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Saint James Churchyard
Ashworth, Heywood, Lancashire, England

Contributed by Susan Scaife [JOHD.SCAIFE@sky.com].

Ashworth, Alice Ann, d. 3 Feb 1974, age: 91yrs, w/o John Edmund
Ashworth, Alice, d. 10 Aug 1868, age: 50yrs, w/o James
Ashworth, Ann, d. 21 Apr 1844, age: 23days, d/o John & Ann
Ashworth, Ann, d. 25 May 1797, age: 96yrs, w/o John
Ashworth, Ann, d. 7 Nov 1900, age: 89yrs, w/o John
Ashworth, Beatrice, d. 29 Oct 1950, age: 68yrs, w/o Robert Chadwick Ashworth
Ashworth, Betty, d. 19 Jul 1795, age: 43yrs, w/o Edmund
Ashworth, Edgar, d. 21 Dec 1879, age: 3mths, s/o Walter & Sarah, GDs/o Jonathan
Ashworth, Edmund, d. 28 Jul 1878, age: 86yrs, h/o Jane
Ashworth, Edmund, d. 3 Apr 1830, age: 81yrs, h/o Betty
Ashworth, Edmund, d. 9 Aug 1800, age: 7mths, s/o Edmund & Betty
Ashworth, Edwin H, d. age:d 68yrs, h/o Sarah
Ashworth, Edwin, b. 7 Feb 1909, d. 13 Sep 1996, h/o Ellen Ann
Ashworth, Elias, d. 24 Oct 1843, age: 24yrs, s/o James & Mary
Ashworth, Elizabeth, d. 24 Mar 1852, age: 2yrs 7mths, d/o Edmund & Margaret
Ashworth, Ellen Ann, b. 22 Mar 1910, d. 26 Apr 1997, w/o Edwin
Ashworth, Hannah, d. 23 Oct 1841, age: 6yrs
Ashworth, Infant1, d. in infancy, child of James & Alice
Ashworth, Infant2, d. in infancy, child of James & Alice
Ashworth, Infant3, d. in infancy, child of James & Alice
Ashworth, James, d. 10 Sep 1915, of Heywood, age: 72yr, h/o Martha
Ashworth, James, d. 15 Aug 1855, of Haslingden, age: 43yrs, h/o Alice
Ashworth, James, d. 17 Sep 1867, of Bottoms, age: 76yrs, h/o Mary
Ashworth, James, d. 19 Sep 1899, age: 27yr
Ashworth, James, d. 24 Aug 1908, Norden, s/o Timothy & Susannah
Ashworth, James, d. 26 Oct 1855, age: 38yrs
Ashworth, Jane, d. 19 Mar 1974, age: 87yrs, w/o John
Ashworth, Jane, d. 4 Mar 1844, age: 50yrs, w/o Edmund
Ashworth, Jane, d. 6 Jan 1916, age: 66yrs, d/o John & Ann
Ashworth, John Edmund, d. 9 Feb 1949, age: 70yrs, h/o Alice Ann
Ashworth, John, d. 1 May 1967, age: 69yr, h/o Maud Mary
Ashworth, John, d. 17 Jun 1897, age: 61yrs
Ashworth, John, d. 18 Jun 1893, of Woodtop, age: 81yrs, h/o Ann
Ashworth, John, d. 21 Apr 1788, age: 82yrs, of Birtle, h/o Ann
Ashworth, John, d. 7 Jul 1955, age: 70yrs, s/o Samuel & Sarah Jane
Ashworth, John, d. 8 Jun 1816, age: 9yrs
Ashworth, Jonathan, d. 15 Nov 1882, of Ashworth Mill, age: 68yrs
Ashworth, Jonathan, d. 9 Apr 1814, of Moorside Huddersfield, age: 30yrs
Ashworth, Martha Jane, d. 9 Jul 1924, Blackpool, age: 67yr, w/o Moses
Ashworth, Martha, d. 21 Mar 1930, age: 75yr, w/o James
Ashworth, Mary, d. 12 Oct 1837, age: 25yrs, d/o Robert & Susan
Ashworth, Mary, d. 22 Sep 1830, age: 38yrs, w/o James
Ashworth, Mary, d. 23 Jan 1844, age: 20yrs, w/o Edmund
