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Public Health Funerals, 2013-2016
Newcastle, Northumberland, England

Published: April 5, 2020
Total records: 84

Compiled by: Newcastle City Council
Acquired from: Council website


newcastle city council england

The Newcastle City Council, Office of Wellbeing Care and Learning, handles the disposition of bodies that expired within the limits of the Council, and which there are no other living persons willing to assume responsibility. If there is no next of kin to claim the body, the City Council arranges for a public funeral. If the decedent had made their final wishes known regarding burial or cremation, the City Council will comply. Otherwise, it is up the council to decide between cremation or burial.

Funeral expense are taken out of the decedent's estate. If there are any remaining funds, those funds are transferred to the Treasury Solicitor, and publicized through the Bona Vacantia Division. Browse these records at, "Unclaimed Estates".

Public Health Funeral Records

Beginning on April 1, 2013, Newcastle City Council began making their Public Health Funeral records publicly available. Thus far, they have only made available records from April 1, 2013 to December 31, 2016.

Res: = Home Address
b. = birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy)
d. = deathdate (dd/mm/yyyy)
NOK: = Next of kin known

AIKEN, Andrew James, Res: 78 Addycombe Terrace, Heaton, NE6 5SQ, b. 07/07/1954, d. 7/3/2015, NOK: Yes
ANDERSON, Alexander Joseph, Res: Flat 7, 199 Stanton St, NE4 5LH, b. 23/05/1948, d. 5/19/2015, NOK: No
AVCI, Aileen Maurgurette Gay, Res: 26 Dunstanburgh Close, Byker, NE6 2PZ, b. 30/10/1955, d. 2/19/2015, NOK: Yes
BAILEY, John Michael, Res: Room 7, Catherine House, 283 Shields Road, Byker, NE6 2UQ, b. 21/04/1943, d. 10/24/2015, NOK: Yes
BANNISTER, John, Res: 79 , Cambridge Avenue, WHITLEY BAY, NE26 1BA, b. 20/06/1961, d. 03/07/2016, NOK: Y
BECK, Nicolas, Res: 57 , Tudor Walk, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE3 2RW, b. 14/03/1961, d. 01/12/2016, NOK: Y
BHUSHAN, Brij, Res: 114 St Peters Road, Walker, NE6 2AX, b. 1/1/1948, d. 11/4/2013, NOK: No
BIRKETT, Harry, Res: 10 Assisi House, Eastfield Avenue, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE6 4UP, b. 19/12/1925, d. 09/12/2016, NOK: Y
CAESAR, John, Res: 51 The Larches, Park Road, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE4 7EL, b. 14/04/2016, d. 25/06/2016, NOK: N
CAINES, Hazel, Res: 16 Kingston Green, NE6 2LP, b. 21/01/1956, d. 6/15/2015, NOK: Yes
CARR, Allan, Res: 18 Eastfield House, Walker, NE6 4UR, b. 4/3/1961, d. 6/5/2013, NOK: Yes
CAVANAGH, Isobel, Res: 5 Church Road, Newburn, NE15 8LA, b. 6/27/1949, d. 6/20/2013, NOK: Yes
CHAGANIS, David, Res: 8 The dales, newcastle Upon Tyne, NE5 3HZ, b. 10/04/1955, d. 15/06/2016, NOK: N
CONWAY, Keith Patrick, Res: 13 Walker Park Close, Walker, NE6 3NT, b. 06/02/1962, d. 1/29/2016, NOK: Yes
CRANNEY, Colin, Res: 39 Phillips Place, Arthurs Hill, NE4 6AG, b. 24/12/1950, d. 11/24/2015, NOK: Yes
CROMPTON, Geoffrey, Res: 9 , West Vallum, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE15 7TL, b. 07/12/1940, d. 06/04/2016, NOK: Y
CURRY, William, Res: 93 Moorland House, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 3SA, b. 28/02/1953, d. 19/04/2016, NOK: Y
DALE, Ian Stuart Montague, Res: Flat 2 Cavendish Place, NE2 2NH, b. 25/10/1933, d. 4/17/2015, NOK: No
DAVIDSON, Malcolm, Res: Flat 45 Beavans Building, Shields Road, Byker, NE6 1DW, b. 08/01/1956, d. 12/19/2015, NOK: Yes
