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All Saints Parish Churchyard
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England

All Saints Church,
Parish of Pidley cum Fenton,
Pidley, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Contributed by Claire Eldred, Jul 16, 2002 [cgeldred@ntlworld.com]. Total records = 88.

These are all the burials in the main churchyard. On 9th July 2002, I walked this cemetery and recorded from all of the tombstones.

The churchyard does not accept any more burials, but there is a new piece of consecrated land to the north of the church where new burials can take place, or space for a stone for any cremations.

The church is old, about 1200 AD, and is still in good condition. Services are held there on Sundays and Wednesdays, including weddings, funerals, baptisms and other church events.

- Claire Eldred
Adams, Asplin, d. 18 Aug 1936, age: 73 (h/o Susan Ann)
Adams, Susan Ann, d. 23 Mar 1935, age: 71 (w/o Asplin)
Annis, Freeman, d. 3rd Feb 1890, age: 74 (h/o Millicent)
Annis, Isaac, no dates, inscription on stone of John Vye, his grandfather
Annis, Millicent Ann, d. 28th Jun 1884 age 76 (w/o Freeman)
Annis, S, Edward, d. 13th Nov 1916, age: 24 years killed in action. Son of John and Margaret Anniss of New Zealand
Ashcroft, Annie, d. 1888, d. 1956 (triple named slab headstone with Felix and Jimmy)
Ashcroft, Felix, d. 1872, d. 1946 (triple named slab headstone with Annie and Jimmy)
Ashcroft, Jimmy, d. 1921, d. 1923 (triple named slab headstone with Felix and Annie)
Barnes, Edward, d. 18 Jan 1927, age: 82 or 32 (h/o Amelia Barnes)
Bonnett, Eliza, no dates, s/w William, (no more inscription readable)
Bonnett, William, no dates, s/w Eliza, (no more inscription readable)
Britten, Martha, d. 1868, age: 69 w/o Richard of Northamptonshire D/O Robert and Rebecca Hempsted
Britten, Mary, no dates, age: 36 Daughter of Robert and Rebecca Hempsted
Butler, Edward, (p/o inscription missing), s/w Elizabeth
Butler, Elizabeth, d. 5 Aug 1932, age: 95, s/w Edward
Butler, James William, d. 14 Feb 1871, age: 6 years (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Butler)
Butler, Mary Ann, d. 19 Nov 1927, age: 67 years
Butler, Thomas Tall, d. 14 Jul 1897, age: 60 years
Cole, Ezra, d. 28 Jun 1929, age: 82 (h/o Mary Ann)
Cole, John, d. Jan 1728 age 46 years
Cole, Mary Ann, d. 13 Dec 1912, age: 60 (w/o Ezra)
Cole, Thomas, d. 1730, age: 69?
Cooper, Elizabeth, d. 5th Nov 1907, age: 79 died at Colne
Fear, William, d. 18 Sep 1863, age: (?) years
Feekins, Percy, d. 29 Jun 1931, age: 29
Goodgames, Mary, d. 1829, age: 58 years (w/o William Goodgames)
Graves, Eliza, d. 9th Jun 1911, age: 83
Graves, Thomas, d. 15 Apr 1906, age: 78 (h/o Eliza)
Griffin, William, d. 24 Apr 1857, age: 80 years and Ann his wife
Hempsted, ?, (unknown "Sarah... Thomas... son... Rob. & Reb. Hempsted, age: 32)
Hempsted, Ann, d. 15 Apr 1886, age: 71 (w/o James)
Hempsted, James, d. 01 Apr 1881, age: 73 years (h/o Ann)
Hempsted, Rebecca, d. 11 Aug 1915, age: 73 (d/o James and Ann Hempsted)
