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Public Health Funerals, 2011-2019
Wealden, Sussex, England

Published: April 9, 2020
Total records: 26

Compiled by: Wealden District Council
Acquired from: Council website


wealden district council england

The Wealden District Council handles the disposition of bodies that expired within the limits of the Council, and which there are no other living persons willing to assume responsibility. If the decedent had made their final wishes known regarding burial or cremation, the Council will comply. Otherwise, it is up the council to decide between cremation or burial.

Funeral expense are taken out of the decedent's estate. If there are any remaining funds, those funds are transferred to the Treasury Solicitor, and publicized through the Bona Vacantia Division. Browse these records at, "Unclaimed Estates".

Public Health Funeral Records

Wealden District Council keeps records only from the last 7 years, after which they are discarded. The Council also has records on individuals who died within the last 12 months, but they do not make these records available until after that period. Currently, they have records from 2011 to 2019.

b. = birth date (dd/mm/yyyy)
d. = death date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Addr: = deceased's last address
NOK: = next of kin
Ref: = estate referred to Treasury Solicitor

(UNKNOWN), Female, Addr: Unknown female referred to us by the police on 30/08/2018, NOK: No, Ref: No
(UNKNOWN), Male, Addr: Unknown male referred to us by coroner 28/01/2015, NOK: No, Ref: No
ASHWOOD, Irene, Addr: The Polegate Nursing Home, Black Path, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 5AP., b. 15/03/1923, d. 12/01/2018, NOK: No, Ref: No
BAILLIE, Christine, Addr: 28 Springfield Close, Westham, BN24 5JG, b. 18/02/1951, d. 04/03/2015, NOK: No, Ref: No
BATES, Pauline, Addr: 3 Oakleaf Court, Oakleaf Drive, Polegate, BN26 6PU, b. 31/01/1968, d. 13/10/2016, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
BLOOMER, Margaret, Addr: The Polegate Nursing Home, Black Path, Polegate, BN26 5AP, b. 15/10/1928, d. 04/08/2015, NOK: No, Ref: No
BONNIFACE, Lynne Julie, Addr: 39 Bowley Road, Hailsham, BN27 2DB, b. 11/03/1963, d. 28/07/2011, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
BUTTON, Ezekiel, Addr: Lydfords Nursing Home, 23 High Street, East Hoathly, BN8 6DR, b. 26/10/1935, d. 19/07/2017, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
CHRZASZCZEWSKI, Antoni, Addr: 33 Archery Walk, Hailsham, BN27 2HE, b. 10/10/1928, d. 23/06/2017, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
CLARKE, Michael, Addr: Not available at this time, b. 17/05/1933, d. 22/10/2018, NOK: No, Ref: No
COAN, Peter, Addr: 24 Fletcher Close, Hailsham, BN27 2BW, b. 31/08/1948, d. 13/01/2016, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
ELLEKER, Lawrence, Addr: Caravan at Millwards Farm, Laughton, BN8 6BN, b. 02/10/1943, d. 22/06/2016, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
EMERSON, Stephen, Addr: 1 The Old Bricklayers, Hailsham, BN27 3YE, b. 20/04/1948, d. 21/06/2017, NOK: Yes, Ref: Yes
FARBROTHER, Michael, Addr: Not available at this time, b. 09/12/1952, d. 15/07/2019, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
HAGGER, Arthur, Addr: Lydfords Nursing Home, 23 High Street, East Hoathly, East Sussex, BN8 6DR., b. 21/09/1951, d. 25/11/2017, NOK: No, Ref: Yes
HAZEL, Sean, Addr: 1 The Old Spinney, Ditchling Way, Hailsham, BN27 3LU, b. 24/03/1968, d. 10/10/2012, NOK: No, Ref: No
HUNTER, Michael, Addr: 21 Gromenfield, Groombridge, TN3 9RS, b. 10/12/1949, d. 14/02/2017, NOK: No, Ref: No
JEFFERIES, Paul, Addr: 1 Coggins Mill Cottages, Coggins Mill Lane, Mayfield, TN20 6UT, b. 24/09/1963, d. 25/02/2016, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
JONES, Trevor, Addr: The Polegate Nursing Home, Black Path, Polegate, BN26 5AP, b. 29/05/1935, d. 02/12/2013, NOK: Yes, Ref: Yes
MATTHEWSON, James, Addr: 5 Cuckmere House, Pebble Road, Pevensey Bay, BN24 6NL, b. 12/09/1938, d. 04/02/2017, NOK: No, Ref: No
MILLER, Joan, Addr: Havelock House Nursing Home, 57-59 Victoria Road, Polegate, BN26 6BY, b. 09/03/1919, d. 12/06/2018, NOK: No, Ref: No
MOULDING, Colin, Addr: Not available at this time, b. 15/10/1950, d. 24/04/2019, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
PARKS, Mary, Addr: 34 Old Orchard Place, Hailsham, BN27 3HY, b. 13/11/1942, d. 01/03/2017, NOK: No, Ref: No
RICHARDSON, Albert, Addr: Oaklands Court Nursing Home, Vines Cross Road, Horam, TN21 0HD, b. 11/03/1929, d. 07/06/2016, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
WELLER, Charles, Addr: 14 Church Street, Uckfield. TN22 1BJ, b. 11/06/1947, d. 12/07/2018, NOK: Yes, Ref: No
WESTERMAN, Clive, Addr: Filsham Lodge, 137 South Road, Hailsham, BN27 3NN, b. 23/02/1934, d. 24/06/2017, NOK: Yes, Ref: No

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