DEBOOTHBY, Michael, Res: 101 Melbourne Court, Howard Street, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE1 2AU, b. 21/10/1948, d. 15/09/2016, NOK: N
DOTCHIN, William, Res: 18 Aln Crescent, Gosforth, NE3 2LU, b. 10/16/1940, d. 12/23/2013, NOK: Yes
DOVE, Robert, Res: 13 West Park, Gateshead, NE8 4SP, b. 7/11/1943, d. 5/23/2013, NOK: Yes
DOWNEY, Robert, Res: 57 Wigmore Avenue, Walker, NE6 2LU, b. 01/05/1953, d. 2/8/2016, NOK: Yes
DRUMMOND, Emma, Res: 81 Canterbury St, Byker, NE6 2JD, b. 28/09/1979, d. 10/29/2015, NOK: Yes
DUDDIN, Michael, Res: 26 , Kirkston Avenue, Lemington, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE15 7JT, b. 27/01/1972, d. 15/05/2016, NOK: Y
DUNN, Thomas William, Res: 15 Chathill Ter, Walker, NE6 3BB, b. 12/29/1938, d. 12/19/2013, NOK: Yes
EDWARDS, Grant, Res: 569 , Welbeck Road, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE6 3AA, b. 08/04/1985, d. 17/05/2016, NOK: Y
ENGLAND, Charles, Res: 105 Heaton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5HJ, b. 13/05/1950, d. 26/07/2016, NOK: Y
FINLINSON, Linda, Res: 2 Sorrell Close, Fenham, NE4 9XN, b. 9/19/1945, d. 6/9/2013, NOK: Yes
FRENCH, Florence, Res: 46 newbold Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 23QJ, b. 02/11/1943, d. 11/07/2016, NOK: Y
GILBERT, Hilda, Res: 86 Holystone Crescent, Heaton, NE7 7EX, b. 27/11/1947, d. 1/15/2015, NOK: Yes
GIRDWOOD, Kathleen, Res: 12 Brookside Crescent, Blakelaw, NE5 3NA, b. 04/08/1936, d. 3/16/2015, NOK: Yes
GRAHAM, Colin, Res: 21 Fairfield Place, Blaydon, NE21 5QF, b. 24/12/1973, d. 4/13/2015, NOK: Yes
HALL, George, Res: 68 , Avon Avenue, NORTH SHIELDS, NE29 7RT, b. 12/04/1949, d. 24/01/2016, NOK: Y
HAND, Craig, Res: 126 , Dorset Avenue, Barley Mow, BIRTLEY, DH3 2DY, b. 24/12/1984, d. 22/10/2016, NOK: N
HEPPLE, Ivan Bruce, Res: 3 Blagdon Court, NE1 2JH, b. 25/10/1959, d. 4/25/2015, NOK: Yes
HIPKIN, Henry George, Res: 17 Alston Gardens, Throckley, NE15 9HQ, b. 7/5/1948, d. 9/12/2013, NOK: Yes
HORN, Harald, Res: 119 , Saint Anns Close, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE1 2QT, b. 23/09/1947, d. 27/05/2016, NOK: Y
HUNTER, Catherine, Res: Flat 41 Shieldfield House, Barker Street, NE2 1BG, b. 10/04/1951, d. 1/30/2015, NOK: No
JEWITT, Alan, Res: 108 Todds Nook, Westgate Road, NE4 6EY, b. 16/04/1965, d. 10/28/2015, NOK: Yes
KENNEDY, Stuart, Res: Unable To Locate, b. 17/05/1974, d. 01/11/2016, NOK: Y
LACEY, Heidi, Res: 241 Lort House, Shield Street, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE2 1YA, b. 04/03/1983, d. 11/11/2016, NOK: N
LAMB, Angus, Res: 71 Deerbush, West Denton, NE5 2JY, b. 6/16/1967, d. 6/8/2013, NOK: No
LEACH, William, Res: 35 Shield Court, NE2 1XF, b. 7/12/1938, d. 7/12/2013, NOK: Yes
LIUTKEVICIUS, Edvinas, Res: Flat 9, 68 Cambridge St, NE4 7EH, b. 15/06/1992, d. 7/24/2015, NOK: Yes
MACGILL, Brian, Res: 559 Welbeck Road, Walker, NE6 3AA, b. 13/06/1948, d. 4/12/2015, NOK: Yes
MCELVANNEY, David, Res: 120 Lanchester Avenue, Gateshead, NE9 7AN, b. 17/06/1965, d. 10/3/2015, NOK: Yes
MCGINN, Bernard, Res: Flat 17, Theresa Russell House, Denmark St, NE6 2UE, b. 24/12/1934, d. 1/21/2015, NOK: Yes
MCGUINESS, Arthur, Res: 196 Cruddas Park Flats, NE4 7RG, b. 3/30/1944, d. 8/4/2013, NOK: Yes
MEYNELL, John Michael, Res: Flat 3 The Minories, Roseberry Crescent, Jesmond, NE2 1EU, b. 01/08/1939, d. 11/28/2015, NOK: Yes
MOORE, Leslie, Res: 27 Lordenshaw, West Denton, NE5 2YP, b. 25/10/1954, d. 3/13/2015, NOK: Yes
MURPHY, Jemima, Res: 30 Houston Court, Cruddas Park, NE4 6JB, b. 4/20/1932, d. 11/1/2013, NOK: Yes