Ashworth, Matilda, d. 18 Jan 1916, age: 90yrs, w/o Jonathan
Ashworth, Maud Mary, d. 16 Aug 1984, age: 88yr, w/o John
Ashworth, Minnie, d. 10 Feb 1962, age: 88yr, w/o Thomas
Ashworth, Moses, d. 9 Aug 1932, Blackpool, age: 81yr, (For 36yr Sexton of this church)
Ashworth, Pte James:Killed in Action No Dates
Ashworth, Rachel, d. 23 Mar 1892, age: 45yrs, d/o James & Alice
Ashworth, Robert Chadwick, d. 30 Jan 1952, age: 71yrs, h/o Beatrice
Ashworth, Robert, d. 3 Oct 1828, age: 41yrs, h/o Susan
Ashworth, Samuel, d. 24 Jan 1932, age: 72yrs, h/o Sarah Jane
Ashworth, Sarah Jane, d. 25 Dec 1939, age: 80yrs, w/o Samuel
Ashworth, Sarah, d. 15 Jan 1932, age: 81yrs, of Norden, w/o Walter
Ashworth, Sarah, d. age: 57yrs, w/o Edwin H
Ashworth, Susan, d. 23 Oct 1822, age: 31yrs, w/o Robert
Ashworth, Susannah, d. 19 Feb 1925, age: 57yr, w/o Timothy
Ashworth, Thomas, d. 19 Oct 1943, age: 71yr, h/o Minnie
Ashworth, Timothy, d. 1 Mar 1936, age: 68yr, h/o Susannah
Ashworth, Walter, d. 24 Jun 1923, age: 73yrs, of Norden, h/o Sarah
Aspinall, Arthur, d. 3 Sep 1972, age: 53yr, s/o Frank & Sarah Jane
Aspinall, Betty, d. 4 Mar 1922, age: 68yr
Aspinall, Edmund, d. 26 Feb 1918, age: 64yr, h/o Elizabeth
Aspinall, Elizabeth, d. 2 Oct 1900, of Bagslate, age: 47yr, w/o Edmund
Aspinall, Frank, d. 9 Apr 1960, age: 78yr, h/o Sarah Jane
Aspinall, Sarah Jane, d. 25 Apr 1978, age: 89yr, w/o Frank
Barber, Martha Alice, d. 27 Dec 1960, age: 80yrs, w/o Thomas
Barber, Thomas, d. 18 Nov 1951, age: 72yrs, h/o Martha Alice
Barker, Ann, d. 24 Jan 1935, age: 78yr, w/o John
Barker, Frederick, d. 22 Oct 1936
Barker, Hannah, d. 13 Nov 1937
Barker, John, d. 13 Feb 1900, age: 43yr, of Heywood, h/o Ann
Barlow, Elizabeth (Bessie), d. 4 Mar 1912, age: 59yrs, of Passmonds, w/o James
Barlow, Emma, d. 24 Feb 1923, age: 78yr, w/o Richard
Barlow, James, d. 6 Sep 1928, age: 78yrs
Barlow, Richard, d. 21 Jun 1899, age: 58yr, of Heap Bridge, h/o Emma
Barns, Ashworth, d. 5 Apr 1869, age: 9mths, Gs/of James & Alice Ashworth
Baron, Annie, d. 8 Jan 1787, age: 57yrs, w/o Thomas
Baron, Elizabeth Heap, b. 25 Jan 1850,
d. 16 Jul 1932, w/o Jon William
Baron, George, d. 13 May 1809, age: 36yrs, s/o Thomas & Annie
Baron, John William, d. 18 Dec 1931, age: 80yrs
Baron, Oscar, d. 19 Apr 1908, age: 29yrs, s/o John William
Baron, Thomas, d. 26 Feb 1819, age: 89yrs, h/o Annie
Bell Elizabeth, d. 12 May 1919, age: 65yrs, of Bamford, w/o Joseph
Bell, Ann, d. 19 Dec 1913, age: 65yrs, w/o George
Bell, Ann, d. 5 Jun 1882, of Hooley Bridge, age: 73yrs, w/o James
Bell, Dorothy (Shepherd), b. 16 Aug 1921, d. 2 Sep 1999
Bell, Emma, d. 11 Apr 1842, age: 9mths, d/o James & Ann
Bell, George, d. 10 Jan 1935, age: 84yrs, h/o Ann
Bell, James, d. 25 Feb 1890, age: 84yrs, h/o Ann
