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Goodshaw Particular Baptist Chapel Graveyard
Rossendale, Lancashire, England

Goodshaw, Rawtenstall
Rossendale, Lancashire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 230.

Contributor's Index:

Ashworth Millicent, bur. 22 Apr 1904, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 60yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Alice Hannah, bur. 27 Jun 1891, age: 23yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Alice Hannah, bur. 7 Jan 1915, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 34yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Alice, bur. 15 Apr 1904, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 78yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Alice, bur. 17 May 1887, age: 50yrs, of Accrington, [SS]
Ashworth, Ann, bur. 11 Apr 1889, age: 71yrs, of Newchurch, [SS]
Ashworth, Ann, bur. 19 Dec 1896, age: 68yrs, of Burnley, [SS]
Ashworth, Ann, bur. 6 Mar 1888, age: 73yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Ann, bur. 8 Oct 1902, age: 72yrs, of Goodshaw, [SS]
Ashworth, Arthur, bur. 6 Apr 1892, age: 16mths, of Clowbridge, [SS]
Ashworth, David, bur. 27 Jun 1889, age: 40yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Deborah, bur. 18 Apr 1911, age: 47yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Elizabeth, bur. 24 Jun 1910, age: 47yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, Ethel, bur. 1 Jul 1897, age: 1mth, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, George Henry, bur. 3 Mar 1900, age: 11yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, George, bur. 26 Jan 1905, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 63yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, George, bur. 30 Mar 1894, age: 52yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, George, bur. 7 Jan 1892, age: 28yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, Hannah, bur. 11 Aug 1892, age: 87yrs, of Rawtenstall, [SS]
Ashworth, Hannah, bur. 20 Oct 1903, age: 73yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Helen, bur. 25 Apr 1907, age: 79yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Henry, bur. 11 May 1894, age: 86yrs, of Burnley, [SS]
Ashworth, Isabella, bur. 10 Jan 1924, age: 68yr, Grave No New 508, [SS]
Ashworth, Isabella, bur. 29 Aug 1888, age: 79yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, James Henry, bur. 29 May 1928, No age: Shown, Grave No 148, [SS]
Ashworth, James, bur. 20 Sep 1888, age: 41yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, James, bur. 26 Sep 1889, age: 60yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Jane, d. 16 Nov 1925, Bur 19 Nov 1925, age: 88yrs, Grave No Old 21, [SS]
Ashworth, John Riley, b. 20 Feb 1844, Bur 21 Jan 1926, age: 81yr, h/o Sarah, s/o John & Sarah (Riley), [SS]
Ashworth, John Robert, bur. 16 Oct 1916, age: 35yr, d. Rochdale Lancashire, [SS]
Ashworth, John, bur. 11 Dec 1915, No age: Shown, d. Wardle Nr Rochdale Lancashire, [SS]
Ashworth, John, bur. 20 Dec 1917, age: 12yr, [SS]
Ashworth, John, bur. 22 Mar 1892, age: 41yrs, of Crawshawbooth , [SS]
Ashworth, John, bur. 7 May 1896, age: 72yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, Kay, bur. 9 Nov 1917, Stillborn, s/o Frank, [SS]
Ashworth, Martha, bur. 24 Oct 1911, age: 78yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Mary Lizzie, bur. 4 Oct 1889, age: 16mths, [SS]
Ashworth, Mary, bur. 3 Sep 1895, age: 3mths, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, Norah, bur. 12 Jul 1888, age: 15mths, d/o Riley Ashworth & Martha (nee Taylor), [SS]