NESBITT, Robert, Res: Hartlepool Marina, Slake Terrace, HARTLEPOOL, TS24 0RU, b. 09/10/1945, d. 18/07/2016, NOK: N
NICHOL, Frank, Res: Bowland Lodge, Western Av, NE4 8SP, b. 9/15/1933, d. 4/30/2013, NOK: No
PAGE, Alfred Alan, Res: Byker Hall Nursing Home, Allendale Road, Byker, NE6 2SU, b. 17/06/1928, d. 2/26/2015, NOK: Yes
PARKER, John, Res: St. Francis Presbytery, Stotts Road, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE6 4UH, b. 16/03/1943, d. 14/08/2016, NOK: Y
PEGRAM, Derek, Res: 15 , Fleming Court, Redheugh, GATESHEAD, NE8 2PA, b. 01/09/1957, d. 25/06/2016, NOK: Y
PLEDGER, Kerry, Res: 130 Westgate Court, Westgate Road, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE4 6HA, b. 27/07/1972, d. 11/05/2016, NOK: Y
PRATT, Anthony, Res: 32 Irthing Av, Walker, NE6 2TQ, b. 24/05/1974, d. 1/23/2015, NOK: Yes
PUCKETT, Maureen, Res: 15 Elsham Green, Fawdon, NE3 2QP, b. 22/01/1940, d. 9/7/2015, NOK: Yes
RENNOLDSON, Joseph William, Res: Brampton Court, Wharrier St, Walker, NE6 3BR, b. 07/12/1943, d. 9/5/2015, NOK: Yes
RICHARDSON, Donald, Res: 30 The Hawthorns, NE4 7EP, b. 03/01/1954, d. 8/12/2015, NOK: Yes
ROBERTSON, Leslie Edward, Res: 2 The Minories, Jesmond, NE2 1EU, b. 06/04/2015, d. 4/6/2015, NOK: Yes
ROBSON, Eleanor, Res: Byker Hall Care Home, Allendale Rd, NE6 2SB, b. 06/05/1929, d. 4/4/2015, NOK: No
ROBSON, William, Res: 16 Lichfield Av, Walker, NE6 2NB, b. 04/02/1957, d. 1/20/2015, NOK: Yes
ROGERSON, Brian, Res: 239 Walkerdene House, Tumulus Avenue, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE6 4UY, b. 19/01/1941, d. 18/09/2016, NOK: Y
ROSS, Trevor, Res: Westwood Lodge, Bentinck Villas, Bentinck Road, NE4 6UR, b. 15/03/1948, d. 1/24/2016, NOK: Yes
SANDGREN, Leslie Mark, Res: 238 Commercial Road, NE6 2ED, b. 21/05/1968, d. 12/8/2015, NOK: Yes
SCOTT, Neville Douglas, Res: 61 Adelaide House, Gill St, Byker, NE4 8AF, b. 04/11/1943, d. 3/11/2015, NOK: No
SHEPARD, Paul, Res: Allan Court, Benwell Lane, NE15 6RU, b. 15/05/1956, d. 2/1/2015, NOK: No
SIMMS, Darren, Res: Virginia House, Georges Road, NE4 7NQ, b. 15/02/1977, d. 3/17/2015, NOK: Yes
SIMPSON, Ian, Res: 15 Bolingbroke St, NE4 9LU, b. 7/12/1975, d. 9/9/2013, NOK: No
SINGH, Joyce, Res: Abbot House, 1 , Quarry Bank Court, Elswick, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE4 6NG, b. 02/04/1943, d. 18/12/2016, NOK: Y
SMITH, Amanda, Res: Pavillion Court Nursing Home, Brieryside, Cowgate, NE5 3AB, b. 07/03/1954, d. 9/6/2015, NOK: Yes
SMITH, Ian, Res: 16 Copland Terrace, Shieldfield, NE2 1YB, b. 03/02/1953, d. 12/20/2015, NOK: Yes
SOARES, Candido, Res: 2 Elm Trees, Blyth, NE24 2SH, b. 26/09/1957, d. 22/06/2016, NOK: Y
SPRAGGON, William, Res: 26 Chirton Wynd, Byker, NE6 2PW, b. 19/10/1929, d. 3/29/2015, NOK: Yes
TATE, Derek, Res: Westwood Lodge, Bentinck Road, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE4 6UR, b. 05/06/1953, d. 22/04/2016, NOK: Y
WALKER, Mary, Res: 128 Wingrove Av, Fenham, NE4 9AH, b. 11/18/1938, d. 10/25/2013, NOK: Yes
WATSON, Shirley, Res: 18 St Thomas Crescent, NE1 4LG, b. 01/11/1953, d. 2/24/2015, NOK: Yes
WATTON, Septina Rose, Res: Walker Lodge, Wharrier St, NE3 3EE, b. 6/11/1922, d. 12/28/2013, NOK: Yes
WILSON, Fred, Res: 21 Grafton House, NE6 1ST, b. 3/13/1940, d. 9/15/2013, NOK: No
WOOD, Brian, Res: 13 Campbell Place, Westgate Road, NE4 6JG, b. 02/02/1940, d. 4/29/2015, NOK: Yes
WYNN, James, Res: 11 Heaton Park Court, Heaton, NE6 5PR, b. 11/24/1946, d. 4/11/2013, NOK: No

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