Bell, James, d. 26 Dec 1851, age: 19mths, s/o James & Ann
Bell, John Holt, d. 5 Mar 1948, age: 61yrs, h/o Rachel Ann
Bell, Joseph, d. 30 Mar 193*, age: 73yrs, h/o Elizabeth
Bell, Mary Alice, d. 2 Sep 1944, age: 57yrs, w/o George Bell Jnr, D-I-L/o George & Ann
Bell, Mary Holt, d. 27 Nov 1926, age: 41yrs, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth
Beswick, Ann, d. 16 Jan 1907, Bamford, age: 59yr, w/o Joseph
Beswick, James William, d. 4 Mar 1869, age: 1yr 5mths, s/o Joseph & Ann
Beswick, Joseph, d. 15 Jan 1909, age: 69yr, h/o Ann
Bilsborough, Emily, d. 23 Apr 1993, age: 96yr, d/o James & Harriet Agnes
Bilsborough, Harriet Agnes, d. 18 Mar 1900, of Spotland, age: 46yr, w/o James
Bilsborough, James, d. 7 Jul 1918, age: 70yr, h/o Harriet Agnes
Bilsborough, Thirza, d. 11 May 1952, age: 75yr, D/Of James & Harriet Agnes
Bilsborough, Thomas, d. 8 Jun 1917, age: 31yr, s/o James & Harriet Agnes
Birtwistle, Sarah, d. 10 May 1929, age: 62yr, d/o George 7 Betty Ellice
Blackbrough, Elizabeth Mary, d. 22 Jul 1995, age: 88yrs, w/o William Henry Spencer
Blackbrough, William Henry Spencer, d. 30 Dec 1988, At Bamford, age: 90yrs, h/o Elizabeth Mary
Booth, Alice, d. 21 Jun 1908, age: 62yrs w/o Thomas Edmund
Booth, Alice, d. 30 Jan 1887, age: 74yrs, w/o William
Booth, Alice, d. 9 Oct1880, age: 5yrs, d/o Thomas Edmund & Alice
Booth, Betsy, d. 10 Jul 1945, age: 71yrs
Booth, Clara, d. 17 Jul 1939, age: 66yrs, w/o Samuel
Booth, Elizabeth, d. 30 Mar 1838, age: 8mths, d/o William & Alice
Booth, Elizabeth, d. in infancy, d/o Thomas Edmund & Alice
Booth, Emma Ann, d. 12 Apr 1898, age: 44yrs, w/o William
Booth, Esther Ann (Hetty), d. 31 Oct 1891, age: 16yrs, d/o William & Emma Ann Gd/o Joseph Booth
Booth, Harry, d. in infancy, s/o Thomas Edmund & Alice
Booth, James Henry, d. 5 Apr 1842, age: 11mths, s/o William & Alice
Booth, Joseph, d. 10 Apr 1852, of Thorneyhurst in Birtle, age: 33yrs
Booth, Mary Ann, d. 3 May 1843, age: 2days, d/o Joseph
Booth, May, d. in infancy, d/o Thomas Edmund & Alice
Booth, Robert, d. in infancy, s/o Thomas Edmund & Alice
Booth, Samuel, d. 9 Feb 1943, age: 71yrs, h/o Clara
Booth, Thomas Edmund, d. 31 Dec 1891, age: 52yrs, of Wolstenholme Fold Norden h/o Alice
Booth, William, d. 19 Mar 1893, of Rochdale, age: 44yrs
Booth, William, d. 7 Jul 1866, of Norden, age: 53yrs, h/o Alice
Bott, Mary, d. 22 Apr 2002
Bowen, William Looker, d. 14 Jul 1987
Brace, Roy Everett, d. 8 Sep 1990, age: 80yrs
Bradburn, Annie, b. 24 Sep 1836, d. 19 Nov 1911, w/o William Bright
Bradburn, William Bright, b. 25 Feb 1833, d. 5 Oct 1898, of Rochdale, h/o Annie
Brearley, Eileen Mary, d. 6 Aug 19*0, age: 40yrs, d/o Norman & Rachel Eveleen