Ashworth, Norah, bur. 21 Dec 1895, age: 2yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Ormerod, bur. 14 Dec 1898, age: 52yrs, of Clowbridge, [SS]
Ashworth, Rachel Annie, bur. 6 Mar 1900, age: 22yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Richard, bur. 2 Feb 1911, age: 19yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Riley, b. 1840 bur. 3 Apr 1908, age: 67yrs, h/o Martha (nee Taylor), s/o Richard & Hannah (nee Riley), [SS]
Ashworth, Sarah Ann, bur. 28 Aug 1889, age: 3mths, [SS]
Ashworth, Sarah Annie, bur. 7 Aug 1925, age: 68yr, [SS]
Ashworth, Sarah E, bur. 16 Jul 1906, age: 43yrs, Victoria Hospital, [SS]
Ashworth, Sarah, bur. 1 May 1914, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 68yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Sarah, bur. 13 Nov 1907, d. Dunnockshaw, age: 65yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Solorman, bur. 15 Apr 1915, d. Rawtenstall, age: 5yrs, [SS]
Ashworth, Thomas, bur. 14 Oct 1915, age: 60yr, [SS]
Ashworth, Walton, bur. 20 Jun 1900, age: 5mths, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Ashworth, William, bur. 31 Oct 1918, age: 20yr, d. At Barley Holme Goodshaw Booth Rossendale Lancashire, [SS]
Ashworth, Winifred, bur. 6 Apr 1892, age: 15mths, of Clowbridge, [SS]
Aspden, Richard, bur. 22 Nov 1866, d. Haslingden, age: 72yrs, [SS]
Aspin, Joseph, bur. 26 Oct 1872, d. Bold Venture, age: 7mths, [SS]
Aspin, Thomas, bur. 5 Dec 1889, age: 70yr, d. Heywood Lancashire England, [SS]
Asworth, Sarah Elizabeth, bur. 11 Jul 1921, age: 56yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Aaron, bur. 16 Jan 1884, d. Goodshawfold, age: 57yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Alice, bur. 1 May 1869, age: 48yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Alice, bur. 6 May 1897, age: 6 mths, d. Burnley Lancashire, [SS]
Birtwistle, Ann, bur. 21 Feb 1872, age: 14yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Betty, bur. 1 May 1869, d. Dunnockshaw, age: 42yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Betty, bur. 13 Feb 1896, age: 74yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Betty, bur. 20 Jun 1870, d. Goodshaw Fold, age: 71yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Bridget, bur. 14 Mar 1895, age: 61yr, d. Barrowford Lancashire England, [SS]
Birtwistle, Catherine, 12 Mar 1927, No age: Shown, Grave No 781, [SS]
Birtwistle, Ellen, bur. 1893, age: 47yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Frank, bur. 12 Aug 1889, age: 4 mths, [SS]
Birtwistle, George Henry, bur. 25 Sep 1867, d. Dunnockshaw, age: 4mths, [SS]
Birtwistle, George, bur. 4 Feb 1865, d. Loveclough, age: 53yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Honor Elizabeth, bur. 19 Jul 1894, age: 39yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, James Albert, bur. 23 Mar 1893, age: 20 mths, [SS]
Birtwistle, James, bur. 19 May 1897, age: 70yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Jane, bur. 14 May 1879, d. Goodshawfold, age: 62yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, John, bur. 12 may 1884, age: 68yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Lizzie, bur. 6 Nov 1890, age: 5 Mths, [SS]
Birtwistle, Maria, bur. 21 Sep 1892, age: 68yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Martha, bur. 16 Apr 1896, age: 73yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Mary Alice, bur. 27 Jun 1927, No age: Shown, Grave No 431, [SS]
Birtwistle, Mary, bur. 15 Dec 1880, d. Goodshawfold, age: 67yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Mary, bur. 2 April 1888, age: 70yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Nora Annie, bur. 22 Jul 1891, age: 2yr, [SS]
