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Heywood Cemetery
Lancashire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Ingham, Alice, d. 11 May 1916, age 72yr, w/o James, [DO]
Ingham, Ann, d. 26 Jun 1868, age 58yr, w/o James, [DO]
Ingham, Betty, d. 4 Dec 1905, age 66y, w/of James, [SS]
Ingham, Eliza, d. 5 Dec 1950, age 78yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Ingham, Emma, d. 22 Jul 1932, age 73yr, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Ingham, James, d. 14 Sep 1885, age 53y, h/o Betty, [SS]
Ingham, James, d. 30 Mar 1880, age 70yr, h/o Ann, [DO]
Ingham, James, d. 31 Mar 1918, age 72yr, h/o Alice, [DO]
Ingham, James, d. 6 Apr 1894, age 32y, h/o Maggie, s/of James & Betty, [SS]
Ingham, John D, d. 2 Oct 1911, age 46y, h/o Nancy, d. at Blackpool, [SS]
Ingham, Mary, d. 3 May 1890, age 53y, [SS]
Ingham, Nancy, d. 12 Apr 1901, age 57y, w/of John D, [SS]
Ingham, Robert, d. 27 Oct 1955, age 82yr, h/o Eliza, [DO]
Ingham, Sarah, d. 8 Dec 1918, age 76yrd/o James & Ann, [DO]
Ingham, Thomas, d. 23 Feb 1928, age 69yr, h/o Emma, [SS]
Isherwood, Alice Hannah, b. 5 Jun 1853, d. 27 Oct 1882, d/o Thomas & Mary Ashworth Isherwood, [DO]
Isherwood, Clara, d. 19 May 1967, age 94yr, d/o Mary Rigg, [SS]
Isherwood, Hannah, b. 15 Jul 1856, d. 28 Mar 1908, w/of Willie Arthur, [DO]
Isherwood, James C.B., d. date underground, of Crimble, [SS]
Isherwood, John Alfred, b. 5 May 1855 d 31 Oct 1878, [DO]
Isherwood, Mary Ashworth, b. 15 Jan 1830, d. 25 Nov 18...., w/of Thomas, [DO]
Isherwood, Mary Radcliffe, b. 8 Aug 1893, d. 4 Sep 1893, [DO]
Isherwood, Minnie, b. 11 Dec 1868, d. 21 Sep 1919, [DO]
Isherwood, Thomas J.R, b. 3 Oct 1830, d. 24 Apr 1899, [DO]
Isherwood, Willie Arthur, d. 26 Jan 1921, age 61y, [DO]
Jackson, Albert, d. 19 Aug 1936, age 69yr, h/o Minnie Edith, [SS]
Jackson, Alfred, d. 15 Sep 1924, age 34yr, h/o Eleanor, [SS]
Jackson, Alice, d. 20 Apr 1875, age 28y, d/o William & Mary, [SS]
Jackson, Alice, d. 20 Apr 1875, age 28y, d/o William & Mary, of Rochdale, [DO]
Jackson, Ann Maria, d. 3 Sep 1869, age 4y 9m, d/o George & Maria, [SS]
Jackson, Ann, d. 12 Oct 1863, Primrose Hill, age 77yr, w/o James, [DO]
Jackson, Eleanor, d. 22 Mar 1953, age 63yr, w/o Alfred, [SS]
Jackson, Elizabeth Alice, d. 13 Oct 1892, age 36y, w/o Ernest, [SS]
Jackson, Elizabeth, d. 28 Feb 1917, age 54y, d/o William & Mary, [DO]
Jackson, Elizabeth, d. 29 Feb 1917, age 54y, d/o William & Mary, [SS]
Jackson, Ellen, d. 9 Feb 1920, age 49y, w/of Samuel, [SS]
Jackson, Elsie May, b. 6 May 1898, d. 17 Nov 1977, d/o Albert & Minnie Edith, [SS]
Jackson, Emily, d. 23 Jan 1971, age 90y, [SS]
Jackson, Fred Lord, d. 3 Mar 1906, age 45y, only s/o Albert & Minnie E, [SS]
Jackson, George Cunliffe, d. 15 Aug 1860, age 15m, s/o George & Maria, [SS]
Jackson, George, d. 11 Dec 1875, age 42y, in Southport Lancashire, [SS]
Jackson, Harriett, d. 4 Dec 1916, age 48y, w/of Henry, d/o Robert & Susannah Collinge, [SS]
Jackson, Herman, d. 17 Mar 1971, age 80y, h/o Mary, [SS]
