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Saint Andrew Churchyard
Claxton, Norfolk, England

Contributed by Susan Scaife, Oct 12, 2003 [JOHD.SCAIFE@sky.com]. Total Records = 96.

Saint John Churchyard is still accepting burials. It is not in very good condition. The area has been allowed to become extremely overgrown in places.

David Ollerton and I walked this cemetery, reading from all of the surviving gravestones in July 2003.

- Susan Scaife
Adams, Eliza, d. 11 Apr 1943, age 83yr
Alderton, Bessie Louisa, d. 31 Jul 1997, age 84yr, w/o Harry Frank
Alderton, Harry Frank, d. 18 Mar 1988, age 76yr, h/o Bessie Louisa
Allum, John, d. 7 Mar 1940, age 75yr
Allum, Theresa, d. 1 Mar 1940, age 77yr
Anhusen, Derek Swithen, b. 1914, d. 2000
Batchelder, George, d. 17 May 1873, age 45yr
Batchelder, Jeremiah, d. 4 Jul 1870, age 78yr
Batchelder, Maria, d. 12 Oct 1885
Batchelder, Sarah, d. 4 Feb 1870, age 80yr
Batchelder, William Smith, d. 13 Oct 1831, age 45yr
Berry, William, d. 30 Apr 1871, age 84yr
Bradley, Annie Emily, b. 28 Dec 1922, d. 3 Apr 1998, w/o Ken
Burton, Edward, d. 8 Mar 1857, age 45yr
Burton, Mary Ann, d. 12 Aug 1832, age 23yr, d/o Edward & Eliza
Carr, Vera, b. 1932, d. 1967
Catchpole, Rosa Jane, d. 20 Nov 1957, age 82yr, w/o William
Catchpole, William, d. 7 Aug 1938, age 65yr, h/o Rosa Jane
Chapman, Eliza, d. 12 Jan 1911, age 73yr
Chapman, Elizabeth, d. 17 Sep 1877, age 56yr, 2nd d/o the late Jeremiah of Claxton
Chapman, Elizabeth, d. 26 Jan 1882, age 87yr, w/o Jeremiah
Chapman, George, d. 13 May 1900, age 70yr
Chapman, Jeremiah, d. 22 Mar 1860, age 68yr, h/o Elizabeth
Chapman, John, d. 9 May 1847, age 29yr
Chapman, Sarah Ann, d. 9 Oct 1902, age 79yr, d/o Jeremiah
Dunning, James, d. 8 Oct 1924, age 79yr, h/o Leah
Dunning, Leah, d. 21 Nov 1921, age 75yr, w/o James
Durrant, Charles, d. 24 Jul 1954, age 69yr, h/o Harriett Netta
Durrant, Harriett Netta, d. 16 Jan 1980, age 89yr, w/o Charles
Ecclestone, George, d. 1877, s/o Robert
Ecclestone, Robert, d. 25 Feb 1894, age 76yr
Egglestone, Edward Isaac, d. 13 Jun 1907, age 57yr, h/o Emma
Farrow, Alice Selina, d. 28 Feb 1959, age 81yr, w/o Harry
Farrow, Ann, d. 30 Jan 1924, age 79yr, w/o Ebeneezer
Farrow, David, b. 6 May 1810, d. 5 Jan 1891
Farrow, Ebeneezer, d. 1939
Farrow, Edward, d. 6 Jul 1875, age 8yr, s/o John & Ellen
Farrow, Ellen, d. 20 Feb 1897, age 59yr, w/o John
Farrow, Emily, d. 24 Jul 1856, w/o William
Farrow, Frederick, d. 9 Mar 1914, age 31yr, s/o Ebeneezer & Ann
Farrow, Harriet, d. 27 Dec 1856, age 17yr, d/o William & Mary Ann
Farrow, Harry, d. 7 Nov 1962, age 84yr, h/o Alice Selina
Farrow, Lilian Agnes, d. 6 Jan 1929, age 50yr, w/o Ebeneezer
Farrow, Margaret, d. 7 May 1909, age 24yr, d/o Ebeneezer & Ann
Farrow, Mary Ann, d. 21 Nov 1898, age 78yr