Birtwistle, Pickup, bur. 31 Oct 1879, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 2 days, [SS]
Birtwistle, Pickup, bur. 6 Apr 1872, age: 34 yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Richard, bur. 26 Oct 1867, d. Goodshawfold, age: 72yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Richard, bur. 27 Dec 1880, d. Goodshawfold, age: 66yrs, [SS]
Birtwistle, Riley, bur. 26 Jun 1929, No age: Shown, Grave 431, [SS]
Birtwistle, Robert, bur. 2 Oct 1916, age: 39yr, d. Burnley Lancashire, [SS]
Birtwistle, Selina, bur. 18 Jun 1929, No age: Shown, Grave No 255, [SS]
Birtwistle, Stillborn, bur. 22 Apr 1869, d. Dunnockshaw, [SS]
Birtwistle, Susannah, bur. 7 Feb 1927, No age: Shown, Grave No 426, [SS]
Birtwistle, Thomas, bur. 27 Mar 1915, age: 65yr, d. Victoria Hospital Burnley Lancashire, [SS]
Chadwick, Betsy, bur. 26 Jan 1899, age: 24yr, [SS]
Chadwick, Harold, bur. 14 Feb 1905, age: 2 mths, [SS]
Chadwick, J R A, bur. 3 Jun 1896, age: 2 Days, [SS]
Chadwick, John Riley, bur. 16 Sep 1903, age: 11 days, [SS]
Chadwick, Maria Alice, bur. 8 Jun 1871, age: 10mths, [SS]
Chadwick, Susannah, bur. 14 Jan 1931, No age: Shown, Grave No 603, [SS]
Chadwick, Tom, bur. 13 May 1897, age: 21yr, d. Rawtenstall Rossendale Lancashire, [SS]
Chalk, Alice, bur. 28 May 1870, d. Water, age: 75yrs, [SS]
Chalk, George, bur. 6 May 1869, d. Waterfoot, age: 40yrs, [SS]
Compston, Frank Riley, bur. 3 Apr 1903, age: 4yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Cropper, James Ashworth, bur. 8 Sep 1923, age: 65yr, Grave No Old 95, d. Burnley Lancashire, [SS]
Cunliffe, Annie, bur. 15 Jan 1898, age: 77yr, d. Waterfoot Rossendale, [SS]
Cunliffe, Mary Anne, bur. 8 Feb 1871, d. Goodshawfold, age: 32yrs, [SS]
Edmundson, Henry, bur. 24 Jan 1863, d. Clowbridge, age: 6yrs, [SS]
Edmundson, Nora, bur. 23 Apr 1900, age: 16yr, d. Clowbridge Rossendale Lancashire, [SS]
Hartley, William Alfred, bur. 20 Apr 1872, d. Goodshaw, age: 6mths, [SS]
Howarth, Ashworth, bur. 17 May 1904, age: 69yrs, [SS]
Lupton, John, bur. 19 Apr 1909, age: 9mths, of Goodshaw, [SS]
McGrath, Annie H, bur. 29 Apr 1896, age: 10 mths, [SS]
Orrell, John, bur. 2 Feb 1864, d. Burnley, age: 6 dys, [SS]
Peel, Margaret Ann, bur. 29 Dec 1930, No age: Shown, Grave No 572, [SS]
Peel, Thomas, bur. 2 Jul 1918, age: 59yr, d. Crawshawbooth Rossendale Lancashire, [SS]
Riley Fred Simpson, bur. 18 Oct 1887, age: 6mths, [SS]
Riley, Abraham, bur. 12 Feb 1890, age: 68yrs, of Clowbridge, [SS]
Riley, Abraham, bur. 24 Apr 1901, age: 21yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, Ada, bur. 30 Oct 1890, age: 5yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, Alice Ann, bur. 25 Sep 1889, age: 14mths, [SS]
Riley, Alice Hannah, bur. 30 Apr 1901, age: 38yrs, of Whittingham, [SS]
Riley, Alice, bur. 25 Sep 1909, age: 65yrs, of Dunnockshaw, [SS]
Riley, Alice, bur. 27 Mar 1929, No age: Shown, Grave No 136, [SS]
Riley, Ann, bur. 21 Jul 1894, age: 67yrs, of Newchurch, [SS]
Riley, Arthur, bur. 3 Jan 1894, age: 22yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, Benjamin, bur. 20 Oct 1926, age: 72yr, Grave No 815, d. Clowbridge Rossendale Lancashire, [SS]
Riley, Edith Alice, bur. 3 Aug 1892, age: 5mths, of Rawtenstall, [SS]
Riley, Eli, bur. 2 Sep 1904, d. Dunnockshaw, age: 50yrs, [SS]
Riley, Elizabeth Ann, bur. 4 Jul 1902, age: 60yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, Elizabeth, bur. 17 Nov 1888, age: 56yrs, of Burnley, [SS]
Riley, Elizabeth, bur. 6 May 1930, No age: Shown, Grave No 148, [SS]
Riley, Ellen, bur. 22 Dec 1891, age: 28yrs, [SS]
