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Saint Mary le Wigford Churchyard
Lincoln, Lincolnshire County, England

Saint Mary Street, Lincoln, LN5 7EQ

Contributed by Shelley Clack, May 30, 2008, last edited Jun 13, 2008 [sclack@tiscali.co.uk]. Total records = 93.

To visit, follow the A15 to Lincoln, then turn onto the A57. The A57 at this point is St Mary's Street. The church is located at its junction with High Street. There is no parking at the churchyard, but there are lots of car parks in the area. Alternatively, follow the A46 to Lincoln. Then join the A57 and follow it towards Lincoln railway station. This will lead you to the High Street junction.

The left-hand side of this churchyard is now part of the street. The gravestones have been laid flat and made part of the walkway. To the front and left there is a path, which contains gravestones. There is also a very small grass area that has more gravestones. Some have been laid flat. The few standing stones are set along the wall.

During 1854 and 1855 the Lincoln Burial Board was formed for nine Lincoln parishes, including Saint Mary le Wigford. In 1856 the board opened Canwick Road cemetery. This resulted in the closure of Saint Mary le Wigford churchyard.

This list contains all visible gravestones, which I recorded on 28 May 2008.

- Shelley Clack

Ashton, Sarah, d. 22 Dec 1814, W/o John Ashton
Asman, Elizabeth, d. 12 Apr 1849, age 18 yrs
Asman, Francis, d. 13 Apr 1853, age 47 yrs
Berridge, Joyce, d. 4 Apr 1759, age 31 yrs, W/o Robert Berridge
Bescoby, Frances, d. 25 May 1822, age 70 yrs, W/o and s/w Henry Bescoby, Grandmother of and s/w Henry Bescoby, Mother-in-law of and s/w Mary Bescoby
Bescoby, Henry, d. 24 Dec 1822, age 9 wks, Grandson of and s/w Frances and Henry Bescoby, S/w Mary Bescoby
Bescoby, Mary, d. 1 Feb 1823, age 26 yrs, W/o William Bescoby, Daughter-in-law of and s/w William and Frances Bescoby, S/w Henry Bescoby
Bescoby, William, d. 11 Apr 1812, age 55 yrs, H/o and s/w Frances Bescoby, Grandfather of and s/w Henry Bescoby, Father-in-law of and s/w Mary Bescoby
Brumby Hannah, d. 18 Jun 1847, age 83 yrs, W/o and s/w William Brumby
Brumby, William, d. 27 Jul 1836, age 69 yrs, H/o and s/w Hannah Brumby
Capp, Elizabeth Porter, d. 3 Dec 1825, age 4 yrs, D/o John and Elizabeth Capp, S/w John Capp
Capp, John, d 19 Apr 1891, age 59 yrs, '? of Robert Capp Gent of this city', S/w Elizabeth Porter Capp
Capp, William, d. 21 Mar 1856, age Infant, S/o Hannah Porter and Robert Capp, S/w Alice Hall
Chalner, Ann, d. 1855(?), S/w Mary An, Renne(?) and Richard Chalner
Chalner, Mary Ann, d. 21 Oct 1825, age 23 yrs, D/o ? and Ann Chalner, S/w Renne(?), Richard and Ann Chalner
Chalner, Renne(?), d. 25 Apr 1830, age 22 yrs, S/o ? and Ann Chalner, S/w Mary Ann, Richard and Ann Chalner
Chalner, Richard, d. 8 Jun 1850, age 76 yrs, S/w Mary Ann, Renne(?) and Ann Chalner
Coll?on, Sarah, W/o ? Norton Coll?on
Cotterill, James, S/w ? ?
Cottrill, Elizabeth, d. 22 Apr 1818, age 80 yrs, 'or upwards of fifty years landlady of the Packhorse Inn in this city'
Cullin, Ann, d. 21 ??? 1805, age ?0 yrs, W/o William Cullin, S/w 'children who died in infancy'
