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Notre Dame du Lac Cemetery
Temiscouata sur le Lac, Temiscouata, Quebec

Contributed by Charles Gravel, Feb 22, 2012 [charles_gravel@hotmail.com].

* Passed away the day the �Foyer Le Repos du vieillard� burned (1969-12-2), were burried in their hometown.

Beaulieu, Auguste, no dates*
Belanger, Ernest, no dates*
Blier, Jean-Baptiste, no dates*
Caron, Ovide, no dates*
Chamberland, Ferd., no dates*
Charron, Joseph, no dates*
Cote, Nil, no dates*
Denis, Adolphe, no dates*
Dolbec, Joseph, no dates*
Dolbec, Mme Joseph, no dates*
Dube, Armand, no dates*
Dumont, Mme Napoleon, no dates*
Ferland, Edouard, no dates*
Harton, Edith, no dates*
Labrecque, Mme Arthur, no dates*
Lafrance, Jean-Bte, no dates*
Lavoie, Florentin, no dates*
Lavoie, Mme Florentin, no dates*
Lebel, Albert, no dates*
Levesque, Frank, no dates*
Marceau, Mme Napoleon, no dates*
Martin, Regina, no dates*
Mercure, Fiola, no dates*
Michaud, Joseph, no dates*
Michaud, Telesphore, no dates*
Moreau, Mme Achille, no dates*
Ouellet, Joseph-Aime, no dates*
Paradis, Albert, no dates*
Pelletier, Eva, no dates*
Pelletier, Henri, no dates*
Proulx, Mme Joseph, no dates*
Rioux, Jos Raymond, no dates*
Roy, Ludger, no dates*
Savoie, Mme Lazare, no dates*
Sirois, Ludger, no dates*
St-Pierre, Desire, no dates*
St-Pierre, Mme Felix, no dates*
Theriault, Joseph, no dates*
Violette, Mme Denis, no dates*
Voisine, Marie, no dates*

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