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Saint Michael Churchyard
Bishop Middleham, Durham, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Neasham, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jun 1821, Infant d/o James and Sarah Neasham, [DO]
Neasham, James, d. 23 Feb 1876, age: 70yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Neasham, James, d. 25 Jul 1861, age: 83yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Neasham, Mary, d. 6 Jun 1902, age: 71yr, w/o James, [DO]
Neasham, Sarah, d. 2 Apr 1846, age: 66yr, w/o James, [DO]
Neasham, Sarah, d. 24 Jun 1843, age: 27yr, d/o James and Sarah, [DO]
Oates, Daughter, d. 1872, d/o George and Jane, [DO]
Oates, George, d. 22 Jul 1831, s/o George and Jane, [DO]
Page, Mary Ann, d. 20 Nov 1836, [DO]
Palmer, Elizabeth, d. 7 Jan 1824, age: 8yr, [DO]
Palmer, Jane, d. 15 May 1846, age: 31yr, [DO]
Palmer, Jane, d. 21 Feb 1869, age: 90yr, Relict of Robert, [DO]
Palmer, Robert, d. 14 May 1849, age: 72yr, h/o Jane, [DO]
Pamely, Edith, d. 9 Sep 1853, age: 79yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Pamely, Hannah, d. 18 Nov 1894, age: 83yr, w/o William, [DO]
Pamely, Thomas, d. 22 Jan 1854, age: 89yr, h/o Edith, [DO]
Pamely, William, d. 14 Mar 1895, age: 84yr, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Panton, Ethel, no dates, [DO]
Pearson, Ann, d. 7 Apr 1819, age: 29yr, d/o John and Esther, [DO]
Pearson, Esther, d. 10 May 1821, age: 63yr, w/o John, [DO]
Pearson, Hannah, d. 23 Dec 1858, age: 39yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Pearson, John Jnr, d. Jun 1834, age: 47yr, [DO]
Pearson, John Snr, d. Sep 1835, age: 88yr, [DO]
Pearson, John, d. 17 Feb 1916, age: 63yr, h/o AE Pearson, s/o Robert, [DO]
Pearson, Mary, d. 14 May 1857, age: 14mo, d/o Robert and Hannah, [DO]
Pearson, Mary, d. 5 Aug 1866, age: 45yr, [DO]
Pearson, Mary, d. 6 Nov 1894, age: 8yr, d/o J and AM Pearson, [DO]
Pearson, R, d. 26 Jul 1897, age: 82yr, [DO]
Pearson, William, d. 4 Apr 1834, age: 43yr, [DO]
Penman, Jane, d. 27 Sep 1796, age: 15yr, d/o Edward and Ann, [DO]
Philips, Jane, d. 15 Feb 1840, age: 33yr, Chester Le Street, w/o John, [DO]
Pinyon, Sarah Ann, d. 19 Sep 1878, age: 36yr, w/o John Pinyon, and d/o JB Hodgson, [DO]
Postgate, Jane, d. 15 Dec 1831, age: 67yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Potts, William, d. 2 May 1825, age: 28yr, s/o William and Mary Potts, [DO]
Reed, Anna Jane, d. 1 Feb 1916, age: 88yr, d/o Anthony and Eliza, [DO]
Reed, Anthony, d. 23 Feb 1861, age: 72yr, h/o Eliza, [DO]
Reed, Barbara, d. 25 Jul 1834, age: 79yr, W/Of Robert, [DO]
Reed, Catherine Dorothea, d. 14 Sep 1873, d/o Anthony and Eliza Reed, [DO]
Reed, Eliza, d. 14 Nov 1868, 80yr, w/o Anthony, [DO]
Reed, John, d. 4 Nov 1832, age: 54yr, s/o John and Barbara, [DO]
Reed, Mary Frances, b. 7 May 1828, d. 22 Aug 1904, d/o Anthony and Eliza, [DO]
Reed, Robert Francis, b. 16 Apr 1820, d. 12 May 1881, s/o Anthony and Eliza, [DO]
Reed, Robert, d. 27 Apr 1834, age: 80yrh/o Barbara, [DO]
Ridley, Charlotte, bur. 3 May 1841, infant, [DO]
Robinson, Isabella, d. 4 Nov 1904, age: 70yr, w/o Thomas G Robinson, [DO]
Robinson, James, d. 15 Aug 1861, age: 68yr, [DO]
Robinson, Jane, d. Sep ........Rest Faded, [DO]
Robinson, Jane, d. age 5yr, [DO]
Robinson, John, d. 2 Apr 1867, [DO]
