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Holy and Undivided Trinity Churchyard
Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, England

Church Lane
Haddenham, Eng.

Contributed by Claire Eldred, Mar 26, 2004 [cgeldred@ntlworld.com]. Total records = 108.

This burial site is in the churchyard of the Parish Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Haddenham, on Church Lane.

The graveyard is in good condition, and all graves are clear, well kept with nice landscaped ground which is maintained. It is owned and maintained by the Diocese of Ely.

The church dates from approximately 1200-1400, however we were unable to enter the church on that day as it was locked, so we couldn't varify that.

The church is undergoing new lead roofing and flashing at present, but apart from that, is in very good condition. It does not have a steeple, but is of a semi turreted tower design. A pleasant church and church yard.

I have transcribed all graves in this graveyard, which hadonly about 15 graves that were unreadable in their entirety. These burial records were compiled on Mar 22, 2004.

- Claire Eldred

Askew Goode, Elizabeth Ann, d. 29 Dec 1855, age: 3yr, d/o Thomas and Sarah Askew Goode
Baker, James, d. 1839
Bishop, Alice, d. 1808, age: 60yr
Clay, Charles Frederick, 1860, age: 31yr
Clay, Charles, d. 4 May 1800, age: 13yr, (s/o Charles and Elizabeth clay of Coveney)
Clay, Frederick, d. 15 Dec 1850, age: 65yr
Clay, Mary, d. 1867, age: 75yr, w/o Frederick Clay
Clay, Rosetta, d. 23 Oct 1903, age: 71yr, w/o Charles Frederick Clay
Clipson Davie, Ann, d. 13 Mar 1877, age: 79yr, (daur of W. and Elizabeth Hawyes Wray, and Widow of J. C. Davie Esq. of this parish)
Cockle, Daniel, d. 1799, age: 7yr, s/o Daniel and Mary Cockle. (Also that of another child underneath, name unreadable)
Cockle, Rebecca, no dates, w/o Thomas Cockle, (very old grave and no other part readable)
Cockle, Susan, d. 5 May 1857, age: 41yr, w/o John Cockle
Cooby, Robert, d. 22 Jan 1857, age: 82
Cornell, Mary, d. 13 Nov 1857, age: 50yr, (w/o Richard Cornell)
Cornell, Richard, d. 17 Sep 1857, age: 42yr
Dewey, Eleanor, d. 20 Dec 1851, age: 95yr, (w/o Thomas Dewey)
Dewey, Fanny Ann, b. 16 Apr 1850 d.19 Apr 1850, age: 3 days. (d/o Richard and Frances Dewey)
Dewey, George James, b. 17 Dec 1848 d.27 Feb 1856, age: 7yr, (s/o Richard and Frances Dewey) also Fanny Ann Dewey.
Dewey, Thomas, d. 1855, age: -6yr
Drage Porter, Emily, died in America 10 Apr 1905, age: 54yr
Drage, Elizabeth, d. 5 Nov 1856, age: 38yr, (w/o Robert Pate Esq)
Drage, Thomas O., esq, d.11 Dec 1858, age: 69yr
Elizabeth Wayman, d. 8 Oct 1878, age: 76yr, (w/o John Wayman)
Faulkner, Jane, d. 185-, age: 27yr, (w/o Edward Faulkner)
Gibson, Infant son, no date, son of George and Elizabeth Gibson, (appears underneath the inscription of William Robinson. Possibly family.
Gooby, Ann, d. 6 Mar 1817, age: 69yr, w/o Robert Gooby
Gooby, Mary, d. 1831, age: 21yr, d/o Robert and Ann Gooby
Granger, Catherine, d. 30 Nov 1830, age: 79yr, (w/o Will Granger)
Granger, Will, d. 11 Jul 1816, age: 65yr
Granger, William, Son of Thomas Tubbs Granger, who was interred in Sheffield Cemetary 6 Jan 1893, age: 49yr
Hawes, Elizabeth, 180-, age: 9yr, (dau. of Francis and Mary Hawes)
Hawes, Francis, 16 Mar 1853, age: 85yr
Hawes, Francis, 26 Feb 1829, age: 18 (s/o Francis and Mary Hawes)
Hawes, Mary, d. 10 Jun 1850, age: 81yr, (w/o Francis Hawes)
Hawyes Wray, Elizabeth, d. 31 May 1860, age: 86yr, w/o W. Hawyes Wray Esq
Jennings, Alice, d. 1833, age: 72yr, w/o William Jennings
Jennings, William, d. 1838, age: 68yr
Knight Porter, Sophia, d. 23 Jul 1859, age: 34yr, w/o William Knight Porter)
Knight Porter, William, d. 12 May 1880, age: 58yr, late of Staple Leys)
Lander, Jane, d. 29 Aug 1857, age: 88yr,(w/o John Lander)
Lander, John, d. 1846, age: 85yr
Lander, Samuel, d. 1821, age: 21yr, (s/o John and Jane Lander)
Lownds, Rebecca, d. 1814, age: 10yr
Martin, Edward, d. 1832, age: 64yr
Martin, Francis, d. 1812, age: 70yr
Martin, Rebecca, d. 1826, age: 55. (w/o Edward Martin