Jackson, James, d. 12 Jul 1880, age 22y, s/of William & Mary, of Rochdale, [DO]
Jackson, James, d. 13 Sep 1895, age 51y, h/o Sarah, [SS]
Jackson, James, d. 17 Jul 1880, age 22y, s/of William & Mary, [SS]
Jackson, Martha Aspinall, d. 26 May 1904, age 17y, /o Richard & Sarah, [SS]
Jackson, Mary Jane, d. 3 Jun 1938, age 73y, d/o Samuel & Mary, [SS]
Jackson, Mary, d. 10 Jan 1889, age 63y, w/of Samuel, [SS]
Jackson, Mary, d. 30 Dec 1886, age 67y, w/of William, [SS]
Jackson, Mary, d. 30 Dec 1886, age 67y, w/of William, of Rochdale, [DO]
Jackson, Mary, d. 30 Jun 1981, age 89y, w/o Herman, [SS]
Jackson, Minnie Edith, d. 1 Oct 1953, age 85yr, w/o Albert, [SS]
Jackson, Nancy, d. 2 Apr 1923, age 1w, d/o Herman & Mary, [SS]
Jackson, Richard (J.P.), d. 17 May 1933, age 71y, h/o Sarah, [SS]
Jackson, Robert, d. 27 Sep 1891, age 71yr, [DO]
Jackson, Samuel, d. 25 Feb 1902, age 74y, h/o Mary, [SS]
Jackson, Sarah Ann, d. 11 Sep 1936, age 60y, w/of William Henry, of Castleton, [SS]
Jackson, Sarah, d. 16 Jan 1940, age 74y, w/o Richard, [SS]
Jackson, Sarah, d. 22 Jun 1913, age 68y, w/of James, [SS]
Jackson, Sarah, d. 23 Mar 1932, age 80y, [DO]
Jackson, Sarah, d. 23 Mar 1932, age 80y, d/o William & Mary, [SS]
Jackson, William Henry, d. 19 Mar 1871, age 94y, h/o Sarah Ann, [SS]
Jackson, William, d. 3 Feb 1891, age 57yr, [DO]
Jackson, William, d. 3 Sep 1872, age 61y, h/of Mary, of Rochdale, [DO]
Jackson, William, d. 3 Sep...., age 61y, h/o Mary, [SS]
Jacobs, Emily, d. 1 Jan 1965, age 90y, [SS]
Jacques, Ann, d. 13 Mar 1868, age 80y, [DO]
Jacques, Betsy Hannah, d. 29 Nov 1954, age 79yr, [SS]
Jacques, Charles, d. 31 Aug 1919, age 65y, h/o Sarah Ann, [SS]
Jacques, Henry, d. 18 Dec 1899, age 45yr, [SS]
Jacques, Herbert M, d. 27 Aug 1957, age 71y, [SS]
Jacques, Martha, d. 25 Jun 1939, age 85yr, [SS]
Jameson, Frederick Bland, b. 8 Jul 1847, d. 4 Nov 1884, [SS]
Jameson, George Herbert (M.D.), b. Jan 10 1854, d. 6 Jun 1926, [SS]
Jameson, Granville, d. 3 Jul 1967, age 89yr, s/o Joseph & Rebecca, [SS]
Jameson, Harvey, b. 31 Aug 1879, d. 10 May 1925, [SS]
Jameson, Rebecca, b. 12 Feb 1819, d. 8 Jun 1939?, w/o Joseph, [SS]
Jenkins, Willie, d. 7 May 1918, age 27y, h/o Emily, [SS]
Jerrard, William, d. 25 Sep...2, age 74y, [SS]
Johnson, Ellen, d. 26 Mar 1929, age 71y, w/of John Townley, [SS]
Johnson, John Richard, d. 8 Mar 1962, h/o Lizzie, [SS]
Johnson, John Townley, d. 2 Aug 1926, age 73y, h/o Ellen, [SS]
Johnson, Lizzie, d. 7 May 1969, w/o John Richard, [SS]
Jones, Charles Edward, d. 30 May 1860, age 17y, drowned at Heywood, [SS]
Jones, Dinah, b. 29 Jan 1915, d. 21 Aug 1989, d/o John & Mary Emerson, [SS]
Jones, Louisa, d. 7 Dec 1894, age 22y, [SS]
Jones, Mary Ann, d. 25 Nov 1927, age 84y, [SS]
Jopson, Ada Florence, d. 1 Jun 1872, age 6m, d/o Daniel & Hannah, of Castleton, [SS]
Jopson, John, d. 16 Sep 1875, age 10m, [SS]
Jopson, Richard, d. 18 Aug 1875, age 2y 10m, [SS]
Jopson, Richard, d. 5 Jun 1870, age 24y, [SS]
Jopson, William, d. 6 Aug 1878, age 4m, [SS]
Kay, Ada, d. 3 Dec 1928, age 54y, w/o James, [SS]
