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Saint Peter Churchyard
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Saint Peter Churchyard
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Saint Peter Churchyard
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Saint Peter Churchyard
Aisthorpe, Lincolnshire County, England

Contributed by Shelley Clack, May 27, 2008, last edited Jun 11, 2008 [sclack@tiscali.co.uk]. Total records = 46.

Saint Peter Churchyard is located at Church Lane, Aisthorpe, Lincolnshire. If you want to visit follow the B1398 to Aisthorpe. If coming from Brattleby, take the first turning on the right after Aisthorpe Hall. If coming from Scampton take the next turning on the left after the village hall.

The church has been closed, due to structural weakness, and the churchyard left to overgrow. It is no longer used for burials. There are paths cut through the churchyard and a few of the more modern graves have been kept neat.

This is a full listing of all visible gravestones. It was recorded on May 17, 2007.


- Shelley Clack

Bates, John Ewilym, d. 8 Dec 1984, age 69 yrs, 'A priest, Hon Canon of Durham, formerly of Aisthorpe'
Booth, Herbert, d. 1 Apr 1980, age 89 yrs, h/o and s/w Sarah Eva Booth
Booth, Sarah Eva, d. 25 Nov 1965, age 73 yrs, w/o and s/w Herbert Booth
Brittain, Charles Bea?, b. 1900, d. 1979, D.S.C after name, h/o and s/w Doris Winifred Brittain
Brittain, Doris Winifred, b. 1902, d. 1986, w/o and s/w Charles Bea? Brittain
Butler, Ann, b. 13 Aug 1830, d. 9 Aug 1886, 'Late of Mapperley Mount, Nottingham', w/o and s/w William Henry Butler
Butler, William Henry, b. 24 Nov 1835, d. 24 Feb 1904, 'Of Aisthorpe House', h/o and s/w Ann Butler
Cave, George, d. 11 Mar 1851, age 92 yrs
Cave, Rebecca, d. 21 Nov 1827(?) age 50 yrs, w/o George Cave
Crosby, Ann, d. 19 Apr 1812, w/o Thomas Crosby
Crosby, Thomas, (rest of stone is not readable)
Cunningham, George Cartwright, d. 24 May 1929
Cunningham, James Hamilton, d. 22 Mar 1866, age 66 yrs, h/o and s/w Sarah Cunningham
Cunningham, Sarah, d. 18 Apr 1873, age 73 yrs, w/o and s/w James Hamilton Cunningham
Drury, John, d. Nov 1818, age 75 yrs
Duggins, Francis Henry, d. 11 Apr 1935, age 84 yrs
Emmingham, Robert, d. 17 May 1892, age 85 yrs
Fieldsend, Monica Mary, b. 18 Oct 1900, d. 16 Jul 1985, w/o Richard Fieldsend
Fieldsend, Richard, b. 27 Jul 1901, d. 20 Mar 1984, 'of Aisthorpe'
Gee, Elizabeth, d. Jan 1???, w/o and s/w Peter Gee
Gee, Peter, d. Jan 1891, age 82 yrs, Place of death. Thorpe Le Fallow, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Gee
Gottom, Mary, d. Apr 1818, age 71(?) yrs, (Surname could be Cotton)
Grant Fanny, d. 2 Nov 18?1, age 4 yrs, Do Robert and Jane Grant, Sister of and s/w Benjamin Grant
Grant, Benjamin, d. 14 Feb 1846, S/o Robert and Jane Grant, b/o and s/w Fanny Grant
Jackson, George, d. 15 Feb 1941, age 51 yrs, h/o and s/w Lizzie Mary Jackson
Jackson, Lizzie Mary, d. 13 Feb 1950, age 73 yrs, w/o and s/w George Jackson
Mawer, David William, d. 11 May 1954, age 54 yrs, h/o and s/w Rosemary Mawer
Mawer, Rosemary, d. 31 Dec 1994, age 94 yrs, w/o and s/w David William Mawer
Phillips, Peter, d. Sep 1992, age 81 yrs
Sanderson, Thomas, h/o Jane Sanderson
Shelton, Eliza, d. 18 May 1904, age 73 yrs, w/o and s/w Henry Shelton
Shelton, Henry, d. 9 Feb 1922, age 91 yrs, 'Of Thorpe Le Fallows', h/o and s/w Eliza Shelton
Stannfield, Jeremiah, 1813 (not sure whether this is death or birth date, gravestone is very degraded)
Streets, Harry, d. 22 Oct 1937, age 35 yrs
Swift, Mary, d. 24 Sep 1870, age 25 yrs, Youngest d/o Robert and Mary Swift
Swift, Robert, d. May 18??, age 63 yrs, 'of Thorpe Le Fallow'
Townsend, Sidney John, b. 19 Mar 1884 New York, d. 13 May 1915 Ypres in Belgium, age 31 yrs, 'Killed in action', b/o and s/w Walter Ewan Townsend
Townsend, Walter Ewan, b. 19 Feb 1879 Yokohana, Japan, d. 23 Sep 1900 Yokohana, Japan, age 21 yrs, 'wounded at the siege of Peking', b/o and s/w Sidney John Townsend
Twidale, Catherine Elizabeth, no dates, w/o Robert E Twidale
Wiles, Douglas William, d. 26 Jun 1950, age 33 yrs
Wiles, Sydney, d. 15 Dec 1954, age 70(?) yrs
Wright, George, age Infant, S/ and s/w Robert and Sarah Wright, b/o and s/w Robert Wright, Grandson of and s/w Robert Wright
Wright, Robert, d. 20 Sep 1761, age 52 yrs, 'Late of Thorpe in this parish', h/o and s/w Sarah Wright, F/o and s/w Robert and George Wright, S/o ands/w Robert Wright
Wright, Robert, d. 22 Mar 1817, age 77 yrs, 'Of Kingerby', S/o and s/w Robert and Sarah Wright, b/o and s/w George Wright, Grandson of and s/w Robert Wright
Wright, Sarah, d. 17 Jun 181, age 73 yrs, w/o and s/w Robert Wright, M/o and s/w Robert and George Wright, Daughter-in-law of and s/w Robert Wright
Wright, Robert, d. 20 Apr 1744, age 72 yrs, F/o and s/w Robert Wright, Grandfather of and s/w Robert and George Wright, Father-in-law of and s/w Sarah Wright

Misc: 12 Unreadable
??, J., d. 1886
C?, Ann, w/o Thomas ? (next to gravestone of Thomas Crosby)

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