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Rose Cemetery
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Rose Cemetery
Stanstead County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Jun 23, 2005, last edited Jan 26, 2007 . Total records = 70.

At the north end of Stanstead take Fairfax Road out of town and continue past Crystal Lake Cemetery. Rose Cemetery will be on your right a couple of miles on Fairfax Road.

This cemetery is an old burying ground with stones dating from 1812. Several stones from 1815-1816 specifically refer to spotted fever as the cause of death.

It is fenced and mowed and maintained by the Crystal Lake Cemetery Company. At some point the headstones have been reassembled in two neat cemented rows and almost all stones are in good shape and legible. It is not used today. The most recent burial was in 1911.

Susan Nutbrown and I walked and read this cemetery in June of 2005.

- Leslie Nutbrown

s/w = sealed with or shares a stone with

A????, Sybil, no date, wife of Francis Goo????, *this stone difficult to read. Her surname looks like it may be Abbott
Allbee, Eleazer, b. 19 Jun 1785 Rockingham, Vermont, d. 28 Aug 1864 Stanstead, QC, "He went into volentary banishment from his beloved native country duren the reign of teror in the third year of the misrule of Abraham the first", This is the actual transcription.
Bachelder, Daniel, d. 17 Jan 1832, husband of Zeuriah Bachelder
Bachelder, Zeuriah, d. 24 Aug 1854, age: 75yrs, wife of Daniel Bachelder
Bishop, Alma L., d. 1869 Granby, C.E., wife of Joel Bishop
Bishop, Henry C., b. 20 Dec 1834, d. 14 May 1896
Blake, Susan J., b. 22 Jan 1832, d. 28 Aug 1898, wife of Orin Sprague
Caswell, Ellen A., d. 8 Mar 1845, age: 2y 9m, dau of Seth & Mary Caswell
Caswell, Franklin P., b. 17 Oct 1831, d. 8 Apr 1896, s/w Hannah Harris
Caswell, Seth, d. 30 May 1871, age: 80yrs, husband of Mary Venon
Cooper, John, d. 2 Jun 1836, age: 39y 8m 3d
Danforth, Roxana, d. 21 May 1884, age: 67yrs, wife of A. Searles
Danforth, Willis, d. 17 Mar 1882, age: 87yrs, s/w & husband of Sarah Goodwin
Demick, Benjamin, d. 3 Sep 1892, age: 87yrs, s/w & husband of Jemima Knight
Fairchild, Seth, d. 27 Jun 1815, age: 59yrs
Farley, Franklin, d. 19 May 1812, age: 2y 12d, son of Jesse & Mehetebel Farley
Farley, Jesse, d. 18 Jun 1830, age: 68y 10m
Farley, Louisa, d. 7 Jun 1859, age: 56y 1m 19d, dau of Jesse & Mehetebel Farley
Farley, Mehitable, d. 20 Jun 1843, wife of Jesse Farley
Farley, Oren Chapman, d. 21 Sep 1814, age: 9y 4m 20d, son of Jesse & Mehetebel Farley
Farley, Susan Ann, d. 22 Dec 1838, age: 23y 10m, dau of Jesse & Mehetebel Farley
Goodwin, Sarah, d. 7 Dec 1873, s/w & wife of Willis Danforth
Graves, Mary Jane, d. 30 Dec 1861, age: 53y 7m 20d, wife of Ebenezer Graves
Hall, Susan, d. 9 Aug 1911, age: 94y 8m, wife of William Wright
Harran, Hazel S., d. 19 Sep 1894, age: 7m, dau of J. S. & R. Harran
Harran, John, b. 16 Feb 1822, d. 13 Oct 1905