Brearley, Norman, d. 20 Jul 1962, age: 67yrs, h/o Rachel Eveleen
Breierley, Dorothy, Cramation Memorial Plaque
Brierley, Frank, d. 7 Aug 1970, age: 69yrs, Cremated at Rochdale, h/o Fay
Brierley, Madeline, d. 17 Dec 196., age: 63yrs, Cremated At Rochdale, w/o Frank, d/o Richard Edwin
Brown, Alice, d. 8 Nov 1903, age: 71yr, w/o John
Brown, John, d. 30 Nov 1908, age: 79yr, h/o Alice
Bullard, Ida, b. 28 Jan 1930, d. 9 Feb 1999
Burch, Anne, d. 5 May 1789, age: 9yrs, d/o James
Burch, Esther, d. 12 Apr 1801, of Fleams, age: 41yrs, w/o James
Burch, James, d. 29 Dec 1814, age: 60yrs, s/o James & Jane
Burch, James, d. 8 Jul 1793, age: 78yrs, h/o Jane
Burch, Jane, d. 30 Jan 1813, age: 88yrs, w/o James
Burch, Janes, d. 15 Jun 1784, age: 2yrs, d/o James
Burch, John, d. 18 Mar 1776, age: 25yrs, s/o James & Jane
Burch, John, d. 2 May 1780, age: 2yrs, s/o James
Burrows, David, d. 4 Feb 1959, age: 73yrs, h/o Mary
Burrows, Mary, d. 12 Feb 1949, age: 72yrs, w/o David
Bury, Annie Mayfield, d. 13 Jul 1913, age: 10yrs, of Heywood, d/o Nathan & Fanny
Butterworth, Joshua, no dates
Butterworth, Racheal, no dates
Cameron, Nancy, d. 11 Dec 1932, age: 73yrs, w/o Thomas
Cass, John, d. 24 Apr 1842, age: 21yrs, s/o Joseph & Rachel
Cass, Joseph, d. 26 Feb 1863, of Bircle, age: 71yrs, h/o Rachel
Cass, Margaret, d. 30 Nov 1915, age: 80yrs, d/o Joseph & Rachel
Cass, Rachel, d. 27 Sep 1874, age: 77yrs, w/o Joseph
Cass, Sarah, d. 28 Feb 1849, age: 21yrs, d/o Joseph & Rachel
Cass, William, d. 16 Aug 1921, age: 85yrs, s/o Joseph & Rachel
Chadwick, Alice, d. 3 May 1871, of Blackpits, age: 38yrs, w/o John
Chadwick, Annie, d. 4 Dec 1890, Norden, d/o Edward & Mary
Chadwick, Betty, d. 15 Jun 1828, age: 16yrs, d/o John & Mary
Chadwick, Daisy Christina, d. 14 Dec 1993, age: 86yrs, w/o Gordon
Chadwick, Edward, d. 10 Apr 1929 Norden, age: 72yr, h/o Mary Jane
Chadwick, Gordon, d. 29 Sep 1998, age: 91yrs, h/o Daisy Christina
Chadwick, James, d. 2 Aug 1900, age: 19yr, s/o Edward & Mary
Chadwick, Jane Ann, d. 11 Mar 1941, age: 72yrs, w/o Robert William
Chadwick, John, d. 4 Jun 1850, age: 80yrs, of Birtle
Chadwick, John, d. 6 Aug 1837, age: 64yrs
Chadwick, John, d. 8 Sep 1911, of Norden, age: 81yrs, h/o Alice
Chadwick, Margaret, d. 20 Apr 1830, age: 27yrs, d/o John & Mary
Chadwick, Mary Jane, d. 20 Nov 1933, age: 78yr, w/o Edward
Chadwick, Robert William, d. 13 Jun 1917, age: 50yrs, of Norden, h/o Jane Ann
Chatterton, Alice, d. 4 Jul 1923, age: 67yrs
Chatterton, Betty, d. 10 Jun 1857, age: 25yrs, w/o Samuel
Chatterton, Elizaberth, d. 26 Aug 1877, age: 42yrs, w/o Samuel
Chatterton, Elizabeth Ann, d. in infancy, d/o Samuel & Betty
Chatterton, Florry, d. 16 Jun 1884, age: 3yrs, d/o Samuel & Alice
Chatterton, Joseph, d. 7 Dec 1893, age: 38yrs, s/o Samuel & Betty