Robinson, Joseph, d. 3 Feb 1926, age: 78yr, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Robinson, Marshall, d. 23 Feb 1830, [DO]
Robinson, Mary Ann, d. 11 Mar 1896, age: 32yr, w/o Joseph Robinson, and d/o Thomas and Ann Kirtley, [DO]
Robinson, Mary, d. 2 Oct 1846, age: 2yr, d/o Thomas, [DO]
Robinson, Mary, d. 7 Feb 1895, age: 78yr, w/o William, [DO]
Robinson, Thomas G, d. 13 Jul 1887, age: 52yr, h/o Isabella, [DO]
Robinson, Thomas, d. 21 Jan 1893, age: 73yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Robinson, William, d. 25 Mar 1897, age: 82yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Rontree, John, d. 15 May 1828, age: 13 Yrs 10 Months Mainsforth, s/o John and Mary, [DO]
Rontree, John, d. 9 May 1846, age: 77yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Rontree, Mary, d. 25 Jun 1860, age: 92yr, w/o John, [DO]
Ross, Ann, d. 17 Oct 1844, age: 86yr, w/o John, [DO]
Ross, Ann, d. 25 Feb 1880, age: 49yr, w/o James, [DO]
Ross, Eveline Ann, d. 27 Nov 1903, age: 40 Yrs 9mo, w/o James Edward Ross, [DO]
Ross, James Edward, d. 21 Apr 1907, age: 69yr, [DO]
Ross, James, d. 1 May 1880, age: 52yr, h/o Ann, [DO]
Ross, John, d. 1 Nov 1905, age: 53yr, h/o Ann, [DO]
Ross, Joseph Barker, d. 11 Jun 1866, age: 9mo, s/o James and Ann Ross, [DO]
Rutter, Margaret, d. 8 May 1875, age: 42yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Rutter, Robert Botcherby, d. 19 Apr 1868, age: 5yr, [DO]
Rutter, Thomas, d. 9 Feb 1917, age: 87yr, h/o Margaret, [DO]
Scaif, Ruth, d. 12 Aug 1834, age: 47yr, d/o Robert and Barbara Reed, [DO]
Shaw, Elizabeth, d. 9 ... 1871, [DO]
Shaw, John, d. China 18 Sep 18 .. age 28yr, [DO]
Smeddle, Elizabeth, d. 24 Nov 1831, age: 66yr, w/o Rev John Smeddle, [DO]
Smeddle, John, Rev, d. 5 Apr 1843, age: 78yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Smeddle, Margaret, d. 28 Jan 1836, age: 37yr, d/o John and Elizabeth, [DO]
Smeddle, Robert, d. 16 Sep 1852, age: 58yr, Bamburgh Castle Northumberland, s/o John and Elizabeth, [DO]
Smeddle, William, d. 13 Nov 1853, age: 52yr, Pall Mall London, s/o John and Elizabeth Surtees, [DO]
Smith, Ann, d. 27 Jun 1916, age: 76yr, w/o Michael T, [DO]
Smith, Ann, d. 7 Feb 1834, age: 44yr, d/o William and Mary Potts, [DO]
Smith, John, d. 23 Jan 1836, age: 56yr, h/o Margaret, [DO]
Smith, Magdelene, d. 27 Dec 1811, age: 66yr, w/o Timothy, [DO]
Smith, Margaret, d. 4 Dec 184..., w/o John, [DO]
Smith, Mary, d. 7 Jan 1831, age: 22yr, d/o John and Margaret, [DO]
Smith, Michael T, d. 9 Jun 1902, age: 65yr, h/o Ann, [DO]
Smith, Timothy, d. 8 Dec 1801, age: 63yr, h/o Magdelene, [DO]
Snaith, Ann, d. 14 Dec 1835, age: 63yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Snaith, Cuthbert, d. 10 Aug 1863, age: 57yr, s/o Thomas and Ann, [DO]
Snaith, Mary Ann, d. 3 Jun 1870, age: 72yr, [DO]
Snaith, Thomas, d. 14 Sep 1856, age: 82yr, h/o Ann, [DO]
Spence, Hannah, d. 14 Nov 1901, age: 61yr, w/o John, [DO]
Spence, John, d. 13 Jan 1902, age: 63yr, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Spence, William, d. 3 Apr 1873, age: 3yrs 8mo, s/o John and Hannah, [DO]
Stacey, Mary Ann, d. 6 Jun 1891, age: 80yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Stacey, Thomas, d. 28 Aug 1892, age: 82yr, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Stoddart, Ann, d. 12 Apr 1797, Cornforth, age: 26yr, d/o Thomas and Ann, [DO]