Cullin, William, d. 12 Nov 1800, age 55(?) yrs
Durance, Sarah, d. 25 Apr 1856, age 92(?) yrs, Eldest d/o Reverend William Durance formerly vicar of this parish
Fisher, ?, d. 28 Feb 184?, age ?9 yrs, W/o and s/w John Fisher, M/o and s/w Elizabeth Fisher
Fisher, Ann, d. 12 Mar 1813, age 73 yrs, W/o Henry Fisher of Whitehaven, M/o and s/w John Fisher, S/w William Fisher
Fisher, Elizabeth, d. 10 Aug 1839, age 16 yrs, D/o and s/w John and ? Fisher
Fisher, John, d. 1 Jun 1801, H/o and s/w ? Fisher, F/o and s/w Elizabeth Fisher
Fisher, John, d. 30 Nov 183?, S/o Henry and Ann Fisher, S/w Ann and William Fisher
Fisher, William, d. 22 ??? 18?3, S/o John and Fanny Fisher, S/w Ann and John Fisher
Foster, ?, d. 6 May 1798, age 7 yrs, S/w C., J. and ? Foster
Foster, ?, d. Mar 1???, age 5 yrs, S/w C., J. and ? Foster
Foster, Alice, d. 24 Aug 1836, age 77 yrs, Eldest D/o of Alderman Foster, Sister of and s/w Ann Foster
Foster, Ann, d. 26 Jan 1887, age 58 yrs, Sister of and s/w Alice Foster
Foster, C., age Infant, S/w J., ? and ? Foster
Foster, Elizabeth, (not readable)
Foster, Elizabeth, d. 5 Jul 17?3, age. Infant, D/o Charles Foster, Sister of and s/w John and Thomas
Foster, J., age Infant, S/w C., ? and ? Foster
Foster, John, d. 22 Dec 179?, age. Infant, S/o Charles Foster, B/o and s/w Elizabeth and Thomas Foster
Foster, Mary, d. 30 Jul 1816, age ?0 yrs, W/o and s/w Thomas Foster
Foster, Thomas, d. 27 Jan 1819, age 90 yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Foster
Foster, Thomas, d. 6 May 17??, age 17 yrs, S/o Charles Foster, B/o and s/w Elizabeth and John Foster
Graves, Hannah, d. 22 Dec 1826, age 46 yrs, W/o Joshua Graves
Hackett, Mary, d. 11 Dec 1853, age 68 yrs
Hall, Alice (nee Porter), d. 25 Jan 1826 age 18 yrs, S/w William Capp
Hall, Caroline, d. 1 May 1817, age 27 yrs, W/o and s/w William Hall
Hall, Henry, d. 16 Jan 1825, age 17 yrs, S/o nn and Thomas Hall, B/o Robert Marshall and Thomas Hall
Hall, John Johnson, d. 23 Jul 1799, age 2 yrs, S/o and s/w John Hall
Hall, John, d. 22 Apr 1797, age 48 yrs, 'Of this city. Merchant', F/o and s/w John Johnson Hall
Hall, Robert Marshall, d. 9 Aug 1810, age 2 yrs, S/o Thomas and Ann Hall, B/o and s/w Henry and Thomas Hall
Hall, Thomas, d. 11 Jan 1838, age 31 yrs, S/o Thomas and Ann Hall, B/o and s/w Robert Marshall and Henry Hall
Hall, William, d. 7 Nov 1824, age 41 yrs, 'Late one Alderman of this city', H/o and s/w Caroline Hall
Hebb, George W?iglesworth, d. 10 Jun 1813, age 31 yrs, S/w Mary Ann Hebb and George W?iglesworth Hebb
Hebb, George W?iglesworth, d. 9 ??? 1812, age 5 yrs, S/w Mary Ann Hebb and George W?iglesworth Hebb
Hebb, Mary Ann, d. 5 or 3 Jul 1858, S/w George W?iglesworth and George W?iglesworth Hebb
Jones, Ann, d. 27 Jan 1854, age 49 yrs, W/o Bartholomew Jones
Kirk, Joseph, age. Infant, S/o and s/w Mary Ann Kirk
Kirk, Mary Ann, d. 27 Apr 1851, age 23 yrs, W/o Joseph Kirk, M/o and s/w Joseph Kirk
Long, Elizabeth, d. 23 Feb 183?, age 77 yrs, Sister of and s/w Susannah Long
Long, Susannah, d. 27 Mar 1811, age 75 yrs, Sister of and s/w Elizabeth Long
Lowth, Catherine, d. 4 Jun1825, age 44 yrs, 'Late of Ryall in the county of Rutland'
May, William, d. 2 May 1???, age 92 yrs