Chatterton, Samuel, d. 19 Jan 1908, age: 74yrs, h/o Betty
Clayton, H Derrick, b. 6 Oct 1910, d. 13 Sep 1979, h/o O E (Bunty
Clayton, O E (Bunty), b. 2 Feb 1914, d. 5 Oct 1990, w/o H Derrick
Clegg Robert, d. 23 Apr 1807, age: 12yrs, s/o John & Mally
Clegg, Alice, d. 25 Mar 1859, age: 20yrs, d/o John & Elizabeth
Clegg, Ann, d. 20 Dec 1827, age: 70yrs, w/o John
Clegg, Betsy, d. 8 May 1903, Wolstenholme, age: 69yr, w/o Robert
Clegg, Elizabeth, d. 1 Mar 1876, age: 75yrs, w/o John
Clegg, Elizabeth, d. 26 Sep 1953, age: 85yr, d/o Robert & Betsy
Clegg, Elizabeth, d. 3 Jul 1907, Norden, age: 65yr, w/o Thomas
Clegg, Francis, d. 18 Mar 1872, age: 36yrs, s/o John & Elizabeth
Clegg, Hannah, d. 25 Jan 1927, age: 64yr, d/o Robert & Betsy
Clegg, Isaac, d. 29 Aug 1817, of Stand Lees In Ashworth, age: 25yrs, s/o James
Clegg, Isaac, d. 31 Jan 185..., of Dairy House In Ashworth, age: 27yrs, s/o John & Elizabeth
Clegg, J H, no dates
Clegg, James Arthur, d. 15 Mar 1958, age: 83yr
Clegg, James, d. 17 Dec 1869, age: 47yrs
Clegg, Jane, b. 11 Jun 1825, d. 5 Apr 1899, w/o Robert
Clegg, John, b. 11 Oct 1858, d. 25 Oct 1923, h/o Emma
Clegg, John, d. 11 Aug 1821, of Birtle, age: 70yrs, h/o Mally
Clegg, John, d. 11 Dec 1943, age: 78yr, s/o Robert 7 Betsy
Clegg, John, d. 2 Jul 1839, age: 72yrs, h/o Ann
Clegg, John, d. 26 Jan 1857, age: 33yrs, s/o John & Elizabeth
Clegg, John, d. 28 Sep 1871, age: 80yrs
Clegg, Mally, d. 8 Oct 1853, age: 88yrs, w/o John
Clegg, Robert, b. 27 May 1826, d. 27 Jan 1890, h/o Jane
Clegg, Robert, d. 15 Dec 1800, age: 1yr, s/o John & Mally
Clegg, Robert, d. 21 Dec 1908, age: 77yr, h/o Betsy
Clegg, Thomas, d. 10 Dec 1915, age: 75yr, h/o Elizabeth
Clegg, Thomas, d. 27 Oct 1933, age: 60yr, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth
Clough, Henry, d. 31 Jan 1858, of Norden, age: 56yrs
Clough, Martha, d. 1 Ovt 1912, age: 67yrs, Of Rochdale, w/o Samuel
Collinge, Abraham Edward, d. 21 Nov 1934, age: 70yr, h/o Sarah Jane
Collinge, Albert, d. 6 Feb 1915, age: 55yrs, s/o Robert & Sarah
Collinge, Fred, no dates, s/o Abraham & Sarah Jane
Collinge, Robert, d. 13 May 1941, age: 71yrs, s/o Robert & Sarah
Collinge, Robert, d. 20 Dec 1913, age: 78yrs, of Norden, h/o Sarah
Collinge, Sarah Jane, d. 28 May 1935, age: 68yr, w/o Abraham Edward
Collinge, Sarah, d. 28 Dec 1914, age: 78yrs, w/o Robert
Collinge, Sydney, no dates, s/o Abrahm & Sarah Jane
Crabtree, Charles Rhodes, d. 16 Jan 1891, age: 8 Months, s/o John & Sarah Jane
Crabtree, John, d. 2 Oct 1926, age: 63yr, h/o Sarah Jane
Crabtree, Sarah Jane, d. 16 Oct 1893, age: 24yr, w/o John
Cusick, Katherine (B.A. M.Sc. M.B.C.S), d. 10 Jun 1989, age: 43yrs, w/o Allan
Dawson, Elizabeth Alice, d. 31 Aug 1937, age: 72yr