Stoddart, Ann, d. date faded w/o Thomas, [DO]
Stoddart, George, d. 3 Sep 1811, age: 43yr, s/o Thomas and Ann, [DO]
Strange, Rev W A D D, d. 17 Apr 1874, age: 61yr, [DO]
Surtees, Ann, b. 10 Jan 1785, d. 2 Mar 1868, w/o Robert, [DO]
Surtees, Ann, d. 2 Mar 1868, age: 82yr, d/o Ralph Robinson and w/o Robert Surtees Esq, [DO]
Surtees, Brigadier General Sir Robert Conyers, b. 13 Jan 1858, d. 18 Apr 1933, Kt, B.C, M, G, DSO, MVO, DL, JP, FSA, S/Of Col. Charles Freville Surtees, [DO]
Surtees, Col, Charles Freeville, d. 22 Dec 1906, age: 83yr, s/o Robert Surtees Esq, [DO]
Surtees, Robert Esq, b. 1 Apr 1779, d. 11 Feb 1834, h/o Ann, s/o Robert and Dorothy Surtees, [DO]
Surtees, Robert, b. 1 Apr 1779, d. 11 Feb 1834, h/o Ann, [DO]
Taylor, Sarah Ann, d. Mainsforth 27 Dec 1901, age: 52yr, [DO]
Thomas Eggleston, d. 11 ... 1854 /h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Thomas Shaw, d. Jun 1853, [DO]
Thorburn, Margaret, d. 28 Oct 1869, age: 63yr, w/o William, [DO]
Thorburn, William, d. 3 Jun 1883, age: 82yr, h/o Margaret, [DO]
Thurlow, Arthur, d. 19 May 1838, age: 17yr, s/o Robert and Sarah, [DO]
Thurlow, Mathew, d. 30 Oct 1881, age: 77yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Thurlow, Sarah, d. 29 May 1889, age: 83yr, Relict of Mathew, [DO]
Tilly, Anthony, d. 28 Jun 1826, age: 69yr, [DO]
Tilly, Sarah, d. 26 May 1839, age: 70yr, w/o Anthony, [DO]
Tinkler, Elizabeth, d. 24 Aug 1905, age: 69yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Tinkler, Mary Ann, d. 11 Jun 1876, age: 61yr, w/o Michael, [DO]
Tinkler, Mary Ann, d. 24 Apr 1871, age: 18yr, s/o Michael and Mary Ann, [DO]
Tinkler, Michael, d. 9 Sep 1875, age: 71yr, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Tinkler, Thomas, d. 27 Nov 1915, age: 75yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Tranmer, Edward, d. 20 Mar 1898, age: 72yr, h/o Jane, [DO]
Tranmer, Jane, d. 18 Jul 1898, age: 71yr, w/o Edward, [DO]
Wait, Margaret, bur. 23 Feb 1897, age 70yr, [DO]
Waite, William George, bur. 8 Dec 1931, age 50yr, [DO]
Walker, Ann, b. 16 Feb 1822, d. 4 May 1873, bur. 6 May 1873, age 57yr, [DO]
Walker, Arthur, bur. 22 Jun 1945, age 6yr, [DO]
Walker, Benjamin, b. 12 Oct 1783, d. 28 Mar 1860, bur. 31 Mar 1860, h/o Cicely Walker, [DO]
Walker, Benjamin, b. 28 Mar 1824, d. 1 Aug 1901, bur. 4 Aug 1901, Limeburner, age 78yr, h/o Catherine Walker, [DO]
Walker, Catherine, b. 20 Jun 1821, d. 9 Sep 1881, bur. 11 Sep 1881, age 60yr, w/of Benjamin Walker, [DO]
Walker, Catherine, bur. 10 Feb 1863, age 73yr, [DO]
Walker, Cecilia, d. 29 Jul 1877, bur. 31 Jul 1877, age 3yr, d/o Willaim and Mary Walker, [DO]
Walker, Cicely, b. Jul 1790, d. 11 Jun 1874, bur. 15 Jun 1874, w/o Benjamin Walker, [DO]
Walker, Eden Abnor, bur. 14 Jul 1916, age 25yr, [DO]
Walker, Edward, bur. 24 Apr 1864, age 2 days old, [DO]
Walker, Elizabeth Agnes, bur. 27 Jul 1866, age 15 wks old, [DO]
Walker, Elizabeth Jane, bur. 24 Nov 1867, age 18 mo old, [DO]
Walker, Elizabeth, bur. 1 Dec 1867, age 7yr, [DO]
Walker, Elizabeth, bur. 21 Feb 1888, age 70yr, [DO]
Walker, Esther, bur. 12 Mar 1938, age 73yr, [DO]
Walker, Francis, d. 23 Mar 1728 Nun Stainton, age: 87yr, [DO]
Walker, Frank, b. 21 Feb 1893, bur. 5 Aug 1893, age 5mo, s/o William and Hannah Walker, [DO]
Walker, George Hutchinson, bur. 4 Aug 1880, age 17mo, [DO]
