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Priory Church of Saint Peter Burial Ground
Dunstable, Bedfordshire County, England

Submitted by Deborah Garrand, Aug 07, 2004 [debgarrand@googlemail.com]. Total records = 84.

Dunstable can be reached via the M1 Motorway, exit at the A505 (junction 11) and follow the signs to Dunstable. At the next roundabout (Halfway House restaurant on the right) take the second exit, towards Dunstable. Keep straight ahead towards Dunstable town centre, and you will see the Priory Church of St Peter on your left.

History: In 1131 King Henry I established an Augustinian priory at Dunstable. It was at Dunstable Priory that the annulment of Katherine of Aragon's marriage to Henry VIII was announced in 1533. The Augustinians were evicted shortly after in the Dissolution of the Monasteries, but parts of the priory church of St. Peter have survived as the town's parish church.

There is a burial ground beside the church, which closed to burials in around 1860 or so, with a new cemetery in West Street, Dunstable replacing it.

This Priory Church burial ground is neatly mowed, and still retains several gravestones, some still upright, others now fallen flat onto the ground. There are large gaps in between the headstones presumably containing graves which are now unmarked.

For information on burial records, I suggest contacting the Church Office Telephone number is 01582 477422 (from USA 011 44 1582 477422). If the records are no longer held at the church, then staff should have information on their location.

I transcribed as far as possible those headstones which remained legible on 7th Aug 2004.