Dawson, Luke, b. 1908, d. 1994
Dawson, Miriam, d. 27 Apr 1934, age: 48yrs, w/o William Alletson
Dawson, Tom, b. 1914, d. 1991
Dawson, Walter, d. 1 Nov 1929, age: 66yr, h/o Elizabeth Alice
Dawson, William Alletson, b. 1883, d. 1943
Dawson, William, b. 24 Jun 1910, d. 3 Sep 1988
Dearden, Charles Frederick, b. 28 May 1893, d. 4 Dec 1913
Dearden, Florence Nightingale, b. 14 Jan 1855, d. 8 Jun 1899
Diggle, Ann, d. 8 Apr 1816, age: 23yrs, w/o James
Diggle, Frederick, d. 4 May 1914, age: 9yrs, s/o Robert & Margaret
Diggle, James, d. 13 Jan 1789, age: 31yrs
Diggle, Jeffrey, d. 3 Apr 1834, age: 12mths, s/o James & Mary
Diggle, John, d. 13 Mar 1827, age: 2yrs 8mths, s/o James & Mary
Diggle, John, d. 25 Oct 1814, of Clapgate, age: 2yrs, s/o James
Diggle, Joseph, d. 6 Mar 1795, age: 44yrs
Diggle, Margaret, d. 17 Jul 1944, age: 67yrs, w/o Robert
Diggle, Robert, d. 5 Nov 1923, age: 47yrs, h/o Margaret
Dobbs, Elizabeth Alice, d. 16 Feb 1913, age: 65yrs, w/o William
Dobbs, William, d. 16 Jun 1921, age: 74yrs, h/o Elizabeth Alice
Eccles, Sarah Ann, d. 5 Nov ...., age: 54yr, w/o Charles Eccles, d/o Edmund & Alice Taylor
Eckroyd, Betty, d. 19 Apr 1899, age: 76yrs
Eddleston, Joseph Parker, d. 14 Feb 1952, age: 72yrs, widower of Mary Eddleston, h/o Hannah
Eddleston, Mary Jane, d. 26 Jan 1916, age: 35yrs, w/o Joseph Parker
Ellice, Betty, d. 12 Oct 1894, age: 65yr, w/o George C
Ellice, George C, d. 23 Nov 1907, of Wolstenholme, age: 73yr, h/o Betty
Ellice, Mary, d. 23 ..... 1916, age: 48yr, d/o George & Betty
Farrow, Alice, d. 26 Mar 1811, age: 72yrs, w/o Charles
Farrow, Ann, d. 13 Jun 1816, age: 8mths, d/o James & Hannah
Farrow, Ann, d. 25 May 1798, age: 1yr, d/o James & Ann
Farrow, Ann, d. 6 May 1802, age: 33yrs, w/o James
Farrow, Charles, d. 14 Feb 1818, age: 85yrs, h/o Alice
Farrow, Hannah, d. 4 Aug 1853, age: 83yrs, w/o James
Farrow, James Sen, d. 11 Aug 1842, age: 72yrs, h/o Ann
Farrow, James, d. 23 Mar 1861, of Heywood, age: 62yrs
Fee, John, d. 27 Dec 1998, age: 91yrs
Fee, Nora, d. 8 Feb 1988, age: 73yrs
Fenton, Annie, d. 10 Jun 1942, age: 63yrs, w/o John
Fenton, John, d. 15 May 1942, Ae 73yrs, h/o Annie
Fenton, Lizzie, d. 8 Oct 1928, age: 49yr, w/o Thomas Arthur
Fielding, Abraham, d. 24 Sep 1849, age: 79yrs, h/o Mary
Fielding, Ann, d. 7 Jul 1795, age: 3wks, d/o Abraham & Mary
Fielding, Mary, d. 25 Aug 1859, age: 88yrs, w/o Abraham
Fitton, James, d. 27 Nov 1851, of Higher Helbit, age: 64yrs, h/o Rachel
Fitton, Rachel, d. 1 Jan 1875, age: 87yrs, w/o James
Fitton, Robert, d. 1 Sep 1831, of Birche, age: 18yrs, s/o James & Rachel
Foy, Eric, d. 22 Jul 1997, age: 76yrs, h/o Marian
Foy, Marian, d. 5 Sep 2000, age: 76yrs, w/o Eric
Gaskell, William, d. 11 Jun 1894, of Ashworth, age: 64yrs, s/o Joseph & Hannah Gaskill