Walker, George, bur. 13 Jul 1864, age 2 days old, [DO]
Walker, Herbert, bur. 21 Mar 1944, age 54yr, [DO]
Walker, James Henry, bur. 6 May 1875, age 9 mo old, [DO]
Walker, Jane, bur. 19 Jun 1862, age 25yr, [DO]
Walker, John, bur. 1 Nov 1930, age 71yr, [DO]
Walker, John, bur. 4 Jan 1866, age 27yr, [DO]
Walker, John, bur. 8 Aug 1854, age 1 yr old, [DO]
Walker, Jonathan, bur. 28 Dec 1847, age 3yr, [DO]
Walker, Margaret, b. 1758, d. 26 Feb 1838, bur. 28 Feb 1838, W/Of Richard Walker, [DO]
Walker, Margaret, bur. 27 Apr 1871, age 12yr, [DO]
Walker, Mary Ann, bur. 8 Nov 1873, age 30yr, [DO]
Walker, Mary Jane, bur. 16 May 1915, age 55yr, [DO]
Walker, Mary, bur. 10 Sep 1899, age 69yr, [DO]
Walker, Mary, bur. 22 Dec 1867, age 55yr, [DO]
Walker, Mary, bur. 27 May 1890, age 52yr, [DO]
Walker, Matilda Jane, bur. 29 Oct 1898, age 4yr, [DO]
Walker, Minnie, bur. 22 Feb 1898, age 3yr, [DO]
Walker, Nancy Agnes, bur. 26 Aug 1866, age 26yr, [DO]
Walker, Rachel, bur. 29 Oct 1867, age 18yr, [DO]
Walker, Ralph, bur. 19 Jun 1862, age 1da, [DO]
Walker, Richard, b. 1755, d. 5 Jul 1827, bur. Jul 1827, h/o Margaret Walker, [DO]
Walker, Richard, bur. 14 Nov 1911, age 54yr, [DO]
Walker, Robert, bur. 21 Feb 1862, age 10mo, [DO]
Walker, Sarah Hannah, bur. 25 Aug 1861, age 7 weeks old, [DO]
Walker, Thomas Robinson, b. 10 Aug 1811, d. 1 Feb 1902, bur. 5 Feb 1902, h/o Ann Walker, age 92yr, [DO]
Walker, Thomas, bur. 25 Jul 1902, age 35yr, [DO]
Walker, Thomas, bur. 3 Jan 1893, age 25yr, [DO]
Walker, William, b. 1854, bur. 9 Dec 1918, h/o Hannah Walker, Quarryman Labourer, [DO]
Walker, William, b. 28 Aug 1860, bur. 24 Feb 1861, age 6 mo old, s/o Benjamin and Catherine Walker, [DO]
Walker, William, bur. 14 Jul 1901, age 66yr, [DO]
Walker, William, bur. 19 Nov 1855, age 48yr, [DO]
Watson, Dorothy, bur. 5 Oct 1685, [DO]
Watson, Elizabeth, bur. 30 Oct 1685, [DO]
Watson, Jane, no dates, [DO]
White, Bridget, b. 1805, d. 27 May 1840, age: 34yr, d/o Henry Walker and Bridget, w/o James White, [DO]
White, Henry Walker, d. 5 Dec 1839, age: 15mo, s/o Henry and Bridget, [DO]
White, James, d. 27 Jun 1849, age: 51yr, h/o Bridget, [DO]
Whitfield William, no dates, [DO]
Whitfield, Thomas, d. 13 Feb 1738, age: 64yr, [DO]
Wilson, Elizabeth, d. 7 Nov 1857, age: 62yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Wilson, Mary Isabella, d. 1 Feb 1898, age: 43yr, [DO]
Wilson, Thomas, d. 16 Nov 1877, age: 83yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Wilson, William, b. 15 Feb .., d. 7 Aug 1831, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth, [DO]
Wood, Dorothy, d. Dec 18..., w/o William, [DO]
Woodward, Ann, b. 16 Sep 1826, d. 19 Mar 1898, bur. 22 Mar 1898, age 71yr, [DO]
Woodward, William, b. 1826, d. 25 Mar 1898, bur. 31 Mar 1898 Butler, h/o Ann Woodward, age 74yr, [DO]
Wrangham, John, d. 18 Dec 1844, age: 87yr, h/o Margaret, [DO]
Wrangham, John, d. 29 Mar 1876, age: 73yr, s/o John and Margaret, [DO]
Wrangham, Margaret, d. 8 Jun 1856, age: 85yr, w/o John, [DO]
Wrangham, Matthew, d. 1 Apr 1848, age: 32yr, s/o John and Margaret, [DO]
Wright, Elizabeth, d. 19 Feb 1845, age: 70yr, [DO]
Wright, William, d. 10 Dec 1865, age: 89yr, [DO]
Yorke, Maria, d. 3 Jun 1883, age: 82yr, w/o Rev TH, [DO]
Yorke, Rev T H, d. 16 Feb 1868, age: 83yr, Vicar, h/o Maria, [DO]

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