Kay, Betsy Hannah, d. 31 Dec 1927, age 65y, w/o Robert, [SS]
Kay, Elizabeth, d. 15 Jan 1995, age 84yr, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Kay, Flora, d. 26 May 1970, age 92y, w/of George, [DO]
Kay, George, d. 15 Dec 1959, age 73y, [DO]
Kay, Harry, no Information, [SS]
Kay, James, d. 1. Apr 19.., [SS]
Kay, James, d. 16 Jul 1927, age 52y, h/o Ada, [SS]
Kay, Mary, d. 23 Apr 1915, age 56y, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Kay, May, d. 3 Mar 1922, age 43y, w/of George, [DO]
Kay, Rachel, no Information, [SS]
Kay, Robert, d. 10 Oct 1886, age 6mths, s/o Thomas & Mary, [SS]
Kay, Robert, d. 11 Oct 1913, age 52y, h/o Betsy Hannah, [SS]
Kay, Samuel, d. 28 Jul 1876, age 2yr, s/o Thomas & Mary, [SS]
Kay, Thomas, d. 2 Jun 1999, age 90yr, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Kay, Thomas, d. 25 Nov 1936, age 76y, h/o Sarah Ellen, [SS]
Kay, Thomas, no information, [SS]
Kay, Tom, d. 28 May 1891, age 10mths, s/o Thomas & Mary, [SS]
Kemp, Carrie, d. 20 Sep 1935, age 58yr, w/o Emanuel Defty, [SS]
Kemp, Emanuel Defty, d. 24 Jun 1944, age 64yr, h/o Carrie, [SS]
Kennerley, Jane, d. 2 May 1898, age 66y, [SS]
Kenyon, Annie, d. 18 Jun 1975, age 73yr, [SS]
Kerfoot, Janet, d. 23 Dec 1950,Blackpool, age 68yr, w/o Samuel, d/o David & Elizabeth Ann Hammond, [SS]
Kershaw, Alice, d. 26 Nov 1939, w/o John Walter, [SS]
Kershaw, Bertha, d. 9 Jul 1956, age 80yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Kershaw, Charles, d. 3 Oct 1896, Birkdale Southport, age 64yr, h/o Jane, [SS]
Kershaw, Elizabeth, d. 11 Mar 1909, age 53y, w/of John, [SS]
Kershaw, Elizabeth, d. 9 Jan 1904 of Heywood, age 67yr, w/o John, [SS]
Kershaw, Harry, d. 21 Aug 1935, age 68yr, [DO]
Kershaw, Helena, d. 3 Oct 1957, age 91y, w/of Matthew, [DO]
Kershaw, Howard, d. 29 Jan 1922, age 74yr, h/o Patience, [DO]
Kershaw, Jane, d. 1 Sep 1901, Rochdale, age 71yr, w/o Charles, [SS]
Kershaw, John Walter, d. 20 Mar 1954, h/o Alice, [SS]
Kershaw, John, b. 11 Nov 1838, d. 12 Sep 1918, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Kershaw, John, d. 12 Oct 1914, age 58y, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Kershaw, Lilian, no dates, d/o Alexander & Jane Simpson, [SS]
Kershaw, Martha, d. 21 Mar 1951, age 83y, w/of Thomas, [SS]
Kershaw, Mattthew, d. 24 Oct 1912, age 48y, h/of Helena, [DO]
Kershaw, Patience, d. 1 Apr 1925, age 78yr, w/o Howard, [DO]
Kershaw, Sarah, d. 30 Mar 1956, age 80y, w/o Samuel, [SS]
Kershaw, Thomas, b. 26 Apr 1871, d. 10 Mar 1931, h/o Martha, [SS]
Kershaw, Thomas, d. 27 Dec 1940, age 57yr, h/o Bertha, s/o Howard & Patience, [DO]
Kilgrass, Edith (Power, d. 24 Oct 1946, age 24y, w/o Jack, d/o Harry & M A Power, [SS]
Kilgrass, Jack, d. 30 oct 1944, age 24y, h/o Edith, s/o Charles & Edith, Cpl 3461544 Highland light infantry City of Glasgow Regiment, [SS]
Kirby, Gordon, d. 19 Oct 1949, age 6wk, grandson of Harold & Elsie Ashworth, s/o Joan & Thomas Kirby, [SS]
Kirby, Joan, d. 12 Sep 2002, age 78yr, d/o Harold & Elsie Ashworth, w/o Thomas Kirby, [SS]