Hempsted, Robert, d. 12 Mar 1883, age: 60
Hempsted, Robert, d. 20 May 1825, age: 31 (h/o Temperance)
Hempsted, Temperance, d. 21 Nov 1884, age: 90 (w/o Robert)
Hempsted, William, d. 30th Jun 1886, age: 83 of Pidley Manor House
Howes, Ann, d. 1885, age: 77 (w/o William)
Howes, William, d. 01 Jun 1885, age: 75 (h/o Ann)
Ives, Esther, d. 31 Jul 1907, age: 58
Jackson, Elizabeth, d. Aug 1770, age: 83 years "Relic of William Jackson"
Johnson, Edward, d. (no more inscription readable)
Johnson, Harriett, d. 7 Mar 1895, age: 77
Johnson, John, d. 12th Nov 1895, age: 81
Kidman, Emily, d. 22 Aug 1927, age: 76 (w/o Riffen)
Kidman, Riffen, d. 8th Jun 1934, age: 78 (h/o Emily)
Lawrence, George Arthur, d. 1st Sep 1914, who died in Sudbury, Canada (with Martha)
Lawrence, Martha, d. 5th Sep 1923, age: 66 (and George Arthur Lawrence)
Lawrence, Sarah, d. 19 Apr 1924, age: 62 of Fenton
Mehew, Joseph, d. G. F. 23 Jan 1909, age: 58 (h/o Sarah)
Mehew, Sarah Ann, d. 9 Apr 1932, age: 80 (w/o Joseph)
Newman, Benjamin, d. inscription illegible
Newman, Charlotte, d. Apr 1902, age: 83
Parsons, Private B., d. 5 Aug 1940 Brussels, Son of J and EJ Parsons, Died in Action
Quince, John, d. 30 Jun 1887, age: 85 (h/o Mary)
Quinsee, Clara, d. 16 Jun 1925
Quinsee, Mary, d. May 1887, age: 88 (w/o John Quinsee/Quince)
Quinsee, Tom, d. 13th Feb 1870, age: 29 years
Quinsee, Tom, d. Aug 1889
Quinsee, William, no dates, (inscription illegible)
Shanks, Betsey, d. 29th Sep 1908, age: 78 w/o John Shanks
Silk, Ellen, d. 23 Jul 1932, age: 68 (w/o George Silk)
Silk, George, d. 3rd Nov 1863, 15th Jun 1956 Churchwarden of the parish, (h/oEllen)
Silk, Sarah, d. 23rd Nov 1919 age 84
Silk, William, d. 11th Aug 1911, age: 81 (h/o Sarah)
Smith, Albert, d. Jun 1946, age: 70 (h/o Rosa)
Smith, Rosa, d. Mar 1953, age: 74 (w/o Albert)
Stokes, John, d. 26 Jan 1915, age: 63 years.
Taylor, William, d. Hampshire" October 15th 1910, age: 88 and wife Mary, of Bishopstoke
Tibbles, Eliza Ann, d. 29th December 1969, age: 93 (w/o Walter)
Tibbles, Walter, d. 7 Apr 1928, age: 52 (h/o Eliza Ann)
Upchurch, Agnes, d. 22 Oct 1932, age: 43 (w/o William)
Upchurch, William Gifford, d. 21 Apr 1944, age: 55 (h/o Agnes)
Vye, Fanny, b. 8th Oct 1834, d. 5th Mar 1902
Vye, John, d. 9 Oct 1852, age: 77 yrs. (and his Grandson Isaac Annis, no info)
Ward, Emma, d. 1893, age: ? (w/o Samuel)
Ward, Samuel, d. 2nd Mar 1886, age: 88 years. (h/o Emma)
Williamson, Ann, d. 1900, age: 72 (and son Charles Robert)
Williamson, Charles Robert, d. 1900, age: 46 (s/o Ann and h/o Lucy Ann)
Williamson, Emily, d. 1958, age: 92 (w/o John Williamson)
Williamson, John, d. 1937, age: 73 (h/o Emily)
Williamson, Lucy Ann, (no details) w/o Charles Robert
Williamson, Robert, d. (no more inscription readable)
Williamson, Robert, d. 1857 (no more inscription visible)
Willson, James, d. 14th Aug 1774, age: 69 years
Wooten, Gladys, d. 22nd Mar 1989, age: 88 years (w/o James William)
Wooten, James William, d. 8th Mar 1938 age 39 (h/o Gladys)

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