Riley, Ellen, bur. 24 Apr 1914, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 29yrs, [SS]
Riley, Ellen, bur. 4 Oct 1923, age: 70yr, Grave No 255, d. Moorlands Haslingden Lancashire, [SS]
Riley, Emily, bur. 23 Dec 1890, age: 9mths, of Clowbridge, [SS]
Riley, Frank, bur. 28 Feb 1930, No age: Shown, Grave No 175, [SS]
Riley, George Henry, bur. 3 Oct 1896, age: 52yrs, of Goodshaw, [SS]
Riley, Henry, bur. 13 Dec 1898, age: 69yrs, of Burnley, [SS]
Riley, Jack, bur. 5 Jun 1909, age: 3mths, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, James A, bur. 20 Sep 1929, No age: Shown, Grave No 143, [SS]
Riley, James, bur. 12 Dec 1911, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 77yrs, [SS]
Riley, James, bur. 18 Apr 1903, age: 79yrs, of Dunnockshaw, [SS]
Riley, James, bur. 22 Oct 1927, No age: Shown, Grave No 294, [SS]
Riley, James, bur. 8 Jun 1898, age: 56yrs, Union Workhouse Burnley, [SS]
Riley, James, bur. 9 Jan 1929, No age: Shown, Grave No 136, [SS]
Riley, Jenny, bur. 22 Jul 1930, No age: Shown, Grave No 142, [SS]
Riley, John Henry, bur. 6 Dec 1921, age: 74yr, d. Burnley Lancashire, [SS]
Riley, John, bur. 15 Jun 1908, age: 1Hour, of Cotton Row, [SS]
Riley, John, bur. 21 Jan 1925, age: 60yrs, Grave No 60, [SS]
Riley, John, bur. 9 Dec 1916, age: 70yr, d. Crawshawbooth Rossendale Lancashire, [SS]
Riley, Joseph, bur. 22 Nov 1911, d. Workhouse Infirmary Rawtenstall, age: 69yrs, [SS]
Riley, Joseph, bur. 28 May 1895, age: 28yrs, of Dunnockshaw, [SS]
Riley, Major, bur. 15 Feb 1890, age: 10mths, [SS]
Riley, Mary Ann, bur. 18 Oct 1902, age: 54yrs, of Sliver Clough, [SS]
Riley, Mary E, bur. 8 Jul 1895, age: 74yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, Mary Elizabeth, bur. 10 Jul 1895, age: 1yr & 8mths, of Burnley, [SS]
Riley, Mary, bur. 11 Jun 1908, age: 68yrs, [SS]
Riley, Mary, bur. 16 Jul 1909, age: 74yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, Mrs, bur. 17 Nov 1926, age: 53yr, w/o George, d. Accrington Lancashire, [SS]
Riley, Nancy, b. 1889 bur. 11 Sep 1889, age: 3mths, of Dunnockshaw, d/o Riley Riley & Mary Jane, [SS]
Riley, Riley, b. 22 Dec 1852, Bur 14 Dec 1922, age: 67yr, h/o Mary Jane, s/o James & Hannah, [SS]
Riley, Robert Edward, bur. 10 Jul 1888, age: 28yrs, [SS]
Riley, Susannah, bur. 27 Apr 1911, age: 30yrs, of Burnley, [SS]
Riley, Susannah, d. Burnley, age: 64yrs, [SS]
Riley, Thomas Graves, bur. 7 Dec 1897, age: 2mths, [SS]
Riley, Thomas, bur. 14 Jan 1921, age: 55yr, d. At Dunnockshaw Lancashire Eng, [SS]
Riley, William, bur. 15 Dec 1909, age: 72yrs, of Dunnockshaw, [SS]
Riley, William, bur. 26 Mar 1898, age: 1mth, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Riley, Willie, bur. 8 Mar 1928, No age: Shown Grave No 147, [SS]
Riley, Winifred, bur. 21 Aug 1909, age: 2yrs, of Burnley, [SS]
Sellers, John Ashworth, bur. 14 Dec 1901, age: 8mths, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Shenton, Amos, bur. 3 May 1885, age: 38yr, h/o Sarah(Shaw), s/o Thomas & Ann(Riley), [SS]
Shenton, Ann, bur. 14 Apr 1866, d. Heald Nr Bacup, age: 64yrs, [SS]
Shenton, Basil, bur. 7 Dec 1895, age: 4 days, [SS]
Shenton, Betsy Ann, bur. 29 Dec 1927, No age: Shown, Grave No 504, [SS]
Shenton, Elizabeth, bur. 14 Sep 1885, age: 42yr, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Shenton, Elizabeth, bur. 15 Jun 1883, d. Clowbridge, age: 4yrs, d/o Japeth & Hannah, [SS]
Shenton, Ethel, bur. 8 Feb 1904, age: 5 mths, [SS]
Shenton, Fanny, bur. 21 oct 1896, age: 18 hrs, [SS]
Shenton, Hannah, bur. 22 Feb 1930, No age: Shown, Grave No 454, [SS]
Shenton, Hannah, bur. 27 Feb 1889, age: 6 mths, d/o Joseph & Hannah, [SS]