Kirby, Thomas, d. 31 Jul 2002, age 81yr, h/o Joan, [SS]
Knowles, Arthur, d. 1 Nov 1938, age 53 or 55yr, h/o Emma, [SS]
Knowles, Emma, d. 26 Jul 1958, age 74yr, w/o Arthur, [SS]
Knowles, Harold, b. 13 Aug 1880, d. 23 Jan 1936, h/o Mary Ellen, [SS]
Knowles, Mary Ellen, b. 9 Sep 1879, d. 17 May 1964, [SS]
Laird, Florence (Hemingway), d. 21 Jun 1945, w/o Thomas, d/o Edmund Hemingway (JP) of Batley, [SS]
Laird, Thomas (MBCM), b. 2 Aug 1858 at Gibbleston Kilmalcolm, d. 25 Mar 1940, at Heywood, h/o Florence, [SS]
Lambert, David, d. 23 May 1930, age 71y, h/o Emma, [SS]
Lambert, Emma, d. 27 Jun 1940, age 81y, w/o David, [SS]
Lancaster, Ada, d. 24 Feb 1914, age 39yr, d/o William & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lancaster, Elizabeth, d. 25 Oct 1935, age 50yr, d/o William & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lancaster, Elizabeth, d. 8 Apr 1929, age 78yr, w/o William, [SS]
Lancaster, Lily, d. 18 Jul 1938, age 50yr, d/o William & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lancaster, Margaret, d. 20 Mar 1955, age 75yr, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Lancaster, Martha Jane, d. 8 Nov 1871, age 15mo, d/o William & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lancaster, Thomas, d. 28 Dec 1929,Castleton, age 69yr, h/o Margaret, [SS]
Lancaster, William, d. 21 Nov 1912, age 62yr, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Lang, Clara, d. 27 Jul 1957, age 72y, w/of George, [SS]
Lang, Ernest, d. 11 Aug 1916, age 19y, s/of John & Isabella, Pte 5251 Lancashire Fus, killed in action, [SS]
Lang, George, d. 5 Dec 1953, age 76y, h/o Clara, [SS]
Lang, Isabella, d. 3 Dec 1915, age 2 and a 1/2y, d/o George & Isabella, [SS]
Lang, Isabella, d. 6 Jan 1910, age 44y, w/of John, [SS]
Lang, John, d. 22 may 1925, age 61y, h/o Isabella, [SS]
Langford, Joseph, d. 29 Mar 1909, age 40yr, h/o Mary Ann, [SS]
Langley, Emily Louisa, d. 28 Nov 1933, age 66y, 2nd w/o James, [SS]
Langley, James, d. 26 Jan 1927, age 81y, h/o Emily Louisa, wid/o Lavinia, [SS]
Langley, Lavinia, d. 5 Mar 1912, age 66y, w/o James, of Sudden, [SS]
Langstroth, Ellen, d. 20 May 1900, age 64yr, [SS]
Langstroth, Mary, d. 23 Jul 1876, age 1yr 4mths, d/o Robert & Ellen, [SS]
Law, John, b. 9 Sep 1866, d. 28 Oct 1903, h/o Mary, of Sudden, [SS]
Law, Mary, b. 1 Oct 1864, d. 1 May 1911, w/of John, [SS]
Lawton, Agnes, d. 1 Jun 1910, age 69yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Lawton, Eleanor, b. 11 Jul 1873, d. 18 Nov 1948, d/o Thomas & Agnes, [DO]
Lawton, Elizabeth, d. 3 Feb 1940, age 93y, w/o James, [SS]
Lawton, Ethel Elizabeth, d. 30 Oct 1883, Hopwood, age 3yr, d/o James & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lawton, James (J.P), d. 19 Apr 1922, age 76y, h/o Elizabeth, of Romsdal Birkdale, [SS]
Lawton, Sarah Ellen (Nell), d. 1911, age 42y, d/o James & Elizabeth, died at Romsdal Birkdale, [SS]
Lawton, Thomas, d. 20 Jan 1904, Greave Mount Rochdale, age 64yr, h/o Agnes, [DO]
Laycock, Benjamin, d. 25 Nov 1940, age 52yr, [SS]