Farrow, Mary Ann, d. 24 Oct 1886, age 19yr
Farrow, Mary Ann, d. 9 Jan 1878, age 76yr, w/o William
Farrow, Thomas, d. 24 Mar 1908, age 59yr
Farrow, William, d. 24 Mar 1883, age 79yr, h/o Mary Ann
Francis, Esther, d. 25 Jan 1929, age 77yr, w/o John
Francis, John, d. 19 May 1928, age 79yr, h/o Esther
Gazely, Ralph, d. 4 Nov 1984, age 87yr
Goddard, William Nestlen, b. 2 Mar 1878, d. 27 May 1802
Goodso, Nora Gladys (Farrow), b. 1910, d. 1996
Goodwin, George Frederick, d. 22 Jul 1898, age 20yr, s/o Thomas & Emma
Goodwin, Thomas George, d. 24 Aug 1906, age 30yr, h/o Priscilla, Eldest s/o Thomas & Emma
Green, Berenice Netta, d. 20 Apr 1950, age 26yr
Green, George Frederick, d. 18 Dec 1990, age 69yr
Harwood, Elizabeth, d. 21 Sep 1928, age 58yr
Harwood, James, d. 5 Dec 1949, age 81yr
Harwood, William, d. 13 May 1894, age 22yr, s/o John & Ann
Hood, Sophia, d. 10 Jan 1880, age 19yr, d/o Samuel & Ruth
Jackson, William, d. 4 Jan 1882, age 84yr
Leggett Plot, no data
Loyd, Geoffrey W, b. 192., d. 1983
Loyd, Joyce, b. 1923, d. 2002
Martin, Margaret Anne, d. 20 Dec 1872, w/o Robert
Martin, Robert, d. 3 Nov 1869, age 72yr, h/o Margaret Anne
Nobbs, Alfred L (Sonnie), d. 30 Jul 2002, age 83yr
Nobbs, Ann, d. 15 Dec 1882, age 80yr
Nobbs, Joseph, d. 8 Feb 1872, age 75yr
Parfitt, Charles, d. 16 Jan 1971, age 71yr, h/o Jessie Elizabeth
Parfitt, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jan 1946, age 76yr, w/o William Charles
Parfitt, Jessie Elizabeth, d. 15 Dec 1997, age 97yr, w/o Charles
Parfitt, William Charles, d. 29 Jul 1936, age 67yr, h/o Elizabeth
Parsons, Eliza, d. 21 Dec 1859, age 32yr, w/o Thomas
Parsons, Thomas, d. 17 Dec 1878, age 48yr, h/o Rebecca
Prescott, Alice, b. 5 Sep 1862, d. 27 Aug 1951
Pyke, John S, b. 10 Apr 1860, d. 23 Apr 1946
Pyke, Pleasance Mary, d. 25 Jan 1931, w/o John S.
Sharman, Emile, d. 13 Sep 1932, age 66yr, w/o George
Sharman, George, d. 3 Apr 1950, age 90yr, h/o Emile
Sharman, Sarah Ann, d. 18 Sep 1913, age 52yr, stone erected by her sons Albert & Arthur
Sharpen, Adelaide Eva, d. 31 Dec 1984, age 87yr
Sharpen, Harriet Louise, b. 1867, d. 1963
Sharpen, William Alfred, d. 3 Jun 1969, age 72yr
Smith, Jeremiah, d. 2 Oct 1791, age 72yr
Starling, Martin James, d. 11 May 1913, age 44yr, h/o Jessie Wilson
Vincent, Elsie Mary, d. 16 Dec 2002, age 82yr, w/o John Stanley
Vincent, John Stanley, d. 12 Dec 1988, age 71yr, h/o Elsie Mary
Vincent, Marjorie Maud, b.16 Jun 1924, d. 21 Jun 1994, w/o Charles Herbert
Webster, Lucy, d. 7 Oct 18.., w/o Stephen
Webster, Stephen, d. 5 Aug 1837, age 78yr, h/o Lucy, 46yr vicar of this parish
Wright, Deborah, d. 17 May 1904, age 75yr, w/o John
Wright, John, d. 3 Sep 1904, age 72yr, h/o Deborah
Wright, Wallie, d. Jul 1897, age 8yr, s/o Henry & Mary

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