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Saint Mary the Virgin Cemetery
Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire, England

Gamlingay is an ancient village on the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire border, on the B1040 road from Biggleswade to Saint Ives. Saint Mary the Virgin church and churchyard date from the 13th Century, and are situated on the corner of Church Lane, Gamlingay.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Sep 19, 2005. Total records = 58.

Contributor's Index:

h/o = husband of
w/o = wife of
WC = within church
CY = in churchyard
Annis, Frances, d. Dec 1817?, age: 65yr, w/o William Henry Annis, CY, [DG]
Annis, William Henry, d. Jan 1830?, age: 70?yr, CY, [DG]
Arnold, Ann, d. 17 Sep 1873, age: 84yr, w/o Samuel Arnold, CY, [DG]
Arnold, Samuel, d. 29 Aug 1862, age: 7yr, CY, [DG]
Arnold, William, d. 17 Jun 1880, age: 51yr, of Gamlingay, CY, [DG]
Baynes, Sarah Cooper, b. 17 Aug 1818, d. 8 Sep 1888, w/o Thomas Baynes, CY, [DG]
Carter, James, d. Jun 18??, age: 39yr, CY, [DG]
Carter, William, d. 11 Dec 18(33), s/o James & Sarah Carter, CY, [DG]
Carter, William, no dates, CY, [DG]
Codere?, John George, no dates, CY, [DG]
Cooper, Elizabeth, d. 18?7, age: 27yr, CY, [DG]
Cooper, Martha, d. 16 Jun 1870, w/o William Cooper, CY, [DG]
Cooper, Susanna Woodham, d. 7 May 1852, age: 1yr, d/o James Harvey & Susanna Cooper, CY, [DG]
Cooper, William, d. 30 Apr 1872, age: 85yr, husband of Martha Cooper, CY, [DG]
Deane, James, d. 25 Apr 1868, age: 75yr, CY, [DG]
Deane, Mary, d. 17 Mar 1865, age: 61yr, w/o James Deane, CY, [DG]
Emery, Anne, d. 18 Mar 1873, age: 75yr, relict of James Emery of Eynesbury, CY, [DG]
Emery, infant, no dates, age: infant, child of William Rogers & Jane Emery, CY, [DG]
Emery, Jane, d. 10 May 1856, age: 28yr, w/o William Rogers Emery, d/o Thomas & Mary Purser of Dunton, CY, [DG]
Emery, Mary, d. 23 Dec 1870, age: 75yr, w/o George Emery, CY, [DG]
Endersby, Dorc?ia, d. 26 Sep 18?1, age: 62yr, w/o James Endersby, CY, [DG]
Godding, infant, d. 27 Nov 1870, age: infant, child of Mary Godding, CY, [DG]
Godding, Mary, d. 27 Nov 1850, age: 32yr, w/o James Kealy Godding, dau. William & Martha Cooper, CY, [DG]
Hall, Dorothy, d. 11 Feb 178?, w/o Thomas Hall, CY, [DG]
Hall, George, no dates, s/o Thomas Hall, CY, [DG]
Hall, Thomas, no dates, age: 78yr, CY, [DG]
Hepworth, Elizabeth, d. 1 Dec 1816, age: 75yr, w/o Revd Robert Hepworth M.A., CY, [DG]
Hepworth, Robert, d. 21 Jan 1815, age: 71yr, 13 years Vicar of Gamlingay, CY, [DG]
Hepworth, William Thomas, no dates, s/o Revd Robert & Elizabeth Hepworth, CY, [DG]
Ingle, James, no dates, CY, [DG]
Ingle, Joseph, d. 12 Jun 1827, age: 59yr, of this Parish, CY, [DG]
Ingle, Sarah, d. 18?6, w/o William Ingle, formerly w/o James Carter, CY, [DG]
King, Thomas, d. 20 Sep 1811, age: 70yr, CY, [DG]
Kitchin, Charlotte, d. 17 Jun 1840, age: 60yr, relict of John Kitchin, dau William & Ann Parsons, CY, [DG]
Kitchin, George, d. 11 Oct 1882, age: 6yr, CY, [DG]
Kitchin, James, d. 1886, CY, [DG]
Kitchin, John, d. 12 Dec 1833, age: ?8yr, CY, [DG]
Kitchin, William, d. 27 May 1855, age: 38yr, CY, [DG]
Marshall, Henry, d. 4 May 1859, age: 46yr, CY, [DG]
Marshall, Mary, d. 9 Apr 1852, age: 40yr, w/o Henry Marshall, CY, [DG]
Meeks, Mary, d. 15 Feb 1861, age: 80yr, w/o William Meeks, CY, [DG]
Pain, Mary, d. 22 Jan 1797, age: 59yr, w/o John Pain, CY, [DG]
Parsons, William, d. 11 Aug 1840, age: 76yr, CY, [DG]
Pegg, William, no dates, CY, [DG]
Sarel, Florence Sarah, d. 20 Mar 1886, age: 24yr, w/o Samuel Sarel, CY, [DG]
Sly, James, d. 18 Feb 1822, age: 67yr, CY, [DG]
Stockbridge, Martha, d. 23 Sep 1884, age: 61yr, relict of Peter Stockbridge & w/o William Hawkins, CY, [DG]
Stockbridge, Peter, d. 1 Feb 1857, age: 35yr, eldest s/o William & Charlotte Stockbridge of Meldreth, CY, [DG]
Stratton, Rachel Alma, d. 14 Sep 1872, age: 18yr, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth Stratton, CY, [DG]
Stratton, William, d. Nov 1873?, h/o Bethiah, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth Stratton, CY, [DG]
Sutton, Thomas, d. 22 Feb 1819?, age: 78yr, brother of the late William Tur???, CY, [DG]
Turrell, Ann, d. 24 Jul 1883, age: 60yr, w/o William Turrell, CY, [DG]
Warwick, Thomas, no dates, age: 79yr, CY, [DG]
Webb, John, d. 21? Apr 1859, age: 97yr, s/o Joshua & Mary Webb, CY, [DG]
Wood, James, no dates, CY, [DG]
Wright, Elizabeth, no dates, CY, [DG]
Wright, Thomas, d. 1? Feb 1823, age: 17yr, CY, [DG]
Young, Lettitia, d. 5 Jun 1861, age: 67yr, w/o Edmund Young, CY, [DG]

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