Gaskill, Alice, d. 13 Aug 1857, age: 19yrs, d/o Joseph & Hannah
Gaskill, Ann, d. 27 May 1837, age: 34yrs, w/o John
Gaskill, Edward, d. 11 Mar ...., age: 44yr, Rest of Stone Eroded
Gaskill, Elizabeth, d. 16 Sep 1965, age: 84yr, w/o James William
Gaskill, Ernest, d. 10 May 1905, age: 24yr
Gaskill, Esther Ann, d. 29 May 1946, age: 76yr, w/o Richard R
Gaskill, Hannah, d. 17 Jan 1862, age: 66yrs, w/o Joseph
Gaskill, James William, d. 10 Jul 1924, age: 47yr, h/o Elizabeth, s/o James & Margaret
Gaskill, James, d. 24 Oct 1807, age: 2yrs, s/o John & Betty
Gaskill, James, d. 4 Oct 1836, of Shawfield Stones, age: 48yrs, h/o Mary
Gaskill, James, d. 7 May 1915, age: 70yr, h/o Margaret
Gaskill, Jessie, d. 22 Dec 1923, age: 47yr, h/o Ellen, Brother of Ernest
Gaskill, John, d. 18 Nov 1810, age: 55yrs, of Birdfields
Gaskill, John, d. 6 Jan 1821, age: 39yrs
Gaskill, Joseph, d. 17 Feb 1855, of Bird Fiels, age: 56yrs, h/o Hannah
Gaskill, Margaret, d. 5 Dec 1899, age: 49yr, w/o James
Gaskill, Mary, d. 10 Feb 1837, age: 47yrs, w/o James
Gaskill, Mary, d. 16 Dec 1820, age: 13yrs, d/o James & Mary
Gaskill, Mary, d. 19 Nov 1871, of Infield, age: 70yrs
Gaskill, Richard R, d. 3 Oct 1929, age: 59yr, of Milnrow, h/o Esther Ann
Gaskill, William, b. 1918, d. 1992, Foster s/o William & Elizabeth Alice Wolfenden
Gaskill, William, d. 21 Sep 1810, age: 17days, s/o James & Mary
Gaunt, Susan, b. 20 Feb 1947, d. 14 Nov 1991
Gee, Herbert, d. 10 Sep 1985, age: 79yrs, h/o Mary
Gee, Mary, d. 26 Aug 1994, age: 91yrs, w/o Herbert
Goldsmith, Arlotta, d. 18 Apr 1924, age: 68yrs, w/o Orlando John
Goldsmith, Orlando John, d. 17 Dec 1909, age: 55yrs, h/o Arlotta
Graham, William, d. Sep 1914, age: 9yrs
Green, Elizabeth, d. 19 Oct 1970, in Bristol, age: 87yrs, w/o Joseph
Green, Joseph, d. 16 Sep 1979, age: 87yrs, h/o Elizabeth
Greenhalgh, Elizabeth, d. 1 May 1857, age: 13yrs 11mths, d/o James & Esther
Greenhalgh, Esther Hannah, d. 6 Dec 1841, age: 14mths, d/o James & Esther
Greenhalgh, Esther, d. 26 Jul 1889, age: 74yrs, w/o James
Greenhalgh, James, d. 29 Nov 1874, age: 59yrs, h/o Esther
Greenwood, Edith, d. 3 Jan 1958, age: 61yrs, w/o Sam
Greenwood, John William, d. 5 Jan 1934, age: 63yrs, h/o Sarah
Greenwood, Sam, d. 18 Jul 1964, age: 69yrs, h/o Edith
Greenwood, Sarah, d. 16 Jan 1942, age: 72yrs, w/o John William
Grimshaw, May, d. 3 Mar 1992, age: 66yrs
Grimshaw.William, d. 3 Oct 1998, age: 83yrs
Grindrod, Abraham, d. 27 May 1895, age: 72yr, bro/o Betty Ellice
Grindrod, Mary, d. 17 Jan 1906, age: 74yr, w/o Robert
Grindrod, Robert, d. 2 Jun 1907, age: 72yr, h/o Mary
Gurson, Lois, d. 24 Jul 1916, age: 14mths, d/o Alice

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