Shenton, Hannah, bur. 30 Aug 1882, d. Goodshaw, age: 70yrs, [SS]
Shenton, Herbert, bur. 18 Aug 1916, age: 1 Day, [SS]
Shenton, Jane, bur. 24 Oct 1914, age: 78yr, w/o Samuel, [SS]
Shenton, John Lawrence, bur. 13 Aug 1880, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 2 Yrs, [SS]
Shenton, John Thomas, bur. 1 May 1914, age: 68yr, [SS]
Shenton, John William, bur. 4 Jun 1894, age: 15yr, d. Burnley Lancashire England, [SS]
Shenton, John, bur. 8 Jan 1883, d. Clowbridge, age: 6 mths, s/o Japeth & Hannah, [SS]
Shenton, Lawrence, bur. 22 Aug 1888, age: 64yr, s/o Thomas & Ann(Riley), [SS]
Shenton, Margaret, bur. 20 Aug 1892, age: 14mnths, [SS]
Shenton, Margaret, bur. 20 Feb 1905, age: 66yr, w/o Robert, [SS]
Shenton, Maria Elizabeth, bur. 13 Dec 1893, age: 22 days, [SS]
Shenton, Mary Alice, bur. 23 Feb 1915, age: 65yr, [SS]
Shenton, Mary Ann, bur. 8 Mar 1884, age: 7 mths, d/o Japeth & Hannah, [SS]
Shenton, Millicent (Ashworth), b. 1 Nov 1823, Bur 13 May 1896, age: 72yr , w/o John, d/o James & Alice, [SS]
Shenton, Robert, bur. 1 Dec 1892 age: 58yr, h/ of Margaret, s/o Thomas & Ann (Riley), [SS]
Shenton, Sarah Elizabeth, bur. 14 Jan 1895, [SS]
Shenton, Thomas, bur. 4 Jul 1892, age: 7 hrs, [SS]
Shenton, William, bur. 19 Apr 1890, age: 9yr, s/o Japeth & Hannah, [SS]
Shenton, William, bur. 26 Sep 1884, age: 3 wks, [SS]
Spencer, Abraham, bur. 13 Apr 1883, d. Edge End, age: 72yrs, [SS]
Spencer, Abraham, bur. 3 Oct 1863, d. Goodshaw Lane, age: 83yrs, [SS]
Spencer, Ann, bur. 21 Apr 1897, age: 75yr, [SS]
Spencer, Ann, bur. 21 Apr 1897, age: 75yrs, of Crawshawbooth, [SS]
Spencer, Betty, bur. 9 Jul 1864, age: 1yr 9 mths, [SS]
Spencer, Elizabeth (Edmundson), bur. 30 Apr 1917, age: 86yr, w/o George, d/o Smith & Margaret, [SS]
Spencer, George Edward, bur. 1 Aug 1863, d. Bonfire Hill, age: 3yrs, [SS]
Spencer, George, bur. 5 Apr 1916, age: 83yr, d. Accrington Lancashire , h/o Elizabeth, s/o Abraham & Susan, [SS]
Spencer, James Martin, bur. 10 Sep 1863, d. Crawshawbooth, age: 21mths, [SS]
Spencer, James, bur. 6 Jan 1864, d. Rawtenstall, age: 2 dys, [SS]
Spencer, John Henry, bur. 31 Mar 1928, No age: Shown, Grave No 854, [SS]
Spencer, John, bur. 11 Feb 1926, No age: Shown, Grave No 871, [SS]
Spencer, John, bur. 1893, age: 71yr, [SS]
Spencer, Lawrence, bur. 21 Nov 1894, age: 83yr, [SS]
Spencer, Mary, bur. 16 Dec 1864, d. Newchurch, age: 81yrs, [SS]
Spencer, William Henry, bur. 28 Feb 1866, d. Goodshaw, age: 3wks, [SS]
Tatop, Jubal, bur. 1 Oct 1890, age: 41yrs, [SS]
Underwood, Thomas Whittaker, bur. 31 Dec 1864, d. Loveclough, age: 42yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, Benjamin, bur. 30 Dec 1863, d. Clowbridge, age: 2dys, [SS]
Whittaker, Elizabeth Alice, bur. 23 Oct 1880, d. Dunnockshaw, age: 10yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, George, bur. 14 Nov 1866, d. Fairbanks, age: 5yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, John James, bur. 19 Sep 1870, d. Dunnockshaw, age: 4dys, [SS]
Whittaker, John, bur. 25 Dec 1872, d. Goodshawfold, age: 51yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, Jonathan, bur. 18 Feb 1871, d. Dunnockshaw, age: 38yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, Major, bur. 8 Sep 1870, d. Fairbanks, age: 42yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, Martha, bur. 9 Mar 1881, age: 46yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, Mary, bur. 3 Sep 1884, age: 67yr, [SS]
Whittaker, Mary, bur. 6 Jun 1872, d. Slidings, age: 3mths, [SS]
Whittaker, Matty, bur. 1 Mar 1870, d. Burnley, age: 68yrs, [SS]
Whittaker, Thomas, bur. 25 Oct 1872, age: 20yrs, [SS]

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