Leach, Albert, d. 16 Sep 1927, age 65yr, h/o Sarah Ann, [SS]
Leach, Alice, d. 19 Dec 1880, age 78yr, w/o John, [DO]
Leach, Alice, d. 3 Oct 1974, age 79y, [SS]
Leach, Amelia, d. 13 Feb 1896, age 26yr, d/o James & Amelia Greaves, [SS]
Leach, Edith, b. 28 Jun 1885, d. 3 May 1957, w/o Fred, [DO]
Leach, Eliza Jane, d. 11 Apr 1932, age 76yr, w/oJohn, [DO]
Leach, Ellen, d. 17 Apr 1883, d/o Robert & Mary Jane, [SS]
Leach, Ellis, b. 22 Dec 1865, d. 2 Jan 1931, h/o Mary, [SS]
Leach, Fred (Armcm ), d. 4 Jun 1955, age 68yr, h/o Edith, [DO]
Leach, John, d. 10 Nov 1918, Rochdale, age 65yr, h/o Eliza Jane, [DO]
Leach, John, d. 25 Apr 1878, age 72yr, h/o Alice, [DO]
Leach, Mary Jane, d. 3 Feb 1901, w/of Robert, [SS]
Leach, Mary, b. 18 Jul 1865, d. 26 Dec 1928, w/o Ellis, [SS]
Leach, Robert, d. 17 May 1893, h/o Mary Jane, [SS]
Leach, Sarah Ann, d. 2 Sep 1908, age 46yr, w/o Albert, [SS]
Leach, Sarah Ann, d. 29 Dec 1919, age 29yr, d/o Albert & Sarah Ann, [SS]
Lee, Ada, d. 20 Jan 1944, age 66yr, w/o Edwin, [SS]
Lee, Albert, d. 11 Jan 1917, age 52yr, h/o Betsy, [DO]
Lee, Alice Ann, d. 25 Mar 1934 , age 87y, w/of John, d. at Marsden Yorkshire, [SS]
Lee, Alice Ann, d. 8 Feb 1929, age 54y, w/o Frank Crossley, [SS]
Lee, Ann, d. 20 May 1887, age 83yr, [DO]
Lee, Ann, d. 3 Feb 1931, age 78yr, w/o John, [SS]
Lee, Bessie, d. 19 Jul 1934, age 35yr, w/o Fred, [DO]
Lee, Betsy, d. 16 Sep 1906, age 69yr, d/o Soloman & Ellen, [SS]
Lee, Betsy, d. 17 Dec 1937, age 73yr, w/o Albert, [DO]
Lee, Clement, d. 9 Nov 1921, age 70yr, h/o Sarah, [SS]
Lee, Dora, d. 19 Aug 1993, age 95yr, w/o Robert, [SS]
Lee, Edwin, d. 16 Jun 1935, age 59yr, h/o Ada, [SS]
Lee, Elizabeth, d. 21 Oct 1910, age 90y, w/of Mark, [SS]
Lee, Ellen, d. 27 Jan 1928, age 86y, w/of James, [DO]
Lee, Ellen, d. 8 Aug 1882, age 74yr, Relict Of Soloman, [SS]
Lee, Esther, d. 3 Feb 195., age 85yr, d/o Emmanuel & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lee, Frank Crossley, d. 12 Jun 1932, age 57y, h/o Alice Ann, [SS]
Lee, Georgina, d. 19 Oct 1944, [SS]
Lee, Hannah, d. 14 Jan 1936, age 71yr, d/o Emmanuel & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lee, Harry Leach, b. 18 Jan 1890, d. 12 Mar 1890, s/o Stephen Leach Lee & Sarah Jane, [DO]
Lee, James, d. 18 Sep 1917 in Grantham Military Hospital England, age 34yr, s/o Samuel & Mary,(Pte Machine Gun Corps), [SS]
Lee, James, d. 23 Mar 1918, age 76y, h/of Ellen, [DO]
Lee, John Charles, d. 23 Oct 1926, age 49yr, s/o Clement & Sarah, [SS]
Lee, John Henry, b. 20 Apr 1876, d. 3 Mar 1895, s/of John & Alice Ann, [SS]
Lee, John Leach, b. 27 Sep 1882, d. 4 Dec 1888, of Rochdale, s/o Stephen Leach & Sarah Jane, [DO]
Lee, John Robert, d. 6 Feb 1954, age 82yr, h/o Ruth, s/o Emmanuel & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lee, John, d. 17 Oct 1900, age 56y, [SS]
Lee, John, d. 3 Feb 1913, age 60yr, h/o Ann, [SS]
Lee, Mark, d. 3 Apr 1890, age 73y, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Lee, Mary Alice, d. 11 Jan 1945, age 64yr, d/o Samuel & Mary, [SS]
