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Holy Trinity Churchyard
Wingate, Durham, England

O S map 93 Grid ref NZ 400 372

Contact: Vicar Reverend M J Vaizley on Telephone 837968 at Vicarage, Wingate Grange Durham England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 37.

Contributor's Index:

Ainsley, James, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 20y, [DO]
Atkinson, John Thomas, d. 19 May 1919, age 18y, [DO]
Bayliss, George, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 58y, [DO]
Bell, Caleb, d. 11 Feb 1903, age 40y, [DO]
Bentley, Lord, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 66y, [DO]
Broxson, Henry, d. 23 Mar 1939, age 42y, [DO]
Dixon, John Guy, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 62y, [DO]
Elliott, Norman Sidney, d. 4 Nov 1937, age 16 y, [DO]
Gelson, William, d. 11 Oct 1889, age 21y, [DO]
Goynes, John Henry, d. 30 Nov 1894, age 26y, [DO]
Gregson, Christopher , d. 19 Oct 1938, age 41y, [DO]
Harris, Alfred George, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 50y, [DO]
Hockaday, William, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 51y, [DO]
Isaac, James, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 42y, [DO]
Jones, Joseph, d. 12 Feb 1927, age 57y, [DO]
Kay, Thomas, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 51y, [DO]
Kell, William, d. 17 Nov 1935, age 55y, [DO]
Mason, David Henry, d. 21 Feb 1923, age 30y, [DO]
Mason, James, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 49y, [DO]
Mason, Leslie Richard, d. 12 Jun 1925, age 19y, [DO]
Mather, John William, d. 31 May 1922, age 34y, [DO]
Metcalf, Thomas, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 64y, [DO]
Morgan, William Hedley, d. 1 Apr 1922, age 26y, [DO]
Morris, Richard Broxson, d. 26 Apr 1934, Age 22y, [DO]
Morris, William, d. 18 Apr 1975, age 61y, [DO]
Pearce, James, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 45y, [DO]
Priestley, George Bevan, d. 14 Jul 1937, age 32y, [DO]
Seedhouse, William, d. 12 Apr 1900, age 39y, [DO]
Smith, George, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 47y, [DO]
Smith, James, d. 20 Jul 1950, age 38y, [DO]
Snowball, Matthew, d. 27 Dec 1932, age 52y, [DO]
Stockdale, Charles, d. 14 Oct 1906, age 35y, [DO]
Sword, Thomas, d. 4 Apr 1931, age 46y, [DO]
Tones, Thomas, d. 11 Aug 1911, age 21y, [DO]
Truscott, Charles Henry, d. 30 Jan 1908, age 21y, [DO]
Wadge, Thomas Cocking, d. 27 Oct 1883, age 30y, [DO]
West, Sidney, d. 14 Nov 1956, age 43y, [DO]

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