- Deborah Garrand

Barker, Sarah, d. 23 Aug 1838, age: 37yr, wife of William Barker
Barker, William, d. 2 Jun 1835, age: 54yr
Cartwright, Daniel, no dates
Clarke, Charlotte, no dates, wife of Henry Clarke
Coates, Thomas, d. 1825
Costelow, James, d. 13 Nov 1829, age: 43yr
Costelow, Martha, d. 06 Jan 18??, age: 83yr, widow of Thomas Costelow
Costin, William, d. 24 Sep 1855, age: 31yr
Crawley, George, no dates
Crawley, Kathy, d. Nov 1830?, wife of George Crawley
Crook, Sophia, d. 12 Mar 1845, age: 64yr
Darvin, Lucy, d. 27 Jan 1831, age: 53yr, wife of Thomas Darvin
Edmonds, Ann, d. 26 Oct 1849, age: 56yr, sister of George Thomas Garrett
Fossey, Elizabeth, d. 19 Mar 1816, age: 30yr
Fossey, Janet, d. Apr 1819, age: 76yr
Fox, John, d. 29 Sep 1858, age: 55yr
Garrett, George Thomas, d. 31 Mar 1849, age: 47yr
Garrett, Mary, no dates
Garrett, William, d. 29 Oct 1848, age: 86yr
Giddings, Elizabeth, d. 08 Oct 1861, age: 73yr, erected by their two daughters
Giddings, George Thomas, d. 26 Sep 1845, age: 24yr
Giddings, George, d. 07 Jan 1847, age: 50yr, erected by their two daughters
Giddings, Harriett, d. 11 Dec 1850, age: 56yr, wife of William Giddings
Giddings, William, d. 26 Apr 1844, age: 51yr
Gilbert, Elizabeth, no dates
Gilbert, John, d. 15 Sep 1810, age: 67yr, husband of Sarah Gilbert
Gilbert, Sarah, d. 29 Jul 1823, age: ,of Woburn
Gilbert, William, d. 07 Feb 1853, age: 69yr, formerly of Hythe, Kent
Green, John, d. 20 Jul 1833, age: 62yr
Green, Thomas, d. 20 Nov 1833, age: 25yr, son of John Green
Hermitage, Lucy, d. 23 Aug 1853, age: 63yr
Hooper, Sarah, d. 21 Feb 1883, age: 83yr, widow of George Hooper
Johnson, Elizabeth, d. 03 Mar 1844, wife of John Johnson
Johnson, Harriett, d. Jun 1860, age: 17yr, daughter of Mary Johnson
Johnson, Mary, d. 22 Dec 1825, age: 36yr, wife of John Johnson
Lockhart, John T, d. 05 May 18??, age: 86yr
Lockhart, Mary Ann, d. 14 Oct 1864, age: 82yr, wife of John T Lockhart
Maddocks, Elizabeth, d. 14 Feb 1826, age: 1 month, daughter of James & Elizabeth Maddocks
Maddocks, James, d. 22 Feb 1840, age: 75yr
Maddocks, James, d. 23 May 1824, age: 12yr, son of James & Elizabeth Maddocks
Mayles, James, d. 18 Oct 1845, age: 61yr
Mayles, Rebecca, d. 22 Oct 1830, daughter of Rebecca Mayles
Mayles, Rebecca, d. 25 Sep 1857, age: 72yr, wife of James Mayles
Mellor, Sarah, d. 1828?, age: 59yr, wife of Thomas Mellor
Mellor, Thomas, d. 09 Nov 1816, age: 63yr
Oliver, Alfred J. H. H., d. 12 Jul 1887, age: 42yr, son of Alfred & Harriet Oliver
Oliver, Alfred, d. 19 Aug 1892, age: 75yr, husband of Harriet Oliver
Oliver, Alice, d. 10 Jan 1847, age: 63yr, widow of James Hopkins Oliver
Oliver, Elizabeth, d. 15 Dec 1849, age: 71yr, wife of William Oliver
Oliver, George, d. 25 ??? 1821?, age: 51yr
Oliver, Harriet, d. 14 Mar 1831, age: 57yr, wife of Alfred Oliver
Oliver, Henry, no dates, son of George Oliver
Oliver, James Hopkins, d. 23 Feb 1839, age: 59yr, son of James Oliver
Oliver, James, d. 21 Oct 1825, age: 79yr, of Kingsbury
Oliver, Mary, no dates, age: 20yr, daughter of George Oliver
Oliver, Matilda Harriot, d. 27 Mar 1850, age: 43yr, daughter of William & Elizabeth Oliver
Oliver, Stanley Raymond, d. 31 Oct 1852, age: 3yr, son of Alfred & Harriet Oliver; grandson of James & Susanna Oliver
Oliver, William, d. 15 Dec 1843, age: 70yr
Osborn, Elizabeth, d. 1855
Parkin, Mary, d. 14 Nov 1809, age: 18yr, daughter of Thomas & Sarah Parkin
Parkins, Caroline, d. 11 Jan 1881, age: 86yr, wife of George Hall Parkins
Parkins, George Hall, d. 17 Jan ????, age: 78yr, of North Finchley
Parrot, Sarah, d. 01 Apr 1852, age: 41yr, wife of Henry Parrot
Pearson, Mrs Thomas, d. 01 Dec 1815, age: 87yr, widow of Thomas Pearson
Pearson, Sarah, d. 15 Jul 1854, age: 72yr, of the Ladies Lodge
Pearson, Sarah, d. 18 Sep 1853, age: 77yr, sister of William Gilbert
Pearson, Thomas, d. 1811, age: 86yr, relation of Thomas Costelow
Queneborough, Anne, no dates, age: 93yr
Read, Rebecca, d. 25 Jun 1849, age: 20yr, daughter of John & Hannah Read
Rynes, Jane, no dates, wife? of Rod Rynes
Smith, Mary, d. Dec 1821, age: 37yr
Squire, Mary, d. 23 Jun 1834, age: 87yr
Stearn, James, d. 17 Sep 1833, age: 53yr
Stobart, Sarah, d. 11 Aug 1825, age: 61yr, wife of Henry Stobart, of London
Twigg, William, d. 10 Jul 1836, age: 13yr, son of Rebecca Mayles
Waterfield, Sophia, b. 26 Sep 1795, d. 26 Feb 1880, widow of Thomas Waterfield
Waterfield, Thomas, b. 31 May 1786, d. 29 Sep 1841
Waterfield, William, d. 18 Jul 1827, age: 30yr
Willoughby, Do?, d. 10-May
Willoughby, James, no dates
Willoughby, William, no dates
Young, John, d. 25 Aug 184?
Young, Lucy, d. 18 Apr 1856, age: 85yr, wife of John Young
Young, Timothy, d. 15 May 1841, age: 80yr

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