Lee, Mary Alice, d. 26 Aug 1876, age 1 Year, d/o Thomas & Rachel, [DO]
Lee, Mary Ann, b. 31 Dec 1835, d. 13 Jun 1881, d/o Soloman & Ellen, [SS]
Lee, Mary, d. 4 Aug 1885, age 44yr, d/o Soloman & Ellen, [SS]
Lee, Peter, d. 10 Nov 1859, age 4yr 9 Mnths, s/o Thomas & Rachel, [DO]
Lee, Rachel, w/o Thomas, (date underground), [DO]
Lee, Robert, d. 5 Nov 1934, age 36yr, h/o Dora, [SS]
Lee, Sam, d. 10 Jul 1917, age 29yr, s/o Samuel & Mary (Pte 11th Border Regiment), [SS]
Lee, Sarah Ellen, d. 16 Dec 1916, age 76y, d/o Mark & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lee, Sarah, d. 17 Oct 1904, age 53yr, w/o Clement, [SS]
Lee, Sarah, d. 21 Feb 1963, age 85yr, d/o Samuel & Mary, [SS]
Lee, Soloman, d. 18 Jul 1868, age 61yr, h/o Ellen, [SS]
Lee, Stephen Leach, d. 12 Feb 1906, age 50yr, h/o Sarah Jane, [DO]
Lee, Thomas, d. 22 Oct 1899, age 66yr, h/o Rachel, [DO]
Lee, William Woodward, d. 28 Jan 1938, h/o Georgina, [SS]
Lees, William, d. 22 Feb 1938, h/o Anna, [SS]
Leigh, Benjamin C, d. 24 May 1954, age 77yr, h/o Kate, [SS]
Leigh, Egerton, d. 2 Apr 1889, age 7yr, s/o James & Margaret, [SS]
Leigh, James, d. 3 Dec 1888 of Heywood, age 51yr, h/o Margaret, [SS]
Leigh, Kate, d. 2 Dec 1948, age 71yr, w/o Benjamin C, [SS]
Leigh, Margaret, d. 16 Nov 1910, age 64yr, w/o James, [SS]
Leigh, Nellie, d. 20 Nov 1899, age 6wks, Grand d/o James & Margaret, [SS]
Leigh, Thomas, d. 28 Feb 1892, age 14 mths, Grand s/o James & Margaret, [SS]
Lescure, Edith Ann Ridings (Taylor), b. 1898, d. Dec 1960, age: 63yr, bur. Plot C492, [RH]
Levitt, Florence B, d. 16 Aug 1973, w/of George William, [SS]
Levitt, George William, d. 12 Oct 1938, age 55y, h/o Florence B, [SS]
Levitt, Jane E, d. 5 Aug 1940, age 84yr, w/o Robert, [SS]
Levitt, Jane, d. 5 Aug 19.., age 84y, w/of Robert, [SS]
Levitt, Robert, d. 4 Aug 1921, age 70y, h/o Jane, of Maltings Castleton, [SS]
Levitt, Robert, d. 4 Aug 1921, Castleton, age 70yr, h/o Jane E, [SS]
Lewis, Alice, d. 1 Nov 1886, age 38y, w/of Rev David Lewis, d/o Thomas & Ann Wrigley, died at Rochdale, [SS]
Lewis, Annie, d. 28 Mar 1919, age 47yr, w/o John W, [DO]
Lewis, Charles, d. 24 Nov 1961, age 70yr, h/o Doris, [SS]
Lewis, Doris, d. 25 Dec 1985, age 81yr, w/o Charles, [SS]
Lewis, Herbert, d. 4 May 1964, h/o Sarah Ann, cremated at Rochdale, [SS]
Lewis, Herbert, d. 4 May 1964, h/of Sarah Ann, S-in- Law/of James & Mary Partington, [DO]
Lewis, John William, d. 5 Feb 1952, age 80yr, [DO]
Lewis, Samuel, d. 17 Feb 1920, age 49y, h/o Susannah, [SS]
Lewis, Sarah Ann, d. 7 Aug 1966, w/of Herbert, d/o James & Mary Partington (Cremated At Rochdale), [DO]
Lewis, Sarah Ann, d. 7 Aug 1966, w/of Herbert, d/o james & Mary Partington, cremated at Rochdale, [SS]
Lewis, Susannnah, d. 11 Jan 1944, age 76y, /o Samuel, [SS]
Littlefair, Benjamin, d. 12 Jan 1909, age 70yr, [SS]
Litton, Grace Vera, d. 20 Jan 1968, w/o Herbert Percy, [SS]
Litton, Herbert Percy, d. 9 Dec 1937, h/o Grace Vera, [SS]
Livesy, Rosanna, d. 16 Sep 1909, age 59yr, w/o Robert, [SS]