Harris, Hannah, b. 10 Aug 1834, d. 1 Jul 1896, s/w & wife of Franklin Caswell
Harris, James, b. 7 Nov 1796, d. 5 Feb 1888, s/w & husband of Maria Lester
Hartwell, Warren, d. 10 Jun 1846, age: 57yrs
Kelley, Lydia, no date, s/w & wife of George W. Rix
Kenneson, John, b. 3 Dec 1815, d. 14 Mar 1897, husband of Praxo Searles
Knight, Artamus, d. 22 Mar 1854, age: 74yrs, husband of Eunice Parker
Knight, Jemima, d. 19 Apr 1887, age: 79yrs, s/w & wife of Benjamin Demick
Knight, Mehitable, d. 16 Sep 1863, age: 75y 7m 4d, wife of Capt. Samuel Knights
Knight, Samuel, d. 5 Dec 1863, age: 80yrs
Lester, Maria, b. 27 Sep 1803, d. 5 Feb 1890, s/w & wife of James Harris
McIntyre, James Sr., b. 7 Jul 1826, d. 18 Aug 1910, s/w & husband of Martha Smith
McIntyre, Miles, d. 20 Feb 1874, age: 11m 5d, son of J. & M. McIntyre
Morrison, Emma E., b. 26 Dec 1855, d. 15 May 1898, wife of Omar L. Searles
Osgood, Nelson, d. 16 Dec 1815, age: 3y 7m, son of John & Ruth Osgood after an illness of 24 hrs of the spotted fever
Parker, Eunice, d. 20 Jan 1885, age: 101y 10m, wife of Artemus Knight
Rix, George R., no date
Rix, George W., d. 15 Aug 1849, age: 3y 5m
Rix, George W., no date, s/w & husband of Lydia Kelley
Rix, Mary C., no date
Rix, William D., no date
Rose, Caroline, d. 22 Oct 1816, age: 8m, dau of Timothy & Sarah Rose
Rose, Edward, d. 22 Dec 1814, dau of Timothy & Sarah after an illness of 8 hrs of the spotted fever
Rose, Edward, d. 8 Apr 1835, age: 88yrs
Rose, Henry, d. 26 Dec 1814, age: 8yrs, son of Timothy & Sarah after an illness of 14 hrs of the spotted fever
Rose, Hiram, d. 25 Dec 1814, age: 13yrs, son of Timothy & Sarah after an illness of 32 hrs of the spotted fever
Rose, Infant, d. 13 Mar 1816, age: 5wks, son of Timothy & Sarah Rose
Rose, Sarah, no date, age: 5yrs, dau of Timothy & Sarah after an illness of 11 hrs of the spotted fever
Rose, Timothy, d. 26 Dec 1814, son of Timothy & Sarah Rose
Sabin, Susan, d. 8 Oct 1879, age: 85yrs, wife of Samuel Sterns
Sarles, Cornelia J., d. 5 Jul 1860, age: 4y 8m, dau of Harry & Susan J.
Searles, Almon, d. 18 Dec 1883, age: 69yrs
Searles, Diantha, d. 8 May 1852, wife of Harry Searles
Searles, Ellen D., d. 29 Jun 1846, age: 6m 17d
Searles, George H., d. 12 Mar 1861, son of Almon & Roxana Searles
Searles, Harry, d. 31 Jun 1884, husband of Diantha Searles
Searles, Julia A., d. 6 Oct 1890, age: 50y 8m 22d, wife of Louis Pelkie
Searles, Merrill H., d. 19 Feb 1881, age: 28y 11m
Searles, Praxo, b. 7 Nov 1821, d. 11 Sep 1889, wife of John Kenneson
Smith, Martha, b. 22 Mar 1837, d. 13 Jan 1908, s/w & wife of James McIntyre Sr.
Sterns, Mary, no date, wife of Ralph Fogg
Venon, Mary, d. 5 Jul 1879, age: 79yrs, wife of Seth Caswell
Walker, Nathaniel, d. 12 May 1830, age: 74yrs
Wright, Charles E., d. 21 Jun 1860, son of Wm & Susan Wright
Wright, William, d. 12 May 1886, age: 72yrs, husband of Susan Hall

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