Mimmack, Gervase, d. 1 May 1810, age 65 yrs
Neave, Benjamin, d. 11 Aug 1849, age 53 yrs
Norton, John, d. 30 May 1???, age 11 yrs, S/o John and ? Norton
Pacy, George, d. 9 Sep 1854, age 51 yrs
Parkinson, William Rantham, d. 17 Dec 1838, age 7 yrs
Pickin, Susanna Maria, b. 12 Sep 1784, d. 29 Jul 1859, age 74 yrs, S/w William Francis and William John Pickin
Pickin, William Francis, d. 28 Jun 1816, age 30 yrs, 'M. A. of Whitemoor in the county of Nottingham and late fellow of Magdelene College in the University of Oxford', S/w Susanna Maria and William John Pickin
Pickin, William John, d. 9 Nov 1869, age 81 yrs, S/w William Francis and Susanna Maria Pickin
Pickslay, Mary, d. 9 Mar 18??, age 72 yrs
Pickslay, Penelope, d. 17 Nov 1802, age 64 yrs, W/o and s/w Richard Pickslay
Pickslay, Richard, d. 21 Feb 1821, age 82 yrs, Ho and s/w Penelope Pickslay
Porter, Ann, d. 7 Sep 1832, age 27 yrs, D/o William and Sarah Porter
Porter, Eliezer, d. 22 May 1822, age 27 yrs, S/o William and Sarah Porter
Porter, Sarah, d. 18 Dec 1???, age 79 yrs, W/o William Porter
Porter, Thomas, d. 3 Nov 1823, age 18 yrs, S/o William and Sarah Porter
Read, ?ob?, d. 1825, age 2? Yrs, S/o William and Sarah Read, B/o and s/w John Read
Read, John, d. 1? Jul 1815 or 1818, age 21 yrs, So William and Sarah Read B/o and s/w ?ob? Read
Savage, George, d. 15 Nov 1834, age 61 yrs, H/o and s/w Martha Savage
Savage, Martha, d. 14 Jan or Jun 1846, age ?3 yrs, W/o and s/w George Savage
Sawdon, Elizabeth, d. 31 Mar 136, age 41 yrs, D/o Thomas and Elizabeth Sawdon, S/w Thomas Sawdon
Sawdon, Thomas, d. 6 Jul 1846, age 77 yrs, S/w Elizabeth Sawdon
Seely, ?, d. 6 Oct 1833, W/o and s/w William Seely, M/o and s/w William Seely
Seely, William, d. 10 Apr 1840, age 21 yrs, S/o and s/w William and ? Seely
Seely, William, d. 13 May 1837, age 43 yrs, H/o and s/w ? Seely, F/o and s/w William Seely
Swan, Francis (Reverend), d. 23 Feb 1845, age 91 yrs, 'of Lincoln and late prebendary of this Cathedral', M.A. after name, H/o and s/w Susanna Maria Swan
Swan, Susanna Maria, d. 13 Dec 1854, age 96 yrs, W/o and s/w Reverend Francis Swan
Tate, Hannah, d. Oct 1???, age 3 yrs, D/o William and Martha Tate
Welbourn, Catherine Ann, d. 23 Oct 1847, age 70 yrs, W/o John Welbourn merchant of this city
Whiton, ?ard, d. 22 May 18??, age 63 yrs
Whitton, Susanna, W/o Richard Whitton of this city, M/o and s/w Susanna ?
Wood, Nathanael, d. 14 Dec 1814, age 62 yrs
Wyche, Richard, d. 10 May 1839, age 68 yrs, 'Only son of the late John Wyche Esqr who and his pedecessers held the office of town clerk of Stamford in this county for a century and a half'

??, 12 Unreadable
??, ?, Roman tombstone in the wall of the church
??, ?, d. 15 Oct 18??, S/w James Cotterill
S?t?, Elizabeth, d. 14 ??? 1???, age 79 yrs, S/w ?abella ?
??, ?abella, S/w Elizabeth S?t?
??, ?ar?th, D/o ?
??, Elizabeth, W/o Sol???n ?, S/w one child who died in infancy
??, Henry, (not readable)
??, Michael, d. 1 Nov 1???, age 49 yrs, 'of Lincoln'
??, Richard, (not readable)
??, Susanna (nee Whitton), d. Sep 1836 or 1856, age 35 yrs, W/o ??rrk ?, D/o and s/w Susanna Whitton

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