Livsey, Anne, d. 7 May 1996, age 86y, w/of William, [SS]
Livsey, Edith Mary (J.P.), d. 24 Jul 1945, age 73yr, d/o Robert & Martha, [SS]
Livsey, Elizabeth, d. 13 Mar 1893, age 70yr, [SS]
Livsey, Emma, d. 23 Aug 1955, age 88y, w/of James, [SS]
Livsey, Harry, no date, (From The Customers Of The New Market Hotel Hind Hill St Heywood, With Deepest Sympathy), [SS]
Livsey, James, d. 17 Nov 1944, age 76y, h/o Emma, of Heywood, [SS]
Livsey, James, d. 22 Feb 1872, age 21yr, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, [SS]
Livsey, Martha, d. 21 Aug 1938, age 81yr, w/o Robert, [SS]
Livsey, Mary, d. oct 1887, age 63y, w/of Richard, [DO]
Livsey, Mary, d. Oct 1887, age 63y, w/of Richard, d/o James & Ann Horrox, [SS]
Livsey, Richard, d. 16 Apr 1894, age 68y, h/of Mary, [DO]
Livsey, Richard, d. 18 Apr 1894, age 65y, h/o Mary, [SS]
Livsey, Robert, d. 22 Feb 1937 of Edgecroft Heywood, age 90yr, h/o Martha, [SS]
Livsey, Thomas Edward, d. 26 Apr 1937, age 59yr, s/o Robert & Martha, (Dentist), [SS]
Livsey, Thomas, d. Jun 1909, age 88yr, [SS]
Livsey, William, d. 19 Dec 1968, age 62y, h/o Anne, s/of James & Emma, [SS]
Livsey, William, d. 19 Nov 1896, age 46yr, [SS]
Lloyd, John, b. 19 Jan 1848, d. 1 Nov 1897, [SS]
Lomas, Dinah, d. 5 Feb 1937, age 82yr, w/o William, [SS]
Lomas, Ethel, d. 20 Oct 1956, age 74yr, d/o William & Dinah, [SS]
Lomas, William, d. 17 Nov 1926, Brier Hey Mytholmroyd, h/o Dinah, [SS]
Lomax, Elizabeth Ellen, d. 11 Sep 1961, age 91yr, w/o Henry, [SS]
Lomax, Esther Ann, d. 10 May 1908, age 66y, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Lomax, Henry, d. 1 Jan 1930, age 63yr, h/o Elizabeth Ellen, [SS]
Lomax, Mary Ann, d. 28 Aug 1872, age 29y, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Lomax, Minnie, d. 20 Feb 1881, age 4y 7m, d/o Thomas & Esther Ann, [SS]
Lomax, Sarah ?, d. 8 Sep 1909, [SS]
Lomax, Thomas, d. 6 Jan 1903, age 60y, h/o Esther Ann, [SS]
Longman, Henry, d. 19 Aug 1951?, [SS]
Longton, Elizabeth Annie, d. 15 Jan 1957, age 78y, w/of Samuel, [SS]
Longton, Emily, d. 10 Aug 1912, age 39y, w/of Samuel, [SS]
Longton, James, d. 30 Apr 1953, age 65y, [SS]
Lord, Abraham, d. 23 May 1905, age 79yr, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Lord, Albert Ernest, d. 1 Nov 1952, age 64yr, h/o Olive, [SS]
Lord, Alfred, d. 15 Aug 1907, of Burnedge High Crompton, age 71yr, [SS]
Lord, Alice, b. 8 Oct 1827, d. 2 Feb 1892, w/of John, of Heywood, late of Spotland, [SS]
Lord, Alice, d. 28 Dec 1859, age 1yr 6mo, d/o William & Jane, [DO]
Lord, Alice, d. 28 Mar 1931, age 72yr, w/o Samuel, [SS]
Lord, Alice, d. 9 Aug 1880, [DO]
Lord, Ann, d. 12 Feb 1905, w/of James, [DO]
Lord, Betty, d. 30 Nov 1889, w/of William, [SS]
Lord, Charles Lomas, d. 25 Apr 1896, age 62yr, h/o Ellen, [SS]
Lord, Charles, d. 26 Dec 1899, age 65y, h/o Leah, [SS]
Lord, Christina, d. 16 Apr 1949, age 76y, [SS]
Lord, Edna, b. 4 May 1889, d. 1 Dec 1967, w/o John, [SS]
Lord, Elizabeth Alice, d. 22 Oct 1872, age 3y, d/o James & Mary, [SS]
Lord, Elizabeth Ann, d. 22 Nov 1927, age 86yr, s/o Alfred, [SS]