Mawer, Ann, d. 18 Oct 1788, age: 28yr, (w/o Will Mawer)
Morris, Ann, d. 1786, age: 65yr, w/o Thomas Morris, also Thomas Morris
Morris, John, d. 6 Sep 1812, age: 17yr (s/o William and Mary Morris)
Morris, Mary, d. 10 Nov 1814, age: 44yr, (w/o William Morris, and there are "also two children:" but the inscription has faded)
Morris, Thomas, no dates, son of Thomas and Ann Morris
Morris, William, d. 9 Jun 1839, age: 67yr
Murfitt, Elizabeth, d. 1857, age: 2yr, (his daughter. inscription very faded)
Murfitt, Isaac, d. 15 May 1861, age: 38
Okey, G., 1838
Papworth, Elizabeth, d. 7 Apr 1817, age: 12yr, (d/o Joseph and Susan Papworth)
Papworth, Susan, d. 19 Apr 1821, age: 41yr, (w/o Joseph Papworth)
Pate, Charles, d. 4 May 1891, age: 66yr
Pate, Mary Ann, d. 25 Jul 1889, age: 74yr, (w/o William Henry Pate)
Pate, Robert, d. 28 Feb 1876, age: 56yr
Pate, William Henry, d. 31 Dec 1880, age: 70yr, (Late of Henton Hall)
Pigot, Henry, no dates visible
Porter, Alice, b. 8 Mar 1791, d. 16 May 1878, age: 88yr, (w/o Henry Porter)
Porter, Ann, d. 30 Mar 1800, age: 80yr, relic of John Porter gent (triple stone with Elizabeth and Thomas aswell. inscription says "This Stone was erected by his son John Porter ---- of Norwich"
Porter, Catherine, d. 24 Oct 1867, age: 77 (w/o William Porter Senior)
Porter, Charles Beales, d. 11 Feb 1857, age: 5yr, "Beloved children of Richard and Francis Porter"
Porter, Dorothy, d. 1782, wife of John Porter
Porter, Edwin Fredric, d. 1 Feb 1857, age: 2yr 9mo, "Beloved children of Richard and Frances Porter"
Porter, Elizabeth, d. 4 Oct 1781, age: 90yr, relic of John Porter, Gent,(triple stone with thomas and Ann porter aswell)
Porter, Henry, b. 4 May 1788, d. 10 Jun 1871, age: 83yr
Porter, Henry, d. 12 Aug 1763, age: 37yr
Porter, John, d. 1783, age: 56yr
Porter, John, d. 26 Apr 1758
Porter, Knight W. P., no dates, eldest Son of William and Sophia, This stone was erected by their eldest daughter
Porter, Mary, d. 1870, age: 68 (w/o Robert Porter)
Porter, Mary, no dates, Wife of Charles Porter of Coveney and Eldest Daughter of William and Mary Granger of this place
Porter, Stephen, d. 29 Apr 1891 in Orlando, Florida, age: 68yr, (Second son of William Porter Senior)
Porter, Thomas, d. 17 Apr 1780, age: 32. Grandson of Elizabeth Porter(triple stone with Elizabeth and Ann aswell)
Porter, William Senior, d. 14 Oct 1870, age: 78yr
Read, John, d. 1815, age: 9yr, and 9 mnths, s/o John Read and Mary Cockle
Read, Susan, d. 1816, age: 21yr, d/o John Read and Mary Cockle
Robinson, William, d. 16 Jan 1858, age: 89yr, (also on stone is infant son of George and Elizabeth Gibson)
Salmon, Hannah, wife of George Salmon..... (rest unreadable)
Salmon, Mary, d. 25 Dec 1835, age: 51yr
Savage, Elizabeth, d. 26 Apr 1861, age: 78yr, (w/o Thomas Savage)
Savage, Thomas, d. 26 Dec 1858, age: 74yr
Sharp, Francis, d. 11 Aug 1821, age: 66yr
Sharp, Martha, d. - Jul 1836, age: 78yr, w/o Francis Sharp
Smith, Stephen, no dates, age: 31yr, (Police Constable of Isel of Ely)
Sutton, Ann, d. 27 Oct 1849, age: 20yr, (daur. John Sutton)
Sutton, Hannah, d. 17 Nov 1797 (dau. of Thomas and Sarah Sutton)
Sutton, John, d. 3 Feb 1867, age: 69yr
Sutton, Sarah, d. 17 Nov 1798, age: 55yr, (w/o thomas Sutton)
Sutton, Thomas, d. 1 Nov 1824, age: 62yr
Sutton, Thomas, d. 10 Aug 1869, age: 41yr, (son of John Sutton)
Sutton, William, d. 3 Apr 1871, age: 34yr, (son of John Sutton)
Taylor, Robert, d. 20 Dec 1808 (son of John and Mary Taylor)
Tilley, Hannah, d. 1832, age: 43yr, w/o Thomas Tilley
Tilley, Hannah, d. 1877, age: 9yr
Tubbs Granger, Molly, d. 27 May 1853, age: 41yr, (nee Dowsing), w/o Thomas Tubbs Granger)
Tubbs Granger, Thomas, d. 27 May 1882, age: 82yr
Turtle, Mary, d. 15 Dec 1833 (d/o Richard and Lydia Turtle)
Turtle, Richard, d. 18 Aug 1828, age: 62yr
Turtle, Richard, d. 1846, age: 41yr
Uffindell, --, d. 11 Mar 1896, age: 76yr, (w/o Charles Uffindell, First name unreadable)
Uffindell, Charles, d. 2 Dec 1857, age: 37yr, (of Wilburton)
Wayman, John, d. 7 Jun 1858, age: 58yr
Wingrave, William, d. 1787, age: 17yr

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