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Princess Road Cemetery
Durham, England

Princess Road, Seaham Harbour, Durham England
OS Map 88 Grid Ref NZ424489

This cemetery had its first burial in 1885, that of John Watson, listed below.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 52.

Contributor's Index:

Atkinson, George, d. 15 Mar 1962, age: 17y, [DO]
Baron, Joseph William Jnr, d. 2 Nov 1968, age: 32y, [DO]
Bowen, Robert, d. 25 Jul 1922, age: 32y, [DO]
Briggs, Robert Wallace, d. 11 Sep 1907, age: 30y, [DO]
Bruce, William Richardson, d. 23 Jan 1947, age: 27y, [DO]
Close, Francis, d. 27 Sep 1961, age: 42y, [DO]
Clough, Mark, d. 26 Jun 1941, age: 46y, [DO]
Clyde, George Edwin Walter, d. 14 Oct 1931, age: 44y, [DO]
Clyde, James, d. 26 May 1898, age: 13y, [DO]
Davison, William James, d. 23 Aug 1923, age: 24y, [DO]
Dawson, Walter, d. 8 Sep 1880, age: 49y, [DO]
Dodds, Charles, d. 12 Mar 1929, age: 31y, [DO]
Donaldson, Frank, d. 27 Mar 1931, age: 46y, [DO]
Evans, George, d. 29 Apr 1934, age: 63y, [DO]
Foster, Ralph, d. 18 Feb 1914, age: 14y, [DO]
Freeman, Thomas, d. 6 Jun 1963, age: 37y, [DO]
Hasson, Frederick, d. 19 May 1927, age: 20y, [DO]
Hastings, Samuel, d. 27 Feb 1910, age: 19y, [DO]
Hawkey, Edward, d. 10 Jan 1936, age: 26y, [DO]
Hedley, Robert Wanless, bur. 30 May 1947, age: 42y, [DO]
Hood, Joseph, d. 17 May 1951, age: 61y, [DO]
Hughes, Richard, d. 14 Apr 1911, age: 14y, [DO]
Kennedy, Robert Henry, d. 2 Oct 1914, age: 18y, [DO]
Knapp, Alfred John, d. 17 Jul 1913, age: 14y, [DO]
Lawrence, John Beston, d. 4 Jun 1913, age: 19y, [DO]
Lawson, James D, d. 7 Jun 1950, age: 57y, [DO]
Light, Thomas, d. 2 Jul 1944, age: 41y, [DO]
Marraty, Patrick, d. 27 Dec 1911, age: 18y, [DO]
Marwick, George, bur. 29 Aug 1891, age: 64y, h/of Isabella, [DO]
Marwick, William, b. 1867, d Dec 1896, bur. 7 Dec 1896, age: 29y, s/of George & Isabella, [DO]
Mcdonald, Alexander, d. 14 Mar 1933, age: 46y, [DO]
Mead, William, d. 15 Oct 1954, age: 36y, [DO]
Milford, George W.B., d. 20 Oct 1929, age: 35y, [DO]
Newcombe, William John, d. 26 Dec 1910, age: 32y, [DO]
Nixon, John William Bourne, d. 18 Mar 1901, age: 21y, [DO]
Owen, Ralph Griffith, d. 23 May 1934, age: 41y, [DO]
Preston, John, d. 17 Dec 1912, age: 17y, [DO]
Robson, Emmerson, d. 30 Sep 1930, age: 38y, [DO]
Rodgers, William Waggott, d. 10 Dec 1923, age: 14y, [DO]
Savage:, Alexander, d. 19 Dec 1949, age: 38y, [DO]
Sharpe, George, d. 7 Jun 1950, age: 52y, [DO]
Shepherd, Walter J. B., d. 23 Feb 1923, age: 14y, [DO]
Stoker, Jonah, d. 20 Jul 1927, age: 58y, [DO]
Wallace, Emma Wanlees, bur. 23 May 1947, age: 61yw/of William, [DO]
Wanless, Gertrude Elizabeth, bur. 13 Dec 1946, age: 64y, w/of James Ford, [DO]
Wanless, Isabella Mary, bur. 7 Jul 1938, age: 74y, w/of Joseph William, [DO]
Wanless, James Ford, bur. 14 Nov 1962, age: 80y, h/of Gertrude Elizabeth, ashes, [DO]
Wanless, Joseph William, bur. 8 Jul 1948, age: 89y, h/of Isabella Mary, [DO]
Watson, John:b 1827, d. 3 Nov 1885, [DO]
Waugh, Charles William, d. 26 Apr 1927, age: 38y, [DO]
Weighill, Richard Robert, d. 10 Dec 1909, age: 21y, [DO]
Wilson, Ellen, b. 03 Jul 1888, d. 07 Feb 1925, w/o William, [JC]

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