Lord, Elizabeth, d. 25 Sep 1884, age 57yr, w/o Abraham, [SS]
Lord, Ellen, d. 29 May 1912, age 72yr, w/o Charles Lomas, [SS]
Lord, Elsie, d. 10 Jul 1921, age 27yr, w/o Frank, d/o W.T & E.A. Pilkington Of Castleton, [SS]
Lord, Emily, d. 24 Jun 1944, age 81yr, w/o William, [SS]
Lord, Emily, d. 4 Oct 1928, age 56yr, w/o James H, [SS]
Lord, Eunice, d. 3 Oct 1982, age 64y, d/o William Henry & Sarah Ann Jackson, [SS]
Lord, Frank, d. 21 Aug 1954, age 61yr, h/o Mary, [SS]
Lord, Harriet, d. 28 Jul 1934, age 83y?, w/o James, [SS]
Lord, Harry, d. 19 Apr 1928, age 58yr?, [SS]
Lord, James Edward (Pte), killed in action 26 Mar 1918, age 22yr, s/o Samuel & Alice, [SS]
Lord, James, d. 11 Jun 1889, age 61y, h/o Mary, [SS]
Lord, James, d. 2 Apr 1900, age 70y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Lord, James, d. 2 Jan 1913, age 61y, [SS]
Lord, James, d. 3 Feb 1925, age 65y, h/o Harriet, [SS]
Lord, Jane Elliott, d. 9 Sep 1873, age 6mo, d/o William & Jane, [DO]
Lord, Jane, d. 19 Dec 1887, age 50y, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Lord, John T.H., d. 24 Apr 1923, age 54yr, s/o Charles Lomas & Ellen, [SS]
Lord, Leah, d. 3 Mar 1881, age 50y, w/of Charles, [SS]
Lord, Lizzie, d. 4 Aug 1931, age 73y, [SS]
Lord, Maggie, d. 13 Dec 1912, age 15yr, d/o James H & Emily, [SS]
Lord, Mary, b. 9 Sep 1849, d 27 Aug 1884, w/o James, [SS]
Lord, Mary, d. 21 Jan 1952, age 67yr, w/o Frank, [SS]
Lord, Olive, d. 22 May 1977, age 73yr, w/o Albert Ernest, [SS]
Lord, Rachel, d. 28 Jan 1866, age 42y, w/o James, [SS]
Lord, Robert, b. 28 Aug 1868, d. 30 Mar 1920, [SS]
Lord, Sabina, d. 9 Jun 1929, age 79yr, w/o William, [SS]
Lord, Samuel, d. 30 Oct 1916, age 58yr, h/o Alice, [SS]
Lord, Sarah Ann, d. 5 Jan 1925 at Marland, age 37yr, w/o Albert Ernest, [SS]
Lord, Thomas, d. 12 Jun 1878, age 17yr, s/o Abraham & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lord, Thomas, d. 25 Sep 1919, age 86y, h/o Jane, J.P.and Mayor of Heywood 1883-1886, [SS]
Lord, William, d. 17 Nov 1928, h/o Mary Ellen, [SS]
Lord, William, d. 23 Feb 1906, age 45yr, h/o Emily, [SS]
Lord, William, d. 27 Apr 1913, age 54yr, h/o Sabina, [SS]
Lord, William, d. 9 Mar 1919, age 72y, h/o Betty, [SS]
Lovelady, Joseph, d. 26 Nov 1972, age 77y, [SS]
Low, Mary Ann, d. 25 Feb 1892, age 60 yrs, [DO]
Lowe, Eda, d. 14 Jan 1934, age 63y, d/o George & Sarah Ann, [SS]
Lowe, Elizabeth, d. 6 Sep 1919, 2nd w/o Fred Percy, [SS]
Lowe, Elsie, d. 3 Jul 1977, age 77y, eldest d/o Fred Percy & Margaret Alice, [SS]
Lowe, Emma, d. 19 Dec 1909, age 66y, w/of James, of Prettywood, [SS]
Lowe, Fred Percy, d. 16 Jul 1961, age 89y, h/o Elizabeth, wid/o Margaret Alice, [SS]
Lowe, George, d. 29 Aug 1898, age 56y, h/o Sarah Ann, of Hopwood, [SS]
Lowe, James, d. 11 Jul 1929, age 82y, h/o Emma, [SS]
Lowe, Margaret Alice, d. 10 Apr 1909, w/o Fred Percy, [SS]
Lowe, Sarah Ann, d. 10 Nov 1910, age 69y, w/of George, [SS]
Lowe, Thomas, d. 18 Oct 1868, age 3y 6m, s/of George & Sarah Ann, [SS]

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