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Marbleton Methodist Cemetery
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Marbleton Methodist Cemetery
Marbleton, Wolfe County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Apr 21, 2005, last edited Mar 21, 2007 . Total records = 47.

Follow Route 112 East from Sherbrooke. Marbleton is located about half way between East Angus and Weedon and near Bishopton.

This small rectangular cemetery is right in town and within sight of the larger St. Paul Anglican cemetery. It was used from about 1839 to 1951. About half the cemetery is made up of members of the Bishop family.

I transcribed from all existing and legible tombstone inscriptions in April of 2005.

- Leslie Nutbrown

Andrews, Ephraim, d. 30 Jun 1861, age: 16y 10m, son of Moses & Ino Andrews
Andrews, Mercy, d. 10 Aug 1854 , age: 52y 4m 20d, wife of Cyrus Lothrop
Andrews, Moses, d. 7 Feb 1874, age: 65y 3d
Bishop, A. P., canot read rest of stone
Bishop, Boaz, d. 11 Feb 1839, son of Henry & Catherine H. Bishop
Bishop, Edith Rose, d. 21 Feb 1892, age: 1y 11m 11d, dau of Shirley & Sarah Bishop
Bishop, Ellen E., d. 27 Mar 1866, age: 8y 6m, dau of G.P. & Hannah Bishop
Bishop, Gardner, d. 1848, age: 1m 12d, son of A.P. & Allenette
Bishop, Gertrude Maude, b. 1877, d. 1956, wife of Angus Cowan & wife of John Wright
Bishop, Gordon P., b. 26 Oct 1831, d. 20 Sep 1905
Bishop, H. Gordon, d. 26 Aug 1905, age: 11m, son of H.G. & C. Bishop
Bishop, Henry, d. 23 May 1846, age: 7y 1m 2d, son of Henry & Catherine H. Bishop
Bishop, Homer G., b. 28 Sep 1848, d. 22 Jan 1923, s/w Christina Nicholson
Bishop, Mabel, d. 21 Aug 1875, age: 5wks, dau of H. & A. Bishop
Bishop, Martha A., d. 5 Feb 1861, age: 3y 2m 14d, dau of R. W. & Cynthia Bishop
Bishop, Martha A., d. 6 Dec 1834, dau of A.P. & Allonetta Bishop
Bishop, Rowena, d. 24 Jul 1903, age: 49yrs, wife of Charles Evans
Bishop, Ruby, b. 1829, d. 1902, s/w & wife of James Weston
Bishop, Shirley S., d. 17 Jul 1912, age: 48y 10m, s/w Sarah Goodenough
Bishop, Socrates A., d. 9 Jan 1895, age: 58y 3m, s/w Cynthia Lothrup
Carr, Alma, d. 17 Jul 1878, age: 33y 8m, wife of W.B. Bishop
Chester, John A., b. 1816, d. 1848, age: 6yrs, son of J. & M. Chester
Dawson, George, d. 13 Jul 1868, age: 10y 5m
Dawson, Martha E., d. 22 Sep 1894, age: 75y 2m 20d
Evans, Charles H., d. 4 Dec 1913 Sounding Lake, Alberta, age: 65yrs
Evans, Rebecca, d. 24 Dec 1886, age: 75yrs, wife of Joseph Mackey
Evans, Rupert Henry, no dates, age: 4yrs, son of Charles & Rowena Evans
Evans, Zerah, no dates, age: 3m, dau of Charles & Rowena Evans
Gamsby, Lydia S., d. 14 Jun 1889, age: 83yrs, wife of Hamilton Carr
Goodenough, Erwin T., d. 13 Jul 1891, son of Edward & Emma Goodenough
Goodenough, Sarah, b. 1865, d. 1951, also wife of Carlos Stokes, s/w & wife of Shirley Bishop
Hall, Sarah A., b. 16 Sep 1836, d. 19 Aug 1898, s/w & wife of Jonas Westman
Hone, Annie Maria, b. 4 Mar 1841 Birmingham, England, d. 23 Sep 1910, s/w & wife of James Hone
Hone, James H., b. Sibford, Oxfordshire, England, d. 9 Aug 1900, age: 57y 11d, s/w Maria Hone
Jackson, John, d. 3 Sep 1899, age: 68yrs, s/w Margaret Mitchell
Jackson, Tillie, d. 15 Feb 1894
Lothrup, Cynthia R., d. 2 Jan 1884, age: 47y 4m, s/w & wife of Socrates Bishop
Mackey, Joseph, d. 28 Jul 1882, age: 78y 9m 23d
Mitchell, Margaret, d. 28 Feb 1902, age: 73yrs, s/w & wife of John Jackson
Nicholson, Christina, b. 26 Aug 1865, d. 23 May 1917, s/w Homer Bishop
Saunders, Annette E., d. 14 Feb 1884, age: 30yrs, wife of H.G. Bishop
Taylor, Hannah M., d. 18 Oct 1881, age: 45yrs, wife of G.P. Bishop
Ward, Allenetta, d. 22 Jan 1890, age: 82yrs, wife of A.P. Bishop
Ward, Ino, d. 12 Oct 1892, age: 73y 10m 6d, widow of Moses Andrews
Westman, Jonas, b. 3 Apr 1834, d. 26 Dec 1918, s/w Sarah Hall
Weston, James, d. 5 Feb 1884, age: 69yrs, s/w Ruby Bishop
Willard, Cynthia, d. 3 May 1866, age: 32y 4d, wife of R.W. Bishop

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