan 1904, age 64yr, w/o James, [TD]
Turner, Joseph, d. 22 Nov 1842, age 5yr 3mo, [TD]
Turner, Sophia, d. 27 Apr 1851, age 59yr, w/o Samuel, [TD]
Turner, William Press, d. 23 Jan 1835, age 3yr 1mo, s/o Edward Press and Mary, [TD]
Tustin, John, d. 07 Jun 1855, age 47yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Tustin, Mary, d. 22 Aug 1860, age 22yr, only d/o John and Sarah, [TD]
Tustin, Sarah, d. 14 Jan 1855, age 51yr, w/o John, [TD]
Tustin, Thomas Gilbert, d. 4 Sep 1859, age 20yr, Second s/o John and Sarah, [TD]
Tustin, William Lane, d. 19 May 1839, age 2yr 7mo. Nephew of William Lane, [TD]
Tustin, William, d. 16 Nov 1847, age 4 years and 7mo, Grandson of Mary Gilbert, [TD]
Twigger, Elizabeth, d. 26 Jul 1863, age 64yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Twigger, Elizabeth, d. 5 Sep 1866, age 68yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Twigger, John, d. 4 Oct 1874, age 52yr, [TD]
Twigger, Joseph, d. 21 May 1872, age 71yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Twigger, Joseph, d. 26 Mar 1849, age 52yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Tyler, John, d. 19 Oct 1852, age 59yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Tyler, Sarah, d. 7 Mar 1853, age 59yr, w/o John, [TD]
Walker, Rebecca, d. 7 Oct 1878, age 60yr, w/o William, [TD]
Walker, William, d. 22 Nov 1864, age 55yr, h/o Rebecca of Collycroft, [TD]
Wheatley, Harriet, d. 9 Jun 1823, age 2yr, d/o Thomas and Mary, [TD]
Wheatley, Samuel, d. 13 Oct 1835, age 4yr, s/o Thomas and Mary, [TD]
Wheatley, Sarah, d. 15 Oct 1835, age 12yr, d/o Thomas and Mary, [TD]
Williams, Sarah Ann, d. 25 Mar 1844, age 6yr, d/o John and Mary, [TD]
Williams, Susannah, d. 9 Jul 1845, age 5yr, d/o John and Mary, [TD]
Williams, Thomas, d. 18 Nov 1838, age 11yr, s/o John and Mary, [TD]
Wilson, Ann, d. 17 Apr 1852, age 82yr, [TD]
Wolde, Frank George, d. 31 Dec 1872, age 28yr, [TD]
Woodhouse, Henry, d. 18 Jan 1803, age 5yr, s/o John and Dorothy, [TD]
Wyatt, Elizabeth, d. 17 Mar 1834, age 38yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Wyatt, Thomas, d. 12 Apr 1864, age 67yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]

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